1. Kelly Clover

    I thought Chris Farrell had disappeared until he sent me an email for a Sunday webinar. I previously expired my membership with Chris Farrell membership about 6 months ago. He is basically offering an altered version of his “mentor me” program which will be one on one training for a select few rather than a class course for many.

    When looking on the internet for reviews on the original “mentor me” program I’m finding evidence that people are indeed learning stuff they otherwise would not know, but there doesn’t seem to be proof of highly profitable websites resulting from the training. I’m going to keep looking. Any reviews on the original “mentor me” program are important to me because he is charging a significant amount of money for his one on one mentoring program.

    • Kelly Clover

      Here is a very important update. Chris Farrell reneged on what he said he was going to do. He created a tape saying he was backing out of many of his commitments for free 30 minute consultations with people who saw his Sunday webinar. Now he says you have to pay $840 upfront with no free consultation via Skype to see if you think you should invest the money.
      Although he says it’s a money back guarantee I won’t do it because I have no evidence if he can find solutions to the specific problems I’m now trying to solve. I won’t just gamble without knowing if he can handle websites that aren’t exactly what he did. I need someone who can tell me why my squeeze page is not working. I need someone to tell me why the conversion rate on affiliate link clicks is less than 1% (HORRIBLE!). I need someone who can tell me why Facebook ads are able to send a significant number of visitors to one of my websites, but not the other. I need solutions but I won’t pay an arm and a leg for them.

  2. Jules Mulcahy

    I did sign up to this years ago, and agree the training is good for the absolute newbie. At the time there was a small feeling of community within, but nothing like Wealthy Affiliate.

    Also it didn’t really advance further than the basics and there was a high emphasis on done for you sales pages. I didn’t feel that was a particularly empowering way to go for anyone wanting to really understand running a business.

    I know it’s still recommended as a partner offer on ClickBank, but have seen that the membership site’s affiliate program has actually moved to Deal Guardian.

    • Kyle

      Yeah, Chris Farrell moved away from the Clickbank network for unknown reasons, so I cannot comment on why that took place. Thanks for your feedback and sharing your experiences with both the Chris Farrell Membership as well as Wealthy Affiliate.

      • JC

        I got stuck with the whole Clickbank deal. I was with Chris from fairly early days and loved what he did. I then fell behind and paid the full whack for the Chris Mentor Me programme. Clickbank had 600 plus in my account but refused to let me have it due to it being paid to me as I had been part of the CMM programme and didn’t meet some rule about needing to be paid from an outside source. Lost all the money to Ckickbank – never again will I use them. Probably not Chris’ fault but I felt really let down. still looking for somethig worthwhile and real to make an online living.

        • Kyle

          Yeah, that is likely a Clickbank issue and not a Chris issue, but I can appreciate your frustration. My argument with many programs in the industry is that the “real” costs are never fully disclosed if you want personal help and access and then once you join you are recommended to pay much more significant costs.

          Definitely not saying Chris isn’t worth it or is not a stand up guy because he is (one of the few ones within the industry). I hope you have found a home online since JC and if you ever need a hand with anything at all I would be happy to help you out.

  3. Mark

    I tried this program out. It’s not a scam but it’s misleading in the sense that setting up a business is one thing; setting up the technical necessities for that business is quite another. This program explains the latter but not the former. “How to set up a web-based business” is ambiguous, isn’t it? You really need to have a viable business idea before any of the stuff you will learn at CFM will be useful.

    • Kyle

      Starting an “online business” is like saying I am starting a business. It could be absolutely anything and without any direction, you are going to have a tough time determining what your starting point is going to be or your niche. This needs to be something that is covered in the early stages of any business education…and then there are so many directions you can head in terms of traffic, promotion, content creation, types of marketing funnels, etc.

      A proper education, will lead to long term success. A inadequate one, will lead to confusion and stifle success.

    • Kristina


      Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Do you know of a course/forum providing a system on how to set up a business online, rather than the technical aspect of it? For example, how to find stats on social media for most wanted content, how to assess and test an idea. I have one of these free 30 min calls with Chris Farrell so I can say they are real. However no idea to discuss with him.Thanks

      • Kyle

        There are many moving pieces to starting a business online and unless you understand all of them, you are going to be somewhat confused and experience very little success.

        The 4 steps you will follow are:

        (1) Choose a niche/passion/interest
        (2) Build a website
        (3) Create content/get rankings/get traffic
        (4) Monetize your traffic/audience

        The same rules apply for any niche online and you need a platform that provides you not just the training on how to accomplish each of these steps, but the tools and services that you need. You might want to consider checking out Wealthy Affiliate, it is free to get rolling and it will fulfill all of these online business needs.

  4. Simon

    Why on earth do you think it could be a scam just because it has a video sales page ??!!! Incase you havent noticed, video is now huge on the internet as one of the best sales tools out there ! Its the norm now rather than a scam alert !! What the hell do think TV ads are, but video sales pages, are all those scams as well ??!

    • Kyle

      TV ads are not scams, but if I go to a product/services website, I would expect to find out what the given product or service is. If that explanation is delivered in a video, there is nothing wrong with that at all. If it isn’t, rather it is a sales video that “hypes” up a product without explaining what it is, then yes, this is a little shady (and is happening at a high rate online).

      As I state clearly in the review, Chris is definitely one of the good guys in the industry and he is not a scam. Videos are one of the common ways in which deceptive marketing CAN take place, but of course that is a generalization and it doesn’t happen in every instance. As long as a product is accurate described in advance of someone making a purchase, I am all for it Simon.

  5. Giselle

    It most certainly is NOT a scam. The course taught me invaluable lessons & how to apply them <<< from an experienced 'fan'.

    • Kyle

      Thanks for your feedback and I absolutely agree with you. CFM is definitely one of the better programs I have come across over the years and Chris is a stand up guy who stands behind his products and services.

  6. I don’t consider it a scam. It has its pluses and minuses. His approach to marketing breaks from convention. Chris rejects the idea that the website itself should do most of the marketing and persuasion to buy something.

    His program calls for the front page of a website to have one and only one purpose: To collect names and email lists for an email marketing campaign. His training is directed towards the idea that all of the marketing and persuasion to buy something be done thru a series of emails, not thru the website. He provides a special-purpose WordPress theme that is designed around email marketing, not marketing thru the website itself.

    • Kyle

      Lots of folks are teaching that strategy these days. Drive people from a paid traffic source to a squeeze/lead page. The problem with this is the fact that you have to often times risk a good deal of money on traffic without knowing your actual audience and what converts them.

      The lead page strategy is not the path to a long term business, sure it can be an element of your business at some point and can be used to scale your business once you are established, but to teach this as a starting point is backwards and will almost lead to inevitable failure.

      To build a solid business, you first need a solid foundation (a website).

    • Kyle

      You would need to contact the customer support for the Chris Farrell Membership to accomplish this. You will find this within their website, do a quick Google search and you are good to go. Chris is definitely one of the good guys of the industry so I am sure that he will handle your request if you get in touch with him.

  7. Lynne

    I have been interested to have a look at what Chris Farrell has to offer but I cannot access his website at all because my antivirus blocks it and tells me it has just protected me from a virus.

    Do you know why this could be? It makes me hesitant to have a look again!

    • Kyle

      Certain websites can be blocked by anti-virus’, not always because a website/program will give you a virus but if a site has things like “popups” it can trigger these programs to react in a very sensitive way.

      I know that the Chris Farrell Membership will not give you a virus, but I can definitely see why this would set off red flags for you. If you don’t trust this program as a result, you may want to check out my higher ranked programs as there are better alternatives out there.

    • Kelly Clover

      One problem is that software isn’t always correctly programmed to recognize malware. Chris Farrell’s program places a very strong emphasis on email lists and Facebook advertising. This may or may not be what you want. Just be aware of the fact that this is exactly what it is.

  8. Kevin

    I was using the CFM for approximately 2 1/2 years before I ran into issues. Most people have the tendency to tell the front side of things; meanwhile, unethical and unwarranted activities are taking place behind the scene.

    Somehow my experience ended up being not so good using CFM. I discovered that the site [somehow] was stealing content from within my system, and that turned me around from using CFM.

    I had posted on Facebook a year ago [approx. the date of positing here] of the experience. Now, my Antivirus indicate that the site is a threat.

    So you tell me whether or not CFM is legitimate.

    Because we are able to see on the front-end of things or someone appear to be legitimate … does necessarily mean they’re ethical people.

    Re-evaluate your claim.

    • Kyle

      Sorry to hear about your experience Kevin, many folks have had mixed experiences with the Chris Farrell Membership and although I do respect much of what is done by Chris (in particular over the other folks in the industry), it is still a mid grade product at best. The industry by nature is unethical, it is rare when I come across a program that is not running another shameful ebook, upsell ridden product, or skeezy membership site. If you want to get rolling with your online business in a SAFE place free of scams, upsells and unethical behavior, you may want to check out my #1 ranked product.

  9. Marcia

    Kyle, your review is a little dated. Chris’ 7 days trial is not $1 anymore.. It’s $4.95. Also, if you click to receive more info and get a FREE gift, you are reminded to check your email. Checked my email and junk folder as well and nothing. When I contacted the support team through a “ticket”, I finally got the FREE 1-page flyer showing the “secrets” how to make money online… 1 – find a profitable niche, 2 – build a list and 3 – introduce our list to related products… and if I want to know how, to join their membership site. Really? Is it considered a FREE gift or a sales pitch flyer? When contacting them again with the flaw on their site and the disappointing FREE gift, Chris’ team support reply with a voice reply. It was a sarcastic response saying I don’t need the program, as I was too advanced for the program… and that was okay. HUH? I know offline marketing, but complete NEWBIE in online business arena. Now, I’m glad this happened, otherwise I wouldn’t find you guys. So, things happen for a reason… Wealthy Affiliate Program, here I come…:)

    • Kyle

      Thanks for the update Marcia, that one slipped by me. I have updated the Chris Farrell Program to show the $4.95 trial now. It sounds like you had run into not only a useless “free” product (might as well have been a sales pitch), but also a lack of support. I know that if you do decide to join WA you are going to be very happy you did and I really do look forward to working with you.

      You are not going to be a newbie to the online marketing world for long.

  10. Dare

    I’ve been online since 2001. I made my first 2 sales back at 2002 with Steve Manning writeabooknow.com. Unfortunately, he refused to pay my commissions; I concluded online was scam and did quit altogether. Now,I thought I should not have quit.

    You seem pretty confident about your program & I’m willing to partake. I’m not a newbie, basically what I need is the tactics, I’m a web developer, that is the service I offer at fiver.

    • Kyle

      Everything is not a scam, but there are definitely many schemes out there that are intended to “take money” from people and it sounds like you have run into one of these with Steve Manning.

      It comes down to understanding the process and building a proper foundation, something that you will learn in detail. Here is the Getting Started process that you should follow Dare, you will be glad you did.

  11. kelana

    Your comments and insights are informative. I will surely like to look into your Wealthy Affiliate.

    Thank you,



  12. Brittany

    I have spent the last several months & wasted so much money trying to find ways to generate income online through affiliate marketing. I am a complete beginner and am looking for guidance on how I can achieve my goal. I have basic knowledge of the internet therefore I need something that’s easy to understand. Eventually, I would like to quit my current (over-worked & under-paid) job to focus solely on my online business. Which would you prefer for someone with my aspirations? Chris Farrell Membership or Wealthy Affiliate? I have absolutely no problem with putting in hard work to get to where I want to be! I appreciate your honest review and opinions & look forward to hearing back from you.

    • Kyle

      Definitely go for Wealthy Affiliate Brittany. I will personally be able to give you help there and unlike anything else in the industry, there is a completely free Starter membership that is going to allow you to experience the service without paying a penny. I know you will absolutely love it over there and I will be in touch with you if you do decide to join!

  13. Hope

    Am so tired of all this searching, spent days for anything good on internet, anyone to give me any tips, am unemployed, would like to make some money for living.

    • Kyle

      My recommendation to you hope is that you build a website. This is going to be the foundation of your success and if you throw some good training in the mix, you are going to be good to go. I would suggest you have a look at the process of building a website on my blog here. This is going to get you moving in the right direction.

  14. Alexander

    Hi Kyle,

    Thanks for your review on The Chris Farrell Membership. I think he is a great guy and is a wonderful connection for people new to this. However, does his training hold water over long term? I guess that will depend on person to person – I was a member back in 2011 – and then a lot of his stuff while excellent for newcomers was dated (I didn’t realize at the time though) where he was using kompozer to build a website instead of WordPress as part of his 21 days to success training. Although he did have training videos on WordPress – I didn’t get that far as I felt a bit left hanging after finishing the initial training.

    Since then I recently became a member again of Chris’s membership since he has renewed his website and done a lot of new videos. Now he has a 10 minutes to success – instead of the 21 days to success and great for newcomers. There are 30 videos on average about 10 minutes and goes through using WordPress and everything you need to get setup with a website in your niche and list building. He also goes through how to setup Aweber.

    Overall the website training is a vast improvement and you can navigate easily as he has got rid of a lot of old outdated stuff and just focused on the most relevant material. However, his traffic methods seem a bit dated as they are referring to items back in 2010 I think. Also he did not do much with Google keywords research and SEO – plus he was using broad searches which seemed strange. His main recipe for traffic seems to be using Facebook and he has a whole set of videos on this. His Facebook traffic videos are recent and up to date.

    I am no longer a member as after a few weeks I got a refund. I feel that your Wealthy Affiliate training program offered a lot more in all areas and better value for money.

    Here is some things for people to consider:

    1. I signed up to Chris’s program back in July 2013 and at that time (I think this change occurred on July 1st 2013) if you are a monthly membership then you no longer have access to free hosting as a new member. This means you will need to purchase a separate hosting account such as Hostgator. If you took the annual subscription then you have access to free hosting. They made this change due to costs I think. So just something to bare in mind for those considering the Chris Farrell Membership. He does have a set of videos on Hostgator if you are a monthly member, so he takes you through the process step by step. I think its worth mentioning, as the introduction before signing up does not mention this. Free hosting yes, but only if you are an annual member, this is not made clear when signing up.

    2. The done for you sites in a handful of niches – This is great for starters but they mentioned that they were going to be updating these and adding new ones on a monthly basis and it doesn’t seem that they have been doing this. Also I think they would be better offering a number of different templates for EACH of the done for you sites – so everyone’s website will look more natural and original. The emails for your Autoresponder are available in word format so you can edit them however.

    3. I think there a few other things that are only available for annual members such as a Lite version of Optimize press.

    4. There is the option for a one to one Chris Mentor me and also 4 four week training (done a couple of times a year) – these are extra costs. But you will not know about these and the costs until you are a member.

    These points should not allow to put people off from signing up as the way he presents himself and the training videos, plus the step by step process might just be perfect for what you are looking for. Also I am sure newcomers will find his material and videos really cool and a god send. A potential member simply needs to factor in all the costs involved with a new membership and building an online business.

    What I like about Chris’s program is his philosophy on list building and to focus on loads of valuable content, building trust and treat your potential new clients as people and not as an unlimited cyber credit card.

    However, to keep ahead of the game I think they need to seriously look at how they can make free hosting available for everyone and a few other things that can improve their site. Such as putting more frequent updates and try and connect more with their members. In 2011 when I first joined – Chris immediately responded to me when I introduced myself on the forums. However, when I rejoined again back in July 2013, I introduced myself and he was not there to connect with new members and I could not see other new members on the forums that he connected with.

    Overall Chris’s program is excellent for newcomers but could do with some improvements but I much prefer what is offered at Wealthy Affiliate. I hope this helps.



  15. Joel Warner

    Why is it that the more I try to hold on unto HOPE I get the same blockages. I also just want to make $500 – $1,000 usd a month. Can some tell me what program to use.Thanks.

    • Kyle

      Hey Joel, hold out hope man. There is REAL opportunity online and real programs that can help you get there. I would suggest that you check out the program I have ranked #1 and on that I know intimately. I will be able to work with you inside of there and give you a hand going in the right direction with your business.

      I know how frustrating it can be to look for opportunities out there and to sift through all of the scams, but I can assure if you trust me on this one you will be VERY happy that you did.

      • Marquis Gittens

        What makes IM frustrating is the time factor, you join a group build a site, and 6-12 months down the road after much promotion free and paid, nothing happens, you are out of money and have to abandon another site. Dissapointment, another project crashes.

        • Kyle

          Most definitely Marquis, that is why I recommend you join a platform that is going to teach you the PROPER way to build out a business online…there are so many programs out there that are either inadequate or teach things that may have worked years ago, but not now. There are few places that actually teach what is working in 2014/2015 and that is because they have stagnant, outdated products.

    • Kyle

      Tomas, this is completely doable. I can show you exactly how to get there and this will require you to have 3 important things.

      (1) A website
      (2) Proper training
      (3) Access to Experts

      You can get all of these within Wealthy Affiliate and you can get started for free with the Starter membership. I do suggest you consider that as we can definitely help you move towards your goals ($1000 per month) and far beyond.

  16. Pastor Laurence Edgar

    Kyle. Chris Farrell Is one of the most honest decent guys on the planet. His membership didn’t start off at $37, per month. Taking in that also covers hosting of unlimited domains. No when I met Chris first, He was producing Videos and giving them away free. I remember him asking my opinion on starting his membership. I didn’t encourage him then, I was afraid of him taking on too much. The guy was working his fingers off. But he wen’t ahead , and I am glad he did. I built my own site, Only with the knowledge i received from Chris Farrell. No Kyle Chris is one of the GOOD GUY’S. There is no Scams with Chris. He worked hard and it paid off he is prospering now And i am delighted. He does a lot Kyle behind the scenes which others don’t know about.Yes he has pulled many out of a hole. How would I describe Chris Farrell. I love the Guy and his team.
    Bless Him Pastor Laurence Edgar.

    • Kyle

      I would agree with you that he is one of the good guys Laurence and I do thank you for your feedback. I know first hand what goes into running a business online as we operate the most active and fast evolving Internet marketing community in the world (Wealthy Affiliate) and there is 1,000’s of moving pieces that have to be put together like a puzzle within any given year to operate a service like that. Thanks for your personal insights into this program. Chris is definitely one of the good guy in the industry whom cares about his customers and this is indicated not only in the overall quality of his product, but the price point.

  17. Allen Farlow

    Kyle, unless you have personal experience as a paying member of CFM, you do not know what you are talking about.

    I have that personal experience and know what I am talking about. Scam? Takes one to know one and you should be ashamed of yourself for saying bad and totally false things about CFM, just to promote your own site. (Yes, we know you own W.A.)

    I don’t expect you’ll even publish this but rest assured, you will never get my business…and word of mouth spreads, especially negative word of mouth. You can bet I am going to tell all of my online friends about this underhanded tactic you are using. I’ll be sure to mention it on Facebook, Twitter, Wicked Fire and the Warrior Forum, pal.

    Karma has a way of biting you in the ass when you can least afford it, you know?

    Perhaps one day you will develop business ethics but I’m not holding my breath.

    You must not be in this for the long term doing things like that…and that’s a clue that you’re a scam…

    • Kyle

      Unfortunately Allen, you have not come up with one valid argument or refute to my review. If you look at the bottom of the review you will see that I have stated that the Chris Farrell Membership is legit…much more so than many other programs out there.

      I have been in this industry long enough to see it all and that is exact reason I finally take some time to be subjective and yes, a bit objective within the industry. What I mean by this is that I am discussing the subject of the legit programs online versus the ones that are not so legit. I am tired of people getting scammed and I am tired of the smoke screen most “gurus” are putting up in attempt to sell in many cases, digital garbage.

      Chris’ membership by no means falls into this category, but I do have a few “cons” associated within my review that you didn’t take a minute to refute. Perhaps you can spend some time doing this when you get a chance.

      The Mentor Me program is promoted to folks within the back. It is a high ticket, $997 mentoring package that is promoted to folks. Not sure how ethical this is, perhaps you may think it is ethical based on how rash your response was, but I personally think you need to be honest about this up front with your “customers”. Don’t you think that is the right thing to do?

      Chris is not actively helping his paying members. He has sourced out a “support” team instead of personally working with them. You cannot hire support in this industry, those that “know” do not work for someone else.

      Most of the training is video training. Some people do not work well with video training and many of the complaints I have received about this program are that the training is either too elementary, they feel like they have been taken back in a time machine, or they wish there was some training that was not videos (more text/image based training).

      Something that I didn’t mention as well is that many folks don’t like the dated design of the website and the navigation. Perhaps that is something that you may want to focus on going forward if you are working “with the team” which is sounds like you are.

      When I am comparing apples to apples and I have an understand within the industry (been within it for 10 years now), I have to be somewhat objective with my voice. My object is and has always been to help people succeed online and to help people stay away from some of the programs out there. It is my duty and I have decided to act as a voice for the many folks out there that really don’t have one but come to me on a daily basis with complaints, reviews, and insight into 1,000’s of the programs online.

      I wish you all the best in the future and hope you can put together a sensible argument at some point in the future.

      PS. I can tell you wouldn’t fit within WA either. We do not tolerate rude and condescending people within our helpful, supportive, and forward thinking community.

      • Steve

        That was a thoughtful response. You have gained even more respect from the way you handle this. Thank you lesson learned for this reply.

      • Wayne Stewart

        I truly have to thank you for showing “TRUE” integrity in your response to such a harsh complaint that did seem a bit off base. Just another reason why I am a proud Premium Member of WA, and believe in what you & Carson have built to help others succeed.

    • Wilbert

      All WSO propositions I ever got from the warrior forum have turned out to be scams.

      Furthermore, Freelancer – the recent new owner of the warrior forum – itself is a scam. They’ve set up the sales conditions in such a way that once registered, you cannot get rid of them anymore. You end your registration, but they still charge you 97$ annually in such a way that Paypal cannot refund you !!


  18. DANIEL

    Thanks for the insight into this program. I have read a few reviews online and read some very mixed reviews about Chris Farrell and his membership program. I also hear that there are a lot of extra expenses once you join and it doesn’t include things like websites and support can be $1,000’s if you want personal support. Thanks for your review I think I am going to try one of your higher ranked products.

    • Kyle

      Thanks for stopping by. It is unfortunate that some programs are not really clear about their “pricing” from the get go and use their initial price point just to get you in the door, turn you into a “customer” and then try to upsell you on other services to make more money off of you. Although Chris is definitely better than most in respect to this, there is still a component of his business where he attempts to milk his profits through additional coaching programs.

      A good program, just know what you are getting into in terms of your own expectations before you join.

  19. Bobbi Henderson

    I think Chris Farrell is pretty awesome. He is honest and his membership is worth every penny, especially if you are a new person trying to learn about the internet and want to eventually get a site, make some money, etc. His is very honest. I think common sense would tell you that he is not going to be available all the time to anyone for $37. a month…let’s say more like a few hundred dollars for an hour of his time. That would sound more reasonable. I started out from the beginning when he was just starting his membership program, which was cheaper then, but I was so impressed with how he gave all this wonderful usuable free information to his following that others were selling (and in no way measured up to his package of info). And someone from his office always answered emails and helped with any question or problem…plus there was the forum of real savy internet people who were his followers who would jump in and help. Others on the internet started trying to copy Chris Farrell!!!!!! He is still the best and deserves to make a profit….for he has certainly given more than his fair share of freebies and personal help to make a difference in the internet and that was one of the things that he wanted to do. I believe that he has!

    I would not hesitate to recommend his program. Now, if you want mentoring you are going to have to pay for it for it. He is now very successful and his time is worth a lot more money! I hope that he becomes shockingly rich because he deserves it. I learned more from him than I ever learned from anyone else with this type of program. He did not hold back and shared the whole plan. So if you want to learn how to make money on the internet, etc…..there is a good chance you will if you follow Chris Farrell. I got out of the program because of personal reasons. I would not hesitate to join his progam again..but I would like to see the membership back in $20 some dollar range. Chris Farrell is one on the best and he is honest!! My experience with his membership site was only positive…I learned a lot from him even before I joined the program. Go Chris!

    • Kyle

      Thanks for your feedback Bobbi, it sounds like you had a wonderful experience within Chris’ program. That is great.

      Unfortunately, his membership is still $37 per month and I am not sure if he has plans of lowering in the future. I would encourage you to get started here if you are on a very limited budget, this will walk you through the process of getting started, set-up and working on your business.

      I do think that if you are selling a recurring membership, you should be available to your members from support and not have a “hidden” upsell mentoring package in the back end. That is my only argument with the Mentor me program. That is just my approach to business, but I guess you would say I am a bit different in respect to my line of thinking. I am sure Chris is worth every penny that he does charge as he does seem like a stand up guy in an industry of thieves and I do thank you for your personal feedback. 🙂

      All the best in your future!

      • Ron Noell

        The Mentor Me program is very basic and overpriced. Chris has a honest site but leaves you hanging he teaches a lot of confusing methods that really don’t work well and so does Jo Barnes which is one of his students that is called the Facebook Queen!

  20. Ray Timmons

    I have experience Chris Farrell and I can tell you Kyle you are right about him being a nice guy, or at least appearing like one in his video promo.

    I never got to see Chris within his membership and I was told to join up to his program that was quite expensive if I ever wanted to chat with him or get help. I thought that is what I was paying 37 bucks a month for, but I guess not.

    He is no different than any other scammer out there and he hangs out with many of the other gurus that I see on the Internet, some of which are well known for their sketchy business.

    I would say the membership is OK, not awesome, not horrible but it is geared towards beginners and a bunch of the content has become outdated. That’s all I got to say. Another day, another mediocre product.

    PS. I am going to be taking you up on your Wealthy Affiliate Kyle. Have heard of you, but never tried (I know!) but I look forward to meeting you and hope you can renew my faith in the IM world.

    • Kyle

      Ray, thanks for your feedback and I am sorry your experience was not the best. I have personally heard some good things about Chris’ program (moreso from the newbie type of marketer), so I am assuming you have some experience in the Internet world. Support and over-delivering on expectations goes a long ways these days on the internet as there are so many folks that it seems prey on newcomers and opportunity seekers to earn there revenue, versus actually offering a really awesome service.

      I know if you do decide to join WA you are going to feel right at home and you will never be left in the dark if you ever have any questions. That is the type of support and the community that you get with WA. 🙂

      Again, thanks for your feedback and I look forward to working with you. Make sure you pop by and say hi!

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