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Are you looking to build a website of your own?   I can help.Build a Website Fast

Whether you are looking to create your own niche websites or you are looking to create a website for a local business or client, you can accomplish that with relative ease these days.  Websites have been simplified and there are services and platforms out there that offer “dummy proof” ways to create professional looking sites.

So if you are looking to build a site, read on…


The Most Important Aspects of a Website

You have a website, which is your “web presence”, but then you have hosting, the place that stores your website and makes sure it serves quickly and efficiently to people that visit your website.   There are some very important aspects of websites that make the difference between a quality site and one that is lacking.

(1) Speed & Load Time
(2) Professional Design & Look
(3) Easy to Navigate
(4) Uses a CMS (Content Management System)
(5) Quality website content

If you can accomplish these 5 things, you will be operating a very successful (and profitable) website.  In order to do this though, you need to be leveraging a framework that “simplifies” this process.  To do this, I recommend WordPress (you can build a FREE WordPress website RIGHT NOW by entering a domain in the box below)…

The Importance of WordPress, a true Content Management System  (CMS)

Many of you have likely heard of WordPress, the world’s most widely used website framework.  In fact, this website was built using WordPress.

I can still remember back 10 years when I started out and I had to manually code HTML by hand, programming knowledge was essential.  Boy have things changed over the years.  Anyone, I mean ANYONE can build a website these days and succeed online as a result.  The technological barriers have been completely removed because of Content Management Systems like WordPress.

Here are some benefits to using WordPress.

  • Typically very easy to install and set-up (click of a button at Wealthy Affiliate)
  • No HTML, no code, no need for some advanced knowledge
  • Over 1,400 different website templates to choose from
  • One click install over 10,000 “add on” features and website functionality
  • Lots of support and help within the community

As you can see, WordPress is my choice and it is the exclusive framework I use to build ALL of my websites and has been for the last 4 years.  Now I want to show YOU how you can get your very own WordPress website and how to build a website in the next 5 or so minutes.


Want to build a WordPress website for FREE…NOW?

I have created a video for you showing you how you can get a website up and running, quickly & efficiently.  In fact, in this video I show you how I built a fully functional WordPress website in 30 seconds for free.   Check it out here…

Build a Website in 30 Seconds

WATCH VIDEO: Create a Website in Under 30 Seconds

As I said, I can help…but only if you are willing to take action on the help I give you.  If you want a website less than 5 minutes from now you are going to need to take 3 steps.

Step 1: Start Building Your Website for your $0 at
Step 2: Create a Totally Free Account
Step 3: YOU Get Access to 2 Free Websites & an Entire Training Platform

And just like that, you are going to have your very own, fully functional WordPress website up and running.


Need Help with your websites?

Simply ask!  If you need a hand with anything that I have discussed here, please leave a comment below or you can get in touch with me inside of Wealthy Affiliate via my profile there.



  1. These are some excellent tips! I’m just wondering how far I need to go with designing in order to have a successful website, or is load time and content more important than the actual website design. I kept my site design pretty simple. White background with dark text.

  2. Barb Atkins

    Dear Kyle,

    What a fantastically clean & concise website with an inspirational video!

    Your content is King and the value to the reader definitely is th priority!

    A template to model after for certain!

    Barb of Easy-Moneys

    • Kyle

      Content is king/queen, that holds true to this day and will be the case 10 years from now. As time goes on, content consumption and the opportunity for content creators (bloggers, niche website owners, etc) only continues to grow. The foundation and the building block for your content business is your website and as you can see it is very efficient these days to create a website (using the platform at Wealthy Affiliate).

  3. Terry Pectol


    Thank you so much for this blog. It is very informative and much needed for me. I have recently started building the content on my website to draw traffic. The original site creation only took about a minute. Thanx again

    • Kyle

      Great to hear Terry. Building a website these days doesn’t need to be a cumbersome process and having access to software like SiteRubix (at Wealthy Affiliate) will truly make your life as a website creator much more efficient.

  4. Thank you Kyle.I’m starting a new website on the same platform you recommend above.When do you think is the best time to register a paid domain-should I create a few articles before or from the initial stage?

    • Kyle

      I think it is always a good idea to have your own domain, pending that you can afford it. When starting out though it is completely fine to get rolling on the websites, the free websites offered within Wealthy Affiliate. It is SIMPLE to transfer your website over to your own domain using the MOVE feature within WA (which handles for SEO, proper redirects, etc), so it should never be a concern moving the domain over.

      And when you do decide on a domain for your website, I recommend that you choose something that is “brandable” versus keyword rich…and a .com domain is ideal as they are the best for rankings.


    This is very useful information, to me at this stage in my training. You are using technical terms that are industry standard, in a way that explains what they are without patronizing me. It is a most refreshing approach! I am just beginning to use the Live Preview portion of my WordPress dashboard and find it intuitive and easy.

    I do have questions, but I believe they will be answered as I continue with the training, so probably best I don’t jump ahead of the class.

    • Kyle

      Yeah, we have no intention of patronizing anyone. We want to provide the training and tools that make your life easier as an affiliate marketer/internet marketer. That is why we have put such focus in our technologies at Wealthy Affiliate and within the SiteRubix platform, which is truly leading the industry in the website creation and the website hosting spaces.

      If you ever have questions about your websites or any aspects of marketing, please do let me know and I will be more than happy to help you out!

  6. Art Klemme

    Kyle, I have got to tell you not only have you helped me out when I needed answers to your questions, I also used this awesome site as a starting point for my own. Because of you and the training, including information I found on this site I know soon I should have my first commission. I have since been able to produce several sites including a sports review site my handicapped son that lives with me will be consistently adding content for me.

    • Kyle

      You definitely will have your first commission, it is a natural part of the process. For myself, this took around 3 months online, but here I am 15 years later being full time online. That is what my journey looked like and yours might be quite similar, what I can tell you is that the time and energy you put into your website NOW will always pay off LATER…and often times forever.

  7. Hello! Kyle:
    I like to say that your website lets me know that I can build a website online with your videos and help from the Community at WA. I also know that to begin all I need tp pay is $0 to begin. I know that WordPress will help me in building my website using I appreciate you help and hope to have a website built like yours as an example and reference.

  8. Cathy Anderson

    Hi Kyle, I was reading your page and you are right. Building a website before WordPress was really hard, at least for me. I remember trying to take courses on coding and all of that just so I can build a website. When I found Wealthy Affiliate a month ago I was super excited because I didn’t need to know all of that. In fact, I couldn’t finish that course because I couldn’t get it so it was a miracle I found WA. Thank you so much for producing this for other people to see.

    • Kyle

      Building a website before WordPress truly was hard. It was incredibly hard, in fact, it took me over a month just to get my first UGLY website up and running online (which sounds totally ridiculous these days). A superior website can be built on the SiteRubix platform in less than 30 seconds, so this truly proves how far technology has come in the 15 years that I have been online.

    • Kyle

      You are going to get the hang of things as you move through the training and start the build out process of your website. The best way to learn is by doing and as you construct your site and you start working with WordPress, I know you are going to get a really good grasp of things.

  9. Hey Kyle:
    Wished that WA was around when I first decided to try to earn money online this would have been great, if I had this I would be well off, what WA has here I am glad that I found your site, even though I am 61 I have learned alot Thank You

    • Kyle

      A lot of people have said the same thing over the years, but you have found us now and there is no sense on dwelling on the past. You have Wealthy Affiliate in your life now James and you have a bright future ahead of you. I look forward to working with you!

  10. Weston

    Hi, Kyle.

    I really appreciate how you walk your readers through each step and make building a website so easy to understand. I also like that you give your reasons for using and recommending WordPress. I’m very thankful that I don’t need to know how to write code or any other really techy stuff to build a website now.

    Thank you!

    • Kyle

      Yeah, WordPress is definitely a platform that has pushed the website experience and the website building experience in a positive direction…which is why close to 30% of all sites online are WordPress based. No code required, much nicer than the days back in 2002 when I started out.

  11. Kay

    Good day,
    This was very informative and easy to understand.
    Also the ways you incorporated the affiliate links makes it flow.
    I definitely dont remember much of the coding with html days. It probably wasnt on my raidar or i’m younger than I thought. I would definitely leave a question if im lost about creating my own website.

    • Kyle

      Yeah, the coding days were interested, but quite inefficient. A lot has changed in the past few years alone in the website platform space and it continues to evolve. We just released the latest version of the SiteRubix website builder and it has been a huge success in just the first few days that it has been rolled out. There has never been a more sophisticated, yet simplistic platform for building websites.

  12. David Ortiz

    You have outdone yourself,this is one of the best step-by-step guide in how to build a successful website, This is chock full of useful information. I can’t wait to dig deep and start utilizing the resources you have mentioned.

    In reality,you have to learn how to crawl before you can stand up, fall down and then stand back up in order to learn to walk

    Thank you Kyle

  13. Alton

    Before getting into WA, i could not imagine creating a website being this easy. Using sitrubix has definitely made this less complicated.

    Thanks !

  14. Glyn Davies

    Hi Kyle, great article and enjoying learning new skill sets.

    I’m still looking for answers as although I have ticked all of the boxes to allow comments within my pages, they are not there.

    Also, I would like to have the ability to put the comment box at the top, rather than have my visitors scroll to the bottom of existing comments.

    You can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs 😉

    • Kyle

      Many themes (actually most) won’t allow comments on pages by default. There are plugins that you can install on your WordPress website to allow comments on pages, but what I would recommend here is that you create anything that you want to have comments on it as a “post”. Posts by default will have comments on them and this will solve your problem here. I hope this helps you out.

  15. John Williams

    When I read that ‘list of five things’ and seen Uses a CMS (Content Management System), I said oh-no what’s that. With relief I seen that means WordPress which I have been using since day one. With the help of WA I am confident that I will meet the other ‘four things’ in short order.

    • Kyle

      Yeah, it is just the technical term for the type of website platform WordPress is (and many other website builders). You will absolutely meet the four other items and as you immerse yourself at Wealthy Affiliate, you are going to realize that the SiteRubix platform that you are using is the most advanced website builder and management platform in the industry. That is something that we definitely stand behind.

  16. Kyle, I have to agree with you that making websites now is easier than ever before. I can remember when I decided to make my own as a hobby many years ago.

    While I wasn’t coding completely by hand, I was using a Microsoft product known as Frontpage, and yes, to give away my age a bit, it was the first version, LOL.

    The headaches I experienced were many, to say the least, and the end result was very lacking. Now, I’m amazed at just how easy it can be to make an impressive, professional site.

    Thanks for sharing this, and best of luck with your site!

    • Kyle

      Ahhhh, not Frontpage!

      I actually remember when I was having to use Dreamweaver to build my sites, it was taking me literally a month to build something that ended up looking like a dog’s breakfast, something that is about 100 times inferior to what I can build with SiteRubix at Wealthy Affiliate. It is amazing how technology has progress over the last 14-15 years and I can tell you that we have some brilliant stuff coming on the website and hosting platform side of things at WA in the very near future.

  17. Jeff Boivin

    Hi Kyle

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

    I can’t imagine what it was to build a website without Word Press. But for sure, It would have been totally impossible, for a newbie like I am, to build a website without word press.

    Thanks so much to Wealthy Affiliate who gives me the opportunity to increase my knowledge day after day with the best trainings.

    It is so easy now to create content in a blog. It is like writing a book. All I need to do is to add pics to the text and to give it a nice look.

    Best Regards, Jeff

    • Kyle

      Building a website without a CMS like WordPress was an absolutely nightmare. I can remember the days when I used to spend hours just getting a new page up on my site, between design issues, coding issues, and the process of FTP (which wasn’t always stable)…things that used to take hours, now take minutes. Things that took days, take hours now in terms of website design.

      We are going to push the website development industry in a positive direction with the advancement of our technologies. This will create more simplicity in the process of building and managing sites, while creating A LOT more efficiency in your business (you can focus on other things that matter).

  18. Mark Baker

    Hi Kyle,

    I loved reading your article about how easy it is to create an effective website these days.

    Sometimes beginners are daunted by the thought of creating a website and decide not to do it.

    That’s a big mistake in my opinion as your own website is your own business real estate which you have control over and imperative if you want to make a full time living online.

    By far SiteRubix has been the easiest site set up platform I have used. More importantly, I value the exceptional training and support that goes with it.

    Thanks for everything Kyle. It is much appreciated.

    • Kyle

      Thanks for your feedback Mark and you are absolutely right, things have come a long ways in the website building space (in particular since when I started). What used to take me a month to build between the image development, structure of the site, code, etc when I started back in 2002 can now be done within 30 seconds using platforms like SiteRubix. Not to mention they are much faster websites, more aesthetically pleasing, more secure, and more functional.

      The great part about having website efficiency in your life is the fact that you can dedicate your time and energy to other aspects of your business, leading to quicker growth.

  19. Mark

    Hi; If I build a website on siterubix will I be able to sell merchandise wholesale or retail ? Do you have SSL encryption for payment options to customers ?


    • Kyle

      Yes, you have access to FREE SSL for any website that you have hosted at Wealthy Affiliate and that is using the SiteRubix platform. It is the most efficient in the industry and you can literally “toggle” your website to SSL.

  20. jo

    Hi Kyle – thanks for creating this website. It’s full of helpful advice and direction – very useful especially for a newbie like me who really didn’t know what SEO, CMS and the likes, were until I joined WA and became a premium member less than a month ago.

    What I like most about this website here is its fairly unassuming (not brash at all) and yet appealing appearance that is fully outweighed by its massive amounts of helpful content and long lists of comments from a whole bunch of people who are attracted to the site. It is all surely something I can emulate myself. Thanks again and best wishes.

    • Kyle

      That is what we are all about at Wealthy Affiliate and the platform you have access to in SiteRubix is continuing to push the website development industry into a direction that is seamless, secure, and simple…. yet powerful enough for any level of marketer.

      So glad you are enjoying your experience and I can promise you that it is only going to get better as you continue through the training and see your business take shape.

  21. Tommmy

    Hey Kyle,

    Thank you for this great website, I really appreciate all the valuable info here!

    It is not clear enough to me the connection between a category/theme and 10 topics of that category. Is one category normal page, and there are 10 posts (actually these posts are topics) on that page?

    Or a category is one parent page, and 10 topics are child pages of that category? I hope my question is clear enough. 🙂

    • Kyle

      This is more to get you into the “research” of keywords and building lists of relating keywords. Ideally you want take a few topics and break them down and find keywords. For example, I could have one topic like “best diets” and I could come up with a list of 10 particular diets that could fit into this category (if I was in the dieting niche).

      Then I could do this for any topic, you can quickly build significant lists of keywords doing this.

  22. Randy Brooks

    Hello Kyle. Just stopping by to let you know Your “ways to avoid scams online” here has been such a useful guide I use quite often while building out my first website.

    Thanks for all that you and Carson do and provide within the WA community. I’ve come to learn that the whole WA platform is PRICELESS!

    Merry Christmas and have a Happy, Prosperous New Year,

    Randy B

    • Kyle

      So glad you are learning the process of building out sites. The same principles for building out a website (online business) reside within any niche and the training you are getting at WA is going to keep you ahead of the curve, not to mention the start of the art tools you have for building and managing your websites.

      Merry Christmas to you and yours as well Randy.

  23. Joe

    Hello Kyle,
    Just wanted to say that I’ve seen more than my share of online opportunities over the years and none compare to Wealthy Affiliate. So many I have joined and felt immediately cheated with no help and no results. Three weeks into the program at WA and I am farther along than I have ever been (3 sites at time of this posting)! WA is really helping me put the pieces together.Premium membership is a bargain! I can’t say enough good things about it. The way it works seamlessly with wordpress, siterubix, hosting and domain name registration makes website & blog creation a breeze. Unmatched training compared to any I’ve seen and the WA community is 5 star.
    Hat’s off and thanks to you and WA 🙂
    – Joe

  24. Hey Kyle…

    Your intricate & intimate knowledge of your target market shines through in your precise approach detailing just how easy it is for anybody to learn how to set up their own website. For anyone trying to find out the best way to build a website…you have left no doubt what so ever just how easy it is and what you have to offer is the way to go! It really is irresistible!

    If I wasn’t already a member with WA…I would be now!

    I do have 1 question…what is the difference between & & how can this properly be explained to someone just starting out?

    I have been asked a few times but have not been able to offer a satisfactory answer…I look forward to hearing from you! Best wishes…

    Steve Edgar

    • Kyle

      One thing that we have always done was teach from experience, not teach what we “think” works or something that would hypothetically work on paper. Building a business online or offline has a PROPER process and that is what we teach, that is what I know and what I truly enjoy helping others out with. It is not rocket science and everyone can accomplish a great deal of success online if they are given the proper tools, like this offered within Wealthy Affiliate. and are both owned by the same company. is used as the “open source” side of the WordPress business, whereas is actually the business side of WordPress where their parent company selling their hosting, their domains, plugins, etc.

  25. Laurie

    Thanks for info and training – a website is definitely the foundation to any online business, and even though at first it might seem overwhelming to think of needing to write articles / posts, you actually start enjoying it which gains momentum.

    • Kyle

      Any successful, long term business online is built on a solid foundation. That being a website. The content aspect is what will lead to your ability to interact with our audience, to get ranked in Google and other search engines, and be able to promote many products/services to your prospective audience.

  26. Tyron

    Good info! Some very relevant points regarding the just how simple it is to build a website these days. it is incredible how fast things change.

    • Kyle

      It truly has never been easier. We have some wonderful evolutions coming to the website/hosting world with some awesome fall and winter’s releases with SiteRubix.

      As technology advances, so will the way in which we build websites and the simplicity of it from an end user perspective.

  27. Barb

    Hard to believe how easy it can be to build a website now-a-days. WordPress is easy and yet a robust platform. There are some parts that I have struggled with. That’s why I’m so thankful for the training you mentioned.

    • Kyle

      Building websites has definitely gotten much easier over the years but I feel that it is only going to improve even further. Things that may take days to accomplish now with a website, might only take an hour in the future or may even be automated.

      As we push the boundaries of technology with the SiteRubix platform at, I know that there are going to be some real breakthroughs in the next year or two here.

  28. Cynthia

    This is a very informative post on creating a website. I wish I would have come across this post a few years back!
    I spend so much time trying to learn from those who were only interested in getting my money!

    Thanks so much. Wealthy Affiliate is the place to really learn to build a website. There is so much help here and I thinks it is an amazing place.

  29. Kimmy

    I use to think creating my own website would be a long, difficult process. There’s nothing complicated about word press. It’s so simple to navigate through your site. Thanks for the video.

    • Kyle

      Build a website once was a long and arduous process but that is no longer the case. With platforms like SiteRubix inside of Wealthy Affiliate ANYONE can literally have a website up and running and in any niche within minutes.

  30. Arjola

    WordPress gives everyone a chance not to spend thousands euros on paying a professional to promote their business (esp. when its a start-up).You can do it yourself and become a professional (why not) by mastering the knowledge..I am still at a starting point with WordPress but it will get better…

    • Kyle

      Yeah, that is the wonderful thing about WordPress and building websites at Wealthy Affiliate. Anyone can build beautiful, professional looking websites without any experience at all. There are over 3,000 included themes to choose from and 1,000’s more if you want something a bit more customized to your niche. There is no other platform that has as much flexibility, as many feature extensions or theme/design options as this.

  31. We keep hearing occasionally, of people that believe social media will replace websites.

    I can’t imagine this really happening though, because so many serious and well-established businesses work from this “home front”.

    And I can’t imagine people as a whole, always being only satisfied with something created on social media, without the chance to check back on that “home base”, ecspecially if they’re considering making an investment or purchase….

    What are your thoughts on this, i.e., potential developments in the next few years?

    Thanks so much for this article!


    • Kyle

      As a business, you are not in control of your social media accounts, you don’t own them, and they could be stripped from you in the whim of an algorithm change or a policy change at Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

      Websites are not going anywhere. Search is not going anywhere. People looking for information online is not going anywhere. And people buying more and more stuff online is only going to continue to increase.

      Something that I can assure you will continue to happen is that companies and marketers will continue driving FEAR into you to sell their products or services…and I imagine that you heard websites were a thing of the past from someone pushing Facebook or Snapchat as the next best thing. As with any successful business it starts with a solid foundation and in the online world, that is a website.

  32. CW

    So Kyle aren’t websites you really mean”funnels” as in sales funnels…opt-in funnels..webinar funnels etc.

    it is said nowadays that people make a decision within 6 seconds of landing on a website or web page of whether they will leave it or stay. These other so-called “experts” like Russell Brunson of ClickFunnels and Anik Singal use the term “funnels” –it is hard to know who to believe; who to listen to as a first-time newbie affiliate.

    • Kyle

      Are websites dead? You don’t have a business online without a website. A funnel is part of a website and if you are learning what is being “sold” out there these days about funnels being the only way to create a business, you are listening to the wrong voices.

      A funnel can be part of your business and a way to capture and build email lists, but you won’t have a long term business until you establish a website and yourself as a brand within a given niche. Otherwise with a “funnel only” business you are at the demise of your traffic source (often times FB ads) and what you are promoting.

      And yes, people decide right away whether or not they are going to stay on a given site. That is why you want a captivating headline and relevant imagery, something that we teach and emphasize.

  33. RhuelleD

    I like WordPress. It allows you to edit your content smoothly without sticking up too much. I’ve been on another framework that gave me endless headaches. So this works really well! Thank you!

    • Kyle

      Yeah, it is definitely a well thought out and very established framework. It is why WordPress is the most widely used platform in the world.

        • Kyle

          There is a reason WordPress is the most widely used content management platform for building websites in the world and that is why we leverage WordPress as the platform we built SiteRubix off of (at Wealthy Affiliate). It is quite easy to learn, it has an incredible amount of flexibility, lots of features extensions and themes, and a community of millions constantly developing it and working on improving it.

  34. Tommy

    Building a website is a well known need for most people who want to succeed online, however the sole idea of building one can freeze to many individuals. Let aside if they have to worry about hosting and other things to have such website running out there. That’s really one of the greatest assets of WA because you get not just the opportunity tu build a WordPress site but also the training, hosting and many more functionalities. It is the real expression of a DIY business.

    • Kyle

      A website is an absolute necessity online, unfortunately far too many people are being taught otherwise by the myriad or programs out there promoting “Facebook Ads” or “Lead Magnets”, without offering any underlying education about the fact that you need a website if you want a stable and long term business online.

      The platform at Wealthy Affiliate (SiteRubix) offers website building features not offered anywhere else in the industry and it is a quick and easy way for anyone to build beautiful websites that are set-up for long term success online.

  35. Lindsey Wilbanks

    Great page Kyle. I feel I’ve learned so much from WA. From the original 10 step course, to the Bootcamp. Your video above is quite an eye opener on the ease of building a website.

    Thanks again, thanks for the pep talk emails.

    • Kyle

      So glad to hear you are making such good progress with the website building process and through the training at Wealthy Affiliate. You are doing awesome!

  36. John Amuah

    Hi Kyle. This was what brought me to Wealthy Affiliates the first time, and why I stayed. 🙂

    And now, there looks like, for the first time in my life, the real possibility of making money online!

    Awesome work and thanks for the article.

    • Kyle

      Building a business online is totally viable for anyone. It starts with the right education and having access to the platform you need to create and grow your website/business online.

      When the technology aspect can be removed almost completely and efficiency can be created through a platform like SiteRubix, it truly bridges that gap that allows everyone to create and grow a business online, regardless of your technical knowledge.

  37. CeeCee Burtch

    I think this is a awesome way to build a successful website. I remember this girl telling me a few years ago that it would cost me about $5000. I told her she is out of her mind. I am so glad things have gotten a lot easier. Thanks for the information it is greatly appreciated!

    • Kyle

      She was absolutely out of her mind…actually, this still goes on in this day and age. I have a friend that is a realtor and he had a canned website built for him just a year or so ago for over $10,000. I told him he could do this himself, in a matter of minutes for 1/100th of the cost (including hosting), but you can lead a horse to….

      Glad you enjoying the building a website walkthrough.

  38. Rob

    Hello Kyle and thanks for the info on wordpress. I finally got my .com domain up and running on google and am updating it daily. I just need to make it look cleaner and ad some more functionality to it and I should be good to go.

    • Kyle

      Awesome, nice work Rob. Remember, when it comes to website design simplicity is much better than having too many bells and whistles (distractions). A cleaner, more simple layout will lead to much more readability and people that actually read your content, are much more likely to engage in it and take action on your recommendations. A winning formula!

  39. Melissa

    Hi Kyle, this is short and sweet. I like the fact that you can action it immediately, in a way that the reader will think of a name for his or her website in a matter of seconds, thus igniting a passion that they could’ve forgotten they had.

    • Kyle

      Often times people overcomplicate every aspect of their business including the technical elements of it. At Wealthy Affiliate we have simplified every aspect through our technology, through our training and through our support systems that you have available every step of the way. Whoever said a building a business couldn’t be fun!?

  40. jason

    I took some great value from this page, everything from the way it was set up to key words to use.

    I also made my first 22$ today 😀

    I will keep trying to 10X myself

    • Kyle

      Awesome, congrats on your first $22! That is just the start of things and as you build out your website and continue to focus on content that helps people (and that is keyword centric), you are going to see more and more rankings in search, more traffic, and more revenue opportunity as a result.

  41. Andrew

    Heh, I, too, remember the days of learning HTML to go for a basic – decent webpage. Of course there were the Angelfire and Geocities webhosting and the mess of those… but that’s a different story.

    Erm, on topic, running through this process is amazingly straight forward.

    • Kyle

      Those are the days. It is amazing how far the website building experience has come and truly the lack of technical knowledge that someone needs to create, manage and grow a website entity these days. Gotta love the evolution of technology. I don’t miss the old HTML days one bit!

  42. Leonid

    Hi Kyle!
    I followed your instructions and confirm whether the site can be done in 30 seconds! I would never have thought that it’s so easy! All your lessons are very easy to understand! Thank you!

    • Kyle

      Yeah, it is the new way of building websites. It has taken an incredible amount of technology, design and forward thinking to get websites to the state they are at today (so simple anyone can build a business online) and my gut feeling tells me it is only going to get better and better moving forward.

  43. Shanece Grant

    Hey Kyle . . . I love the way you arrange the information here. It is so easy to read and understand. I want to Thank you for everything that you have done within Wealthy Affiliate. I really feel comfortable doing this. 🙂
    Can’t wait to start seeing my own results. 🙂

    – Shanece

    • Kyle

      So glad you are enjoying everything over at Wealthy Affiliate Shanece. One thing that you will find a constant along your journey to success is the fact that you have an unbelievable amount of help there every step of the way, from myself included.

      There is a proper process to building a business online and the very basis of that is your website and how you build the initial foundation. It sounds like you are currently at this stage, the next will be the content/ranking phase and that is when it really starts to get exciting.

  44. Paul

    Hi Kyle,
    Thank you so much for WA ! . It is as though I opened an oyster and found a black pearl. I went Premium not too long ago and after this recent weekend my site health turned from blue to green ,and now says awesome! Yes it is awesome Kyle, the entire WA experience is awesome.
    Thanks again,

    • Kyle

      Awesome Paul, sounds like you are making some really awesome progress with your website. As you continue to move forward with the build out process, do let me know within WA if you need a site review or you need any particular feedback. Kudos to you!

  45. Henning

    Hi Kyle, I thought the only way to make a legit income online was to pay a mentor thousands of Dollars. Glad I discovered WA where there are thousands of mentors at a very fair price.

    • Kyle

      No, that is actually the surest path to LOSING money. The problem is that all of these types of “expensive” mentoring have become the trend and the norm within the industry. There are a lot of so called gurus out there that are in the business of making money, not helping folks…which is why they have moved to the model of charging $1,000’s for their mentoring programs.

      You truly do have 1,000’s of mentors at Wealthy Affiliate and ones that actually have the knowledge share that is worthwhile to you and your business.

  46. Tom

    Great Page Kyle! Your tutorial is a successful website in itself and very helpful. Very nice work. Very Inspirational!

    I am really impressed with WA! Thank you so much for the great work you do!

  47. I started my free website through you and I just wanted to stop by and thank you for all the valuable information you give. This is the best way to go for website building for sure! Thank you!

    • Kyle

      So glad you are enjoying everything Briana and I do thank you for stopping by. Let me know if you ever need a hand with any aspect of your business moving forward, just get in touch with me inside of WA.

  48. Russel

    Your the Best Kyle! You made everything easy for me. I thought online marketing is just building a website and run it with some products listed. Until I bumped into some WA site and decided to give it a shot. Now I can say that I am way ahead of the old me and still growing fast. Thanks to you and Carson and the whole WA family. Learning is never ending. The only thing I can complain is that WA is addictive… So many things to learn. Non-stop excitement!

    See ya at the top! ^_^

    • Kyle

      You are way ahead of the curve because most people are under the same impression that you were when you started out. Creating a business online is not just about throwing a site together and selling stuff, it comes down to building out your website in a way that helps people…and ideally within a niche that you are passionate about (as that will always shine through within your content).

      Keep the addiction going as well, being addicted to building websites and your online business is a good one to have!

  49. TimmyA1

    Hi Kyle,
    it is really amazing how easy you have driven my understanding of the online business stuff to me. I have always love it but find it dreadful all my life do to my little or no knowledge of IT world. In fact before being here, i have always believe that you cannot build your own website unless you have programming knowledge or get someone has same to do it for you. Your approach really amaze me and got me glued to it now. I can see the enormous potentials of being here and knowing how to do business online. Though i am new at WA but i am enjoying every bit of my bite to date. Thanks for creating this community of like minded and forward looking ready to help people. Thanks for the endless training and retraining privileges. My best regards. Timmy

    • Kyle

      That use to be the case, just a few years back that “technical” knowledge was required to build a website. With the inclusion of SiteDomains now at Wealthy Affiliate, there is truly no technology required at ALL to go from getting a domain, to having a website up and running in less than a minute.

      And we are just getting started. We have some evolutionary and really exciting website platform additions coming throughout the year. We are simplifying the technology side of things for folks so that you can focus on the things that really matter, like building your business.

  50. June Jacobson

    Thanks Kyle great information. I recently got my premium upgrade and it is everything that you promise it would be. I have built a site and am working on content. I also just learned how to set up my site for comments. I just have to tell you it really is as easy as you say to set up a website of your own. AMAZING!
    June Jacobson, January 21, 2016

    • Kyle

      Thanks for your feedback, so glad you are enjoying everything and it sounds like you are moving along nicely with your website. Kudos to you for your progress thus far!

  51. Sarah Brown

    Good Morning Kyle!

    I just have to say that I am glad I took the leap of faith in myself and joined WA. I have wanted to build my own websites for a couple of years and I even tried doing WordPress on my own. I just didn’t understand it all. Now that I get daily training from WA I am addicted to the process and eager to jump on the computer as much as possible to train, build up my websites and help others. I am still just a newbie but I have learned so much in two weeks, it is amazing. You have made this all so simple to follow the step by step process and the community is awesome! My websites are still in the beginner stages but I know that once I get them going this is going to be my future. I absolutely love it! Thank you for developing such a wonderful community and way for a beginner to break into network marketing. I am hooked that is for sure.

    • Kyle

      So glad you are enjoying everything Sarah, it sounds as though you are going to be proficient with WordPress in no time at all (if not already).

      Our goal with our website platform at Wealthy Affiliate has always been to create simplicity through sophisticated programming on our end. The day is now here that anyone can create beautiful websites with NO programming experience or technical know how whatsoever. Thanks for your feedback.

  52. Diana

    I was hesitant at first. Free? Really? But I did it. I typed in my email, expecting the next page to be one asking me for my credit card information. It wasn’t! I clicked around, got to know the environment and GOT ADDICTED. I barely slept that night because I wanted to finish building my site so bad. The training was perfect for me. Even now, after building my site, the community support is outstanding and there are always opportunities for improvements. New training is always being offered.

    • Kyle

      So glad you are enjoying your experience and I think the “free” can create a little hesitance sometimes just because many of the website builders out there are FREE and as soon as you join, the give you a website that is riddled with ads, no training, very little support, and definitely no marketing advice or mentorship.

      The SiteRubix website builder and the platform at Wealthy Affiliate is truly unique. We care, we give an incredible amount of value before you even have to consider spending a dime, and you get the best of the best when it comes to a website and hosting platform.

  53. Thomas Morrison

    This is a great informative site and I have learned a few new tips on building a website in 30 second’s.
    Thanks for the tips Kyle.
    Happy New Year,


  54. Hello Kyle,
    Having a website of my own has been a dream of mine for a very long time. You make it so easy. The most exciting thing is that I am able to do it myself! It is expensive to have a professional to do it for me but most frustrating is the fact that getting someone else to get exactly how to express my passion is another task. And you know what, I am grateful to you for making it possible for me to write my own content! Thank you. 🙂 ~ Danielle

    • Kyle

      So awesome to hear Danielle and I love what you have done with your website thus far. I still remember the day (way back now lol) when I built my very first website, I had to basically mould it from scratch and it took me almost a month to construct, but man was it exciting to have something online that people could “view” online!

      I look forward to seeing your website evolve and if you need a hand with anything moving forward, just let me know.

  55. Toni

    Hi Kyle, You’re so right! I, too, taught myself html way back when, and things have sure changed. In fact, right after I learned html, the industry changed to “css style sheets!” Now, I don’t have to keep up with the changes. I just use WordPress! Great article!

    • Kyle

      Yeah, I had to teach myself all of that stuff. It was a nightmare.

      Things that I accomplish in literally 30 seconds now with the SiteRubix platform are things that used to take me over a MONTH to accomplish. I wish I was joking.

      Have to love technology and where it has taken the website creation and build out experience.

  56. PJ

    Hi Kyle,

    I’ve got my website up and running and feeling pretty good about it. I’m learning something new almost every day. Things are starting to become easier as my knowledge expands.

    Thanks for the help. Much appreciated.

    • Kyle

      Awesome PJ, that is great to hear. Things are just starting to get exciting and your website is going to be the foundation of your business!

  57. Ann

    Hi Kyle. Thank you so much for this lesson. I am so happy that I found WA. Every day is exciting for me now… the sky is the limit! I wish i found WA earlier, before i was scammed several times over. This site is very helpful. I am forever grateful.

  58. Lee

    Hi Kyle, I am so glad that I found Wealthy Affiliate. I tried to create a WordPress website on my own but it resulted in me having more questions then answers. There are so many choices when it comes to creating a website and affiliate marketing, that I really started to wish that I had a mentor. A couple of days later I came across the Wealthy Affiliate site. Funny how things work out sometimes.

    Cheers, Lee

    • Kyle

      Serendipity at it’s finest!

      SO glad you are enjoying WA and the website experience there. We have spent years refining the process of building a website, simplifying it through some very sophisticated design/technology, and it is what you see today.

      You definitely have many mentors (myself included) along with an awesome family inside of Wealthy Affiliate Lee. I really look forward to working with you!

  59. Trevor Van Pelt

    I really like the fact that building a website can really be this simple with Wealthy affiliate! Great presentation, and representation on what it takes to build a website.

    • Kyle

      So glad to hear Trevor and glad you enjoyed your experience building a website within Wealthy Affiliate. The technology gap really has been reduced to nothing with the SiteRubix platform you have at WA. Now that you have built your website, you have a very successful journey ahead of you.

  60. Martha Hurta

    Kyle, I have struggled and struggled to build a website on my own through WordPress. Without good instructions, I found it to be pretty hard! I am really enjoying the ease I as having in building my site in Wealthy Affiliate! I have it up and running, and adding to the content will be a breeze. Thank you so much for the great, easily understandable training!

    • Kyle

      It really is that easy. We have spent years and a lot of energy refining the website building process so it truly has become “technology” free to the end user. No longer is technical experience required to create beautiful, high functioning websites. So awesome to hear about your website up and running Martha, that is going to be the foundation for your business as you move forward.

  61. Willie Lyte

    I have several websites, but I have never build a site this fast. Using SiteRubix is great i’m going to transfer all my DNS to all my sites to the SiteRubix platform at Wealthy Affiliate. Brilliant!

    • Kyle

      Back when we started building websites, we used to build them from scratch. What can be accomplished within the Wealthy Affiliate platform today in terms of building high quality websites, used to take me literally a month or more for something that is far inferior to what I can build in less than 30 seconds using SiteRubix.

      With a computer science background, I can absolutely code and build websites but I no longer have a need to. I can build awesome websites fast and then focus all my energies on things that matter (like building my business).

  62. mahmood adds

    I wanted to build me website from a long time ago. And I’ve tried many site builder and blogs and few web hosting services.
    I’ve tried blogger, Yola, Wix. Wix was the best of them until I found wealthy affiliate.
    I moved my website to WA hosting and moved my domain registrar and doing great with WordPress now.
    Thanks a lot for building WA, Kyle

    • Kyle

      There definitely are a lot of different website builder options out there, unfortunately most of them are very difficult to use and lack most of the features that WordPress offers. That is why we have chosen to adopt WordPress within the SiteRubix platform at Wealthy Affiliate and we have taken things to the next level with the main layers of features we offer to online businesses on top of the already awesome functionality within WordPress.

      So glad you are enjoying your experience!

  63. Victoria

    Wow, the step by step guidance along with video training are just amazing. I never thought I would be in a position to learn so much and be able to put up my own website. You have made it all so much easier and there is so much more to learn here. I need to make many adjustments to my website but am looking forward to moving forward at a pace which I am comfortable with.
    Thank you

    • Kyle

      So glad to hear you are enjoying the training. It only gets more and more exciting as you continue to take action on the training and see your business take shape before your eyes.

  64. Sheila

    I just can not believe that a website can be set up in only 5 minutes. You make it sound so easy that I have checked it out and am so impressed with the teachings here at WA!

    I have looked online for many years and have not found a better site to learn how to create a website. It was easy and of course I am still working on the site, but then again I will always be working on the site.

    Thanks for WA and hope to see you around!


    • Kyle

      That is the reality of how far technology has come. The same thing would have taken weeks (if not longer) back in the day…and now takes less than a few minutes to get a full functional, niche website up and running. So glad you are enjoying the SiteRubix platform at Wealthy Affiliate Sheila, what you see there is 10 years of evolution and pushing the boundaries of the web development world.

  65. Kenny Wilkinson

    SiteRubix is so easy and quick to use. And WordPress is definitely the way to go. Great stats to prove the point as well as some good general pointers.

    You are always willing to help and I plan on taking advantage of that as necessary.

    Best Regards,


    • Kyle

      So glad you are enjoying it Kenny. It really is that easy and ANYONE can now create a full functional, profit ready websites these days. No experience necessary.

      The hurdles of technology have definitely been removed from creating a business online.

    • Kyle

      So glad you are enjoying the SiteRubix platform and I agree, using wordpress websites is definitely the way to go these days. There is no website platform that is more supported and widely used in the world. This gives you the flexibility of over 3,000 different website templates (all available to you at Wealthy Affiliate) along with over 30,000 plugins which allow you to extend the features/capabilities of your website.

  66. Nigel

    Hi Kyle,
    “Get a website in 30 seconds” seems too good to be true … until you try it. I went through the process of learning how to install wordpress websites, having to register and pay for a domain, pay for hosting, choose a theme and then try to figure out how to develop your website on your own. Yesterday I started a new website in WA with my twelve year old son … it took less than 30 seconds and now he is busy creating his own pages, sharing videos and learning lots from the free training provided. Thank you

    • Kyle

      So awesome to hear Nigel, I love hearing stories like this. What a great way to get your son involved and knowledgeable of how websites work and the online business world works. You can never be too young to learn about this stuff.

      Great to hear you are enjoying the simplicity of creating websites at WA. It has taken years to refine this process and perfect the website platform and we feel that we have created simplicity on the user end through a lot of complexity on our end with SiteRubix. Happy building!

  67. Greg

    Wow…this really couldn’t be any easier. Thanks for the heads up and the free tutorial. I’m pretty computer savvy, but I’ve never built a website before and this made me feel like a genius!

    • Kyle

      You are a genius and you are capable of far more than you think within the online space Greg. The website is just the beginning of what you are about to experience within WA and I look forward to seeing your progress moving forward. 🙂

  68. Peggy Menke

    Hello, Kyle. Another great article. I can only imagine what it was like when you first started this company. “You have come a long way, baby” I wish I had found Wealthy Affiliate 5 years ago, I believe I would be bringing in a 6 figure income by now, but I haven’t given up hope. I know I will succeed. Thanks for sharing!

    • Kyle

      Yeah, we have definitely come a long ways and we have a long ways to go. That is what makes business so exciting, there is always room to improve and when you strive for perfection you will always have innovative and forward thinking things that you can add to a service.

      This time around is YOUR time Peggy. Bright days are ahead and I look forward to seeing your progress going forward.

  69. dan Abelson

    Dude, That website building is sooo easy to use. Thanks for this post, I’m going to share it with my brother who I know is trying to put together a website for his acting career. Hes frustrated and can quite get his resume and pics properly uploaded, I’m sure he’ll have no problem with siterubix

    • Kyle

      Yeah, it so easy and over the past 10 years we have been evolving the process of building a website (and technology has improved so greatly) that to build a high quality website it literally takes 30 seconds. Piece of cake.

      Glad you are enjoying the SiteRubix platform and I know your brother is going to have an awesome “acting” profile up and running online in no time.

  70. Steven Fearn

    Hi Kyle,

    Thanks to yourself and W.A. I am online! it’s kinda like, wow how did that happen. But the answer is that is all made so simple. Thank you so much.

    Obviously there is nothing but positive comments on your page; clean, easy to read and the information is to the point but as with all your posts and training, thinking about it, you have a very relaxed, natural way of presenting that puts the reader at ease very quickly.

    Thanks again,


    • Kyle

      So wonderful to hear that you go your website up and running Steven. Believe it or not, this is more than most people will ever accomplish on the web and with tool like SiteRubix & Wealthy Affiliate at your fingertips you are going to be able to advance your skill set far beyond just building a website. You are going to learn how to rank your website, get traffic, and ultimately build a business within any niche.

  71. Jermaine

    Great article kyle, WA teaches everything you laid out above in respect to building websites and then some. The site is truly changing the way how i perceive this reality and whats possible. thanks for the awesome work.


    • Kyle

      A lot of the time people tend to thinking that building a website has to be more difficult than it actually is. When I got started back in 2002, perhaps it was…but as time has progressed, so has technology and the evolution of platforms like SiteRubix that have simplified the process of building websites to the point that the technical unsavvy could easily build one in a matter of 30 seconds!

  72. Paul Bretherton

    Its been a lot easier using your site rubix than it has for the last few years, using someone else to build and look after my site for me or at least so i thought. At least now I’m in control instead of someone else who’s not really bothered. Really like the setup here and hopefully my site will evolve of the coming months in the right way.

    Cheers Kyle, great job.

    • Kyle

      So glad you are enjoying SiteRubix. It has and will continue to evolve to remain the most bleeding edge website platform on the Internet (in fact there are some really awesome, never seen before improvements coming). You are in full control and it is my belief that the website experience should be a simple, yet powerful one where the website builder still keeps full control of their content.

  73. Keye

    I agree with the importance of speed & load Time. Statistics show that it only take readers around 3 seconds to stay in the site. If the site takes longer to load, they will leave.

    • Kyle

      Yeah, so very true and it is far too often these days that low quality hosting like that offered by HostGator or GoDaddy can drag down a users rankings. That is what happens and you get what you pay for in the hosting world these days. Sure $5/mth hosting might sound good, but it won’t for long when you see that you don’t get rankings. Managed WordPress hosting on state of the art servers is ideal…that is what is offered to all members within Wealthy Affiliate.

  74. Angel

    Dear Kyle,

    How times have changed since we became more advanced with technology over the years. I enjoyed SiteRubix, what I thought was complicated on creating a website long ago has become so profoundly easy that I believe anyone could do it. Even my own parents, lol. 😀 Almost like the catchphrase from Geico: Its so easy, even a caveman can do it.


    • Kyle

      Build a website has definitely become simplified and as SiteRubix continues to evolve, never seen before features are continuing to be integrated into the way we build, analyze, and manage our websites. We really are in an exciting time within the website space and innovation and evolution really is at an all time high.

  75. Short, sweet and to the point! There is certainly no doubt that one needs a site nowadays in order to have a web presence!

    The thing I love seeing is that it really is easier than most people believe it is to build a new site and get it “up the google ladder”.

    Your information is well received!

    • Kyle

      Most definitely Leland, a site is so important to any type of online business these days. There are those out there that preach “building a list” or “social media” yet they never really teach the initial foundational block of an online business, a website.

      Building a niche website, creating quality content and getting great rankings (and traffic) from the search engines has never really been easier for those that do things the correct way, what we teach within Wealthy Affiliate.

  76. Katharina

    Hi Kyle
    Visiting your page has reminded me of what a page should be like, easy to navigate, clear to understand and a call to action – no eye popping frills needed. It has inspired me to “get on with it” and not get bogged down with what I don’t yet know (which is so much).
    Wealthy Affiliates has so much to offer, one does have to remember to stay focussed and take it one step at a time, and not stray from the courses.
    Thanks for all the wonderful information and training – second to none.

  77. Calvin

    Hi, Kyle.

    I found out that building a website is a must if I want to build a long-term online business.

    Thanks to WA that make me able to build my own website from scratch. I also learned from training and courses in WA how to attract visitors to visit my site, engage with them, and help them with the solution to their problem.

    It is a brand new experience for me and surely a good one.

    Thank you is the best word I could give at the moment for wonderful experience in WA.

    Keep up the good work!


    • Kyle

      A website most definitely is the foundation of any successful business online. Really glad you are enjoying the training and making such great progress with your website Calvin.

  78. Keena

    I just joined April 3rd, 2015, and in just a few weeks, I already have the framework for TWO sites in development thanks to the instructions, videos, and wonderful community that you and Carson have made available to us. Thanks for everything that you do.

    • Kyle

      Awesome Keena and this is exactly what we love to hear and what drives us to improve Wealthy Affiliate. WA was created and continues to evolve based on what members wants and needs are and 10 years later you have access to the most comprehensive and innovative website building platform in the world (not to mention supported by a state of the art hosting infrastructure).

  79. Tasos Perte Tzortzis

    Hello Kyle

    I found your post some time ago but today I feel I have to post a comment here so that anyone can benefit.

    I have joined the Wealthy Affiliate community in December of 2014.I am a hotel owner and manufacturer of clothes and I was looking for an online opportunity this time because I am a little tired of doing these jobs for so many years and I needed a change.

    I had no experience in internet marketing or in building websites,not at all.!!

    Now as we speak I have a WordPress website up and running ( It was published 1 week ago ).In Wealthy Affiliate I found help in a level beyond my expectations.Every member contributes with useful blogs , posts and even trainings.

    The education program and the live webinars pushed me in taking action and motivated me and now I love what I am doing.My website is running fast , with no security problems.The 24 / 7 tech support was there when I was in need and fixed my issues in 30 minutes without even bothering me.

    Now I do not know if this website will drive me to success.I am not sure if my designs are attractive or if my content is worthy enough for my visitors but I feel that I am in the right way.I learned so many things inside this community that I am gonna insist on that project till I finally make it happen.

    I wanna thank every one for their support and of course YOU for your excellent training courses , your inspiration and I wish this community project of Wealthy Affiliate make the ‘Dreams’ of many entrepreneurs like me ‘Reality’

    Keep up the great work.!!


    • Kyle

      Thanks for your feedback Tasos and nice work on your progress thus far. As with any business, your website is the foundation of your online success and then as you continue to move forward within the training at WA you are going to incrementally build off of that. You will be creating content, you will be getting great rankings in Google (and other search engines), you will be getting traffic…and then once you have an audience, there are many ways in which you can monetize this.

  80. Dan Labbe

    I Love how concise you are when talking about your site,you really sound like you know what your doing. I too am building a web site using word press its pretty easy once you catch on to it, especially if you follow along with the video lessons, even a monkey like me can do it. I have a Wix site but i think the WordPress ones at Wealthy Affiliate work better, faster and less stuff to mess around with.

    Wealthy Affiliate is a great community not expensive and again the classes are easy to understand.

    (You know a typing course is not a bad idea).
    Dan Labbe

    • Kyle

      I have been doing this full time for 13 years now. It becomes second nature to talk concise about topics related to things you have been doing full time (only naturally) and building websites has been a big part of my businesses over the years.

      We have spent the last 5 years refining the SiteRubix website builder and hosting platform to become the premier way to create websites and to host your websites online. Glad you are enjoying the entire platform at Wealthy Affiliate as well, the community truly is the most helpful one online.

  81. George

    Kyle, I have not really looked at other programs to build websites however, I have looked at other online opportunities to make extra income. This page is clear and concise and easy to read. Not to cluttered and easy access to WA. I have just recently got back to my WA membership and have started to build my website in WA bootcamp. The training is great and the community has been awesome. Thanks for a great experience and a great community.

    • Kyle

      So glad you have been enjoying your experience and that you have your website up and running and working towards creating a business online.

  82. Marlon

    Excellent job with Wealthy Affiliate Kyle, I never knew it could be so easy to build a website and I am almost overwhelmed with everything I am learning at Wealthy Affiliate.

    • Kyle

      It really is that easy Marlon. A fully functional, beautiful looking WordPress website can be built in less than 30 seconds using the SiteRubix platform at WA. With each day that passes it is only getting more powerful, more secure and we have a lot of ongoing plans for innovation within the website building and management world that is going to be available to members of Wealthy Affiliate as we roll these out!

  83. David Williams

    I just did some research and compared a website builder to Wealthy Affilate. A huge (apparently) corporate place that does not have many of the things Wealthy Affiliate has. What a difference to have to wait on a support ticket to an employee for hours on end while at Wealthy Affiliate so many people and ways to find what you need to build your website are at your finger tips. I am amazed at how much progress has been made on my first website at Wealthy Affilliate in just a few days. Thanks Kyle

    • Kyle

      That is what you can come to expect at Wealthy Affiliate. Not only do you have access to a state of the art website and hosting platform, it is a fully managed experience with real time support. So glad to hear you are making such wonderful progress with your websites.

  84. Jon Brome

    I found the comments about speed, page/load time very interesting.

    I’ve just this minute finished watching a video on CDN networks etc.

    Thanks for this information. Very informative!

    • Kyle

      Yeah, speed and load times definitely have an impact on your website performance. Google doesn’t rank sites that load slow, because it impacts the user experience. Visitors to your website don’t like being on your website if it loads slow. So it is a lose/lose no matter which way you look at it.

  85. Nancy

    Hi Kyle!
    I am enjoying every lesson taught at Wealthy Affiliate and I never thought I could build my own website 🙂 I have attempted a few before this but none were successful!
    Thanks to you, you made it possible and easy to follow with the video tutorial provided.

    I’m so excited about my website! 🙂

    • Kyle

      Awesome to hear! The SiteRubix platform (the website builder at WA) really does take the legwork out of creating a website. What once took days or longer to do, now takes 30 seconds or less to build a fully functional WordPress website on our state of the art “managed” hosting platform.

  86. Della Hicks

    Hi Kyle,

    Thank you for sharing. I have learned much from Wealth Affiliate. The website was easy to create – I am working on my second one now.

    Wealthy Affiliate offers a positive, caring, and creative community.

  87. ademola

    Hello Kyle,

    I use to believe having a website of your own would cost fortune, when I read your post about how to build a website in less that 30 seconds for free, honestly I thought okay there he goes he probably don’t know what he’s talking about,lol. Until I actually built a website of my own. Wow i couldnt believe it. I just want to say thank you. joining Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best decision have ever made.

    • Kyle

      Yeah, building a website (and a quality one at that) truly is that quick when you use the SiteRubix website builder inside of Wealthy Affiliate. It wasn’t always like this though and when I started out 13 years ago, it took me 3 weeks to get my UGLY website up and running online. The same thing can now be accomplished as you said in 30 seconds inside of WA. Glad you are loving everything and I really look forward to seeing your progress as you move forward with your site Ademola.

  88. Ryan Hill

    The training structure at Wealthy Affiliate is great. The community involvement makes it extraordinary. If you want to learn how to build a website and create an authority search engine website, I believe this is the best training out there 🙂 Ryan

    • Kyle

      So glad you are enjoying the training Ryan. Building an authority is the only way I recommend these days if you want to create a long term and very successful business within the online space. You can take any niche and accomplish this with the website platform and the training and Wealthy Affiliate.

  89. Lita

    you website is a lifesaver. I found this site while looking into investing in another program. It’s been less than a month since then and I have two websites up and running. A million thanks.

    • Kyle

      Lita, nice to hear about your progress with your TWO websites. So awesome, keep up the great work and if you ever do need a hand or want a website review, simply get in touch with me inside of the community.

  90. Rose

    I think WordPress is excellent for blogging, although I tend to prefer GoDaddy or Wix for building my consumer websites. Any thoughts on this? I do like the fact that Wealthy Affiliate offers the free WordPress site builder tho!

    • Kyle

      I prefer WordPress for everything, affiliate/consumer/ecommerce. There are other solutions out there for building websites, but none are as progressive, offer as many features and extension of these features, and have as large as a community of developers as WordPress.

  91. Katie

    Wealthy affiliate is a very unique program, it offers excellent training and support, not forgetting the amazing community, have not come across an open and honest opportunity like this, everything is geared to helping you succeed, we just need to put the work into it

  92. Nishkarsh Sharma

    That’s quite an informative post, Kyle! WordPress is undoubtedly a great platform for people who wish to build a business online and have no technical knowledge. I remember struggling to get a website rolling and starting off my online journey. Thank you so much for this post! It really helped.

  93. Corina

    Wealthy Affiliate is amazing. I knew nothing about building websites and within a week, I had a website. The training is awesome and also the community is very helpful..thanks for such a good and informative website

    • Kyle

      So glad you are enjoying everything Corina, it is these sorts of responses that have driven us to continually strive to improve Wealthy Affiliate over the last 9.5 years. Wonderful to have you part of the community and if you need a hand with absolutely anything as you move forward, let me know.

      Website building has never been easier!

  94. Noel

    Hello Kyle.

    Wealthy Affiliate does make the getting started part of a website then to a business easy for most anyone to follow. I feel bad for the people whom have not found Wealthy Affiliate or this page, as I know they are getting caught up in the scam sites.

    The fact that you let people work within your site and community for free is the best way of saying.. your site has the answer and proves it’s not a scam.

    Great Job!


    • Kyle

      Most definitely Noel and that is something we are very proud of. We let people try our service because we believe in our service. You will not find a service online that will offer you a look and offer you help/websites/training in the same sort of thorough way that the Starter membership offers within WA.

      I am really glad you are enjoying yourself within Wealthy Affiliate!

  95. Larry

    Hi Kyle! I’ve been in several programs that don’t come close to your “starter” membership. When you do things with an ethical and moral obligation/conviction, people realize that you are the “real” thing! Keep up the good work!

    • Kyle

      Thanks for your kind words Larry and this is the exact reason we built WA. Money doesn’t excite us, helping people and seeing people grow excites us….and developing tools and a platform for this excites us. Our heart is absolutely in the right place and we have a moral obligation to the industry (one which isn’t the most honest one out there, quite the contrary).

      I look forward to working with you and hit me up with Wealthy Affiliate at any time if you have any questions.

  96. Luca

    Hi Kyle!
    I’m a member of Wealthy Affiliate University. Your platform it’s helping me a lot to build a successful website ready for business.
    Thanks you so much!

    • Kyle

      Excellent to hear Luca, thanks for stopping by and leaving your feedback. Wonderful to have you as part of WA and I look forward to seeing your website evolve as you move forward within the training and take action. Hit me up inside of WA if you ever need a hand with anything going forward.

  97. NEERAJ

    I personally use wealthy affiliate and love it. Yeah, and creation of website is simple. I am going to suggest my friends about it.

    • Kyle

      That is great Neeraj, I am really glad you are enjoying your experience at WA and we would love to have your friends as part of the community. It is a platform that anyone can benefit from, regardless of their situation and interest…Wealthy Affiliate is all about taking a passion and turning that into a business online. No experienc enecessary.

  98. Lizzie

    I never would’ve been able to be where I am without the help Wealthy Affiliate has given me. All the tutorials, classes and articles have been completely essential.

  99. rick

    I love the siterubix platform. I am a premium member at wealthy affiliate and really do love the training you get from that site. What a great community. WordPress is the way to go. I have used other blogging platforms and none even compare to all the features you get with wordpress.

    • Kyle

      It really is that easy isn’t it Rick. Build a website when I started out (12 years ago) literally took me a month and now within WA, someone could build a website that is SUPERIOR to that in less than 30 seconds. It is crazy how far technology can come, but I can only see it getting more exciting with the improvements and innovation we have planned for the website builder inside of WA.

  100. The best part is definitely the technology WA provides. The SiteRubix builder is awesome. Plus, for the vast majority of people out there, WordPress is ideal. Fairly easy to learn yet powerful.

    • Kyle

      I agree Arp and that is why we adopted WordPress with our Website platform at WA and now specialize in WordPress. We have made it so easy to create a website that literally anyone can head over to Wealthy Affiliate without ANY technical experience and go about building a website in any niche. It is exciting to think about how far technology has come in just the past few years and it has opened the doors to the online opportunity for absolutely everyone.

  101. Jeremy

    Thanks for all the informative content here, Kyle. One thing I like about Wealthy Affiliate is that most of this work is done for you by the WordPress software and plugins! 😉

    • Kyle

      Yeah, simplicity through technology. That has been our goal and when you create a website using the platform at WA, you are getting a properly installed and set-up WordPress website in seconds.

  102. Tim

    Thanks Kyle for all the informative content. WA has definitely made it easy to build a site and understand the inner workings of making money online. Thanks for all the help. Keep up the good work!

    • Kyle

      No problem Tim and I am really glad you are enjoying your experience at WA. Building a website these days does not have to be difficult and when you can take the “technical” stuff out of building the website like we have done within Wealthy Affiliate, you can then direct your focus to building your content and your business.

  103. Christa

    Hi Kyle, This page is done impeccably well, and that is no surprise to any of us who have had the blessing of getting to know your work through WA. How I wish I had found you years ago when I first began seeking a way to find an online income, but then you have heard that countless times. I am determined to get the word out about WA to help prevent the victimization of others. For me the greatest asset of WA has not been the ease of getting the website up and running, but the education of how to truly build the website and the business through that website. Thank you. Thank you most of all for your integrity and honesty! Christa

    • Kyle

      Well the best thing to do is to look forward Christa, not back. Now that you have found Wealthy Affiliate you have absolutely everything you need to create and grow your business online. Going forward I have no doubts about your website success and I look forward to working with you.

  104. Hi there Kyle and another helpful post that you created here. Been having an awesome experience in the WA community, and the flow of information are endless and always fresh!

    Have a blessed day!

    • Kyle

      So wonderful to hear that you are enjoying the community at WA (we truly are that) and benefiting from the information. There is always lots to look forward to at WA.

  105. Liz Bradshaw

    Great post! THanks for sharing. I’m really enjoying the training at WA. Lots of great stuff there.

  106. Keith

    I really like what you have to say here. About how long should it take following the WA training will it take to actually start making money

    • Kyle

      This varies from person to person, so there is no conclusive “date” in which you start earning. Like any business, the harder you work at it the more you get out of it. At Wealthy Affiliate we teach the proper way to create a business online…it is not a scheme (big difference). To build a successful business, your first step is to build a strong foundation and that is what you will be walked through within the first stages of the training.

      For me personally when I started it took me 3 months to make my first money online, but by month 6 I was very consistent…by the year mark, I was almost full time. Here we are 12 years later of being full time online. If I had quite in month or month 2, I would have never been where I am at today.

      Hope that offers you some perspective Keith.

  107. Gerard

    Great work Kyle. Well presented information. I like the way one aspect flows into the other. Lovely video as usual

  108. Sheli

    Thanks for all of the hard work and dedication you provide in teaching others about WordPress and marketing. We are really enjoying the journey!

  109. Jo

    G’day Kyle,
    Thanks for introducing me to the wonders of WordPress! I love it. I have now built two functional websites with this awesome tool and hope to build many more.
    You said it would be easy, but you didn’t tell me how much fun it was going to be. Thank you.
    Much love

    • Kyle

      Really glad you are enjoying WordPress Jo, it is by far the most powerful website platform in the world (and it is quite easy to get the hang of once you get rolling). Lots of fun lies ahead!

  110. Leigh

    Hi Kyle,
    This page is clear and concise and illustrates just how easy it is to build a WP website. Your training in Wealthy Affiliate makes the whole process of becoming an affiliate marketer easier. I love being part of WA.

  111. Roger Gouldbourne

    Hi Kyle,

    I found your post very informative. It had just the right amount of detail to point your reader in the right direction. This will be very useful, particularly for new entrants to online business.

    Wishing you continued success.


  112. Kyle,

    I love WordPress, but this must be the fastest and easiest way to create a website on the planet! I had fun setting up my blog, and plan to make it my main authority website. Following your lead step-by-step, I’m finally going to become an expert and build a project of greatness, too.

    Thanks for the continuous help, support and inspiration!


    • Kyle

      It really is that easy isn’t it? Literally 30 seconds to build and install your own WordPress site from scratch at Wealthy Affiliate. If only I had something like this when I started out back in 2002 when I started out (it used to take me weeks to build much uglier sites lol).

  113. Emma Lee

    I am thoroughly enjoying the training here at WA. I have learned so much over the past few months and everyday something new 🙂

  114. Nicole

    Wonderful concise and easy to understand! Who knew having your own website could be so easy! I have no advanced knowledge and thanks to WA and your training I do!

  115. Steve

    Hi Kyle, the training you provide is priceless! Thankyou so very much for everything, the community is fantastic! “WA-the new Facebook”!! Once again thankyou very much!

  116. aphro

    Great simplified step by step guidance with clear demonstrations.
    I had kept away from having a website because it was complex to do on your own and quite costly to get it done. WA made it so easy and I was able to build website and learn in the process.

  117. Jeremy Hooper

    Your website building process is very straight forward. I had the good fortune to read a book called Head First HTML and CSS. When I add this to you training I have been able to fill on all of the gaps so far. The training is very thorough and to the point. I am looking forward to improving my skills with WordPress, improving my website, and improving the response it gets.

    • Kyle

      Thanks for the feedback Jeremy and I am really glad you are enjoying WA. There really isn’t too much need for having to know ANY programming these days to build a successful business online, but your experience will definitely help you customize your WordPress websites.

      I look forward to connecting with you inside the community.

  118. Janice Bowles

    Hi Kyle, When I went through the steps (after opting in for the free websites)it was so simple, I have never seen anything like it! And yes, I remember the headaches of the old website building days too!

    I am blown away by the great value you offer here, and not just with the free websites either, it’s the whole package. So glad I found my way to Wealthy Affiliate, thank you. 🙂

    • Kyle

      Glad you are enjoying the website experience at Wealthy Affiliate Janice. Gone are the days of fumbling through the website creation process and welcome to the days of instant website creation, no knowledge for technology required.

      I still remember my very first website I built back in 2002. It literally took me 2 weeks to build and looked horrendous when I was done. Something now would take me less than 30 seconds to build using the website builder at Wealthy Affiliate.

  119. Gregory Obert


    Your site is amazing. I knew nothing about building websites and within a week, I had a website. The training is awesome.

    Thank you,


  120. TaNisha

    Hi Kyle. I love this page – everything is broken down and clear. You give us so much information – I leave knowing much more about websites than I did before I came here. I’m glad I met you in WA!

  121. Hi Kyle, thanks, another world-class blog on scams and WP. WA has made WP much easier to use with all the courses you’ve given. I hope you can find time to look at my new website I have a passion for writing since I was a kid, and I do get good feedbacks on it. (Talent or gift? I really don’t know). It has landed on page 1 Google search ‘de-stressing life and positive living’. I still need to enrich my vocabulary more, as my writing seems restricted with same words. Ok, this is looking long now. See you later,


    • Kyle

      Hi Jen,

      The purpose of any website should be to help people. All successful businesses are built off of this, regardless of the “niche”. A niche is a group of people looking for something, so I would suggest to you that you define this early on and decide on what group of people you are going to help on your website.

      Apply your love to writing to something much more specific and you will be much more successful online.

  122. Gary


    You have been able to quantify what was once a true HTML nightmare into simplicity, by directing me to WordPress.

    Thanks so much.

    I personally was not aware, how thoroughly complete WordPress had become with regard to easily built professional websites until I followed your guidance.

    Your information is invaluable to anyone with the desire to succeed in the world of internet marketing and commerce.


    • Kyle

      There is a reason why 30% of all the websites in the world are now using WordPress as their framework. That layered with the website and hosting platform at Wealthy Affiliate, everything you need is in one place and the technology has truly been removed from the website creation process. Anyone can create a website and a beautiful one at that.

  123. Thiha Min

    Hello Kyle, This is really awesome and well written post. It gives me very clear information 🙂 . Thanks a lot buddy.

  124. Santosh

    Hi, Kyle!
    I totally following you at wealthy affiliate and getting started. The great thing is that I have created my own site and I am very excited about that.

    Looking forwards for more tutorial in this case.
    Thanks for great work!

  125. Eva

    Hey Kyle

    Once again, very informative as usual. I am learning so much from you and this organization. Joining Wealthy Affiliate is the best decision I have ever made.
    Thanks again.

  126. Yolette M Saintiny

    Hello Kyle,
    Thanks for another great article. I must tell you that I’ve used the acquired knowledge gained from your sites to fine-tune my existing WordPress online business websites, since joining WA.
    Thanks again for your generosity.

  127. Michael Benti

    This is a great way to get started building any type of blog you want, for free! Thanks for sharing this helpful information and keep up the good work.=)

  128. Simon Clements

    That is a comprehensive and well constructed arguement for using WordPress and WA. Well done. I’m sold. Now to produce something as informative with your help.

    • Kyle

      Absolutely, WordPress is the way to go these days and there is a reason why close to 30% of ALL websites in the world (out of billions) are built on the wordpress platform. I know you are really going to move mountains at WA once you get rolling Simon!

  129. Neil

    Thanks for sharing this Kyle.

    Your post is very informative and it’s really clear to those newbies out there who want to start out with a website from scratch and for free but don’t know how to do it.

    When I started out online, I too had no idea of where to begin with a website but luckily I found Wealthy Affiliate and was shown the way.

    Thank You, Neil

    • Kyle

      No problem Neil, glad you found WA. Building websites does not have to be difficult these days and you no longer need to be techy to create beautiful looking websites.

  130. Mahevash

    I had almost given up on the internet as a platform for earning money when I chanced upon Wealthy Affiliate. So glad that after seeing so many scams, I finally lucked out by ending up at the real thing.Such community support and training will not be found anywhere. I always wanted my own website, Wealthy Affiliate has shown me how-in the most simple and lucid way possible.

    • Kyle

      So wonderful to hear Mahevash, I am truly glad you are enjoying WA and you are making such wonderful progress with your websites.

  131. Laurel Hamilton

    I have found found it very easy to create a website with WordPress and Wealthy Affiliate has been a godsend! Thank you for this wonderful work you are doing. Keep it up!

    • Kyle

      So awesome to hear and glad you are enjoying the website builder! It really is that easy isn’t it. Anyone can create a website in 30 seconds or less, a fully functional, hosted, secure WordPress website using the platform at Wealthy Affiliate.

  132. John Worthy

    Hello Kyle, It is indeed a piece a cake to build a WordPress site. And the best thing about is that one is able to change the Theme. I did it 4 times until I found one I really like. Not because the others where not good enough, I was just looking for something with more flexibility. I settled on PLATFORM and created a custom menu in just 5 minutes. Only thing I have not figured out yet is to make the main menu buttons NOT CLICKABLE when there are sub items under it. I.E. I want a Menu button NOT based on a page. Is that possible?

    However, it’s almost Christmas Eve and time to get an eye shut. Merry Christmas

    • Kyle

      If you want to make the main menu items non clickable John, you will want to make the menu item URL:


      This will make it so that it is not linked to anything. Great to hear that you are enjoying the piece of cake process at WA and I wish you a wonderful holiday season and a spectacular 2014!

  133. Scott

    Hey Kyle,

    Good Reading and slowly grasping wordpress.The way the lessons are broken down really helps me out a lot being new and all. Good job!!

    • Kyle

      Glad you are enjoying the training at Wealthy Affiliate Scott. WordPress as with anything new is going to have a learning curve, but you have all the personal support, training and live help you need at WA if you ever have any questions.

      Happy website building!

  134. Nico

    Hi Kyle,

    To make up my mind two questions on this moment:
    1. Can I use my wordpress site/blog (see enclosed link).
    2. How much time a day / week do I have to spend on creating and make everything working? I now have a fulltime job that’s why.

    • Kyle

      Hey Nico,

      You can absolutely use your existing blog if you like with the training you are going to get at Wealthy Affiliate or you can start a brand new blog. Within the Starter membership, you get 2 fully functional WordPress blogs.

      In regards to the time, this is up to you. The more time and hard work you invest into YOUR business, the better it will do. I started when I was full time in school and I can tell you that you can accomplish a lot, in particular when you know the “correct’ way to do things online. These are things that I will help you with inside of WA and that you are going to be walked through right away with our initial 10 lesson Getting Started (video/text based) training course.

  135. charzi

    I have not yet gone into the Wealth website, and just wish to know whether one also makes money with the Wealthy Affiliate programme…. assuming of course one does…. and how it works…. I have just spent eons on the internet, and brain into overdrive, so just want the low-down before I loggon there, and do some more research…. Thanks

    • Kyle

      Yes, we have many “full time” affiliates within Wealthy Affiliate through our affiliate program. There is no obligation to promote us at all though, if you have a niche that is more interesting to you then that may be a better option. I would suggest you setup a starter account. I know you will love it Charzi!

  136. Roland

    Great post Kyle! I’ve created dozens of sites in the past and this has been the easiest and yet most comprehensive lesson I’ve come across. I have just about everything set up and I’m in the process of creating and adding content to my site. looking forward to more great lessons!

    • Kyle

      That is excellent to hear Roland, if you like this you are going to love the training that you will be getting inside of Wealthy Affiliate.

  137. rufat

    Hi Kyle, Your assistance is really great in all aspects, from building website to traffic building and finally success. Thank you so much. You, i mean Wealthy Affiliate literally opened my eyes on internet marketing and i know understand what the real online business is. But the more you open my eyes, the more difficult it seems to be, since i now have a clear picture of what i should do to succeed online. That is the magic formula of online business for those who look for it. The magic is very simple – hard work and patience.

  138. Vel Carlson

    Hi Kyle, You certainly make it look easy to build your own website. As easy as it is, I still had a few problems but thanks to the members and you, I got most of them solved.
    I hope I improve with my content writing and overall website appearance.

  139. Kate

    Hi Kyle

    Thanks for the informative information. I am loving your site.

    Quick question though, would you recommend other website builders? Or do you think I should just stick with wordpress.

  140. Michele Neal

    Kyle, I just wanted to say thank you for saving me from the Empower Network. I have been hounded by them for weeks and was ready to join tonight. I decided to Google them first and came across your site. Wow, I am so glad I did. I have learned so much from you in a short amount of time. I will be joining WA today. Thanks again, I look forward to learning all that you have to offer now and in the future. Thanks for giving back, it is what our world should be all about.
    Michele Neal

    • Kyle

      No problem Michele, what you get for free at WA is far more than you will get for the “all in” within EN. $5,000 vs free, I think that is an easy choice.

  141. John Smith

    This is an excellent website you made,Kyle, for people wanting to create a site. You have a great program over at Wealthy Affiliate and of all the website builders I have used over the years, there has never been any that are as easy and of high quality that you guys are offering. Thanks for all you offer. It’s a big help.

    • Kyle

      Thanks John, really glad you are enjoying Wealthy Affiliate and the website builder (SiteRubix). Our goal is to take the technology out of building websites and we truly feel we have done that with SiteRubix with a lot of awesome innovations still to come!

    • Kyle

      As you work through the training inside of Wealthy Affiliate (under the Get Started Here button), it is going to walk you through the process of setting up your website, getting it SEO ready, creating content, and as the training goes on we are going to be detailing ways to monetize your website.

  142. Anjum Emanuel

    Thanks for this Kyle, i really find your articles informative and easy to read, great content, thanks for sharing. You make it sound so easy lol!! Keep it up:)

    • Kyle

      That is because it doesn’t really have to be that difficult Anjum. A lot of the time people overcomplicate the process and lose sight of the fact that when you are in business, you are working with people. As soon as you humanize all of your process and make your goal helping people versus making money, is typically when (believe it or not) you make money.

  143. Kate

    Great article Kyle. I have enjoyed using WordPress as it makes setting up a website so easy. Am finding the inability to be able to format (like in MS Word) frustrating at the moment though. Keep the great content rolling. Cheers Kate

    • Kyle

      You will get the hang of the editor inside of WordPress. Although it is a little different than that of MS Word, it won’t take you long to become very proficient in it.

  144. Vitaliy

    As someone who follows your layout ideas for website Kyle with good success, I can vouch for all the recommendations on this page and more importantly the whole website.

    WordPress really is imperative for website success nowadays because it gives you a good foundation in the beginning even if you have little/no experience in making websites.

    • Kyle

      Absolutely. There is a reason we chose this as our CMS platform at Wealthy Affiliate and a reason that of all the websites in the world, 18% of them are now using WordPress as their framework.

  145. Hillary

    Great article, very informational but easy to read. I have to agree that anyone can build a website – I come from practically no internet experience (besides the usual surfing, social networking type of things) with a degree in Psychology and I have built a website with word press and wealthy affiliates. Very easy with the training. I think that if I had to do it by myself I’d be searching youtube for instructional videos constantly and it’d take a lot longer (but that’s just me).

    • Kyle

      Wonderful to hear Hillary. Things have sure changed from when I started out back in 2002. It used to take me a couple weeks to create a website that would have looked ridiculous in today’s website world.

      Glad you are enjoying Wealthy Affiliate and you were able to get your very own website up and running so easily.

  146. Joe

    Hi Kyle,

    If I join wealthy affiliate, will I be able to backup/download all data in the wordpress websites I fill up with content?



    • Kyle

      Yes, you can download your content through WordPress even as a Wealthy Affiliate Starter member (with your 2 free websites). And if you are Premium, you have full control over your websites and you can host unlimited domains and build unlimited free websites as well. Hope this helps you out Joe.

    • Peter

      Hi Kyle, the you write is very fluent, you obviously have a passion for what you do.

      Although WordPress is very user friendly, do you think it could be simplified even more so?

      Thanks in advance.

      • Kyle

        I can tell you that when I started out Peter, creating a website was a hell of a task. There were time when it took me a week to set up just the framework of a website, from the menus to the images, to the buttons and graphic..and this is without any content. These days with the website builder at Wealthy Affiliate and the framework at WordPress, this can be done in less than a minute.

        So where I am coming from, this has been drastically simplified. Could they improve their system, yes…and they always are with every update. WordPress is definitely the way to go these days and it is the website platform used by over 18% of all websites out there (and growing).

  147. Nathan Krasinski

    I had a question for you regarding the Premium Membership and website building/hosting…Are these sites on different class C IP addresses?

    • Kyle

      Yes, our hosting is cloud based and have wide ranges of IP’s. In saying this, IP is not a “ranking” factor any longer in Google so if you are using this as weight in respect to getting ranked, you are relying on old data and information.

      Our hosting is Premium, just like the service you will come to expect within WA. Unlike all the other shared hosting accounts out there, we have very strict policies in respect to domain counters, have tight controls on monitoring, and ensure maximum performance for those using our services Nathan (and we offer 24/7/365 hosting support).

  148. Sharon

    Kyle i love the way you write it always sounds so interesting. Do you write your content and then tweak it, or just write and go?. I find myself reading my pages over and over and spotting typos, re-writing, editing…. do you think this comes with experience?

    They always say a good writer needs to read a lot, do you think this is the same with websites, do you review many?

    kind regards


    • Kyle

      My initial write I don’t focus so much on the actual grammar/spelling. I choose about 5 topics per page then I write it out. I come back and edit it, add relevant images, and then publish it. I don’t really try to perfect content too much as I let my readers determine what is a good article and which one missed the mark.

      It is always good to read, I am an advocate of reading regularly.

  149. Tierra

    My website is currently hosted at bigcommerce for $24.99/month and I am thinking of switching over to wordpress to save money. Do you think the transition will be beneficial

    • Kyle

      Switching to WordPress, but at Wealthy Affiliate you can host and create unlimited websites within our Premium membership. This also includes full training, full access to support, keyword and research tools, and access to 13 classrooms which will expand your knowledge. It is definitely something that you should consider if you want to advance your skills and build out your existing business. You are definitely paying too much just for hosting at the moment.

  150. Tony

    Thanks for the great information Kyle. It’s wonderful to see someone who is so willing to share their knowledge.

    • Kyle

      No problem, always here to give you a hand if you need anything in respect to building your website or your business online.

  151. Steve Rooney

    Very nice site Kyle. Very informative. Keep adding new information on the good and the bad programs out there.

    • Kyle

      It will be my constant effort going forward Steve, thanks for your feedback and if you ever have a questions about building an online business, building a successful website, or what programs to avoid…just give me a shout.

  152. Ms Favor

    Hi Kyle, never knew that building a website could be so simple. I have finally chosen my own domain name. If I use WA as my web hosting, would there be a fee to switch to another web hosting such as Hostgator?

    • Kyle

      You can host any sites that you like within WA, including existing sites. There is no transfer fee to use the hosting, but you would be responsible for transferring the website (we have training on how to do this within WA). Also, if there is no website on the domain yet, it is a very simple transfer of DNS settings. This is covered within Wealthy Affiliate as well and will make more sense once inside.

  153. Frank Sirianni

    Hi Kyle,

    This site is sure coming along. My site is up and it’s focus will be online resources for people that want to learn to draw. I’m trying to target it for those people that have no formal training, are self directed learners, and don’t have the financial means to join formal Art Classes, Art Groups etc. Basically, trying to make their journey with art a little easier by providing all the resources that I used to learn in one place. I also want to be adding WAU as an integral part of the site for it is also an important part of my journey as well — I couldn’t provide these services if I didn’t join and begin learning about building a website.
    I have linked the main site to Stumble Upon under the category of drawing. Of all I’ve read so far at WAU, I haven’t run into any market value for Stumble Upon. Do you have any help or suggestions on using SU? The reason I’m asking is because that’s how I found WA in the first place. I stumbled the home business area of Stumble Upon and found another site that was directly promoting WA.

    I think that I’m at the point with my site that I need to focus on Art Content first, and then merge in the themes as posts and pages for all the framework is ready for the themed posting.

    Anyway, thanks for this has been a great learning experience so far.

    • Kyle

      Stumble Upon will have very little benefit to your website Frank. It can help with indexing and can lead to a marginal increase in traffic (if it gets picked up), however using bookmarking services like Stumble Upon are more for getting your site indexed quicker, which is more of a brand new website problem. Once your website establishes authority in Google, every new page that you create will get indexed very quickly.

      Nice work on your progress Frank, it is great to see that you are taking action on the training within WA and your site is definitely building out very nicely. Thanks for stopping by.

  154. Donna

    Kyle, thanks for your wonderful information about WordPress. This is my first time building a site, so any help is wonderful! Thanks for an easy start!

    • Kyle

      No problem Donna, there is also lots of WordPress help and support within Wealthy Affiliate if you ever need it. The first time you build a site “everything” can appear to be quite the learning experience, but as you move forward lots of the things are going to become second nature.

  155. Boris

    Very good page with a lot of useful content ! I even got some of the information and the structure of the site to make my own. Just the comment section I can’t fix. This one is awesome, but I cant figure it out how to make mine to look good? Again Nice page 🙂

    • Kyle

      The comment section on WordPress blogs is usually controlled by the actual theme you choose. Perhaps you want to choose a different theme. Also, if you send me the specific issue that you are having with your comment area, I will be able to help you out. Just let me know Boris.

  156. Joseph

    One of the aspects I’ve found difficult to accomplish while building a website is to include a video from youtube relevant to the niche/topic of the website under construction and install a link on the video itself in order to promote certain product/program. Could I get any feedback on this subject?

    • Kyle

      Within a Youtube video there is “Embed Code”. If you are working with a WordPress site, you can copy and paste this code to your page or post within the editor, but make sure you are under the “Text” tab in the editor, not the “Visual”. Hope this helps Joseph.

  157. William

    Hi Kyle, You definitely have a great way of delivering your message. I have been using the “ithreeTheme” theme on my WP blogs to date, and my host provider is GVO’s Host Then Profit. I was getting a LOT of Error Messages and comments that my site was slow to load. Have you any experience of GVO hosting? I’d like to hear any comments about their hosting, etc… I’m now creating a couple of free Wealth Affiliate websites using your amazing theme and training, and I’m really impressed with everything so far. Thank You!

    • Kyle

      That is wonderful to hear. I think that you are going to continue to be impressed with the website builder at WA and the powerful hosting offered, even within the free starter membership.

  158. I am constantly amazed at how you put things together. I have been using WordPress for a few years now and I’m amazed at how versatile and easy it is to use for new people.
    There are some quirks that sometimes require a bit of advanced knowledge to sort through.
    Fortunately, at Wealthy Affiliate there are people that can help sort out any issues that crop up.

    • Kyle

      It honestly is the most robust platform out there. It has made web development something that everyone can do and something that everyone can be good at. Installation can be the only tricky part and this is completely taken care of folks in a simple “wizard”, 3 click set-up. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

  159. Evan

    Hey Kyle, just have a quick question.

    How do you get the link to the video to appear like that rather than simply as a link?

    Currently fleshing out my website and looking to post some videos in the way you have them above.


    • Kyle

      You will want to take a screenshot of the video within WA, then you will import that image into your content. Then instead of linking via a text link, you can link your image of the video to the actual video within WA.

      Hope this helps you out Evan.

  160. Thomas

    WordPress definitely makes it easy to build websites. I have to admit I have never built a website just using html.

    I have tried making simple squeeze pages using html editors and that frustrated me. I can’t imagine spending 30 days working with html code, I think I would have a nervous break down…lol.

    • Kyle

      Yeah, any level of technical knowledge can now build a very appealing and successful website online. The playing field has been levelled and if you leverage tools like the WordPress Express system at Wealthy Affiliate, it will literally take tasks that used to take weeks and simplify it into a few minutes. Once you go WordPress, it is very difficult to go back to anything else.

  161. Emma Fellini

    Hi Kyle, I love the way you make things simple and gradual. I had to learn that in order to get the look I want, I need first a good foundation. So it is also good to read why you need certain things, like most important things you mention you need, before you can improvise and fly.

    • Kyle

      Too many times people try to build a “skyscraper” before they have a foundation. Like the real world, this always ends up in failure. Without the proper knowledge, without the proper tools, and without a website, you cannot expect to achieve much success in the online world. It is not difficult to get this in place and that is why I try to get folks over to Wealthy Affiliate because as a “FREE” member they are going to be able to get all of this accomplished and do so within their first week.

      Thanks for your feedback Emma!

  162. James Blackwell

    Hi Kyle,

    How do I get in touch with support because I came on last August as a free member, did my 10 day course but did not have to join at that time then I received an email about the Boot Camp course and I am now on lesson 7 but I cannot join in on the discussion nor any chat sessions, is this because I have not upgraded yet. It stated that the Bootcamp course was free but I cannot reach anybody directly. what should I do?


    • Kyle

      Hey James,

      This happened because you were reported multiple times for spam within Wealthy Affiliate. As you may know, Wealthy Affiliate has a no spam policy so please refrain from promoting products/services within the community. I have turned your access back on, so you will be able to post and comment again.

    • Kyle

      Thanks Neil for your feedback. The key to a successful site has little to do with the promotions and a lot to do with the content delivery and how much you are really helping someone. My goal is to always help people within any content that I create on my websites, even when I am promoting something I try to “show them” instead of “tell them”. Makes a big difference.

  163. Rick Jantz

    Hi Kyle. Thanks for sharing. I really like your tagline “Your Personal Online Watchdog”. It was a similar site that brought me to WA and I must say these types of sites are reassuring for those of us blundering about 🙂 One question: wouldn’t you want your tabs darker so they attract the eyes? When I first came to your site my eyes went right over them to the picture and to the other text in bold. On the other hand, shows the value of pictures.

    • Kyle

      The focus of my site is my content, not my menu. The menu is used if people enjoy my content and in some cases, want more information because my content is incomplete. My first and foremost focus on my site though is to deliver quality content to people and to make that the focus of my page. That is where conversions take place and that is where the visitor engagement and trust is built.

      Hope this helps.

  164. Mike Smith

    Hi Kyle This was very informative about building a website, one thing I didn’t consider about a good website is the speed and load time. I was using a theme that loaded slow, I just went to my site to change it, know I found a faster loading theme, thanks for the info.

    • Kyle

      Yeah, some themes can definitely load slower than others. Do take note that if you have too many plugins installed, that will also slow down your website performance.

      If your website loads slow and you are not using quality hosting like the hosting offered at Wealthy Affiliate, your business can be adversely affected. If you think about what you did last time you visited a site that took forever to load (probably left), you can get a good idea what your visitors will do if your site loads slow.

  165. Audrey Ostoyic

    Especially gotta love NEW technology. Always moving forward and improving. 🙂

    For the question: In WordPress on the page you are working on you have a place to put the name of the page (located above the permalink)and this always shows up as the H1 tag. But I noticed on this page you don’t have that. So I was wondering how you remove the name of the page from showing up as an H1 tag.

    I hope I explained it right.

    Thanks so much for the feedback and the willingness to help.

    ~ Audrey

    • Kyle

      How your titles display is dependent on the theme that you choose. Each theme will display this different, in the case of my theme it is not showing it at all. Once you get a bit more advanced you will be able to edit the .php pages within your WordPress theme to remove things like this, I am by no means against having the title of your page within the content. In many cases this can be a good thing.

      • Audrey Ostoyic

        Thanks Kyle for clarifying. I actually know a little bit about .php so I might look into taking that away. I know on my Home page I don’t want that title showing up so I’ll mess around with the child stylesheet and see if I can’t get that to go away.

        Thanks again for answering and following through on my question.

        You ROCK!!!
        ~ Audrey

        • Kyle

          No problem, and it is completely fine if you have your “title” at the top of all your pages. Almost all themes have this by default and it lets people know what you are talking about (the theme of your post or page). The posts on this blog have the title within the header.

          Any other questions, just let me know Audrey 🙂

  166. Hey Kyle, I remember the days of coding with HTML also and you are right, we have come such a long way since then.
    What a great write up and an accurate view of WordPress.

    I was wondering if you could help me with one thing in WordPress I can’t seem to figure out. How did you get rid of the Title “Build a Website” from where it usually places it in the top left hand side of each page?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    BTW, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone build a website as quick as you did in that video…Great Job!!


    • Kyle

      Yeah, I remember back when I started it literally took me a month sometimes to get a site to a place where I felt that it was ready to roll out. I had to do everything, from the graphic design, template design, HTML (and sometimes PHP)…and my sites still looked sub par. Thankfully there are frameworks like WordPress and website creators like the one at Wealthy Affiliate that have taken ONE MONTH…and made this same process 5 minutes. Gotta love technology.

      As for your question, I am not quire sure what you are referring to when you say thee Title of Build a Website. Could you please clarify for me and I will give you a hand.

      • Deborah Watson-Novacek

        I think what Audrey means is that the wording on the Menu label “Build A Website” isn’t also showing at the top of this page where the Page Title is usually shown.

        It appears that this page has no actual title.

        • Kyle

          Yeah, I got back to Rick. This lack of title is because of my theme or a setting my theme. Many themes display things like the title differently and this can usually be managed with either the theme settings or within the actual editor of the theme (some programming knowledge usually required for that).

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