• Kyle

      Any refunds you will need to contact the product support/owner in respect to the actual product you purchased. These details should be contained with the actual purchase you made. All the best Bobbie.

  1. Aman

    I just entered their training platform named “hostthenprofit” for one dollar but when i read your review, Kyle, i don’t feel very confident to get hosting or any kind of further affairs nor informations with them. I knew about empowernetwork and I tried too. They are the worse thing i’ve ever seen! No serious training at all and just laughing at you!

    Indeed, they lie to you, because they promise you 4 free domain names and unlimited hosting to steal your first one dollar but when you enter their platform for one dollar/a week trial now, you have also to pay for your domain names and hosting too. Then you’re redirected to a strange “domeny.tv” hosting site from Poland. Their “easy video producer” redirect you only to a beautiful white blank page on your pc screen. What else?

    • Kyle

      This is a very similar tactic that many of these companies use. They get you in a very low price point (like hostthenprofit) and then start overloading you with new costs, in this case domain costs, hosting costs and a myriad of other upsells. These types of schemes are very transient and they have to continually rename their companies so that the negative reviews can only temporarily shine some realism on the scams they are offering.

      There are much better choices out there and definitely do make sure you do your due diligence before you buy into any program online.

  2. Jason Ross

    Thanks for posting this. I am a web developer and had a client ask me about Pure Leverage. Before then I had never heard of them and didn’t know whether or not to recommend them. You’re not the only bad review I saw on Pure Leverage, and I also took a look at their website, as well, just to get the info form the source.

    From what I could tell, Pure Leverage tools seem to be mainly geared towards selling Pure Leverage to others. Another guy I came across, Zach Crawford, who was apparently a promoter and user of PL in the past found out PL was sending multiple emails/day in his name to his downline promoting PL upsells to them, even though he didn’t invest in those parts of PL himself and had no knowledge of those emails.

    Thanks to yours and Zach’s reviews, I will not be recommending PL to my client, who is starting up a service business and I don’t want to risk him getting his contacts spammed with unrelated biz-op upsells in his name, using a domain I designed.

    • Kyle

      That is the purpose and like many programs that are similar to this, the very people promoting them often times do not use the service themselves (host elsewhere, use aweber for their email marketing, etc). Why? Because these are superior services to what is available within Pure Leverage and are far more cost efficient. And there is nothing cool about using your name without your knowledge, sorry to hear about Zach having to deal with this.

  3. walterjackson

    Thanks for all the comments here from past members, you have just saved me from making a big mistake my wife has been telling me its all a scam how right she was phew run for the hills and take your money with you.

  4. CJ Hays

    In June of this year all of my sites were down for 2 weeks because GVO had a server fry. As of today, the same has happened and we are on day three with 7 business days until Christmas and all of my businesses are essentially offline.

    On the GVO website Joel states, “we are obsessed with your support”

    On the GVO hosting page you state, “It is the same online – if your server goes down, the customers cannot access your site or the information you provide. It reflects badly on your reputation and on your balance sheet. That is precisely why you need reliable business web hosting.”

    I say bullshit. Their overseas support staff is quick to tell me they are working on it however, I am still down.

    I can’t seem to get through to any of the GVO principals to follow up on this disaster which is costing me thousands of dollars.

    • Kyle

      That is exactly my point. I personally would always recommend using an established autoresponder company like aweber.com for email management. It is the expertise and where they specialize (and the have 30-40 employees dedicated solely to their service). It is hard to compete with that when you are offering a “catch all”.

  5. Alex Ang

    Hi Kyle,

    Thank you for the generous sharing. I came across Pure Leverage when I signed up for Russell Brunson’s DotcomX program.

    Inside DotComX program, Russell ask members to buy Pure Leverage for autoresponder, hosting and the landing page (It is a recurring paymen).

    I felt so uncomfortable to all their upsell when you sign up for their program.

    Could you help us to do a review on iPAS 2 -not sure it’s related to empowering network as well?

    I saw many famous affiliate marketer promoting it. & the claims sounds too good to be true.

    Thanks again for all the hardwork.

    Alexander Ang

    • Kyle

      Yes, they are all interconnected. You will find that many of the folks involved in one scheme are involved with others…there is a lot of handshaking going on within the industry and guru circles that promote each others products. My suggestion is that when you see this taking place, you run as far away as possible from those taking part in this behaviour as they cannot be trusted Alex.

      I will definitely be investigating iPas because I have had MANY complaints now from folks that have been “taken” by this program.

  6. Ian Morrison

    I came across Pure Leverage when I suddenly discovered their name against charges on my credit card statement in mid August. Before that, I had never heard of them nor do I have any interest in the products and services the company offers.

    I did send a query about the unauthorized payments to the pureleverage.com web site and received a prompt and polite reply from GVO Support (India) asking for more (non-identifying) details so they can follow up.

    After reading your comments I’m not so keen to reply.

    I have instead contacted my bank and asked them to reverse the transactions. It now looks like they / someone has set me up for monthly payments so there are even more transactions to be reversed. To ensure all further contact is cut my bank has decided to cancel the existing card and swap me to a new account

    Keep up the good fight, Kyle.


    • Kyle

      Yeah, contact your bank in this situation as your card has likely been compromised. This might not actually be a case of Pure Leverage being involved at all, it could be the fact that someone purchased their program with stolen credit cards.

      You may want to escalate with your bank to make sure your card hasn’t been compromised.

  7. Jannett Graham

    Once upon a time I was happy trying to get an online business going. This business was called Copy & Paste. The training bore no resemblance with what I needed to do and I asked for my money. It was then I got this strange message “please don’t go, give us another try” Darn it I got scammed into linking up with GVO/Pureleverage and Safe Swap. I was very unhappy after only 2 days! I asked for my money again and someone said they would help and hold my hand. After 3 weeks of grueling back and fro emails, I finally got the grips of the Copy & Paste training and how it matched with GVO/Pureleverage….then everything collapsed. The ready response messages fell by the way. I have written so many times to have them stop collection on my card and yet they continue. I am now over my limit and with fees I think I am just about to rip out the last two strands of hair I have left!! Why me? Why? I only wanted to make some money!! How am I going to pay this credit card bill when I do not have the funds?

    Gosh Darn it!!

  8. Elenor Logan

    Hi Kyle,

    I have been a Pure Leverage customer and affiliate for nearly 2 years,I have never made a single penny. Also my sponsor left 6 months ago not saying why he left.

    I have stopped advertising as I feel bad introducing people to something I no longer believe in, plus advertising is costly especially when you have ZERO return.

    Like me, I think many join not knowing what it really is!! You are told that you need no previous experience (a lie) with the use of comparisons such as ‘you don’t need to know what’s under the bonnet to drive a car’ all help to make you believe in the Pure Leverage family we all love you and each other hype.

    I would like to know what you think of Joel’s Facebook marketing funnel ‘Instant Income System’? Advice from Pure Leverage training is that you should contact people via Facebook using a search term such as ‘people who like internet marketing and live in Liverpool’ Make friends with them if necessary!! I have tried this and found that people get angry with you.

    I am currently still in there but not for long as I am exploring other options which will have nothing at all to do with internet marketing as I have been scammed too many times.

    Great review thank you.

  9. adrian

    I remember running into this guy through some other site he is running, and the compensation plan for using his tools was not what I saw as good business. If anyone is thinking of using GVO, then I would advise that you reconsider.

    • Kyle

      Yeah, they are definitely both related. GVO is the hosting platform that is run by these guys, and again in the industry of hosting there are many better options in terms of affordability and quality. There is also the scheme based “buy to promote” aspect if you want to promote the hosting to others.

  10. Jerry D. Hill

    Thanks for the “full” disclosure. It helps to know the ‘whole’ story before you wade into the water. Thanks for being at the top of the page.

    • Kyle

      No problem Jerry, unfortunately within the online world you have to tread very carefully because of the sheer amount of low quality products and “schemes” that are out there with the sole intention of taking your money. Pure leverage does have some decent products, but they are inferior to other products/services that are available by much more reputable companies (and at a lower cost).

  11. Riaz

    I had first-hand experience with Pure Leverage as it is my first ever auto-responder that I’ve tried and I was totally dissapointed with their service.

    It’s extremely slow, it crashes from time-to-time and the video tutorials are outdated but the most annoying part that really upsets me is their customer service.

    I’ve been sending countless tickets to ask but none replied until I decided to cancel my membership and that’s when decided to reply me which shows only one thing – They’re more concerned on getting money out from you. They also will try to upsell you stuff whenever you log in which gets really annoying after some time.

    Any product that has something to do with Russel and Joel Therien is a no-no. Glad to have found your review Kyle! And it’s a great one too, I hope this wards off many other people from getting tricked like me.

    • Kyle

      Sorry to hear about your experience Riaz, but it is inline with what most folks feel about Pure Leverage (other than those that are actively promoting it). There are much better auto responders and web hosts out there and ones that will actually get to your support prior to you saying you want to cancel.

        • Kyle

          I would recommend the following:


          These are all services out there that operate within the email space and that is their focus. Although the email platform at PL is definitely decent, it is tough to compete with the big players in the industry where their sole focus is offering an autoresponder service…and where it doesn’t rely nor is driven on the MLM model.

  12. Mercy

    Thanks for the very honest and detailed review of pureleverage.com. I hope other reviews online will be as more detailed as you have to avoid readers like me looking for opportunities online be scammed over and over again.

    Thanks Kyle more power to you!!!

  13. Upenyu

    Thank you Kyle for the informative review. l joined GVO through the chief of scams, Peng Joon’s Easy Money Access website. The package included a purported free one paged website with Host Then Profit (GVO:9.95/mnt for web-hosting, Pure Leverage (purported training to promote GVO costs 24,95/mnt, an email-autoresponder $24.95/month and the privilege to sale PL costs $19,95/month). The third scam included on the website is Empower Network ($24,95/mnt for the name EM, $19/month to sell the name EM to others,$19/month for an e-wallet if you want to get paid, $24,95 for EN auto-responder, $25/month for blogging on the so called Blog Beast). Not mentioning up-sells going up to thousands of dollars to watch selfie videos by those higher up the pyramid. Surely, is it worth it to pay all this much for systems whose results are not guaranteed – always read their small print.It is very unfair to show Joel Therien’s account as an example of how you can earn money using their ‘tools’ to a novice.

    • Kyle

      Thanks for sharing your experiences and it sounds like Peng Joon is involved in all of the “schemes” out there. Unfortunately there are folks in this business that are in it for the money versus actually helping folks. All of these business were built of the business model of artificially inflating product value by creating a product which in essence, is selling the product itself. It is a viscous cycle and these pyramid type schemes continue to show their face.

  14. Ken Pringle

    Kyle great review.

    I joined GVO way back when they first started.

    Spent a lot of money and time using and promoting their program. (Sorry people). Fortunately not to many jumped
    on board.

    They went to “Host Then Profit” and several other names including “Pure Leverage”.I have not been involved with them for many years now.

    However, I still come across posts and ads online now and then where they say Ken Pringle Recommends… This is certainly NOT TRUE!

    It was not a good experience for me.

  15. Neil

    Hello, Kyle

    I used to be a member of GVO, making good use of at least 2 great tools that came with the program and promoting GVO for a little income on the side.

    I always thought Joel Therien’s programs were legitimate but after reading your review on his Pure Leverage, I’m not so sure any more.


    • Kyle

      Some of the tools are definitely OK and if you joined for these tools and got use out of them that is great. The “opportunity” is something completely different though. The creation of the tools and the training is to promote the system itself, masked as a network marketing opportunity.

      The value of the products are artificially inflated because of this, because honestly speaking there much better hosts, much better autoresponders and much better training out there.

  16. Gary

    Another one of the very many recycled self-promotion programs out there.

    As Joel Therien grows financially people that probably can’t afford it lose their cash getting swindled.

    Thanks so much for this very eye opening review!
    Great job!


  17. Gordi D.

    I’ve signed up for many, many scams, so-called “guru” programs, and every single one of them tries to upsell the very minute you sign up.

    • Kyle

      It happens absolutely everywhere you look these days. It is also what is taught and what people are becoming accustomed to. It has nothing to do with value (“do you want fries with that”), but that is the angle that they all argue. It all comes down to generating the uplines more money and feeding the ponzi…the last thing on the minds of the product owners or the people recruiting others into the program is value. It’s all about the money unfortunately…and taking it out of someone’s pocket and putting it into your own.

      It has to stop!

  18. Gary


    Thanks for this review on Pure Leverage, I had received a few e Mails from another acquaintance of mine regarding this Pure Leverage Program.

    I had not taken the time to investigate them myself, sure enough when I checked back in at your site Kyle, you had them laid out beautifully as the scammers they are.

    Thanks again, I always love reading your viewpoint, best regards,


    • Kyle

      Get ready for an argument if you ever ask these folks any “hard” questions.

      Like, what is the advantage of this service over aweber.com? Why should I use this hosting over an established or managed hosting service? Why is it going to cost me over $1,000 per year, when there is much cheaper alternatives? I heard the training is really lacking, can you show me an example of a success you have hadas a result of the training?

      People that are blind to what they are promoting simply cannot answer questions like this and I think that is what you will find here.

  19. Steen Rasmussen

    Hi Kyle Unfortunately, I have even been part of the circus, and is still struggling a bit with GVO to have moved my domain name over to namecheap. I was unfortunately with the wrong team when I wanted to learn how to generate an income online. I came to pay both expensive solo ads but the training is very much as you described very deficient. The team that I belonged used Empower Network in combination with GVO. and all training was divided up according to what I had upgraded to. Fortunately, I have become wiser, albeit by accident but that’s another story

    • Kyle

      Sorry to hear about your experience Steen and the fact that there is a interconnection with another well known scam in Empower Network really goes to show what category that Pure Leverage program (and the base of users) have classified it as.

      When the sole purpose of a program and all of its training is to teach how to get other people in the program, there is a real problem. The products are secondary and there just to try to legitimize what is really going on. Anything that says 100% commissions and requires multiple upgrades in order to promote the “upgraded” products screams of a scam and there are many programs like this in the MLM industry, Pure Leverage being one of them.

  20. I think it’s funny how all the scammers are jumping from one product to another while people continue to fall for these scams. Thanks for an awesome review on Pure Leverage!

    • Kyle

      It is all too typical John. There are so many programs that are similar in structure and the people that tend to get involved in these (and realize that they are part of another pyramid style program) fail and then go looking for the next “hit”. This leaves room for more and more new programs like Pure Leverage, which btw at least has some mediocre services which many of them don’t.

      Hopefully one day these folks will wake up!

  21. Bob

    Great post Kyle I got scammed by GVO s few years ago I had to file a complaint with my bank to cancel their horrible hosting. Keep the good stuff coming.

    • Kyle

      Thanks for the feedback Bob. Sorry to hear about your experience Bob with their hosting service and I hope you are on to bigger and better things.

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