Is Bring the Fresh a Scam? – Read My 2013 Review

Bring the Fresh – A Comprehensive ReviewBring the Fresh Review

Name:  Bring the Fresh
Website: (visit site)
Price: $7 trial, $89 for lifetime + lots of upsells/montoring in back office
Owners: Kelly Felix
Overall Rank: 75 out of 100 points.

The Bring the Fresh Program (an overview)

In early 2013, the founders of Bring the Fresh split up, leaving only Kelly Felix to run the operations over at Bring the Fresh (BTF).  This program is one that has changed drastically over the past couple of years, changing from a membership to a one time payment (with some upsells)…and now it is a one man show with Kelly Felix, the originator of the Rich Jerk product running the operations. It is a website building software plus it includes the training that you need to build a money making, at home business without any experience, computer knowledge or marketing skills.

The software is supposed to be designed to do everything for you, simply and quickly. In addition, there are constant updates that prevent the information from growing stale and underperforming after a while. Most of these updates are timed to coincide with changes within Google.


Pros vs. Cons


  • Simple software is meant to give follow the prompts, one click steps to develop a functional and attractive website.
  • The program is developed to be step by step.
  • Money back guarantee.
  • Owners have a track record in the industry


  • Most of the information is presented via webinars which have been study proven to be less effective for certain types of learners.
  • There is no information of whether your lifetime access will transfer to updated programs when they are re-released or if you have to buy into a new version.
  • All the necessary components of running an online business are not included with your membership
  • There is little warning about the upsells that are within this program (it can be quite expensive)
  • You cannot try it out for free

Who is BTF Intended for?

Bring the Fresh is meant to be step by step, easy to follow website building coupled with expert advice and webinars that teach the world of affiliate marketing. Since there is a trial period and a money back guarantee it can be investigated by virtually anyone who is interested in it. The advertising videos claim that the program can be used by anyone at any age, however it still takes some level of dedication and effort to be successful.

In saying this, if you are not prepared to work hard online, then you are definitely not going to create a business every.  So the assumption that you have when you go into business is that any program that evokes the idea of “working hard to build a business” is one that shows definite signs of quality and that is the case with BTF.


What’s Included in the Tools and Training

Training comes via webinars and expert advice with Bring the Fresh. There are several tools which starts with the software that builds your website (web hosting is not included) but there are several additional tools that are suggested for your success. These include article creation and spinner tools as well as link builders. Tools that generate fresh traffic to your site are also suggested. All additional tools are optional.

To get started, you will gain automatic access to the Fresh Start Guide as soon as your membership enrollment process has been completed. This guide (in video format) gives you all of the information that you will need to get started with Bring the Fresh. This information is updated whenever Google makes changes. An additional bonus in the form of specialized keywords is also given to those who are starting the Bring the Fresh program.


Does Bring the Fresh Offer QUALITY Support?

Support for Bring the Fresh members comes from the site directly via the customer service page. In addition, there is a Bring the Fresh forum that allows members to speak directly to one another about questions and concerns that they might have.The forum board numbers roughly

The Bring the Fresh Forum

The Bring the Fresh Forum

9,000 members currently.

The board is easy to follow with a title subject, the moderator, who has posted and how many replies for each. Members should not be shocked to find their posts answered by site owners directly as they do make relatively frequent appearances within the community.  There is also a knowledge base that starts with FAQs but also allows for new or unique questions to be asked as well.

This sort of support is very powerful and in an industry that generally LACKS the ability to communication and get help from the community along side the founders, this is something that I commend about Bring the Fresh.


The Price – How Much Does Bring the Fresh Cost?

Bring the Fresh offers a one week trial period which costs $7 but there is an option for lifetime access which costs $37. Once you are inside there are also offers to join “private” or “exclusive” groups at an additional cost along with offers for paid products and services.

If you utilize the $89 offer you are still going to need to buy “other” services that carry monthly expenses to get your business up and running. One of the main offers being that of “Project Profits” which is also owned by Kelly Felix and which will run you another $197.  Just understand this before you purchase as the $89 lifetime payment definitely DOES NOT include access to the entire system and training.

In fact, recently there have been several complaints of people getting contact by Kelly Felix and his team offering you high ticket (several $1,000’s) in mentoring packages.  This is one of the most common processes going.  Get someone into buying your product at $7 (low ticket), then charging them another immediate upsell…and then trying sink their teeth into your bank account with expensive mentoring.  I am not a huge fan of this because I don’t feel it is being upfront with your audience, but it has almost become an expectation within the industry.

My Final Word on the Bring the Fresh Membership

To be completely honest, this is a pretty good program which has been updated several times to make adjustments for changes in the affiliate and internet marketing world. There are a number of optional tools that can be added to your basic program which might be confusing for beginners and it will lead to additional expenses (which is not advertised prior to signing up). It is probably best for those who are in unfamiliar territory to stick to the basics until they are more acclimated.

I would highly recommend that if you do join Bring the Fresh, that you stay away from the upsells and absolutely stay away from the mentoring packages that are offered if you don’t have the budget to do so.  I am starting to get a lot of complaints about people that feel as though they are getting “taken” by this aspect Bring the Fresh because they buy in for $7 and that is just the start of the expensive payments they are going to try to “upsell” to you.

Overall, not a bad base program, a solid community, but the upsell style marketing tactics do definitely give this program a lower ranking.

Bring the Fresh, at a final glance…


Name:  Bring the Fresh
Website: (visit site)
Price: $7 trial, $89 for lifetime + lots of upsells in back office

Kelly Felix 
Overall Rank:
75 out of 100 points.

VERDICT: LEGIT, Decent products, Good Community, but LOTS of upsells

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Do you have your own review of Bring the Fresh that you would like to offer?  If so, I would love to hear your personal experience of the members area and if you took advantage of any of the additional upsells.  Please leave your review below, the more thorough you can be, the better. 🙂 Thanks!

Reviewed by: Kyle



  1. Bryan

    Is this company still around. I just went to and it has a big sold out sign on it.

    Are they still doing business or have the folded like most others eventually do.

    • Kyle

      It appears to be currently in a state of being inactive. I will keep track of it, but at this point you cannot join BringTheFresh and I would recommend avoiding programs that use “exclusivity” (ie, SOLD OUT) when it comes to digital products/services. This is a pretty common strategy, and it can work, but it is something that you don’t see very often as it is a strange tactic to implement on products that are digital and they can be efficiently mass reproduced.

  2. Joseph

    Hi Kyle,

    I have been reading your reviews for some time now. I am really interested in making money online. I spent more than 7 hours on average a day surfing the net for nothing, just finding ways to make money online.

    I have no business or affiliate marketing skills. Can you help me start making money online. I am willing to put in my time, but how long do you think it will take me before I make first $100.

    I really want to start something by taking action. Please direct me in the right direction.

    Thank you,


    • Kyle

      $100 per day will vary from person to person…and how hard you are willing to work at it. Before you earn $100 per day you first need to earn your first dollar online…for me, that was at the 3 month mark. By month 6 I was earning consistent income and just over a year I was able to go full time.

      I can definitely help you get moving in the right direction and I do recommend you take a look at my Getting Started plan Joseph. This will give you the tools and platform you need to create and grow a business online…no experience necessary.

  3. anonymous

    I have been a member of btf for almost two years now.

    And I have to say certain aspects of it are a downright scam. Let me explain; they offer a dfy (done for you package) which means after you pay them a fee (1000 dollars) they will create a blog and get it ranked in the first page of google and then hand it over to you.

    Which sounds good but the thing is me and over a hundred other members got our sites but they were not ranked in fact they were not even in the first 10 pages of google.

    They were low quality exact match domaims that had really spammy backlinks pointed to them… so they are most likely sandboxed.

    I was promised a ‘do over site’ but it was never delivered to me nor a refund!

    I have the basic membership and the upsell (full disclosure) the upsell was an extra 200 when I bought it.

    It is a one of fee and is updated regularly. .. that part I feel is not a scam.

    But the done for you package was mist definitely a scam, weather it was originally intended to or not. If you cant fulfill your promise then you should offer some sort of compensation.. especially considering in all the webinars kelly amd mike constantly brag about how much money they make!

    There is a thread on warrior forum duscussing this in more detail but I am writing this comment from my phone. I will find when im on my pc…

    So to summerise btf is not a scam but beware you are buying a product from a snake oil salesman

  4. Eog

    Just read a pathetic review of Bring the Fresh on! Someone bragging of just $200+ Clickbank earnings within 7 months with BTF ? I have a blogger review site on a product it has made me almost $800, totally free, no single backlink or off page seo! I’m coming for WA, you just wait kyle, I’m from Nigeria, n the payment option has been my hindrance, but with my clickbank Payoneer card on the way, I’m starting 2014 with WA! I’ve followed these guys since 2011!

    • Kyle

      Yeah, any review that has to brag about “financials” is typically one that should be avoided. It is great to hear about your success online and it is great that you have bootstrapped your success as well. I wish you ongoing success and if you do make your way to WA at some point, I really do look forward to working with you.

  5. Cam

    I am a IM newbie and BTF member, and i do agree that whenever I login to the forum, i always get lost and don’t know where to start from. The fast start guide is just a pdf file with loads of affiliate products upsell. Telling you buy this and that….which annoys me sometimes. Well….some members in the forum are are helpful, and a lot of them really know what they are doing, but definitely i wouldn’t say it’s a good place to start for newbies. Will try WA and see.

    • Kyle

      Cam, unfortunately Bring the Fresh is like too many programs out there. They market a price to the external audience and then once you get inside, they try to sell more and more things to you. This is the upsell system that is taught in this industry and there are very few companies ethical companies left that avoid these snake oil sales tactics.

      You will not find this within WA and I think you will really be glad you joined, even if it is just the free membership that you do decide to go with. We don’t upsell anything outside of our Premium membership!

      • RonnyG

        I have a membership to Both…If I had to choose then the nod goes to Wealthy Affiliate by a bunch.

        With out WA this site would not be a successful as it is.…take a look at this example to see how Wealthy Affiliates can help you make more money online…Again thanks Kyle and Carson

        • Kyle

          Thanks for your feedback Ronny and your site is looking great. Congrats on your progress and I am truly glad you are joining WA.

  6. Ray

    Kelly Felix has his bloody nerve. I joined his program, paid the $7 and then the other $95 after the 7 days. Then this bastard tried to sell me more more more.

    The other day I got a phone call and his team was trying to sell me on expensive private training, to the tune of $1,000’s.

    So if I buy a product, I have to spend $1,000’s more to get extra support and for it to really work. Bring the Fresh is flat out a scam. Stay the hell away from this product and this Kelly Felix guy.

    • Kyle

      Ray, you are not the first person that has come to me with this sort of frustration. It is a shame that Kelly is doing this to his paying customers (treating them like a financial tool rather than a customer) and I have just updated my review to reflect the smoke and mirrors that is going on at Bring the Fresh.

  7. Vitaliy

    Hey Kyle, I though I’d share my thoughts on Bring The Fresh (BTF), having been a former member of about 2 years there, when at the time WA was not as amazing as it is now.

    I was a member of both organizations, but sought the “fast” route of making money online which BTF seemed to promise. Shame on me and my initial emotions to “make money fast” even though I knew better at the time.

    This place does offer great information, but for the most part, there are WAY too many upsells, the forum was, at least for me very dead whenever I’d ask questions and then the big reason I wouldn’t recommend them:

    The backlink packages and their treatment of me when their services failed to help me. I basically purchased several packages that amounted to nearly $1,000. Half of them worked, while 2 others did not.

    I disputed about $600 worth of their services with paypal and my CC company, but not before going to them first. They flat out ignored me and never even tried to fix things up.

    Instead they refused my request for a refund, cancelled my membership without my knowledge and it felt as though they threw me to the curb. I didn’t like their treatment of me whatsoever and to make things even, even made my own review site of BTF.

    I though about linking it here, but won’t do that without your permission sir. Either way, to anyone looking to join this site and is seeing this comment, I’d advise against it and to join WA instead.

    BTF offers good SEO advice, but WA just offers much more in that area + a hell of a lot of more in terms of service, perks and other VERY helpful things.

    • Kyle

      Thanks for your feedback Vitaliy. A few of the concerning points that I have about what you have said in regards to Bring the Fresh are:

      (1) They are selling backlink packages. Everyone knows that these will do more harm than good these days and will actually LOSE you website rankings in Google and other search engines. And the price, $1,000’s. This is comparable to burning money while at the same time burning rankings!

      (2) Upsells. BTF is notorious for back end upsells and this is what they have to do because they are a one time membership payment. That is their facade so they can get you in and continue trying to create a repeat customer out of you. This is pretty typical behaviour in this industry, but not one that I tend to take lightly to.

      (3) Ignoring customers. That is a no/no and if they offer support channels to their “paying” members, they should get back to them.

      I do thank you for your personal insights and I think they will be helpful to anyone considering joining BTF going forward.

  8. Jolina

    I have never trusted this product. One of the person that I know that’s close to me went through this. He purchased the package deal they had at that time for 795.00 and BTF promise they will do everything and won’t stop until the website get on page one…for the first three months they are working on it but never seen changes and they keep giving their words that they are working on it and they will not stop working on it until it get on page one this go on for a while until they come up some bs excuse that the google made some changes and his website is affected of it. It’s getting close to a year and still hasn’t change anything and of course it’s too late to asked for money back…funny how they have on their forum that the work is satisfaction guarantee or you get your money back but when he asked for the refund they immediately turned it down…freaking SCAM!!!! be alert that the promises these guys make it’s not 100% guarantee.

    • Kyle

      Thanks for your feedback Jolina. I am sorry to hear about the issues that your friend had with Bring the Fresh and I hope they do make good on their guarantee that they do offer. There are too many companies out there that flaunt their guarantee and the quality of their product, but when it comes to backing it up they get unethical really quickly (in particular if it is outside the chargeback range).

  9. Interestingly I looked at both of these products and rejected them! Empower was so obviously a Ponzi scheme that I really think you should rate it in the negative. A definitely do not go there. Bring The Fresh was actually recommended by a senior member here, but I was put off by the up-sells and the obvious scam tactics of one of the owners who was formerly The Rich Jerk (he told you what to expect! LOL).

    WA although not quite perfect is still the only place where you get everything apart from free domain names that you need (we actually get a couple of those albeit subdomains).
    I think it would be really nice if Jaaxy full access were included in Premium and then there would be absolutely no up-sells here!

    • Kyle

      Hey Stephen,

      We do not upsell folks on Jaaxy, but it is a recommendation if you want a research/keyword “platform”. Premium members at WA get full, unlimited access to the WA keyword tool which is more than you need if you are doing keyword research. Jaaxy is actually a completely separate business so it will not be included at WA (and there are big costs to running a service like that), but if you are interested in a more elaborate research platform then it should be a consideration (there is a free trial over there as well).

      The Rich Jerk (behind Bring the Fresh) rubbed a lot of people the wrong way over the years I agree. I do think the Bring the Fresh product has some decent content, but they are not upfront or truthful about their endless upsells within the back-end…the is the ONE big negative.

  10. Cristina

    You’re not going to believe this, Kyle, but I bought BTF a while back and I still have it sitting in my computer because I don’t know what to do with it. I didn’t want to return it because I figured I’d get the help I needed, but when I went to the forum, everyone seemed to know what they were doing except me. I felt like an idiot asking basic questions, so I just let it sit. Maybe now after learning in WA I will be able to use it it it’s still useable. Don’t know. One thing that kept me back also was the fact that you didn’t have everything you needed. You had or have to keep buying other things to work the program.

    • Kyle

      Absolutely and that is one of the main complaints people have with Bring the Fresh…once you are “in” the expenses keep on coming. That is why I know you are going to love Wealthy Affiliate because it is an all inclusive community, just like a resort, you don’t need to keep buying programs, training, support or services once inside of WA, absolutely everything is included.

      You may never need to go back to the material in BTF because all the material you need (and then some) is at WA, but you can most definitely have a look once you gain a bit more experience as there are likely some nuggets of information that you will be able to pull from it. If you ever need anything going forward or get stuck, get in touch with me inside of WA and I will be more than happy to help you out.

  11. An on point review that really does hot the nail on the head.

    Whilst I appreciate and totally agree with Dave’s comment at the top in regards to the over sell – I must say that it’s mixing what I’ve learned at BTF with what I was taught at WA I’ve that’s allowed me to almost double my income .. easily.

    BUT – Bring The Fresh isn’t set up for people new to online marketing, even though it’s touted as such. WA is certainly the place to start.

    There are only 2 online training forums I’ll put my name to and they’re both mentioned here on this post.

    Cheers for sharing your thoughts on this program Kyle..

    • Kyle

      Thanks for your feedback Tony. I do agree there are definitely some quality materials within Bring That Fresh and it is great to hear about your successes. I wish you continue growth this year, I know that you deserve it!

  12. Not long ago a member here showed me this program. I see it has changed since I was here before. No, I didn’t get into it nor try it. Maybe at one point, I will.

    Albeit, there’s a couple things that turned me off right away about the program, or not so much the program, but the sales page itself.

    1. The owner flaunts his wealth. Yes, this time, he brings up how he has failed, but then, after coming back, flashes his wealth again. This is selling a dream rather than the product. This is never done at WA! No need for it.

    2. Another little detail I don’t like is the urgent call to action near the end. “Better hurry! Get in now before the $7 offer gets much higher!” These are my own words, but express what was said therein.

    3. I just did a review on another program and unlike WA, the $37 doesn’t include everything. This isn’t my own findings, but mentioned above. Albeit, this is what most of these type programs do. This is what makes WA very unique.

    I like the fact that the owners do actively engage with the membership and there is a forum on board, however, once again – Wealthy Affiliate has this beat, offering one-on-one support and interaction with other members without cost. Sure, the Premium is much better and more privileges, but this collaborates with what I’ve said many times over that…

    Wealthy Affiliate’s FREE Starter Membership is better than most paid ones!

    • Kyle

      You touched on some very key points there Daniel. There are many products like Bring the Fresh that sell people based on the “dream” rather than the product itself. The big houses, the fancy cars, the stacks of money…those visualizations are not going to create success, rather a product that actually helps you is.

      And yeah, there isn’t a service out there that can compete with the support and community offer at Wealthy Affiliate. With 24/7 live chat, personal support and mentoring and REAL ACCESS to those that create success in specific categorical classrooms within the community, there will never be those moments where someone would feel alone.

      Thanks for your feedback Daniel!

  13. Johnney

    Thanks for such an objective review of BTF. I too am not a fan of surprise upselling, I am much more open to purchasing additional materials if I am made aware of them upfront and to be honest if they are kept to a bare minimum. Multi multi upsells really disturb me. If you have additional products to offer me at least give us some time to develop some sort of relationship rather than bombarding me all upfront. Thanks again for your opinion.

    • Kyle

      I totally agree Johnney, being upfront is a true measure to whether or not the company is ethical and honest. Unfortunately it is far too rare within the industry these days!

  14. Seth

    I went to the site and watched the video. I liked how he used drawing so people could use objects and sight as a way to figuring out what it’s all about. I’d have to say you gave it a pretty good ranking because it seems pretty good to me. The fact he didn’t actually explain WHAT he was going to teach you before charging people money is reason enough to put him in the 80 range though, because that’s pure marketing in one of its finest forms right there.

    You need to actually explain what you’re going to teach a little bit (instead of just saying “how to build a website and make money from Google”) because then people don’t know what your product is really about. Especially with all the actual scams & misguiding products out there that follow the exact same marketing idealogy, that alone hurts him a little. Another thing is how he abused his money early on, lol. Not sure what to say there… Makes one think he might do the same thing again with your money. But at least he was truthful & open about what he did, so I guess there are cons and pros to doing so.

    All in all, I thought the layout was pretty nice. The $7 & $37 prices are good, but the upsells in the back office give me a bad vibe. The way I see it is, unless you tell people up front what ALL
    the prices are with the initial landing page, it becomes more of a marketing tactic that aims to sneakily take ones money for further guidance. Although one could argue this is a good tactic to use to actually make money, this is one tactic I don’t use.


    • Kyle

      Often times there is a reason for being vague and I think that the days of a “sales only” video or page are starting to move behind us. With a good deal of stuff on the internet now being available for free, people are wanting to see or try before they buy. One of the my most common ways to avoid a scam online is to stay away from “video only” sales pages, so typically Bring the Fresh would automatically be put in this category.

      It is actually a decent product though there are many unexpected upsells unannounced to the customer after they buy the next package. When I review products this is the one thing that really annoys me because I know that it creates a frustrated customer.

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