1. Margaret

    I’ve been using Swagbucks for about almost a month and already earned $93. Its not hard, it doesn’t take long. I mainly watch the videos from the 5 apps you can download. Do the dailys. You are right you won’ t get rich, but I get so much from Amazon for free!!!

    • Kyle

      Great to hear that you are earning some income/gift cards through Swagbucks. Out of all of the “get paid to click/search/watch” offers out there, it is one of the more legitimate ones out there albeit earning pennies on the dollar for your time (when it could be better used to create a real business).

  2. Lisa

    I started Swagbucks in October 2013 and I love it! It definitely takes time to get into the swing of it, but I don’t feel it’s slow to earn at all. I cash in $25 paypal credit approximately every 10 days. For those that complain it’s less than minimum wage, yes it is but it’s not a job. I have a desk job so I’m able to run things while I work & the mobile apps are great. This is a great way to put a little extra money a side.

    • Kyle

      I guess that is what the argument is Lisa, if you are going to spend your time on Swagbucks at lower than minimum wage, why not invest that time into creating a REAL business online (which is totally viable for anyone). This can be accomplished within absolutely any niche if you have the proper training and support…and I would be more than happy to help you out.

      Swagbucks does work, but you are working for pennies on the dollar when your time and energy could be applied to something that will lead to something of significance (a business in any niche) and one that you own.

  3. katie

    swagbucks.com is a #scam! #PERIOD – There are hundreds of people that have said this… obviously somebody deleted more recent posts, strangely no word about them since 2013 though :)

    Hey, they stole from me $5 from me that was supposed to be paid..Mr Gorowitz seems so pulling down all businesses involved.

    • Kyle

      Sorry to hear about your experience with swagbucks, although I do think there is some legitimacy to their program their payments are very minimal and in order to earn any amount of money you are working for less than a minimum wage.

  4. Summer

    Thanks for writing this article, it was helpful. But can you actually get paid cash? Not gift cards, but real cash? I’m seeing a few PayPal gift cards, is that the closest thing they offer to it?

    • Kyle

      You cannot earn cash with swagbucks, but you can earn gift cards. It by no means is “creating a business”, it is more or less killing idle time by doing meaningless tasks and getting a small kickback. Unfortunately this time could be exercised in a much more efficient way, creating a real business. If you are interested in creating a real business online (in any niche), I suggest you check out my Getting Started Guide Summer.

  5. Janis

    I love Swagbucks. In 2 years I have gotten 9 50 dollar giftcards, a hat, shoes and a blouse. Its no scam…its wonderful

    • Kyle

      That is exactly what I mean Janis. If you dedicate all this time and effort into creating a real business, you would have earned a significant amount more. Although you do actually generate income through swagbucks, there is much more opportunity if you dedicate this time an energy to creating a real business like is taught to you at Wealthy Affiliate. You can literally take any passion and turn it into a business.

  6. Steve Stevenson

    I had a huge problem with getting kicked off the surveys from them over and over, I Emailed their support about it and waited a long time for an answer. I finally got a reply about it, and they basically said “Tough crap, that’s how we do it.” And without the surveys it takes a long time to get $5, which I attained through the SwagBucks TV app on the iPhone and iPad (which had all sorts of bugs and such).

    I redeemed my points for a $5 PayPal gift card, it took them 10 days to Email a $5 code for Amazon. I Emailed the support asking them to change it to what I requested, and they said no. Also, if you rack up a bunch over time to make it actually worth it at all, and then they ban your account for “cheating” when you did nothing of the sort (which I keep seeing in other forums), you did all of that for nothing. It takes a long time to rack up these points, and it’s quite frustrating at times. If they weren’t dishonest, it would be nice to make all that extra money for online purchases and such in your free time, but alas, they are dishonest, and I am canceling my account.

    I am using Bing Rewards, which can make you a little over $5 a month for online purchases, just for searching stuff on their site and it’s only a short bit of time, easy, and not cheating or frustrating at all so far (I’m fairly new, about 2 months) so I would recommend it if you’re looking for this sort of thing.

    • Kyle

      Steve, not only are you part of a scheme when you are using SwagBucks, you are literally working for pennies. If you broke down what you were working for at Swagbucks, and although it can appear to be somewhat fun earning little credits here and there, it works out to be many times less than $1 per hour.

      If you took this same amount of time and invested it into creating a business online (I can show you how to do this from scratch), you would be MILES ahead of where you are at now….I can assure you of that. I recommend that you check out my Getting Started guide here on my website, it will get you moving in the right direction.

      It’s time that you create a real business Steve. It sounds like you have drive and work ethic, now it is a matter of understanding the process and that I can help you out with.

  7. Carmen

    Hey Kyle,

    I was wondering if you heard about the Gift Hunter Club website, what do you think about it would you recommend it?

    • Kyle

      I haven’t heard about it, but it if is anything like a click to earn rewards or view to earn rewards, your time and energy could be much better utilized focused on creating an actual business online. I suggest you get started here if you are interested in building something of substance that will produce long term income for you.

  8. Lisa

    I do agree it can take some time but I work full time away from home and have a family and I have earned 25 dollars in gift cards in less than two weeks as has my friend. She has used hers for holiday gifts and I am saving mine for next year.

    • Kyle

      If only you applied this same sort of effort to an online business. You are honestly working for pennies on the dollar whereas you could be creating something of substance if you were to consider building your own niche website and starting building a business online this way Lisa. Anyone can do it and I can get you up and running with a blog for completely free.

  9. Jo Ann

    Good article. SB is very good when it works the way it should.

    It is not so great when there are glitches.

    It seems that when it is down for maintenance, it does not credit. You have no way of knowing it is down until you are finished.

    I have gotten some good search points. I write online so I search a lot anyway. Loving the points I get every so often.

    • Kyle

      My main argument is that yes, you are working for points, but you are working for pennies on the dollar. Why wouldn’t you do something that will actually pay you and that you can actually “create and grow” (like an online business) if you are going to be investing this amount of time doing silly offers within Swagbucks. Your time can be spent much wiser elsewhere.

  10. Lucy

    It’s definitely not something you can quit your job for; but its very helpful. Yes, you have to sit and do stupid repetitive surveys, but I’ve been a member for 3 months now and have been able to earn £30 in PayPal gift cards. Swagbucks is not supposed to be used for your main income, rather a bonus for a little bit of work. Getting money for sitting in my pyjamas on my laptop? Yes, please!

    • Kyle

      3 months worth of work for £30? Do you realize how crazy this sounds? You would be better off holding a sandwich board for a local business for a couple of hours and you would earn a lot more.

      I can assure you Lucy that if you are spending this amount of money online, it can be much better served applying this to creating and growing a business, something that I can absolutely help you out with. Head over the Getting Started section on my site here, I will show you how to get up and running online for not cost and will walk you through the process of creating a REAL business online.

  11. Carrie Mitchell

    I make anywhere from $2.50 – $6 Per DAY on this site, and many people make more! I only spend a couple hours a day actually working on the site. It’s well worth my time. It paid for my Children’s Christmas last year, and pays several of my bills. Searching is a small part of earning on the site, and, no, I don’t spend money to get Swagbucks, unless it’s something I normally buy anyway like diapers.

    • Kyle

      So you are working for $1 per hour. I am not sure how this make sense, although that yes, I am not sure how earning $1 per hour is anything to write home about. You would earn 8x what you are earning now if you went to your local fast food joint and got a job there. Just saying.

  12. Jared McMahon (JaredM on WA)

    Great review! I learned soon after I joined Swagbucks that is was good to make a few bucks a week to just search. When I first joined, I was Swagbucks hungry and did a survey for 60SB. Then I realized that 1SB pretty much equals 1 cent. I did a 30 minute survey for 60 cents. That’s an $11.30 pay decrease from what I make at my retail job.

    Lately I don’t mind using Swagbucks to do searches for school and when I’m messing around, but I don’t consider it a supplement for my income. I do recommend purchasing a domain from Godaddy through SB because I purchase a $5 domain and earned 1,100SB! 11 bucks for a gift card making a purchase I was already going to make. Not bad.

    Thanks for the great post, Kyle!

    • Kyle

      Jared, I hear you. Lots of folks don’t actually do what you have done and break it down into what they are really earning. They just see swagbucks and get excited when in reality they are working for pennies. You are also doing mindless work within a company that is preying on the idea that people would rather do something for free and earn pennies then pay and really do something of substance.

      I am glad you came to your senses before you invested too much time into this. There are real opportunities online for those that are willing to work for it and I would be more than happy to help you out if you ever need a hand getting up and running. Just hit me up within WA!

  13. Tony B

    Great review of Swagbucks and yes I do have a “membership” if you can call it that.

    I’ve heard of folks earning with Swagbucks but it’s a long term thing, they can pull about $100 of swag in 12 months. Yep it’s legit enough but it’s a bolt on, for someone who wants to make money d=from home, it’s not a way to.. does that make sense?

    As you say the searches would be a great way to earn swag, but hit and miss at the best. I son got fed-up with it and mow it’s an ancient account that I really should take a look at .. 2 secs..

    OK back :) I have 52 Swagbucks May have to get my head around how I can make it work .. maybe I’ll install the toolbar on my daughters PC :)

    Cheers for the share

    • Kyle

      You can either work for fractions of a penny, or you can work for dollars within the online world. Time can be invested much better than using platforms like Swagbucks and if you are willing to put forth the effort (as you know), the time/value of other opportunities is much better. Work for dollars and work on a business that will grow your success cumulatively, not one that pays you pennies for performing certain actions.

      • Peter

        You are quite right about Swagbucks … you can earn a few Swagbucks. But it is GLACIALLY slow. It is far better to put the time into something else that may earn a few dollars, than in this that earns fractions of pennies.

        • Kyle

          Yeah, I am an advocate of working for dollars not pennies! There are many ways you can create a business online and Swagbucks is definitely not one of these. If you like working for $1 per hour, this may be the program. LOL.

          • aliie shantee

            Hi there read your post and you’ve got me curious… how can you LEGITIMATELY make more money online with NO out of pocket expense…I really do not have ANY money to put in to anything. lol Thanx

          • Kyle

            It starts with a website. There are several places you can get a website up and running for free online and this is going to serve as the foundation for your business. If you want help getting started on a limited budget, I would suggest you check out my getting started page here as it will walk you through the process of getting up and running online with a bootstrap budget.

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