1. Felix Shepton

    I have bought a variety of products. Mostly good experiences. But some bad. Bought a ‘flexible belt’. Expected it to be stretch. It wasn’t. BUT. It was a really nice piece of decorative ‘webbing’. Complained that the ‘description’ was misleading. Seller responded that he would return the money. I responded. Don’t bother. The product is nice enough.

    Stick memories were a ‘fail’. Great sun glasses at a fraction of the price of branded glasses. And good polariod quality too.

    Most experiences good. A few bad.

    • Kyle

      Thanks for sharing your experiences. I have heard both good and bad, but it is great to hear that you have had good experiences with Ali Express. As drop shipping becomes a bigger deal and people hosting their own web stores becoming easier and easier, it is nice to have solutions like Ali Express in place. I definitely can see the usefulness of them and the business opportunity, what I do worry about is the seller getting into trouble potentially with “knock offs”.

  2. Virgie Hamilton

    The activity of promoting “knock off” products claiming they are name brand is enough of a reason for me not to do business with them.

    • Kyle

      Yeah, it can be discouraging not “knowing” whether they are fakes or not. The same thing applies to many of the networks that you can leverage at China to buy products and resell products. Sometimes you don’t know the quality or what you are getting, Ali Express is just one of them.

  3. Linda

    Makes me think of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves. Ali seems to be great. The next moment his band of thieves have thrown you into desert. Not surprised a scam!

    Thank you for the heads up.

  4. George

    Great information. Like the Romans said: “caveat emptor!” I have found that the more research I do, the less chance of dealing with one of this type of scam.

    Thanks for the information.


  5. Jennifer B

    I have personally used Ali Express, but in my experience you have to be very careful on what products you choose to sell. ALWAYS avoid anything name brand, Lifeproof cases are a good example, cause while they may look legit, the UPC code on the box will most likely not match up when searched online.

    I personally have only ever used them for fashion jewelry to sell an online live auction site. Even with the jewelry you have to tread with caution. Anything that states is 925 sterling silver, is more than likely not, as jewelry from china that claims its sterling, is actually silver plated. Also, be wary of sellers that claim stones in jewelry are a lab created gemstone, cause more times than not its just a colored CZ.

    For me, its been a good resource for select items that I know I could make a small profit on, like a gold plated CZ ring for example. I also only use them as a supplier, and not a drop shipper. That means anything I do purchase, I order and have shipped to me prior to selling it. While it may be appealing to use their site for quick product turnaround, and many sellers on the site do offer single purchase options, there are too many risks, especially if you are putting all your faith in a listing that states it will ship the item shown.

    So in my experience, Ali Express can be useful, but proceed with caution. DO NOT fall for name brand products at cheap prices cause they are ALL Fakes! My advice is to use common sense. If something sounds too good to be true, it always is!

    • Kyle

      Definitely a good approach Jennifer, that is the most honest approach when you are drop shipping products. Test them before you start selling them to others. This will give you much more perspective as to what your customers are going to get, will lead to a better service and better help if they have questions, and is also going to allow you to avoid ripping folks off with knock-offs. A win/win.

  6. Roland

    Amazing! How are they still in business? I guess it’s because there are enough people who sign up for programs like this who don’t do any research. Everyone should at least search the net for complaints before they spend any money on anything on the web.

  7. Mark

    Great review of a dodgy company Kyle. As an eBay seller you need to know and be able to stand over your products.

    Selling faulty items will get you into a world of hate and your feedback score will drop through the floor.

    One to avoid thanks for the heads up!

    • Kyle

      Yeah, selling knock-offs (many of which are found within the AliExpress network) can actually get you in trouble if you are reselling through platforms like eBay. You have to be very careful.

  8. This sounds like an awesome place to join if you live in North Korea and Willing to tip off the rest if the world. There is a whole lot better places to be then here. Thanks for the heads up on these scammers

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