1. Jaaxy is awesome and I will be doing a review on my experiences sometime. It truly is amazing and I find it very accurate for getting the right keywords and ranking well.

    One of my information niche sites I use Adsense only (for the moment) for revenue and it is already generating income everyday. All thanks to the WA training and Jaaxy Keyword research tool.

    For promoting, I am at the Pro version of Jaaxy. If someone purchases the Enterprise version do you still get the commission even though you are at the Pro version?

    • Kyle

      So glad you are enjoying Jaaxy Alexander. It is my go to when it comes to a research platform whether it is for my keyword research/management or checking to see where my website is rankings and fluctuating within the search engines.

      If you are promoting Jaaxy as an affiliate, you can promote any level of the membership and earn income in the process. You don’t even need to be a paid member in order to promote Jaaxy.

    • Kyle

      The Jaaxy Affiliate program pays on the 1st of every month through Paypal, but if you reach over a certain threshold we can send check as well. The affiliate program is completely include to any member of Jaaxy and it is a very lucrative opportunity for those that are interested in promoting it.

  2. Ivan

    Hi Kyle,

    Is Jaaxy keyword tool a part of WA premium membership? I noticed that you have keyword research tool for premium members there.

    If not, how you rate keyword tool which members get at WA?

    • Kyle

      No, Jaaxy is completely independent of WA and the WA kewyord tool. There is a keyword tool within Wealthy Affiliate that works excellent. Jaaxy is a keyword/domains/website/ranking research platform, so if you are looking for just keyword the WA keyword tool will be adequate (that is included in the premium membership). If you are looking for someting more advanced you should consider Jaaxy.

  3. Nick Bestwick

    Hi Kyle,

    Thanks for this review of Jaaxy, it sounds very interesting so I’ll be checking that out soon.

    I had been a bit put off with keyword tools to be honest, wasn’t sure if it was me or what. I did buy Market Samurai a few years back which seemed to be the number one choice of keyword tool recommended by the so called Gurus. MS was somewhere around the $150 mark when I bought it, but that was a one-off payment – I understand there are some keyword tools such as MozPro that cost four times that amount – PER MONTH!

    Look forward to seeing you inside WA.


    • Kyle

      I can assure you that you are going to love Jaaxy. I never found a keyword tool that did what I wanted or that could capture the data that matters, hence why we created Jaaxy in the first place.

      As you said there are many expensive tools out there but I do know that you are going to find Jaaxy unbelievable value and it will open your eyes to how many low competition, high traffic keywords there are out there.

  4. Alexander

    Good article, and powerful tool. But with the EMD’s is this still relevant any more? I heard now that there is no impact at all on having keywords in your domain name. What is your take on this?

    Also while on the subject of domain names and rankings, does having hypens “-” in the domain name, really impact on google rankings? And will .com really rank better?

    Yes, I’m going to invest in Jaaxy soon. Looks like an excellent tool.

    • Kyle

      Exact match domains (keywords in your own domain) are still valuable and will still rank well, but Google has definitely lowered the weighting of these over the last 2 years. If you can get the .com or the .org you can stand a very good chances of buying up that keyword when you buy the domain. So still value there.

      However, it is content that will lead to rankings and you don’t want to tie yourself to any domains that are too keyword focused as it will limit the overall brandability of your domain name.

      As for hypens, they will adversely impact your rankings.

      I know you are going to absolutely love Jaaxy, just try not to get too addicted to it…lol!

  5. Mike


    Nice to come across a review from someone that knows what their talking about.

    Your review was very helpful in decking whether or not to try Jaaxy myself.



    • Kyle

      Thanks Mike, I am glad you found my Jaaxy review. I highly suggest that at bare minimum you test out at the very least the free version of Jaaxy, it will give you a really good taste of what is offered there. To be honest, this tools was created specifically for those that want a competitive advantage over the “others” in their niche. It is rare that I don’t go into Jaaxy to research ANY niche and come out with too many low competition, high traffic keywords. It truly reveals how much opportunity there is out there still!

  6. larry leroy

    Thanks for excellent review of Jaaxy. I am aiming to find time to utilize it soon via your link of course

    • Kyle

      No problem Larry, I know you will really enjoy it! There really is no other keyword research tool or platform out there that will allow you to research keywords and markets as efficiently as Jaaxy.

      • RonnyG

        I have had a subscription since the 1st week it came out…I have used almost all the KW tools on the market over the past 6 years while in online marketing…

        Jaxxy give me everything I really need for my selection of KW fr all my projects…

  7. Hey, Kyle! I can’t believe how much IM knowledge I’m gaining under your guidance. The tools you and your team have developed over time are simply phenomenal — that includes Jaxxy! I just signed up for Jaxxy Starter as I’m not quite ready financially to upgrade yet. I will use my 30 searches very wisely (lol). I do understand the importance of good keyword research, however. So, I’m working on a plan to upgrade to Jaxxy Pro ASAP.

    Thanks for the super review of Jaxxy Enterprise. No doubt it rocks, too!

    • Kyle

      Thanks for your feedback Marie and I am really glad you are enjoying Jaaxy and Wealthy Affiliate. Don’t spread your finances too thin and invest only when you are ready, but I know you will absolutely love Pro (& Enterprise) when you do decide to upgrade. Happy researching!

  8. Kyle this is an awesome review of one of the best tools on the market.

    I use Jaaxy Pro as I’m not up to the power user standard you are but it does deliver to me loads of LOW COMPETITION KEYWORDS that I then use in my campaigns.

    Thanks for Enterprise review I may indeed upgrade soon!

    • Kyle

      Awesome to hear Mark, I am glad you are enjoy Jaaxy Pro. It really is quite exciting when Jaaxy reveals how many untapped niches there really are out there. There is still unlimited potential online and it all starts with being able to find low competition keywords, which Jaaxy does. Thanks for your feedback.

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