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Killer Content System – My Personal ReviewKiller Content System Review

Name: Killer Content System
Website url:
Price:  $47 ($37 with special discount)
Owners:  Socrates Socratous
Overall Rank: 66 out of 100
Legitimacy Ranking:

Killer Content System, the Product

Advertised via a video featuring Socrates Socratous, the Killer Content System promises to be one of the easiest ways to make money online without having prior experience or specialized skills. The video also claims that setting up a website is as simple as clicking the mouse a few times- but does this program deliver on those promises?  My verdict is yes and no and it definitely does not match up to my top ranked product

Pros vs. Cons 


  • Low cost to get started
  • Plenty of video based training
  • Additional tools that can be used to make money.


  • There might be too many options to choose from.
  • Information presented during trainings might become stagnant after a while.
  • Many people find Socrates bland and boring which may prevent them from getting the most out of the trainings.
  • Support is very limited (if at all)
  • No community aspect
  • Does not offer  a free trial

Who is this system Intended for?

The Killer Content System was designed to be used by people without any experience either on the computer or in marketing. While it does deliver on most of the promises that it makes (the system is actually easy to use) there are some serious issues with the fact that there are just so many choices to deal with.

Those choices could be overwhelming to the average person, especially someone who is just desperate to start making money now.  The strategies outline within this Killer Content System are not easy to implement although the “sales video” (I really hate these things) gloats about easy money. It is always better for a beginner to focus on one area, get familiar with it and then expand and that is why this is definitely not the top recommend product for beginners.


Does Killer Content System Have Quality Tools and Training?

The training within the Killer Content System comes int he format of 10 videos.  These include information on the following:

  • How to get 3345 subscribers with less than two hours of work.

  • How to build a list on eBay for free and make money at the same time.

  • How to make 68% more money with reselling rights on your products.

  • Quick and Simple Ways to increase the profitability of any PLR package

  • How to turn information products into high quality, multimedia CDs

  • How to get paid big bucks while building a big list

  • How to double your optin list conversion rate

  • How to find workable niches

  • Outsourcing secrets: how to double your income and triple your time off.

  • How to generate 30,000 targeted keywords in less than three hours.

In addition to this training, there are tools that include Articles, a Site Manager that allows you to connect your sites to each other as well as well as WordPress sites.  These tools carry little use in this age of the Internet marketing business and can actually detract from your SEO results (as these tools encourage duplicate content which is BAD).

Also, they have a tool called Money Makers which has built in banners that can be added to any of your web sites. Auto Publisher which does as it implies- it publishes articles to sites which again, is not good for SEO so this will actually have a negative impact on your campaigns if you use it. An eBook and report generator is also included as part of the tools.


Does Killer Content Offer QUALITY Support?

Like most money making programs, the Killer Content System claims to offer full support.   I ran a few tests within their system and using their email support system and DID NOT receive a response.  To me this is a huge red flag because any company that can sell me a product but cannot offer decent support pushes it into the scam territory.

Killer Content does offer your typical run of the mill knowledge base which has a number of FAQs to read through. In addition, the support center allows you to submit a help ticket for those questions that are not adequately answered (but again, don’t expect a response any time soon). The buzz you might see on marketing forums (like Warrior Forum) is fairly positive on this program, however, keep in mind that there are often paid posters who spend all of their time deflecting any of the negative comments.

Don’t get this program with the expectation that someone is going to be holding your hand, because you will not receive help from Socrates…


The Price – $37

One very annoying thing about the Killer Content System is the price. When you click on to the introductory video you will be told one price but by the time you are ready to actually sign up or click away, that price will have dropped. The most commonly listed price is $47 but most members will be able to get their program for $37. This is a one time fee, not a monthly price. It is also supposed to be all inclusive with everything that you need to get started on your money making efforts included, but like many other “video packages” you are going to need to invest more money (websites, outsourcing, content development, domains, and probably some help elsewhere).

So the $37 is not going to be the last thing you have to purchase, you will need to invest in other services.


My Final Word on Killer Content Systems

This is a solid little program in terms of the video content but there are way too many options thrown at you, all at one time. It is like having a dozen pitches coming at you all at the same time. You see them coming and they all look great but you just can’t focus on one to do anything really great with it. Some people will get carried away and try to juggle all of these options at one time and then fail at all of them. The video presentations are solid but as time goes on this content is becoming more and more outdated.  The tools will also get you in trouble with Google if you use them, so if you are purchasing because of the tools then don’t say I didn’t warn you.


Here is the Killer Content System at a Glance…


Name: Killer Content System
Website url:
Price:  $47 ($37 with special discount)
Owners:  Socrates Socratous
Overall Rank: 66 out of 100

VERDICT: BORDERLINE SCAM, Decent product, but has become outdated and offers NO support

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Do you have a personal experience with “Killer Content System” and would like to provide your personal experience with the system?  I would love to hear your feedback and I will be sure to get back to ANY of your comments within 24 hours.  Thanks a ton!




    • Kyle

      I would definitely recommend you save your time and money TJ. It is going to lead you down a path you don’t want to go and once you get into this program, you are going to be treated like a piece of financial meat (they are going to try to sell to you over and over again). There are much better alternatives out there.

  1. Destiny Eziomowho

    Unfortunately I fell victim to the system and made a purchase but when I recieved the welcome email, I was greated with many more all wanting me to purchase more systems. All I can say is information overload and no customer support. I asked for refund and hope to get it back.

  2. Waheed Ahmad Khan

    Its reality is that there will be a plethora of people who will get sucked into this as the result of other ‘IM Gurus’ promoting this product via email lists.

    Let’s hope this review will give the splash of cold water on the face that they need!


    • Kyle

      That is exactly what happens. I always have had the argument that “Coke” doesn’t promote “Pepsi”, but why is it so acceptable that gurus in this industry (guru being a term loosely used for “scammer”) do it all the time.

  3. javaris

    Im glad you warned me about this site because I was just about to take me credit card out. You know its a shame that people get scammed out of there money. And like the comments read when a person shows there bank account stats that’s a huge RED FLAG!!!!!!

    • Kyle

      It is always a red flag when a product is being sold based on the “bank account” stats. Some of the other common ones are big houses, exotic cars, vacations…and so on. Anyone that has to sell their product this way actually has very little substance in respect to their product quality and their focus on helping people out. The are selling the sizzle with very little steak.

    • Kyle

      I would recommend that you get in touch with the company that handles payments for this or your credit card company to dispute this transaction if you feel as though you have been “taken” by this product. Since this is a Clickbank product, you should be able to contact them directly for a refund.

  4. Mary

    I just listened to the Killer Content System Video. I think it’s laughable because this Socrates is only spouting what every person who is selling a product without proper Support. I am always very leery when they show you how much money they are making. Too bad people will actually fall for this spiel because anyone can make up the amount of money they are making which I find really tacky. When I see a person bragging about the amount of money they are making-I SAY RUN THE OTHER WAY. IT’S A LIE. While putting other so-called Gurus down, he is doing the exact same thing. Also his video does not offer a lot of content, but it does offer a lot of repeated content. Always beware when a seller says it’s “easy”.

    • Kyle

      Yeah, very commonplace when folks brag about their success to try to sell their product. Problem is that it works on many “unsuspecting” folks that don’t realize what is going on and hopefully this review will help bring scams like this to the surface. Not a day goes by that another “guru” (self proclaimed) launches a video sales page that offers NO VALUE to the person watching…other than tell them to buy their amazing system.

  5. John

    If the content is rather overwhelming I would certainly want a good reliable support system to help guide me.
    Thanks for the warning.

  6. Great review!

    I now feel that I need to go on some IM Guru Detox Diet as this seems like another attempt to take your money and run.

    Oh Wait.. it is.

    The reality is that there will be a plethora of people who will get sucked into this as the result of other ‘IM Gurus’ promoting this product via email lists.

    Let’s hope this review will give the splash of cold water on the face that they need!

    • Kyle

      Yeah, the fact that they are hiding behind an alias like Socrates is ridiculous enough and then the fact that their product vastly underdelivers, this is like a double whammy to anyone that buys Killer Content System.

      Hopefully with some effort on our part we can help clean up the Internet of the “IM Guru” circles that continue to promote each others rehashed products in attempt to earn money, not help others out. That is the biggest problem within the online opportunity world. People fake it before they make it and the only reason some of them ever make it is because their “circle” sells their garbage to an unsuspecting customer.

      Thanks for your feedback Jay.

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