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Looking to find high quality keywords for your marketing campaigns?  Simply perform a search below to START your research.

Here are some of the most important metrics when looking for a “quality” keyword:

(1) Monthly Searches – These are the traffic numbers that you should concern yourself with.  I recommend that if you are going for natural rankings, that ANY traffic is a good amount of traffic.  When you rank under keywords your campaigns will grow cumulatively.

(2) KQI (Keyword Quality Index) – This gives you an instant pulse of keyword quality for any marketing campaign (PPC, SEO or otherwise).  If you have a quick way to determine keyword quality, you can efficiently perform research.

(3) QSR (Quoted Search Results) – This is the ULTIMATE competition metric.  This quickly gathers information from the search engines and tells you the exact number of competing pages there are under that EXACT search term.  If you aim under 400, you have a good chance of getting ranked (300 is ideal).  There are millions of these keywords out there and this is obvious when you have a tool that gives you this data.

(4) SEO Power – This determines whether or not a keyword is a good candidate for getting SEO rankings.  If you can get rankings, you can earn money online…plain and simple! This is based on the traffic, the nature of the keyword, competition, and the keyword quality.  Makes for super efficient research.






  1. Thihan

    I had never seen this kind of program before. I have heard of it keyword is important. Thank you for all valuable knowledge in WA program.
    I am in process of transferring my web site from Weebly to WA.

  2. Rodrigo Alarcon

    Beore I joined WA I had no idea how important keywords are to get traffic, and this tool made a lot easier creating content 4 my website.
    Thanks for sharing it Kyle

    • Kyle

      Yeah, keywords are definitely instrumental. It is where the research for ALL of your content should start and it is the premise of capturing “relevant” traffic. If you are in the search engine marketing world, you need to comprehend the idea of a real person making a specific keyword search in Google or another search engine, coming to your website, and the reading your content and taking action on your content.

      That is how effective SEO works, in a nutshell.

  3. Barry Richardson

    Thanks for introducing us to Jaaxy – I hadn’t heard of it before. Using the Google Keyword Planner is a PAIN! Will be trying out the Jaaxy free version for a while. Thanks, Kyle!

    • Kyle

      Yeah, Google’s Keyword Planner tool gives you only part of what you actually need to know in respect to “useful” keyword data. Understanding precise competition, more accurate traffic numbers (across all search engines), domain availability and having access to the Keyword Quality Index within Jaaxy is a huge advantage and will literally save you hours upon hours over your normal keyword research.

      I know you are going to love Jaaxy and if you ever do have any questions about keyword research or keyword tools, let me know Barry.

  4. Jason

    Hey Kyle
    Jaaxy is absolutely the best keyword tool that I have ever used and it is also now the only keyword tool that I currently use. I just wanted to add how fast Jaaxy is you get high quality results and FAST.


    • Kyle

      Thanks for your feedback Jason and I am really glad you are enjoying Jaaxy. I would have to say I agree with you, there is no tool that can capture the competition data in such an efficient way and that delivers the sheer amount of awesome, low competition keywords in any niche.

  5. RonnyG

    Hey Kyle…I see mumbo was sure to leave his link…
    I have been a subscriber of Jaaxy since it was opened…it is the only tool I need…it is easy to use and supply’s everything you will need for KW research..

    • Kyle

      Ronny, wonderful to hear you are loving Jaaxy. It really is addicting being able to find brilliant keywords at will!

  6. After all of the talk of free, how come it asks me for my email address? Free means free to use no strings and it shouldn’t be growing your list should it. I did really like the results I got though, so thanks for that.

    • Kyle

      The keyword tool is free. Enter your name and email. Many companies require this so they can protect against gaming and prove your are real if you want to use the tool. If you register you get your results, you get 30 free additional searches, and you get access to the most powerful keyword tool out there. That is a pretty sweet deal in my books!

      And this doesn’t grow my list, it is actually ME trying to help YOU. There are many other keyword tools out there that you can utilize if you like (Google External Tool), however if you want results that matter you may want to consider leveraging at least the free version above. 🙂

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