1. My question is, does my site need to be super fancy or can it just be simple? I mean, some sites I see from WA members are phenomenal and my site just looks so plain compared to theirs.

    Would you say site design is more important or is content more important?

    • Kyle

      Simplicity converts. I always tell people, a white page with great content will convert better than one with all the “bells and whistles” but lacks content quality and relevance. That is true to this day and I see a lot of people focusing on the wrong things (like website design, backgrounds, colours).

      Content converts. Relevance converts. And simplicity and distraction free websites convert.

  2. Chadd

    Hi Kyle. I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate and was premium because of financial reasons. I want to start back up but am not ready to go premium yet. Should I start as starter again or wait till I can afford premium? ps. I have been exploring internet opportunities since I left wealthy affiliate and have not found anyone as straight up and honest as your program.

    • Kyle

      You could start as a Starter again, you would need to create a brand new account though with a brand new email address. If you want to use your old account, you will need to resubscribe to it as a Premium member.

      You will not find another platform in the industry as comprehensive, caring, technically advanced or cost efficient as you will get at WA. Plain and simple, we care about people and actually helping them create businesses online.

  3. Rorie

    I joined WA some time ago, got diverted, and am now returning – ready and eager to move forward. Looking to avoid any traps, I have seen people posting that they have lost everything they built within WA without warning or recourse. How does this happen, and what do I need to do to avoid it?

    • Kyle

      We would love to have you back Rorie, I know you are going to love your experience at WA and there are likely new things since last time you were at WA as we are constantly evolving, improving and making the community at WA better.

      As for people losing everything without warning, that simply doesn’t happen. We go above and beyond the call of duty, even if someone quits our service we give them an full 30 days to continue working on their websites where they can either resubscribe or move them to another service. Most hosting companies either (a) cut off your service right away (b) give you 5 days to move it. I think that is what you are referring to and we offer the most generous platform in the world in circumstance.

  4. Debbie

    I have been reading everything that I could find about WA for the past 3 weeks now and I feel I know enough to make an informed decision about joining. I work full time but I actually plan to take the rest of this week off to sign up in the free membership and make the most of it.. hit it intensely so to speak. I have owned brick and mortar businesses and done MLM in the past so I think this will be a refreshing way to earn extra money. I currently work a catering job part-time in addition to my full time job so I am hoping to replace the part-time with this! thanks for all you’re doing and may God bless!! Debbie

    • Kyle

      I know you are going to love the training at Wealthy Affiliate Debbie. You are going to learn how to create an online business the proper way…in any niche that you like within Wealthy Affiliate and establish yourself as a brand online.

      You can absolutely supplement your income with some effort and as you start to see results you will naturally dedicate more time and it can be far beyond supplementary income (it can be full time and beyond). If you ever need a hand you are going to be able to communicate directly with me inside of WA.

  5. Louis Uzoh

    Kyle,I am really impressed. I now believe that there are still honest people working in the internet. I thank you for your honesty and integrity. I will surely join WA as soon as possible. Does one need Sponsor to join under in WA?
    Thanks again.
    Louis Uzoh

    • Kyle

      You don’t need a sponsor to join Wealthy Affiliate, we are not a MLM. We are an education platform that includes all the tools, training, support, websites, etc…that you need to create and grow a business online. No experience necessary.

    • Kyle

      You can get started at WA for completely free Claude. You will get 2 free websites with your Starter membership at WA along with Getting Started training, access to the community, and live and interactive support. I suggest you check it out, I know you will be impressed.

      PS. I am from Canada as well (the west coast).

  6. Jesse Fielding

    Hi my name is Jesse Fielding, I bought into empower network and found my self not finding products, marketing skills or any help or tool. It just hit me yesterday that something is not right there. I was about to spend more money and chance driving on a suspended licsens to go to there next event. But I contacted a buddy who’s very good with computers which I’m not. And now hear I am looking for a way to make money from home.

    They took me for about $1,200 total and we very upset when my buddy sent me this information. I’m broke on the verge of losing everything. You seem serial and genuine.

    I spent 5-7 hrs a day trying to figure out how to work empower so I’d be 110% in on this if YOUR real there’s so many scams I just don’t know what to expect. But in and drive and would go all in if your real and there’s a path of making good money here. One thing I seen is your tool are low, I don’t even know what that means. Maybe extra work on my end? I want to be done with construction, in 32 and starting to get beat up by it. I’ve seen what happens to guys when the hit there late 40’s

    And is there any way to pro sue empowernetwork and get my hard earned money back from them(maybe bring my lawyer into it if I have to)

    Thank you for your time reading this and hopefully you can help a guy out

    Jesse Fielding

    • Kyle

      sorry to hear that you have been “taken” by this program Jesse, you are not alone. There have been 10,000’s of others in your exact position and this by no means make this any better or acceptable. I hope that you have since been able to get a refund or get some help getting your money back, because it truly does sound like your stretched your finances to become involved in this scheme.

      I want to let you know that I can personally help you get moving in the right direction through WA and the Starter membership (completely free to get rolling). I suggest you head over to my review and check out WA, it will give you a clearer picture of what is offered and it truly is everything you need to create and grow a business online. Get your account running and inside I will be there (and you will have a community there) to give you a hand if you need help along the way.

      Brighter days are ahead bro!

  7. Nenad

    Hi Kyle,

    One question. How can I make drop down menus like you have it on this site? I have tried with category but it does not work. I did make a couple of pages. They are on the nav bar. But how can I add posts, and I want them to be like yours: When I hover over “Get Started” I have “Hoe Does This Work” pop down.
    Any help, please?
    Sorry to ask this kind of question here, still making a plan to become premium at WA!



  8. Eric Gaither

    GREETINGS again Kyle,

    Having signed up at Wealthy Affiliate 2 days back, I’ve already LEARNED incredibly MORE about WHY I’m interested in a Online Business than from all the “stuff” I’ve read and purchased from my initial beginning of 10-13 to 2-11-14.
    Hindsight being 20/20 and usually foresight being blindness, I’m GLAD I was directed to follow specific links to WealthyAffiliate.com

    Shall be hollering at you and Carson as needed or not as needed.

    Thanks B@ You and Carson!!
    Eric Gaither

  9. Harrison

    kyle, I am so happy to meet you before joining this Internet Business. I have spent almost 2 weeks researching in to Empower Network. In fact, they almost convinced until I saw your review on the scam. I think you people know the system very well. I want to thank you because I can see you are God fearing, Honest and Truthful. Why would Empower Network continue with upsells? Greedy people. But I have one question for you too. Don’t you think you will also come up one day to start talking about Advanced Training at a cost? I want you to promise me on this.
    Secondly, WA and Empower Network, which is older?

    • Kyle

      We have a Premium membership and the price has not changed on this in the 8 years that we have been in business. You can still get a yearly membership now ($359 per year, $29 per month) that you got back in 2005 when we started Wealthy Affiliate. This is the case even though we have spent MILLIONS of dollars improving our service with many more going into WA each and every year, evolving the service and staying ahead of the grain for the members of the community.

      I know that if you join WA, you will not regret it Harrison!

  10. Mikayla W

    Thinking of joining…I want to be able to sell others products from my site (they ship) and have my product sold on theirs (I ship). Does your program teach this? Thanks very much.

    • Kyle

      Yes, absolutely Mikayla. We teach Internet business and in order to run a successful one, whether you are the merchant or running an affiliate marketing business, you need to know how to build out your content and website framework in a way that will get you traffic. If you don’t have an audience to promote to, then you could have the best product in the world.

      Wealthy Affiliate provides you with absolutely everything you need to start and grow a business all within one place. There is nothing like it out there and I think you are going to realize that very quickly!

  11. Marianna

    Hello Kyle, I am a member of WA for two weeks now. I’ve learned so many things and it’s just the beginning… Thank you very much for the awesome stuff. Love the community, so friendly and willing to help.

    I’m very motivated and want to make it happen, but I want to ask you one thing about affiliate programs (especially Amazon affiliate program).

    I live in Greece and I read that many people have problems with commissions and paying when living outside the US. Is IM worth it for someone from Greece or I have to find a way via another country?

    Hope I don’t bother you too much and thank you anyway for the whole WA “thing”… 🙂

    • Kyle

      You will be just fine Marianna, there are affiliate programs everywhere and most of them will accept your country (Greece) without question..and pay to your country. Just because a program like Amazon or another affiliate program might not, don’t be too concerned. WA is going to be walking you through all of this and helping you with the process of getting traffic (first and foremost) and then showing you how to monetize that traffic..the make money part.

  12. Paulette

    I almost joined EN until I realized it was a scam. How can there be so many scams out there!! Can’t trust anyone anymore. But luckily found WA and sounds really honest. Can’t wait to get started. I am not working now and about to loose my home, so I hope I can learn from WA and be able to start earning an income soon without having to put out too much money because of course right now I am broke.

    • Kyle

      I can say that you can ABSOLUTELY achieve success online, but don’t expect it to happen overnight. It takes a bit of work, the right education, a website, and the right support network (all of which you will be getting at WA), but with some effort and dedication it WILL happen. I look forward to working with you and if you need anything going forward, do not hesitate to get in touch with me.

    • Kyle

      That is completely up to you. You can choose what you want to promote, whether this is the Affiliate Bootcamp (start within the IM niche) or whether you go through the certification which can be used with ANY niche. Completely up to you Dave, what I do recommend is starting with ONE niche though. It only takes one to be very successful online.

  13. Liza

    Hello my name is Liza and I read your a few of your pages and your opinion on EN, SO after reading a few of your pages I was wondering, other then your info being “free” what makes your business different from EN? Im not bashing you or your “product” I was just curious of your opinion. And doesnt competition compete for the “sale”??? Basicly i want to know why should I try your approach vs their appraoch?

    • Kyle

      What we teach and what we offer is actually completely different. We offer REAL training on how to create a business online whereas EN offers people a scheme (in the shape of a pyramid) that people can join. In order to make money within WA, you simply need a website and a niche. We help you through the entire process and we teach a variety of marketing techniques, in fact, we have 12 different classrooms covering completely different business models online. Everything from SEO to PPC to Local marketing.

      This differs from other programs like EN in that in order to make money with programs like that you have to suck people into your downline and essentially take money out of their pocket into theirs, then for them to earn money they need to do the same. Pretty unethical stuff.

      • David

        Kyle you are so right about EN I was in it for awhile I just couldn’t tell people to go all in to the tune of 5k to learn 10% of the stuff WA teaches for free. Im glad to be out of there and back with WA.

  14. Sue

    Hey Kyle,

    I found your website looking for information on one of those companies you reviewed. Two quick questions – is there an affiliate program with WA? If so, does one need to be a Premium member of the site to earn commissions?


    • Kyle

      Yes, we definitely do have an affiliate program. It is not a “forced” affiliate program, meaning it is completely up to you if you want to promote Wealthy Affialite as our training helps you create a business within any niche (and we cover pretty much every marketing strategy online).

      You do not need to be a Premium member to earn commissions either, although there are definitely incentives to go Premium, but by no means are there any obligations. Hope this helped you out Sue.

  15. Gary

    I been trying for a long tome to create an automated passive income online without success. I realize that I may not have been going about it the right way. Will you be able to help me in respect to this? Or am I dreaming?

    • Kyle

      I can absolutely help you out Gary. Creating a successful business online starts with a proper foundation and it requires you to have a website in this day and age. I do recommend that you get up and running within Wealthy Affiliate as it will provide you with both your websites and your foundational training (and it is free to join the Starter membership).

      Inside you will be able to get help from my personally, so just let me know if you do need help with any aspect of your business.

    • Kyle

      You absolutely can, you have full control over your websites and you can promote what you want with it. Obviously the more education and more support access you have, the better your chances of success (the Premium membership), but I recommend that everyone that is getting started with Wealthy Affiliate to start with the Starter membership to get up and running online with their own business.

  16. Tom

    How do we know that Wealthy Affiliates is not just another scam ? There are SO many sites out their and it seems that the best way to make money online is to sell a plan for making money online.

    • Kyle

      You will know it is not a scam as soon as you enter into the community and you realize how helpful it is. You get to access it for FREE, so there is no risk Tom and the best way to get rolling is to start via the Starter membership. Upon entering Wealthy Affiliate, you can contact me and let me know if you need a hand with anything. I am there throughout the day to help along with 1,000’s of other awesome folks within the community!

  17. Min Henry

    I have enjoyed reading your answers to the MN any questions asked. I am looking for a better means of making money and not at thee expense of hurting others . I’d like to discuss with you soon.

    • Kyle

      Sure Min, I can definitely help you out with that and if you follow the process outlined, you can earn money online by “helping” others, something that I am a full advocate of. The problem these days is that people get into programs where they are taught unethical techniques for earning money online and the focus is the “money” and that is it. They lack substance and they are basically programs encouraging stealing.

      If you do have any questions about the process or where to get help, do let me know and I will be more than happy to give you some guidance.

  18. Atama Hakafa

    I had just joined WA free starter account and I am excited. I have paid my way into Empower Network for one week now.

    I was trying to sell to my family and then my nephew asked “Uncle what exactly are you trying to sell?” I was dumbfounded because I didn’t thought of that. I got nothing tangible to sell.

    As a ethical person, I just cannot get myself to promote and sell something that is not there, (non existent) to my friends and families and those traffic that will come my way. I just cannot live with it. I am a newcomer into this internet marketing thing and I’ll appreciate someone to teach me the basic of setting up a website and so forth.

    Please reply.

    • Kyle

      I know you have made the right decision and you are going to feel right at home within WA Atama. The red flags should go off when you don’t really know what you are selling. We are going to be helping you create a real business within Wealth Affiliate and your 2nd lesson within the Getting Started training is going to be all about how to make money online and I will be walking you through one of the most popular processes (and lucrative).

      I look forward to working with you and if you need anything, please get in touch with me inside of WA!

  19. Albert Eins

    Hi Kyle,

    I would like to talk to you and Carson about an Idea I’m up to. Could use some critical evaluation.


    • Kyle

      We are always available for discussion and for business help and mentoring within Wealthy Affiliate. I suggest you get in touch with us inside of there Albert and we will be more than happy to help you out.

  20. Carl

    I dont know how to build a website, do you teach how to to that and I dont know what to sell What can i sell and how do i get the products to sell

  21. Christine B Templet

    I have been reading these marketing businesses. I do know that this is the information age and if you want to make a lot of money, the internet is the way to go. There are many opportunities to sell products or information. I am disabled and I sort of have some things envisioned in my mind. Although it can be sort of a leap into the unknown. I would like to have a complete grasp on the how, when, and concrete methods of doing this. I am skeptical because of having been burned one way or another. So if you could convince me to go with something that is solid. I would like to continue with this opportunity.

    Thank You,


    • Kyle

      Hi Christine,

      Yes it is the information age, but more than that, it is the age of BILLIONS of people moving a lot of their activity online. This includes everything from their product research, to information look up, to hanging out and socializing, to making purchases. It is not some sort of weird opportunity, it is business…online business which happens to yield much more opportunity than offline business because of your ability to connect with the world.

      I highly suggest that you do consider at the very least, the Starter membership at Wealthy Affiliate. It is 100% free, no obligation or credit card to get rolling, and you will be put directly into some really awesome Getting Started training that is going to teach you how online business and give you the tools and services you need to get your foundation in place. This includes a website, help choosing a niche, and personal support…all within the free aspect of the membership.

      Hope this helps you out Christine and I can assure you that you are in good hands at WA, it is the furthest thing away from a scam.

  22. Sash

    Hi Kyle,
    I have several questions:
    1)What will the url be if I use your program to build my website?
    2)Who will own the content on my website?
    3)Where will I get the leads from to earn in the 6 ways that you outlined.

    • Kyle

      Hey Sash,

      I can definitely help you out here with your Q’s.

      (1) Your website with the free Starter account will look like this:


      This is more than fine when starting out as the siterubix.com domains do get ranked, but as you evolve you will likely want to move your website to your own domain. An example of this would be, yourwebsitename.com. I can definitely help you out with that when you are ready.

      (2) You create the content for your website. If you can’t create content, then you are going to have a tough time earning any money from the Internet. There are many types of content and it is not as difficult as it may sound, you by no means have to be an English major to be very successful with content creation, in fact natural language typically gets much better results.

      (3) The leads will come mostly from getting SEO rankings, which equate to traffic. We teach you all about this within WA and as soon as you join, you are put directly into Getting Started training which will walk you through the entire process.

      Hope this helps you out.

      • Holly

        I am curious about the guy’s #2 question and did not see an answer. Who owns the content on my blog at WA? I am very interested in joining up but want to own my content.

        • Kyle

          Hey Holly,

          On the free websites (you get 2 as a Starter member) you are in full control of the content. You can promote whatever you like, but we do own the domain that these are hosted on in the same way as blogspot websites, tumblr websites, or wordpress websites. You do own the content as you are in full control of it and we do have a Premium service where you can host your own domains, transfer your content from your free sites to domains you own, etc.

          You are in the drivers seat of your content and have control of your websites at Wealthy Affiliate!

  23. Sean

    Hello Kyle!

    First of all i would like to say thank you for providing this great website with many really useful tips, for a person like me who is new to the online marketing but still with high ambitions, and big dreams just like back when you started online marketing.

    I’m young (17) but I KNOW that this is what i want to spend my time doing, and I KNOW that i can accomplish something big as long as i put enough effort in to it! It just annoys me that when every time i talk to friends or family about these ambitions i can just feel how they don’t believe in me, but it does not stop me. My dreams is what keeps me going, keeps me researching and hopefully is what is gonna get me successful!

    My question to you is if it is possible to make a “business name” for myself, since i live in Europe and have an unusual name, i want something people can remember, but is this anyhow illegal?

    Thanks in advance, and hopefully i will talk to you later on in my progress of growing as a business man 🙂

    • Kyle

      Hey Sean,

      You are in a really good position right now. You are gaining an understanding of the mass potential of being online has…and doing so at a really young age. Like you I started out when I was young (around 21) and within a year I was able to go full time. Here we are 10 years later and I am still running an Internet business, although it has evolved greatly over this time, a lot of the core fundamentals have remained the same (like the ones described within this post).

      I can also feel you with the part that “nobody believes in me”. That is natural, a lot of people think the Internet is one big scam still because they are misinformed, and in many cases have actually been scammed. To those family members that don’t believe, I would encourage you to get them to join Wealthy Affiliate as a free Starter member, I think it will make believers out of non-believers really quick. If you are not a member, this should be your first step as it will get you up and running with your own website and allow you to access a good deal of training online.

      Finally, to your question. If you have a difficult name to pronounce, then it is perfectly OK to use a Pen Name. Some of the most famous authors of our time have used pen names to create their brand and their business and there is nothing wrong with this.

      Hope this helps you out and I definitely look forward to working with you Sean. 🙂

  24. Marty

    Hi Kyle, I have been reading about the different ways to scam people, especially someone like me. I have no experience in online business. At this moment, I am trying to make it since I am unemployed and trying to save my home of 22 years from foreclosure and being able to survive.

    I have been burned with online businesses trying to find one that works. Unfortunately, I did not research some of those businesses and having to cancel and get my refund. This time, I am reading all the reviews and comments I can find. I know that it takes money to make money, but, My God, we don’t have to be bankrupt, and I cannot give up the little bit of money I have to survive right now.

    Hey, I believe that if I can make it on one of these online businesses, I promised to myself and God that I will help others without taking all their monies. I have been looking for a business where I don’t have to pay out to enter their front door and then be taken by other charges after I am in–do you know what I mean? I read your blog and I am interested in doing something I like, but for HOW MUCH? Nope, thanks. Anyways, thanks for reading. M. Romero

    • Kyle

      Marty, you can earn a healthy living within the online world helping people and this is what I have been a complete advocate of since I started helping people build online businesses back in 2005. You can accomplish this within any niche that you want, I am not sure what your interests are but you can choose something that you enjoy, you are passionate about and that you enjoy learning about.

      But the first thing you need is a website of your own. Without this you don’t have the foundation…the seed to grow your business from. I want you to get rolling with a free website, you shouldn’t have to outlay money right away when getting started so I suggest you go here and see the process of building your own website for free. From there you will also get training on how to get your business up and running with any niche (don’t worry, we will help you choose a niche).

      This will absolutely get you rolling in the right direction. If you need any further help, I will be more than happy to help you out Marty.

  25. Alan Zerr

    There are good businesses and bad businesses, good affiliate programs and bad ones, good MLMs and bad ones. Product prices must be considered/evaluated in terms of value. Most designer name products are also outrageously overpriced. I have been with a very good MLM company for over 15 years and have made a 6-figure income for 14 of those. I retired 5 years ago to the beaches of central America but have recently un-retired because I missed the action. I am looking for something to develop a better online presence and am currently evaluating WA among others. I have been publishing my experiences, past and current, on my blog for several years. My hope is to ramp-up the frequency and see everything grow. It is all part of my “move forward and give back” philosophy.

    • Kyle

      Alan, that is so awesome to hear about your 15 years of success. It sounds like you definitely have what it takes to achieve success. They say your first million is the hardest to make, because once you have done that you understand the processes and what it takes to achieve that success.

      I have no doubts that you will feel right at home within Wealthy Affiliate and I do encourage your to check out the Starter membership (doesn’t cost a dime)…this will give you a good idea as to what we are about and I think you will immediately realize that we are in the business of helping folks, not in the business of making money. A big difference.

      The opportunity online runs wild and with some shifts in the market, it is only growing (and you can head any direction you like within WA). I look forward to working with you and if you need anything going forward, feel free to hit me up (either here or within WA).

  26. Marlo

    Hi Kyle,

    I have been reading all the reviews on your site and I like what you have to say. Funny thing about EN, I just opted out of it after a month because of everything you have said. And just knowing I would have to make money off the people I lured in and not providing them any value.

    I have been on a journey and really want to do internet marketing and make an income at it. There just always seems to be another Shiny Object that comes up.

    I have a really good mentor and she has taught me some attraction marketing techniques based on providing value and not screaming your link all over the place. She follows AnnSieg DMC which I really like but I do feel upsold constantly. I am in the inner circle right now and enjoy the step by step approach she provides.

    But I have to say I am intriqued with your product. I am a little confused though….is it your opinion to stay away from all MLM’s and promote affiliate links only or…? I really like the idea of affiliate links because they are a no brainer…

    • Kyle

      Thanks for getting in touch with me Marlo. Unfortunately, you are not alone in the fact that you have been taken by one of the MANY shiny objects out there. I actually wrote a piece on this back in November called “Act Like a Dumb Fish and Get Caught” that I think you will find very interesting. This puts the industry and consumer habits into perspective within this niche.

      In regards to affiliate marketing, it is more of an approach that I do recommend simply because it does not require the MLM structure to work, which typically means charging customers more for a product than the product is worth, simply to appease the business model of MLM. You see this everywhere. Acai Juice that is 5x as much as it should be, overpriced protein powders, expensive make-up, and low end “insurance” MLM’s. BUT, in saying this, we teach marketing and teach how business on the Internet works. This can be applied to anything.

      At Wealthy Affiliate, there are people that are…

      (1) Local Marketing (offering their services to local businesses)
      (2) Marketing their own products and services
      (3) Affiliate Marketing (promoting other products and services)
      (4) Selling websites
      (5) Earning revenue through ads they put on their sites
      (6) Earning money directly through WA (through our simple contribute and earn model)

      There are many things you can do online once you are equipped with the proper knowledge and once you have your foundation in place, these are things that you will be learning within WA, even as a Starter member. I recommend you do join and when you do, please make sure you stop by and say hi, my username within WA is Kyle.

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