1. Damian

    Ooops Too Late !!!

    Fell for this one about 3 years ago.

    To be fair I thought I had done a good amount of diligence before signing up to this after it was recommended to me by a marketer I was following

    The overall system was a great idea and I did get traffic to sites that I was advertising.

    As for the making money with it, and withdrawing money this was so much more difficult

    Then as mentioned the lawsuits soon followed and I never got any money back from this company just traffic to a few sites that never converted into any sales.

    I did make virtual money with BB – But when I asked for money to withdraw nothing happened.

    Very disappointed and I would URGE people to stay clear and stick with WA – You get so much more help, support and guidance.

    • Kyle

      I hope you have unfollowed this marketer and are no longer taking advice from them. A lot of folks that were involved in this program simply moved onto the next best scheme and took their audiences and lists with them. Unfortunately too many marketers use people as a tool to make money, they don’t view their reach and their brand as an opportunity to actually help people out.

      Sorry to hear you you lost money on this program and I hope you were able to recoup some of your losses from the seized assets. The founders ended up getting charged criminally and served jail time for this program.

  2. Bhagwandas Billawa

    I really wanted to know what happened to the UK base. Is it still under reconstruction or demolished completely. Nothing is coming on the screen, no commission, we have no clue what is happening. Is there any chance of gettig our money back.


    • Kyle

      I don’t know if you are going to be retrieve your money, but there were many pending lawsuits against Banners Broker and at one point there was $6MM in cash that being liquidated to folks that had been scammed prior to Banners Broker switching over their operations to a newly formed Belize company. I wish you all the best and I would do your research and see if there are any class actions that you can take part in.

  3. Anne Collings

    I was caught by this scam and feel awful for the people who I introduced some of whom who are elderly and lost all their savings! At least I can say that I had my original money back plus, but for those who I introduced – definitely not so lucky – Very angry !!!

    • Kyle

      So sorry to hear that you ran into this program, they have moved onto a new scheme where they are ripping people off. I would avoid programs like this in the future Anne, there are a lot of these programs popping up in the industry.

  4. Dave lorn

    Banners broker is now using the new company name rev star global. With the same men behind the scenes Paul redmayne and Fraser douther. Stay as clear as possible

    • Kyle

      Yeah, this continues to happen and there are many scams that are doing this. Creating new companies in different states to dodge the FTC, it will only be a matter of time until the Banners Broker team (Rev Star Global now) are caught up to again here with their unethical practices.

  5. Genady

    Seems that this scam is near its end.First debacle with WeW few days ago and now big farce with their fake World tour -even the radical followers are leaving the scene…let’s see how many weeks,days will Chris the scammer still move around but not for to long.

    • Kyle

      Yeah, it is just a matter of time before scams like this catch up to themselves and lose even those that are most faithful to the scam itself (promoting it). We have seen this with some of the epic schemes over the past few years, the most recent and probably the biggest ever being Zeek Rewards (which lost people $100’s of millions).

  6. Fakhrul Alam

    Before hand I used to think it as scam and been to their many presentation in UK and looks like to good to be true but I don’t know my brain got watched and I have joined it with $1000 and bought many panels

    And strange part is that I got paid for around $800 and I don’t how but I think I am lucky one and sad news is my $1600 is stuck on pending withdraw and hoping that I get my money soon.

    But after reading your article now I am thinking twice again to get into it or not.

    They are saying they will launch v3 from October still no update yet, seeing some activities inside the membership but still everybody is on hope

    Wish me good luck


    • Kyle

      Get out well you can, this is going to turn into a sink hole for your money Alam. There is not question that Banners Broker is a scam and the sooner you can free yourself of it, the sooner you are going to avoid losing any more money.

  7. The Lonewolf

    I have been awaiting payoff since May 2013. New affiliates have been paid but those of us who has thousands of dollars are yet to be paid and are getting promises every month.
    We have stopped recuiting mew affiliates until we see payoff action to our accounts.
    Rdgs Lonewolf

    • Kyle

      You are likely never to see any of these like most unfortunately. You should consider one of the more legitimate programs on my site because this one is absolutely a scam…and a ponzi of great proportions.

  8. pas1745

    Hello Kyle, I never heard of this, but I enjoyed reading the information that you provided. I want to learn as much as possible on what I need to be on the “look out” for. Thank you.

  9. Sarah

    Hi Kyle

    I unfortunately fell prey to this Banners Broker Scam last year and lost quite a bit of money. There were huge offline promotions for this program in Ireland and so many people joined lost their money and never made a cent. It is closed in Ireland now and thankfully I never recruited anyone into it. I had a funny feeling it was too good to be true before I joined, wish I had listened to that feeling! Thanks for doing this review and I hope it will save others from getting involved in this Ponzi Scam.


    • Kyle

      Sorry to hear about this Sarah. There are some real scammers out there isn’t there?

      Definitely put up your guard against the likes of programs like this going forward and if you want to be part of something that is a total safe haven from scams, I do hope you consider Wealthy Affiliate. It is the most helpful community of Internet marketers out there and EVERYTHING you need is included in one place. You will learn real business, not be involved in another “scheme”.

  10. Chip Paulson

    “Banner Broker” is an example of a decent idea run into the ground via a lack of legitimate business practices and just plain greed. The complicated system they use is a huge red flag as these kind of things are often used to “hide” the actual cost of using their service. I am looking for a better alternative to google adsense but this is most assuredly not it.

    • Kyle

      Absolutely and they continue to pop up and retain a hand in people’s pocketbooks. I am surprised that the FTC doesn’t do a better job of regulating what is going on out there as there are certain programs that are popular, yet don’t take much investigation to realize what they are “really” doing.

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