1. danijela

    I was wondering if you can tell me if i am in right place as I am trying to find a way to see if there is a company online that will help me work from home that is NOT a scam. I was wondering if Wealthy Affiliate will help me with what I need to know and learn. I don’t own any business at all and also was wonder if i have to pay in next 7 day as I am not sure when i will be able to go through everything this week? If i join and i am not online in next 7 day as for some reason will you still change me?

    • Kyle

      The Wealthy Affiliate Starter membership (which is completely free) is not a trial and therefore if you don’t have much time to work on your business in the week ahead, that is fine. You Premium communication is for the first week, but beyond this you will still have access to your websites/training and the community itself. A business is not created in a week so do approach this as a journey with no time limit…each day you work on your business will lead to further success as you get out of your business what you put into it.

      • Alex Smith

        Hey bro, So Im wanting to get into online marketing hard core. Very passionate about it. I have come across this and Mark Lings Affilo Jetpack course. Its $1,000 to do, but comes with five websites, and basically everything you need. But its $1,000. Im looking to get results in about 3 to 6 months. What would be your best recommendation for me? Thanks

        • Kyle

          $1,000 for 5 canned websites? I would never recommend doing this. At Wealthy Affiliate you are going to get everything you need to create and run a business, you have a website builder (SiteRubix) that will literally allow you to get a website up and running in a matter of minutes. For the price of $1,000, you could have access to WA for 3 years which includes everything from training, live classes, tools, websites, hosting, support, and help from vastly successful marketers.

          But before I would ever recommend you pay anything, get started at Wealthy Affiliate on the Starter membership (completely free). I know you are going to love your experience and the helpful nature of the community. You won’t find anything like it online, that is my promise.

  2. Sylvie

    Hi Kyle,

    I am curious about WA and it seems to be getting really good reviews.

    Would WA work for me? I am French but I don’t necessarily want to target just the French speaking community. (Still, I’d like to have a go at it too.)

    I am patient. But I don’t have that much time as I teach full time and I have 6 year old very energetic twins I’ raising alone… That only leaves the nights to try and build another business that will enable me to leave my current job (very hard, plus I’ll soon be 60 and I live in Reunion Island, near Mauritius…).

    Can you help?

    • Kyle

      WA can work for absolutely anyone Sylvie, regardless of your situation, location, and your language. The training is in English only, however the website you create and the audience you target can be of any language that you like. If you wanted to target a French speaking audience, that would be completely fine.

      I like you (and most people) started my business within the online world when I had little time. At the time I was full time in college and I can tell you that if you dedicate any free time you can create to your business, you are going to see progress and results. As you see more results, you naturally dedicate more and more time to growing your business. That is simply how it works.

      WA can definitely help you out, no experience necessary. As soon as you join you are going to be put directly into the Getting Started training where you will not only have access to some really awesome training, you have access to a community of help and world class tools you can use to create your website/business.

  3. Mark

    Hey Kyle,
    I really like what I have seen and read about WA recently and would like to ask a couple of questions. I’ve been pitched a few times recently by SEO “Experts” to take their courses for hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Their pitch is that what has worked in the past no longer does but that THEIR methods work NOW. I can understand that things change over time and have no doubt that what these guys say is at least, theoretically, correct but it seems that they want to fleece purchasers before they pass on their knowledge. So, how do you at WA keep up to date with what supposedly works now in SEO through your tutorial mediums?

    Also, I’d like to build a business via a regularly updated main blog plus creating an ever growing number of mini sites within various niches making consistent small/large profits all giving a growing, aggregated income and profit. Do you think that WA is a good vehicle to use towards that and if so how would I best go about creating that business model from scratch?

    Thanks in advance Kyle,


    • Kyle

      The SEO “experts” are often times the most expensive and least knowledgeable folks out there. Don’t be fooled by folks that classify themselves as experts in the industry because these same people were those that were promoting the idea of duplicate content, spun content, heavy backlinking campaigns and other black hat techniques.

      At the end of the day Google and other search engines are looking for quality content and engaging content. What worked in SEO 5-7 years ago is still working now and what we have been teaching then, still works now and will work for years to come. We are absolutely current with our training at Wealthy Affiliate and we stay in tuned with any Panda/Penguin/Google Animal update that hits, but at the end of the day WA members are usually excited about these updates because they always benefit from them.

      RE: mini sites, that is a horrible business model. You don’t build a business by building lots of sites, you build a business by being great at one thing. There are 2.8 billion people online and all takes is to be really good at one thing, regardless of the niche, to be VERY successful online. We teach proper business at Wealthy Affiliate and I know you will absolutely love your experience.

  4. Kirk Farrar


    Ok, I’m going to name names, if this is not how it’s done, then please inform me.I just recently purchased Matt Lloyd’s MOBE program and started getting a litle concerned about what all this was going to cost, and came here to get the other side.I’m surprisedthat the products are so expensive, and obviously I’ve been duped. That was a quick $49! And all I’ve gotten to is Step 4.

    I guess what really chaps my backside is that this came heavily endorsed by Mark Roth at Offervault.com. They have definitely dropped a notch or two in my book.

    One question re:Offervault and WA, though. Do any of the classes you offer teach people about how to do CPA or CPC?
    Kirk Farrar

    • Kyle

      The reason they are recommending the product is not because they believe in it Kirk, it is because they are going to potentially make a good sum of money based on how many purchases (and upsells you get tricked into buying) within their program. The fact of the matter is that you are investing in a program that requires you to fool other people into doing the same thing. This goes for MANY of the schemes that are prevalent out there these days.

      Wealthy Affiliate is truly different and you will find it as a breath of fresh air…and best of all, it is free to get set-up and get rolling in the training, build your websites, etc. You will get more on our FREE starter membership that you will get paying $1,000’s in other programs.

      If you want to learn about how to PROPERLY build a business within any niche, then Wealthy Affiliate is going to be your best option. You can get started for FREE and I will personally be there to help you out every step of the way. I know you will love your experience and I really do look forward to working with you.

  5. Oscar

    Impressive. Can I move a website just started to Wealthy Affiliates? I am a (senior) newbie. You guys have a great thing going. Thanks

    • Kyle

      Yes, you can definitely move your website content over to the websites you will be building/hosting at Wealthy Affiliate on our state of the art platform. Not a problem at all Oscar.

  6. Mike

    I’ve been with WA for 6 months now, and it’s great. Thanks to Kyle, Carson and the rest of WA for all the support.


    • Kyle

      We can help you in every aspect of your business, from the initial stages of building out your website properly (for search engines), to creating content and getting traffic, and properly incorporating promotions that convert well. This goes for absolutely every niche, whether you are completely new to the online business world or have experience, and whether your have an online or offline business.

      If you are looking to have presence within the online world and want a platform that includes absolutely everything you need to accomplish this, we can help you out.


    Hi Kyle,

    Do you provide direct information, links to the
    10,000’s of affiliate programs and millions of products/services you can promote as an affiliate with WA?

    In essence, does your training lead you to the source to develop income?

    Great to keep learning on the opportunities that exist online.

    Thank you!

    • Kyle

      Absolutely it does. You are going to not only learn how affiliate programs work, you will learn how to find relevant affiliate programs within any niche. There are specific techniques that work wonderful well for finding niches, keywords as well as affiliate programs and these are all discussed within WA.

  8. David Williams

    I really like the honesty expressed here and oddly enough wound up saving an old house by repairing the foundation. It had a sill and the owner of the website at the old house rescue business called me and talked to me like for a half hour and told me just how important the sill,( a picture like frame of heavy timber used under old houses on the east coast) really was. He talked me out of a band-aid repair approach and literally told me everything about how to do it, his story and more. Later it sunk it that experiencein saving that old house was all about how the foundations we build and stand on need to be true, straight, robust and honest.

    Now being here only a few days already I have a good foundation and unlike totally being on my own with the one conversation there is more than I could have ever dreamed of here that is needed to build my online business. It is like striking the true motherload or vein of knowledge I have been looking for. I know it will take some time but it is the quality and sturdiness, the long term results that will last that I think are really important. Thanks Kyle and Carson to for creating and making this all possible.


    • Kyle

      The integrity of your foundation is business is critical. The problem is that when most people go to create a business online they are not only being misinformed by one of the many low grade products out there, they are not focusing on building the foundation of their business (which starts with a website) before they focus on the money part.

      Without a website and without getting traffic to that website, there is no point in worrying about making money. You need people on your site and ideally coming from relevant searches in Google if you want to promote something to them (and make money), so that is the first step and the exact process we teach within WA. Wealthy Affiliate teaches the proper way to build a business with LONG TERM success in mind…and it all starts with that foundation.

    • Kyle

      As a Premium member of Wealthy Affiliate you can host up to 25 domains of your own as well as 25 free websites on our .siterubix.com domain (for a total of 50). These are all hosted on our state of the art “managed” hosting platform which offers full security, monitoring, support, SiteHealth metrics, SiteFeedback system, password protection, etc…on the most powerful hosting servers in the world.

  9. Hennie

    I went through some of the content on your site and read through a lot of the comments, cool stuff and I like the way you professionally handle some of the negative and insulting comments, I am more and more tempted to join your network, just one question though, how soon after I get started will I be seeing results? meaning WHEN WILL THE MONEY COME? even if it is only $20 in the first month or so, this will make me more positive hahaha, I will join your network for sure, sounds good to me.

    • Kyle

      What you earn is obviously based on what YOU do and the time and energy you invest into this. You are creating a business at Wealthy Affiliate and sure, we provide you with absolutely everything you need to create and grow a business online but at the end of the day, it is you that ends up building it.

      For me it took me 3 months to earn my first $1 online. This is quite normal as the first couple months are usually the foundation building process. Once you have this foundation in place, then you have the infrastructure to build a very successful business. I have now been at this 13 years full time and I know if I didn’t dedicate myself those first couple of months, I wouldn’t be where I am at today.

      So the sky is the limit and what you get within WA is everything you need to build a very lucrative business, but I don’t give an “expectations” because everyone is different, everyone works at different rates, etc. Hope this offer some clarity here. What I do know is that you will love your experience at Wealthy Affiliate and you will love the community there.

  10. Dave

    Yes is there any Training inside Wealthy Affiliate that will teach me how to be a Amazon affiliate I’m looking to sell with Amazon?

    • Kyle

      Absolutely Dave, what you promote is completely up to you and the training at Wealthy Affiliate will work with any type of product/service within any niche. You are going to learn how to build a business from the ground up, no experience necessary.

      The first focus is going to be building out your website in a way that leads to rankings and relevant traffic. Once you have this audience, then you can promote whatever you want…whether it is something within the Amazon platform, your own product, another affiliate network and in some cases monetize your traffic through ads.

      We can definitely help and I know you are going to love the community at WA.

    • Kyle

      There is an affiliate program at WA yes (and a very lucrative one). The training at WA does show you how to build a business in any niche though and I recommend to people that they follow their passion when building a business. It tends to lead to much more success.

      But yes, the affiliate program is there for anyone that would like to promote WA (both free and Premium members). Hope this helps you out.

  11. Warren

    Hi Kyle,

    I’ve been busy reading up on WA for the past two days and have to say that I am very impressed and intend joining. I do however have a couple of questions for you:

    1/ Why doesn’t WA take advantage of posting its success stories on line in order to give more encouragement to people like myself?

    2/ How does a WA member know whether advertisers are being truthful in the sales they say they have received via that member’s website?

    3/ Is copyright ever a problem when a WA member names his or her website? For instance, could I call my website Macdonalds.com or Kentucky Fried Chicken.com?

    4/ I’m curious to know who Carson is and how and why you hooked up with him?

    5/ What would happen to a WA member’s online business if you or your website were to cease trading?

    Finally, so suspicious am I of being scammed that I did initially wonder if you were in fact an avatar blogging to himself, but of course, that would be impossible…wouldn’t it?

    Answer my questions Kyle and you will have convinced me to join up for sure!

    By the way, like the personal touch you supply, keep up the good work.

    Kind regards,

    • Kyle

      Nice to hear from you, I know you are really going to love the community at WA Warren. In response to your questions here:

      1/ Why doesn’t WA take advantage of posting its success stories on line in order to give more encouragement to people like myself?

      There are many success stories posted within WA every day. You can read about them when you are inside of the community if you like, but we are not built off of people bragging about their success (to be honest, the most successful people never brag about it), WA is a platform where anyone can learn to create a business within any niche. Our training, tools, resources, support, websites/hosting, and community are unparalleled in the industry and you will gain an appreciation for this even within the Starter membership.

      2/ How does a WA member know whether advertisers are being truthful in the sales they say they have received via that member’s website?

      Affiliate programs are completely automated. When you make a sale (regardless of the programmed) it is tracked and you are notified. Stealing sales doesn’t happen with normal affiliate programs, the only time you might see something like this happening is within the MLM based “make money” programs that are out there.

      3/ Is copyright ever a problem when a WA member names his or her website? For instance, could I call my website Macdonalds.com or Kentucky Fried Chicken.com?

      Yes, some companies are more stringent about domain names and the use of their trademarks within them than others. I usually stay away from domains like that, you want to create your own brand and create a domain that is brandable to you (and your niche). This is discussed in much more detail inside of Wealthy Affiliate.

      4/ I’m curious to know who Carson is and how and why you hooked up with him?

      We met in school and we were independently successful online (in the affiliate marketing industry) before we created WA. We built Wealthy Affiliate back in 2005 with the mission to help others achieve the same sort of success we had and to this day we have stuck with our roots. Everything we do and every evolution of WA premises off of the idea of making the service better for our members with the focus being “help”.

      5/ What would happen to a WA member’s online business if you or your website were to cease trading?

      You are in full control of your business, it is independent of ours. You own your domains that you buy and you own the information in your head (the skillset that you are going to learn). You can take this with you wherever you go. In saying this, you have nothing to be concerned about. We are not going anywhere. We are the top Internet Marketing education platform in the world and the best is yet to come. :)

      Hope this helps you out and adds some clarity.

  12. Joe

    What kind of income has been made in different time frames? What income has been achieved in 2 months, 3 months, 1 year to give examples? I know it takes time to build but give me some kind of guidance to set goals.

    • Kyle

      That really depends from person to person Joe and how hard one works. Like any online business, you get out of it what you put into it. My personal story will differ from yours (no exact two stories), but for me it took me 3 months busting my butt to earn my first dime online. By month 6 I was making very consistent sales and just over the year mark I was able to go full time. Some people are faster, some are slower.

      One thing that you are going to get within Wealthy Affiliate is proper training walking you through the process of creating an online business in absolutely any niche (any passion or interest). It is an exciting time on the Internet and the opportunity is only growing, you are going to be able to capitalize on this with the education and the community you have access to within WA.

      • Joe

        I respect that you gave a good honest answer. If I may when you say full time does that mean you are making enough as an established yearly income? This has become your job, you make your bills, do vacations when appropriate and so forth…?

        • Kyle

          Yes, that is exactly what I mean. By full time I mean more than I would make with my computer science degree. The thing about the online world that I still find fascinating to this day is that there is no end to the opportunity out there…in any niche. Your success of course (as with any business) is the byproduct of your hard work and dedication, and Wealthy Affiliate will help you out with everything in between. This includes the training, the tools, the websites/hosting, the support and the community of help.

  13. Melody

    I found Wealthy Affiliate a while ago and was very impressed by their resources for free. And making this scams website is a very clever way of promoting it. I especially liked the MOBE review, saved me thousands!

    • Kyle

      Our goal over the last 9 years has been to help people succeed within the online space Melody. Every update, every improvement and every evolution at Wealthy Affiliate puts the community first and will remain that way moving through 2015. The reason we offer our Starter membership for free is because we know that people will absolutely love the service if they try it (before they ever have to consider paying a cent). Companies that cannot offer this sort of access are typically hiding something.

  14. Vishnu

    Interesting blog posts you have on your website here Kyle. I stumbled across your take on the many “bogus” web businesses out there!

    Reading up on some other programs and this “new” Wealthy Affiliate: which is con and which is pro? real or fake? I will eventually join one!

    I need to ! My Masters Degree in theology is not actually helping me pay my bills! Had a series of unfortunate events these last 10 years from divorce to bankruptcy and repossessions! I will give 100% of effort…but want to be part of something that operates on integrity and looks out for its members and not based on selfishness and personal greed?

    Can you help me decide?

    • Kyle

      Although you have first come across WA, we by no means are “new”. Wealthy Affiliate started back in 2005 and has been a constantly evolution based on what the members and the community have demanded and wanted to see. Close to 10 years of evolution and millions per year invested into the platform takes us to today’s current state. There is nothing in the industry that can compare to even our free Starter membership at Wealthy Affiliate and I think you will find that this is more than apparent when you enter the community and you feel the instant “love” from others.

      We are ethical and we teach others how to create an ethical business…the PROPER way. We are focused on helping folks create long term businesses in absolutely any niche ( you decide), so regardless of your passion or interest there is definitely a good fit for you within the online world. I suggest you get a free Starter account and get rolling, I know you are going to love it.

  15. azlan

    Hi Kyle,

    I just join the free membership.
    I found WA while researching on Matt Lloyd program promoted by John Chow.

    I also joined Simon Stanley program called “online success Apprentice” but still can refund within two month. What do you think. I am a newbie, look like WA got everything,.

    Thanks Kyle

    • Kyle

      Everything you need is at WA, from the support, training, tools, community, websites, hosting….you name it. I know you are going to love it Azlan and if you ever have any questions you have an abundance of help within WealthyAffiliate, including direct support from myself.

  16. nikhila

    Hi kyle,

    Does this opportunity applies to all countries.
    Now I am in UK but soon will be travelling to India.
    Can I continue this after I go back?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Kyle

      Yes, the Internet is global and so is the opportunity. There are folks within absolutely every country in the world at WA (and lots of them). With close to 280,000 members, you have a community that you can network with and it is really exciting to see people within all niches, from all countries in the world building successful businesses online.

      So yes, most definitely you can.

  17. Ana

    Hi Kyle,

    I first joined WA as a regular paid member in ’09 when I was living in Japan and started going through the courses. But I got sidetracked in a major way after I got sick and had to come back to a country in economic freefall in my late 50s. I lost everything and had to cancel my membership before I’d even got started.

    I found temporary work after that but lost that as well. Now at 60, I’m more determined than ever to get my online businesses started. I’m currently an editor and have a few clients around the world, and I’m building my first site around that with GoDaddy.

    Being unemployed, I simply can’t afford to go to Premium straight away. I hope to as soon as I know I can make my bills regularly. When I asked about rejoining, you informed me that I had to go directly to Premium because I’m a former member. I’m simply not in a position yet. Can’t I rejoin free? I really need the help!

    Thank you,

    • Kyle

      We would love to have you back and I know you are going to notice a ton of changes at Wealthy Affiliate Ana. I have set it up so you can create a new Starter account at WA, simple go to the homepage and register an account. I look forward to working with you moving forward and make sure you pop by and say hi once you are within the community.

  18. Mellissa

    Hello Kyle,

    I was just wondering exactly how the pay works?like, who. Exactly would I be getting paid by? And how are payments received? PayPal, check, wired…
    Another question, is there an average pay for a part timer using the free starter membership? I’m looking for something that’s at least around $800 a month. Is that possible with the free starter membership to attain that in the FIRST month?
    Last, as soon as I start the account and do the training, could I get my 2 websites made and start making money soon after?
    I’ve been looking all over for an online just that is trustworthy, and I’m hoping this is it.

    • Kyle

      The pay works for different companies, but most offer check payment as well as other methods of payment (like wiring, paypal, etc). There are 10,000’s of affiliate programs that you can promote (millions of products/services) and it really depends on the program as to how they go about paying you. As I said though, 99% of them do offer check payment.

      There is no average pay, this is a business and what you earn is based on your actions within your business development. The thing is, the potential is there for ANYONE to create a very successful business online. You get out of your business what you put into to it, this is not like an hourly job…you will be building out an online business in any niche that you like.

      You are likely not going to earn money in your first month…that is the reality of it. Before you build a skyscraper, you must first have a solid foundation so that is the initial focus. If you want to create a real business online, WA is the only place you should consider. If you are looking for a scheme that is going to suck you into believing that instant success is a reality, then be prepared to lose money on one of the schemes out there.

  19. Tyson

    Hi Kyle,

    I have been reviewing the WA program, and I am somewhat interested, however I do have a few questions.

    1 – So basically you develop a blog, and interest piece, WA shows you how to drive traffic to it. Once people are on the blog, they see the WA adverts (more or less) about making money. When people go and sign up to WA is when you get your commission. So saying this, you only get paid when people sign up to the premium membership right?

    2 – How do you actually get paid? Do they mail you a cheque, do they wire transfer to a bank account? Also do you know if all of this is subject to tax?

    Appreciate your responses

    • Kyle

      Hey Tyson, in response to your questions here:

      (1) We help you through the entire process, right from the initial selection of the niche/passion that you are going to build your business out within, to the website development (we provide you with a website builder, state of the art hosting platform)…to the training on how to build out the content on your website and get ranked in search engines. The traffic will come and once you understand what you are doing, there is so much opportunity out there.
      You DO NOT have to promote WA to earn money, you can work within any niche you like. It is completely up to you.

      (2) Different companies pay differently, but most pay via check as well as other types of payment (like Paypal, bank wire). There are 10,000’s of affiliate programs and millions of products/services you can promote as an affiliate…pretty much anything you can imagine. The money you earn is income and will be taxed based on your tax rules wherever you are located.

      Hope this helps you out Tyson. The best thing to do is to get your WA Starter account rolling and head through the training. I know you are going to see right away how we are different than everything thing else that is out there. We are a supportive and very helpful community and your success is our ultimate goal.

      • Tyson

        Hi Kyle,

        Thank you for the response, the answers were helpful. So I understand that I get paid by generating leads and sales essentially for the companies that pay for affiliate leads that convert.

        Did I also read that I get paid if I can get other interested people to buy/sign for the premium W.A. package too? If this is correct, I would assume they pay via paypal or cheque etc..?

        I am here on a working Visa and just want to make sure I am doing everything above board.


        • Kyle

          Yeah Tyson, that is correct. Companies pay you for referring people to buy their products or services, in some cases they pay you for a lead. This is purely performance based so there is no risk on their end, they give you a special affiliate link and away you go. There are 10,000’s of lucrative niches online and you can literally take any passion of yours and create an online business within it.

          We do have an affiliate program at Wealthy Affiliate as well that you automatically have access to as both a Starter and Premium member at WA. Our main method of payment at WA is paypal, we pay on the first of every month. We have many full time affiliates that are making a full time living promoting WA…but also have people creating successful businesses in pretty much every niche you can imagine. That is the awesome part about what you are going to learn at Wealthy Affiliate, you choose your direction!

  20. JohnG

    Hello kyle,

    I really think that Wealthy Affiliate is everything that I needed. this gives me hope to carry on inspite of my failures. Especially in making money online, but one thing is kinda unclear to me.

    Can I earn money even if I’m just a free member or do I have to pay for premium for me to earn money?

    I really think that becoming a premium member will be the best idea and i’ll go for it if I only have enough money. But my big big problem is I’m so broke and jobless. So can I earn as a free member and upgrade later as a premium member once I earned enough money?

    Thanks, John

    • Kyle

      Hi John,

      My suggestion is to always get rolling initially through the free Starter membership. This is going to take you through the foundation building stages, get you through choosing a niche, building a website, and developing your initial website framework. At that point you have a foundation that can be used to be a very successful business online.

      Yes, you can earn within the free membership. You have full control over your websites, but the initial focus should be building our your initial structure and working to get traffic on your website (which is taught as you move through the training). Once you have traffic, you have an audience to promote to (lots of opportunity to generate revenue).

      Obviously the Premium membership is advantageous (more training, more live classes, more mentoring, more tools, more access, etc), but upgrade at your own pace and what works best for your and your financial situation.

  21. Harold Woomer

    I am truly in need of a second income. I won’t bore you with my sob story, suffice it to say I am at the end of my rope. I do not understand how you can make money on-line without a product to sell. That is the position I am in. I would like to join your team I just do not understand what I would be doing that would make money. Please help me understand, because I truly desire to get out of debt.

    • Kyle

      This is all going to be covered within the training, in fact in Lesson 2 within our training you are going to learn about Affiliate marketing and the process of making money online Harold. I would suggest you get yourself a free Starter membership at the very least and start working through the training, but Lesson for you are going to understand the process and have a website of your very own in place!

      Basically there are 10,000’s of merchants out there looking for help to promote their products/services online. They have affiliate programs that you can join which will allow you to promote their products in exchange for a commission. You simply have to drive the traffic to them (that converts), they deal with everything else. It is a genius business model once you start building a business and you are going to learn absolutely everything you need to know and be tasked with the steps to achieve success with affiliate marketing at Wealthy Affiliate.

  22. caleb sinclair

    Hello Kyle. Im a current college student and was wondering if WA was a good idea while im in college. And I was wondering realistically, how much money can you make through WA? Thanks!


    • Kyle

      I actually got my start within the online world when I was in college Caleb, so I can totally relate to your situation. Is it a good idea. Absolutely.

      If I had a choice looking back, I would have saved the money I spent in school and dedicated that to my online business. That is hindsight though and I am by no means saying you should give up what you are doing, I am saying that there is nothing but GOOD that will come out of you starting an online business NOW versus later.

      As for how much money you can make, the sky is the limit. Wealthy Affiliate teaches the PROPER way to build a business online and how successful you are is dependent on how hard you work at it. It is up to you, but everything you need to create and grow a business is included within WA. I suggest you get rolling on the Starter membership and then move forward from there. I think you are going to be thorough impressed very quickly as to what WA has to offer.

  23. Allison

    I recently finished writing a business plan for selling hair weave. I know this website will help me market better online but will it also help me with investors?

    • Kyle

      Yes, it absolutely can. When you have a website, you have a place not only to attract customers but you will be building out your own personal brand and can create a very successful business. Everything you need to create and grow your online presence is included within Wealthy Affiliate.

  24. Wayne

    Good morning Kyle. Came across a web review of WA the other day stating that you didn’t have a business licence. I can’t see how that would be true in light of your sounding like you are on the up-and-up, and seem to be honest and all that. I’m sure that if that were the case there would be a reasonable explanation for that.

    Living in BC myself could you enlighten me on my responsibilities in that respect? I want to be above board in all aspects of this business.

    Thank you, in advance, for your response….Wayne

    • Kyle

      I have seen that as well, no idea where the BBB got that information from. We have been an Incorporated company (Niche Marketing Inc) since 2005 and we have been operating an ethical business ever since then. Sometimes I wonder where BBB pulls their information from, but that one is lost in left field.

      We are legit, we are ethical and yes, we have a business licenses and have for the last 9.5 years. We are the longest standing company in the reason and I know the minute you step inside of the community at WA you will gain a true appreciation that we are different than everything else that is out there (in a very good way).

      I look forward to working with you Wayne and if you have any further questions about anything related to Wealthy Affiliate or the online business world, feel free to ask.

  25. Theofanis

    Hi Kyle,
    My name is Theofanis and I am from Greece. I used to work as a web developer for 18 years. Now, I am unemployed and Ι need to gain some income.

    The WA sounds very good and I really want to make money online.

    I am not a complete newbie. I have numerous years in developing professional windows or web applications.
    Nevertheless the developing is not my passion.
    My passion are movies. Ι can spend hours with the analysis of a movie.
    But I have no idea how to create my passion to business product. I don’t know how I turn a niche into income.

    I do not believe that Ι will be rich in one night. I just want to make $1,500 – $2,000 usd a month. I am willing to work hard to achieve my purpose.

    So I am looking for a honest opinion and some advice.

    Many thanks & regards,

    PS. Is there anyone else from Greece ?

    • Kyle

      Great to hear from you Theofanis. You are in the same position as many people, you have a interest/passion and you are not sure how this could translate into a business online. That is exactly what we teach and what we can help you out with inside of WA.

      The first step is getting a Starter account so you can start moving through the training which by Lesson 4 at Wealthy Affiliate will walk you through the process of setting up your very first website on our state of the art website platform, SiteRubix.

      In a nutshell, the process is going to be this:

      (1) Choose a niche
      (2) Build your website
      (3) Create targeted/helpful content (that gets ranked in search engines)
      (4) Once you have traffic, there are a myriad of ways you can make money

      We obviously go in much more detail within the training and we have a community there to hold your hand if you ever get stuck (myself included). $1,500-2,000 is more than possible, much more is. The fact of the matter is that this will not happen overnight but if you invest the time and energy into this, it can and WILL happen.

      PS. We have many members from Greece at Wealthy Affiliate, some of whom are very successful within the online space. We are a global community.

  26. Salvacion

    Hi, I stumbled upon WA during one of my many searches for a way to earn something while pursuing my hobby. WA sounds like the answer to my search because of your free start and training.
    I just have a question, will I still have full rights to whatever I place in my site even if I am just a free member?
    I am really interested in joining soon.
    Thank you

    • Kyle

      Yes, you are in full control of your content…even on the free sites. You don’t own the free site (as it is on a domain we own, siterubix.com) however you are in control of every aspect of the content, you can promote whatever you like, and if you do decide to go Premium you can easily transfer an entire free website over to a domain of your own using our one click “Move” feature.

  27. Wynne

    Hello Kyle,

    I came to your “Avoid Scams Online” website to read your opinion about a different internet marketing group, wound up reading your assessment of your own site, and was in awe of your good explanations and the concise information you present. I am very interested in Wealthy Affiliate, but given my nature to jump too soon and later regret my impulsiveness, I’m giving myself a one-day time out to consider not if your program is worthwhile, I’m already convinced it is. The deeper question for me is “Am I ready to commit to the education and development your program offers, or will this one too, fall by the wayside of my good intent, but lack of action to support the idea?”

    So I’m initiating my one-day recess. Thanks for your incredibly thoughtful, “global” perspective, I truly respect and admire what you have accomplished as a businessman and your incredible generosity in sharing what you have learned to help others. Go guys!

    • Kyle

      I guess that would be something that only you have the answer for Wynne. I would never be nothing but honest with you about this, it will take some work on your end to create success. We have the platform at Wealthy Affiliate that includes all the training, tools, websites, hosting, support, community…that you need to create a business, the only missing element is you.

      I would love nothing more than to work with you and see you succeed online and I do know that now that you have found WA, the searching can truly stop. We are legit, we are real, and we built WA off of helping folks just like yourself.

  28. Michelle

    Hi Kyle,

    I’ve just signed up with WA, as I really want to make a go of an online business. In the past I’ve spent vast amounts of money on courses like ‘social media profits’ and ended up spending a small fortune (at least £1500) with no return! I learnt some valuable information but that was all :(

    I’m currently unemployed, a stay at home mum with a good amount of free time to start my own business diligently!

    I’ve been researching many different avenues and WA seems like a good place to start according to some good reviews.
    I had clickbank email me with their product called ‘Clickbank University’ which also sounded very good.. So I am a little confused, what are the differences in theirs and your programmes/courses..?

    I’m ready to make this happen as time is of the essence for me and my family right now.

    Also, is it possible to have a website up and running receiving revenue without upgrading to your premium package? I ask as I’m on a very tight budget.

    Thank you in advance,
    Michelle (in the U.K)

    • Kyle

      Now that you are at WA, you have absolutely everything you need to create and grow a business online Michelle. We have been constantly growing and improving the service at Wealthy Affiliate for the last 9.5 years and you will not find a more comprehensive, all-inclusive platform anywhere in the world. I will full stand behind that and I can tell you that with each month that passes, we only continue to evolve and improve our service.

      As for being Starter and earning money, yes it is possible…but typically the most successful members are our Premium members as they have much more access. The Starter is great for building your initial foundation and getting rolling with that (your website, your initial content, help and communication), but when you are ready to take things to the next level you may want to consider the Premium.

      There is no obligation though and I do suggest that you get rolling on your Starter membership and get your website up and running. I know you will be impressed as to how much you accomplish in just your first 10 lessons!

      If you need anything going forward, get in touch with me inside of Wealthy Affiliate.

  29. Neal

    Hi Kyle, so far everything I’ve seen about WA looks positive. Just want to make sure that I understand the web hosting service- I currently have a website that is hosted by another company. If I sign on for the premium WA package I can have you guys host that site and it is covered by the WA fees? If that’s true I can factor in the monthly hosting fee that I’ll be saving into the cost equation…

    • Kyle

      Absolutely Neal. Our Premium service offers you a “managed” hosting experience (comparable hosting programs are $75/mth alone) for up to 25 domains of your own. In addition, you can create and host an additional 25 free websites on our Siterubix.com domain. That is definitely one of the perks of being a Premium member, you can move off of your existing host and reduce your costs.

  30. Eric Cross

    Hi Kyle
    Thank you for all you do to help us who are new to the internet world. There is so many scams online that I see why people give up trying to have their own internet business.

    My question is this. I joined a mlm company that has a product that I love in the health industry. I never liked mlm because I don’t like giving meetings at my house or talking to people at the mall. Can W.A. help me build my business and build a successful team with Internet Marketing? Please give hope to us who love mom. Thanks

    • Kyle

      That is the exact same reason I have never been a fan of MLM..the offline hustle, which tends to reach a point where you feel like you are having to sell off a portion of your soul (often times to friends and family) just to make a sale.

      You can absolutely promote any opportunity or any product within the online world, that is the beautiful part about it. I also think you are going to the be really fascinated and interested in the affiliate marketing world, it is similar to MLM without the shameless recruitment process. You can help people and earn a significant living doing so.

  31. Martin

    Hi Kyle. I have intermediate IM knowledge but have been overwhelmed by all the information and have not had any success yet. I am looking to make about $50 a day within 30 days doing affiliate marketing. I have a limited budget and would like to know how much would I have to spend on content etc to reach my target. Also how many work hours per day would be required. Thanks.

    • Kyle

      I cannot guarantee you $50 per day within the next 30 days, but what I can guarantee you of is a proper education on how to create a REAL online business. That is what we teach at WA and before you can earn consistent revenue, you first need a foundation for your business. If you are trying to race to success, your chances of achieving it are usually much less than someone that is willing to give themselves adequate time.

      My personally, it took me 3 months to make my first $1 online. 6 months to earn consistent income…and just over a year to have a full time income coming in. This is pretty typically if you are willing to work for it. I have now been at this 13 years full time online and if I hadn’t given myselve 3 months to make that first sale, I can only imagine where I would be at today.

  32. Jessica

    Hi Kyle, I’m currently in college right now full time and work a part time job as well. I’m in need of something I can make some extra income on to pay for school but still have time to do homework, my job, go to school, etc.

    I feel that maybe a work from home job would be what it takes, but I just want to make sure I will have enough time. Does this take a load of dedication?

    I do have a laptop/smart phone so I don’t need to be home to do this, but just want to make sure I don’t need to dedicate all the time in the world toward it. I have tried other work from home jobs and you have to spend loads of time using it every day just to make a buck. Just trying to figure out if it’d be better if I went and got a second part time job at a restaurant or something rather than do something like this.

    • Kyle

      Jessica, like you I started out in the Internet marketing world while I was full time in school. It can be done, in fact, it can be done quite well even with a heavy “study” and workload schedule through school. You can take any passion/interest and learn how to create a business online. That is what we teach at WA and you are going to learn how to create a business online the RIGHT WAY.

      As for the time, dedicate the time and energy you have to your business. You get out of it what you put in (like any business). Spend time in between classes and sacrifice TV time or time that you would be out socializing to your business, it may not seem worth it in the present, but you will look back like I am 12 years later and be really glad you did.

  33. Celticdragon

    Hi Kyle, i am new to WA and still getting my feet wet.However I am enjoying the training area and boot camp.The community spirit is great!

    MY Qustion to you : Why does WA not have an Autoresponder system in house ?

    Regards, Celticdragon

    • Kyle

      We don’t have an autoresponder in house because there are a lot of great autoresponder (and very established ones) that have been around for 15 years and offer a great and very affordable service (like aweber.com, getresponse.com, mailchimp.com). We don’t reinvent the wheel at WA, we have a platform that is built of the simplification of many different aspects of business. We definitely don’t like doing anything that is “mediocre” either.

      We have made building a website a better and easier process. We have made hosting a website a better and easier process. We have made keyword research a better and easier process. We have made getting trained in this business a better and easier process. We have made networking with fellow entrepreneurs better and easier at WA.

      If there comes a time (and there may very well be) where we feel we can do a better job than any other autoresponder out there, then we will. Hope this offers some clarity.

  34. Karl

    Hi Kyle! I’m a “complete newbie!” I’ve wanted an online business for “awhile” now and it seems like the more I look, the more money I waste and the more “confused” I become! I enjoyed the information you’ve given and I see a “lot of value” for the cost! I will be joining soon! Karl

    • Kyle

      Don’t worry Karl, we ALL started off as complete newbies to the industry at one point. I can assure you that things that seem “foreign” now will become second nature as you move through the training and as you immerse yourself within the helpful community at Wealthy Affiliate. Drop me a note if you ever need a hand, here for you!

  35. Sid

    Kyle, I joined WA earlier this year, but ashamedly and with embarrassment I paused my premium account and have been in online “exile”. I have gone through major months of frustration because I was trying or researching all these SCAM products that seem to pop like pop corn on a daily basis, looking to hopefully create quick money…basically my ego took over. I am working in a day job at the moment but on a lot of reflection I know it’s not going to be my future and I need to start working on something online.

    I am planning to get back into WA next week because I feel it’s my only path towards achieving true financial freedom and success while enjoying my life helping others. I do realize it will take some work and focus but I know it’s the only true way to be successful online.

    I do have a few questions for you please:

    1) There are some niche ideas in mind, but personally I want to first aim at becoming a super affiliate for WA before promoting a site with a niche (or do you think I can do both at the same time easily)?

    2) If I want to target earning $10,000 per month from one of my sites or WA as an affiliate, is there a way for me to target to reach this in a year? What development have you guys worked on for people who have a certain financial aim? And from there how I can increase it gradually through WA training?

    3) Is there training on creating your own product (information product) as well now?

    I do look forward to returning and creating a better future for my family and myself. I am amazed at your humbleness and ability to communicate with everyone personally on this page. Someday I hope I can share a stage with you, becoming a keynote speaker and promoting WA.

    I look forward to your responses.


    • Kyle

      Quick money…that is very typically and naturally we all want money fast Sid. The reality is something completely different and it does take time and work to create a business. It is actually the reason I see most people fail online, they simply are looking for overnight success and they usually don’t give themselves enough time to achieve that success.

      Anyone (and I mean ANYONE) create a full time business with the training, tools, support, websites/hosting, and communication platform we offer at Wealthy Affiliate as we teach folks how to create a proper business online. We would love to have you back at WA (now that you have seen what is really out there in the corrupt world of GURU’s…ugh).

      In response to your questions….

      1) You can promote whatever you like at WA, whether this is your own niche/interest or Wealthy Affiliate itself. The key is to focus on ONE or the other though, I don’t recommend trying to create two or more businesses at once. It will lead to mediocrity in many niches rather that brilliant success within one niche.

      2) IT is possible yes, but success will differ from person to person so this is very subjective. $10,000 per month is only $333 per day, so if you make this your daily goal it will seem to be much more achievable. That is far less work than you imagine, but it will take some effort to get your foundation in place and your formula down, but from there it is just a matter of scaling. This can be accomplished in any niche, whether you are promoting WA or a passion of your own.

      3) I never recommend creating your product in ANY niche before you have already established a brand within that niche..so cross that bridge when you get there. It can and WILL happen, but you may never need to create a product. There are many affiliates out there that have crossed over into the 7 figure per year territory.

      Hope this helps you out Sid and we look forward to having you back as part of the community at WA!

  36. Christian


    This sounds very good and I really want to make money online, I would like to know if this course will eventually teach me how to make my own products and if it is possible to build a business in the spanish speaking market and the english markek. I like music, movies, travel, design, photoshop. Is it possible to make a living with any of those niches. Thanks

    • Kyle

      Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to create a business in any market, whether this is in Spanish or another language…there are members from absolutely every single country in the world within WA.

      As for your niches, those are all massive “categories”. There are many much more targeted niches within these categories that you will be able to narrow down to and build a full time business within and YES, you can make a living online with just one very targeted idea. We will help you with all of this within WA and lesson 3 of the Getting Started training is going to help you narrow down your niche ideas.

      Developing the product comes down the road (if ever), you first need to establish yourself as an authority within your niche before you can even consider selling a product. The horse needs to come before the cart. We can help you with all of this inside of Wealthy Affiliate and I suggest you get rolling with a Starter membership.

  37. Wayne

    I enjoyed reading your “unbiased” review on WA and found it to be informative and trustworthy. I have already read several other Affiliate reviews as well. I did ask questions and I received prompt replies with good answers. I also found out that you and your partner are from B.C. I too am a fellow Canadian, living in the Lower Mainland. I glad to see that the authors of WA are great Canadian content.

    So here is the short story. I’m 65 and currently recovering from a back injury which has kept me off work for more than 2 mo. I am probably going back to work in 2-4 weeks but I’m not sure how long it will last because I will be going back with limits on what I can physically do. That’s why I am considering joining WA so I can leave my J O B and also give my wife a chance to do the same so we can do some of the things we dream about doing.

    I will be a total newbie when I join and I’m not sure what my nieche might look like. Anyway I have two more questions.

    1. Will I still have access to all the stuff in the free membership if I don’t sign-up for the “Premium” right away? And

    2. I intend to use my laptop to do the work of building and designing my websites but I also have, I think, a pretty good tablet that I would like to use for the instruction portion. I was wondering if it would be possible to use both devices at the same time and be able to access the website, my account, or whatever its called. It’s kind of like having the text book beside you while taking an exam. Get my meaning. It would certainly be easier for me to learn that way.

    Am I making sense?? What say you?


    • Kyle

      Thanks for stopping by Wayne, it is great to hear from a fellow Canadian. I absolutely know you can learn how to PROPERLY create an internet business online, no experience necessary. That is exactly what we teach and as you go through the Getting Started training, you are going to have your niche selected, website built and initial framework of content in place within just the first 7 lessons.

      In response to your questions:

      (1) Yes, you will have access to your Starter membership forever. It includes 2 free websites along with a good deal of the training. The Premium membership includes EVERYTHING (much more than Starter), but you can upgrade at your own pace and there are absolutely no obligations. My suggest to you is to get rolling on the Starter membership, I know that as soon as you enter the community you are going to fall in love (and feel right at home).

      (2) You can use any device you want with Wealthy Affiliate, obviously you will be more productive on a laptop or desktop, but it is mobile ready and many of our members (including myself) also use it on tablets, smartphones, etc. Everything we create and integrate into WA is tested on all devices. If you want to take the training while on your iPad or other tablet, perfectly fine!

      Hope this helps you out.

      • Wayne

        Thanks for your reply Kyle. What I had in mind was to use my tablet, (Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, 2014 edition) and my laptop at the same time; the tablet to access the instruction and the laptop to do the websites and doing both at the same time. Like working on a science paper where you have you reference material beside you while you write the paper. I am wondering if this is possible.

        Looking forward to getting started but first I must discuss with my wife.

        • Kyle

          Absolutely, this definitely works and I actually work in a very similar way to this. I use my tablet to consumer information and I use my laptop/desktop to do the bulk of the work. We are living in a fully connected world aren’t we?!

    • Charles

      Hi there Wayne, its a great idea to use two devices to your advantage. You can view the training videos within Wealthy Affiliate on your tab while you busy following the instructions on your laptop. You can pause or rewind the video which is playing on the tab, enter settings or content to your site and then press play again when you ready. I find this to be much more productive than watching an entire video and then doing everything I can remember. Make sure to always read all Kyle’s content within the training and don’t only watch the videos. haha, Some basic stuff for new comers to know but I’m guessing you have the wisdom by now to know the above. Best of Luck.

    • Kyle

      Yes, we can definitely help you out with that at Wealthy Affiliate. We have lots of training on how to create content (from beginner to advanced and we also cover outsourcing). It is not as difficult as you think and it is far more about communicating than it is “writing”. Writing is something that definitely scares a lot of people and we will put the idea at rest early on in the training for you Kamran. You can write much better than you think!

  38. Shelly

    I’ve looked at other sites that rely on users “selling” to their contacts on Facebook.
    How does WA build contacts?

    • Kyle

      We actually steer people away from this sort of promotion. This is not in the slightest “creating a business”…this is what we consider shamelessly promoting to your friends and family (a good way to lose friends in my opinion).

      At Wealthy Affiliate we teach you how to create a business PROPERLY within any niche/interest/passion of your choice..combined with training walking you through the process of building out your website/foundation and turning it into a lucrative and very profitable opportunity. No experience or “techy” knowledge necessary.

      We do have an affiliate program if you do want to promote WA, but it is completely up to you which direction you go and what “niche” you want to build a business within Shelly. This is actually a great question because so many people are involved in one of the many schemes (scams) out there and you see them hustling to lure their friends and family in it for the sake of money. That is not us.

  39. Rose

    Hi Kyle, I have been reading through a bit of your stuff and am very impressed – particularly with your responsive replies to comments…. I looked at your website, and considered the free membership to see what it’s all about, but I thought I’d ask a question here first. Is your site/service helpful for someone who is not a complete newbie?

    On your signup page there are examples of training in things like choosing a niche, building a website, etc. I already have a niche and a website, several blogs, a newsletter, a small list, etc., and have been trying my hand at affiliate marketing for several years, but not that successfully. My main goal now is bringing in more traffic, building my list, and monetizing it. Does your training cover more advanced topics like this, or is it more for people who don’t know how to do basic stuff? I am cautious as I have paid a lot of money in the past for products/services that only focused on things I already know how to do!


    • Kyle

      Yes, absolutely Rose. We have people of all levels within Wealthy Affiliate, from absolutely newbie to folks that are very successful and running one or more full time online businesses.

      You can also use existing websites that you have within WA, that is completely up to you. If you are not successful with your website, sometimes it is nice to start fresh with a new one as there are likely many things that you are doing wrong (and that could have you in Google’s doghouse).

      Traffic is actually not an advanced topic by any means, it is the key to any successful online business. Without an audience you have no business and within just the first 3 Levels of the training you are going to have a very good grasp of how to get targeted and highly relevant traffic to your website…without having to pay for it.

      I suggest you get yourself a Starter membership and immerse yourself in the training and the community at WA. There is honestly nothing like it ANYWHERE, but I will let you be the judge Rose. I know you are going to realize that we are truly different and we truly care about our members as soon as you step foot inside WA and I really do look forward to working with you.

    • Kyle

      We teach folks how to create an online BUSINESS at WA, we are not a get rich quick scheme. Will you earn money in the first 7 days, probably not. That simply does not happen and personally it took me 3 months before I made my first money online (not to say other people don’t achieve it quicker than I did). By month 6 I was earning consistent income, by the year mark I was almost full time.

      That is the reality of creating a business, you have be willing to work at it. It takes hard work and dedication, but you will not find a place in the world that is more thorough, helpful, engaging and that provides you with all the tools to accomplish success online than you will at WA. If you are looking to get rich quick, it simply is not a reality and you are going to be in a constant “spinning your wheels” cycle.

      Get yourself a Starter membership, start moving through the training, take action…and you will be well on your way Christian.

  40. mrmranderson

    I have asked questions on here before and I wanted to say I have been out there researching and has landed me here again. I have a website and an ebook that’s on Kendel that match each other. I have three. Only website of its kind on the internet. My industry us cdl truck driving here in the united states. What makes my ebook different is I have the information people can’t find on the net. My keyword phrases take over million hits every day. The problem am having is delivering my message to the people. I still work in the industry and I have 39 years experience in this industry. What’s even more scary is I get email address everyday from the ad we run from people that want that information. I have over 1000 leads. I know I’m sitting on a gold mine, but I just don’t understand how to set everything up. Regards, Ken Anderson

    • Kyle

      We can definitely help you out at WA Ken, it sounds like you have yourself a good niche here. The key to success within any niche (and is how we built WA itself) is helping people. If you can help people, you can build trust. Once you have trust, at that point you can recommend products and services that will benefit them.

      For you, this help will be in the form of building out your website targeting keywords in the niche that would trigger an audience that is relevant to your niche. Like you said, there are millions of clicks up for grabs and that is the case within pretty much any niche…what you learn at WA will help you learn how to build out your website in a way that focuses on PROPER techniques that work now and will work for years to come. We are advocates of long term business and I know as you go through the training you are going to be off and running in the right direction.

      I suggest you head over and grab yourself a FREE Starter account and you will instantly get access to your Getting Started training.

  41. ken anderson

    Good Day to you! I am a retired 66 year old guy that has been researching for a few years now about affiliate marketing.I ran across your website and liked what I read from people. The one thing that caught my attention was,no one said that they were making money by using your program. I was wondering why that was? I look forward to your reply.

    Ken Anderson

    • Kyle

      Hey Ken,

      Many people are making money with our program, but unlike many of the other programs online people are doing so in any niche of their choice online. Wealthy Affiliate is an educational platform that will provide you with all of the training, tools, websites, hosting, support and mentorship you need to create and grow a business online.

      There is no “requirement” to brag or boast about your success when you achieve it, but when you enter the community you will see that there are literally thousands of folks naturally posting success stories.

  42. Heather

    OK!! Here is what I have to say about WA……I began in the Starter Program just yesterday. The starter program itself is such a Powerful amount of information and help for absolutely paying nothing except my time.

    I had always had a hard time wrapping my head around how the keywords work, but you explained it in such a way that I completely understood!! Thank you for that.

    I can completely understand now why WA has such a high conversion rate! I am definitely going to be upgrading!

    Thank you Kyle for your help and all your hard work!

    • Kyle

      So glad you are enjoying your experience within Wealthy Affiliate and thanks for stopping by and leaving your review Heather. The goal of the platform at WA and every decision to improve WA has been based on what will help people most and as you move forward and immerse yourself within the community, you are only going to see this will become more and more evident.

    • Kyle

      You can pay for a yearly Wealthy Affiliate membership only once you are monthly member. These are pro-rated based on the time left on your monthly membership, so if prefer yearly (which is a big discount), you can go monthly and then upgrade to yearly right away and it will take into consideration your first payment.

      Hope this clarifies for you Manuela.

  43. Karl

    Hi Kyle

    I have now been a member at Wealthy Affiliate for a year and everyday I learn something new.
    I just want everyone to know how grateful I am to be a member of this great community.
    Thank you for the value that WA has added to my life

  44. Tom Bass

    My wife and I are retired with a total monthly Social Insecurity check $1018.00 We have been scammed before. We have also become a part of reputable companies, but spent way more than we earned. Since retiring we take everything with more than just a grain of salt. Truthfully, what can we expect on average, not the high side but realistically?
    Thank You

    • Kyle

      I will make you a few promises here:

      (1) If you join Wealthy Affiliate, you will never be scammed again. Everything you need is at WA, from the training, the tools, the websites to the support (including from myself).

      (2) If you are willing to work hard and take action, you will see results…regardless of your choice in niche. The beautiful thing about the Internet is that technology has come along so far that anyone can create a business online and do so within a niche that they are passionate about or very interested in.

      I can’t promise results. You can though. Your actions are what determine your outcome, we will provide you with everything in between and the platform you need to build success. I have worked with 100,000’s of people over the years I know very well that the main difference between someone that creates a thriving business online and one that doesn’t is their ethic. Not intelligence. Not some secret.

      You guys got what it takes Tom and I look forward to working with you!

  45. Carol


    Thank you for yr kind reply.

    I have some questions:

    1) Can I pay WA by paypal? Are
    commissions paid by paypal
    also? (I am being practical … Ha .. ha …)

    2) I have a hosting with hostgator, if my
    WP expert is not able to transfer my blog site,
    is there anyone in WA who can help me transfer
    my blog to WA hosting? Is it advisable to transfer?

    3) Someone who is selling high ticket program
    (I will not mention which company) emailed me
    and mentioned that it is much easier to sell a few
    high ticket product of $1,000+ to sell
    a low ticket product of $27 … Is it true??

    Thanks very much!

    • Kyle

      In response to your questions Carol…

      (1) Yes, you can absolutely pay for your WA Premium membership through Paypal if you choose to do so. We pay commissions via paypal as well, but you are not required to promote WA if you are a member. You can promote whatever you like within your website and every affiliate program pays different, most offer check payment as well as Paypal (along with others).

      (2) We offer superior, managed hosting included within your Premium membership where you can host unlimited domains that you own. You can transfer your website over if you like and there will be help within WA to get you over so you don’t have to pay those extra hosting fees (plus, our hosting is state of the art and geared towards WordPress websites, comparable hosting plans elsewhere cost $75 per month!)

      (3) That is ridiculous. It makes absolutely no sense and if you get into the business of selling high ticket, overpriced products you are going to be dealing with some very unhappy customers because in essence, you have just ripped them off. Whoever is spewing this sort of information should not be trusted and is likely involved in a scheme that you should steer far away from.

      Hope this helps out!

      • Carol

        Hi Kyle

        Thank you very much for yr great reply.

        I would like join WA. You have done a good job in reviewing all the scam companies. As such, I would like to join you. How do I join under you?

        Thanks very much. :-)

        • Kyle

          You can simply join through any link on this page or you can go directly to http://www.wealthyaffiliate.com. I am not as concerned about getting credit as I am about helping you out Carol, so either way would be more than fine. I look forward to working with you and helping you get up and running with your own business (in any niche) online.

    • Kyle

      You can feel free to ask them here if you have any specific questions Carol and I will be more than happy to help you out. Also, do know that the Starter membership is completely free (no catches, no obligation) so you can feel comfortable joining that and being part of the community and seeing first hand what is inside WA will likely naturally answer a lot of your questions about Wealthy Affiliate.

      If you do have any specific questions though, let me know and I will give you a hand here.

  46. MARCO


    I do not have a profitable niche at this point-do you have a personal list of reccomendations, or a #1 product?
    Thank you for your help!

    • Kyle

      We have a good deal of niche training within the initial phase of training that will get you sorted out (and a community you can bounce ideas off of, myself included) and if you cannot come up with a niche, we will give you one that you can move forward with. Don’t worry about a niche, it is literally an interest and any niche can be profitable and a full time business online. We will help you out with all of this inside of WA and by lesson 3 of the initial training (included in the Starter membership), you are going to have your own niche chosen. By lesson 4, your very own niche website.

    • Kyle

      Excellent Ray, we would love to have you at Wealthy Affiliate. It is free to get started and you can set-up your completely free starter account here. I will stop by after you join to say hi. I know you are going to absolutely love your experience and the community at WA.

  47. Bill Whitney


    Really appreciated your comments on this site! It helps to get the word from “the top”. Brief questions: Is W/A a good opportunity for an “old guy” such as myself (age 70), or is it more realistic for younger folks? My concern would be if illness or other health problems kept me unable to monitor the website for a period of time. Also, is it realistic to design the website for mostly clicks for pay or helping people discover other sites to
    help them, rather than Affiliate activities. I am very new to these concepts as you can probably tell. I do have average internet experience and can be “dangerous” with my computer! Thank you for your comments.

    • Kyle

      Of course, we have everyone from college students to retired folks in their 80’s and 90’s (and everyone in between) at WA. That is the awesome thing about the Internet, it gives us all an outlet to exercise a passion and to earn a living doing so and absolutely everything you need to accomplish this is within Wealthy Affiliate, from the training, the tools, the community, websites/hosting and the full support when you need it.

      We cover everything you need to know, no experience required and by lesson for (even if you join as a Starter member), you are going to have your very own niche website. I suggest you create your Starter account and we will walk you through the process from there. Look forward to working with you Bill.

    • Kyle

      Yes Henry, you definitely do. As a Premium member, you can host domain specific email accounts (you get unlimited accounts). If you are looking for an autoresponder service, there are many out there that offer that as their core business like aweber.com that you should use, but this is all going to be covered within the training.

  48. James

    Hi Kyle,

    I’ve scanned through your questions and answers here, but there are two subjects on blogging/websites that I cannot find;

    1.How do you approach the traffic problem. As you know, without traffic a website means nothing.
    2.How do you monetize the sites? Do you work with affiliates, Amazon, eBay or any of these big companies.

    This website I have is quite big, but I think it is not monetized too well and I do not get the amount of traffic I should.

    I am a pensioner living on a really small pension and I need about another $2000 to $3000 to supplement it. I cannot afford the premium WA at the moment, but I do have a lot of time at hand that I can spend on a really good product.

    By the way, I am from South Africa and our exchange rate (USA$ to ZAR) is frightening at this stage.

    Best regards


    • Kyle

      Hey James,

      Traffic is obviously the core of every successful business, online or offline. Without people, it is impossible to make a sale and this is what we focus on throughout the training with immediate focus in the first few phases of the training at Wealthy Affiliate.

      When you understand keywords and content, it becomes a natural process to get ranked in Google and to get highly targeted traffic to your website. Honestly, the process is rather simple and there are some really awesome training pieces within WA that outline this process precisely, one being on the alphabet soup technique (leveraging Google instant), the other on how to capture low hanging fruit keywords and get 1st page Google rankings, even with a new website.

      Once you have traffic, then your focus becomes monetization (the make money part) and there are MANY ways in which you can generate an income from your website. One of the more common is affiliate programs which can definitely lead to a full time income and far beyond within ANY niche.

      My suggestion is to work your way through the training in the Starter membership and immerse yourself within the community inside Wealthy Affiliate. you have a ton of resources and help there to move your business in the right direction, myself included.

  49. Brian B


    You continually say the FREE program is no risk. But what is to stop WA from ceasing to host my website or otherwise cutting me off from WA if I don’t sign up for the Premium Membership or for any other arbitrary reason?

    I’ve read elsewhere that WA members, even Premium ones, have been “cut off” from WA without warning or explanation and with no recourse. What do you say to that?

    How much pressure is put on us to join the Premium membership? Do you keep certain “must have” tools away from FREE members?

    What about privacy? Of course, I would want lots of publicity for my website but I don’t want my personal information (e.g. photo) on the Internet. How do you control this?

    Brian B

    P.S. If I see this on Ways to Avoid Scams Online with meaningful answers to my questions I will not only be very surprised but also probably motivated enough to sign up with WA!

    • Kyle

      Hey Brian,

      In response to your questions here:

      But what is to stop WA from ceasing to host my website or otherwise cutting me off from WA if I don’t sign up for the Premium Membership or for any other arbitrary reason?

      You are in full control over your websites and you are going to be able to create a website in any niche on your Starter membership. These are hosted by us and you are given your own .siterubix.com domain extension (you choose). In fact, you get two websites within Starter. If at any point you want to host your own domains on our state of the art, managed hosting program, you can consider our Premium membership but that is completely your choice. No obligations by any means.

      I’ve read elsewhere that WA members, even Premium ones, have been “cut off” from WA without warning or explanation and with no recourse

      This is simply not true. Out of close to 200,000 members in the last 1.5 years, there have been less than 3 people that have been removed for their behaviour at WA. We do not tolerate people that (a) are malicious towards others (b) spam and promote products/services to the community (c) are constantly offending people with their behaviour. We are a community of help and to be honest, there is no community more supportive and helpful in the world. We plan to keep it this way and we are not willing to let a few bad apples ruin it for the majority.

      How much pressure is put on us to join the Premium membership? Do you keep certain “must have” tools away from FREE members?

      Going Premium is completely up to you. If you feel you are want to take things to the next level and access everything within Premium, then you can do so. If you don’t, then stay on Starter. We have invested millions every year into improving our platform at WA and continue to do so. Once you step inside of WA I can assure you that you are not only going to love everything offered to you, you are going to feel right at home. The only comparable education I have seen is an $80,000 2.5 year program. Compare that to our Premium membership which is $359 per year (or $47 per month) and I think that it is obvious the value you are getting.

      As for Privacy, you are in control of what you share. If you don’t want to share your picture or your name, that is fine. In saying this, most people do within a communication platform like WA (at very least an image of sorts, could be an avatar) as it leads to higher communication. But absolutely do what you are comfortable with Brian.

      I hope this helps you out and I really do look forward to working with you. I will make sure I connect with you if you do decide to join WA. :)

      • Brian B

        Kyle, you’ve sold me! I appreciate your response to my comments/questions and I found your replies to other comments added in the past day to be very helpful. I am believing in your sincerity and will put my faith in you and in WA. Just give me a week or so to sign up as I’m going on a short trip and want to be able to dedicate myself to WA once I sign up. Thanks.

        Brian B

        • Kyle

          Awesome to hear Brian, I really look forward to working with you and I am glad I could offer you some insight.

  50. Roger Pinion

    Hello Kyle – this seems legit and I believe I want to join but I’m so scam sensitive anymore I want to ask you to comment on a statement someone made regarding their membership. They state their “write access” at Wealthy Affiliate had been revoked. I’m assuming there could be legitimate reasons for doing this and would like to know what those are?

    • Kyle

      Out of close to 200,000 members in the last 1.5 years, there have been less than 3 people that have been removed for their behaviour at WA. We do not tolerate people that (a) are malicious towards others (b) spam and promote products/services to the community (c) are constantly offending people with their behaviour. We are a community of help and to be honest, there is no community more supportive and helpful in the world. We plan to keep it this way and we are not willing to let a few bad apples ruin it for the majority.

      We are humble, friendly and honest people and we aim to keep our community this way.

  51. christina

    I am thinking about joining but was hoping for a bit more information about the websites you say are included. One of the things that have turned me off about other programs similar to this was the upsell (not present here) and the fact they wanted you to use their websites full of their ads plastered everywhere and really no room for to customize. What kind of site do you offer? Is it a *****.websiteaffilates or some such thing? Will it come plastered with ads for wealthy affiliates? If I wish at some point in the future for any reason to move the website off of your platform, will that be possible?

    Sorry but in my research I have figured out whatever direction I decide to go in the website(s) I build will be one of the most important pieces, kind of like the foundation of a house and would hate to find out I put my foundation down on less than stable land.

    • Kyle

      We definitely do not plaster ads on your website, not even the free ones. We are the only company in the world that I know that is offered full WordPress websites (within our Starter membership) where you have full control and they are completely ad free. The sites are on the .siterubix.com domain, but as a Premium member at WA you can host unlimited domains that you own…so that may be an option down the road if you are interested in that.

      Also, transferring a .siterubix.com site to your own domain can be accomplished with ONE click through our “Move” feature at WA, if you ever want to take a free website and move it over to your own .com or otherwise.

      We are all about the “foundation” at WA and building it out properly. You are not only going to get a solid foundation to build a business off of WA, you can grow your business to any level you like within WA. It will take hard work and “action”, but that is what it takes to succeed in business.

      I hope I have helped add some clarity here for you Christina and I really do look forward to working with you.

  52. mike

    Hi Kyle, Do correct me if I’m wrong but your approach is to build a website and generate revenue from that. What about other aspects of affiliate marketing as in joining a CPA network and promoting offers via PPV/PPC. Is this something that is covered as well. I am pretty much new in all this and am trying to find my way around the confusion that I seem to have built up around me :) thanks!

    • Kyle

      Any successful business online requires a website. Any “fly by night” strategies that do not utilize a website are exactly that, short term businesses. We teach you how to create a business online, regardless of whether or not you want to promote CPA networks, build an email list, promote affiliate products, or your own product.

      We absolutely cover many different techniques to accomplish this as well, from SEO to PPC…we have 1,000’s of organized and easy to comprehend training videos/tutorials/courses within our platform and full expert support within the community. I recommend you join as a Starter member Mike and check it out, I know you will be thoroughly impressed.

  53. Ryan Claudin

    In the beginning of your article above you said, “Before I get into the ‘what’, I want to outline the pros and cons of Wealthy Affiliate.” After reading the rest of your article I realized I did not see any “cons” listed. I reviewed the article again thinking I might have missed them. Nope. No cons mentioned. Every venture has at least some cons. I would be even more convinced that an investment of my time with WA would be worth it if someone were honest enough to say something like, “If you’re an extreme introvert and are not willing to connect with a community, then you will likely not experience the success that is possible.” That would be a very reasonable “con” if I were an introvert and wouldn’t even take away from your extreme optimism in the company. If there are not any “cons” than maybe at least drop the pros and cons comment from the article. I’m not even negative or resistant to the opportunity with WA at this point, but I am realistic.

    • Kyle

      Sure, every company has negatives and we can definitely acknowledge we have some flaws in our system. The thing is, we are so overly critical of our work and our platform that our “cons” are like a revolving door, meaning that something that may be a con today won’t be tomorrow because we have are constantly updating and evolving WA to improve it. We have spent over $10 Million to date on our platform and will continue improving it based on member feedback and demands. That is our approach to business.

      Recently I would say our biggest con has people being overwhelmed by the sheer amount of training and the size of the platform within WA. But through design updates and through simplification of every aspect of the system (from the tools to the training processes), this is only getting better and we still have many changes to come in that respect.

      I do encourage you to at the very least check out the Starter membership Ryan, I know you will be impressed and thoroughly enjoy what the community has to offer. Pop by and say hi if you do join, my username within WA is Kyle.

  54. Dave

    Just curious. I haven’t got a clue in terms of a niche business. Is this something I could still do with any success?

    • Kyle

      Absolutely Dave! Don’t be confused by the term “niche”, it is simply an interest you may have. You can be successful within absolutely any niche at Wealthy Affiliate and we do encourage you to choose something that you are passionate about or interested in (and we have help showing you how to narrow down your niche), but if you don’t have any ideas we can provide you with a niche to promote.

      You are going to be just fine Dave.

  55. Babs

    Hi there,

    I’m a former web designer with some graphic arts skills (lets just say I had unreliable clients and they wanted stuff for free all the time hence business failed). But I also dabble in baking (make some kick @$$ cupcakes) and sewing and just got into some screen printing. But these are just hobbies that I have no time for because I work 2jobs (50hrs a week) that pay squat. And I need something better but I have no skills in marketing nor any idea as what to do for the web as what I like to do can’t be put online I guess or maybe it can. I’ve worked 2 jobs for the last 4yrs ( previously was 4yrs of full time job until jerk manager decided to drop me to 15hrs a week with different position w/lower wage) with nothing to show for it. I’m at my wits end and looking for a honest opinion and some advice.

    Sorry for dropping my life’s story on you,


    • Kyle

      Please send me some of these cupcakes Babs!! The thing that is so exciting about the Internet is that you can take an interest, any one of your interests, and turn it into a business online. We can help you do this within WA and we will walk you through the process in a very simplified, yet elaborate way.

      I can tell you that if you have some past experience, you will be able to leverage this moving forward. You may need to unlearn some bad habits from the past, but I can assure you that you will love WA and within no time you are going to be up and running with your own niche websites and getting ranked in the search engines.

      If you do have any further questions about Wealthy Affiliate, I would be more than happy to help you out (or you could just join for free to check it out).

  56. John Kelly

    Glad I saw your review site before jumping on to EN.

    I’m interested in WA for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I’m at the early stages of involvement in a network marketing business. However, I’m not really fussed on doing all the business building but would like to build some income from building a customer base selling the products. Can the training in WA help me achieve that outcome?

    Secondly, keen to start building an affiliate business promoting fitness training solutions.

    Thanks for taking time to reply,

    John, Australia

    • Kyle

      Yes, we can absolutely help you with that at WA and within any niche. What you sell is secondary to who you are going to help and whom your audience is. If you don’t have people coming to your website, then you have no opportunity to sell anything to them so that is the first focus within your training at WA. If fitness training solutions is your interest, that can definitely be your niche.

      Head over to WealthyAffiliate.com and create your free Starter account and you will immediately gain access to the top affiliate/internet marketing platform and community in the world. I know you are going to love it and I really do look forward to working with you.

      • John Kelly

        Thanks Kyle. I’ll be getting started shortly.

        One last question, the network marketing company I referred to provides us with our own website that details it’s products. Can this be used in the WA model?

        • Kyle

          Your website is deemed useless on it’s own, these “canned” websites will not get ranked and really do serve little value. In saying this, you are going to have your own website within WA that you are going to be able to leverage to build your own business (you get 2 sites with your free Starter account, unlimited within Premium)…and build your own brand.

          From this site, you can promote the network marketing opportunity along with any product or service you like (there are 10,000’s of affiliate programs out there.

          Regardless of what you want to promote, WA can help and as you go through the training John, this will become more apparent. I will be there to help you every step of the way as well.

  57. Dennis

    Hi Kyle.I am about 90% ready to join WA,but have some questions concerning my personal situation.Is this the place to ask those questions,or is there another email address i can send my msg and questions?

    • Kyle

      Awesome Dennis, do know that the Starter membership is completely free and you will be able to connect with me personally inside of WA (and ask me questions directly). That would be best, but if you do have any questions and want to ask them here, I will be more than happy to help you out. I know you are going to love Wealthy Affiliate and I really do look forward to working with you.

  58. Rachel

    Hi there,
    I have read extensively loads on internet about online marketing and obviously very interested in WA.
    Though I know well what I want, I need a 1-to-1 advise and guidance just to get me STARTED!
    I want ACTION :))
    But have some specific questions regarding my business ideas.
    But I still work fulltime as I don´t want to take risks yet.
    Anyway, it would be great to get some personal advise if possible? Maybe skype, but I am in Europe.


    • Kyle

      We can definitely help you out with this inside of WA Rachel. We offer full support and we have the most active community (of really awesome folks) in the industry. Regardless of the time of day, there is going to be someone there to help you out and as soon as you enter into Wealthy Affiliate, there is Getting Started training that will get you taking action and moving in the right direction.

      There really are no risks. You are going to learn the proper way to create a business online within ANY niche inside of WA and we would love to have you. Get rolling on the Starter membership (completely free).

  59. Luka

    Hi Kyle, I’m a 16 year old student and I’m currently in grade 10 at school and I take business as a subject. I was wondering if there are any age requirements to join wealty affiliate? And also, I’m consider internet marketing entrepreneurship as a career once I’ve left school and I’d like to learn more about it so I was wondering if joining wealty affiliate will give me enough experience in the internet marketing field so that I’ll know how to become a successful internet marketing entrepreneur in a few years. Thanks, Luka.

    • Kyle

      I could have only wished I started out when I was 16. As long as you have your parents permission, there is no problem getting started at an early age. Some of the top app developers these days for Apple are teenagers. The Internet has truly flattened the world of opportunity and the earlier you get started, the more of an upperhand you are going to have over your peers.

      I think you will really love WA Luka!

  60. Dennis

    Kyle, I joined WA in February 2014 and just wanted to let everyone know just how happy i am with the training and support found at Wealthy Affiliate. I just have one question for you. When do you sleep? I am constantly seeing you around WA answering questions and helping out and after visiting your site see you have responded to 319 comments and counting. That’s dedication! Why don’t skip responding to my comment and take a little nap! Dch1959

    • Kyle

      I do get sleep believe it or not, I am just very efficient with my time during the day. I guess after 12 years I am starting to get the process down and since helping folks succeed has become a passion of mine, I enjoy every minute of it. So glad you are enjoying WA Dennis and I really do look forward to seeing you continue to flourish with your online business as you move forward.

  61. Warren Contrera

    It’s the community that contains the real value in my opinion. The training is like getting a drink from a firehose at times (because of the sheer amount of it), but the community reveals exact targeted help (often in an instant)! I learned more about blogging in a few days than I had in YEARS and uncovered mysteries that had baffled me until now.

    My original plan was to join free and wait until I earned the money to upgrade, but only lasted 3 days. When I set up my free website and actually made a sale in that short time, there was no denying the VALUE in my hands.

    • Kyle

      Hi Warren,

      Really glad you are enjoying your experience at WA. One thing that we have continued to work on is the fact that “more can be less” in terms of training. That is why we have two concise paths that people can follow through our OEC (online entrpreneur certification) and the Affiliate Bootcamp. Both are concise, lesson based training that walk you through the process of building a business online (in any niche) and taking action on what you learn.

      That is the ultimate approach and these include over 100 lessons in total, walking you through the infancy stages of a website all the way through the building out and scaling of the success. These are continually added to and being refined to maximize user success and we are current at a point where WA members are achieving a higher success rate than ever.

    • Kyle

      Hosting is provided for you on our state of the art framework. The training at WA will work with existing websites though if you have websites that you have hosted elsewhere, just do know that within both our Starter and Premium memberships with offer our users a Managed Hosting experience (something comparable our competitors are charging $75 per month for!).

    • Kyle

      Absolutely Joanne, we have members from all over the world at WA. We are truly a global community with folks from absolutely every country in the world. Your country does not limit your potential online at all. :)

  62. Liesl Germann

    Great reading all the comments. I was close to signing up with EN; my thinking was $25 is not a lot if I’m learning. What put me off was the many comments that if you didn’t upgrade, you didn’t get the support. Kyle, your heart sounds like it’s in the right place and I’m looking forward to joining WA.

    • Kyle

      I absolutely know you will love WA and the community there Liesl. Absolutely everything you need to create and grow a business is within WA and even if you remain a Starter member (which is completely free), you are going to make some amazing progress within just the first 4 lessons (you will have your own niche website by then).

  63. James Cox

    Hi Kyle,

    I do not know how to blog and DO NOT WANT to know how to blog. Can I still make money with an affiliate website or would it be a waste of time?

    Best Regards
    James Cox

    • Kyle

      Those are contradicting statements. You want to make money with a website, but you don’t want to create a website (blog). A blog is simply a collection of posts on your website, in other words, part of your website.

      Having a website these days is requisite for creating a business online. It is not technical by any means with the website building tools you have within WA where you will be able to put together a website in literally 30 seconds. Then it comes down to content, rankings and traffic all of which are taught within Wealthy Affiliate and that you can absolutely learn. Anyone can do this James, but if you are not interested in having a website, I don’t recommend that you attempt to start a business within the online world.

  64. Karina

    Hi Kyle,

    I spent all night literally (1am – 6am) reading your conversations and replays. Really impressed! You do answer pretty fast on people’s questions, I have to admit! Some of the questions you replied back within a couple of hours or 7:00 in the morning. WOW!!!

    I am very interested in joining WA and learn from you guys!
    I have one question, if you do not mind? Please, I do not want to upset you in any way. I can see you working very hard and really do help people and willing to help.
    WA is FREE to join in and your help people for FREE as well. So what is it here for you guys? You spend your valuable time with us, what do you get from it? How do you make your living? Would you say that your own created websites working so well that you do not need to work anywhere else and helping us is your hobby? If you spend all your time on helping us for FREE, who makes money for you? And if it is your websites that are working for you, do you mind to tell us how much you earn around and how long it took you guys to achieve this result?

    I just cannot believe how much dedicated you should be to be able to spend every day, all day with us! How about personal life? Do you take breaks?

    The reason I am asking you this question, I want to understand, ones you sent up an online business and if it is successful, do I have to be around the computer all the time like you?

    Think I have managed to cover different areas all together. Please tell us a bit more about yourself, your life style, cos if you do not mind, PLEASE.

    My husband is disabled, I am his carer and do not have a great health myself but still working, how long, not sure. I am dreaming about business from home. We both needed it badly. Husband got perfect brain, I am enthusiastic, hope we can manage together? Well we had business before, but it wasn’t online and as we struggle now with walking, it would be just perfect.
    I am ready to fallow you guys, I think!!! :-)
    Can I join you if I live in UK???

    • Kyle

      First off, absolutely you can join if you are living in the UK Karina. We have MANY members from the United Kingdom and we would love to have another one there.

      Secondly, the free starter membership. We get asked about this all the time and it is a very valid question. “What is in it for us giving away access to WA within the Starter membership and offering our personal support to people that are not paying us a cent?”.

      A lot actually.

      The first is that people get to see exactly how awesome the experience is within WA. They get to build websites, the get to go through our world class training, the get to join in on our live 24/7 help, they get to ask questions and they get to communicate within the 1,000’s of available training pages within the system.

      This is all free…uninhibited access. People are not used to this and they are definitely not used to being part of a system at WA. By putting our best foot forward we know that people are going to realize very quickly how powerful our Premium experience is going to be within WA (there is nothing that comes close to our Premium offering anywhere in the world).

      There are no smoke and mirrors at WA, we want you to experience why we are truly different from every vulture out there in this make money world before you have to spend a dime.

    • Ed

      Hi Karina, The free starter account is exactly that, FREE. And you can stay free for as long as you like.

      Where they make their income is from all the members who see the value and decide to become premium. Members like me, lol.

      I was involved with webdesign and online marketing over 12 years ago, and doing well. But I gave it up for something else that I felt I had to do. You can read more about that at my profile “Drawshot” in WA.

      I had decided that I’m going back into internet marketing and thought I might need to sharpen my skills and maybe learn a few new methods.

      I had read about WA more then a few times, but when I saw they had a free starter membership I decided to check it out. I figured go in, and find it to be about as worthless as almost everything else out there about online business,(Read Scam). Well to make a long story short I saw the wealth of training there, and went premium, I think on my 4th day, and before that month was up had signed for the yearly membership.

      There are thousands of us that have gone premium, so they are making money. But I’m positive they are giving more in return for the money then anywhere else online, or in formal education for that matter. Long story short, no matter if free or premium, your getting more for your money at WA then you will find anywhere else.

      Best wishes on your endeavors.

  65. Ashleigh

    Is there money to be made on the starter membership or do you HAVE to go premium in order to bring in an income?
    And what kind of income are we realistically looking at?

    • Kyle

      Yes Ashleigh, you can earn money on the free Starter membership. You get two free websites, a good deal of training, and by lesson 4 of the training alone you are going to have your very own website (in any niche) up and running online. In saying this, generating money in the first week or month prior as a Starter is like comparable to stepping into school for becoming a surgeon and expecting to perform surgery within the first month.

      As you move through the training, your skills will get much more advanced (some of this training is Premium), but what you are getting at WA is an all-inclusive place where you have access to EVERYTHING you need to run your business. In other words, if you are a Premium member you will never need to spend another dime online, no more buying ebooks/training, tools, websites, hosting, support, live classes, etc….all under one roof with no upsells.

      The best thing you can do is check out the Starter membership. It is completely free to join, no obligations and will give you a really awesome taste of what you can expect within WA and the experience we offer there.

    • Kyle

      Absolutely, there are many folks at Wealthy Affiliate marketing in Spanish. The training is all in English and so is the support at WA, but by all means that niche websites that you build out can be in any language that you like.

  66. Ariel Lawrence

    I have a website registered with GoDaddy. Will I be able to bring the over?

    And do i understand correctly take i will get high ranking google placement blogging with the starter kit?

    • Kyle

      Absolutely, you will be able to transfer your domain/website over to WA (if you are a Premium member). There is no such thing as a Google Placement kit, that is a total scam if you are being sold on something of that nature.

      We teach you how to get rankings in Google within the education at Wealthy Affiliate. If you understand how keywords work, how to create content that ranks, there is basically an unlimited source of traffic out there within any niche. You will learn all about this at WA Ariel.

  67. John Clarke


    I am a successful executive who already makes a six figure income. I am about 5 years away from retiring from my current profession. I am planning to stay very active and continue to pursue business ventures for many years. So to get to my bottom line question, currently working 45 to 50 hours a week, is this a venture I could work on part time now so that when retire I have another source of income? jc

    • Kyle

      Absolutely it is, there are MANY members at WA in your exact position. Like any other business though, you get what you put into it. Wealthy Affiliate has absolutely everything you need, but there is still a requirement for you to exercise a little elbow grease (it sounds like you have great work ethic so you will be fine).

      I suggest you get yourself a Starter membership (completely free) and have a look around John. I think you are going to be thoroughly impressed with what is offered at WA, there is nothing like the platform we offer there in the entire industry.

  68. Emily "Frugalsworth" Kiang

    After being taken through a cyber psycho path on how to get rich online, I am happy that I stumbled upon Ian Pribyl’s No Bull reviews online and found Wealthy Affiliate through his emails. I am a teacher and I am making a transition to working exclusively in sales, entertainment and internet marketing. By 2015, I hope that I will never have to step foot into a classroom to teach again. I’ve just found my happy trail and I am going to keep following it. I would like to share my story about why I believe that Wealthy Affiliate provides a lot of value based on my knowledge of the market for career training and higher education.

    A few years ago, I was beginning the application process for law school and I remember that I was convinced that I would have to borrow six figures in order to (hopefully) be hired for a six figure making corporate law firm position as an IT/Privacy lawyer. Many attorney friends actually steered me in another direction. Then I decided to pursue accounting and paid hundreds of dollars for community college classes – which I don’t regret because they were fun.

    Fast forward to today, I am in network marketing for a major wellness and pharmaceutical company and I realized that I can capitalize on my love for social media and be able to market towards my ideal audience and make money! I looked at the price point of the Premium membership for Wealthy Affiliate and I noticed that the yearly actually costs around the same price of a community college class in my city, but there aren’t any additional fees and no textbook purchases needed. In my town, the local community college charges $140 (USD) per credit hour and the average course is 3-4 credit hours, not including the cost of a costly textbook.

    With all of the support and online lessons, this is an excellent value for people who are serious about increasing revenue made online because the important content is all there and there is no need to pay for an expensive marketing coach if you can’t afford one. I am not a paying member yet and I am not earning anything by writing this, so there is no ulterior motive in my assessment of Wealthy Affiliate.

  69. marlina

    Thanks for your quick response i really appreciate that. i do have one more question, how long can you stay on the free membership before needing to get the premium membership or will you ever “need” the premium? i’m a noobie in every sense of the word when it comes to “using” the internet so with my lack of skills i guess what i’m asking is would i be able to make it with just the free membership? obviously i understand i would have to work at it, but putting in the time is not an issue for me right now. but i can’t put all my time and effort into something and not make any money with it for months. thanks again

    • Kyle

      This is completely up to you. Most people eventually upgrade to Premium (many within the first day) as they see the tremendous value we offer, but even with the Starter membership there is an unbelievable amount of value. This is completely up to you and you are in full control. There is no “time limit” on the Starter membership, you can stay on Starter forever if you want.

      You do get Premium support within the community for just the first 7 days though on your Starter membership, besides that you have full access to your Starter forever until you decide to upgrade to advance your skills and business. ;)

    • Blas


      I used to be a part of WA a few years back and canceled due to the lack of time I had…but honestly that was the dumbest thing I could have ever done. I recently signed back up and now I loving every minute of it. Wealthy Affiliate is an amazing community, but remember running an online business is serious and Wealthy Affiliate is a legitimate online resource that can definitely help you reach your goals. however it takes dedication and work. This is not a get rich quick scheme. I’m 100% satisfied. Oh, and yes I’m a real person with an other real business. you can look me up at my website http://www.corefightacademy.com (my martial arts school). Kyle is the freaking man in this industry.

  70. marlina

    i’ve been scammed before and naturally am leery about signing up with anything especially when it’s only free at first then you have to pay so i looked on the BBB website and it says this company is not a BBB company and has 3 complaints against it. i’m not on here to talk bad about this company or shoot it down in any way, i am on here because i’m interested in trying to make some money online, just covering all my bases before i jump in. can you explain either of the issues i have listed, thank you.

    • Kyle

      I can appreciate your fear of being scammed and that is completely normal in this industry. Unfortunately there are some really horrible people and companies in the industry that play on people’s emotions of wanting to get rich. I can tell you that YES, you can earn money online you just need to be real with yourself and willing to work for it.

      To remove ANY fear that you have, we offer a completely free, no credit card required Starter membership at WA. You will not be disappointed, there is not another product or service in the industry that can compete with the FREE version of Wealthy Affiliate, let alone the Premium. Take a moment and get rolling, I 100% guarantee you are going to love the community and access you get when you join WA.

      PS. BBB is actually one of the biggest scams themselves. We have had 3 complaints about our service in 9 years (I would say that is a pretty good track record) and we are not willing to PAY BBB for a positive rating. You can see how BBB really works here and how disgusting their operation actually is.

  71. Harry 786

    Hi Kyle,

    Hope you are doing good.Can you please tell which Keyword & Competition Research Tool will be available upon membership of WA.

    “If you don’t have a passion or a niche, or you want us to choose one for you, then that is OK too. Wealthy Affiliate has an affiliate bootcamp with a “predefined” topic that you will be building a business from. This training is a complete walk through, starting at the bare bones and there is no experience necessary.”

    Does above statement means that you will provide premium members options of profitable niches to select and guide them step by step to make money in that particular niche.

    ” I am going to offer you a bonus if you do decide to become a PREMIUM member in the first 7 days (including a 59% discount). ”

    Does above means that 59% discount will be on $47.

    Will wait for you reply.

    Thanks and Regards

    • Kyle

      If you don’t have a niche of your own, we give you a preselected path to success within WA. This is called the Affiliate Bootcamp and it will literally walk you from a complete newbie to a successful business owner. I personally created this training and you can follow along with me directly within the course and see exactly what I do in this live case study, interactive training course.

      The first month discount is available within the first 7 days if you do decide to go Premium, but of course this is completely up to you. It is $19 for the first month of Premium and this includes the “key” to the community, Premium is the only other membership level offered within WA and offers an unbelievable amount of value (ie. you will never have to purchase another product or service again).

  72. Dennis

    Hi Kyle, i’ve found this site through google after joining (for free) affilorama. I found that site to pushy to get money with all the upsells they have. You say with WA you can get up and running in no time, but is this also possible from the Netherlands? And also getting paid there ? :) Also, I have to compliment you for responding to comments/questions in person. Kind regards, Dennis

    • Kyle

      Hey Dennis,

      WA can absolutely help you out and since the Internet is global, your location in the world does not matter. There are folks from absolutely every country within Wealthy Affiliate and being from the Netherlands is not going to serve as any sort of limitation at all to your progress. Same with payment, most companies offer several different payment methods including check, paypal, as well as wire transfers.

      I suggest you get rolling with the Starter membership (completely free), I know that you are immediately going to feel at home within WA.

      • Dennis

        Again, my compliments on replying on comments, and so fast. Although I want to join your site i’m not gonna do it now as it’s 2 o’clock in the night :) So I will have some sleep and tomorrow I will join and check it out. Nice having conversation with you, not possible with Mark ling. Thanks, Dennis

          • Dennis

            Thanks. I’ve just joined the site and from what I see so far I like it better then the rest that I’ve seen/experienced. No big letters telling me I’ll get rich sleeping. But straight to the point that if I want to be succesfull I have to take actions.

          • Kyle

            We tell it like it is and this is based on experience. WA is truly a community and one that offers you everything you need to create a business online Dennis, I think as you move forward within the training you are really going to see things come to success. There is no such thing as instant success, but any level of success is a possibility for anyone. That is what the Internet represents for all of us.

  73. Kandi

    Hi Kyle. I own an auto repair business and already have a website for my business through another website company. Can I use this website for your program? I understand the concept. Basically that I am going to be selling space on my page for advertising. I hate to admit that a couple years ago I got scammed by the Money Mobile Machine. I am looking to get my website listed in the top 10 and have it generate an income aside from bringing business to my shop. Can your program help me with that? I get the phone calls from google all the time to pay hundred of dollars to get my site listed in the top 5 but are you saying you take care of that?

    • Kyle

      Yes, you absolutely can. We teach the proper techniques within Wealthy Affiliate and it doesn’t matter where your website is located, we will teach you how to do things properly to generate more interaction, traffic, rankings, etc. We do have an awesome website builder and hosting platform if you do decide to build out new websites going forward or move your website over, but it is not necessary.

      We can definitely help you out and do not fall into the trap of these companies trying to lure you into their expensive advertising schemes, we will teach you how to master local rankings at WA and be self sufficient with your local SEO operations. Tons of training at WA on this.

  74. marlina

    i have been looking for a legit way to make money online for a few years and they all say the same thing-completely automated you do nothing and earn big $$$, cost you nothing then have you try all these products that DO cost to try, anyone can do it! when actually you have to know what you are doing, etc etc. anyone who has looked online for opportunity to make money know what i’m talking about.

    i am not a greedy money hungry person at all and would be so excited for the chance just to make $500 a week. i just wanna know if this is something i can do at the beginner level for the $0 start if i have NO experience whatsoever? if so how long approximately would that take? then if i see this IS a legit opportunity i might be interested in the premium package. thanks for your time

    • Kyle

      I actually recommend that everyone start with our Starter membership Marlina because it is completely free. I want you to love our service before you ever have to even consider spending any money.

      Yes we do have a Premium package, but within our Starter membership you are going to be able to get rolling with your business, choosing your niche, building your own website, and getting the training you need…not to mention access to an unbelievable amount of support (including that of myself).

      The money part does come, it will take some hard work and $500 is totally tangible. Absolutely EVERYTHING you need is within WA to get there…the only missing component is you and your hard work. Would love to have you there. Get your starter account today and don’t look back Marlina.

  75. Marie

    It’s the best online community I have seen so far. The personal help from the people there makes all the difference.

    Looks like it’s going to be a long and arduous journey to being financially free online and if so, so be it. I’m fairly new to internet marketing and I’m working everyday to go through the material, and doing research, and I will keep at it until I reach my goals. That’s one thing I wasn’t about to say with confidence until I joined WA. Before I joined, I was looking around on the internet to make some quick money. This mindset is what got me jumping from one get rich scheme to the next for several years. I finally decided and realised that I needed to change my thinking to long term, and that anything worth building takes time and dedication. I’m used to getting things instantly. Not until now have I realised that quality takes time. It won’t happen overnight but it will happen. It’s helped my put routine into my life where it will count most. I’ve even gotten back into starting an exercise regime that will help me lose weight, keep my mind sharp and my body strong for the long road ahead. It’s not so much of an effort anymore, as I know every step I take every day brings me closer to my goals.

    There’s so much work to get through. Is there a site map that can help give an overall picture of the website? A quick visual maybe? It’s so easy to get lost, so many intricate menus and topics from topics…. Thank you heaps!

    • Kyle

      Thanks for the kind words Marie, glad you are enjoying your experience within WA!

      If you are looking for something specific, you can either access the classrooms (12 in total available to Premium members with video, tutorials, courses, and discussions) or you can use the search bar at the top of any page to search the 10,000’s of training resources, discussions and blogs taking place within WA.

  76. Tom

    You guys are real inspiring,thanks for providing tools that actually work.
    I am one of those people who was put through the wringer before I got here by other get rich schemes.
    I wont mention them here but I certainly will be telling more in the reviews I am going to write.
    My new websites I am learning to build with you are already taking off because of what I have learned from wealthy affiliate
    Thank you

    • Kyle

      That is great to hear Tom and I am truly glad that you have finally found WA. Now that you have found Wealthy Affiliate, you will never have to spend another dime on products or services online.

  77. Alex

    It seems that WA caters only to those who are looking to earn a living online?
    I would like to build a website purely for display and discussion purposes – ie, an online gallery. If I join as a Starter, would I be able to do this? Furthermore:
    1. Am I able to purchase my domain name through WA when I sign up?
    2. Is an email address (email@mydomain.com) provided?
    3. Are the paid training materials compulsory? ie, will I at some point be obligated to sign up for training? If I am running a site simply as an online gallery, and not as an affiliate to anything, I would not want to have courses and manuals pushed at me.
    If WA is providing something way outside of my needs, then would you please recommend a place where I can build and host a clean and professional online gallery with no mess and fuss?

    • Kyle

      Hey Alex,

      Here are my responses to your questions:

      1. Am I able to purchase my domain name through WA when I sign up?

      You will be purchasing your domain (if you want one of your own) through a domain registrar like namecheap.com or godaddy.com. After you do this, it is just a simply update to use them with our state of the art hosting platform at WA (far superior to ANY shared hosting on the market). You can also create websites on the .siterubix.com and as a starter member you get 2 free websites, as a Premium you can create unlimited websites. These sites rank very well!

      2. Is an email address (email@mydomain.com) provided?

      Absolutely. This is included, you can create as many of these as you like and you can also create email forwards.

      3. Are the paid training materials compulsory? ie, will I at some point be obligated to sign up for training?

      Many of the training modules are Premium yes, the Starter membership will definitely get you rolling but if you are serious about building a business, you will probably want to consider Premium. There is no other training platform like it in the world and there are $80,000 university degrees in Internet marketing that do not compare to our $47 per month Premium platform. It is completely up to you though and no obligation.

      Within Premium you get more advanced training. This includes 4 Live & Interactive Video Classes per month, over 12 classrooms dedicated to particular topics, 1,000’s of training resources, personal coaching for industry experts, unlimited access to ask for help, and access to the entire phased roll out of both our famous courses (over 100 lessons combined that will literally walk you from no knowledge to a successful business in any niche) …not to mention unlimited websites, hosting, and keyword research.

      WA is for everyone. Whether you are a merchant, a local business, a successful marketers, or an aspiring Internet marketer, the platform is absolutely everything you need to create, grow, and maintain a successful business. Hope this adds some clarity.

  78. Caroline

    I have a fiber arts business and the products are handmade by me. I already have a website through Homestead with an email account. Does WA have a way to work with someone like me?

    • Kyle

      Absolutely we can help you out Caroline. We teach Internet marketing, so regardless of your niche or where your site is hosted, we can help you out. We are the most interactive, helpful, and current community in the industry. :) I suggest you get rolling on the Starter membership which has no cost.

  79. scott moore

    I am enjoying the training Kyle. My question at this point is do I build a website for each individual product I do a review on, or do I make another page on my site for given products?

    As an affiliate marketer, you promote different products that you have tried that other people will also be interested in.

    Do you create a separate website or create pages within an existing website. It looks like you would have one central site that people know you through and then different pages within that site?

    You have been successful. How do you approach this?



    • Kyle

      A page/post is adequate for a new product review that you do Scott, there is no need to create a new website for each product that you review. Just make sure that you keep on theme with your products that you are reviewing and that they are relevant to your niche. I usually create these as posts, but pages would be just fine as well.

      If you ever need a hand with anything going forward, you can get in touch with me inside of WA.

  80. XiaoFan

    Hi Kyle

    I’m not totally newbie to this industry but i don’t earn a dime from it.I was led to WA yesterday by a man(Lan Pribyl).
    I’ve purchased some courses from a guy named Even Chia who rank himself as the world #1 super affiliate,maybe you know him.He always guarantee success on his sales page but after i go through all his courses i find nothing is guaranteed.So,can you guarantee anything?

    • Kyle

      We are an education platform. We don’t guarantee success, we can’t. The reason is simple. We cannot guarantee that you will do anything…as your success is going to be based on your hard work and dedication. If you can guarantee this, then I can assure you that you are going to be able to build a business online and do so through Wealthy Affiliate. There is no other foundational platform like it for education, support, expert help, websites, tools, and a community in the industry.

      Get rolling on the Starter membership, it is completely free to get going and see for yourself if WA is a right fit for you Xiao. I know you will love it!

  81. Jon Penberthy

    Hello :)
    I’ve been successful in the internet marketing business with another service called Empower Network. I have some disagreements with their philosophy tho which is why I wanted to stop supporting them. With Empower I was able to make a very high 6 figure income and was wondering if this will be possible with wealthy affiliate.

    • Kyle

      Yes, absolutely Jon. There are ethical ways to create a business online and this can be accomplished within ANY niche….in other words, it doesn’t require you to hustle to get people into a downline or to buy overpriced products. Once you get the formula (and it sounds like you have gotten it down to a certain degree), you can absolutely replicate this formula across multiple niches.

      Wealthy Affiliate teaches internet business, it is not a “system”. You can go in any direction you like and you have the foundation to earn 6 figures and beyond and I would be more than willing to help you every step of the way. Wishing you a Happy New Year Jon and all the success in the world in 2014 (and I hope you at the very least check out WA).

    • Kyle

      There is no limit to the Starter membership time. You have access forever, but in terms of Premium communication/support…you will have this for the first 7 days as a member. Beyond that, you will still be able to access Wealthy Affiliate, work on your website, access training videos/tutorials, and follow what others are doing. Hope this adds some clarity for you Christina.

  82. Roselani

    I am clueless about affiliate marketing, so some of what you talk about is lost on me. I am interested is selling jewelry or accessories (handbags, etc) but don’t have anything of my own to sell. Maybe do it for someone else? Is that available on your site? Also, if I try this and work hard at it, what is the average amount of time to make an extra few hundred dollars a month?

    • Kyle

      You are going to learn all about this within Wealthy Affiliate Roselani within the Getting Started training.

      Basically, you can promote whatever you like in any niche (jewellery or otherwise). They initial focus though is capturing this audience (getting traffic) and this is done through building a niche website and creating content on that website that gets ranked in Google and other search engines.

      Once you have traffic, you can leverage things like affiliate marketing to generate revenue from your site. There are 10’000’s of affiliate programs out there, pretty much every product that is for purchase has an affiliate program. Some affiliate programs like Amazon allow you to promote MILLIONS of products. There are many specific jewellery like BlueNile.com that usually pay around 5-10% depending on the actual program.


      Say for example, you refer someone to the bluenile.com website from your website (through your affiliate link) and they end up buying a $5,000 ring, you would get a 5% commission (that is what bluenile.com pays), so $250 profit. This is all yours and you don’t have to deal with any of the shipping, the support, etc.

      Hope this adds some clarity, but like I said, there is an entire platform of education in place that is going to teach you all about this within WA and we have all the tools, websites, training, support, and community to help you create and grow your very own business online.

  83. Helen Plummer

    This seems very interesting. If I sign up for free initialy is there a timeine on signing up for the premium membership? Also what niche’s are there that you offer?

    • Kyle

      No timelines at all Helen. You do get access to Premium support for the first 7 days, but your Starter membership can be used as long as you want and you can upgrade to Premium at any pace that you like.

      As for the niche, you can be in ANY niche that you want. There is niche training in the the Getting Started course and by Lesson 4 you are going to have your very own niche website up and running. The beautiful thing about WA is that you can take ANY passion that you have and we will show you how to turn it into an online business.

      I look forward to working with you!

  84. Tam Nicole

    Hi there Kyle,

    I write because I have a question to ask that isn’t necessarily for this particular forum.

    I am definitely going to be signing up for WA. I’ve been blinded to many of the scam artists promising me riches in the next ten minutes; honestly, probably because I wanted to be. But this is WA seems different and I looking to finally do it differently this time around.

    Thanks so much.

    • Kyle

      You won’t find this at Wealthy Affiliate Tam simply because success in an INSTANT is not a reality. Has never happened, not once in the history of all homegrown success stories. Within Wealthy Affiliate we are going to teach you the RIGHT WAY to create a business online…within any niche and we will teach you from the ground up, no experience necessary.

      My suggestion to you is to get rolling as a Wealthy Affiliate Starter membership which has no associated costs and includes a ton (more than you have likely found within any other paid program!). I really do look forward to working with you and showing you the light, I know you will love WA!

  85. James Smalley

    I lost my job due to a back injury awhile ago.. Ive tried finding another type of occupation that suits me with very little luck. I now have been trying to learn as much about affiliate marketing since i found out about it a few months with very little progress.Im chasing my tail. Ive watch hrs of vids and reading. It always boils down to 2 things. Traffic, which Ive had no luck generating and the second, “you have to spend money to make it..

    I have no money anymore, I barely eat and I have an eviction notice on my door of the apartment Ive lived in for 6 yrs. Im more or less squatting until I get the final boot, go figure its going to be right around x-mas,lol/. Ive lost it. I have little to nothing anymore…I am desperately asking for help, from anyone willing to show me the right way get started, If this online stuff is for real, I’ll gladly pay who ever can help me 3 fold and do the same to pay it foward, likewise 3 fold, when I get some money, I just need help getting started…Please, I feel lost in more ways than one.. Im glad I found your site Kyle. Maybe theres a little light at the end of the tunnel, around the bend.

    • Kyle

      There is a light at the end of the tunnel. My approach to business and life is that the best is always yet to come and I can assure you this is the case James. I would love to work with you and we can absolutely help you get up and running online with your own niche website, training, support and help you understand the correct process to create a business online.

      Get yourself a Starter membership at Wealthy Affiliate (no cost) and you will immediately be enrolled in our Getting Started training. By lesson 4 you are going to have your very own niche website (in the niche of your choice)!

  86. andrew

    I am not good with computer stuff and was wondering if that would hamper me in starting. I really need another source of income. Can I succeed? I need help!

    • Kyle

      Absolutely not, these days you don’t need to be “techie” to start something online. Much of the process has been simplified through technological advancements. For example, within WA you will be able to build and install a WordPress website with a few clicks…without having to worry about hosting, FTP, transferring of files, databases, or even knowing what WordPress really is. Simple stuff.

      You also have to start somewhere Andrew. We were all once green to this Internet stuff. I was when I started out 11 years ago and I can tell you that absolutely everything you need to get up and running (including the personal support) is within Wealthy Affiliate. Create a Starter membership and check it out…I know you are going to love it!

  87. Walter Roscicki

    So I am interested in marketing with WA but what exactly do I market and how do I make income? Selling what and how? How do I find a product to use your drive technique? I do not see anything about how to create income only how to choose a niche. How do I turn a niche into income?

    • Kyle

      You can market absolutely anything Walter and that is what you are going to learn within WA. We help you out with the entire process, from choosing the niche, to understand the process of making money, to building out your niche website (website/hosting included). We also teach you how to find the products within your respective niche to promte, there are literally MILLIONS of products online that you can promote (without having to deal with anything other than joining their affiliate program).

      I would suggest you join as a Starter member (completely free) and start working through the Getting Started training at WA. By lesson 4 you are going to understand the process, have your niche chosen and have your own niche website. You will also be able to connect with me there!

  88. Cheryl

    Hi Kyle,

    From few of the above posts, you mentioned that we can start to make money even with our free membership.

    But how do i start promoting my websites? Any real good autoresponders & hostings that are free?

    Actually, i would want to earn enough money in order to upgrade to Premium as am having financial constraints with 3 kids to support.

    Hope that you could assist & give me your sound advice.

    Many thanks & regards,

    • Kyle

      Hey Cheryl,

      We teach you how to not only build a website (we have a system that does this for you in less than 30 seconds), but we teach you how to build out the website in a way that will lead to rankings and traffic within the search engines (like Google). You get 2 free websites, hosting included, help and support, and full access to our Getting Started training all withing the Starter membership and this is going to give you a good taste of what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer.

      As for earning “enough” that may or may not be viable but it is possible. You are paying for an EDUCATION at WA if you do ever decide to upgrade, but there is no obligation by any means. Just know that the option is there. Anyways, get rolling with a Starter membership, I know you will absolutely love it and work from there. WA is an all inclusive community, meaning absolutely everything you need to create, grow and scale a business is in one place (you will never have to spend a dime anywhere else again buying scammy products).

  89. lisa mitchell

    hi this is something id be very interested in signing up to but im wondering with things such as websites etc im going to need hosting etc arnt i?reason for asking being you get so many scams that say they deal with all that for you so would i need to set it all up separately for my websites etc for this community? any advice much appreciated thanks for the uk :)

    • Kyle

      Hey Lisa,

      Hosting is totally included with your membership (both Starter and with Premium). The website builder at WA is also the easiest one to use in the world, one click to install your website and you are up and running with a fully functional wordpress website that you can use in any niche if you like (and affiliate with any program you like).

      I understand your fear of scams, it is only normal. I recommend that you at bare minimum check out the WA Starter membership (which is completely free) and then go from there. You will have your own niche website up and running by lesson 4 of the Getting Started training.

  90. Adie

    Hi Kyle,
    I am impressed by your promoting your marketing program. However, I always check things out before paying out money. (You don’t have to print this comment if you want to, but I would appreciate a reply) The Better Business Bureau has given you a bad rating. I believe they said it was because of a website you promoted along with their competitors. I believe in giving a second chance to people if they act in good faith. Can you explain what happened and why I should try your company even if the BBB gave you a bad rating?

    • Kyle

      I would say Adie, if you are still using BBB to gauge the quality of a company YOU SHOULD STOP NOW. The BBB is a business and they are about the most unethical business going. We have received 3 complaints in 8 years within the BBB (I would say that is a pretty good track record) and in order for us to refute or respond to any comments, we have to pay them a monthly fee ($400).

      So basically, BBB allows anyone to BUY their rankings and cannot be trusted. Out of principle we have not done this and we have no plans on doing this.

      I outlined how BBB is scamming legitimate companies within my post here. You should have a read, I think you will find it quite revealing.

  91. Laman Richards

    Great review, I have only been with the community for a week and my site is ranking on the first page of google, I think that Wealthy Affiliate is great.

  92. Tom

    Hey Kyle, was a WA member a few years ago, dropped out because I felt overwhelmed with all the content on the old website. Now your new website, training modules, forums, etc appear to be much more user friendly. My wife is now interested where she wasn’t before. I am an inactive member right now, can I come back under the free membership to try out WA the second time around?

    • Kyle

      Hey Tom,

      Your wife should just create a free Starter account. This will be no problem at all but if there are any issues setting this up, do let me know.

  93. Roney Reis

    I need to drive people to the website of a non-profit organization that is reforesting the Amazon, using mobile devices and or SMS or something better.

    Can you help me?

    • Kyle

      Profit or not for profit, we teach marketing online and how to drive traffic to your website Roney. We can definitely help you out at Wealthy Affiliate. Join as a Starter member and check it out, I know you are going to be thoroughly impressed.

  94. Anthony Williams

    Great review post Kyle, Your site rocks ! Many upgrades and add-ons that make it easy to use and easy to get an answer to an question.

    I know the methods work , it’s how I made my first dollar online .

    Keep up the amazing work Friend !

  95. Bill

    Hello Kyle,
    I am a senior citizen as well as a complete newbie.I have no product, no list,no website!!! Assuming I enroll in and complete the starter course will you suggest an appropriate niche for me?

    • Kyle

      We will absolutely give you a hand with this Bill. In lesson 3 (included in the Getting Started Training at WA), you are going to have training on how to come up with a niche of your own. If you simply cannot come up with one, there is lots of help within the community and we also have training for you with a pre-selected niche if that is the direction you want to go.

  96. bernard

    can i create a blog site like ive tried that.com to encourage everyone to join W.A. . . .i’m gonna write in my blog site my journey before and after i join wealthy affiliate and help them also to learn online business.,.

    • Kyle

      You can create a website on whatever you like as a member of Wealthy Affiliate. We can help you build a business within any niche and if you are interested in promoting WA, you will also be able to do this as both a Starter (free) and a premium member. We would love to have you at WA Bernard and I do look forward to working with you!

  97. Nate R

    Nice article! My wife and I have been working network marketing from coffee to weight loss products to blogging and it seems that all of these companies are scams. Financially we are a one income home now and we don’t have the funds to be buying product to product in these MLM’s and affliates. Does this system really help people like myself who are beginners and are looking to start a online business? Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

    • Kyle

      Yes, absolutely Nate Wealthy Affiliate will most definitely help you. We are going to teach you the REAL way to create a business online that does not involve MLM, hustling to recruit people, etc. Instead, you are going to learn how to run an online business in the same way one would create an offline business but without the start-up costs.

      I recommend you join the Starter account (completely free) as it will get you rolling in the right direction and get you building your foundation for success. You will also be able to get support from me upon joining.

      • RonnyG

        I agree 100%…I have been a paying member for 6 years…I do have experience in making money online, but when I get stuck even if it is techie…I get an answer to my questions answered buy experts in the field I am asking about…

        So all I can say is it has been a major part of my success in my online business..Thanks K&C

  98. Tony

    Is Wealthy Affiliate Newbie friendly. And does it cost anything to join. Is their any monthly fees, etc.

    Thought about BTF, but is skeptical at joinning anything out their today. Since every program has a upsell tactic and etc to it.

    • Kyle

      Absolutely it is newbie friendly. As soon as you enter into WA, you have access to the Getting Started course, which is a 10 lesson video/text course that is going to walk you through the process of creating your business foundation. This also includes two free websites (full functional WordPress websites), access to help and support…and access to the WA community.

      There is a Premium membership which is $19 for the first month, then $47 thereafter if you like the service we offer and want “MORE”. This is completely up to you though as there is no obligation to join Premium. Outside of this there are NO upsells, we don’t operate that way and I can assure you as soon as you join the Starter membership you are going to feel right at home.

    • Kyle

      You can definitely get your business up and running. You have the ability to promote whatever you like with your Starter websites as well, so yes, you can make money with your Starter membership. With your Premium membership you will get more access to WA, but I always recommend that someone starts off as a Starter. It is free and you are going to learn how to create a business online, no experience necessary.

      I look forward to working with you Maya!

  99. Colette

    I had never heard of online marketing until a friend mentioned it recently. He explained his niche and I thought about what mine could be – medical and health information. However my friend advised me against this due to legal ramifications. Innovative health approaches are my passion though. What do you think about this niche?

    Thanks from Australia :)

    • Kyle

      This could be your niche. You could take an approach of “opinion” rather actual medical advice. There are many aspects of the health niche and it is too broad in itself. Within Wealthy Affiliate we will be helping you narrow down your niche and coming up with something more specific. There are literally 10,000’s of sub-niches within the health niche that you could be very successful with.

  100. Steve D

    Stumbled across this website while doing searches related to Empower Network. Was good to read an independent analysis of Empower Network’s setup. And while they are not selling a ‘product’, they are selling a ‘method’, which to my mind, is still legitimate, provided that they use fair tactics to promote and sell their ‘method’. I guess that is more where the problem lies with Empower Network than anything else.

    But to the point of this post. I have several ideas for building online businesses. And absolutely no real idea where to start. I have been reading Tim Feriss’ book “The four hour work week,” which has been very helpful in setting goals and understanding processes, but not so much as to the nitty gritty of actually operating an online business.

    Truth be told, my online experiences have not been great. Plenty of HYIP’s have come and gone, taking (thankfully relatively small amounts of) my money with them.

    Now here is the rub. I freely confess that Marketing, commerce, and online bussinesses are not exactly my area of expertise, (Or even passion,) but I see these things more as a useful vehicle to generate finances to free me up to do what I really am passionate about: sound engineering, singing, songwriting and performing.

    Do you think it is possible to run, as Tim Ferriss argues, that it is possible to run a successful online business, but still be free enough to spend the majority of your time pursuing another career entirely?

    Thanks for your site, I will certainly join up!


    -Steve D

    • Kyle

      They are promoting the fact that in order to promote Empower, you have to buy into the scheme yourself. That is what is happening and if you call that legitimate, you haven’t probably come across any real legitimate opportunities online. Their method of promotion is based on sucking other people into the system with a $25 per month facade and then getting them to pay through then nose for other aspects of the system.

      Marketing doesn’t have to be your niche and great marketers are not really what you would define as a “marketer”. They are people that understand a particular audience/niche and they know how to help them. If you can help someone, you can flourish within business as this is the premise for creating trust. I know that if you do decide to join WA Steve you will absolutely love it and you are going to have the freedom to go in any direction you like online.

      PS. Stay away from HYIP’s. They are just going to continue down the ongoing cycle of jumping from product to product.

  101. Hi Kyle,
    Great blog, nice community you have going here. I think our situation may be somewhat different than some others here. Been at it for 15 years (and yes, we have purchased every course, aid, training, etc., you name it.) I think our weakness is lack of time and structure. (That was the one thing we were attracted to from the pitch of EN, in that their people claim “you simply follow 3 steps day in, day out.)

    We own several businesses but our main focus is on our animated whiteboard video production company. We have a PR7 site (not the video business but use the one we have for sub-domains.) We also use the services of article marketing, blogging (not regularly,) Social bookmarking, etc., etc., ad-infinitum.

    We don’t have time to go through a plethora of basic marketing videos/tutorials. I’m not saying we know it all, obviously we wouldn’t be here if we thought that. (Actually I’m not even certain what I am trying to ask here(?)

    I guess I’m asking how your advanced, paid course might assist us in developing a game plan/organizational plan of attack to help our traffic grow. We aren’t doing bad on our own, but always looking for ways to improve. We would probably not be interested in joining the free program (again the time issue/combined with our existing experience level.) So if you could approach my inquiry from an “advanced student” prospective, we would be very grateful. Thanks very much. Rob and Bea

    • Kyle

      Hey guys,

      To be completely honest with you, if you are looking for a simple fix to creating a business, on that is quick, then you are going to be searching for a long time or end up having to rip people off (steal) in order to generate a business. I can assure you that if you join Wealthy Affiliate, even as a free member, you are going to be thoroughly impressed with our service and as a member of WA, you will never need to buy another one of these products again.

      We can help you with your websites and we can also help you with any ideas that you want to leverage within the online world. We will also teach you things about PR, because the fact that you are still latching onto the idea that PR means something these days means to me that you have been misguided or your knowledge set just needs to be modernized for 2013/2014.

      I don’t want you to worry about our Premium membership just yet, I want you guys to take advantage of our FREE membership and let us prove to you what we offer, the awesome community at WA and earn your trust before you decide to spend money on our service (which is unmatched in the industry).

      I look forward to working with both of you!

  102. Wilbur Fawbush

    Do I need to have a lead management system (A. Weber) to
    participate in your program? I have recently canceled my
    membership in Empower Network but kept my Weber account
    open. Should I cancel it?

    • Kyle

      No, we do not offer autoresponders at Wealthy Affiliate (simply because aweber does a suitable job for people and that is their focus). If you plan on leveraging email marketing and building a list, you should retain this account. We have lots of training on email marketing, but first and foremost your focus should be on traffic and the training at WA is going to walk you through that process. Without traffic there is now way to get leads.

  103. Dan Thompson

    I have purchased many affiliate systems and cancelled them all either because of my disappointment in them or in my disappointment in myself. I finally labeled them all as scams or just moneymakers for the owners. My distrust for all systems and all offers grew to the point that I did not believe any of them. I am not over that yet.

    My disappointment in myself stems from a couple of things. The first is that I am 79 years old, and even though I possess a sharp mind, I am not confident that I can properly learn this business adequately enough to make a living at it.

    The second is that I seem to have a fetish about my own personal websites. That comes from my ignorance about them and not being able to be creative enough to come up with a domain name that I feel good about. I have owned several domain names over the years but I have allowed all of them to be terminated. My niche would be “golf”, but I might be better off letting someone else pick a better niche than that for me. All in all, I am going to have to get over my fetish about my website.

    Third, and certainly not least is my distrust of the Google system and their keywords. I guess that I just don’t know enough about it to have much confidence in getting near the top of their list in any category. Regardless, I don’t like for my success to be contingent on my ability to get in a favorable position on their lists.

    In short, I consider myself to be a challenging problem for anyone to take on as a willing student should I decide to join Wealthy Affiliate. I would probably begin as a Starter Member at first, but I would certainly consider becoming a Premium Member if someone could prove certain things to me and that I could learn enough to make money with the system.

    In closing, I am looking for a reliable internet system that I can make a steady income from, and I have not found it yet. I do feel better about your presentation than I do the many others that I have reviewed in the last year. Truth usually wins out.

    I will make my decision when I hear back from you. Your response and the promptness of that response will help me decide.
    Dan Thompson (Not Proofread)

    • Kyle

      Thanks for getting in touch with me Dan. First off, the best thing you can do is check out the Starter membership, it is completely free to join and it will get you access to the community, 2 free websites, hosting, training, and support. This is absolutely the best way to see if the program is for you as I am sure you will quickly realize that what we offer for free at Wealthy Affiliate is superior to what others are charging for.

      Golf would absolutely be a great niche for you and we can help you get up and running within that niche. Our training is not niche specific, meaning that you can use it to create a business within any niche, no experience necessary (and no technical knowledge required).

      There is no such thing as a challenging student. If you are challenging, it means that you are interested in learning and the helpful community within WA is going to be behind you ever step of the way Dan. I look forward to working with you and if you need a hand going forward, please do get in touch with me inside of Wealthy Affiliate (my profile is Kyle) and I will be more than happy to help you out.

  104. Jesse

    Hi Kyle. I am Jesse who is living in Toronto. According to your comments and discription of your site,your program seems to be something more diffrent than other online making money site. I already joined some online making money site and brought programs but all these are provided a lack of information and too long period of training sections. No feedback or just nomal answers when I need their help. If I am joining to your program, you are going to guide me to the right direction in the online business field as you mentioned and described your site on your landing pages.

    Have a long weekend

    • Kyle

      Absolutely Jesse, you are going to get real help within WA and real training that works today. This is going to be very easy for you to follow along with and there is always help within the VERY ACTIVE community at WA if you ever need it. I suggest you check out the Starter membership and get rolling from there, you will get instant access to the training within the back-end and you can always touch base within WA when you need to (I will also connect with you when you join).

      You have a wonderful long weekend as well and I will see you inside WA!

  105. Sam

    Hi Kyle,

    What is the value of working with WA if I could just create my own website? I’m not sure what I stand to gain when it seems like I can compose my own research and find my own affiliate programs.

    You’re probably not inclined to answer this, but I’m honestly asking – how do you (the owners) make money from WA? I guess overall, I want to know the average percentage of profit I’d make from any subsequent product purchases via my site, versus what WA makes from that same purchase.


    • Kyle

      Wealthy Affiliate has a Premium membership which is a paid membership. We don’t make a cent off of you if you join our Starter membership, but we still offer an awesome service there. Our goal is to put our best foot forward and to show you what a “REAL” business looks like and how you can create one and to offer you a service that you trust and that you want more of. Our Starter membership exceeds any paid program out there (yet it is free), and our Premium is out of this world compared to any education in online business you will receive anywhere.

      You can promote whatever you like within WA, we will teach you how to create a business within any niche and as you go through the training we will help you with this process. Hope this adds some clarity Sam.

  106. Reba

    Hi Kyle, I struggle with whether I’ll be able to produce enough valuable content to actually drive an income. Does WA help with this type of challenge? Thanks!

    • Kyle

      Absolutely Reba, we have a ton of training on content and authoring within WA, in fact we have an entire classroom (of 100+ training modules) dedicated to this subject and we have a lot of support within the community from content experts if you ever need it.

  107. Latisha

    Hi Kyle

    I was just looking over all of the comments and am very interested in WA and right now I am unemployed anf actively seeking employment. I have never ran a business but I know there are people who make lots of money online but I have no idea where to began or what to sell. Iam a mother of five and looking to make money from home. Can WA help a low-income person like me.

    • Kyle

      We can definitely help you out at Wealthy Affiliate Latisha, no experience necessary (and no product required). We are going to teach you how to build a website within any niche of your choice and build a successful business from the ground up. I recommend you start out with the Starter membership which is completely free and then start working through the training. You will instantly gain access to the community and the ability to create free websites upon joining.

  108. Alan


    I currently have a 181 page site hosted by another company. I have no real interest in selling a product, rather utilizing those programs such as AdSense to create passive income.

    My site is just over 2 years old, receiving 130 visitors daily, but little to no revenue from AdSense. Traffic seems to be more the issue, and there may be some other programs out there similar to AdSense to create additional revenue. Info-links was not a favorite.

    Alexa ranking is just over 4 mil. How can WA meet my needs?

    • Kyle

      We can teach you how to create websites that rank and it is obvious that you don’t quite get the concept of proper keyword research, because with 181 pages of unique content you should be getting 1,000’s of visitors per day to your site. Also, adsense is far from the best way to monetize your website, so we will help you get rolling in the right direction with that.

      It sounds like you have the work ethic part down and you understand the process of getting content up on your website, it will be just a matter of fitting a few of the pieces together to get your campaigns moving in the right direction. I suggest you set-up the Starter membership and we will get rolling from there.

  109. Teresa

    I am involved in a company that uses relationship marketing to promote and sell the product. Will this system help me generate leads for that business?

    • Kyle

      Without traffic, you don’t have anyone to “market” to. All marketing is relationship marketing and anyone that is successful within the online world understands how to get traffic to their website. This is one of the many things that you will learn within WA and we would love to help you out Teresa. I suggest you join the Starter membership and I know you will instantly know you are in the right place (and I will get in touch with you right away upon joining).

  110. Andreia

    Hey Kyle,

    Was wondering if i can take advantage of the free membership and use with my MLM business? Because I do my business with people i know, but i want to expose the opportunity to more people, what do u advise?

    • Kyle

      What we teach at Wealthy Affiliate can be used within any niche, including with MLM programs. I would suggest that you join within WA and you will get a good idea of what we offer. Absolutely everything you need to succeed within any vertical of the online business world is included at WA.

  111. Al

    Hey, I’m still in college and I would like to know if I actually have a chance in WA? I have no experience what so ever on the online market and the only techie thing iv’e ever done was build my computer.

    • Kyle

      You absolutely do have a chance, an awesome chance. I know this first hand because I started while I was in college and you are a step ahead of my, I didn’t know how to put a computer together. I can assure you that you will be more than fine and we all start with no knowledge at one point. That is what the training is there for at Wealthy Affiliate…and the tools…and the support…and the community. Everything you need to go from nothing to as successful as you want is there.

      Get rolling with the starter membership and if you need a hand with anything going forward, touch base within me inside the community.

  112. saul

    Hello Kyle i would like be a membership but i want to know if you have some information in Spanish because my wife she don’t read very good English so if she enjoy with you do you think u can help her or not?

    • Kyle

      At this point all of our training/videos are in English, but if you can understand English, you will be able to use this information to create Spanish websites and earn money through the spanish speaking audience. Many members at Wealthy Affiliate create websites in other languages.

  113. Stephanie

    I’m a salon owner and only been open 6 months. Business is growing, but I still need a lot of help. I know it takes 3-5 years to fully develop a business, but in the meantime I would like to make money on the side to help out with bills and such.

    Can WA help me with that? Will the websites help promote and advertise my salon? I have seen Neucopia and other companies that are pyramid based, I even unfortunately joined one (for only $99!), and never made anything no matter what I did. I’m just trying to figure out what WA does and how I can make some money with it. I intend on signing up for the free membership, but I just wanted a little more insight first. Thanks :)

    • Kyle

      WA can absolutely help you with your existing salon along with anything else that you would like to do within the online world. We teach you how to create a business or how to take an existing business and get it reach through the online world. We have A LOT of local marketing training within our Premium membership that would be highly valuable to locally marketing your salon, but absolutely start with the Starter membership and go from there. I know you are going to love the community, training and atmosphere.

  114. san

    Hi Kyle I’ve read your article along with most of the comments. I’m in pretty much the same boat as everyone trying to make money online to free myself form the 9-5 job! Although I’m an IT security specialist I’ve never really had the “time” to start my own online business before. One of the problem I face is that I live in Mongolia (not sure if you’ve even heard about our country).

    So my question is do you think it is possible for me to start make money through WA even though I live in a relatively remote place. Since our country is a developing one and not many ppl use online merchandising.

    • Kyle

      You can absolutely work from Mongolia, and yes, I have heard of Mongolia before lol. The thing about the Internet business world is that your location does not really play an impact in respect to the success you can achieve. We have people from Mongolia and all over the world for that matter, you will be able to do the same.

      I would suggest you get rolling with the Starter membership and take action on the training. It is going to get you up and running with your own niche website and show you how you can leverage this to generate a “worldwide” income.

  115. Krysten

    I joined WA a month ago with absolutely no knowledge of how to create a website or how to start an internet marketing business. I am VERY suspicious of online claims that you can be a gazillionaire over night. This is the first program that I have found that you can join for free, with out every having to upgrade, and that actually provides a value. The fact that you don’t need to provide a credit card number when you sign up for the free membership, really solidified that I was doing the right thing.

    One month later, I have two great looking websites, and a solid understanding of how I can use them to earn a living online. The support truly is amazing, and I have never stayed “stuck” for very long as the amazing WA members jump in to help.

    This is not some scheme where you are going to make loads of cash right off the bat. You actually have to work at it and create a website that creates value to the reader and ultimately leads you into a long term and sustainable income stream.

    Seriously, the training is outstanding and provides support for those at all levels – beginner, intermediate or advanced. I love it!

    • Kyle

      So glad you are enjoying yourself within Wealthy Affiliate Krysten and it has been nice to work with you thus far. Thanks for stopping by with your review, much appreciated.

  116. Paul

    Soooo… straight forward talk – what is one of the products? Just one. Cause this seems like you haven’t actually answered that question but danced around it. Sorry if this seems rude, I’m just a skeptical person. A friend told me about EN (do not like them…) and now I’m here. I want to know more, and I get there is a free membership (I like free) but I’m still hesitant. Any help here?

    • Kyle

      Not sure what you mean by products, but I will help explain to you exactly what Wealthy Affiliate is and how it will help you out Paul.

      Wealthy Affiliate is an all inclusive community, training, support, services, and websites platform for building a business online. We do not push you to promote any product in particular (in fact you don’t even need to promote products to earn money), rather we training you how to build a business online from scratch. This starts with a foundation, a website. From there, you need to understand how to generate traffic, because without an audience, there is no money to be earned online. We show you how to accomplish this the proper way, the way that works in 2013 and has worked since 2005 when we started WA.

      Within the community you will get training and you will be able to get support when you need it. Within the free Starter membership you will be creating your initial foundation which will be through some Getting Started training along side free websites and support that we are going to be providing you. There is not a PAID program in the industry that can compete with our free membership, let alone our Premium service (which offers much more).

      I suggest you check out the Starter membership…there is ZERO cost and risk to do this. I know you will be impressed!

  117. Edmond SM

    Kyle,3 issues for clarification.
    1. Are there any membership sites in your program that free WA member affiliates can choose to promote to obtain recurring/passive monthly income.
    2. For the upgraded membership, will it be a continuation from the free WA + getting access to additional resources or is the upgraded version an entirely new business where you have to start all over again to set up.******
    3. I’ve seen comments on differing sites mentioning the free WA membership has 7-day trial period and some mentioning 10-day trial. Which is correct?**********

    • Kyle

      Hi Edmond,

      1. We teach you how to promote any affiliate program you like within WA, whether this be a recurring commission program or otherwise. So yes, to your first question.

      2. When you upgrade within WA, you carry everything you have created and all the training you have completed with you into the Premium, you do not have to start over again.

      3. There is no trial, you get indefinite access to WA Starter when you join for free. You however get 7 days free access to the Premium level support within our system which includes all the help you need, after this period it is only included in the Premium membership.

      Hope this helps you out. The best thing you can do is join the Starter membership (it is completely free) this is going to give you a go understanding of exactly what our offering is.

    • Kyle

      Absolutely 100% legit Dave. Check out the Starter membership at the very least. I will be there to help you along the way within Wealthy Affiliate, absolutely everything you need to get started and scale a business online is within the community. I know you will thoroughly enjoy your experience!

  118. Alex

    Hi Kyle,I am self employed & work is slow.Looking on the internet for work at home sites.Have come across alot of sites but when I check on them most are scams.Have been reading about WA,there are some very good reviews.Wandering if WA is a good choice.Money is very tight,trying to support my family.Do you think WA can help.Thank You,if this works I would love to help others that are in the same position as I am.

    • Kyle

      Absolutely it is a good choice. I can assure you that you are going to get a REAL education on how to create a REAL business online within WA. It is completely free to get up and running within the Starter membership and you have access to 2 websites, support, and the ability to interact with experts within the community. We can definitely help.

  119. gopal

    Will i make money the first month after becoming a member. I want to make 100 dollrs a day how much how much time it will take if I follow you.

    • Kyle

      I don’t guarantee success, I assure that you have all the tools, training, websites, and support you need to get there. Some folks can definitely earn within the first month online, but generally speaking you need to first create your foundation before you can build your business. That is how it works. Treat success the same way you do any thing else in life where you learn, build and the succeed. Those that typically want success in an instant are those that continue to buy endless “shiny objects” in attempt to fuel their “hopes”.

      I can assure you that absolutely EVERYTHING you need to succeed online is included within WA, whether your take action and work hard (which leads to your inevitable success) is up to you. I am there to help every step of the way.

  120. Paul

    Hi. I’m recently got into EN (like 4 days ago). I don’t see why it couldn’t work, although it does seem odd to me concerning some of the things you mentioned about them. I would love to be able to make money online, and have no problem with spending some time each day at it on the side of my current 40 hour-per-week job (that I can only tolerate, not enjoy). I very much like the idea of of your starter membership being free, while EN’s is $25. My problem is that I’m a complete noob to all this. I understand now how to make money with EN, but not with WA. But WA is free when starting out. I guess my big question is: what am I going to sell online with this free membership that you’re offering?

    • Kyle

      You can sell anything Paul within any niche and the training that you are going to access within the FREE starter membership is going to immediately be walking you through this. You are also going to be building your very own niche website by lesson 4. You have full control over your destiny and you have everything you need to get started, create and scale any level of business within the online world at WA.

      I do suggest you join the Starter membership and get rolling from there. I can assure you that the WA free membership will exceed ANY paid product out there, and the Premium membership at WA is even beyond that!

  121. solomon

    Thanks Kyle. I was wondering round to get a legitimate menturing, training program. There are millions of scams and liers out there to my surprise.I was very frustrated and discouraged. I spent thousands of my money for different products, including websites developed by different warrior forum individuals. Glad i saw this website this morning. I joined as free member for now and see how i do on that before upgrading to the premium level. I own more than 15 websites(niches)and making $0 so far. I am also in the free prescription discount card business, which is to some extent much better than the IM. you dont see any scammers or liers like the IM business.

    I am hoping your program will help me learn about IM business.



    • Kyle

      You are definitely try to do too much at once Solomon. It only takes ONE website to be very successful online. It is not a good idea to diversify until you know how to be successful with just one website. Those that tell you otherwise are those that are likely struggling online or those selling you a product that teaches otherwise (yet they probably do not use their own techniques).

      I suggest you create your Starter account at Wealthy Affiliate right away and we can get you moving in the right direction. I will be more than happy to help you out once you are inside the community.

  122. Ken

    Hi Kyle,
    Just wondering if there is an affiliate program option in WA? Can a member invite others into the program, and make a commission if the invited person upgrades to the premium? Not meaning to downgrade the other avenues of making money within the WA system, just wondering if that additional stream is in there?

    • Kyle

      Absolutely Ken, we have a very lucrative affiliate program within Wealthy Affiliate that is included in both the Starter and Premium memberships at Wealthy Affiliate. We also have a payment model for people that you refer that are free members as well. In addition to this we have something called our “Affiliate Bootcamp” which is specific training that will walk you through the process of creating a successful business using our affiliate program.

      So yes, our affiliate program is definitely one option, but you will be able to choose your “path” with your business as you go through our training.

      • Tim

        Wouldn’t this be considered multi level marketing? Just curious since I am new to all this and thinking about joining the free side first

        • Kyle

          Absolutely not Tim, we are an education platform. Just like going to Harvard or any other acclaimed University, WA offers you the platform you need to get educated…along with all the websites, tools, community, classrooms, live video classes, support, mentoring, experts and networking you need to create a business online.

          It isn’t MLM, there are no LEVELS at WA. MLM programs in this industry are a scam and should be avoided.

          If you join WA, I know you are absolutely going to love the community and the platform. If you do, make sure you stop by my profile and say hi!

  123. Bulelani Langeni

    Hi Kyle

    Thanks for the eye opener regarding Empower Network. I was about to join them before I saw you review about their business model. I have been getting several emails from their members to join but I always failed to understand what I would be doing exactly. I am really looking for something that will set me financially free, successful and add value to other people’s lives. But I have had a bad experience in the past due to scams. I hope after reading all this comments above about your business it is really legitimate I will give it a try and see time will tell


    • Kyle

      I hear you Bulelani. Almost everyone that I have ever worked with has had at least one “run in” with a bad experience online, whether this is at the hands of a guru or one of the many schemes online. It is unfortunate that this has become what the Internet stands for and I find it appalling that most of the programs are allowed to even exist.

      What I can tell you is that if you give us a chance, you will be warmly surprised. We are truly different and we do care about ALL of our members and this is going to be very apparent the minute you walk in the door at Wealthy Affiliate, even as a free Starter member. I would love to work with you and please do get in touch with me when you do create your account with Wealthy Affiliate. My username is Kyle over there.

  124. Sajan

    Hi Kyle,

    I am newbie in making money online.,Checked all sites like Chrisfarrell,work from no home,Empowernetwork, etc etc.I also checked whether if its scam or real.When i checked WA,website looks legitimate and i am interested to join since i am going through very bad time,but the problem is I am really really newbie and i dont now what to do and scared.


    • Kyle

      I would recommend you join the Starter membership Sajan. It is completely free and I know you will instantly feel right at home within WA. If you do need a hand with anything going forward, I will be more than happy to help you out. Get in touch with me inside of WA!

  125. Greg W.

    So by joining the starter account first, can you actually make money via the starter account, or do you have to be a premium member before you can start generating income? I know that nothing is gonna happen overnight, but wondering if the starter membership is basically just for valuable information leading up to the premium membership. Thanks

    • Kyle

      You can absolutely earn on the Starter membership, but obviously the Premium membership does include a lot more. I can assure you that our Starter membership at Wealthy Affiliate will exceed the quality of ANY paid product in the industry (and it is FREE) in respect to the support, the training, the tools and services. Absolutely don’t take my word for it, find out for yourself. I know you will love it Greg and please do get in touch with me inside of WA if you ever need anything.

  126. Kirsty

    Hi Kyle,
    I’m really keen to join and already have an idea of the direction I’d like to go with my niche. I’m passionate about educating and helping people to improve their lifestyles through education and knowledge of health, diet, chemical free products and essentially “cleansing” their lives so that they can be productive, useful and live rich and fulfilling lives. I’m desperate to help others, can your training help set me up? Also, how does things like tax etc work? Do I need to have an ABN and how do I declare income/be accountable for tax with income earned from internet marketing? Do we just treat it as if we’re self-employed? Do you advise having an accountant if our online business takes off?

    • Kyle

      This is absolutely a great niche and if you are passionate about this niche, you can do very well within it. You nailed something when you said you are interested in “helping” people. If you can help people, regardless of the business you choose, you can be very successful online. We can absolutely help you out at Wealthy Affiliate and DO NOT worry about taxes right now, you are putting the cart before the horse. Earn money and then deal with it, it is actually quite easy and you will be able to work as a sole proprietor when starting out.

  127. Archie

    Hi, I have an existing website for my business that I’m trying to rank higher in the search engines. My knowledge of SEO is very minimal at best. By joining WA will it help me obtain the SEO knowledge needed to improve my site’s rank or is it more geared to individuals who want to start a website from scratch? Thanks for your help!

    • Kyle

      We can absolutely help you out. If you don’t know SEO, then you are going to have a tough time getting any rankings in Google and we teach SEO and we have many SEO experts within WA that you will be able to work with. We teach techniques that work in 2013 as well, unlike the many folks that are still pushing “backlinks” and “article spinning” which can adversely affect your business and kill all of your rankings in the SERPS.

      I suggest you join the Starter membership first, it is completely free and I absolutely know you are going to love the community over at Wealthy Affiliate. Make sure you stop by and say hi when you join, my username within WA is Kyle.

      • Archie

        Thanks for the reply. I’ve finished the first ten courses and I found the material really helpful. Will be upgrading to premium soon.

        • Kyle

          Awesome Archie, glad you are enjoying Wealthy Affiliate! If you ever need anything, you know where to find me!

  128. Rosie

    Thanks for your review about empower network, I recently join them 4days ago and I am contemplating if I wanted to buy all the video they are selling. I know for a fact that people can empower themselves with the right mindset. I am also looking for an on-line business coz I wanted to have a lot of time for myself and do something that will enhance my gift. Hoping you are the answer to my prayers so i can get out of debt.

    • Kyle

      We will absolutely be able to help you out. You just need to be honest with yourself and what your goals are. Anything is achievable through hard work and dedication, but don’t treat this like a race. The first month of your business should always be focused on getting a solid foundation in place. This is what we teach at Wealthy Affiliate and by the end of your first month you will have a website (within any niche) that is getting ranked in Google and getting traffic.

  129. Mike

    Hello K

    Just been doing some extra research before i take the plunge. Some of the comments on your youtube videos are not so good. For example one non paying member claims to not have access to the community because they only have the free starter account. Another says that when he was in the middle of a live chat that he was booted out for asking to many questions. What are your thoughts on these comments. You almost have me mate but I just wont jump in blind ever again.

    • Kyle

      Hey Mike,

      The best thing you can do is join via the free starter membership. As a Starter member, you have access to a good deal of training, a Getting Started course and an Affiliate Bootcamp. Additionally, you have access to build TWO completely free WordPress websites before you ever have to consider spending a dime.

      Yes, we do have a Premium membership (as explained in this post), but that is up to you and if you want to take things to the next level. I can assure you that our FREE Starter Membership is better than all of the paid programs out there. Our Premium is just that much better and instead of me tooting the WA horn here, I would love for you to have a look for yourself.

      I can appreciate you reviewing products/services before you join them, in particular in this industry. There are a lot of scams out there and this is something that we despise about our industry. People make assumptions based on their past experiences.

      In regards to someone losing access for asking questions, that DOES NOT happen at WA. The only time we cut someone off is if they are spamming the community with promotions, something that we take seriously and do not tolerate. We have a spam free environment at Wealthy Affiliate.

      I hope this has answered your questions Mike. Again the best thing you can do is join the Starter membership and then if you have any further questions going forward, you can connect with me directly inside of WA.

  130. Tom

    For someone who is willing to follow direction and has 1 to 2 hours a day to put in to your WA program would it be likely that I could make my first $100 online within 3 weeks? Does it take months to build up the SEO traffic and start making any money online realistically? I know everyone is different but on average for your people through your program what have you seen?

    • Kyle

      Hey Tom, it typically takes a month or two to get up and running online and this means getting your website foundation in place and getting it ranked in Google. Do you only have 3 weeks to achieve success? I always find it strange when people only give themselves 3-4 weeks to achieve success yet they will work a job for 30 years to get a few dollars raise. To be honest I have never met someone that has reached HUGE success in a month online, but yes, you can definitely start building your business and be working towards success.

      When I started years ago, I had only a few hours per day like you and within 2 months I had my my first money online. By month 6 I was doing really well…and at the year mark I was full time. That is more typical and the work you invest now pays off later as with any business. Wealthy Affiliate can help you achieve any level of success you want online, we have people earning a few $100 per month and we have people earning several million per year, it really depends on YOU as we have everything you need to start, build and grow a business of any stature within WA.

  131. Lucy

    I have just gone through your website and read a lot from you and your visitors. I am going to take a leap of faith and get into WA. I have come across many programs but I have never felt the need to engage in any of them. I have a millionaire mindset. I just need the right people to help me achieve my goals. Am hoping am at the right place. Only time will tell.


    • Kyle

      You are going to feel right at home Lucy and I know you are absolutely going to love the community! I look forward to working with you and please do get in touch with me inside of WA if you ever do need anything!

      • Kyle

        It truly is and that is why I created this site. To help folks like yourself out Liz and to get you moving in the right direction. There is a lot of vultures out there in this industry that are in the business of “taking money” and it is my goal to uncover all of these scams and portray the legitimate ones to folks.

        If you ever need a hand with anything going forward, I do suggest you get in touch with me inside of WA (I think you just created an account) and I will be more than happy to give you a hand.

  132. Berna

    So I’m understanding that in order to make money from your company, I need to have a blog? It’s not like an MLM company?

    • Kyle

      To make money online, you need a website these days. That is why we provide you with websites at Wealthy Affiliate and make the foundation building process centered around getting a successful website up and running. This is how you create an Internet business, which is different than build a downline within an MLM company.

  133. Kyle, I will definitely join WA.
    What is the Premium membership fee amount?

    How do I get in on working with companies site in the internet market place like AMAON,WALMART,GOOGLE and DELTA through WA as a Premium member?

    • Kyle

      The Premium membership is offered at $19 for the first month if you join within the first 7 days, and then after this you can either pay monthly ($47) or you can pay for a year at a time at a discount ($359, works out to just over $29 per month). This is an “all inclusive” membership, meaning that if you are Premium you do not have to pay for anything else. No upsells at all…everything you need to start, build and grow a business online is included and you will never have to buy another Internet marketing product again!

      Check out the Starter membership though when getting rolling, this will give you a jump start with your business and grant you access to the community, the training, tools and support (and your own two free websites). We will be teaching you all about how to make money online with the first couple of lessons within the Getting Started training and by lesson 4 you are going to have your very own niche website up and running!

  134. Viv E.

    Kyle, I am quite impress that as an owner, your HUMBLE-being took the time personally in responding to ALL internet replies, even to the ones that didn’t make sense, you are a rare patience character person and may the Spirit bless you abundantly with good health and wealth riches in the name of Jesus(Son of God-Almighty).

    • Kyle

      Because unlike 99% of the companies in the industry, we care more about helping people create success online than making our company more money. Yes, we run a business but we are in the business of helping people and when you join WA (even as a free Starter member) you are going to find that this is evident very quickly.

  135. mark

    Hi Kyle,
    It sounds to easy do you think your system can work/help someone with no online experience.l have a young family so money is tight but we are in a position were we need to start something on the side and hopefully be able to build it to full time.
    Thanks for your time.


    • Kyle

      We can definitely help you out at Wealthy Affiliate Mark. I suggest you take advantage of the Starter membership, it is completely free to get going and this does include support and the ability to create TWO free websites. I know you will love the training the community and if you have any questions going forward, feel free to touch base with me inside of Wealthy Affiliate.

  136. Carol

    I am definitely going to join your community and cancel a couple of others that I belong to.

    As I havent read any of the other questions/responses above, I have a quick question, can I upgrade at any time or is there a specific time frame.

    Kind regards.

    • Kyle

      That is great Carol, we would love to have you at Wealthy Affiliate! And yes, of course. You can upgrade at any time that you like, it is completely up to you and there are no obligations. Your Starter membership does not have a time limit, although you do only get the Premium support for the first 7 days you will still have access to your training and your websites beyond that.

  137. bryan and jo

    Hi we have loads of domain names we have brought we are so fed up with the scams we have had so many we are getting fed up now. We have lost our house and mortgage we have a wifi dongle to get on the computer we have been doing this over 7 years now and all the money we get for the little bit of work we have get’s used online we are so sick and tired of this and now enough is enough we want help to get the money in we deserve and hope Kyle you can help us we think we might as well get the money out of the bank and just burn it! thats what we feel like. and being in a caravan thats starting to leak and the arguments well need i say no more we have 5 kids and we don’t get to spend time with them as we are on the pc looking for ways to make money it’s about time we made some decent money for our selfs and our kids we don’t even know how we got to this site but just for once would be nice for someone to help us start seeing the money coming in instead of the scams so PLEASE HELP US KYLE!!

    • Kyle

      I can definitely help you our Bryan and Jo and I can assure you that if you step foot inside of WA you are never going to get scammed again. It is great that you have some domains, but you are going to need to learn the proper techniques for creating and building out your websites in order to get traffic and ultimately generate revenue. It only takes ONE domain as well, anyone that told you otherwise has been feeding you false information.

      I would suggest that you create your free Starter account and then you will immediately but through the Getting Started training. Also, after you join get in touch with me inside of WA if you ever need a hand with anything (my username is “Kyle”) and I will be happy to help you guys out.

  138. don

    Sir Kyle,
    I register for Wealthy Affiliate Starter membership this morning,do I need to have/buy a registered domain name and hosting for me to earn here in WA?
    Thanks bro.

    • Kyle

      This is completely up to you Don. When starting out you can absolutely use the free websites, they are full WordPress websites. At some point down the road you may want to move to getting your own domains, but this is up to you. Work through the training and take action on what you learn, you will be moving in the right direction very quickly Don.

  139. Franky

    Hey Kyle,

    Somehow I ran into this website, don’t really remember how, but I read this review. This seems pretty neat. I’m curious on many things. I’ll just ask a few that come to mind, since it can be a long list.

    I’ve been looking for an online job for a while, just to be able to have some time to help my family out and myself. I’m actually living in central America and I’m curious to how the payments would be made? Like is it deposited directly or by check? Also, right now I’m working as a technical support specialist, but need some extra money to be able to help my family out. I was wondering what’s the average income that’s received? I’m sorry to ask these questions, but for a job/careers, basic questions can help in decision making. Oh, and what’s the time span after joining that it will take to receive your first payment?

    Lastly, does it matter what language (if someone can’t speak/write/read english) a person speaks to try this out? I know that last questions random but if it’s a global type of business, is there help for non English speaking people? I myself speak more English than Spanish, but I do know some other ppl that might be interested, but they don’t speak English as much. Please let me know, feel free to email me. Thanks!

    • Kyle

      Hey Franky,

      Glad you found my website, I can definitely help you out here. In response to your questions…

      I’m actually living in central America and I’m curious to how the payments would be made? Like is it deposited directly or by check?

      It depends on the company and the type of affiliate program. Almost all companies pay via check along with other methods of payment, including Paypal and bank wire transfers. We have many members at WA from every country in the world, since this is global, the opportunity is just a big for everyone.

      I was wondering what’s the average income that’s received?

      That depends on the person and how much effort you put into YOUR business. That is like saying, how much do people earn in business? It depends on the person, some make no money (those that are not willing to work at it) and some make several $100,000 per month. Everything you need to achieve any level of success is included within WA, you just need to take action on what you learn.

      Does it matter what language (if someone can’t speak/write/read english) a person speaks to try this out?

      You can market in any language you like, whether this be English or Spanish. It comes down to the audience you are promoting to and there are many people in the world that speak different languages and search for things in Google and other search engines using different languages.

      You can get rolling with a free Starter account at WA here. I hope this has helped you out and if you have any questions going forward, you will be able to connect with me personally inside of Wealthy Affiliate.

  140. Harmony Jensen

    I like your approach so I am giving you a chance with my info. If you prove yourself to be nothing but fluff in the free program I will be blocking you from my contacts and moving on. Either way I look forward to posting my opinion of your program right here.

    • Kyle

      I would encourage you to do that and if you don’t like our service at WA, I want you to absolutely let me know. I know you are going to instantly realize that we are really there to help folks out and it is apparent within the community and the access that you have even within our free Starter membership. I look forward to working with you Harmony.

  141. Krista

    Hi Kyle! I have been so ripped off and spent so much money trying to work from home, that I could have lived a couple months without working at all, just on the money wasted. I’ve been searching for the right idea or right business,for over 25 yrs. From Amway to Herbalife, from Mary Kay to Avon, from online video production to marketing varied merchandise. I’ve worked my whole life to make other people money and I’m still working 3 jobs, 7 days a wk. I’m tired. As for my “passion”, I’ve always dreamed of being a writer. I’m pretty good at it, according to others. But how do I make money at it without being a top-selling, published, novelist? How can having a website help me achieve success at being a writer? And if a website can help, then how will I make money from this website to continue writing? All of it takes time, which is what I have the least of. Thx

    • Kyle

      Everything boils down to content online Krista. For example, look at this website. I am “writing” to you right now, you read “writing” on this page and you will notice that my website is comprised of writing. Having a website gives you a medium to write on any topic you like, you can incorporate promotions and you can earn revenue in many different ways once your website starts getting traffic and this will take place as a result of your writing.

      We will walk you through the process of all of this within WA, I think you are really going to find your path and be able to leverage your passion. You have finally found the “right place”, I can assure you of that.

  142. Mary

    To start making money, do you have to buy the premium membership first? I have no money but would like to try this out.

    • Kyle

      You don’t have to go Premium to make money but you will have way more access but absolutely you don’t have to join Premium. At some point you may want to, but there is no pressure to upgrade and you will have a substantial amount of access within your Starter membership as well (and full access to two websites).

  143. Steve

    Kyle, I am also interested in WA, didn’t realize you were the owner, and did not know that it is free to get started, sounds like a good program for people who have been scammed by those other programs that offer so little, except the dream of making money.

    Could you please make sure that Joseph gets my email , I am giving you permission to share it with him. Thanks a bunch , I appreciate it… :-)

    • Kyle

      Would love to have you on board at WA Steve, I do suggest that you join via the Starter membership and check it out. I know you will be impressed!

  144. Elmira

    Hi Kyle, I was reading about the keyword search tool,Jaaxy, that you recommend and the cost of it. How much more money would I need to be prepared to spend per month, in addition to the WA fee, to have the best tools to make money online? I know WA comes with a lot of resources, but I am concerned about joining WA and finding that I still need to purchase additional tools to have everything necessary to be successful. You recommend buying this keyword search tool…. anything else I need to know about?

    • Kyle

      You actually don’t need to buy anything else after you Premium membership if you don’t want to. There is a keyword tool included within WA and as a Premium member you do have unlimited access to that. Jaaxy is a separate research platform that many people use and love (much more than just a keyword tool), but that will be up to you whether or not you want or need a system like this.

      There are no secret “upsells” at WA. We don’t do business like that, we are very transparent! :)

  145. Michael Jon Baptiste

    Dear Kyle,
    Can you please advise me as to whether or not I should join the premium membership considering that I really have less than $200 to my net worth, but I really don’t have any immediate expenses for the time being, not even food. I am even actually homeless but I do have all the time in the world, plenty of education, computers and laptops (state of the art), and free Wi-Fi. I am physically fit and of sound mind but because of extenuating circumstances I can’t easily work or live most anywhere, which I would rather not get into at the moment if you care to know. I obviously desperately need to get back on my feet ASAP. Thank you for your time.

    • Kyle

      Hey Michael,

      Thanks for stopping by and I can absolutely help you out here. If you have not already, I would suggest that you start out with the Wealthy Affiliate Starter membership which is completely free. This includes your own niche websites, a website builder, and training that will walk you through the process of getting up and running online. This will serve as you starting point online and it does sound like you are very dedicated to this, but on a limited budget so this will be a cost efficient way of getting started.

      Then if you decide you want to advance your skills and want to get some of the Premium features, you can decide whether or not it is a fit to you. Will you benefit from being Premium, absolutely. Will it speed up your path to success, sure. But first and foremost I would suggest you get rolling with your niche site and then if you are interested in Premium, take advantage of the first month $19 offer that is available to you. This will give you a good idea of what is included in Premium. I know you will really love it, but again, I don’t want you to stretch yourself too thin.

    • Kyle

      You can sell anything you want through what are called “affiliate programs”. There are literally millions of products that you will be able to promote through these programs within any niche imaginable. At Wealthy Affiliate we help you choose your niche, get your niche website up and running, and teach you the techniques that you need to understand in order to succeed online. I suggest you join the Starter membership and get rolling, I know you will absolutely love the service at WA! :)

  146. Vai Niu

    Hi There, Yeah, I really appreciate your review on these “fly by night scams” I suppose technology have also aided the speed of manufacturing scams to make believe for the untrained eye of impulsive buyers that create an environment for these “gurus” to thrive in their scams. I suppose we are also guilty of one thing or another by being either or. I have been burnt several times but I haven’t given up trying to find a genuine opportunity. Chris Farrell’s program is the closest I have come so far but I do now have second thoughts and I have decided to pull out after your review. Sorry Chris but I am not in to make friends buddy I need to earn a living. Anyway don’t worry I don’t think he needs to hear me say that. Great job though and good on you for keeping the community and poor suckers like me informed.

    Cheers, Vai Niu from the beautiful southern breeze of New Zealand. Have a great day.

    • Kyle

      Hey Vai,

      My goal is to bring some clarity to an industry that is full of scams and vultures. There are many people out there that are in the business of making money, not in the business of helping people and I am glad you found my site as I truly want to help you get moving in the right direction with your online business. I do recommend that you take advantage of the free Starter member, it will give you a really good idea of what we are about and you will get up and running with your own niche website in the first 4 lessons of our walk-through training.

      I look forward to working with you and if you EVER need a hand with anything going forward, please let me know and I will be more than happy to give you a hand.

    • Kyle

      Hey Adam,

      We teach Internet business which is global. We have members from all of the world at Wealthy Affiliate and have MANY (some of our top members in fact) from the UK. You will feel right at home and upon joining, you will instantly realize that it is a very diverse community and you will be able to network from people from all over.

  147. Luis

    Information products is the new way of marketing online. If you don’t know what you don’t know, then why degrade something you don’t understand?

    • Kyle

      Sorry, I am not sure what you are getting at here. There is nothing new about information products, they have been around ever since the inception of affiliate programs and in the offline world, much, much longer. If you think that info products are new, it may mean that you are new to the online world. I would never degrade info products either Luis, there is a good deal of opportunity in the “content” world and info products are included within this.

      In saying this, there are networks like Clickbank that are notorious for low quality digital products, so you need to pick and choose the products you promote carefully to prevent high refund rates.

      • Lanre

        Hey Kyle how can you choose products to promote on clickbank carefully, please help cuz there are lots of products to gets into. Thanks

        • Kyle

          We can definitely help you out with this inside of WA, I suggest you grab a Starter account. The key is not only choosing products that are relevant to your niche, but also to choose products that are quality. Remember, this is a people business and your focus as a marketer is to help people. This is all taught within WA and we can get you up and running with a proper website within any niche in just a few short lessons.

  148. Beckie Borda

    My dream retirement involves traveling domestically and internationally to work on environmental causes.

    • Kyle

      Wealthy Affiliate will definitely help you out with that Beckie. That is the dream of most folks that enter the online world and if you are realistic about the hard work and dedication that it will take to build your own successful online business, then it will definitely happen. Absolutely everything you need is within the community at WA, including the network of support which is essential to your online business development.

  149. Joseph V

    I am 68, disabled viet nam vet. Living in S. America. My bank here just closed and I lost all my savings. I am very down. I am very sales oriented. Tired and scard.

    • Kyle

      Definitely take advantage of the Starter membership, it will get you up and running in the right direction. I know you will highly benefit from the community at WA and we will get you moving in the right direction Joseph. By lesson 4 of our training and our services you are going to have your very own website within a niche of your choice.:)

  150. Elmira

    Hello Kyle,

    As a former WA member (2+ years ago), I left a reply here a few weeks ago. The goal of my post essentially was to find out if, as a former WA member, I could return and use the free starter membership.

    Immediately after posting my reply, a message appeared that my post was being (I don’t remember the exact terminology) ‘evaluated’ or ‘moderated’. I figured it meant that you guys have to decide whether each post is appropriate before you allow it to be read by others. Absolutely understandable. However, Kyle, I was keenly disappointed when I never heard from you and my post never appeared “in the rankings”.

    As I previously stated in my initial post, I thoroughly enjoyed my WA experience. However, as an unemployed “domestic engineer” and married (add about two children – LOL) mother of five, I decided over two years ago to suspend my membership. Since making that decision, my high demand family commitments have changed (graduated 4 from high school and on to college!), I am better prepared to commit the time that building an online business requires. It would be advantageous, however, to start slowly–delving into the free WA offerings and moving on from there.

    It’s obvious to me that I am locked out of the starter membership option at this time. WA “remembers” my “former” password and current email and only allows me to 1)join at $39 a month or 2)pay the full yearly membership.

    I would have to agree that WA is well worth the $39 per month and have every intention of gaining full access shortly. I am most concerned that no one extended the courtesy of a reply to my post which seems not to have made the “list”; I have no clue why!

    • Kyle

      Hey Elmira,

      You can resubscribe to your old membership if you like or you could register a brand new account (since you have been away for so long), but this would require you to use a new email address as your existing one is already being used at WA.

      If you want to resubscribe, it will reconnect your old account and all the details within it. It will also grant you access to the old price as well! :)


      If you want to register for a new account, you can do so through the WA.com website. Do know that if you create a new free account, you will not be able to access the grandfathered pricing from your old account. There are LOTS of new things at WA since you left and the community has changed drastically in the last two years (since you were a member). I know you are going to absolutely love it and I look forward to having you back.



  151. RazorSharp

    Well Kyle, as many have said It’s a good job I’ve found you and WA and your on line community. I was researching EN too. Bye EN hello WA. If I’m honest I’ve been looking for the quick fix too.

    I get scams everyday flooding my in-box, I read/watch them all though in hope of someday finding a genuine way to earn a living online. I Have found none to date and treat those “dramatic start” sales videos with the paid actors, limos, yachts rented mansions, bikini-clad models etc “Yawn” with contempt. I can no longer watch them without feeling utterly stupid to say the least lol.

    I think, now, I know, it’s time to stop all that time wasting and dreaming of the ultimate “quick Fix. I have read every comment and reply from start to finish on your review page and feel that it was time well spent to wake me up to reality and finally face the fact that I’m never going to find a genuine “Get Rich Quick” scheme in my in-box. Research has been invaluable many times into some of these “scams”. How are they able to get away with it day in day out though.

    With Clickbank & Clicksure behind them, promoting their affiliate programmes for these “product launches”, I personally don’t understand it. I am a complete newbie in every respect and having read as such from others here, your reassurance that it is not a problem Is enough for me too. I must resign myself to the fact that if I want to start my own online business then it has to be the “with help” way and with WA lol, it just turned out that way Kyle.

    Thanks a million for your obvious passion in WA and your commitment to helping others achieve their goals as you clearly have. A credit to you. I am in the UK by the way, is that a problem. Much appreciated Ray

    • Kyle

      The circle of scams only continues because there are people falling for the scams. My goal is not only to bring these illegitimate programs, but to show folks the light and that there are real tangible businesses that can be created out there, without any pre-requisite experience.

      That is what we teach at WA and we can take anyone by the hand and show them the fundamentals…and then help them move into building and scaling their very own business online. Laziness is not supported nor is it a path to success.

      I have never met someone in my life that has created anything of substance “quickly” or without any effort, it takes time but it is worth it. Not long I wrote a post on this subject within the WA community called “How long did it take to earn what you earn?“. You should have a look at this when you get a chance, it is a very active thread with a lot of perspective.

      I look forward to working with you Ray and if you need a hand going forward, there is a good deal of it within WA! I know you are going to love the community and you will be in a safe haven from scams!

  152. Maverick Carson

    Hi Kyle,

    I’ve just cancelled my subscription with EN. Though I have been with them for quite a short period of time, I really felt I was too late to have joined because it seems that the “early birds” were the ones that actually gained a ton.

    I am practically a newbie (with regard to online marketing) and as a person that doesn’t know shiz about OLM, you’d get squeezed by all the bullies out there promising all the bull.

    I really thought EN would help me out, but my excitement came to a fall when I realized that no one even bothered.

    I came across this website of yours just awhile ago and after reading a couple of testimonials, I cancelled all my shiz with EN.

    I hope you’d be able to help me out though, I am interested in joining your WA program. Then again, just to ask, I am currently working in Singapore, does your program entitle the latter? (What I mean is, does WA work with people outside u.s.?) Unlike the other programs that only allow people within their vicinity (country)

    Appreciate your reply.

    • Kyle

      Maverick, glad you decided to join us at WA and I definitely look forward to working with you. Working from any country in the world is fine, it is “Internet” business afterall and the techniques you will learn are not country dependent. That is, you could easily target people in the US (or anywhere in the world) with your website, it does not matter on your location and you can be just as successful as anyone else.

      Anyways, hit me up within WA when you do have any questions and I will be more than happy to help you out. I know you are absolutely going to love the community and you are going to get rolling very quickly with the Getting Started training.

  153. Debbie Kane

    WoW! Kyle, I am so thankful to have stumbled upon your page here tonight! For so many reasons.

    Now, before you (or anyone else reading this comment/post) I must emphatically WARN YOU. This is an EXTREMELY LONG comment! SERIOUSLY! But, I had to share my story with you. It is so important to me and every word I have spent so long typing here tonight… I believe was necessary so that I could paint you an accurate picture of what I am dealing with, needing and hoping to receive back from you… if at all possible. I pray that as you continue to read my words, AND after you finish reading the entire “comment” Kyle… that you will understand why I went to such great lengths as I have done. OK?

    Here we go!

    I previously ran a small and somewhat successful, unique advertising/marketing business out of my home from January, 2004 – August, 2010. During that time, I also was (and still am to a very small extent) involved with a great Network Marketing business called Ignite. I live in the NW part of Houston, Texas and Ignite started their business here in Texas back in 2005 (I believe). Ignite btw, is the marketing arm for a (now) very successful energy company called Stream Energy. They operate in several States now, as more States are moving into the deregulation of energy. But I digress.

    On July 15, 2009, I was diagnosed with a critical form of Glaucoma, called “closed angle glaucoma, along with two other eye conditions… Plateau Iris and Chronic Dry Eye. Once closed angle glaucoma starts (and btw… it is almost ALWAYS symptomless… my situation is nothing short of a miracle, in that I was diagnosed within a few hours of the disease taking hold), but once it starts, its victims have approximately 48 to 72 hours to have eye procedures done IMMEDIATELY or else they will go permanently blind. In my case the disease was (literally) miraculously diagnosed within that time frame… a story I will share (for anyone interested) at another time. I did however go TEMPORARILY blind for 5 weeks beginning within 2 hours of the first of 5 eye procedures that were performed between July 16 and December 19, 2009. (I promise, the point of my post is coming up soon, lol!) The temporary blindness was caused by a rare side effect to the “usual” post-procedure eye drops that my husband was faithfully putting into each eye 3 times daily. When he read the fine print on the medications “warnings”, and saw that “BLINDNESS” was a rare but factual side effect, he stopped the medication and my sight returned within 30 hours!

    After December 19, 2009’s final eye procedure, we thought we were out of the woods and while our company had suffered significant financial blows… due to the fact that I was the ONLY salesman, I pulled up my boot straps and immediately went back to my USUAL routine of working 80-100 hours per week between our home based advertising business and our very part time MLM business with Ignite. Now get this!!! Less than 3 weeks of getting the glaucoma under control (glaucoma is NOT curable… it is considered to be a “manageable” only disease, and is a disease for life.) But once I was finally in a “managed” state, I went to my primary care physician for an annual check-up and learned I had stage 3 CANCER!!!

    “What the HECK”???!!! (You might be saying, lol!)

    Ahhh, but you don’t know me… at least NOT YET, LOL! OK, there are lots of great testimonies of what took place since January, 2010 and our present date and time… let’s see… it is 3:45 AM central time on June 17, 2013. (Insomnia is one of about 12 diagnosed disorders that I currently battle 24/7… and each and every one of these (some critical… all debilitating) diseases and disorders have taken their toll on my body. Hence I am considered disabled now. (Oh, but again… readers here listen up… I have NOT YET begun to fight, lol!) I WILL SURVIVE! How you may ask? Because, I died twice during the last 3 years. Briefly of course. But I came back both times because my purpose here HAS NOT YET BEEN COMPLETED! OK… back to business.

    Ignite is a great Network Marketing company with a simple business model. But it does cost over $300 to join. And there are meetings upon meetings… home meetings, webinars, seminars, “Super Saturday” trainings… and tons of training modules within your “power center”. Plus they really offer GREAT one on one support from your uplines, sidelines, downlines (LOL!)… I’m not kidding. They are great. Here’s the problem. My immune system is now significantly compromised. I am the epitome of a “bubble-girl”. I must remain in a very sterile environment at all times. Even the slightest cold or sinus infection can/will/has landed me in the hospital on IV’s of antibiotics. So, I am “supposed” to avoid public crowds, small children (I so miss hugging my grand children :-(….), and animals. I am and have been a “shut-in” since May, 2010. But listen up… I am NOT “complaining”… I am only “explaining”! (Do you like that? I came up with that myself, lmao!) And here’s another one for you: I believe in always having an “Attitude of Gratitude”! Being thankful is the first step and the KEY to surviving any and every thing. ALWAYS BE THANKFUL! NO MATTER WHAT YOUR CIRCUMSTANCES LOOK LIKE! Again, I digress (one of the side effects of being a shut-in, is having very, very few people to talk to… add that to a personality that always had a “gift for gab”, and this is what you get, lol! Sorry ’bout that folks! OK… We lost our business, went bankrupt, my husband has now also become disabled and cannot work outside the home… (numerous neurological diseases that we’ve learned there are no current cures for… )We had to voluntarily give back our only means of transportation, currently live on SSI, Medicaid and Food Stamps. (Talk about being forced to learn humility… going from the joy of being a giver, to the awkwardness of having to learn how to be a receiver is NOT easy… not one bit.) But, it’s a lesson we had no choice BUT to learn.

    And now… this unbelievable “ice cream sundae” with nuts, sprinkles and whipped cream… has one final topping. The “CHERRY” that goes on the very top! And here it is… we are now in foreclosure of the most wonderful home we have ever had the blessing of enjoying for the last 10 years! Yup! July 2, 2013 is the current deadline, unless the mortgage company approves a postponement. And where will we go? We have no idea, lol! Remember my immune system? I cannot live with any family or friends because they either work at jobs where they could easily bring bacteria home with them. Or they have small children which again, I am WARNED to avoid close proximity to… OR our friends ALL have at least 2 or more pets! Did I mention how THANKFUL I am? It is so very, very true! God/the Universe has NEVER, EVER given us more burden than we are able to handle. We have never ONCE been left or forsaken. I believe. I know. I choose. “This too shall pass”. So, I recently was invited to look at two MLM companies that do NOT require going to meetings, holding home meetings wherein we have to invite possible bacteria-carrying people into our sterile home, etc. The first is a company called iLA. I love the business model. There is no “buy-in”, unless you choose to become an “associate” and even then it is only $9.95 per month and includes a FREE replicated website that shows the “product”, the “content” and the “compensation plan”. And if you are only interested in receiving the “product/content” once a week… and NOTHING MORE THAN THAT… you get to do that TOTALLY FREE! What’s more… the content is right up my alley! It is an “APP” of inspirational videos sent to your mobile device once a week.

    They have high quality, 6-8 minute long videos, professionally recorded… from some of the big “who’s – who” in the “motivational speaking” world of “Personal Development”. Today’s “Zig-Ziglers”, lol! “Think and Grow Rich”, “The Law of Attraction”, etc. So, I did sign up in February. I am paying $9.95 per month since 2-15-13. And they do offer fairly decent support. But my health issues have once again become challenging and I have yet to “work” this business. I have a feeling that it is because for the last 3 years, I have been envisioning my future purpose. And that is: “I WANT TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE”. I have said this for over 20 or 30 years. And now… boy oh boy do I ever have amazing and inspirational stories to share based on personal experience! I have also spent hundreds upon hundreds of hours… (at times when I am physically strong enough… and times when the EXTREME pain that I have learned to acclimate to (for the most part) 24/7…) spending as much time as possible RESEARCHING… STUDYING…. DOCUMENTING…. any and ALL things to do with regaining and/or maintaining, optimal health, disease reversal and longevity. A nutrition based, organic, toxin-free lifestyle. I am compiling ONLY credible and science proven, alternative/holistic therapies. Backed by independent research studies performed at the best and highly regarded facilities, by the most recognized names in the medical communities.

    And I want to SHARE this information with every one I meet. I have purchased two domain names. The first is “Go For The Health” and the second (which I intend to start using mainly as a blog tool) to teach about metaphysical things… like how “thoughts become things”. And how we can “attract” the circumstances we find ourselves in… because we focus concentrated thoughts on those experiences. How having an attitude of gratitude can bring about healing! Stuff like that. That domain name I just bought is called “We Can Pay It Forward”. !!! (you and anyone else reading this ULTRA LONG POST, may recognize a movie starring Helen Hunt, called “Pay It Forward”. If you haven’t seen it… oh boy, do I EVER recommend it!).

    Anyway Kyle… this is who I am, where I currently am… and where I believe I am supposed to go. I am no longer positive about my being an associate for iLA… I think I was drawn to them because of their amazing product, its content and its price point. And the fact that they claim that “even the average person” can make money with their App. Oh and btw, I am also now being CONSTANTLY approached by two “highly motivated” Empower associates to join. They too are with iLA… that’s how we met. And when they got wind of my vision of starting my “We Can Pay It Forward” blog, along with my (long time planned website about health), Go For The Health… well they just haven’t stopped “checking in with me” to see “how are you feeling today”!!!

    Also, I signed up with Word Press last week. I admit that I am NOT well versed in how it all works. Previously, I had a great relationship with a company who, for a modest quarterly fee of only $40 every 3 months, handled all my domain names… making sure to renew them on time, linking different websites to my main website… the home based advertising/marketing business one, and it included hosting of course. But now that I am not currently hosting any websites with them… they simply invoice me for my domain name renewals… and that’s it.

    So, I have my Go For The Health domain name being renewed through them… but my new “We Can Pay It Forward” domain name… well, I purchased it through Go Daddy. And there you have it Kyle…. I have no idea where to go from here… no idea what to do next. Plus, keep in mind that I may be living under a bridge somewhere in the next 30 days, lol! (jk!)While I have no idea where we will find shelter… (and btw… charitable shelters are also a “no-no”… I really have NO immune system at present…). So, it is going to be VERY interesting as to what happens in the next chapter of this extremely challenging, “sitting on the edge of your seat” life experience that is currently playing “at a theater near you”! (Don’t mind me… I am a bit corny most of the time, lol! Humor helps… and I’ve heard it said many times that “laughter does the heart good like a medicine”!)

    I look forward to hearing back from you Kyle. Even if you have no advice for me at this stage of the “game”. I liked what you’ve written, how you approached each subject matter and your overall attitude. So, I have spent all this time writing to you… sharing my story (well SOME of it anyway… there is SO MUCH MORE that just might blow you away, I swear!) Remember what my goal/purpose is. I WANT TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE. I am a distributor for Juice Plus and their new product, The Tower Garden (can we say AWESOME!!!!)and I also am a distributor for Young Living, Therapeutic Grade Pure Essential Oils. They are “businesses” too. However… NEITHER ONE OF THEM is an “MLM” or Network Marketing business. I only became distributors for those companies, because I believe in their health products MORE than any other health products on the planet. And by becoming a “distributor”, I buy wholesale and save hundreds of dollars a year. Not to mention that as a distributor… I am permitted to be my own “customer”. Hence I get paid commissions off of my own monthly purchases! How cool is that??? Signing off here now. (Finally, right?) :-) Thanks again for being willing to patiently read this long “book” of a comment here on your site.

    I wish you abundance of Peace, Love and Light.

    Debbie Kane, Tomball, Texas

    • Kyle

      Whew, I made it! You have quite the story and you seem like a really amazing person Debbie. I know exactly the process that you are within, your story is very similar to that within the MLM world, you are part of the overall burn rate that goes through these programs in attempt to look for something that sticks. However, you have everything you need sitting in front of you and no doubt, the ability to write and connect your audience.

      I can tell you that you should stop seeking the next MLM opp and you should learn how to create a real business online, one that you have control of, one in which you own the content and you are building your own personal brand. This is what we teach you at Wealthy Affiliate and we will help you get moving in the right direction with your websites, getting traffic, and leveraging this to create a consistent revenue online.

      Before you jump into the next program, please do me a favour and give at bare minimum our Starter membership (completely free) a shot. It is everything you need and honestly it will end you chasing the next opportunity. We put everything you need to start, to build, and to scale a business online right in front of you. :)

  154. Glenn Hughes


    is pointing the accusing finger at your competition creditable? ..I wonder if it it is indeed counter-productive.

    As my old Granny used to say; “Be careful when you point an accusing finger at someone, because 4 of your fingers are pointing back to you”.

    Once you evoke the word “SCAM”it always reflects badly on the accuser. Simply because it sounds like a clear case of sour grapes.

    It also shines the light beam on the notion of “SCAMS”…which they probably never thought of until you highlighted it.

    In the same breath you shamelessly recommend and promote a product in which you have skin in the game.

    Not smart dude, I mean do you really have such little regard for your readers intelligence?

    The real world that’s called negative advertising, in the long run it never works and attracts the wrong type of person, as you will discover.

    Just saying.

    • Kyle

      To be frank with you Glenn, I have grown very tired of the “scammers” in this industry, and this is coming from a place of HELP and RESPECT for customers. Every new scam that pops up on the Internet categorizes us naturally as a scam as people do grow a distrust for the Internet as a whole and this site serves as MY voice, showing folks that there is legitimate help out there.

      Before you pass judgement, I do encourage your to join Wealthy Affiliate and see for yourself. There is a reason we offer the only FREE membership within the industry, because we can showcase how awesome the service is within WA. This includes free training, free websites, free videos, free support…with no obligation to join our premium membership. We do this because we know that if we over-deliver and give people a chance to use our service, we know they will like it. What we offer for free, people are paying $1,000’s elsewhere for.

      It is not a matter of shameless promoting products, it is recognizing what is out there and pointing people in the right direction. It just so happens that there is not a service that can come close to comparing to what WA offers, and I will stand behind that!

      I will point fingers as long as there are folks out there ripping people off. It is my duty.

  155. Lou

    Thanks Kyle. Have just canceled my EN membership after reading info on your site. Knew things didn’t sit comfortably with me. I want the opportunity to learn and to build something sustainable. Couldn’t see how empowerment and people being called wussies fitted together.

    • Kyle

      I know, being called a wussy (a forced buying measure) has never sat well with me. There are legitimate companies out there that don’t use or teach these kind of sales tactics and I do recommend that you check out some of the resources within my site here to get moving in the right direction.

  156. nick luyten

    Hi Kyle, I’ve seen a lot of video’s and revieuws like these about making money online. this is the first one i found where you can get a free membership that can really get you started. I’d just like to say WA seems to me the best one i”ve found up to now and the first one i actualy signed up with. don’t know if i wil go premium but I can’t wait to get started. thx

    • Kyle

      Awesome Nick, I know you are going to love it and I would love for you to come back and post your thoughts after you have experienced what we offer within WA. There are next to no companies that offer a free membership like we do at Wealthy Affiliate simply because nobody would join their services if they did. We take pride in our service and we have spent the last 8 years refining and improving the service at WA to what it is today. :)

      I look forward to working with you Nick and if you ever need a hand with anything going forward, just get in touch with me inside of Wealthy Affiliate.

  157. Larry Lashbrook

    I have a beautiful website to promote my guitars and piezo
    bridges.My guitars are in the $6000–$30,000 range so I understand why sales are slow but my bridges(which were
    reviewed by Guitar World Magazine as being the best by
    “a considerable margin” are selling very slowly. This bridge even makes a concrete block guitar sound like an
    expensive acoustic guitar.Can I use my present website with your system? I don’t mind paying your very modest
    fee;but how would we do this?

    • Kyle

      It comes down to first, getting traffic to your site. Without understand how to get traffic to your website, then there is no opportunity to build a relationship with folks and sell to them. Second, you are going to need to understand how to connect with your audience and decipher what your Unique Selling Proposition is. Why would someone buy your guitar over the lower price version and who is the audience that can afford these types of guitars…and how do we connect with them.

      The training that we offer at Wealthy Affiliate is going to help you out with all of this and you will truly have an entire community on your side that can help you out and get you moving in the right direction. Join via the Starter membership, I know you are going to be impressed!

  158. Yvonne Cousar

    I just joined Wealthy Affiliate, the starter program and look forward to learning as much as I can about affiliate marketing. I currently have an account with ClickBank…is that a good place to start getting my feet wet. I would love hearing your input about that company.


    • Kyle

      Wonderful Yvonne, I look forward to working with you. Clickbank is definitely one of the larger affiliate networks out there that you will be able to use with your promotions. Before you worry about what to promote, you need to get a niche website up and running and learn how to get traffic coming to this site (and making it an experience that is engaging for your audience). You are going to learn all about this within Wealthy Affiliate.

  159. makaveligurl

    Looked good, did the first steps, paid for the premium membership at half price for the first month and then it kicked me off right away and said I needed to pay over $300 for access to my account now. What a scam, just be up front about the real cost. Waste of $20, thanks.

    • Kyle

      Not at all!! Sorry if there is any confusion here, but you are absolutely a Premium member once you upgrade and there is no requirement to pay more. I think what you are referring to is a “Yearly Premium Membership” offer if you are interested in going yearly. There is no requirement to do this, but if you do decide to go yearly, it saves you a significant amount per month (it works out to $29 per month).

      If you have any further questions or need any further help, just let me know and I will help you out. As I said though, you have full Premium access and make sure you check out the Live Video Class tomorrow night, it is going to be a good one (on how to get videos ranked in Google). You can also connect with me directly within WA whenever you like.

  160. Michele

    Hi Kyle! Well, I am what I like to call an experienced researcher on ways to make money online! Lol – Ive probably looked on and off for the last 10-11 years, no joke. I have bought several programs and such throughout the years, just to be scammed, so obviously I am as leary as ever. However, I will NOT give up! I am currently working with a Networking Marketing company and I am starting to have some success with it! I think it’s the first Networking (MLM) company that I have actually made true money with! I am also a mother of three kiddos, and currently stay at home.

    All that said to ask this – can this system be used to help promote (even back door) a network marketed product? Right now my husband and I are building a fresh WP site to promote it (to do more than the company provided site) – so we can capture emails, and build a list. But the site is 100% product/company based.

    I’m wondering if something like this would be simpler? I stumbled across this because I have been looing at Chris Farrells membership. Ive also thought about taking some Sandi Krakowski’s course.

    Here’s my goal: market my network marketed co./products
    and BRAND myself & husband.

    Thanks, Michele

    • Kyle

      Hey Michele,

      Thanks for dropping by. To respond to your main questions, YES, the platform at WA is going to help you with the promotion of any product online, whether this be an MLM or an affiliate programs…or even your very own products and services. It comes down to understand websites, understanding content and how to market your products and services. Absolutely everything you need is within WA as we do provide you with an all-inclusive environment (no extra fees, no upsells outside of the Premium membership, and no reason to buy anything else online). Everything is included.

      I suggest you join as a Starter member which is 100% free. This will give you a good taste of the quality inside of WA and you will be able to get a website up and running within your own niche in just the first four lessons.

      I look forward to working with you (and your husband)!

  161. Nick

    Yo what’s up Kyle loving your outlook on things. I’m currently with Empower Network and when I read the first post I was like wow what a mean guy haha. Then I started to realize that all of these updates Google is doing and will continue to do will just crush all the hopes of ranking an EN blog. I’m with EN and have made a lot of money from it but I kinda wanna venture on to the “started from the bottom” and just attack it head on. I took the “wussy” way of getting Empower because I loved the fact that their domain name had age to it and it just speeds the process up with back linking, but a big aspect in SEO is social bookmarking and with the domain barely being able to be posted on sites it’s a tedious process. I’m also about to get started into the affiliate game heavily now and I wanted to have a site that people continuing to come back to for value so they trust me and keep giving me their money mwuaha. I never thought i’d leave Empower but you kinda just finished my last breath of fresh air of it and made me realize the future of where EN is going and I wanna start something new before It’s just a dud. So I look forward to talking to you, and I’m about to check the free portion of WA. I love buying stuff so I’ll probably get the premium today too just to hang with the cool kids.

    Thanks again,
    Nicky T

    • Kyle

      Hey Nick,

      Thanks for stopping by! Great to hear you are making some money and hopefully going forward you can take this money and move onto creating your own business, something that is tangible and something that is much more ethical than what you are currently involved with. You are in a good spot now for organic growth, take your existing revenue and plug it back into your personal business and you will only be on the up and up.

      The SEO of the EN blog is an obvious blunder with anyone that has even a loose grip on how SEO works, unfortunately people continue selling this hot air to others in attempt to make money. There are lots of unethical ways to make money, and there are lots of ethical ways to make money. You have a choice and if you have a passion and drive, I can tell you that you will be in business much longer if you take the latter approach.

      Look forward to meeting you inside WA and if you ever have any questions Nick, hit me up within the community.

  162. Miranda

    Hi. Read your review on empower network, makes sense. I’m thinking about trying WA (newbie on everything). I like to see that you have responded to every comment, that is Awesome. But how do people really know, because people in different businesses and enteprenuers will give bad reviews on other business models, just to sell their own. So how does a person really know?

    • Kyle

      You will know because we let you sign-up for FREE, no catches…no credit card, no obligations. We do have a Premium membership, but I can assure you that you will love the free offering and you will be able to get your website up and running (training and support included) within the Starter. We truly put our best foot forward and the best way to see if we are legit, is to check it out yourself. :)

      If you have any further questions, do let me know. Jump inside WA and if you have any questions, you will be able to connect with me personally there Miranda. Hope to see you soon.

  163. Ken

    Hi Kyle!

    I’m a newbie, keen to learn from WA, but is as cautious as a cat on its ninth life ;p

    Now, pls help to answer the following:
    1) Does WA have a step by step workshop which helps a new member brainstorm his/her unique niche(s)?
    2) And a particular forum focused on brainstorming for new ideas/niches/businesses?
    3) And a platform for discussion on the feasibility of these new ideas/niches/businesses?

    I figured we can all iron out the technicalities eventually, but attempting into a “lesser” niche is my main concern – after all, time is a commodity we can’t afford to waste…

    Thanks in advance, Kyle!

    • Kyle

      Hey Ken, I would be more than happy to help you out there with your questions.

      (1) Yes, Wealthy Affiliate has step by step training for a brand new member, this includes training on how the process of earning money online works, how to find a niche, build a website, and how to generate rankings and a business from your site. Within our Premium membership, there is also 12 classrooms (on different business related subjects) with 1,000’s of training modules, 100’s of hours videos, and also live weekly video classes, but that is optional.

      (2) We have many ways to communicate, we have blog posts w/ comments, live discussions, profiles, live chat, private messaging, and discussion boards. So you are not going to feel in the dark EVER if you have any questions. Always lots of helpful folks within the community.

  164. Jeremy

    Hey Kyle. I tried to join your free part of the program, but all the links that I tried took me to a page that had a “404 page not found” error. I’d love to have a look at what your offering if I could get through to a sign up page. Thanks.

    • Kyle

      Sorry Jeremy, these links have been fixed and you should have no problem joining Wealthy Affiliate. Let me know if you have any further issues and I definitely look forward to working with you.

  165. Barry

    Kyle, I have seen the en website and wondered if it was true. I have read your web site and to be honest I still don’t see how you make money. Can you explain a little better? Thanks

    • Kyle

      Hey Barry,

      I am not going to be able to explain every aspect on how to earn money online as there are many ways to accomplish this, but what I do want to do is explain a few things.

      The core of your success online starts with a website. A website that you can use within any niche and one in which you will be able to create your own content. When you have content in place, you can get traffic. When you have traffic, then you can earn money.

      Let’s say hypothetically that I wanted to start an online business within the HD TV niche. I would create a website dedicated to HD TV’s and build out content within that site. Content leads to traffic again, and once I had targeted HD TV traffic, there are many ways to optimize this for revenue. I could do so through affiliate programs, I could do so through advertising, Adsense, email marketing (collect leads & building relationships), or I could even sell this website. These are all things that are taught within WA, the proper practices to generating online…and doing so in a way that leads to long term business.

      I also think you should check out the following walk-through on how the process works. This will likely clarify a lot of this for you.

  166. Nancy

    Hi Kyle,
    I’m glad I read your review.I saw the EN video and it was well done but the red flags appeared. I’m going to find the button to join free starters program for now. I want to be able to do successful affiliate marketing via article marketing.I hope your group is as good as it sounds.
    Nancy K

    • Kyle

      I can tell you that you made the right decision and I think when you take advantage of the WA Starter membership, you are instantly going to realize that you made the right choice Nancy. I look forward to working with you at WA and make sure you stop by my profile and say hi upon getting your account there.

  167. Hilary


    I am having a hard time finding a job. My husband is in the military & have 3 children. Our daughter has hydrocephalus, which is water on the brain. I’ve been looking at working from home. I was contacted by phone, by e-mail, & by Facebook from someone involved in Empower. It sounded to good to be true,which got me to research the company.

    That is how I stumbled onto this page.

    I don’t own a business but I love to write & I wouldn’t min writing reviews on products, talking politics, but just would like a legit job. Working from home is ideal for me & my family. Do you have any suggestions?


    • Kyle

      Hey Hilary,

      Thanks for getting in touch with me. I absolutely can help you get up and running online creating your OWN business, it isn’t just a job and you shouldn’t treat it that way because it can become much more. We will walk you through everything you need to know within Wealthy Affiliate and you can get rolling for free via the Starter membership.

      I encourage you to check it out. Immediately upon joining, you will be enrolled in the Getting Started training which is going to walk you through the process of getting rolling, you will have your own niche an website by Lesson 4. AND there is a ton of help there if you ever need it, so if you ever have questions there is always someone around to help you out.

      I look forward to working with you.

  168. Heather Scott

    Hi Kyle, is it still possible to learn how to earn money online as a free member of WA or would I have to become a premium member for that kind of teaching?

    • Kyle

      Absolutely, you have access to 2 full websites (that you can use in any way you like) within Starter, along with a bunch of training. Yes, Premium members get a lot more access as it is our “all inclusive” business platform, so you may want to consider it at some point. There is nothing out there that comes close to comparing to the Premium membership and you can literally run any size of business from that platform. Absolutely start with the Starter membership that is completely free though to get your hands wet and to start building your business foundation Heather.

      Hope this helps.

  169. Michelle

    What if you don’t have a business and your not good at writing blogs and you don’t have a niche or a passion. How would someone benefit from WA? How would you make money?

    • Kyle

      Hey Michelle,

      There are lots of things that we aren’t good at and that is just because we don’t practice these things. I can honestly tell you that you can get good at anything that you like and you can earn a significant stream of income by helping others. Maybe your passion isn’t a certain niche, maybe it is helping folks…or review products…or learning about new things. These attributes could definitely be leveraged and you will absolutely learn how to do this within WA.

      Also, if you cannot come up with a niche (which we have lots of training on BTW), we will help point you in the right direction and offer you some pre-chosen niches to work within. I recommend you join as a Starter member and get rolling right away…and DO NOT doubt your skills, you have everything you need and then some Michelle!

  170. Vincent Harema

    Hi Kyle,
    Love your review and its only cause I was researching Empower Network. I have Leaders trying to recruit me and its overwhelming with them calling me a Wussy. I am so glad I came across your blog and I am with Pure Leverage, GVO. Is this good?

    Also I joined Wealthy Affiliate as FREEAGENCY. Is there a affiliate program for your WA system? Also I am trying to grow my online Business and Traffic. I am trying to raise public awareness with my Traademark FREEAGENCY- Promoting Freedom and Independence. I am desperate to launch fast as I have another kid on the way. Can you teach how to start a Social Network website or a System Formula, WP Platform website? For people to have profiles, Feedback rating, Account balance like trademe.co.nz? Please get back to me Kyle and thank you for the valuable information. Vincent @freeagencytrust

    • Kyle

      From what I understand, the Pure Leverage has the same bogus 100% commission model (not really 100% commissions, slight of hand affiliate program). Personally I would recommend that if you are looking to create a long term business then you consider what it takes to create a long term business.

      A customer and a product.

      When your product becomes your customer, that is when you need to shy away from the program. Anything that “force sells’ you into promoting their system is something that you should refrain from. Yes, we do have an affiliate program at Wealthy Affiliate, but it is absolutely up to you what you want to promote. You can create your own business within a niche that you like, or you can get training on how to promote WA. It is completely up to you as our training covers a wide breadth of Internet marketing aspects, from SEO to local marketing.

      I do suggest you join the Starter membership at Wealthy Affiliate and see for yourself. You are quickly going to realize that we are the real deal and we do care about our members (and the community is awesome). Everything you need is within WA and if you continue looking for “get rich quick” patches you are going to end up jumping from one scheme to another like it sounds you are potentially doing.

  171. DaNeeka Johnson

    I first ran across CSM and thought..tell me what will I be doing, don’t just push the $ in my face. Then I ran across your review of it and you talked about WA. So I came here and it seems like your pretty upfront. If I understood correctly, it seems like it’s not an overnight success but it is doable. OK, so what if I can’t commit to the premium membership within the 7 day period?What if it takes me some time to get there? What is the purpose of the information in the starter kit; how will it benefit me? My life consists of the fact that I’m a wife, homeschooling mother of 7 kids (all mine), children’s church teacher, and I am a hairbraider working to build my business in a new city; is your product worth me making extra room on my plate?

    • Kyle

      It really depends on what your goals are Daneeka, if you want to get something up and running online or you want to leverage the Internet for your offline braiding business, we can definitely help you out at Wealthy Affiliate. Like any business, it takes time to get your seeds planted and to watch it grow, but you absolutely have access to everything you need within WA including the support.

      The Getting Started training is your foundation building course and it should be the starting point, even if you are a Premium member. Once you have this in place you are going to be able to start building your business with a rigid foundation that is prepared for long term success (the ultimate goal). So I guess this was my long way of saying, yes, WA is absolutely for you and I know you will love the Premium service. There really is nothing like it out there!

  172. Kristen Albertelly (@Kristenjn1)

    Hi Kyle:

    Does your system help new members learn to market a blog and or their You Tube Channel? I am interested in getting into these areas to promote myself as the brand and not a company or product.

    I joined EN 7 days ago and like your article mentioned discovered it was more discussions than any system of the training. As an educator with a Master’s degree, I do know the difference between a discussion and a training :p I purchased the Inner Circle and watched the first 3 videos. There were discussions about how others rose from the ashes…and many pep talks. My back was aching b/c these videos were an hour and a half to 2 hours each. Physically, in pain from waiting to get to the meat of the matter. I was not learning how to market or where to go to begin.

    You can catch some quick strategies if you listen to the upline from the free videos they offer in the prosperity team sister site that they’ve created. But they give the message that there is no sure fire way to market. They mention joint ventures but again..the “how” to go about it is missing.

    It’s not a structured program with a clear syllabus or focus for educating..

    Seems like one big disorganized circle so I will be cancelling the IC membership for 100/mo. because I haven’t even made a single sale yet. D. Verrengia, a member of the upline there, since accused me of being negative and blocked me from a conversation on Skype. It was a very crude, and unprofessional act. Positivity and support for members? I guess not. I had inquired about billing and how to downgrade-so the icy reply I had received was right out of left field. Put me on alert once more. I have been since researching free ways to market that are all over the net. I have done more active marketing on my own by the free research available.

    And you are right..none of the sites want the EN name on it.

    • Kyle

      Hey Kristen,

      I am sorry to hear about your experience and it is quite similar to that in which many others are voicing in regards to Empower Network. You are not alone in your feelings as many others have been frustrated in the same way and have been treated as a “lesser” when they said the program wasn’t for them. I can assure you that there are much better ways to spend your money online, in fact I would love to help you get started online for NOTHING at all at WA.

      Marketing a Youtube channel is definitely something we can help you out with at Wealthy Affiliate. There are many people within the WA community that are power Youtube users and there are some really simple techniques that you will learn that will allow you to eat up the first page rankings within the search engines. Marketing your youtube channel is really a form of marketing content as it is all very similar in nature. We can also help you with the branding, as creating an authority site or channel should be your ultimate goal and what we are advocates of at Wealthy Affiliate.

      So I do suggest you take a second and at bare minimum check out the Starter membership (no cost). I know you will absolutely love the community at Wealthy Affiliate.

  173. tee

    This is all interesting. I am looking to make money from home and everything research you have to pay to get started. Now your telling me that there are absolutely no catch in this system.? Do you have an email to contact you, I have some questions I’ll like to ask.thanks

    • Kyle

      There is no catch, it is free to join and get rolling. There is a $47 Premium membership for an advanced version of Wealthy Affiliate (includes a lot more), but you can sign-up via the form on the website and get access to our system and start your training right away. This includes your own niche website (in any niche you like), training, support, and the tools you need to get rolling.

  174. Abraham Otoadese

    Hi Kyle. Am so glad I came across your website. I almost fell for EN and HTA. I believe any business that will prosper in the long run must have a good foundation. That is what you teach.

    I started blogging 3 years ago but couldn’t succeed because I didn’t have any form of support from experienced people like you. I have carefully done my research about WA and I can fully conclude that it’s what every internet marketer that want to remain industry for a very long time needs. I am really excited that there is a community as WA. Signing up immediately.

    • Kyle

      Absolutely Abraham, I think you are going to feel right at home as soon as you step inside of WA. I look forward to working with you and if you need a hand going forward, just get in touch with me inside of WA.

      If you build a business on a sound foundation, you can build a skyscraper. That is what we teach and the strategy we are proponents of at WA!

  175. Teri

    How soon can a person (a newbie) start making money with WA? I just graduated from college and need income fast. I either need to find a job right away or find a way to make money online fast. I’d rather do the latter, but blogging doesn’t seem like a good way to make money quickly. You set up the blog, then wait and wait for it to get indexed, and wait and wait to start getting hits, and then maybe somebody buys something from an ad and you get a dollar. That’s my impression. Seems like getting a job would be a more dependable method.

    • Kyle

      It depends on the person really, so I have no answer to that. Me personally, I took 2 months to earn my first $1, but by month 6 I was full time online. If you are looking for a job, don’t go into business for yourself. If you are looking to create a business, then WA is your path…no experience necessary. Before you build your house, you must first have a foundation and that is what we emphasize at WA.

      There is no waiting either, you are always doing something. Those that sit around and wait don’t earn money. Those that continually build and take action are those that achieve success and we have many folks at WA that are full time business owners, some earning in the millions per year. Anything is possible if you have a foundation and the right support network, which we provide at WA. Check it out, it is free to get rolling and I know you will be impressed.

        • Kyle

          I was in school full time, so in between class and studying at night (and my personal life). Don’t shy away from creating something online, anyone can do it and you are going to learn all about it within WA. We teach REAL business, you get a website up an running in your first 4 lessons and this can be in any niche that you are interested in.

          Time spent “building” and “creating” is what pays off though, so the more time you invest, the more successful a business is. If you treat it like a little side project, it will serve as a side income. If you approach it with effort and energy, it will show. Me personally, I would rather invest my hard work and energy into something that I own than to be in a static position my entire life. A choice you get to make, which is quite exciting.

      • Kevin

        You say you were working full time within 6 months of starting your own online business. That’s impressive! I have had a website for over one year and have yet to make that first dollar. I really need help. I have been pounded with emails from EN and considered joining until I read this blog. Thanks for helping me make up my mind. I had a gut feeling it was shady and I want a legitimate online business, but it seems only those, such as yourself, that teach the business or have the market hold, such as Amazon, are the ones making the money. Am I wrong in thinking this?

        • Kyle

          Kevin, we can definitely help you out at Wealthy Affiliate. If you have had a website for an entire year with no success, chances are very good that you have been sent in the wrong direction and you don’t full comprehend how to make a go with your website. The training at WA will definitely help you turn things around and get you moving in the right direction.

          And yeah, within 6 months I had pretty much a full time income in place, whereas 2 months in I had not earned a penny (but worked my butt off). That is business, that is how it works, what you do now pays off down the road. I was able to go full time within just over a year online, although my story isn’t typical (because people simply don’t work at it), it can be a typical story for anyone that is willing to dedicate themselves to creating their OWN business. :)

  176. Jeen

    Hi there Kyle,
    I am quite keen to sign up however, for some reason my surname is nor accepted by the signup form.
    My surname is 3 words and does contain spaces.

    • Kyle

      Our database allows for a first and last name so for the time being, you should be entering two names in there. This does not follow you around WA, it is just used for sign-up purposes so I would just enter whatever works for you. Hope this helps.

  177. Barbara

    I was going to sign up with Empower network and then saw your comments and the others. Everytime I join something It starts off with a small fee and there there is another fee and another fee. But one thing I run into all the time is that after I join they want to qualify me for special training and couching. They go through this big thing about the coaching and you get directed to their reg. director . THen they want to talk you me and my husband and then if we qualify they will aske for $200 + or more to get started for their exclusive training. SoI hope that this site doesn’t do the same>?

    • Kyle

      They are trying to recruit you in their downline to get you to do the same thing they are doing, recruiting more people in your downline. It is an exchange of money form one person to the next in a big hierarchy (let’s just say it is the same shape as a triangle). They charge you $25 per month for a blog (which is not yours, it is theirs) and then $19.95 per month additionally if you want to get paid via their pyramid. Then unless you are a complete wussy, you are going to want to spend $100 per month for a few training videos…and $500 for another few videos…and before it is all said and done, you are stuck with a product you have invested $5,000 into and you have nothing to show for it other than the fact that you now have to promote this same product to others to make money.

      There are real opportunities out there Barbara and this definitely is not one of the real ones. There are many ways to earn money online, but the foundation of success is owning your own website…one in which you have full control over. If you want to learn how to earn money online, check out the following post that outlines the process:

      How Does the Process of Making Money Online Work

  178. Greg

    Hello Kyle, I just found your online adventure while doing some research on the other guy(EN)and after reading all the information you have provided it seems like this is where I begin. I have absolutely no direction to start with but do have a passion, the state for which I was born(Alaska),so I guess I do have a starting point if this is one to pursue. I am 52 years old and have made many bad decisions, financially, I feel I need to prove to myself I can make something of myself and provide a more secure future for my wife, daughter and myself.
    I do have a positive attitude for life but a very, very low self-esteem and so my confidence in being successful is lacking.
    I am looking for a system that I can learn from and be successful to prove I am not just an average man and to prove to my wife and daughter I can give them, and my self, everything we can dream of.
    I ask of you to please help me and show me the way by using your system with all of its resources and help to be more than an “average man”.

    Thank you,

    Greg Mears

    • Kyle

      Well we teach online business at WA, the reality of it. You are going to learn how to create something of substance and something that can produce a long term income within any niche. If you are willing to take action on the training we provide, we are going to show you exactly how it is done and you have an entire community of awesome people within WA to fall back on Greg.

      Your niche is something we help you reveal within the first 3 lessons, it could be something related to Alaska (that by itself is a little broad), but we have a video module on this that will get you moving in the right direction. I look forward to working with you inside of WA Greg and if you ever need anything going forward, just hit me up within the community.

  179. Lisa B

    I have several years of college but no degree, have mostly been a stay-at-home mom, and what jobs I have had were clerical in nature. I’m not computer savvy by any means and have absolutely no marketing skills or sales skills. Plus, I’m a bit of an introvert. Because of all of this, I’m wondering if I should even consider WA at all? Your thoughts?

    • Kyle

      Hey Lisa…it sounds like you are trying to count yourself out of success before you even attempt it. It is unfortunate that we lose the “kid in us” as we get older. We teach our kids that anything is possible, but then we don’t believe it ourselves. We tell our kids that they are going to be able to ride the bike, even though it seems like an impossible task to them.

      You don’t need to be computer savvy, and you can get this expertise by doing. Anything can be learned and everything you need is within WA, including the support. Don’t doubt your abilities, you are much more skillful than you think. Absolutely join WA as a Starter, you are going to be able to…and we ALL have marketing skills, it is the ability able to help someone.

      If you can help someone accomplish anything (could even be showing people how to be a good parent, it is up to you), you can be very successful online. Gone are the days of greasy salespeople…they will always have their place, but it is usually on car lots. Within the online world, you can succeed simply by helping someone within any niche and you will learn all about this at WA.

  180. Denise

    What would I be selling for your company or can I blog about what I am good at? I already have a wordpress blog of my own, would I have to leave that one and create one for your company.

    • Kyle

      Hey Denise,

      You can by all means use your existing blog, or you can create a brand new blog. You are not required to promote Wealthy Affiliate, as the techniques that will be taught to you can be leveraged within any niche (including the one you are already blogging about). You will get full support there as well, full training, and EVERYTHING you need to create and run a successful online business. You will also find me in there as well, my username is Kyle and you will find my personal profile here:


      Make sure you stop by and say hi when you join. Oh ya, start of as a Starter member which doesn’t cost you a dime :)

  181. Jonathan

    Hi! Do I need to be involved in a business in order for me to use WA to help promote my business? I have none right now for I have joined several businesses in the past that promised me a lot of things. .just b.s. stuff if you know what I mean. However, I would appreciate a response to my question above. Thanks! Jonathan

    • Kyle

      You do not have to have your own business or your own products to be successful online. If you do have your own products, we can help you with the online promotion of these, and if you don’t have any, we can definitely help you out (most people don’t). There are MILLIONS (yes, that is not a typo) of products that you can promote online as an “affiliate” which allows you to get a cut in any product you refer someone to online. There are many ways of creating a business and we will help you find your “path” within Wealthy Affiliate. Join as a Starter, you will not regret it Jonathan.

    • Kyle

      100% legit yes and you will find that out very quickly when you join the Starter membership (which is 100% free). There are many ways in which you can make money online, but most companies will offer several different payment types including check, paypal, wire transfer, etc.

      Hope this helps you out.

  182. Pat

    Hey I have tried online marketing before in the past. I am over $2500 in debt from all the B.S. products and web hosting and domain names i have purchased.And i haven’t made a dime. And I still get make money online scam emails on a daily basis. My Fiance does not support online marketing and thinks it’s all a scam. Just once i wanna have success and be my own boss. But i just don’t have the time to invest into it unless i quit my full time job which i can’t afford to do. And i would lose my Fiance in the process. Wish there was a way i could have success by starting off part time and grow it into full time after proof of success.

    • Kyle

      Pat, you are not alone in your journey to success. Unfortunately this industry is riddled with some of the most unethical folks out there and I am very sorry to hear that you have been taken by what sounds like, several scams! I am also sorry to hear about your fiance, but they are likely growing tired of seeing you get scammed.

      Here is what I suggest you do.

      (1) Sign-up to the free Wealthy Affiliate starter account (no credit card required)
      (2) Take action on the training (includes a free website)
      (3) Get your fiance involved if possible, it is free for them to join as well

      Yes, there is a Premium version of Wealthy Affiliate, but you do not have to start out with this. You can get rolling on Starter, learn how to effectively build a business online, create a website, etc…do things the proper way. I know it will be a life changing moment for you and I think if you involve your other half, they will be interested in the process as well.

      If you have any further questions, do let me know.

  183. Leanne

    Hello Kyle,

    I am not involved with WA at the moment. However, I am very impressed with you message and the support you offer those that become involved. I came upon your site as a result of trying to find out more information about EN. I have been approached by a friend about it. I have to tell you I have some network marketing experience – I learned a lot about myself; however, I was not very successful at it. In fact, I have kind of been turned off of network marketing after that experience and been bombarded by even more since that time.

    Now…. the reason I am posting this is because I need some help or advice. I, personally love my day job. I work with children and it is very rewarding. At the same time, I would like to find something that will add to my income. I have absolutely no internet marketing experience, and I am very much a rookie when it comes to the computer. Having said that, I am very intrigued at what type of opportunities are available because of WA? I guess what I am trying to say is what could someone like me use WA for? Thank you for your time! I appreciate it!

    • Kyle

      Hi Leanne,

      Wealthy Affiliate teaches Internet business and includes everything you need to know to get started online and build and grow a successful business. What you will not find is the term “get rich quick” because you are going to learn how to actually create a business, not take part in a scheme like the ones it sounds you are being promoted. I do recommend that you start out with the free option (it includes your own WordPress site, lots of training, a Getting Started course, and full support within the community). I know you are going to love it.

      There are a lot of scams out there that are “masked” in the facad of people that are promoting them. Be careful and avoid products that are not “free to try before you buy” because there are a lot of people getting burned out there by the glut of scams. After you do join WA, drop me a note. You can find me there under the username Kyle!

  184. Patricia R

    I have to add that I completely agree with all of the positive comments here.In sorting through the scams, I found a site that said Wealthy Affiliate was not a scam. That one site put me on track to learn what I was searching for.

    I must say that my first week was overwhelming. However, into the tenth day, I think I get it.

    Thank you for the opportunity to learn!

    • Kyle

      Like learning anything new, it can be a bit overwhelming at first but there is A LOT of help within Wealthy Affiliate (as I am sure you are finding out) if you ever need a hand with absolutely anything or are stuck. It is unique in that you are never alone or left in the dark, there is always help. I am glad you are enjoying your experience at WA Patricia and thanks for the feedback!

  185. Steve

    Really cool, well laid out review of Wealthy Affiliate. Just one question, how do you make your join WA link appear as ‘waystoavoidscamsonline/joinwa’?

  186. Seth

    Nice review. Wanted to tell you I’m working on a project to advertise for WA pretty heavily, primarily just through Facebook. I’m still working on it, but it’s just going to be 1 really big page and I’ll probably just concentrate on Fb advertising for it at first and maybe use other means of advertising for it later. I came up with this really funny ideal from the Merlin episodes & I’ve been sitting here laughing to myself thinking of some things I could do.

    Aside from that, I changed up my niche a tad bit once again… and it became “How to Build Games”. I may add sub-domains and sub-directories to it later on other gaming related stuff, but I feel really good about this niche and think I’ll be sticking to this one for good. I ended up buying another domain called GameSabre.com & my categories are Android, C++, Excel, Flash, General, HTML5, iPhone, Java, PHP, and Python. Towards the footer, I have a pretty large banner entitled “Learn How to Market Your Games Online!” WA Style as a big square box that links to a review page for Wealthy Affiliate.

    Anyway, I’ll be keeping an eye on your website & be referring others to it. Ttyl.

    • Kyle

      Sounds like you have things planned out nicely Seth. If you ever need a hand with anything, be sure to let me know. I will be more than happy to help you out and good luck with your promotions.

  187. Emma Fellini

    I have to agree with your review. Wealthy Affiliate has it all. I came across WA on Janury 1st, 2013. To me a very auspicious sign. I was at a standstill in my life, more than anything a lack of inspiration to work. As soon as I got into level one certification I got really inspired to follow through. And I don´t consider this work at all. Internet Business is a very creative enterprise. And for someone like me who had the worst idea about marketing, I am realizing that it isn´t the dry matter I had imagined. Maybe it is how you and Carson have set up WA, letting us members be an active part of its content, a true online community.

    It is overwhelming indeed, but is part of the process, I guess we all start with assumptions and expectations. I had to come to terms with my real speed to absorb everything and now I just focus on following the steps. It starts to make sense when you have more pieces of the puzzle. I wish that those looking seriously for an opportunity to create an online business would station here, since this is the best place for that.

    Forever grateful.


    • Kyle

      Absolutely, online business can and should be fun, but unfortunately there is too much misinformation floating around that will lead people to failure within the online world. That is why there is step-by-step foundation building training within Wealthy Affiliate that can take someone that is absolutely green to the online business and get them building a foundation for success.

      Thanks for your kind words Emma and I am glad you are enjoying yourself within WA. See you inside of the community!

  188. Scott Newkirk

    This is a great review Kyle coming from the owners point of view I think you did a wonderful job of breaking everything down.

    I am enjoying watching you build out this site, I tend to follow you every step of the way and get my site built out at the same time.

    I really have enjoyed bootcamp so far keep the lessons coming, I am ready to learn all I can.

  189. saytue_sayewhat

    I enjoyed reading your review Kyle. It’s genuine. And yes, Wealthy Affiliate is very unique. This is the place whare I started making money, and at first, I was overwhelmed, but as I continued reading, asking questions and pay attention to what others were doing, it quickly came to me. I rate WA 100% legit.

  190. Charlie

    I think you hit the nail on the head with your “uniqueness.” I put my unique Wealthy Affiliate story on my site too, and I think everyone should be using their story on their sites. It’s the only thing that sets them apart, and might connect with that person looking to start an online business.

    Knowing what I know now, it’s a “NO BRAINER” to join WA…NOTHING to risk, everything to gain! Simple as that.

    See you inside WA.


    • Kyle

      Exactly, there is no pressure when you join WA as we do have our $0 membership. Once someone is inside WA, they can then see for themselves the value within the community, which I believe (and it looks like many others do as well), is unlike anything else within the industry. I am glad you are loving Wealthy Affiliate and I do thank you for your feedback Charlie.

  191. Hey Kyle I just wanted to share my experience with your readers and let them know from a members stand point what WA is like.

    First let me say that I have been a member since late 2011 and when I found WA I had no clue about anything related to making money online.

    I can actually relate to the CONS part of your review, the first 2 or 3 months I was there I felt like my head was in a vice and I was under water all at the same time.

    The learning curve can be really tough, especially back at that time because they have listened to us members consistently and taken action based on that feedback WA is now a lot more organized and has much more step by step training and even interactive classrooms to make sure it’s manageable for people.

    It can still be a lot to learn tho and you should expect to feel a bit lost at first but that’s what’s so great about this community is that when you get stuck or lost you have many experts who you can reach out to for help and with the live chat feature you can often get help instantly which to me is just huge.

    I also want to talk a bit about the No Cost starter membership. No one ever pressures you to go premium and there is no time restriction on it so you can relax and focus on the training they have there and getting your initial website built and starting to learn the basics.

    The premium membership if you decide at some point to upgrade is all inclusive meaning there are no up-sells again you can relax and focus on your education and building your business.

    I hope to see you in the live chat my user name is Ty Johnson feel free to holler at me if you see me in there I am always happy to answer questions and help people out.

    That brings me to my last point which is don’t be shy to get involved in live chat the people there don’t make fun of others that’s just not the atmosphere in the community it’s all about helping people and supporting each other.

    I hope my insider opinion is helpful I know from personal experience that it’s hard to believe because I was hesitant at first myself but I think you will find that it’s everything Kyle has said it is and more.

    Hope to see you there
    Ty Johnson

    • Kyle

      Thanks your review and personal insights Ty. I am glad you are enjoying Wealthy Affiliate and that we have been able to make the community much more organized with the latest roll out of Wealthy Affiliate classrooms. I do agree, prior to this things were a little overwhelming to a newcomer.

      Upon joining now, people are given a complete overview of the community (video walk-through) and put direction into a Getting Started action plan. It is because of feedback we get, that we improve our processes at WA and we will continue to improve the flow within the community. Again, thanks for everything you do Ty and I will see you inside of WA!

  192. I am so glad that I found this community back in the dark ages of 2010.
    I was looking for a way to get out of my loss of yet another JOB. Even way back before you added the live chat, the Classrooms and my favorite, the Ambassador Program this place was exceptional. Now, well, I’m very glad that I found you.
    I have thousands of hours here and feel like I’m just getting started with all of the learning on this site.
    Thanks for doing this.
    Now, lets revisit that lifetime membership.

    • Kyle

      Wow, since 2010 already. Time flies!

      Glad you are loving the Classrooms Craig, these have added the final level of organization. I also enjoy interacting within the classroom environment, it feels like much more targeted training and folks can choose essentially what aspect of the online business world they want to expertise within.

      It is wonderful to have you as part of the community at Wealthy Affiliate Craig!

  193. Wendy

    Kyle I just want to say thank you for creating Wealthy Affiliate. Before I found WA I was blowing my hard earned money into a few schemes and scams that didn’t work. WA gave me the skills I needed to finally make money online. But the best thing about WA is the support.

    • Kyle

      Your story sounds so similar to the other stories out there. There are far too many scams and gurus that are creating products with little substance simply to make money from their products.

      I am glad you are enjoying yourself at Wealthy Affiliate, in the 8 years that WA has been around, it has only continued to improve and evolve for the benefit of the members. This year is going to be the most exciting yet.

  194. David

    I have to say when I was first introduced to Wealthy Affiliate, back in 2010 as a completely overwhelmed with the amount of Info provided. I left WA in search of the way to do things online. Sure with the help of a couple people I learned my way around, But I wish I would of stayed on-board with WA. I have recently returned to WA and wish I never had left. WHY!!! Because I can honestly say. You will not find a better place to learn how to start a business online anywhere else online!!!! WA is a community of engaged people building their own online businesses, and Brands that are willing to help no matter the question you have.. BIG or Small. What I find is the interactive community is amazing. This where you will find Kyle and Carson on a daily basis helping anyone at any given time, and not with a simple answer but walking them through the steps one step at a time. But not only Kyle and Carson the owners, but 1000’s of people of all levels of understanding, and niches willing to guide you through to the next level. See you on the inside start your free membership today.

    • Kyle

      Thanks for your feedback David and I am glad you are loving Wealthy Affiliate. I do think you hit on a very important point, Carson and I are just a small part of the overall community. There are 1,000’s of awesome people within WA that are more than willing to help at the drop of the hat, something that you will not find anywhere else.

      It is not a place where we compete with one another, we understand that the Internet opportunity is vast and there is enough room for all of us. WA is a community in every sense of the word.

  195. Great review Kyle, as a member of WA I can vouch for the great wealth of knowledge of the website. My only concern is I don’t have enough time to work through the training. There is new material put up everyday with blog posts, discussions and classroom updates as you say overwhelming. This is not a gripe with the site but my time management. I need to do a weekly planner and allot time for WA and stick to it. I keep going off track. Anyhow, love your work keep it up I’m learning so much.

    • Kyle

      There definitely is a lot of training, but perhaps I can give you a word of advice.

      Don’t try to understand everything.

      There are 13 classrooms that you have access to as a Premium member of Wealthy Affiliate, focus on one or two of these…each are in essence are complete business models. Focus on ONE thing, ONE niche…and you are going to see much more success. Far too often people try to be the “jack of all trades” but that tends to lead to mediocrity across multiple things, instead of greatness at one. Become great at one thing.

      • Good advice I did try to cram in a lot of training but narrowed it down to affiliate marketing on a wordpress blog. I tend to work away now and when I have a problem I search for the answer and it is usually there, or someone has the answer to give.

        • Kyle

          Yeah, there is almost always someone there and available if you have a questions about just about anything….and of course, the search can become your best friend. Also, if you ever need a hand with a particular topic, start a discussion within the classrooms. You will get lots of expert help there Mark.

  196. Hey Kyle, a good summary of what WA has in store for the new indeed –
    The 2 most important messages that I’d like to highlight in your post are:

    1) It Takes a Community to Create a Success Story – OMG so true I’ve been around on the internet marketing circuit for a few years now and there isn’t anywhere else that offers so much value for zero cost. The community and their support knowledge and enthusiasm are second to none.

    2) You will never know what you have been missing all of these years until you step foot inside of Wealthy Affiliate… (period)

    So much on offer and all that’s needed is your time and commitment.

    • Kyle

      Thanks for your feedback Tony. That statement was taken from the “it takes a community to raise a child”…but it is relevant to success as well. Most people try to go at it alone or they buy products/services that come with ZERO support (99% of what is out there comes with no support). At Wealthy Affiliate we have worked hard to create an environment that would support a community atmosphere, allow newbies to get help from experts, and allow experts to have ongoing conversions that will allow them to take their business to the next level.

      Thanks for your feedback Tony! See you inside the walls of WA!

  197. joe

    Where do I find the experts?I love Wealthy affiliate ,and think Kyle and Carson are great guys(even tho you don’t hear much from Carson most of the time) but I never really know where to get the expert help.

    • Kyle

      Expert help is everywhere you look within the community. Ask a discussion, you are going to get responses…from people that have expertise in that subject matter. Join in on a live chat with a question, and there are going to be people with expertise and lots of experience in any facet related to online marketing.

      So if you want expert help Joe, the best thing to do is simply ask for help, regardless of the topic. There are many mediums to accomplish this within Wealthy Affiliate.

      RE: Carson, sometimes he is not as “available” as me simply because he is working with a large design and programming team. He is there, but typically sporadically throughout the day.

  198. Tommy Dillard

    That is a very good review… it sold me if I was not already a premium member I sure would have joined now. Great job

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