1. Michael

    Hey Kyle,

    I am a former Premier member of Neucopia. I wanted to clarify something. The premier membership is day and night compared to the basic. You are getting training webinars from some of the industries best, Matt Trainer being one of them (then he bailed out)lol. Anyways There is some value there but what Kyle is saying is right. You make your money off recruiting people not for selling their products. They are skimming the surface of being illegal. I did make a lot of money with it but I also had experience, a list and I know how to drive traffic online.

    Its funny that after 1.5 years they still barely have a little over 2,500 members. Does that sound fishy? YES! There are only a handful of people making money and the retention rate is ridiculous! They can’t keep members.

    Aaron Parker is their top affiliate and he his “Power Team” is the “only” team in the company lol.

    Their training and support is mediocre at best. They just teach you how to prospect on Facebook and call people. Some people just spam lol I don’t know about you but I like to work smart not hard.

    If you want to pursue an online career learn SEO/paid marketing and how to build a list. Then learn how to maximize conversions and you should be golden.

    I know of Wealthy Affiliate that kyle is pitching and I heard good things about it. I started with Bring the Fresh thats another good course.

    Anyways that’s the end of my rant lol


    • Kyle

      You can also make good money robbing banks unfortunately. I am not using this as a direct comparison, but what is happening over at Neucopia is pretty unethical by nature. You are selling people into the program, so they can do the same to others. The training is repackage PLR garbage and they are charging HIGH TICKET prices just so people that buy into them can collect high commissions from others that get sucked into them. The cycle then continues…

      I agree with your approach to creating a real business. Learn SEO, which in essence is learning how to build a website with content. That is exactly what folks are going to get “initially” at WA (and there are ZERO costs to get rolling). Once you have the foundation of knowledge to build a site that gets ranked and gets traffic, you can diversify in many ways across as many niches as you like. Sky is the limit.

      Thanks for stopping by Michael and sharing your opinions and insights into the Neucopia scheme.

  2. Whitney

    Hi Kyle, thank you for your article. Ponzi schemes are interesting. They always work people into a cult-like frenzy.

    Someone on my Facebook was promoting her business, and sounding very wishy-washy. I knew it would be a ponzi scheme, so I looked up Neucopia ponzi scheme.

    I can’t wait to read all of your articles.

    • Kyle

      The best thing you can ask them is “what they are selling” and what “you will be selling”. If their answer is neucopia, then it really says a lot about the program. People buy into junk products (PLR) so they can promote the scheme itself and earn commissions promoting this program to others, it has nothing to do with the actual quality of the product. It is by means not worth $169.95 per month and there are MUCH better alternatives that are higher quality and lower priced elsewhere if you are looking to start a business online.

  3. Dana

    Wow, is this misleading information.
    This was clearly written by someone trying to promote their own product and is concerned that Neucopia being their competitor will take business away from them.
    I’m not even going to go in to the benefits of Neucopia because this is so misleading, it would just be my word against yours. My suggestion is that you do your research.

    • Kyle

      Misleading. The fact that you are selling people on the SYSTEM (in a pyramid style fashion) and then getting them to promote the same scheme to others…

      Is that not what you are doing?

      If you are trying to tell me you are selling the actual “products” within Neucopia, then that admits to everyone what your intentions are. To take their money. The products are not owned by Neucopia, rather they are PLR content that was created by other folks and sold for pennies on the dollar. In fact, you can get all the training within Neucopia for under $49, yet you are trying to get people to join the $169.95 level. How is this ethical? Perhaps you would like to explain Dana.

    • John

      You’re completely right Dana and that is why Neucopia no longer exists, right Professional? I don’t see how anyone can argue with Kyle, someone that has been doing this for years. In this case, put your money where your mouth is and learn a little more before defending something you got brain washed by. I’m just curious as to what scam you’re apart of now Dana?

    • Kyle

      You sure can. That is because they are all part of a PLR package that only costs $49 (and you get 1,000’s of these products). There are 1,000’s of people out there that own rights to sell the very same products within the Neucopia program, which is why they are being sold on ebay for 99 cents and a lot of the time, given away for FREE online.

  4. Danijela

    Hello Kyle, thanks for such good notices. For months I was looking for something normal, which can be done over the internet. I’d love to hear your suggestion. Greeting

    • Kyle

      Well it all starts with getting a real education on how the process of earning money online and being part of a community that can help you when you need it. I would not suggest tying yourself to a program that relies on you promoting that very same program to others (like Neucopia).

      The problem with this is that when the “downlines” stop, so does your business whereas a NICHE will never go away. People will never stop dating, stop losing weight, stop looking for recipes, stop buying technology, stop looking for celebrity news…and that is how you create a stable business, targeting a niche, not getting involved in a scheme.

      I suggest you check out my top ranked products as they will help you create a “niche” business online.

  5. Chris

    Thanks alot for sharing your thoughts about this company. A friend of mine has signed up for the Premier Level and he invited me to do the same.

    I carefully read everything on Neucopia’s website and I also listened to the people who were in it. The people who are in this company, them who have been in for a couple of months or more, are really good at talking. It’s very easy to fall for this.

    I asked them about the risks of joining and all I got for answer was: “There are no risks. The only risk is you NOT joining!”.

    I think I will pass. Thanks once again 🙂

    Sincerely, Chris.

    • Kyle

      You should ask “why” I should join this program and you are likely going to get “you need to in order to make a bunch of money”. The program works off people making money by promoting the program to others, no different than what Bernie Madoff was doing. The actual content within the membership is PLR content that can be bought for very cheap online ($1’s) and much of it is outdated by nature.

      I think you have made a smart decision and if you are looking for an actual education in earning revenue online, there are legitimate alternatives out there!

  6. Carlos Artigas

    *added site to favorite* xD

    All i can say to you is Thank you! Your reviews are great and you show valid proof of whats going on with these programs…
    I was considering Neucopia until i came across this article. Currently affiliated to Bids That Give, i was just looking for another affiliation opportunity!

    • Kyle

      Glad I could help steer you in the right direction Carlos. Unfortunately unlike you, many people do fall a victim to these programs. They think they are getting something of value but only because of crafty sales letters, pushy sponsors and a lack of realization of quality programs that actually exist out there.

  7. john miller

    WOW! Have you ever joined Neucopia? Its obvious that you are afraid that Neucopia is going to take some of your members. And by the way, maybe proof read your article cause its very poorly written. Get your facts straight!

    • Kyle

      Perhaps you could clarify where I am so off base John.

      The fact that you are promoting PLR content to people and expecting them to pay up to $169.95/mth for it is robbery in my opinion. But that is not why people join the program, they join so they can promote the program to others…and the cycle continues.

      I have shown proof where you can get all of the products + over 900 more PLR products for $49 (one time) online. This is way more training than is offered within Neucopia and this is where most of Neucopias products were gathered from (excluding their monthly video sessions).

      So if you could clarify exactly where all of the “hidden” value is inside of Neucopia, that would wonderful for the readers here because I, like many, just don’t see it.

      • Tim Hiatt

        Maybe you don’t see it because your not in it. Once you join you get amazing training and support from the team, unless most other companies that lack the support because all their upline is worried about is finding other people and not helping out the ones in their downline.

        There is more training you get from the members themselves that are making money and you can use that training to succeed in any online business. Your business module is to bash all other companies so they join yours, for anybody reading this you shouldn’t get advice from someone who has never been with the company and is bashing every company out there, there is only one unethical reason for that, so you join his…Think about that.

        • Kyle

          The purpose of my post is not to bash, the purpose is to bring to the attention of those that may be interested in this product exactly what the product is. The product is YOU promoting the product to other people. The training within the product is PLR content that has been purchased for $49 (one time) and then you are charging people $169.95 for this training…but that is all a facade for what you are really doing here right?

          What you are doing is trying to get folks into your downline and get them doing the same thing to others. If I am mistaken that it isn’t really about selling the actual training within Neucopia, rather the opportunity to sell it to others, then please correct. From my vantage point that is what I see and that is why I have deemed this to be an illegitimate opportunity just like the many others that are just like this that are out there.

  8. Izak

    There is something I cannot ignore. I did read many testimonials from people who are part of Neocopia, they have amazing things to say about the company. Here’s the thing… nobody kicks a dead dog, especially not when it can bite you. Kyle, how do we know you’re not writing all these “bad things” about the company simply to get people on board your own affiliate program? I’m just wondering…

    • Kyle

      The writing is on the wall…and I have clearly outlined this within the post. I would prefer if you joined WA because it is a safe haven from scams like this and we offer a free trial and because it is legit, so there is no “slight of hand” going on anywhere. We make ZERO off a free account, so if we do not live up to your expectations, there is no harm no foul. This is our way of saying, hey we are “legit” and we are willing to put our service behind our talk.

      To be frank lzak, I am tired of people getting ripped off within the online world. I have been around far too long and I know that if I can bring one or two illegitimate programs to the attention of an unsuspecting customer, then I have done them a favour.

  9. Izak

    Hi Kyle, thank you for this information, I was about to join Neucopia. I know this website is all about Neucopia, but I am very curious to know what you think of Big Idea Mastermind (Vick Strizheus) and Empower Network? Your knowledge concerning this will be appreciated. Thank you.

    • Kyle

      You can see my Empower Review here. I guess it really comes down to whether or not you are interested in learning how to create a business or whether you want to join a scheme. If you want to create a business, this is not going to be your best option. You may also want to be careful who you trust online as some folks do have a very “sketchy” history to say the least.

    • James

      Honestly I like watching Vick, he is a very slick guy and an expert at what he does.That said, though Empower network is just another MLM. You join Empower just for the purpose of promoting Empower. That is not a business it is just selling the dream.

  10. Jared McMahon (JaredM on WA)

    Where do I sign up to give my money away?

    Thanks for the in depth articles Kyle! Your piece on Coffee Shop Millionaires brought me to Wealthy Affiliate and I’ve never been happier.

    • Kyle

      LOL, here let me go get you the link Jared. Glad you enjoy my reviews and I do thank you for stopping by. It is also really awesome to hear that you are enjoying WA and I look forward to seeing your progress with your online business. See you inside the community bro!

  11. Anthony

    Hello Kyle,
    Thank you, these reviews are opening their eyes to us beginners.
    I think that your blog will be a great success.
    Not long ago, a guy asked me to email in a site of a certain Adam Short …
    “www.nicheprofitclassroom.com / cb” aims to make niche websites.
    I have not joined, as in nature are very conservative and above all I like to have enough information there is a 14 day trial for $ 1, then $ 67 per month ..
    I wanted your opinion, and reliable?

    PS I am already a member free of WA, soon to pass premium, now I’m convinced .. Promised.

    • Kyle

      Hey Anthony,

      EVERYTHING you need to create, run and scale a business is within WA. That has and will always be our focus, providing a single place to get all of your training, your tools, your services, your websites, your classes, and your personal support in one place. If you go Premium there will honestly be nothing that you will ever need to purchase again in terms of an education. 🙂

  12. Wow! Thanks for this Kyle. Wonder how many will fall for this one. Thanks for finding and letting others know about programs like this. I think I will stick with the training and affiliate resources I am using at Wealthy Affiliate.

    • Kyle

      Unfortunately lots of people will fall for this as do they with any of the other “schemes” out there. Hopefully this will shed some light on what is really going on here and the fact that there is little to no substance within the “membership” at Neucopia other than the fact that it gives you the ability to earn commissions from getting others signed up into this scheme.

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