1. Don Lariviere

    Hi my name is Don, Dave Wood and his staff committed fraud by using my card and taking money for empower network I asked Tracy Walker to have him email me in which he did. He cried the blues so I let it be then he did this again used my card another time for empower net work so I contacted my lawyer and he said I needed to use the word cancel my account, and if he uses it again then he can be charged, this what I am doing now, Does anyone have his personal email? thanks

  2. Kimmy

    Guess what right before I found Wealthy Affiliate I had a guy tell me to join empower network which you reviewed in detail…I had no idea what the hour video I was watching was about there was no mention of anything just a bunch of people getting excited…

    After I got asked what I thought and how much I had to invest I said not much and was told its $3500 for all in? The more you invest apparently the more you make. Then I wasnt interested and didn’t reply back and was asked again what I thought and I said I don’t want to spend and was told join for $1.

    Oh and I was told when I asked what the product was that was being sold, that you don’t even need to know to make money. Yes actually, I do I need to know everything! One guy supposedly made $2,000,000 and had no clue what he was selling…. what a joke. Glad I didn’t fall for that one. it wasn’t half obvious that it is as dodgy as!

    • Kyle

      Yeah, that amount of money is a lot to invest into any program. The problem is that most people haven’t a clue about what really exists out there and the fact that a business online can be started for a fraction of this price, in fact, a TINY fraction of this process. You could operate a business for 10 years in the online space for $3500.

  3. Luis

    Hello Kyle,

    I’m glad I found your website. I’ve been talking to this guy on Facebook who posts rosy motivational videos about some his amazing life because of an amazing system that will allow one to earn a lot of money. He talks about finding the right ”mentor” some years ago and because of this earning in the hundreds of thousands per year. He also claims he has mentored over 2000 people. This sounds great and everything but after watching about 3 of the videos that he sent me in form of links to web pages I still can’t figure out what the product is and all seems very mysterious. The video itself is a bit irritating because it is all about how much money other people have made and the promoter of the video keeps repeating “click buy now” and “the most successful people are the ones that make a decision quickly”. So far I just know it has something to do with blogging and being ‘mentored’.



    • Kyle

      The best thing to do within any platform is to ask the people that are referring you into the platform how they go about their business and where a majority of their revenue comes from. If they all say the same thing, that they are making money by selling people into the same system, and nothing else then it could raise some alarms.

      Also, when a product is sold on the sheer idea of “making money” (ie, hope) versus what the service actually offers, the prices of the products, and some transparency on how how the program works…then there is also a need for some red flags.

  4. Miguel Torres

    This is Miguel Torres from Spain.

    Today, I have already cancelled my affiliation with EMPOWERNETWORK. Hoppefully, I was in less than a month and I was going to recover almost all that I invested. (Unless, they said that by email`s answer).

    This experience has waked up my interest in a new world for me, INTERNET MARKETING.

    I would like to find the way to work online that allowes me to manage my time and of course to earn money to live properlly. I prefer if it is possible not to show in the blog, web, my person. (Eh! I am not ugly and I do not have any problem, but I would like to manage appart what concerns to me and especially my family)

    Right now, I do not have any Product or Service to sell.

    Why I gave up EN was because I understand that it is to sell “smoke”. The people who introduced me in Spain is: CONECTA2ENLARED. The way that most of them promote to future clients to buy EN, it is showing theirs lifestyles in their blogs, and mailing to you once you ask for information a sequence of videos really well done to let you feel that they can drive you to live as you wish or dream, so buy EMPOWERNETWORK Products.

    I suppose that like many people I am afraid of what to find through internet…Since I have learnt how we can be managed playing with the proper techniques about our psicology,

    Finally, would you recommend me anything? Do you know any Spanish Business to coach me? Do you offer that coach free? (Is anything hidden behind? sorry about that question, i am afraid) Do you want me to help you to oppen your business to the Spanish Speakers?

    Thanks and regards,
    Miguel Torres

    • Kyle

      Sorry to hear about your experience Miguel. I personally don’t know of any Spanish coaches, but I would be more than happy to help you out in English if you need a hand getting your business up and running.

      A businesses foundation should NOT be based on “which group” you chose, rather the process in which you create it. Too many people are getting internet business confused with internet schemes these days and there is a big difference between the too. A business requires you to build a website in a specific niche (could be anything) and to build an expertise/brand within that niche.

      Any proper education platform will teach you this instead of teaching you to “sell the same stuff” in that you just bought into. If you want to get started and to do so for free, I recommend you check out this walkthrough here.

  5. Jeremy David Wilson

    Hello Kyle,

    First off I’d like to say that this is one of the most detailed reviews about Empower Network that I’ve ever seen…so thank you for bringing all of this to light!

    I am one of those that fell prey to Empower Network and all their hype!

    When I signed up with them, I ended up “UNDER-the-PYRAMID” with a guy who basically portrayed himself as the “main guy” or the Empower Guru…but I soon found out that he was under another Guru who was then under another Guru and several more on top of that!

    So I started their training (because I had just invested a ton of money with them and wanted to get as much training in as I could before their “money back guarantee” time period was over) and their system was so confusing that I immediately had an entire three pages of questions written down.

    When I contacted my “Upline Sponsor” via email/his contact form and submitted all my questions to him in hopes he would answer them, I got a nasty email back saying something like this,

    “Well Jeremy, you obviously haven’t followed the steps within our training courses and you need to go back through them, so I’m not going to answer your questions because the course will answer most of these for you!”


    I was blown away and so mad at this guy!

    But I did what he said and went back through the material only to find CONTINUOUS UP-SALES that I would have to buy into to actually get the answers that a was seeking…can you believe that! And I’m talking about Up-Sales in the amounts of $2000, $5000 and $10,000 USD dollars!!!! So I would have to spend this just to get some answers???


    So then I cancelled my membership within the “money back guarantee” period and guess what???



    So their so-called “money back guarantee” is truly a SCAM!!! DOUBLE SCAM!!! TRIPLE SCAM!!!

    That all took place a few years ago and I had been searching for another “LEGITIMATE” course/school/university/program that would ACTUALLY teach me all that I needed to know about “Online Marketing” or Online Affiliate Marketing because I really had a passion to learn more about (and implement) this type of business model and then turn it into a full-time income for myself.

    Then earlier this year (in 2015…July I believe it was), I found a course called: “The Six Figure Mentors Digital Experts Academy”

    ..and I was drawn in by the authentic personalities of the owners and I bought it (at a high level) right away.

    Now I will say that they offer a great course with all the information one would need to start a business, however, to gain “access” to ALL the training modules and to the “higher levels of support” I was going to have to spend thousands more of which I was going to do, but then I found (by mistake) an article (from a gentleman who is also a member at both The Six Figure Mentors as well as Wealthy Affiliate) where he talked about how a person could get the same exact training but for pennies on the dollar with Wealthy Affiliate compared to The Six Figure Mentors.

    I was skeptical at first, but since WA had a free membership, I went ahead and signed up to see what all would be made available…and I started the courses right away.

    It didn’t take me but two or three weeks of going through the material offered on the Free Membership to realize that this was an amazing affiliate marketing course and in all reality, the thing that sealed the deal for me the most about Wealthy Affiliate was the “Support Community!”

    I was so impressed that, even as a free member, I could ask the community a question and within just minutes (sometimes even within just seconds) I would have several people answering me back…and not just cheesy answers either, I mean true, detailed and informative answers along with action steps I should take and everything!

    That’s when I said to myself, “I’m all in!” …and I then upgraded to a Premium Membership and then not long after that, I upgraded to the Annual Premium Membership.

    Wow, I just realized that I’ve written a small book here…LOL! I better cut this short and ask you the question I have, which is…

    “Do you have a review that you have written on The Six Figure Mentors – Digital Experts Academy and if so, where can I find it?

    If not, would you mind emailing me back (or commenting back on this thread and emailing me to let me know that you’ve replied) and provide your honest feedback about them?

    Thank you in advance and I hope my “novel” here actually helps somebody to stay away from Empower Network…because they are truly a SCAM!!!

    Jeremy David Wilson

    • Kyle

      Thanks for your feedback Jeremy, I know your personal experience is definitely going to offer a lot of insight into this program for others. It is sad to hear that people are still being “taken” by this program and the sort of treatment that customers get when they do decide that the program/service is not for them. Quite typical these days to be honest within an industry that is riddled with scams and schemes (and is all too unfortunate).

      I am not familiar with the other program that you mentioned either. You may want to seek out other reviews and if they are charging several $1,000 for their program (which it sounds as though they are), they are no different than the next scheme that is looking to fill its pocketbooks off of your loss.

  6. Hank

    I got a very nasty email from one of their top pyramid inhabitants, Russian Polina Klyukach from alphaleadership777.com. It was a confirmation that she isn’t the ‘feel good, free spirit’ person she promotes herself with. It’s just a greedy lie. I’m feeling pretty sad for all the poor folks who are pouring money in her scam, making a few even richer by emptying their wallets for nothing. Her Facebook is filled with the nice and rich life she has. Misleading it is.

    Those EN people don’t have any conscience. But… this pyramid will crumble.

  7. Kenneth Lierz

    I know what you mean about not getting any help from Empower Network. I joined when it first started and unless I kept buying more of their systems, they would forget about you.

    • Kyle

      I think a lot of the time it is going to depend on who your “sponsor” is within programs like this. If you have an engaged sponsor, you are more likely to get quality support. However, there are many cases within MLM programs where your sponsor views you as nothing more than a “transaction” in which case if you are not willing to pay more money (go all in), you are going to get little to no support.

  8. Jay Brown

    This is not a scam just a total BS program with no product. Also all the pass ups and stuff really do suck. I went in at the 1600 level and made one sale at 1600 and got my money back and quit. I make a full time living online with out this BS program.

    I hate it when they get newbie people to believe that one must spend thousands of dollars to make money online that is such a lie.

  9. Kevin Verlinden

    I like this post very much and I think it is helpful to many people. I was involved in Empower Network for 6 months.

    The site got no rankings and like you say it is not your own. It is owned by the “masters” and if you don’t obey the rules of their game they kick you out. OOOOOOOOOOw that hurts, all the slavery work you did hoping it will make you a millionaire in no time (claims made by most of the Ponzi schemes) goes up in smoke.

    There is no real product of any value involved. The only thing you do is selling your soul for money. Like you say you are the product (slave).

    A good product is something that improves your life, something valuable, so valuable that it sells itself. For example Google and Facebook tools, are useful and valuable to support your online business. My Empower Network site got no rankings in a period of 6 months while my Blogger site got ranked almost instant on certain subjects. Support was nowhere around.

    Because the product does not have any intrinsic value, all work is only focused on marketing and persuasion. This is what happens in many MLM programs. It is not value oriented, but only money oriented.

    Most of these companies like you say uses slimy techniques to bring the masses in some kind of dead men walking state where you don’t need to think for yourself anymore. “We will do all the selling for you” (All the hard work). The only requirement is to obey our system. “Tell our (not your good news) good news and recruit as hard as you can, we will do the rest for you” (Spam your links all over the internet. We will do the phone calls and close the deal).

    They try to brainwash you using hypnosis techniques that are focused on lack instead of empowerment and self-realization. “If you don’t listen to us you will stay poor”.

    I was involved in My Advertising Pays which in my opinion is a real scam because I was locked out of their program because of coding errors they had with their program while they were blaming me for hacking their system. Do you want to become involved in such a program? Think twice.

    The real definition of empowerment you can read here http://www.businessdictionary.com/definition/empowerment.html.

    The reason these schemes are still popular is because of the fact that most people live in a state of lack and as you understand it is very easy to take advantage out of these people. False promises and attractive compensation plans is all that is needed to get people signed up. Once you have enough people in your downline you have residual income month after month until it collapses what already happened with many schemes like PlanB4you, Profitable Sunrise, Banners Broker etc…Once the leaders have enough money the become less responsive because why should I give longer support if I already have earned enough money myself. The tragedy is that most of the people make nothing and like you say work for the “fake leaders with fake money not earned in an ethical way”

    They make use of network marketing and duplication which is a good thing if it is used for valuable products.

    I would not say that all MLM companies are a scam but I think it is recommended to do your research and make sure it is of value for YOUR business.

    Do you know if this kind of attractive compensation plans and forms of duplication are also available in affiliate Marketing?

    • Kyle

      Thanks for your feedback and insights Kevin.

      IN response to your question, yes there are many attractive compensation plans within the affiliate marketing world. Unlike MLM or network marketing, the focus of your promotions is selling a product/service to an end user, not selling them on a “system” you are involved in. It is truly a B2C move in the space and you can literally promote MILLIONS of products and services as an affiliate.

      When a program focuses on recruitment as the main form of income versus selling products to a particular audience, then it is a questionable product/service. That is the case for MANY MLM’s and the reason many of them have gotten shut down (WakeUpNow, ZeekRewards, BannersBroker, etc).

  10. Rocina

    Another example of how greedy Empower Network is that they just banned one of their top earners Vick Strizheus because of rumours that he was temporarily not promoting EN and that he was thinking of setting up his own MLM.

    He’s not setting up his own MLM according to his own blog post, but yet another example of a company that pretends to have the affiliates interest at heart.

  11. I never was a part of EN, but I can sure tell you all this. EN is the Devil’s workshop in action!

    Any business that yells at its people, and bullies them is nothing more than a pit of sin! All the cursing, bulliing, name calling and such is nothing more than just pure evil. Its founders should spend time in prison for what they’re doing to people’s lives.

    They’re rich because the poor underneath them are doing their dirty work while they play on the beaches of the world, drive in their fancy sports cars and live in their fancy posh mansions while others are struggling to pay their rent, keep the lights on and food on the table. Do these founders even care? Of course not. They probably don’t even give it a second thought that they might be taking some old lady’s last dime. It doesn’t phase them because after all, they’re wealthy and what does some old lady mean to them?

    Well I will be glad to tell you what that old lady means to them. She means no more to them than an ant on the sidewalk that they’re about to step on because quite frankly, everybody underneath them is a wuss or an ant ready to be stompped on because the two Daves are ruthless, heartless individuals who are only after people’s money and they will get it no matter what it costs.

    These people know absolutely nothing about business. However, they[they’re giving the business if you know what I mean by that. I too have also gotten tons and tons of bogus emails on joining the Empower Network, but I knew from the get go that it was a rip roaring scam. I could see straight through it without having to buy into their expensive blogging system, or into their so-called inner circle or any of the other fancy named stuff that they were offereing.

    It is too bad that so many people had gotten ripped off by them, and I wish that they all would get their money back pronto!

    One thing that really shows that EN is a scam is the fact that they keep on pushing you to join. Those that are doing the pushing are pushing because they just spent a boatload of money and now they’re trying to make it back pronto! haha! It is a type of rob Peter to Pay Paul kind of thing.

    I bet those two daves sleep really well at night don’t they? I know that they do because they don’t care at all about who they had ripped off. It doesn’t cross their minds. All they’re thinking about is all the money that they had stolen from people through their facade that they call a business. It is all a front and nothing more than that. Everyone in EN doesn’t have a business. They have a scam! Nobody in it is running a business. They’re giving the business.

    Anybody can put up fake videos and act like a real Internet marketer, and anybody can say whatever they want to convince people on a video and the truth is, just about anybody who is desparat enough would buy into the garbage that is being dished out by EN, or any other type of similar system.

    I have seen countless doctored up videos, screen shots of fake commission checks and heard all sorts of bogus income claims, and to tell you the honest truth here, most of all the videos that you see from online marketers all try to show you the money and they all brag about their earnings. They do that to try and convince you that what they’re offering is indeed the real deal.

    They even go as far as to say that they’re giving video proof! Woo! impressive! Not! People can doctor up videos too don’t you all realize that?

    Every marketing video that I have ever seen has always been all about the money and very little if anything about the system that they’re offering accept for the brief mentioning of it and how easy it is to rake in the cash and such. They press a couple of mouse buttons, walk away from the computer and they they come back a few hours later, log into their accounts and what do you see? you guessed it lots of money! However, what they fail to tell you is about all the hard work that is involved in their system.

    They leave all that out of their videos because they realize that if they told people the real truth, nobody would buy into their lies right? I mean come on, there is no such thing as a business that is as easy as cutting and pasting. They even go as far as to tell you that you don’t need any skills to run a business online.

    I don’t know who they’re trhying to fool, but they’re not fooling me. You do need skills, you need certain things in place in order to run a real online business. Anybody who tells you that you do not need any skills to make money online knows absolutely nothing about online business and you should avoid learning from that person. They do not know what they’re talking about.

    Just because you make money from a system doesn’t mean that the system is legal or good. Like was mentioned in several comments here on this blog, even crooks make money and lots of it but does that make what they had earned legitimate? Of course not.

    There are many people here defending EN, but they themselves have been brainwashed and had the wool pulled over their eyes. They’re blind. can’t see what they had gotten themselves into, and that is quite sad.

    And let me reiterate on something that was mentioned earlier concerning them telling you that you don’t care for your family if you don’t go all in. That’s a bunch of evil bull! Any business that tells you that you don’t love your family because you don’t pay them thousands of dollars is nothing more than the Devil’s personal workshop! Sure, take food away from your kids, take their educations away but make sure that you pay EN because after all, the big EN is now your new god that you have to please right? Anybody who does this to their families has either got to have their head examined, or get an exercism! EN is totally demonic and evil from its very foundation.

    And, let’s talk about their name, Empower Network. Where is the empowering? What are you supposed to be empowered to do? Well I’ll give you the answer right here and now.

    You’re empowered to take money away from your friends,family and any associates that you have, you’re empowered to lie, steal and do whatever it takes to line the pockets of your upline sponsors, you’re empowered to go ra ra at their live events and over the phone, you’re empowered to push and praud as much as you can so as long as you get that money. That’s the empowerment that you receive from them. And oh, let’s not for get the empowerment to bully people and to call them horrible names and such. It is not real empowerment where you can run a business or have the skills to really run a business. It is just empowerment to do the evil things that they teach you. It is all smoke and mirrors but it is much worse than that though. People’s lives have been totally ruined, their credit has been ruined, their friendships have been ruined and who knows what else not mentioned here has been ruined as well. EN needs to be shut down. It needs to return from whence it came, and that is from the pits of hell itself.

    The two daves need to be forgiven though and they need to know God, the one and only true God who created everything. The two daves need to denounce their love for money and they need to denounce their attachment to Satan and come back to reality.

    I am not saying that the two daves are actively worshipping Satan, but they’re doing his bidding by loving money and teaching others to do likewise. They are teaching others to steal, to lie and so much more. There’s hope for the two Daves and we all need to pray for them.

    Sorry for the preaching here, but it is true though. Their organization is indeed from the pits of hell itself and it needs to return there where it belongs.

    I will definitely check out WA and join it because I am an ebook author and I could sure use some help in promoting my work. I want to write for others and I want to do it all honestly, ethically and I want to make people truly happy with what I provide them.

    However, I want to do all that under someone who really knows what they’re talking about and I want to be coached and educated by someone who is honest, sincere and is not afraid to help someone who doesn’thave a whole lot of money because that’s me.

    I don’t have the thousands of dollars that some of these crooks require you to pay for coaching and mentoring. I am on a fixed income due to my disability.

    I am legally blind and have been since birth. I am not telling you any of this to make anybody feel sorry for me because I don’t need your pitty. I am telling this because I want you all to see that I am a hard worker and that I do believe in myself and the skills that I do possess. No, I am not perfect, but I do have something to offer people as does everybody else. Everybody has something to offer. The Internet is big enough for everyone and not just the so-called gurus. We all deserve a chance no matter what we look like, what educational background we have, what part of the planet we live on, what nationality we are and so on. We’re all human and that’s really all that matters.

    I have a very strong work ethic and I am more than willing to work hard for what I get in life. I don’t believe in gettings handed to me on silver platters because that’s the cheap way out.

    However, I am not able to pay for a lot of training and such, but I bet through WA I can do quite well and succeed.

    • Kyle

      When you have to sell your scheme based on the byproduct of what YOU have accomplished (from selling that same scheme to others) and not the actual service itself, then there is a really good chance that you should run for the hills. This is exactly what is happening here with Empower Network and you have broken it down in a very thorough way.

      People tend to defend their purchases until they realize they cannot convince people to buy into their overpriced scheme. At that point, the tables tend to turn and people wake up to the reality of the fact they are ripping other people off to make a buck.

  12. Kelley

    I got sucked into the iPas2 system yesterday. I finally made it through the videos today and got to the EN part. I, being fairly online marketing savvy and running my own blog already, realized that this is absolutely a scam. I’m sorry, but if you market upfront one thing and then end your “training” with another you are scamming people out of their money upfront. Now I have to wait and see if I really get this 100% money back guaranteed refund because I”m not sure it’s going to happen, but I hope it does since I need that money to buy things like groceries for my family. I should have known better, but when money is hard to come by and you need it, sometimes you ignore your instincts. Lesson learned! Thank you for this article!

  13. Natalie

    Kyle ~ I wish that my parents would have read this before they got themselves in a world of debt and are now trying to figure out how to get out of it. I am sorry to say that this scam took over $17,000 of their hard earned money and now I am trying to figure out if there is any legal recourse. My parents are elderly and don’t use the internet so they had no idea what they were signing up for. They had to spend $5000 to set up an LLC, $10k for leads, and over $120/month that they finally stopped after 7 months of getting nothing back. Do you know of anyone that has pursued legal action? It is sickening to me how people like this take advantage of others.

    • Kyle

      Oh my goodness Natalie, I am so sorry to hear this and you are in the same boat as many other people that see their vulnerable parents/family members get taken by this scheme. The best recourse you can do is contact your local authorities if you feel your parents have been ripped off by a particular program (in this case Empower Network) and see what they suggest.

      I hate to hear people getting taken for a ride like this and I hope you can find some solutions for your parents. So shameful to see this sort of behaviour almost becoming acceptable in the opportunity industry.

    • John

      Sorry to hear what happened to your parents Natalie.
      I was first contacted by EN with an Email that made a quick reference to Zeek Rewards. That caught my eyes!
      Zeek Rewards turned out to be a major global scam that made over $600,000,000 before they recently got busted and stopped by the SEC (US Securities and Exchange Commission) and took receivership of it. Look it up.

      File a complaint with them about EN and what happened to your parents.

      Also, EN in their Terms of Agreement mention being compliant with the US laws of the FTC (US Federal Trade Commission). They may also be of help.

      FYI: In their presentation copy they show an email labeled Zsecret.undergroundfreedomformula.com which looks suspiciously connected to Zeek?

      Good Luck

  14. Yesterday (3rd Feb 15) day I was invited to information evening from the Elite Team for Switzerland, Germany and Austria. Empower Network as I found out, when I was there. The whole thing was very suspicious from the very beginning. As it was not fare from my office, I took the opportunity to find out more about.

    First of all, they changed the place form the Hotel Park Inn Airport Zürich to an Industrial Building, too a much cheaper location. The start was 8 p.m. instate of 7.30. My “inviting party” did not know anything about.

    Second, the ticket price was 35 Swiss France just for listening to a coach from Germany, telling us about a product without telling what is was.

    Thirdly no water, no nothing was offered on the tables for 35 Swiss Frances. After one hour brainwashing us, they made a break to get a bottle of something out of the vending machine. The presentation went one for another hour for a very little crowd.

    Fourthly the Lady was so very overwhelming in her presentation, what is very uncharacteristic for Europeans. On top I’ve got to say: never seen such a poorly done power point presentation as this one.

    As I was sitting in the first row, listen carefully and making a lot of notes – she observed it with a very critical mine. Till the end I did not understand what kind of Franchise Product I would have to sell. She was also telling, that she started with her coaching in this system and showed us her check over 50’000 € she earned within 9 month. And of course all the winning guys standing on stage at Stuttgart meeting with their checks in their hands and big smiles of course. The also logged themselves live into two member accounts (live as they sad) to show us, how much money every one can make, in very short period of time. Of course only if you start with the most expensive package of almost 6’000$. They only thing made me mild, capped me calm during the presentation was her sentence: we have some changes made for Europe, because not every American system is working here too. I thought to myself, at least something they know! She did not mention any of the adjustments with another word. She was busy to get read of us.

    Question where not allowed, or fine leaded to the phone call for the day after. The try to be very smart, smarter than everybody else. A lady collected very friendly all the dates bevor the meeting even started. Wonder why?

    Finally today the presenter called me direct from Germany asking: I made my mind up and have been asking myself, if you are interested in, to make any extra money at all! She did not like me at all, doing homework bevor her call. The conversation ended very rude from her side, after I told her what I found on your page about Empower Networking. She was shocked or better read my body language very clearly yesterday.

    Well, my English is for sure not perfect – but at least I understood your report and I can tell this is a rat trap! Keep your fingers off!!!

    Thank you. Your report confirmed my impression.

    Kindly, Ruth from Switzerland

    • Kyle

      This reminds me of some of the most aggressive “time share” style marketing that has been around for years. They get you into either a free or very low ticket “training” session and then once they have you in there, they pressure you into joining a much higher ticket program, in this case Empower Network.

      The one rule in most of these programs is that the best way to go about questions about the program itself is to not ask them at all. The fact of the matter is that outside all of the brainwashing that is going on, once you start digging into what you are really involved in it starts to really feel like a shady business…which it is. You take money from others, then tell others to do the same thing you are doing.

  15. Alena

    Thanks for doing this review. You are saving a lot of people like myself from getting scammed. I was in touch with a very prominent person inside Empower Network and they could not answer some of the more what I thought to be, simple questions about the program.

    Why are all the people making money in the program selling the program? (ie. pyramid scheme)

    Why is their so many complaints about this program online and so many BBB complaints if it is legitimate?

    Why is everything you hear about motivation and mindset (brainwashing) and not nearly as much about creating an actual business?

    The so called guru got defensive, angry and resorted to name calling, calling me lazy/useless/not cut out for the program.

    You’re right I’m not cut out for a program that involves me ripping off my friends to make money. Enough said.

    • Kyle

      That is too bad that your sponsor cannot help you with some of the most fundamental questions you would ask before getting into any business online.

      Perhaps I can help answer these questions here:

      Why are all the people making money in the program selling the program? (ie. pyramid scheme)

      Because that is what it is. You make money by selling other folks into the program, getting them to upgrade to “all in” status, then getting them to do the same thing to others. I am not sure how good it could feel ripping a family member, a friend, an acquaintance off to the tune of $5K, but you only have to read some of the comments below to realize that programs like this truly do ruin friendships.

      Why is their so many complaints about this program online and so many BBB complaints if it is legitimate?

      And that is even with “agreements” that they try to provision when people join so they don’t “speak” about the program in any negative way. There would be even more if they didn’t have these sorts of scare tactics.

      Why is everything you hear about motivation and mindset (brainwashing) and not nearly as much about creating an actual business?

      That is a true sign of a scheme, not a business. When all you hear around you is “rah rah” motivation and very little actual education and business development, there is very little substance to your business. In fact, you are not building a business you are involved in a scheme. Schemes only last as long as the last customer that is fooled into joining them.

  16. Lori

    Kyle, thank you for the info, I nearly lost over $4,500.00 with this empower network, they are exactly what you say they are. Thank God for people like you. These people after 8 days in this so called business ruthlessly RIP PEOPLE OFF AT ANY COST. How can I forward this info as a whole to help people. Thank you Kyle for saving me a lot of money, I pulled out after reading your posts to the truth. I hope Jon was finally convinced

    • Kyle

      So glad you didn’t invest close to $5,000 on an info product. It is sad to see people get taken into this program only to realize their money was spent directly into their uplines pockets. Then in order for them to earn money, then you sell others in the same way and in some cases ruining family and long term relationships in the process.

    • say NO to EN

      CULT like environment

      How cults recruit & indoctrinate their members

      1. Invitation to a non-threatening event

      Cult recruiters never give you the hard sell right off the bat.
      The invitation might incorporate some other tricks.  

      2. Love-bombing

      At the event, cult members shower the potential recruit with attention and praise.

      3. Dangling “The Prize” in front of you

      At some point, cult members will suggest that if you join or study with them, you can attain something special

      At the event, the members will all seem very happy, and you’ll probably be introduced to some “success stories

      4. Extracting an agreement from you that you want the prize

      After  introducing the prize, they get you to agree that you want it

      “You do want to become financially independent, don’t you?”

      5. Shutting down your dissent by threatening to withhold the prize

       You’ll be encouraged to do things that you might rather not, like devote more of your time to the group.

      When Sarah raised an objection and she tried to get her money back, and the Leader came back with, “Let’s talk about this. Why do you feel this way? What could you be resisting in your life? What if ‘I want my money back’ is just a story you are telling yourself?”

      6. Establishment of guilt

        The prisoners had so successfully been made to feel guilty that they came to blame themselves for their own incarceration.

      7. Carrot/Stick

      Behavior is reinforced by rewarding “good” behavior and punishing “bad” behavior.

      8. Control of identity, information, environment the inner circle 

      • Kyle

        A thorough and very accurate analysis.

        The most common complaint that I see is that people that sponsors are nice only if (a) you go all in and spending $5K+ (b) you continue paying (c) you don’t question the program itself. So in essence, you are in the clear if you don’t talk about how the program works, if you are go to the rah rah events and you rah rah yourself…and if you spend lots of money on products that are not worth nearly that much (if anything).

    • Kyle

      Yes, ipas2 has many negative reviews out there as well and it is closely tied to Empower Network. You have to question anyone that is actively promoting or involved in these sort of schemes and what their true intentions are. It is usually to earn money at any ethical cost.

      • Jon

        I don’t believe that EN is a scam at all because it hasn’t been shut down by the authorities.

        Some people get involved with opportunities because they want to get rich quick and dont realise that they need to treat their home business like a real business.

        If people were to apply traditional marketing techniques as taught by experts such as Gary Halbert and Dan Kennedy to their EN business they probably wouldn’t struggle as much as they do.

        • Kyle

          Just because a program has not been shut down by authorities does not mean it is not a scam or unethical. Getting someone to join a program for the sole purpose of you earning money and them being required to do the same to others is by no means an ethical business. There are many programs like this popping up and many of them are being shut down by the FTC and the SEC, some major ones in the last couple of years (banners broker & zeek rewards to name a few).

          If you don’t think it can happen Jon, you might want to have a read of this.

  17. Jeff Robb

    Why would the Wealthy Affiliate program have an affiliate option, if it is free, there is no money to be made on an affiliate….Did I miss something?

    • Kyle

      Wealthy Affiliate offers a service and people can promote that service through the affiliate program…it is the same as ALL other affiliate programs in the world, they are FREE to be a part of. If you are paying to be part of an affiliate program, you are involved in something that is very obscurely presenting themselves as an affiliate program.

      • Dee

        Thanks Kyle, I was doing some research before I moved forward with EN and came across your page. After questioning my coach he had no answers to defend the BBB statements or the product statements. I did not move forward. Thanks again, I could have been out of a lot of money. 🙂

        • Kyle

          Yeah, if something cannot be defended when asked very straight forward questions about the product (why does it cost so much, am I going to be forced into buy upsells once inside, if you are so great why don’t you offer a free trial, etc), then it says a lot about the product.

          In an industry like this one that has a lot of people getting scammed on a daily basis, I always recommend you do your due diligence before joining anything Dee. I think you made the right move and you only have to read a few comments deep here to realize what sort of activity is really taking place within Empower Network.

  18. Murray

    Thank you so much for this blog! I am presently checking out the iPAS2 web site, which is supposedly a traffic producing program for you business, and if you want to get their “profit maximizers”, guess who you have to join with? Yep, good ‘ol Empower Network! After going through the iPAS2 training videos, I have to say they have the stupidest compensation plan I have ever seen! I am with Optimera, and they are nothing like this scam company! Thanks again for the “heads up”!

    • Kyle

      This is common with many programs out there. The compensation plan benefits very few and the only people earning money are those at the top of the food chain. And when you join Empower, you are not in essence creating a real business. You rely (like all of these similar programs) on hustling and getting new and unsuspecting folks into the program and spending money on over-priced products. Then the cycle continues.

  19. A

    Scam All the WAY! My husband Credit card was charged over $700, plus another 156 in three different charges(and yes I didn’t know he was doing this)…I didn’t need to see the offer to know it is a scam! I am so mad! I am getting him to cancel his credit card ASAP. I don’t think we will see that money back!?

  20. Sherrie

    I just received a call from this company and all the questions they asked were concerning my credit card balances and debt. Also, she wanted to know if I had $1000 or more available credit. Before transferring me to her “CEO”, she played a 2-min audio explaining the company which was mostly double-talk. When her “CEO” came on the line and I asked if this was a pyramid scheme, he disconnected. I am contacted alot by these schemes as I am retired but the big tipoff is the barrage of questions about debt and assets.

  21. Cheryl

    Wow, wish I would have read this before I gave them my $25.00 for that blogging platform that was basically crap. I canceled last night and after reading this I am certainly glad I did. Didn’t make much sense to me anyway when I discovered that all my sponsor did was offer me this product for $50.00 and this product @ $25.00 and so on, none of which had anything to do with EN. Felt like he was just trying to get my money…,and he was. Again…, wow. How do they sleep at night?

    • Kyle

      Very typical stuff here Cheryl. You give your first $25 for the “amazing” (errr…) blogging platform that is supposed to be your entrance to success online, but then you realize once you are inside that this was just to see if you were a serious buyer and on comes the onslaught of promotions/upsells and pressure selling from your sponsor.

      Unless you are willing to drop $5,000+ by going all-in, you are more than likely to get shunned by your sponsor which has been a common complaint. You only have to read a few of the stories here shared by past members to find out what really is going on over there within the greater scheme of things.

        • Kyle

          It isn’t in plain English when you join the program, they convince you it is only going to take $25 per month to start, but in reality if you want to get any help with the program and have what you need to actually get any level of help, you are going to want to go ALL IN. This means spending $5,000+ with ongoing monthly charges of $140 per month…just so you can make someone above you more money.

          • Michelle

            I joined Empower Network a few years ago and thought it was going to be the answer to my prayers online. I love to blog and have done affiliate marketing so to me it sounded like a perfect match.

            After getting into to the program I realised that I would have to try and sell products worth over $5000.00 dollars to get anywhere to people who had come in at $25 a month(and that is a stretch for some) and I didn’t feel right in having to market such high priced mark up on a non product, just info and rar rar. I was all out in a few months and removed all my blog pages before I left.
            If you have put in the work on your websites blog with them, I would say copy.paste to save for your own blog and delete the pages you have built there. Why leave your hard work for them to profit from.

            And Kyle, I love what you are doing here:-) Thank you x

          • Kyle

            Too many people have had their blogs taken over and been cut off by the Empower Network program. I would always suggest that if you ever build a blog, do so on a service where you are control and own your work. Most hosting platforms allow this sort of thing.

            I also feel you on the sinking feeling of trying to sell overpriced $5,000 products just so you can make money off of that individual, it isn’t an exchange of value for money like every other transaction we make…a true sign of a scheme. To make money within a scheme, you must fool people into spending money on that scheme and for them earn money, they must do the same. The chain continues until people smarten up and stop buying into this junk.

  22. Aren

    OK so I just got off the phone with a guy from EN trying to suck me into this system. They were relentless to the point of telling me I would never amount to anything in life if I didn’t join empower network. One problem though was that they could not explain what empower was besides some life changing event that i needed to buy into to start blogging and start earning loads of money.

    Long story short I did this because my mom got ripped off for $5,000 out of this program and i wanted to find out more about it. My skepticism only grew strong as I started looking into the program and reading one review after another and watching the videos busting this out to be some sort of pyramid. It is that isn’t it?

    So F YOU Empower Network and the cowards that are out there ripping folks off by sucking them into this program just so they can earn a buck…off of people like my mom. She is on disability and she dipped into her retirement so she could what…promote the same crap to other people.

    You can rest assured the support over there will be hearing from me and so will the BBB, FTC and anyone else who will listen. I am pissed and thanks for shedding a bit of light on these fools.

  23. Cara Cordoni

    Wow, I am actually on the phone with my Empower Network “Life Coach” right now and reading your article and comments. Glad I have time to get back my $45 bucks. Sorry I wasted the 2 hours of my time listening to this temptation. Oh well.
    Thank you. Your writing has made a difference in my life.

    • Kyle

      Glad I was able to help you out here Cara. The life coach will only be there to “help” if you are a solid prospect or you are paying them (which in essence you would be doing if you joined this scheme). Your next task would have been doing the exact same thing to others. This has been one of the main complaints from others about programs in the MLM world.

  24. Phillip Myers

    Total SCAM! You feel so pressured to continue to buy the ever increasing prices for everything. Like Kyle said in a previous reply, a glorified blog service with huge price tags. No wonder the owners are rich, or is that just ‘smoke and mirrors’?

  25. Steve

    This is definitely a SCAM. I was in this network and I purchased the Costa Rica product for $500. I watched every video with a pen an notebook handy ready to take notes and learn. I did not write one thing on the page. All it was, was Dave Woods telling you to buy more of their products in every video. I became so disgusted I requested a refund, got my money back when I threatened to file a dispute with my bank and dropped out of the network shortly thereafter. Dave Woods pats himself on the back on how he is able to hypnotize any of the people watching to do whatever he wants. If anyone could do that why not hypnotize the President of a major bank to hand you 10 million dollars? It was a total joke. My upline kept telling me I made 110,000 in 7 months. I said lets see some proof. Show me a bank statement. He never did. Anyone can say “I made $50,000 last month with EN”. I wanted proof and never got it. Run as far away, as quickly as you can.

  26. Dave

    Just remember many people have to lose money for others to make money in this beautiful program to entice dummies. Yes if you are making money from the EN you are considered stealing from others. I’m still looking for a product and not video tapes from a couple of jack asses whooping it up.

  27. Carlos

    Wish I would’ve had the time to read all comments, but read enough about EN to never want to join. There was a girl that was advertising it on Facebook. I clicked on it and made a couple of inquisitive comments. She got upset and very defensive. I think I know why now.

    • Kyle

      That tends to happen. Anyone that questions the “system” gets an ear full.

      The reason is the system is all about you promote the exact same thing (sucking others into the scheme) and has little to do with actually helping people or offering value. This becomes very obvious when you are pushed, often times in a very blatant way, to go “all in” which means you parting with $5,000+ just so you can make others money…not to mention “get to the events” which is going to cost you another $3-5K per year for your travelling expenses.

  28. Jason Lee

    I wouldn’t say EN is a scam, but it definitely is deceptive in the way they market it. Like you said, the inner circle programs and upsells are very expensive and absolutely not necessary in this industry. Additionally, it’s not ethical to promote a $25/mo program only to upsell people for thousands on the back end after they commit. The network marketing profession deserves better from us if you’re involved in it.

    The main problem with their turnkey blogs is that they don’t hold rankings and any attempts at SEO used on them are short lived. I honestly hope more people catch on to this article and read through the comments.

    • Kyle

      I would call anything that is deceptive and “forces” upsells upon people (ie. folks don’t get help from their sponsors if they don’t go “all in” and spend $5,000) something that is not trustworthy. People get into the program not realizing that after they do, they are going to be hit with a substantial number of offers that they are pretty much obligated to take part in if they want to move forward with the program.

      Why? Because you can promote the more expensive, overpriced programs to others without spending the money on them first…that in my opinion is unethical. Unfortunately more and more programs are popping up like this and some of the big MLM’s are being classified as pyramids as well (Nuskin, Herbalife, etc) thus giving the entire industry even a worse name than it already has.

  29. Tony Tong

    Hi Kyle great review on Empower Network!

    I am a WA member now and I can say it is a light years ahead of what EN offers and it actually teaches you how to create a real business. You are not part of some sketchy ponzi that is likely to be taken out by the FTC.

    Hope we can help each other down the road:)


  30. Lolly

    This is so epically right on. TanaÇae´Danick is the epitome of “All In” and the attempt to “bully” you into the program. She even dropped me from her facebook just because I already had something bigger committed at the time of their $3000 program in Orlando.

    Here YouTube channel is pretty funny too. Nothing but a regurgitation of other people’s success stories. She even tells a story about Michael Jordan where she generalizes quite a bit and then manufactures… or to use her own Video Vernacular, “makes shit up”.

    If you’re going to tell a success story about Michael Jordan, at least watch a video or two or read a book so you know WTF you’re talking about. Not just a weak attempt at regurgitating a bad Tony Robbins story. (Tony never met Michael but acts like they are best friends.)

    She then dishes on ‘haters’. Well, if you would at least be authentic, people wouldn’t judge you so harshly TanaCae!

    • Kyle

      These are typically promotional tactics that many have expressed their discontent about here Lolly. Bullying is part of the promotional strategy which is taught and the reason you get bullied if you don’t BUY “all in” is because you are not making your sponsor money.

  31. Sean Menge

    Thanks for the incredible attention to detail. I was introduced to this business in late March by a security guard at the Prudential Plaza, Chicago (He is still a security guard). He is such a nice guy I had to look in to it, but everything I turned up increased a feeling of nausea. The main targets of my friend (bless his heart) are low-income people trying to get off on the right foot. I tried to approach discussions with him and his “Team Leaders” on facebook, only to end up stonewalled by pretentious rhetoric. Here’s one example of a comment I dealt with:

    “lol every company has people being sued and Legit multi-level marketing companies have often in the past been accused…but those that actually do it, get shut down, those still alive making BILLIONS, arent say what you want, Amways still around”

    Needless to say, every thread was a migraine. The thought of all the people who lost their money just so a select few make a quick buck reflects everything that is ugly about the business world. I reported Empower Network to the BBB, and I hope many do the same.

    • Kyle

      Yeah, have heard it all. Getting sued is normal, overcharging people is normal, and 99% of the people not making their money back is normal…right? Many folks succumb to the brainwashing but at the end of the day, it is folks like yourself Sean that understand the reality of what is going on. It is people taking money from other people, directly.

      The exchange of “products” is somewhat of a facade for the actual agenda that is taking place. You have to buy an overpriced info product and go all-in for $1,000’s so that you can convince someone below you do to do the same things.

  32. YardMaster

    I found most of these comment pretty interesting. First of all, everyone purchased these product knowing full well what they were purchasing. There is full disclosure about the products. I have been with EN for almost 30 months and I honestly have not made any money. But that is my fault not theirs. I stay because I find the community empowering. Maybe they didn’t help me make money with their business but their business helped me with other businesses.

    You can make money with any program you purchase if you work at it. Nothing magically produces results without your effort.

    These products are meant for Internet Marketers. You are selling affiliate products just like you would with Clickbank or JVZoo or Rapbank …but these products pay more. I am not going to say they pay 100% commission because they don’t but they pay way more than Clickbank products pay or JVzoo or anywhere else you go to find someone else products to sell to those looking to learn skills on how to market on the internet. And as an added benefit you make additional dollars from the products someone you sponsored sell.

    I don’t understand what the mystery is or what the scam is. This very website sells products and in my opinion reaches people in the most slimy way…by degrading someone else’s product in hopes you will notice his products.

    Really, EN is not for everyone…obviously when they do a webinar…1600 out of 130,000 affiliates show up…that’s true with anything…it’s called the 80/20 rule. 20% of the population will produce 80% of the results. But that is because the other 80% just chose not to produce.

  33. Neil

    Hi Kyle and thanks for this great review.

    I can confirm that Empower Network is a complete and utter SCAM! There is evidence to back this claim up because I too was sucked in to this shiny new object not long after it was launched.

    However, I did blog away, applied some SEO and my EN blog posts quickly got Google page one rankings which was great. the blog did generate some traffic but ZERO income.

    Within 8 months of being a member of EN I had spent over $1,300+, had 3 dead EN leads and NO sales from anything I was promoting.

    To add insult to injury, all my EN blog posts were slipping quickly down the search engine rankings!

    It is safe to say that EN is a SCAM, it DOESN’T work and the only people making money from it are the so called gurus who have no value to offer in return.

    The founders of EN should refund every single penny they have taken from people and the site should be closed down completely.


    • Kyle

      Thanks for your feedback Neil and you share the same thoughts that many do about this program. Unfortunately the blogs no longer rank remotely well, for a while they were touting their Alexa rank as if it has something to do with SEO (which is a complete lie).

      I have heard recently some of there top GURUS that you have mentioned have had to drop out of the program as the promotion of pyramids like EN are considered illegal in certain states (actually all, just a few are starting to catch wind of this).

  34. manuel

    Agree there is no Real Product. Is a wrong way to try to make money online. I tasted for a month, MISTAKE. MISTAKE MISTAKE

  35. birute

    Been with EN for a month and very dissapointed (spent 45 dollars). I didnt make a dime, I just lost my money. Now when I log in to my EN blog, I’m not able to see my back office, the site asking me to become an affiliate. My visa card is empty so they cannot charge me. But if my card would bee with funds they would charge me anyway??
    I’m afraid to put money in my bank acc. Is there any possibility to return my 45 dollars back? thank for a brief review!

    • Kyle

      I know many people have tough time getting their money back after they toss it into the EN vacuum, you will have to contact their support team or you credit card company if you want to deal with that.

      Sorry to hear that you got taken for another scheme Birute, but please don’t think the entire industry behaves in this way. There are legitimate ways to create a business online and if you ever need a hand, I will be more than happy to help you out. Also, check out my Getting Started Guide here if you want to the process of starting a real niche business online.

      • Waiana

        I paid them $45 and then realised I wasn’t getting anything and needed to fork out lots more money to get any learning!

        I then realised (after hunting around) that the only way I would make money was to recruit people and sell all these ‘packages’ to them

        So I tried to cancel my subscriptions and that was really difficult despite following their instructions – still don’t know if they’ve been cancelled because it appears they are still active

        Tried to request a refund as per their instructions and refund policy and the website wouldn’t let me submit the form

        It is one big scam and I’m after them for my $45 back!

        • Kyle

          That is the model, in order for you to make money within the affiliate program there is the requirement that you promote the same products and services (you have had to invest in) to others. Then the cycle continues, in order for your downline to make money, they have to do the same. The products are vastly overpriced and are that way for a reasons. So that those at the top of the pyramid shaped business can make lofty profits on the loss of the bottom feeders below them.

          I wish you all the best with your refund, unfortunately you are not the first to complain about the ease for them to take your money, but the difficulty to ever get it back if you are not happy with their scheme.

          • Waiana

            I’ve seen that from all these comments. I live in NZ and every time I’ve tried to call I get an answerphone.

            I’ve made a complaint to FTC about their website that does not allow a cancellation or refund process as per the terms of their cancellation and refund policies. Would encourage anyone else who has had the same problem to do the same thing.

    • shantel

      Hey I had the same problem. Its just card thats connected to them not your bank account right? What you should do is just cancel your card and order a new one from your bank. They can’t charge a card that isn’t active anymore.

      • Kyle

        Worst case scenario, this is what you will have to do (and it seems what many have to do after buying into it).

  36. Pierce

    Great Post Kyle, and plenty of interesting comments and replies.

    My friend and I joined Empower Network last year and we soon realised it was a rip off. All we had was the same old message,buy into all if you want to make money.The truth is very few have made any real significant money, and most end up losing a lot, like one of my mates friends who had bought into all only to find he and his wife were just paying out each month with no returns whatsoever.

    Many followers defend Empower, probably because they are too embarassed to admit they are flogging a dead horse. What’s more when your blogs are on their site they are no longer yours. We copied and then deleted our blogs. One of the teams was also ripping off it’s own members by way of getting you to send all your blogs through a certain link and claiming the new sign up email address’s for themselves until the guy was exposed by a husband and wife who left the team in disgust.

    We are glad we got out of Empower when we did. Now we have our own sites and our blogs are our own.

    Don’t be a wussie, sign up and find out for yourself.

    • Kyle

      I hope there are no wussies reading this, I will think you may have scared most of them off. Thanks for your insights into your experience within EN Pierce, I know this will be helpful to others looking for REAL feedback on what to expect within EN.

  37. Paul Livett

    Loved your post, have written two posts myself trying to enlighten people of the perils of empower network and as you mentioned, the loss of “authority” to all the individual blogs on the network.

    What leaves me bewildered is that most EN members will defend it to the hilt. They are either morally bankrupt or too embarrassed to admit that they have been sucked in.

    Names like Simon Stepsys have been mentioned and if people did their research before buying into these schemes alarm bells would have rung. You mentioned that EN is now barred from youtube but what I have found is that so called reviewers have now hijacked youtube to promote supposedly free paydaynetwork, which is actually just another portal for EN, just thought your readers might like to be aware of that.

    • Kyle

      It is very similar to anything you purchase, you become very defensive of it if someone tells you it was a bad choice. Fortunately many people do realize that as tehy get involved in this program and are told to “go all in” repeatedly as a theme, they start to realize it is more about them spending money to make someone else money than it is about them really creating a honest, ethical business.

      BUT, many people do go on to repeat this process because that is what they are told they need to do…so the cycle of shameless promotions in order to earn a buck continue.

      As you said, they are now masking the entrance points under many different names and many different levels of sponsors, so people need to be careful and do their due diligence (I always recommend asking for support before you buy anything online) and this way you can get a good idea of the people behind the program. Thanks for stopping by Paul and sharing your experiences.

  38. Hey Kyle !
    I’m presently working on a EN rewiew and I was wondering why you say that EN is “completely banned from Facebook and Youtube”. I still can see their official page on FB and some videos of them on Youtube.


    • Kyle

      Posting links to this site was banned within Facebook and also within Youtube a year or so back, but over time some listings have eventually crept back into the results.

  39. Swearbox

    Glad to be rid of EN. I consider myself to be a bit more tech savvy than the vast majority of other ENers I came across. Most of the folk in the various Facebook groups we had were complete newbies to just being online let alone online marketing. How they ever had a chance of making it pay is beyond me.

    To make it pay in EN you had to be a special kind of person, ie you had to become a complete zombie – a slave to their system – and I found I had to change my whole persona. I found myself not being ‘me’ any more as I tried to adapt to the way they work.

    The beginning of the end came when I got blocked from a ‘rising star”s Facebook page for having the audacity to point out that many many people, including myself, had never made a penny from EN.

    No upliners ever took responsibility for their downline’s failure to make money. The answer was always ‘blog every day, read books, listen to the Inner Circle stuff, buy in at a higher level’. The same tired old Power Hour crap was rolled out day in day out. I remember attending one of the morning calls, can’t remember what they called them but they were supposed to be all motivational and fire up the troops. The guy leading the call asked everyone to scream at the top of their lungs down their phones to express just how fired up they were…and people actually did it. I was thinking to myself as I quietly ended the call what my neighbours would have thought had I joined in this ridiculous cult like exercise.

    So there we go, I wrote all of this in one go without a proof read so it might seem a little here and there but the point is I’m lending weight to the side of the fence that says EN was a waste of time and money and effort as I didn’t see a single penny in commission in the 6 months or so I paid my dues (up to Inner Circle). Oh, and one final thing, any company that rolls out Vick Strizheus as one of their big guns has to be avoided at all costs…if you don’t know what I mean then Google the name. Thanks for reading

  40. Lucie

    First of all, sorry for my english. I am living in Europe. But I needed to write my testimonial and I hope it will be helpful to other people in the same case.

    Thanks to you Kyle, I just discover why I couldn’t sell anything from EN and BIM. It tooks me 6 months to realize, after having spent the $ 5.000 and after a big work, that it was a scam.

    I am one of those who have registered because they are going through financial difficulties and need money. And I indeed bought all EN products (borrowing money) to get my family out of difficulties.

    But instead, I put us in even greater difficulties because my conscience prevented me : I couldn’t lie to others. Ethic is fundamental for me but 6 months ago, I only focused on my problem of money.

    And as there is no possibility of refund in EN, when I discovered that these products were poor, it was too late. So, I had no other choice than trying to find “customers”. But I wasn’t able to launch a campaign with their squeeze pages and the only one solo ad campaign I made costs me another $200 for nothing…

    Belonging to the BIM team, it is only recently that I discovered that Vick Strizheus was a cone man when I realized that his promises were lies, in the only purpose of making us spending money, again and again.

    Indeed, from the beginning of 2014, he made new big promises to “help” us but in fact, it was to sell us last weeks an expensive workshop in Vegas ($ 997) and an expensive call center ($ 97/month). And, to force us to buy, he announced that the “help” promised finally was reserved to those who buy the workshop in Vegas !

    Today I really feel like getting out of a sect in which the great slogan is “zero negativity” which forces a certain behavior and limits your expression, where the support is limited to only what you bring as money.

    It has been a week that I stopped both EN and BIM and I slowly rebuild myself. This is the first time that I am speaking freely as in EN & BIM, everyone refuses any claim and customers are treated with contempt. Communication about the products is completely non-existent, except for the first sale to their… members.

    And for me, the end point was when I couldn’t access to my back-office because EN obliged us signing their new policies where EN is responsible for NOTHING and has NO duty towards its customers, where everything is client’s risk !

    I hope my testimonial will help.
    Thank you Kyle.

  41. Maria

    I am a former EN member and I must say I had a mixed experience. I wanted to join just to get an idea about having a business online, make extra money to pay off my credit card and student loan debt, and to have extra money to fund my passions.

    After almost 2 years in I can safely say that I don’t regret it. I did learn a lot from my sponsor who is truly one of the good guys. He actually called his team and provided real training every week. I would say that he was one of the ones only making maybe $5 to $7K per month.

    As for some of the others they really could care less. These are the ones that sell you hard and don’t offer any help. These are the ones making $40k-60K per month. They say they will never answer the phone or help their team unless you have upgraded to the next product which I think is cruel.

    And you are right they are quick to call you a wussy. I am out now and accomplished what I set out to do. My credit card debt is gone. My student loan debt has been cut by 50%, I have money to fund my creative writing company.

    Having to upgrade sucks in order to make money. Having to travel every 90 days sucks. I give it another 2 years before it starts to tank.

    • Kyle

      Their logic is that you are a wussy if you are not willing to invest your next months rent payment, sell your vehicle, or spend your grocery money on your next “hit” within the program. But wussy is a compliment compared to being told “you don’t love your family” if you don’t go all in.

      These marketing tactics are truly putting folks into financial distress they should never be in and they are only investing this money so that their higher ups can go around bragging about their trips and their $1,000 pens they are buying.

      Glad you came to your senses Maria.

      • Maria

        Yes I did come to my senses. Once they “unleashed” the blog beast I knew my days were numbered. I could not see the value.

        I did everything to help my team make money but most weren’t making any. I never told them I wouldn’t help them if they didn’t upgrade it felt wrong.

        Other sponsors were telling me that I shouldn’t waste time on people who aren’t willing to invest in themselves.

        Thank goodness I had a good sponsor otherwise I would have quit a long time ago.

        It was easy for me to leave because I was not passionate about it anymore. I also knew my sponsor would receive my team and they would be in good hands.

        I give it two years because its already starting to crumble. When they launched the blog beast everyone’s income dropped and A LOT of people quit.

        They are still launching products(Blogging Academy, High Ticket, and some traffic generator)left and right and people are still not making money.

        It feels like they are doing that so they can get as much money out of it as possible.

        • Lucie


          When you say :

          When they launched the blog beast everyone’s income dropped and A LOT of people quit.

          They are still launching products(Blogging Academy, High Ticket, and some traffic generator)left and right and people are still not making money.

          It feels like they are doing that so they can get as much money out of it as possible.

          This is also what I feel.

  42. Stephen

    There sure is a lot of energy being placed into slamming a company that has create 70 million dollars in commission for it affiliates. No one that has succeeded with this company is on here complaining…. funny. I’ve been marketing online for the last year or so and their “NON_PRODUCTS” have helped me market other things as well. I see at least 3 people on this string change thier mind and not join because of reading this article….. you could be hurting thier future, not helping…. How do you know this company would be a good fit for them? Not sure is you write positive articles as well, but I’d highly suggest that, instead of this slander. Much love to ya and you have the right to write. You just sound mad, like you failed at the biz and now want to slam it.

    • Kyle

      Would love to see some of these “non products” you are promoting Stephen. And let me remind you, just because a company is earning money does not prove the legitimacy or the ethics of that given company. If you want to read a recent example of this, check out the ZeekRewards story (hint, they made way more than Empower Network does), which by the way, many of the current Empower Network members were part of. I guess when you are involved in one ponzi style program, the most natural step is to move to another one.

      And the only thing I am mad at is the fact that people are getting ripped off, you don’t have to look any further than the 100’s of comments below to realize this. Hopefully one day you come to your sense and find your moral ground, because if you are currently pushing others into this program you have lost your sense of ethics.

  43. Bob

    Just had a look back to June of last year to confirm.

    You don’t post any comments that rebut what you have to say. I replied twice on or about June 14, 2013 and neither post was ever published.

    Still have ’em myself though.

    This probably won’t be posted either.

    • Kyle

      Of course I do Bob, but you all say the exact same things. So instead of posting the same senseless banter 10 times, I post it ones and respond to it. If you have anything new to add, I would encourage you Reply to this and I will be more than happy to get back to you.

      If you can morally and ethically justify what you are doing, then I will offer a calculated response though. Consider this first though. I am showing people how to get folks 2 free websites, free access to support from industry experts, access to 100’s of training modules, a one click website builder, fully functional SEO friend WordPress blogs (that rank) along with LIVE help…for FREE.

      If you cannot offer a rebuttal that can honestly say why you are trying to charge people $5,000 + carrying costs of $140+ per month for something, then I am not interested in having an educated conversation about this.

  44. Nick

    Hi Kyle,

    Thanks very much for your honest and informative review.

    I am no longer in Empower Network and really there are so many bad things about the company and opportunity, that I wouldn’t know where to start. I certainly regret promoting it.

    First of all, the products are absolutely terrible. In fact, they don’t deserve to be called training products at all. Most of the content is there simply to get you to upgrade, so it’s in their best interest for the training to be lacking. It’s laughable how the leaders speak of them being the best internet marketing products around when you could get far more value from a $17 JvZoo product.

    Next, there is the Blogging platform that will only do harm to your online presence. It’s recently been updated but it’s still absolute terrible. In fact, people are complaining about it lots at the moment. There are glitches and lack of support that even the most die hard empower members are complaining about. Also, the whole thing about blogging from your mobile phone is such a cheap gimmick. Their tech people doesen’t know a single thing about SEO. In fact, their lead tech guy was preaching about using the “meta keywords” tag even though it hasn’t been useful for SEO for about a decade!

    Those things are bad but what about the horrible cult-like atmosphere within the company. If you are not “all in”, expect to be intimidated with schoolyard insults like “wussie”. Oh, and whilst your watching or listening every day to the training, as they tell you to, you are being hypnotised to go “all in” with Empower and promote it till you die.

    This company is an example of an overhyped program that is being sustained by an endless loop of hype and preying on the desperate.

    The people who chime in here with support for Empower will eventually fall out of their love spell with it. Or, they will have their breakthrough and will have to sleep well at night knowing that they are making a lot of money promoting “pseudo products” that create more casualties than significant earners.

    Just avoid it! There are some fantastic programs you can promote that have incredible value within the products, and don’t need to resort to pressure and intimidation to upgrade.

    • Kyle

      Thanks for sharing your experience Nick. You like many, came to their senses when you realized exactly what was entailed to become successful. The long and the short of it is the fact that in order to earn money, you literally have to take it out of the hands of someone else. This is through the invisible product structure and the requirement that you have to own the expensive products to earn money from selling those same products to others.

      Going “all in” to most folks is more than just some purchase, it is all the money they have, or in many cases, putting them into debt. I have had many post stories of family members choosing going “all in” over buying their kids food. This is the ultimate form of unethical marketing, in particular when one of the coined marketing phrases is “You don’t love your family if you don’t go all in.”. This has an intrinsic effect on the way folks behave and is leading to some really awful situations.

      Just so a FEW (lesson than 0.7%) can boast about their mortgaged mansions or the fact they can buy $1,000 pens. Ridiculous stuff.

  45. Chris

    I just got out of it myself. I was invited to join from a man who’s company had help me market my real estate business, and a man I deeply trusted. To be honest, I think he was also hypnotized by the hype and I believe he has made money. When I tried on advertise on facebook and craigslist, or my ads were blocked, even when I set up a forwarding url address, even when I set up a separate landing page.

    If facebook and craigslist (and as posted earlier, youtube) has exerted so much effort to stop anyone from advertising about the Empower Network, then something must be wrong.

    Eventually, the Empower Network will crash because of all the blacklisting. Those who are making money now, don’t spend it all, because EN will crash.

    • Kyle

      I would agree with your sentiments here Chris, if Facebook, Craigslist, and Youtube (Google) have made a collective effort to block a company, then you could probably make a case that the company and their respective members are doing something wrong/unethical.

      I always tell folks that if a company has to sell their product on something other than the product itself (hype, a falsified rags to riches story, big oversized paychecks), it is one of my biggest indicators of a scam. Thanks for offering your insights and feedback Chris.

    • Joe

      I run an advertising network and I truly hate the empower network. This company is what gives real affiliates a bad name. They sully this industry with their pseudo-affiliate garbage and bash anyone who doesn’t immediately buy into the scam. There is NO product and it all amounts to an army of brain dead zombies trying to infect everyone around them. The problem is that people have become so obsessed with materialism that they will believe anything to keep their “hopes” up. They implants ideas of driving a Ferrari and owning an island. Money is out there to be made, but it doesn’t come easy people.

      • Kyle

        I think that your analogy is on par with what is going on. Based on the rhetoric from many of the brainwashed folks that have commented here (they all spout the same jargon), it is one brainwashed person, inviting another into the system, brainwashing them and then getting them to do the same thing. Unfortunately they are not getting a real education and the #1 point they are trying to sell each other is that it is all about “motivation”.

        I guess it is. Motivating each other to buy the “all in” products at any cost to their livelihoods and to suck others into the program. The vicious cycle then continues.

  46. Brownynn

    I like many people out there invested in the $25 level thinking that that is what I was going to need to build a business. I like many people was greased and buttered up until I ended up selling some of my heirlooms to invest into this program.

    Then it happened. I caught my sponsor red handed talking about their referrals with one of the main people in empower.

    They said “just get them all in, that’s where the money is…who cares how they have to do it, get them to do it.”

    To some $5,000 may not be a lot, but to many it is more than they can afford. I lost everything I owned. I sold my coin collection my grandfather gave me just to get that last $1,000 so I could get all in.

    Now what I am left with. A feeling that my sponsor is laughing at me, I am the fool. I invested in this program and they used me they used me for my money. Now they are happy with me, they move onto their next victim.

    I just want everyone to know that is considering joining this program that if you are not ready to spend money and buy all the products or attend every one of the hype events, you will be shunned. This is an awful company that played my heartstrings to get me to invest money i didn’t have.

    Also everyone I talked to at the last Miami conference was not making any money. They were all just pumped it was like a brainwashing event trying to make it ok and to ease the pain of spending all this money on what are at the end of the day totally bogus products.

    Please i beg you please do not join this program. I know they say you don’t care about your family if you don’t go all in but if you care about your family and your future you will not join. None of the normal people I talked to at the event had made their money back, not even close and the reason is that it required you to ruin other peoples lives to get your money.

    I have no idea what to do now but empower network left me with depression.

  47. Suzanne

    Another great article and great comeback to your critic Kyle. You are spot on. I narrowly avoided EN..I actually got to signup because I was able to do a trial on a credit card site which of course would have cost me even MORE money if I hadn’t cancelled. You have to want to do all these trial programs and it’s a real waste of time and money from what I saw. I didn’t think “scam” right away because the two folks I spoke to who were in it were all positive about it..but it didn’t feel right..I would like to share this article but use it as a tool to recruit. Is that cool or should I just endeavor to write my own and use that?

    • Kyle

      I always suggest that you follow your instinct. If it doesn’t feel right, chances are it probably isn’t. Feel free to reference this post if you want, completely up to you Suzanne. It is great to hear you have moved on and I wish you all the success in the future going forward.

  48. JW

    When watching the video Dave tells about how he took his father on vacation to Colorado and bought his mother a vehicle I became very suspicious. If this was so easy and such a great business then why weren’t his parents both making tons of money with the system? Glad I read the article and many of the responses.

    • Kyle

      Not everyone’s parents “get it” (this Internet thing), so I don’t think it is a fair to make assumptions that they would be rich somehow because their son or daughter would be successful at something. I know most professional athletes have very normal parents that are living middle class lives prior to their son/daughters windfall.

      What I do find disturbing is the fact that people are TOLD to sell their vehicles and sacrifice their vacations in order to go ALL IN to this program. People spend their last dollar…even in some cases, neglect their childrens needs in order to pay into this program. That is where the money is coming to fund the folks in the upper echelon of the scheme to buy their families cars and trips. The nature of a pyramid style program. Lots of people have to lose their shirts in order for someone to have 100’s of shirts.

  49. Robertus

    Now I see this is a scam, I know know there is no product and I will no buying into the scam. thanks for opening my eyes

  50. Carol


    I just wanted to say thank you for this much needed insight into what EN really is all about and I hope it is read by everyone who is thinking of joining. I know I will share it far and wide. Thanks to everyone who shared their experiences too, people need to know this information.

    I don’t have anything to share that hasn’t already been said, but I do advise people to go with your gut instincts.

    I am so glad I did.

    I was flooded with people trying to get me to join their team and asked if I really wanted success or not, that only serious entrepreneurs get what it takes to live a life of freedom and prosperity and if I wasn’t serious, or willing to “go all in”, then I will be a loser in life…yada yada yada. Who does this? I seriously thought about joining and maybe I was missing an opportunity, but every time I listened to a call or asked a question, I felt gross and had that nagging doubt.

    I once asked someone, who was all in and who I thought had integrity and would be honest with me, if she truly thought a person living paycheck to paycheck should risk “going all in” and really be able to earn a decent living from this and what was the value I would be providing others by doing so. She couldn’t answer me. I got the same pitch back in her response and I instantly knew there was no value and the only value would be the money I would have to steal from others to pay myself. Nope. Not for me.

    I hope it is shut down soon and I hope people stop believing the lie they are selling.

    Ha, for not having much to comment on, I said quite a bit!

    • Kyle

      You are a smart Carol and going with your gut allowed you to realize what is really going on here. Those that are making others “go broke” by ruthlessly promoting the all-in option cannot feel good about themselves at the end of the day knowing that they have just forced another person on the streets. Anyone with an ounce of ethics and morals eventually realizes what they are doing to others and moves on and apologizes to all of the people they ruthlessly had to convince that EN was the way out.

      The program is about motivating others to get into the program, and then continuing to do that in a ponzi like fashion. Like other programs like this, it relies on an influx of new members in order for the model to sustain itself, or in other words, new people to get sucked in and abused by the shameless promotions. Wussy, You don’t love your family, along with telling folks they don’t “have it” if they don’t drop $5,000 is ridiculous.

      Thanks for posting your story, it is far too similar to almost every other story that comes in about this program.

      • Gary

        I must disagree with Kyle because his article is rather prejudiced and ignorant.

        I will not touch all the points of this corrupted article.

        No Product? There is a product and this product is called “knowledge”. When you go to university what you get there? I spend more than $40,000 to get a law degree and complete the Bar.

        So I got two diplomas/certificates without any diamonds or gold on it for the price that I spent 🙂 What I really got is the knowledge that makes me money and saved a lot of money in tricky situations.

        So I paid for the knowledge and skills that I developed within me.

        So the knowledge and application of it is the key!

        People pay a lot of money to be present at the seminars by motivational multi-millionaire speakers, businessman etc to get what? To get the knowledge that will make a lot of difference in your life if you correctly apply this knowledge.

        Kyle said that EN is pyramid. No it is NOT. It is a single level marketing. I recently watched video about it where Dave Wood explains this clearly.

        So you get commission directly from a person who bought the product. However, you also get just once a commission from their second, fourth and sixth sale. Thereafter, you get their every fifth commission. Why is that? The reason behind it is to help others to get on track if they wish to be an affiliate. Nowadays a lot of people either selfish or very busy. So unless a person gets from you something they are not really interested in helping you. This is the harsh reality in any business. However, not all people are like that. Thanks God!

        So in reality you do not get any commission from other people’s sales, except those that are stated above. And yes, you can earn more money than those who are “above” you,i.e. those who sold you a product at the first place. So it is not an MLM pyramid.

        Oh, forgot to mention that you get commission down the line only in the instance when the affiliate who sold any product does not have this product himself/herself. That’s why affiliates buy the products themselves when they see that they could earn commission, but failed.

        Personally, I think this is right.

        How many times salespeople tried to sell you things they do not own themselves due to the lack of quality or anything else? I never buy anything from somebody who does not want to have this product himself/herself.

        For instance, if somebody tries to sell me Nokia, but himself uses iPhone. What my reaction should be? It is wrong. If I go to BMW dealership and the salesperson sings praises to all BMW’s but himself owns Audi, will I want to buy from him? I hope you see the point.

        I joined EN through Big Idea Mastermind after a thorough research.

        I get the knowledge that I needed in running my own business. Sometimes one idea can make a lot of difference in your life or business.

        By the end of the day you do not have to promote EN “products” if you have something else to promote ex.your business, but if you do not have one, then why not when it is a genuine product that helps developing business and personality.

        A lot of people out there are looking for this kind of product.

        I found it and never regret.

        Finally, Kyle it is very unethical to put dirt on somebody else’s product or business in order to promote your own. Unfortunately, this is exactly what you do.

        • Kyle

          Hey Gary,

          Thanks for stopping by. Your arguments are very similar to everyone else that has been stung by this program. You are trying to quantify the fact that you have purchased too much for a product just so you could promote that product to others. You are also trying to quantify to yourself that it is OK to take money from people for your own benefit, which you know deep down inside the program is really about.

          No Product? There is a product and this product is called “knowledge”. When you go to university what you get there? I spend more than $40,000 to get a law degree and complete the Bar.

          The difference. You have a degree. With EN you are buying into the product levels so you can promote those products to other unsuspecting folks (at your financial gain). It has nothing to do about acquiring knowledge, if that was the case you wouldn’t be spending $5,000+ on something of this nature.

          Kyle said that EN is pyramid. No it is NOT. It is a single level marketing. I recently watched video about it where Dave Wood explains this clearly.

          Is there multi-levels within it? Yes. Are you required to promote the program to others to make money? Yes. You are part of an MLM, one that is based on the requirement of YOU to ruthlessly and unethically (although you are blinded to this) recruit people in your downline. Your sponsors though Gary, are the real ones making money off of you luring your friends and family into this program.

          How many times salespeople tried to sell you things they do not own themselves due to the lack of quality or anything else? I never buy anything from somebody who does not want to have this product himself/herself.

          The reason you bought the product is so you could promote it to others though, not for some amazing information. It is a facade for what is really going on. Now it is your task to go and yell “go all-in” to all those you recruit at any cost. Often times it is at the cost of them losing their houses, vehicles, and not being able to put food on the table for their family. But that is OK right because you make money?! Makes no sense to anyone with morals.

          I joined EN through Big Idea Mastermind after a thorough research.

          If you did your research you would have discovered that this very person you joined through was charged with grand theft. If these are the people you like to associate with then you are in good company within your program. If you had no idea about this, then you should have a look at this news video. The media references him as a “con man” and unfortunately you are not only getting conned, you are conning others now Gary.

          A lot of people out there are looking for this kind of product.

          People are looking for opportunity. What you are giving them is not that. 97% of the people within the program will never earn their money back and your sole mission is to get people in the door, get them to go all-in, and then teach them to do the same to others. That’s it. This is not a business and if you think it is, you should definitely spend some time looking at REAL businesses out there. This is an MLM, but one in which is reliant on newcomers into the scheme to keep it running. Perhaps you may want to look this up on wikipedia, you are not going to like the famous “scheme” that is reference by this very definition.

          Finally, Kyle it is very unethical to put dirt on somebody else’s product or business in order to promote your own. Unfortunately, this is exactly what you do.

          Far from the truth. I am using my opinion the same way you are. I am offering people WAY more help and for free than you are offering for $5,000. If you were selling a car that was in great condition, and your neighbour was selling the same car but the engine was missing, would you not point that out to a prospective customer. Don’t you have the moral diligence to do this. That is my stance.

          I wish all the best selling your hot air Gary, I hope at some point you do realize though what you are doing is not right in so many ways. The minute you remove yourself from the “crowd” you will gain some sensibility. I always say that a ridiculous discussion only make sense when you are in the company of idiocy, hence why it appears OK to you to rip people off. I hope I have offered some clarity into what you are really doing…from an an alternative and real perspective.

    • Kyle

      Probably a good move on your part Tonya. The $25 entrance point is just the start of the teeth that were about to get sunk into you. Before you know it they are going to be telling to you to spend $5,000 or you don’t love your family (no joke, that is their sales pitch).

      If you need any help getting started online, I would be more than happy to help you do so in a proper and ethical way (and do so for free).

  51. Nathan

    Most of the people on here sound broke and I would’t hire them to clean my dogs poop!

    I think I’m going to sign up… If it’s that many haters on here, I think this empower thing might worth looking at.

    When this many people are talking bad about you, something is good on the other side of the coin.

    Thanks for valuable tips..


    p.s. If you don’t have haters in your life, you not doing nothing worth talking about.

    • Kyle

      That is the typical type of verbiage we have come to expect out of your crowd. I think that after reading this, most people will be glad that they are not part of Empower Network as they will not have to interact with people like yourself Nathan. You cannot fool anyone either, you would not speak like this if you were not already part of the scheme…

      There is a difference between having haters and people being upset about being “taken” by a scam as well. Enjoy your journey and I hope for your sake you don’t push too many people to spend their life savings on information…or you are not going to have too many friends for too long. All the best nonetheless. 🙂

  52. Thank you! I really mean thank you 😀 But not for stopping me to join this scammers paradise, but to finally find an article saying exactly what EN is all about!

    Kyle, do I have your permission to “steal” some parts of your text, translate them and post on my scam reviews?

    I am from Portugal and have a website (not fully operational yet), a facebook page and a blog where I study a few ways of making money online as well as I show some of the scams out there.

    I have heard (read) about EN on a variety of places. There`s plenty of webpage results when you`re looking for online business. I must say I find EN personal websites (blogs) awful and screaming SCAM on every word and picture shown but, hey, that`s me! Probably most of people would be blown away with the perspective of siiting their arses on the couch, getting a laptop on their… lap and just make money!! (well it actually is possible, but with the right products/services as you stated).

    As I said, I came across thousands of their ads. Everyday on facebook I have a sponsored had fro some EN rich dude taking a cruise or driving a sports car!

    Always wanted to understand how they worked (already knew they`re Ponzi f***ers) but the only way to dig deeper would be actually get in to the “cult” something that I always told myself “hell no – I won`t pay in order to get paid”! and thanks to you I have a pretty good insight of how they have their scheme running!

    So, may I still a few parts of this test to write my own review? I will quote you, of course!

    I am also planning on getting interested on EN so I can get in touch with someone, make him answer a few question and they add it to my review!

    And, as a curiosity, in Portugal there`s a big group of EN “mentors”. They are so…. hmmm… (what can I say besides “stupid”?)nevermind… what I want to say is that the name of their group sums up what hey really are… and that is:


    PS – Sorry fo my english!

    Best regards!

    • Kyle

      First off, your English is awesome Rui! I think that the agenda of this program is obvious to most people, but sometimes the desire to achieve success and earn more money overshadows our logic. The EN program is sold not on what it is, rather on the falsified stories behind the people within it.

      They sink their teeth in the very emotion that is driving people to purchase and using language like “You Don’t Love Your Family if you don’t go all in” has a profound impact on those that love their family and want the best for them. It is sickening and anyone with an ounce of morals can appreciate that.

      Anyone selling any program based on a fancy car, a big house or a “cruise” is doing so because their actual product lacks substance. This is happening industry wide and is quite commonplace unfortunately.

  53. Bruno

    Dude Empower is now launching a $10,000 product to their all-in products. Things just went from bad to worse. $10,000!

    Enough said, I hope these losers are taken out by the authorities.

    It is called High Ticket Academy if you want to look it up. You might also want to add it to your review.

    I just join the WA thing too, will be checking it out. Thanks. Bruno

    • Kyle

      Ouch, $10,000. High Ticket Academy is right, perhaps Over Priced Academy is more appropriate. I wonder how many people are going to lose their homes for this one. I hope people aren’t so foolish to get sucked into this one as well.

      But I suppose unless you invest into this program, they are going to use their favorite phrase “You don’t love your family if you don’t go all in”.

    • Hi everyone

      I’m not a member on here so thought I’d reply to Bruno’s post. Kyle, can I just say first off how impressed I am both with your review and your clear knowledge, experience, reasoned arguemt and willingness to inform and help people out on here.

      This will probably be longer than I want it to be, but I tend to type a lot and although I have a lot to say, I just want to boil it down to a few things.

      I was in EN up until last week for over 14 months. I never made a single sale in that time (I never had the money to get even the Inner Circle membership let alone the higher ticket packages). It was my first experience of trying to do any kind of marketing online or make money and I knew that it would be a massive learning curve. I only managed to attend one event back in Denver where they talked about releasing ENv2 (which turned into a lemon and a half). I was despite one or two nagging thoughts about them on the whole, an avid EN fan and this was based partly on some of the genuine people who I’ve made friends with since.

      So I will say this; outside of all the money I spent on EN and marketing and going to that event etc, I never really ‘lost’ in my opinion because I DID get something out of it and I learned some lessons and became wiser because of it. And after all, isn’t that what life is all about, right? I also got some value from some of the calls too and even one or two of the member hangouts I’ve been on.


      As I said above, I always had a couple of things eat away at me if you will for the longest time. One of these was that a good friend of mine now who I met through EN and Facebook, told me that David Wood personally told her at an event that she should not be doing hangouts each week on Youtube which she and her husband used to do every single Tuesday night to help out their team as well as anyone who just wanted to watch outside of that, unless those people on the hangout were earning a MINIMUM of $30,000. Now when I think back on this it quite frankly disgusts and shocks me even more at the unbelievable arrogance displayed by the co-owner. Do you mean to tell me that an owner of a network marketing company would be that indignant and put out by someone who is making HIM money each week, wanting to reach out and help their team to be successful too? Of course, this would go in with Mr Wood’s strict policy of if you’re not ‘all in’ and producing large numbers, then I ain’t gonna help ya/got no time for you.

      To be honest, just reading some of the posts underneath from either former members or people who have pointed out about the tiny fraction of HUGE earners in the company, I don’t feel the need to rehash this stuff. For those of you who have heard Dave and Dave speak before, you know from their own mouths they said that they started the company with the idea of helping their team succeed. Yes. Their TEAM. A team of already experienced and mostly very successful marketers, super eager and blessed to be in a room of 80 people or less, all ready to join a brand new company that as we know, very quickly went on to huge success. Anyone that lucky enough to have been in that room, even someone with zero list for example, was only ever going to come out smelling of roses.

      Now, some of you reading this (maybe you’re one of the rabid EN fanboys or girls) may well be already saying “Err, so what about the people who signed up like, 5 months ago and are doing great then, huh?!”. Well, again, those who have big lists and/or are successful and experienced marketers will MOST LIKELY see a level of success, probably even falling into the tiny bracket of people earning over $1000 or more a month. I don’t know a single person who doesn’t fit that description coming in and making even a couple of basic sales at $25. And some of these people worked their asses off and spent a lot of money to do it. When you have tens of thousands of other people in the same boat, trying to do the same thing and pretty much all flailing and flailing, what else would you expect?

      I absolutely agree that success in ANY field like this takes a lot of work, determination, focus and learning new skills to succeed. And I will be the first to hold my hand up and say that I went somewhat lack the last 6 months because I was busy elsewhere and had some family health problems to contend with. But the more I have stepped back and looked at the bigger picture of EN and seen and heard many things, most on good faith from intelligent, reasonable and reliable sources (one being a top earner in EN who told me that he stopped promoting because of personal reasons with the leaders and how he didn’t like how the people underneath were struggling big time, DESPITE some of the claims of them supposedly doing well), the more I realise that I was just drinking the EN Kool Aid for too long and ignoring some of the glaring issues that were staring me right in the face.

      The final straw for me really was a hangout the 2 Dave’s did last month that promised to be typically ‘epic’ and that if I loved my family (UGHHH where they f*** do they get off using that shameless bully boy buzz word garbage) I would be in attendance. Well I had to watch the replay because I was out, but for anyone who saw it, it was them explaining about why Dave Wood had fallen off the map of late (yeah, I know why now because he cheated on his wife and knocked a girl up which naturally, he omitted that from his teary-eyed speech – more on that in a minute) and how they knew ENV2 was a bomb and that retention rates were dropping quite a bit etc. Of course, in amongst all this we get to hear more ‘hilarious’ stories because every story they say is apparently the most ‘hilarious’ thing ever and it never actually is.

      But then it went serious as Dave Wood started to visibly cry and he talked about how he was getting divorced and gave a heartfelt shout out to those people in his circle who really lifted him up at such a bad time in his life. All stirring stuff, even got me slightly emotional too (oh they are MASTERS at this I can assure you, NLP experts to the core). And then the stirring almost stream of conscious diatribe that Dave Wood does so well about how the next EN event in Miami is the most important and biggest event they will ever do (like every single event before is the biggest and best one ever and cannot be missed) and that everyone should buy not just one but THREE tickets to Miami MINIMUM (because if you love your family, you will bring ’em along!) in fact, buy TEN tickets! Get all of your team there….and right now there’s someone sitting on this hangout and he’s making a decision to go all in RIGHT NOW and he’s pulling his wallet out RIGHT NOW because he wants to go forward and step into his power NOW by deciding to go all in not just financially but spiritually and emotionally (another key catch phrase from usually David Sharpe).

      At this point in the hangout…….I went from feeling almost moved and thinking that “You know what? YEAH! I’m with EN all the way! Sure, I don’t happen to have around 2 grand to go to Miami all the way from the UK, but I’m with you Dave and Dave! let’s do this thing!”…………to “Heyyyyyyy! WTF just happened?! Did you just go from being almost cut up to the point of breaking down to babbling more NLP related pitching knowing that someone out there is so already moved too that they will pull that credit card out and go all in like their life depends on it?! I’m calling BULLSHITTTTTTTTTTTTTT!”

      And then it hit me that this wasn’t the first time I’d seen this happen, but rather multiple times (for those of you who were in Denver last year for example will know they have everyone flock to the stage who will go all in once they’ve pumped them up even more by jumping and carrying on).

      And that’s the moment when I made MY decision to go ‘all out’ and quit my membership. Don’t forget btw, kids that $25 basic membership is more $45 because everyone gets into EN to make money as an affiliate, RARELY is it just as a customer and that you can also add on having an autoresponder (another $20 for Aweber which is what I had) plus money spent on solo ads (solo ad vendors hate EN ads btw and for good reason) plus money spent for marketing, plus money needed to go the events and of course, it’s time to sell the furniture you use and the clothes off your back to go up, up, up the higher ticket chain for products that quite frankly (and this is going just from a good friend of mine who went all in), aren’t worth the money for what you get.

      I’ve gone on longer than I wanted too, but I just wanted to again, thank Kyle and indeed everyone else who has put forth their accounts and their experiences and to say to anyone who is looking to join EN – think long and hard about joining and weigh up everything as best as possible. Especially from reading what Kyle has talked about with regards to what you are actually getting compared to what WA offer. And no, I’m not a member of WA although I may well take a look sometime 🙂

      I can’t tell you how great it feels to have got out of that cult (and make no mistake, it IS a cult). The owners even laughingly refer to people calling it cultish, but it is. I’ve seen how people talk about them and write about them with unwavering enthusiasm and love, yet if you ask them how they are doing financially and if they get the proper help and training and support they need from their sponsors and associates, the reality is much different from the fantasy they paint. There ARE people who are killing it with EN but there are are even MORE who aren’t even covering their basic membership ONCE let alone every month. I liken my experience with EN to standing an inch away in front of a picture and then taking a step back and then another and then another until I can see the whole thing for what it is. And frankly, I don’t really like what I see at all.

      *inhales deeply Ahhhhhhhh! Feels so good to be me again 🙂

      Peace and best of luck and success to you all and if you’re in EN and doing well? Hats off to you. I just hope that if EN is ever exposed for what it looks like to be and that it all comes crashing down, I just hope you don’t lose out TOO much. There are some great members in this program and some who I am proud to call good friends of mine after all.


      P.S. Btw, I’m not sure if I am allowed to post links in here but if I am, check out a great video review by a former all in member about why he not only left EN, but also why he believe it to be dangerous too:


      • andrez

        EN has no real value. They are also quick at receiving payment from subscribers but when comes to paying out commission, it takes ages and they actually eat up the commission with holding period, processing fees, rejection fees etc. What you will receive is only probably at most 60-70% of your entitled commission. EN is just a SCAM.

      • Carol

        Thanks for your post Steve, I am sure your experience will help many. Glad you are back to feeling yourself and you are a talented writer in my humble opinion. All the best to you!

        • Steve Thomas

          Hey Carol, thanks very much for the compliment, much appreciated!

          I really didn’t mean to go on for so long, but I guess it had built up a lot over the many months and every day that I’m out of that crap-fest, the more ‘normal’ and reasoned I feel again! 😀

  54. jocelyn

    Hey Kyle, this post made me smile (and laugh) because I was once a victim of empower scam. Their program is quite expensive and after I joined them, nobody was teaching me just what to do to make money. They just squeezed cash from me! The first time I logged into my personal empower network blog, I was shocked to see that it’s just another wordpress blog with a seo-optimizing widget and nothing more. And so, I said to myself, “Is this what I am getting from my cash? Hey, I can just have this simple platform for my personal WordPress blog without joining EN and have the least overhead possible.”

    • Kyle

      You can get much better, much more powerful, and websites that give you control to promote whatever you like for FREE! Also the EN blogs as you likely found are geared towards promoting Empower. If you wanted to promote your own niche or take an idea of yours online, think again. If you are in Empower and not promoting Empower, you are not going to be treated well…that is the only reason this scheme continues.

      People join the opportunity for the purpose of promoting the opportunity to others (although they are unaware of this when they join). The more people you can take money from, the better you do.

  55. Sarah

    I just reported these fools to the FTC and I hope others will follow me in my attempt to bring this epic scam down. My story with them is probably the same as most people, but since you got a good discussion going on here I thought I would offer my thoughts.

    First, I joined with the intention of spending the $25 they claimed would get me rolling. Never once was I told about what I was getting into.

    Well, silly me, this was followed by an additional 19 per month, $100 per month, $5,000 one time because out of a senseless act, they told me that if I didn’t buy all the stuff I didn’t love my family. This is how they get you to buy stuff also known as going ‘all in’.

    I am a single mom and this hurt to the core. When someone tells you that you don’t love your family, I started crying…I felt guilty, I spent money that I should have been spending on my daughter. I feel like horrible person for doing this, but Empower network seems to take normal people and someone turn them into horrible ones. I didn’t like who I as becoming. I found myself trying to recruit my friends into this just so I could make a buck.

    well…I am just waiting on my credit card company to see if I can get this money back from Empower Network. They can give me my money back for the motivational products they shoved down my throat.

    A few other things that you should know about this program:

    *They owners have been caught in a lie about their stories of rags to riches to sell the program. They weren’t poor. You will notice they never talk about their product within their marketing, because they are bogus.

    *Several of the top sponsors have criminal records for fraud. How appropriate. I got ripped off personally by Vick in the past.

    *The owner cheated on his wife and got another girl pregnant and is now with that girl. He brags about it. To a single mom like me, I find this so disgusting.

    *Their top sponsors all met and had a secret agreement before the program even started.

    *Recently some top affiliates have been calling out the David’s for stealing affiliate income.

    I don’t want to use more words than I should here so I will end it. I have been taken by this company and you should read what everyone is saying here about them.

    PS. Report them to the FTC if you have had a negative experience with this program.


    Please post this too Kyle, I want people to know my story.


    • Kyle

      So sorry to hear about you and even more so about the fact that they used the “you don’t love your family” approach. It is usually that one or they call you a wussy and worthless if you don’t buy into their program.

      I am even more sorry that you ended up feeling bad about yourself as a result. You sound like a wonderful person and I am glad you came to your senses here and it sounds like you have turned a corner. I appreciate you bringing your story to the attention of others here within my EN review so they can make a more educated decision based off of others experiences.

      I wish you all the best and if you ever need a hand getting things headed in the right direction (in respect to an online business) I would be more than happy to help you out for free.

    • Sade

      I was on there as an affiliate and you all are right, when your not making your sponsors any money your so called support system fall thru the cracks. They had me convinced that I can promote the business I already within EN and before I knew it, I was no longer promoting my previous business I was forced into promoting EN and getting NO WHERE FAST!

      I signed up one guy from Chicago and I felt really awful about it because I really had no idea what I was trying to convince him to buy I just new that he should buy it until I just couldn’t do any longer. So that was my only and I convinced him to cancel and get his money back which he did.

      Now my problem is the card I registered with EN no longer works and they’re saying my account is in “shut down status” I shouldn’t have anything to worry about right??? They can’t get anything from the card, or hopefully have some magically way to bill me.

      • Kyle

        It sounds like you are a grounded individual Sade, unfortunately for every person out there like you that “feels bad” about ripping others off, there is a vulture within EN that continues to generate revenue by convincing others that if they buy $5,000 worth of info products their life is going to magically change.

        Sorry to hear that you got into this program with the intention to promote your own business with no luck. The program at EN is about promoting EN to others, that is it. If you don’t, you are going to hear about it from your sponsors or get no support as you suggestions. If you ever need a hand with your current business, I would be more than happy to help you out and get you rolling in the right direction for no cost Sade.

        Thanks for sharing your story and I wish you nothing but success going forward. You deserve it!

        PS. If your credit card no longer works, you have nothing to worry about (thankfully)

  56. Donnie

    Hey Kyle,

    I just spent about an hour reading your post on EN and then all the comments. I’m furious. I was lured into this program several…manipulated and taken advantage of…I am so disgusted they are still ripping folks off.

    They have some new thing coming out that is going to be pushing more overpriced products, if you thought that their $3,500 course was ridiculous, just wait…

    Thanks for bringing exposure to a program than needs to be rid from the Internet forever.

    • Kyle

      More expensive products…just as people thought they were done spending at $5,000 + $145 per month with Empower, they are looking into more ways to make money off of them through overpriced information.

      Sorry to hear about your situation Donnie, you are not alone but you have better days ahead now that you are free of a program that appears to only have “making more money” as their key interest.

  57. Ruben Chez

    I received an email from one of the members from Empowerment and his email sounded to good to be true. I replied and asked him what was the nature of the business. He then when on and explaining how much money I will be making. I replied and told him I don’t understand the business and I’m not looking to get scammed. He replied and stated “how I would like to be called a scammer if I had a business”. He got so upset and told me to stop wasting his time. I like how I’m suppose to be recruited and I’m wasting his time for asking him questions (LOL). That’s how I found WA and it’s been a good experience.

  58. rod

    Can someone give me contact details for these scammers, They are taking money out of my bank and to contact them you need to go through their support page which I can not enter because the details they gave me do not work, HELP.

    • Kyle

      You can get in touch of their refund team on their website, worst case scenario, you contact your credit card company/bank and let them know that there are payments that need to be stopped/refunded.

      Sorry you are having such issues with this, but I absolutely know you are not alone. Folks trying to quit Empower Network continue to complain about their cancellation policies and the unethical way they treat people that try to get out of their cult.

  59. Eric

    Kyle, i am indebted to you bro for saving me a pile of auto-billed money and frustration and disappointment. many thanks, i almost bought into much of the Empower scam before i started reading more about it and digging a little deeper, then you really need to put your high boots on. thanks again

  60. giludi

    Let’s be honest: “You can make money, and even a lot by empower networking” but you can also make money by bank robbery, if your ethic code is so low you can do a lot of money in stealing and cheating your friends, your community and unknown people. That is what most folks are unknowingly doing within Empower Network and it is unfortunate.

    • JayP

      That is exactly it!! Damn I hate this program and the fools that are running it. I got ripped out of 5 f’in thousand bucks money that I will never be able to reclaim.

      Can you believe they told me I didn’t love my family unless I bought all their products. That somehow made me guilty and I ended up buying their overpriced info and videos.

      EN is robbing people out of money and it has to stop. If you have been ripped off like me please spend a minute and report it to the FTC. This program needs to be brought down for their full on pyramid scheme.


  61. TomK

    After being bombarded by 5 different marketers hyping “amazing” results, against my better judgement, I finally broke down and signed up… I got out 3 weeks later after I’ve wasted lots of time listening to same lying pitches and not finding any real value anywhere inside the membership… I’ll say more: I’ll stay away from buying anything from marketers who promoted EN. IMO, no one with integrity would want to promote junk just to cover their losses from someone else’s pockets.

    • Kyle

      I absolutely agree with you Tom. You cannot trust the future behaviour of someone that is currently trying to rob people and that is exactly what is happening here. I know that many people have and continue to bring to my attention that the top affiliate (Vick) is a convicted felon for insurance fraud. If that is not telling about what type of program this is and the kind of people that are involved, I don’t know what is.

      If you ever need a hand creating a REAL business online I would be more than happy to help you out Tom. There are real services out there that do care about something other than just their bottom line (ie, helping people).

      • Janet

        I foolishly got in last month – luckily only up to the inner circle level. I wanted to cancel before my renewal date and hunted for over an hour. Finally found one place under my account, then affiliate status. I clicked on cancel and it showed up on the affiliate status page when I canceled. I thought I had done what I needed to do but yesterday when checking my bank account I saw that another $125 had been taken out. I filled out a complaint “ticket” and got a response today that basically told me I was stupid. She told me all I had done was cancel my affiliate program but hadn’t canceled my subscriptions so “of course my billing cycle continued.” She told me that because I hadn’t made a phone call or submitted a ticket that she could not refund me my money but that she had unsubscribed me and (supposedly) I would not be charged again. Then she told me to “have a wonderful day!” So, if you still have access to your account, click on your name at the top right hand side of their page, go down to support, login and fill out a “ticket” requesting all of your subscriptions be canceled. I would also mention canceling your affiliate status but I would also go in under My Account under your name and click on affiliate and then cancel your affiliate status there, too. But make sure you fill out a ticket!! I replied to them that it shouldn’t be a game of hide and seek to be able to cancel!

        • Kyle

          Ouch, sorry to hear about the frustration Janet. You are not the first to complain about the difficult of cancelling your payments once you get sucked into to the myriad of upsells within this system. When you do have a recurring membership it is one’s responsibility to cancel, but if they make it difficult and confusing to cancel they should definitely honour that fact if your payment lapses. Bad business all around and worst case scenario (if you don’t get anything back) you can touch base with your credit card company.

  62. r0manas

    Thanks for the blog post Kyle. I’m 100% sure that this post literally SAVED bunch of people (including myself) from even trying the ’25$ package’. I have heard some good things about this program but so many more bad things from past members.

    I’ve registered @WA and hope that I really can create successful online business. Thought I don’t have much free time now, I’ll still try my best. ^^

    Thanks again!


  63. Arman

    All the negative feedback here is right on par with what I have experienced at EN. Your sponsor only likes you if you go all in which means spending $1,000’s and the Dave’s are rude and condescending. If you want to be part of pyramid program then EN is def one. Not legitimate at all and I am requesting my money back from their website.

    • Kyle

      You wouldn’t believe how many people have contacted me with sad stories how they have been pressured out of their “rent” or out of money that could have been used for their kids Christmas presents just so they could go all in. To me this is a selfish on both parties, but when you have sponsors of a program like this telling you that you have to go all-in or you hate your family (that is one of the lines that they have used), people do some pretty radical things.

  64. Anonymous

    Well the truth is that some mlm companies are good and some are bad.

    The good ones have more customers than sellers…but the product is most of the time something someone can hold in their hands or eat ect. I just wanna toss that out there, to let people know that not all mlm companies are bad..you just have to know which ones to join.

    I too tried EN and being an online marketer and knowing seo. I didn’t see the value in it as I could just get a free wordpress blog or a blogger blog for free. I also noticed that a lot of places online have banished EN.

    My upline was of no use and would only come around when it was time to pay again…which bothered me because I’d rather you leave me alone and let me do my thing before you come bothering when it is time to pay..like bill collectors…

    I signed up a few people in EN before I understood how they pay you and you miss out on some of your sales unless you pay a bunch of money to get paid on all of them. The extra charge for their wallet system was not mentioned to me until after I just paid to signup…should have known about this B.S. then.

    Then you would figure I would have known better to listen to a guy with his shirt off half of the time calling everyone a wussy.

    EN didn’t teach me anything I didn’t already know about online marketing, so it really isn’t for the advance nor is it for the starter because they will not explain anything to you until you pay more then what people working a regular job 9 to 5 make.

    Being in this industry for awhile I had a feeling about this and would not shove out anymore money until I understood how this works. Turns out they don’t care and won’t tell you nothing until you kick 10k at them.

    I took the time to understand the pay structure by myself 5 hours later I understood how it worked inside and out.

    I canceled the whole dam thing and took the other people with me to another mlm business where we are all having success now because we have products that customers really like and are buying.

    Lesson learned real actual products = real business.

    Furthermore I am not in Kyles program, but I haven’t seen anything bad about it yet. I would welcome you all to join mine, but that would be spamming Kyles blog and I don’t do that.

    Thanks for making such well wrote out blog post for everyone to leave their EN story at.

    Much Regards!


  65. Jonathan Platts

    Hi Kyle,
    I agree with you that Empower Network is full of arrogant fools who just want to look after number 1. However, I did want to offer a slightly different view on this to balance out the debate a little.

    I’ve been an internet marketer for over 2 years now and I’ve been a member of ALL the products you recommend on this site. They are all quite good, but actually, it wasn’t until I joined EN that I started to actually make serious money online.


    Because I was lucky enough to have a passionate sponsor who taught me everything there is to know about traffic generation and conversion. I’m not talking about video courses and ebooks, I’m talking about skype and telephone support and valuable shared resources.

    The point I want to make is that the team you join within EN is absolutely crucial. People should only join a team where they have a solid commitment to get 1-1 support and any additional training they might need.

    For me, it has been the best education I’ve ever had, but for many, you are left alone to push products you don’t understand and don’t know how to sell, which is I find very sad and is no doubt why you feel this product is a scam.

    Anyway, I hope this information is helpful to you and your readers 🙂

    • Kyle

      Lots of companies have paid out millions and turned out to be some of the biggest scams of all time. Look at Zeek Rewards (which by the way many of those affiliates are now involved with EN) and they had sucked $400 million out of folks. Look at Bernie Madoff…billions of dollars. Look at Enron…billions.

      Guess where those millions of dollars are coming from. The people that are joining in at the bottom levels of the greater pyramid. Enuff said.

      • Denis

        I have watched many videos, seen many caption pages regarding Empower Network over these past few months. I got an email tonight from one of their elves and I put in my email address and watched the video. The thing that sounded exciting, was the whole iPas program. I mean, I hate selling and this would have been a great way for me to have an online business but have a company do the follow up on my leads I generate through advertising.

        I am not even sure how I found this site, I think I googled Empower Network really quickly…but I was just about to order the $25 dollar per month package and then the $19 dollar package…I was reaching for my credit card when I started to read through these scam reviews. All I can say is, wow! I don’t like to judge a book by its cover, but I did find the one dude a little shady in the videos from months back…(trying not be be judgmental)

        All I can say is, I have obviously decided to NOT order the product and become affiliated with Empower Network. Thanks to this website. I don’t do, unethical. I was part of Zeek Rewards and it shut down before I made a penny. I’m not interested in another train wreck.

        If anybody has any online business opportunity that is honest and can actually make me money and help out the customer…I would love to know about it!


        • Kyle

          The thing is Denis, your $25 + $19 per month was just the start of the expenses in this program. You were going to get into the back end only to find that your so called “sponsor” will then push you hard to go all in. This means investing another $100 per month in the inner circle and then $5,000 within the one time courses in the program….not to mention attend all of the conferences they run all over the US.

          You are looking at over $10,000 per year when all is said and done if you don’t want to “be a wussy” or “you love your family”…two of the main things they say to you if you don’t BUY BUY BUY.

          If you want help from me personally and you want to learn the proper way to build a business online (in any niche you like), I would be more than happy to work with you. J

    • Jonny

      Bernie Madoff also paid out millions to his investors. Enough said! Besides, Google, Facebook, PayPal, and other bank payment processors also deemed EN as scams.

  66. henry gray

    Wow…I was seriously thinking of joining them because one of them is supposed to be a christian…I friended her on facebook and decided to watch how successful she was doing..plus i wanted to see the feedback in her posts and your right..there is no product..and your right it seems like a pyramid scheme..so thank u for the additional information,and the piles of disgruntled people,You have persuaded me not to join empower network..much thanks

  67. Rose Mendoza

    I DON’T BELIEVE IS A SCAM AT ALL… The marketing program from Basic to Master should cost more than what it cost now…I would charge $10,000 for some of this stuff if I could. I mean, the more I can sell this stuff to people the more money I make. Too much value and many important things you do not know and that even if you knew it you would never get to teach it like them… 🙂

    Sorry for your unhappy life being a hater, and happy that you are not in Empower Network… 🙂 You giving Empower Network such a big rating and the more people read the comments of people disagree on your words it helps many keep coming. We don’t need Wussies like you or the other bottom feeders that have commented here within Empower. 🙂

    • Kyle

      Rose, I am sorry that you feel that you should be selling “information” products for $5,000 (or as you wish, $10,000). That is completely ridiculous and the only reason you can convince yourself that this is even remotely ethical is because you are making money off of people that haven’t a clue in the process. These poor people that you are ripping off.

      Did you know that you can get better blogs that the “Blog Beast” you are selling for FREE. Empower is charging $25 per month for this.
      Did you know that NO affiliate program ever charges folks to be part of their program. Empower does, $19.99 per month.
      Did you know that you can get superior training online for 19 years for the same price that people are going ALL IN? Didn’t think so.

      So perhaps you should look in the mirror and ask yourself, “am I in this for the right reason…to make money, or to actually help people.” I think if you have an ounce of ethics you would come out of this conversation realizing that you are acting in a very unethical way and you are simply in it to take money from unsuspecting folks…you could care less about actually helping them.

      Some of us would rather help the old lady putting groceries in her vehicle, it sounds like you would rather steal them.

    • Harry

      “the products should cost more than what they are”

      “your a wussy for not joining”

      “I dont believe it is a scam”

      “your a hater”

      Rose, all these things prove how low of an IQ you have and how your so brainwashed by the biggest scam artists (both daves) of the century.

      Your silly little phrases crack me up because I already know just how unsuccessful your going to end up being in empower network talking like your the most successful marketer and trying to talk down on long time veterans like Kyle who have been in this industry longer than you know.

  68. Linda

    I realize that it’s too late to get my money back on it, but how could I cancel it? I don’t want to pay a steep price per month.

    • Kyle

      You should be able to do this within your back-office Linda and if you cannot get a refund this way, then you will want to contact your credit card company. That is the typical protocol when cancelling any online. Try doing it through their service, if they are being difficult about it, then contact your credit card company.

      • kobayashi

        Great site Kyle! Love the reviews! I can’t believe the FTC has not shut down Empower Network by now. This company is selling a blog for $25 a month with a bunch of fluff to make it look like real products. People are spending a little over 5K on this crap when it’s all said and done. This is all without marketing too. WordPress, Tumblr are FREE! Wake up people! This is sad. So many hardworking people’s money is being taken by these con artists. They are looking for suckers. Don’t be one of them!

    • kobayashi

      Linda, just call your credit card company like Kyle says. Also, I hear you can usually get your money back from scams like this by telling your credit card company it was fraud.

    • Dominic

      What a small world. I just canceled my EN account 1 month ago. It was easy, you can cancel a lot of it through your profile/account page, but be sure to call to confirm you cancelation. You have to call Aweber to cancel with them by phone only. I was with them for 3 months earn “0” paid out $350, for my membership. Tried to post their instant, not so badass site. Facebook and craigslist rejected every post. So I went ahead and made my own sites with other domains and FB/CL still rejected them..BS system with over spammed tools.

  69. bob jones

    I worked for this company (Empower Network) and believe me they are a complete scam not only do the owners not live in the United States for fear of arrest. I called many people about this program trying to recruit them I had the phone slammed down on me 100’s of times. Many people had already heard about this scam.

    Stay far away from these scam artists.

  70. Kyle,

    Thanks much for your post. I have seen other posts revealing what is really going within this scam. Yours is best I have seen so far.
    Keep up the good work. The owners have really fooled a lot of people and have done a good job of brainwashing such a large crowd of followers. It reminds me of Charlie Manson or something.

    They learned how to take your money and put it into their accounts, the premise of the entire pyrmaid being operated at Empower Network.


    • Kyle

      Yeah, there is definitely a cult like mentality. You wouldn’t believe some of the horrible things sponsors are doing to “earn” money off of the so called people they are helping. People are losing out $10,000’s in some cases to this program, money that could have actually been used to create an ethical business online.

  71. Leethal

    Sigh. I’m a full-time ghost writer. It’s my job to write whatever my clients ask for. Sometimes it’s blog posts. Sometimes it’s highly-researched articles. Sometimes it’s sales copy. Often it’s press releases and very regularly it includes ebooks too.

    I have three different clients, all unrelated, all recently sucked into this scam. It’s my job to write their hypey blog posts. It’s my job to write convincing sales copy to get people to join right now! It’s my job to write the ebooks they give away (or one of them sells), touting why this is such a good opportunity and why everyone should join right now! It’s my job to make the whole scam sound amazingly, jaw-droppingly awesome.

    Yet here I am leaving a comment on your review.

    I think this is because in the tens of thousands of words I’ve ghost-written on the subject, I’ve always known it reeks of pyramid scam. One of my clients secretly gave me access to the “training” videos so I could write about how awesome they are for him. I’ll never get those wasted hours of my life back, sadly. I’ve always hated the orders that arrive for EN topics. I seriously hate that my job requires me to make such a blatant rip-off sound so awesome.

    Yes, I’m partially to blame for so many people getting sucked into the hype. Yes, it’s my awesome writing that makes them want to join immediately. It’s the cleverly worded sales gimmick thing at work that makes people overlook the scammy bits and makes them see dollar signs before their eyes.

    I feel awful about it. I wish I could make my clients see what they’re doing, but I never do it. I wish I could write on their blog posts “just don’t do it”. But I don’t. Ghost-writing is how I pay my mortgage. I have no control over what my clients order from me. I do have control over which clients I work with though.

    On the bright side, it’s not just the EN fees those clients are paying every month. My writing services aren’t exactly cheap, so they’re paying out those costs every month too. The only person they’re making richer in that event is ME!! (I actually like that bit – I just hate writing about EN)

    So I just wanted to say thank you for posting this review. I really hope more people read this before jumping onto the Empower Network scam/hype bandwagon. More importantly, I hope more people promote this particular review to help others avoid being sucked in by the evils of my own sales copy.

    • Kyle

      Leethal, it sounds like you are in quite a predicament and I would like to make you an offer. I want to help you get out of the world of “ghost writing” and into the world of creating and growing your own business. I want to get you rolling for FREE as well. Do we have deal?

      The only thing worse than doing something that you don’t believe in is doing it for someone else (and letting them do it to others). I know you have much more potential than that and I can instantly tell that you can take your existing skills and build out a very successful company through the training and support you will get over at WA.

  72. JayP

    I keep hearing about something called blog beast coming on October 11 don’t know if anyone has heard of it. Apparently they are saying it is going to be the next facebook or something of the internet.

    They said it will be mobile blogging and allow you to add videos from your phone. Is this helpful? Also something about conversion tracking.

    Has anyone heard of this I would love to hear your thoughts.?

    • Kyle

      I will provide a bigger update on Blog Beast and provide a full review once it is fully rolled out, but mobile blogging is not a good idea nor is it beneficial. Why would you blog from your phone when you could accomplish 20x more in the same amount of time from a proper computer. It simply doesn’t make sense. Yes, people digest information on their phone, but no blogger “creates their content” from a phone.

      Also from what I have seen, it is a very LIMITED version of a website. They all have the same website template and they all have Empower Network branding on them. If you are planning on using the blog beast platform to promote anything other than Empower, you are going to be out of luck as they are low grade, salesy websites.

  73. Zoe Grace

    Wow, I was trying to explain what EN was to a friend of mine telling him that I was going to try them out until Christmas and if nothing happened by then I would opt-out. He found this write-up and simply said read this and get out NOW! Now that I’ve read your article and most of the comments I’m convinced that I need to break out of the “inner circle” asap!

    Just last week EN had a webinar/hangout and like you said it was a complete “rah rah” session (my exact words to my unsuspecting friend that told me about it.) The top people droned on and on about their story from rags to riches not talking about the tools of the trade at all. I should have known better when my friend set up a conference call with her “mentor” and he stood us both up, and when she tried to get him to talk to another friend of hers to explain how EN would help her with her own business he told her to just get her to join in on the $25 level.

    If I had half a brain I should have bailed back then.

    I just really wanted to believe that EN would work for me and my bf. And you’re right that wuss bs is their claim to fame, or saying things like you really have to “Believe” and work hard that “ANYONE” can make a great deal of cash with EN. You just have get “ALL IN” and take a chance. NOOOOOT! No, you don’t get one on one support, oh and the blog? Here’s a good one! EN tells you that all you have to do is set up your blog and “leave the rest to us.”

    So when my bf did some blogging and couldn’t understand why no one commented. I asked if EN linked her blog up to fb, twitter, whatnot so she would get traffic. She said she didn’t know, so she asked her mentor and he said that she would have to do it. Basically, that he wasn’t there to “hold her hand!”

    I still don’t know what “leave the rest to us” means, and at this point I don’t care. I’m out! I’m going back to my original plan with WordPress and do the premium thing for $99 a year, instead of $120 a month and call it a lesson well learned. Thanx for this:)

    • Kyle

      Just blog and the rest is taken care of for you? That is a bizarre approach to creating a business and one that is missing all of the “fundamentals”. The reason this is the approach is because if you really “knew” the purpose of your blog, then you wouldn’t be a member. It has no purpose. It is simply used as “bait” to get you in the door and for you to promote other people into the very same system.

      The blogs don’t rank, they don’t get mass “traffic” (or even trickle traffic), and they are built in a way that is only conducive of promoting Empower Network. If you wanted to promote something within your own niche, then you would be out of luck because you have “becoming rich” branding riddled throughout your site. Also, you hear many touting “Alexa” rank as some sort of metric that determines search engine viability. This has nothing to do with rank nor is it a good gauge for website traffic. If anyone had a clue about Alexa, they would realize that this is unrelated.

      If you want a WordPress website and want to get your own niche up and running for free, I suggest you check out the website building platform at WA. You get two websites free, much more cost efficient than $120 per month! There are also services like weebly.com, wordpress.org, and wix.com where you can get websites for completely free.

  74. Colly

    I’ve just started my own wordpress blog for fun. The 3rd person who ‘followed’ me was this weasle from Empower Network, Julian Sherman. The thing about WP is that when someone follows you, you get a notification and you’re excited and want to see who likes your blog, so you check them out! Sneaky, slimy buggers over at EN spamming other people.

  75. Lindsey

    THANK YOU! I have a friend that has been trying to get me to do this and I couldnt figure out how you make money so I Google about them and bam here you are!! THANK YOU!!

    • Kyle

      Your “friend” is trying to get you to join so they can take money from your bank and put it into theirs. That is what you will be taught when you join the program. Your friend may not be such a great friend afterall…

    • Kyle

      A lot of hype about a limited “blogging” platform. There are much better platforms out there and the “$3 million” that is being touted as the investment is nothing compared to the BILLIONS that have been invested into platforms like WordPress. I honestly would recommend that if you want a quality, niche website, you choose a WordPress one and one that is not filled with “branding”. You can get up and running with a WordPress website through my Build a Website page here and literally have your own niche website in 10 minutes from now (for completely free).

  76. Lubano Lim

    Hi Kyle,

    I almost wanted to join Empower Network a few months ago because I was on a list of a marketer whom I trust. He was promoting this program saying how much money he has made using the methods taught in Empower Network.

    But somehow, I just feel uncomfortable about it. So in the end, I didn’t join the program because it is definitely not a program that I will feel comfortable in promoting.

    • Kyle

      You always have to feel comfortable with your decisions. If something makes you feel uneasy, chances are there is a reason why and you should listen to your instinct Lubano.

  77. Jack hoff

    You all are idiots. You dont know hat EN offers cause uour a bunch of broke, pathetic individuals who are listening to a guy who is encouraging you to buy his products on the back end of slamming EN. EN’s blog is to help you market your personal business. Ya’ll aren’t creative or smart enough to create a business so your stupid asses expect to join a “scheme” and 3 clicks and you make money and when your still broke you bitch. You prolly work at burger king where you have a general manger, district manager, store manager, team leaders, low level. Sounds like a pyramid scam to me too. Ignorant ass people.

    • Kyle

      Well said Jack, you are just about as classy as all of the other folks from Empower that leave comments here. The difference with Burger King and Empower is that Burger King sells “burgers” to whomever wants a burger (business to customer transaction). Empower Networks sells people into a scheme…and yes, you have to be part of the scheme in order to sell others into the scheme and then so on. If you don’t think this program is in the shape of a pyramid, you may want to brush up on your geometry.

      Sounds like you may be the ignorant one, they have definitely pulled the wool over your eyes.

      • randy

        HaHaHa, it is the psychology behind it, they call people who don’t join wussies to get the real wussies to join, see how emotional they get?

    • Sandy

      So folks, if we are allowed to Blog about any program other than EN why did we all lose all our hours of customization when the new BEAST was released. When I asked my upline, his answer was shut up and sell more EN. Totally true story, this is what he said. No one at En has addressed my question about my customizations being lost forever. If they were a true blogging platform you can use to sell whatever you like, it might be a legitimate business model. I have owned a national network marketing company, am a freelance writer and have been a successful business owner for 20 years. No I don’t work at burger king and I can spell as well as not feel the need to have a foul mouth to show my ignorance. Let’s help others not lose their money to a business model that doesn’t really hold water.

  78. Cale

    I’ve had several friends try to suck me into this scam that had red flags galore from the start. Your article confirmed my gut feeling about it all. Needless to say, I no longer have a sense of security around these people now knowing they are indirectly thieves stealing from the gullible.

    I can’t help but think of scams like this as dealing with a casino. There’s no actual product, just being sold on the ideology that you can be a winner too. The house “the Dave’s” have their house rake of any game in the place to make their money and that will always be there. The players “marketers” who win and are profiting are actually just exchanging the losses the other players sacrificed. It may be all sunshine and happiness for those in the profit for now, but play long enough everyone goes broke and the house always wins.

    • Kyle

      Sounds like you completely understand what is going on Cale and I do think that your casino analogy is accurate. The winning players are absolutely winning at the cost of other players losing. That is how the model works. They are not winning by offering a service that is allowing others to win, if that was the case they wouldn’t need to have a pyramid style structure to their program.

  79. Peter Rush

    Wow, Kyle, this is the best write-up I’ve found on this truly evil empire. I joined at $25 level, and upped to $100, in the spring, based on believing that the “products” (“training” videos) were what I was told they were–useful tools in promoting ANY business (tools that truly would do this would be worth $100 a month, at least for a few months). When I realized that they were nothing but hype for going all in, as were all of the webinars, I got out after a month, since without valuable products, it was an obvious pyramid scheme.

    The tragedy is how many desperate people are being sucked into this. First of all, you didn’t make this point, but I’m sure you will agree, that it has succeeded in morphing into a true cult (think Scientology), where people are brainwashed into believing that this is great, and which makes them impervious to hearing reason. That makes them so dangerous, because true believers can be very convincing in coaxing other people into ignoring their reservations (wow, if this person is so positive, it simply MUST be a good program).

    All of which makes me feel really sad, and furious, at the PR blitz that is becoming a loud roar across the internet, of the coming of “the Beast,” a supposedly way more effective set of marketing tools to promote EN. Yikes, how many more poor suckers will be robbed blind and brainwashed into the bargain, by this “upgrade” to this evil scheme. Oh, and along with the cult aspect is, so I’ve heard, the likelihood that people who speak out who are not in EN have the risk of being sued for defamation, or otherwise harassed (forget the pressure that will descend on a member saying such things).

    Oh, and one more nasty consequence of the above is that once people who’ve been suckered in recruit their first person, they become complicit in the crime, and so psychologically need to justify what they’ve done to their recruit, which hardens them against coming to their senses, and strengthens the brainwashing. It’s like gangs that force members to commit crimes, so they can never leave the gang.

    Kyle, do you know enough people with “clout” on the internet, to try to mount some sort of equivalent to a PSA (Public Service Announcement) for people to beware of EN, to get enough respected internet voices to caution people to be aware that if they join, they are joining a money scheme, not a legitimate money-making program. I hate sitting by helplessly while the “beast” swindles people. Isn’t there anything we can do?

    Thanks, Kyle, for this website and this post. Truly a public service.
    I will check out Wealth Affiliate.

    • Jan Olsen

      Kyle did you have a response for Peter Rush’s closing questions? see below…

      “Kyle, do you know enough people with “clout” on the internet, to try to mount some sort of equivalent to a PSA (Public Service Announcement) for people to beware of EN, to get enough respected internet voices to caution people to be aware that if they join, they are joining a money scheme, not a legitimate money-making program. I hate sitting by helplessly while the “beast” swindles people. Isn’t there anything we can do?”

      Just interested?
      thanks again for your efforts

      • Kyle

        I know a lot of people industry yes, but I would rather focus my efforts on helping other people out. In other words, instead of ridding the bad, I would rather invest my energies into emphasizing and building on the good. This blog is my way of getting the word out and allowing people to discuss programs and ideologies in this manner and this is the medium for this.

        There will always be people out there that are in the business of taking money…it happens within EVERY industry, not just the Internet business world. There are many ways that people can leverage the Internet to build a stable and in many cases, very lucrative business and it will always remain my focus to help folks accomplish this Jan.

    • randy

      You need to file a complaint with the FTC at FTC.gov, if nobody complains nothing will be done, there is no crime until someone reports it, I am a PI, I know these things

  80. Marian

    Just had the empower network receipt for $259.49 which I have not authorised. The email at the bottom is false. Glad I found your site to see I was not the only one.

  81. steve

    I bought into their program for $25 and then began to smell the rotting flesh of greed of the owners. My upline was the guy who promotes EMPOWER NETWORK UNIVERSITY and there was totally no help and a rude rub off when I requested for help. Reporting on the internet is of no use. Some one in the USA should complaint to the FBI and interpol and the owners can be crucified and cremated for good and their souls sent to hell. The owners are probably fathered outside the wedlock. Bastards.

  82. Charles Stewart

    Thank you Kyle for bringing clarity to this “opportunity.”

    I appreciate people like you very much.

    To your continued success,
    Charles Stewart

  83. Lisa Vargas

    Wow!! I’m glad I googled!! I was just curious about this because I kept getting Facebook suggestions for people who are a part of the scheme. It’s really annoying!!! I report the pages, but there just seems to be no end. It’s disappointing that they are taking advantage of people who are trying to improve themselves and their lives. I think these suggestions were triggered after looking into law of attraction pages. I think the law of attraction is very real, and it’s unfortunate that the Empower Network has come up eventually! Thank you for your review Kyle!!!!

    • Kyle

      That is how “those” people are making money. They rely on you joining the scheme in their downline and then they teach you to implement the same “spammy” promotional techniques like they are doing. That is how the business (if you want to call it that) model works and to make money in Empower, you have to promote Empower.

  84. Mahogany Mathews

    Is there any way i can get my 25.00 dollars back? i was going through with the program until the said pay 100.00 after i just paid my 25.00. the only reason i paid the 25.00 dollars was because they said thats all i needed to get started and thats not right. so im very upset and i just want them to refund my money back to card.Can someone please help me?

    • Kyle

      This is the “smoke and mirrors” approach that ticks off a lot of people. They say $25 per month to run a business, but that is just the start of the upsells and as you found out you need to pay anther $100 per month on top of this right away to be part of the inner circle, $19.95 per month for their affiliate program. Before you can even blink you are paying $144.95 per month. Not exactly the $25 promise given to you on their sales page. Slime ball marketing.

      You can try getting a refund through their page but you can always contact your credit card company if you have any issues with getting help with things like this. I am sorry you ran into this Mahongany and if you need any help with getting a real business up and running online in the future, I would be more than happy to help you out.

  85. Carol Bastida

    My introduction to EN was an email with the subject heading “Receipt for my authorized payment of $159.49. This was alarming since I had no memory of any such transaction. I was reluctant to even open the email, but thought I’d better see what this was all about – hoping that my antivirus program would protect my computer. The actual email gave a lengthy transaction number, but still didn’t provide actual purchased product info. There was a button called details, however, which upon clicking landed me on an Empower Network promotional site. The tactics this affiliate used to direct me to viewing the site were so underhanded and misleading that there was no way I would want such a person as a sponsor and I didn’t check out the information there. I was curious though as to whether this was a reputable business opportunity, which perhaps unfortunately had an affiliate lacking integrity, so did a search and checked out your site. Now I’m glad that I was approached in such a manner that there was no temptation to join under this individual, providing me the opportunity to investigate further. Thanks for sharing the EN information.

    • Kyle

      Trust me, if you think that is shady then just wait until what happens once you get inside. You are going to be belittled into investing $5,000+ into their programs and if you don’t, you will be shamed and called a wussy. That is what is really going on and you are mislead right from the get go into thinking that this program is $25 per month…when in actuality, you are going to be thrown to the sharks and will end up spending $1,000’s more once inside…that is if you want the respect of your sponsor.

  86. Kellie

    I’m glad I came across this. I was trying to work out what the hell they were talking about. Their videos are low quality and made me think they were shonky. Thanks for clearing the air. Now I know what I wasn’t missing out on. I didn’t plan on going ahead with it, just trying to find out what the product was. Now I know why I couldn’t find one, there is none. The perfect Pyramid Scheme that gives REAL MLM companies a name they don’t deserve.People like that should be banned from the internet.

    • Kyle

      It is a true sign that you may be dealing with a scam (from all my experience) if a company does not tell you exactly what you are getting when you join and what the “extra” costs will be. There are too many companies selling people on the “broke to rich” videos without letting them know what their product actually is. This should be a definite red flag!

      • Jan Olsen

        Wow that’s where I got stuck, in all the early hype of continuous emails. They followed me on twitter, no I have several others following me???? I couldn’t find out really what the product is either?? For me I had to watch almost two hours of emails, blogs, videos and my potential sponsor introduction was so low class it was scary before I found your site.
        I’m just glad I didn’t invest and waist my time. Do you know of any other real opportunity along these lines? If you have no online business or products to sell?
        cheers Jan

        • Kyle

          You are not alone. You will not get a proper explanation because people “feel bad” about what they are doing. The real premise behind it is YOU join under your sponsor, you pay money directly to them, they try to get you to buy a bunch of upsells totalling $5,000 + $140 per month (which they also get), then they try to teach you to do the same to others. Sound ethical?

          If you want to create a business online, you DO NOT need your own products to sell. There are 10,000’s of affiliate programs out there that you can leverage and MILLIONS of products that you can promote without having to ship or distribute them. This is what we teach and this can be done within any niche, regardless of your interest. You can basically help people and you can earn a full time living in the process (which many people do).

  87. Friend of a Former Member

    Here is a letter I received from a former member of EN:
    “I’ve been a member of EN for almost 10 months now, joined at the end of 2012, right after I lost my job, and didn’t know how I would support my family. I followed everything they teach and am yet to see a dollar of profit. This article/review captures my thoughts exactly and is 100% correct. Thank God I did not have the extra money to “Go All In” because there is no way to get a refund, and even canceling the membership is a hassle. My bank ended up sending me a new VISA card, since they updated their security measures. THAT IS HOW I CANCELED!

    1. Pay $25/month for your very own WordPress Blog – when wordpress.com gives you one for FREE.
    2. Pay $100/month for EN membership – Inner Circle recordings – recorded Monday night calls.
    3. Pay $500 for the Costa Rica Intensive Video series – recordings of their workshop in Costa Rica ($2997 discounted for a “limited time”; seo, outsourcing, copywriting
    4. Pay $1000 for the 15K Formula – more videos about marketing
    5. Pay $3500 for the Master’s Course – more recorded workshops
    6. Pay $25/month for EN video hosting (?!?!)

    Basically they make their money by selling their Regional event tickets. Later you can purchase recorded versions online, like the Chicago Intensive. They also have their own store with many useless items like t-shirts, coffee mugs, cheap 3.5mm speakers and such, of course all with EN logo. For example you can buy a spiral notebook with EN cover for a measly $15.00. They also provide their own Video Hosting service. Trial is $1/14 days, then you pay yet another $25/month for Video Hosting up to 50GB. If you go over the 50GB mark you pay $0.50 for each GB you go over.
    There is a video out there of all member options. It does not show you the actual product videos, but you can see EXACTLY what the member area gives you. The video is called “waytoavoidwastingyourhardearnedmoney”, one word. I’m sure you’ll find it somewhere online. Google it!”

    I just had to share this e-mail with everyone after finding this post. Thanks to everyone who helped others save their “last” buck on another “opportunity.”

    Good luck to ALL!

    • Kyle

      Thanks for sharing. As anyone can see the $25 per month is just the start of the “outlay” of cash you are going to have to pay your sponsors if you want to be part of this program.

      $5,000 + $170 per month…not exactly what most people are anticipating when they join for $25.

  88. Angie

    Wow! Thanks so much! I have heard of EN before, but I didn’t know that David Sharpe was one of the owners. I was in his downline for another product, and spoke to him on the phone a bit. I quit because I didn’t like him and his style. Looks like my instincts were correct from what you are saying here!

  89. Sharon

    Hi Kyle so glad people like you are around and care..Just to let you in on something. I have these two guys sending me emails everyday on this EN. All I do is read it and wonder what are they really selling? I spoke to my family about it, however I have a very smart daughter and she was checking for me to see how true these people are. She came across an article of an Ex-EPN and he explained what’s all the hype about. I could not believe it what I was reading basically all that you have said in a nutshell. Then I came across your site wow that truly validated any doubt completely. I also read all the not so nice comments on people and feel very pleased with how you handle these people ( straight to the point with without sounding like a hater).. I’m looking for an opportunity to make money in my house not pay $25 or $100 month or even a one time payment of $5000 for me to make money that defeats the purpose. Thank you thank you and thank you. I will tell you what I’m going to do. I will reply to these guys and ask them a few questions. What are you selling? Do I have to invest if so much? Do I have to get people to join me similar to what you are asking me to do? And see what is his reply. Maybe he would call me a wussy for not clicking and joining to the 10k challenge or maybe not. One thing I’m glad I came across this information because maybe I would of been brainwashed with all their success story and got caught up with the hype. Good for you Kyle and keep doing what you are doing. One more thing you are not bashing you are merely stating the facts and honest of all your dealing. Best wishes. Ps. Will let you know how that email goes down. 🙂

    • Kyle

      I think you are likely going to get a convoluted answer. You might even hear something like “if you are not serious about making money, this business is not for you”. The reason you won’t get a straight answer is because the program itself is not to be talked about in a way that reveals what it is.

      A scheme.

      They are selling you on a blog…er hum…but really, this means they want your money to join Empower at the $25 per month level. Yes, you do get a blog but it doesn’t rank, you don’t own it and there are much better blogs out there for free.

      Ask them about the “All In” which they are going to push really heavily to you, because if they can shame you into spending $5,000 on the upsell products, they will get to take all that money from you and put it into their bank account. Then they will tell you, “to make money, you need to get other people into this program”. So really, there is no product, rather a scheme with products that serve as a smoke screen for what is really goin on.

      Report back when you get your answers, I would love to hear how “educated” they are. I know a lot of people that have “questioned” what they would be doing hit some serious resistance and in some cases were talked down upon.

      • Dan

        Hey Kyle – completely agree; your comments resonated with me brother. I’ve had some experience in this as well… will write more but just wanted to say I completely resonated with your comments. Thanks Dan in Orlando

  90. Sally

    Hi Kyle,

    I have to be completely honest with you here. After me and my husband read your review after being recruited into the Empower program and going ALL IN (have the bracelet to prove it), I was a little hurt when I initially read your review.

    Actually I was really angry at you. Not because I was mad at you, but I was mad at myself that I might have been taken for a ride again.

    For fairness, I wanted to see exactly what you are promoting on your site here and I decide to check that out as well. I wasn’t expecting much but boy can I tell you that you guys have something really special going on over there at Wealthy Affiliate.

    I am sickened that I paid money for empower after seeing the free part of your website. It is WAY better than what me and my husband just paid over 6 thousand dollars for.

    You guys have my business forever and that is just on the free starter part. I have yet to upgrade to Premium but will be doing so today. 😛

    I am going to be having a long talk with my credit card company and disassociating myself from the scoundrels at EN. You have shown me the light I am glad there are some honest, good, and ethical business people like you left in this world. God bless.

    • Kyle

      Your honesty is very much appreciated Sally. We have been fighting an uphill battle against the many scams that are within this industry and people do get scammed and then make assumptions about the industry as whole. I am glad that you did decide to take us up on our Starter offer and realized that we do really care about helping people create REAL businesses online. People mistake opportunties for business and we teach you how to take ANY niche or passion at Wealthy Affiliate and turn it into something you can be proud of.

      Also, so sorry that you were taken for $6K by this scheme. That really sucks and I hope you can at least get some of this back. You could have operated a business online for 20 years (including full support, training, community, networking, expert help, weekly live video classes, classrooms, unlimited websites, unlimited hosting, unlimited keywords…etc) for this amount of money!!

  91. Andy

    I think it’s interesting that their own sign-up page has the following statement:

    “I also understand that I can choose to become an affiliate in my online back office for only $19.95/month, and when I do, I will get the ability to re-sell this high-value blogging system online to my prospects and earn 100% of the commissions!”

    An affiliate program is where you sell the product for the company and make a commission on the sale. The company does not charge for this service you do for them. You work for them and they pay you. With this scheme you are paying for the privilege of working for them. That is never a good sign.

    • Kyle

      Exactly, this is NOT an affiliate program. There is no product to sell to the outside world (they have to join the same scheme) and I have never been associated with an affiliate program that you had to pay $19.95 per month for.

  92. Annie

    Credibility = Respect

    Bashing a company before promoting one`s own = Disrespect

    Disrespect = No Credibility

    No Credibility = Kyle (the man who wrote this post)

    • Kyle

      Credibility = Helping People for 8 Years (in 99% of cases, for completely FREE)
      Credibility = Steering people away from scams

      No Credibility = Defending programs that are a scam.
      No Credibility = The inability to articulate yourself in a way that would defend your opinion.

      Until you can honestly come to the table with a real discussion and refuting a thing that I have said, then you are actually the one with no credibility. You are part of a program that..

      (1) Charges $25 for a blog that doesn’t rank and where there superior blogs for FREE
      (2) That requires you to SELL other people into it in order to earn money from it
      (3) That uses smoke and mirrors and “belittling” practices to sell people on $5,000’s worth of info products
      (4) That charges to be part of their affiliate program (merchant account) because they can’t get approved by any credible merchants like Paypal, Mastercard, Visa or American Express
      (5) That touts “Alexa” as status for service quality and rank. This has nothing to do with rank and perhaps if you are using Alexa as a metric, you want to do a bit of research on what little data Alexa has (and how it is in no way associated with Google or ranking in SE’s).

      When you have helped people succeed online and done so in an ethical way for 8 years (and done so in a very affordable), perhaps I will give you some credibility. Until then, please do yourself a favour and stop promoting schemes to your friends. You won’t have friends for long.

  93. Lisa

    Thank you so much for all the updated information about Empower Network. I just canceled both subscriptions after being a member for 5 months and blogging daily with no sign ups or anything that they said would happen if you followed their 90 day plan.

    I also researched before I joined and was spoken to very rudely a few times from my sponsor Jon Mroz. He has no time for you unless you pay the total $5000.00 which he makes.

    It seems to me that almost all programs online you can not make money on that I have went into over the last 8 years or so. They always wind up being a scam and me losing money.

    If you have any suggestions for a Single Mom to earn a living from home that is finally a real thing for an income please let me know 🙂

    Have a wonderful week!

    • Kyle

      That is the problem I hear over and over again from folks. Unless you go “all in”, which means essentially taking money from your bank account and putting it directly into your sponsors, you are not going to get much help at all. Those on top are on top because they are taking money from those down below. I am sorry that you have been subject to this and I can tell you that there are ethical ways to earn a living online.

      I would be more than happy to help you out and show you how to get started within the online world for free Lisa. It all starts with a passion (niche) and does not require you to sell shady programs to others. A successful business within the online world (the same as the offline world) starts with a website and the ability to help someone. If you can help an audience, you can literally scale a business to as big as you want.

  94. Jessica

    This program is pathetic and so are the guys behind this. Not sure if you are aware Kyle but just the other day David Wood admitted to others that he cheated on his wife and got another girl pregnant.

    As a woman this disgusts me and there is nothing honorable about publicly admitting to this. I trust him even less than I did when I was in the program and I think that any female that is thinking of joining this should think twice before getting involved with cheaters like this. If he can cheat on his wife and have a kid with a random girl then he is probably going to cheat you out of your money as well.

    I am so glad I quit empower and got a refund.

  95. Chuck Freeman

    I was lucky to stumble accross this. In all truthfulness, there are a lot of desperate and broke people out there. I’m one of them! These EN people seem to know and understand that. I was also close to taking the bait. It’s true when you hear someone say ‘If sounds to good to be true…(U can finish it!)

    I’m certainly going to check out WA.

    Thanks Kyle!!

    • Kyle

      I think you will be glad you did Chuck. When a program is sold off of a “down in the dumpster and now super rich” story, then you should think twice about joining. A program should be sold based on the quality of it and that is definitely not the case with Empower. You not only saved yourself $25, but $1,000’s that you would have been sold on as soon as you walked into their door.

    • Kyle

      Maybe you could elaborate on how it has changed your life (besides taking money from you and teaching you how to take money from others).

  96. Johnny

    WOW you are really a class act. I have to agree with Megan on this one. Now to all those here before you go agreeing with this guy here let me give you the real facts. And let your own common sense kick in.

    First of all in his opening act of this blog he mentions many people are not happy who are involved with Empower Network, Wow! A BIG of a give away! What this guy here is trying to do with his sad attempt is to manipulate you into thinking that Empower Network is some kind of Scam or Ponzi scheme and what a stupid thing to say. Think about it, how many people you know who are involved with other opportunities regardless of the legitimacy of the program who are actually happy??? Well here is a BIG wake up call, about 95% in any network marketing or affiliate program people fail and a bunch of them sure tried hard but are not happy either with the results or did not have the proper guidance and many of them will go out and scream SCAM so this is bashing example No.1 by the author of this blog.

    Now he mentions that there is no real product and the product is actually you but he has failed to mention that the video tutorials itself are products and about building this business and all about mindset. And is it not a fact that every business model is different? And what’s the big deal that the product is about creating wealth by selling a system and the system itself is the product? That’s just NUTS! Is it not that every opportunity that is being promoted out there is about promoting their business model in order for you to make money regardless what their products are? Bottom line, your still selling yourself and the company or whatever it is they are offering and at the end of the day it boils down to you’re promoting whatever it is you’re promoting so you can make money right? So this whole nonsense about not having any products is purely BS. Nice try Kyle but you don’t fool the wise especially about it having all of the common attributes of it being a PYRAMID Scheme. Wow that was a good one and pretty pathetic attempt to make others believe it too.

    You complain that there is a merchant fee? Another stupid comment. What are you looking for a FREE RIDE it’s called a business expense maybe you have heard it. Yeah so what if they don’t or can’t offer PayPal in Fact PayPal is notorious for freezing people’s money and you have no control if they freeze your money for 6 months like they did with me and many of the people I know. They once froze 54 thousand dollars of my money for 6 months so good luck to that! In fact do you know the actual cost of having your own 3rd party merchant? It’s not cheap but Empower Network was smart enough to implement a merchant system where they handle all the major charges and a 20 dollars business expense to use that merchant is quite generous in my opinion regardless if it’s for charges or commissions. That’s a sweet deal.

    You mention that one of the owners is located in Costa Rica and in your opinion to avoid the FTC? Wow your really hilarious and desperate to discredit Empower Network aren’t you? You even go further to say to avoid taxes because Cost Rica is a Tax Haven. WOW WOW WOW. Just shows how very little you know about business and how to protect your money and the company from being shut down. This is actually a benefit to make sure we stay in business. In fact I think the Government is to over critical and in many cases interferes with ruining people’s lives when involving great companies and opportunities. Its great to know that his in Costa Rica. You sound like a broke bitter person to me with that comment alone. You should be given the noble prize for bashing.

    Funny how you say widespread complain about Empower Network. What company does not have complaints? Is Amway a Scam or Forever Living a Scam? One of my buddies work for their customer service call centers and according to him they get some many complaints daily you can’t even count them, LOL! Your so your hilarious. So does that mean they are a scam too?

    Then you say NO Free Trial, why is that a bad thing? Another stupid thing to say, I don’t consider that a con, In fact I feel that’s a benefit because people for the most part never take action on free trail, they do nothing when things are free because they have no vested interest so also no result, but when you invest into something there is more of a tendency you will actually take action. You also say upsell is a con?? You are kidding me right? That’s the beauty of the system something you completely missed! Obviously another desperate attempt to promote your program. The upsell is the best part of the system and creates better leverage to make money. You are aware that you show all the signs of knowing nothing about sales with your nonsense gibberish right?

    Another funny remark you said when you join you have to become a ruthless sales person? WOW WOW WOW again. In any business you do, you are selling yourself and your products so I can say the same for you. What are you doing now to promote your opportunity? Are you not doing the same thing but with a twist of being unethical and bashing Empower Network to grab the attention of others to divert them to what you are promoting? Sorry but your busted!

    What’s funny is you mentioned something very stupid. You said:

    “Their primary focus is going to be training you how to promote Empower to other people.”

    What the heck is wrong with you and what is the problem with that? Of course just like any business you join they teach you to do the same thing, HELLO!!!

    This blog is such comedy! There is just so many things you said that are all wrong and if I went on this would become a book or novel.

    Don’t let this guy fool you! And just so everyone knows, in any business there are people with good and ethical practices and bad ones too so my best advice if you are looking into Empower Network it’s probably one of the best and easiest way to build a solid residual income with one of the best wealth system out there in the industry of sales but then again find a good sponsor with a good support group and you will do great. Don’t listen to Program basher like Kyle. His main objective here is not to give an honest review but to bash Empower Network in hopes he can fool you to join his slow moving opportunity which most likely his not making any money by promoting it anyways.

    I’m not part of Empower Network but I have many friends who are and doing extremely well. So unlike Kyle the blogger here I know the real facts. DON’T LET HIM FOOL YOU. Empower Network is a legitimate and great opportunity when teamed up with the right ethical sponsor and team.

    I wish You all the best. Integrity is Everything!

    • Andy

      Is this a good example of how Empower participants don’t berate or shame other?

      You say you are not a part of Empower Network but you have friends who are. That doesn’t qualify you to know the real facts. That qualifies you to know how they tried to sell you on it. People who believe what anything someone says without research or proof are the reason ponzi schemes work in the first place. Thanks for being an example.

    • James

      This guy lost me in the first paragraph of his diatribe with the plethora of grammar, spelling, and syntax errors. I’ve found this to be true on all of Empower’s sales pages and marketing missives.

      Since you guys are raking in the cash while paying no US taxes, why don’t you hire a competent proofreader; or at least have your attorney look over the words you attempt to compose.

  97. Megan Brooks

    It is NOT a scam. Apparently you haven’t researched that much. You must have come in contact with ugly sales people. I am sorry to hear that. Not everybody is like that in this company. And you don’t have to buy all the products to become successful. And there IS a product. Like I said before, this just shows you have not done enough research. You are just promoting YOUR business you part of and BASHING others. I’d say that is bad marketing. Just wanted to sum up this nonsense about what I am reading on here. Get on it Buddy.

    • Kyle

      No, this is a review of the ACTUAL program. I am not referring to the shameless promotions going on for this program, I am referring to the fact that the scheme is all about promoting the scheme to unsuspecting folks. Are you not doing the same thing Megan? Are you not promoting Empower Networks “blog” to others for $25 per month…knowing deep down inside that there are $5,000+ in products that you WANT people to join after they get in to you can get paid? I hope you are not trying to promote this to your friends because you may not have friends for long if you take money from them like this…

      And these blogs don’t rank and there are SUPERIOR blogging systems and website that you can get for free…and that are not tied to only promoting Empower Network. Say I really loved “dog training”, there is no way you can promote this within a templated website promoting Empower Network.

      Are you promoting other products or are you promoting EN to others? I think the answer is probably yes. In order to make money from the scheme, you have to get others to join the scheme and then they have to get others to join under them. The vicious cycle continues.

        • Kyle

          Exactly Andy. When you hang out with a bunch of people that all think they are doing the “right” thing, then that is all she is probably going to know. You can only feel sorry for people like this because they really do not have an idea of what they are part of and what there really is out there (that is actually legitimate).

    • Dan

      Hey Megan, I was sorta buying into this whole tear down EN thing since sooo many people were saying the same thing…so this is NOT your experience then? Curious, thanks, Danny in Orlando FL

  98. Carol

    Thanks Kyle for this very informative and money/time saving post. I have been pounded with emails to join EN for the last year to six months and I was on the fence quite a few times with it and an inner voice just kept telling me something wasn’t right.
    A few people whom I thought were intelligent, honest and wanted to truly help others have been “all in” with empower network for some time. I sent them an email with valid concerns and links to this review and also Ian’s review at No BS and asked them to explain these many red flags. I was ignored by a few and the others told me that I was not serious about success, my mindset was wrong and I was unteachable. What?? Really?? Sad that so many stand behind a system like this and use name calling as a way to make a living.

    No thanks.

    Their idea of an “empowering” call in is 2,000 people yelling “Get All In!” and nothing else.

    • Kyle

      That is exactly it Carol. If you question the people within Empower on what they are actually doing, they will either ignore you or belittle you. The reason they are doing this is because they cannot explain the program other than, it will empower you and change your life. But how?

      If you dig in and get to the bottom of what is going on, these “friends” that are trying to promote EN to you are only concerned about you joining through them and them taking money directly from your bank account and putting it into theirs (by going all in).

  99. Rita Lees


    I have just been scammed by these people. I paid my first 25 dollars yesterday and was now hoping to see this blog they are talking about. Needless to say none of my mails to them got answered as far. My big issue now is they say it is 25 dollars per month. So they are going to continuously take 25 dollars out of my credit card very month? How do I stop this because I know they won’t if I asked them.


    • Kyle

      You should be able to cancel your membership directly from their website. If you cannot, then you should escalate with your credit card because that is unethical business conduct. Good luck and if you do need a hand setting up a real business and want to build a REAL website (in any niche), then let me know.

  100. Steve

    You claim to have trained 10000 over 8 years perhaps you would be proud enough to display their average earnings? EN has full disclosure on each page.

    • Kyle

      Great question Steve and I have a very concise answer for you.

      In Empower Network, you are part of a scheme. Those controlling the scheme and the “herd” that is involved, can also determine what each and every person earn within that given program. You promote EN just like everyone else in the program. You are a notch in the scheme and you are a controlled entity (they know exactly how much money you are making). Therefore, they can report exactly what people are making within the scheme.

      At Wealthy Affiliate, we offer an education. We teach people how to properly create a business online and like any other education platform, what “becomes” of the people that get an education through you is really dependent. Like those that go to Harvard, some people go on to work at a coffee shop (hopefully not though), whereas others become owners of very successful, million dollar corporations. The EXACT same thing happens and WA and we in no way expect others to “report” their success.

      People earn anywhere from $0 to MILLIONS, but again, we don’t sell based on “claims”, we sell based on that we offer a quality service. Someone could be very successful and we would never know, which is totally cool with us. Those that “brag” about their success is about as low as you can go in the business world (unless again, you are part of a “scheme” that relies on that).

      Therefore we make no claims, our business is not based on “gloating” about success, rather teaching business and providing the people with the tools, the services, and the websites, the platforms, the training, the network and the help.

        • Kyle

          We are an education platform and a service. We don’t guarantee income and we don’t sell our service based on income claims. People are not required to share their earnings within WA, it is like going to Harvard and to being expected to report back and tell others how much you make. Only schemes have to report income and companies that sell their service based on “unrealistic claims” like Empower.

          We are an education platform and a service that teaches REAL business. Thank you for your concerns.

          • carl

            Kyle you are talking around the question. If you are going to slam a company that does have people who are making great money, and people who are not making any money by all the people that I see on this blog complaining they lost money. Empower does not guarantee income but they do let you know what you can have with a little hard work, so if you are running a business which you are and people are paying you for your upgraded package and you are not giving them everything for FREE that they get for your upgraded package then YES you should have some results to to post SIR!! Because if you care as much as you say why charge at all for it SIR!! I know, because in the end its still about making money sir!! You said it best some will take what you learn and make money and some won’t, so why should it be any different with EN!!

          • Kyle

            It is not all about making money, if that was the case “robbing banks” would be a sound business model. Just because there are people making money within a program, does not mean it is a good program Carl. Take a look at ZeekRewards. This program was recently shut down by the SEC and yes there were lots of people making A LOT of money within it, much more than Empower. Was it deemed legit because people were making money? NO. Because they were taking money from others to make that money.

            The problem with what you are doing is that you are taking money from folks and taking money directly from folks in your downline. You are not selling them a service, you are selling them into the system. In order for them to recoup their money, they have to sell others into the system and so on. Yes, some will make money sure…but those few that are truly WINNING are the result of lots of people LOSING.

  101. robin landers

    You are so right about them. Add Scott Raley to your list of scammers, he totally duped me out of my money.

  102. Michael Dantzie (Home business dad)

    Best “review” of Empowernetwork. I joined for maybe two weeks. Alarm bells did cross my mind when I received an email to join for free, but then a sales page to join for a monthly price to BE AN AFFILIATE, I was like….PAY TO PROMOTE PRODUCTS…..that doesn’t make any sense, but I ignored the warning for the prospect of the opportunity of making money. Then I got more ANNOYED a the UPSELLS, I think there were like 4 UPSELLS, amounting to over $5,000 JUST TO start making money ONLINE!!!!!! And all you get is a BLOG, some info products THAT YOU HAVE TO PROMOTE YOURSELF!!!!! this is crazy. If you have that money to spend I would pay to be coached 1&1 PERSONAL COACHING, there are well known internet marketers who will actually give you their personal time to aid you set up a reputable, legit business online.

    I left EPN when I started reading the first pdf and it said “YOU MAY START MAKING MONEY IN MONTH 6” emmmmm!!!! All the sales pages, the CEO’s video that draws you in with his story of living in his car with his laptop to make money (yea right……like he was successful over night) gives the impression you can make QUICK MONEY!!!!! Although many IM sales pages ALWAYS GIVE THIS IDEA, its just not the case….there is no such thing as quick money for $27-$97…it takes hard work, commitment and a clear strategy and focus.

    Their approach is not cool at all, its very belittling and it boarders bullying you into making a decision. A good opportunity doesn’t need such tactics.

    I’m annoyed that it seems many are making big bucks in EPN and yet its a massive scam. Making money with a scam, doesn’t make it a legit opportunity, many make hundreds of thousands in selling illegal drugs, doesn’t make it a GOOD OPPORTUNITY (“,) I hope it ALL CRUMBLES!!!! because many are being fooled!!!

    What’s with the wearing of sandals and shorts all the time on stage or no foot wear at all in any of his presentations…..he is making millions, but this seems so not professional, a personal negative for me.

    Thanks for the article, hope MANY MANY MANY MORE read and NEVER join Empower Network. A complete and utter scam!

    • Kyle

      That is where a lot of people really lose their shirts Michael. They are told on the outside that it is only going to be $25 per month to start their business online, then as soon as they get in the door they are thrown into the “spin cycle” of upsells…

      First the $19.95 per month for the affiliate program access…

      Then the $100 extra per month for the inner circle audios…

      Then the over $5,000 in one time payment courses…

      And worst of all, they are shamed and in many cases, belittled if they don’t go “all in” (which means buying all of this stuff). That is complete smoke and mirrors and in my opinion and the millions of others that operate ethical businesses, this shows a complete disdain for ethics.

      • Paul Ramsden

        Sorry but this is total rubbish. I have not been pressured in any way to buy the higher level products. In fact my sponsor told me that rather than spending money on those products straight away I should use my money for lead generation. I have been reading through what you say and it is very hate filled. Yes there are some bad people out there that don’t look after their people. Most of us aren’t like that. I help out everyone that I sign up. All you are doing is bashing EN in order to get people to buy your own product/service. It is a really low level of marketing and smacks of desperation. I wouldn’t join a scheme and work with someone who would stoop so low

        • Kyle

          Actually Paul, the reason you wouldn’t work with us is because you are into schemes, not a real business. You DO NOT own a business at Empower, you are pushing the very same scheme you are involved with upon unsuspecting folks. You should take a real look into what you are actually part of (without all the brainwashing that has been done to you) and realize what you are actually promoting.

          You are promoting the ability to promote the same thing you are promoting.

          You are not a niche specialist…you have a website (I see), but it appears that you don’t have adequate training off the ground.

          Before you call someone out that is truly trying to help others, you need to look at what you are doing and seriously think about whether or not it is you that is the scam. Here are some things that you are doing within Empower:

          -Promoting blogs that don’t ranked and touting alexa as being a ranking indicator (which has nothing to do with rank)
          -Trying to get people to go “all in”, which we all know means you taking that money and putting it directly in your pocket
          -Getting other people to do this exact same thing to others. If it wasn’t unethical the first time around, it definitely is the 2nd..

          I do wish you all the best, but I do think you have lost your way “thinking” that your involvement is a business, it is not. It’s a scheme.

          I guess I will continue “stooping” low and offering people help to create a real business online at a much more affordable cost than you are selling a dream to people for. In fact, what I have recommended people try for free they would be paying $1,000’s from you for. Now who is the one that is really stooping low?

  103. Harry

    I totally agree with you that EN is a scam. But it’s a red flag for me to bash another company in order to promote your own stuff. Think about that. I personally wouldn’t join the program that you’re promoting.

    • Kyle

      Think of this.

      If you had a nice brand new pair of high performance runners that you were offering people for free and your neighbour was trying to sell dirty, old runners for $5,000…would you not tell people about what you had to offer them to save them a lot of time and money? That is the position I am in here.

      I am sure you would do the same if you were in my position, it would be unethical not to.

    • Michael Dantzie (Home business dad)

      Its not a red flag if the opportunity you present is GENUINE. People do this all the time. Your own parents will “advise” against something they know will only bring harm and then say “why don’t you do this instead”. I can understand your point if your saying this because maybe the owner of this blog will get paid down the line with people joining them, but that doesn’t make it “wrong”. If I had a GENUINE OPPORTUNITY to make people money with good training, I WOULD CERTAINLY PIGGY BACK OFF ALL THE SCAMS, and expose them and then present my opportunity, because the traffic that comes here IS LOOKING FOR A GENUINE OPPORTUNITY. An article like this would generate questions like “Where can I got to learn or start a genuine online business?”. This would pose the author of this blog two options, 1. Promote someone’s else’s info product (coaching etc) or his own, providing NO SOLUTION after you’ve torn down another, makes less sense, and that would be “wrong”, it would only label you as negative and one who complains. Better you expose false information and then present an alternative for those looking for make money online, as its not nice spending so much money, that most of us here have done. Most of us didn’t have that money to spend initially.

      More needs to be written like this. 🙂

      In fact I have an idea to write a report and do a video series of how NOT TO GET SCAMMED with Internet Marketing, because like any business there are people there to SCAM PEOPLE, and this article shows me, that MANY NEED TO KNOW, AND WANT TO KNOW THE GENUINE FROM THE FALSE. Michael Dantzie, a.k.a “The Home Business Dad”

      • Kyle

        I agree with you Michael. It is doing the public a service when you offer something that is FREE that is superior to something that they are about to pay $150 per month for + $5,000 in additional upsells. The only people that would complain about this are the people within Empower that knowingly are frustrated because they are essentially taking money directly from unsuspecting folks and putting it directly into their pockets.

  104. Ted Veloce

    I agree that Empower Network as it is now is a scam. $25 for a Free Word Press Blog is a scam, no doubt. But in one month, they will be unveiling their new ENV 2.0. It will blow the world away. People will sign up just to be customers. The Dave’s are geniuses. Empower Network will be here forever. No one can shut them down after ENV 2.0. No one!

    • Kyle

      ENV2 will not blow the world away. It sounds like they have put the smoke and mirrors out to anyone that is part of their “following”, however there are much better blogging platforms out there that are yes, free (that are still far superior to ENV2)….companies that have invested BILLIONS into their platform.

  105. Kimberley

    Good God…
    Almost joined… Something just didn’t feel quite right about this whole thing, and the person that told me about it just made it sound too good too be true.
    Thank you for sharing your wisdom and knowledge with us.
    Always trust your gut feeling
    Thank you, Kimberley

  106. Don't Be Wussy

    First off I’d just like to point out your clever email capture technique you use to gather contacts and market your own stuff. I’ll have to use that one some time.

    Oh yea and piggy backing traffic from the “empower network” keyword…

    Very savvy indeed.

    So let’s just dive in the products that EN does have.

    Let’s start with the blog. First off let me say that yes, you CAN in fact get a free wordpress blog. That’s a fact. but for $25 dollars, you are allowed in a network that

    1. Has an alexa ranking of 412 overall, 112 in the US as of this comment.
    This means that when you post on this network, search engines take that into account as they rank your content.

    2. It comes fully optimized for you to promote the empower network BUT there are options in the wordpress dashboard for you to put up your own customized banner, and advertising widgets for you to place on the side of your blog. So you can totally take down all things “empower” off your blog (not advised).



    So if you choose to be just a customer, you don’t have those to worry about pesky merchant fees so you can forget about paying $20.

    You know…

    The merchant fee you inevitably have to acquire if you decide to sell things online.

    You do have the option to just be a customer of the blog and use the power of the 112 alexa rank to rank for whatever keywords you want. I’d say that’s worth a little more than $25 dollars.

    Example Time:

    So let’s your just a customer of EN and you own a dog treat business. Your trying to rank for the keyword phrase “organic dog treat recipes”. You use your brand new EN blog to post an article and it feels good.

    When your blog is indexed and has been crawled, the search engines will take into account the 112 ranking you hold and proceed to rank your website accordingly

    So if for instants me and our internet hero Kyle decided to write a post that was exactly the same, had the same keywords, and we used the same seo tactics.

    Kyle’s overall site rank is 66,629 and 13,012 in the US.
    My site rank is 412 overall, 112 in the US.

    Who would win?


    Would you like to answer that?

    I’ll wait before moving on to the other products 😉

    • Kyle

      I have no problem responding to you and it is really unfortunate that you are so misinformed, obviously they are still teaching you false information for their own benefit over there.

      First, you said…

      1. Has an alexa ranking of 412 overall, 112 in the US as of this comment.
      This means that when you post on this network, search engines take that into account as they rank your content.

      Actually, this is 100% incorrect. Search engines do not use Alexa rank and Alexa does not even have accurate traffic data. Your are being totally mislead by whoever is teaching you this absolutely FALSE information. Perhaps if you are relying on a teacher for this information, you may want to seek out a new teacher. I have written an explanation how Alexa works if you want to comprehend how they get your data.

      I hope you are not selling people on the idea that Empower blogs rank because of their Alexa rank, that is very misleading and dishonest.

      2. It comes fully optimized for you to promote the empower network BUT there are options in the wordpress dashboard for you to put up your own customized banner, and advertising widgets for you to place on the side of your blog. So you can totally take down all things “empower” off your blog (not advised).

      You cannot effectively promote a dieting product on a website that is targeted to promote “Empower Network”. This simply does not work and if you knew the most appropriate way to market through “relevance”, you would know that the idea of doing this would be totally ridiculous. You said it yourself, it is “not advised” to promote anything other than empower on your blog and this shows the true colors of what the program is. It is a scheme to promote others into the very same scheme. You can get much better, more powerful, and more customizable blogs elsewhere for free.

      112 alexa rank to rank for whatever keywords you want. I’d say that’s worth a little more than $25 dollars.

      Actually, it is common knowledge that Google has determined EN blogs and the EN.com domain to be spam and they have actually de-ranked many of the PAID blogs as a result. In fact, free blogs are much more likely to rank better than the $25 per month EN blogs and you have much more creative control and you could promote whatever you want. Again, an Alexa of 112 is completely meaningless to Google and they don’t use a bit of Alexa data to rank websites…because Google has REAL data.

      Kyle’s overall site rank is 66,629 and 13,012 in the US.
      My site rank is 412 overall, 112 in the US.

      And this is exactly my point, I outrank you because I understand and teach others PROPER business online and you are being taught by folks that are blowing smoke (and misinformation up your rear. But in the end if this is about how is part of the biggest scheme, I suppose you WIN.

      I wish you all the best and hope for your sake that you will come to your senses one day.

      • Nial

        Well… Guess what? ‘websites’ are not ranked in Google – Pages are.

        But if you still cant see that have a look where blogger is ranked on Alexa as of the date of this posting.

        #12… Why would someone pay $25 for a blog with EN when you could ‘get a higher Alexa ranked site for free’?

        • Kyle

          Absolutely Nial and WordPress.com is #20 in Alexa, also free and you are right, pages are what rank in Google. Again though, Alexa has nothing to do with rank and you can get much superior websites than you can within EN for free.

  107. Anna

    thank you Kyle for saving my butt from a heap of trouble. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!
    God Bless you!
    and if i havent mentioned it yet, THANK YOU!!!

    when i send this article to one of the EN guys who was very aggressively trying to get me to sign up and said i’m just doing my due diligence and research he said that my due diligence is ineffective and superficial…
    and that i’m very inexperienced and stubborn.. and i don’t listen.
    not someone i want to learn from.

    THANK YOU again Kyle!
    he demonstrated the exact point you were making in this article.

    • Kyle

      Of course, they don’t want you to do your due diligence because you will quickly realize what they are trying to sell you is inferior to what is available to you for absolutely free. Unfortunately, the only way they can make money is by sucking you into the program and fortunately for you, you didn’t fall for it Anna.

  108. scammersmustrot

    Kyle, does your system offer a free blog with all the bells and whistles the empower scam has with wordpress, ie ability for adding plugins? Is there ever a cost?

    As for the empower scam, it cracks me up how they claim someone homeless got rich using their bs. Who ya crappin?

    They don’t bother to tell ya you need to pump in ridiculous amounts of money. EN sucks and needs to be shut down!

    • Kyle

      Yes, our system offers TWO free blogs with all the bells and whistles of WordPress (and the ability to promote whatever you like). You can read the comparison here. There are also many other free website builders out there that you can utilize to launch your business.

      And yes, any program that needs to sell people on a “story” rather than the actual quality and benefits of the program should set off immediate red flags.

  109. Raynold

    Hey Kyle,
    Thanks for the honest review. I chatted a few hours ago with a 6-figure-income Empower Networker.. And he ridiculed me when I said it was way too expensive for me by posting our FB conversation on his wall. I’m glad i found this review 🙂

    Im also interested in Internet Marketing,but im very new and have little knowledge on IM.

    Thank you.

  110. Phil

    Hi Kyle, I just joined Empower Network 8/19/2013 and paid the $25 and $19 Plus $1,500 for a Mentor to help me start making money faster. Then I came across this site. I now would like to Quit EM Is there any way I can get my Money back?

    • Kyle

      You will have to contact their support and your sponsor if you want a refund for you purchase. I believe in a the worst case scenario (if you don’t get one), you could contact your credit card company.

    • Kayla

      You know what I think is shameless? Bashing another company in order to promote your own, like what you are doing here. Therefore, I can’t give any credibility to this report.

      • Kyle

        When you have two products and one is FREE and offers WAY more than the other, how is that consider bashing. I also recommend many other products and services on my website as well. Have a look around.

  111. Caped Crusader

    Kyle, before I spent my money I actually did research on Empower Network. 1. It is a Delaware based LLC not in Costa Rica. 2. They have customers who just use the blog and are not all affiliates. 3. They have a three day money back guarantee (I know I tested it and got my money back). 4. They are launching their own proprietary blog and getting rid of wordpress!). 5. Merchant Accounts – as with all Network Marketing companies they started with a wallet deal but now get their merchant accounts processed by Woodforest Bank, the same bank Walmart has in their stores!

    I went to their event in Denver and these guys concentrate more on personal self development and less on buying stuff. They didn’t shamelessly hock stuff as I have seen with Tony Robbins or other network marketing companies.

    While they are not perfect they talk alot about personal breakthroughs and stories. I think that the company is pretty good for being just over a year old and joined again after finding out more info.

    Thanks for the vine, Kyle.

    • Kyle

      1. It is a Delaware based LLC not in Costa Rica.

      Yes, I do realize they are not based in Costa Rica. One of the founders, David Wood resides there (or did at some point during is tenure at Empower). There is actually many financial benefits to becoming a non-resident of a country like the US and moving a component of the taxable entity to a tax haven such as Costa Rica.

      2. They have customers who just use the blog and are not all affiliates.

      I have to have someone come to me that uses their blog for anything other than promoting Empower to other people. I have yet to hear about anyone making money promoting anything other than Empower either. Perhaps you could enlighten me with some examples of people that are in the scheme yet are not promoting the scheme.

      The blogs are definitely geared towards promoting Empower Network and it would be quite a poor example of website development and marketing if you tried to promote anything else on it (it would be a highly ineffective attempt to say the least).

      3. They have a three day money back guarantee (I know I tested it and got my money back).

      So you did get you money back. Sounds like you made the right decision. A 3 day money back guarantee…that is ridiculous.

      4. They are launching their own proprietary blog and getting rid of wordpress!).

      The poor people that are going to have to use this proprietary blogging software.

      5. Merchant Accounts – as with all Network Marketing companies they started with a wallet deal but now get their merchant accounts processed by Woodforest Bank, the same bank Walmart has in their stores!

      That is flat out foolery. Walmart has merchant accounts with credit card companies and so does every other affiliate network/program I have ever been involved with. This is not an affiliate program, it is a scheme. Affiliate programs DO NOT charge their affiliates $19.95 per month just so they can get paid.

      The reason they don’t use a company like Paypal or have direct accounts with merchants like MasterCard or Visa is because there is no way a legit merchant would touch company architecture that is set up like EN is.

      They didn’t shamelessly hock stuff….

      Calling people wussies if they are not “all in” is not a shameless promotion? Using the stories of the 0.275% of people that make over $1,000 on stage to get the other folks within the audience excited about the massive “potential” is ethical? If this is the case, then this is the program for you. It sounds like you will fit right in over there and it sounds like you are going to be just like the “rest” of the crowd, your way of making money is sucking other people in the EN scheme…because that is well, the only way people are representing you can make money with it.

      I do wish you all the best in whatever endeavours you are part of in the future.

      • philip johnson

        I will say you just ripped him apart.I used to be apart of empower network and I taught myself everything in the 15K formula from searching online for SEO and Backlinking tactics.Even learning PPC for free.I didn’t even use their blogging platform I made my own website with hosting.Who runs a business online with someone else name on it.Needless to say i’ve been able to rank for first place in google for 1,000 and 2,000 monthly search keywords.The only benefits to the empower network is if you can rope people into the process so you can make residual income.To make your own money with an online business get people to subscribe to your products for a monthly membership and keep updating it.

        • Kyle

          You nailed it when you said “the only benefits to the empower network is if you can rope people into the process”. That is the business and that is what you are naturally forced into doing when you join Empower. The way to make money on EN is the promote EN to others. Outside of that, there is very little you can do (although they will try to tell you otherwise, yet they all promote the same thing to you, Empower!).

          • Becky

            Thank you for this review, I’ve been looking at it to promote my product but all I see is people recruiting to recruit to en. I want to recruit to my business that had an actual product.

          • Kyle

            Well there are many ways you can do this and you should definitely consider affiliate marketing, which is taught in great detail within Wealthy Affiliate (within any niche). Within there I will be able to help you with the promotion of your product or service and you will be able to connect with me directly.

  112. Ciara

    I know many folks who are in empower and tried to recruit me *no thanks* I heard, after it’s all said and done, you’ll shell out over $5000 total for their products. I started out with MCA, now I’m in WakeUpNow or WUN. It’s funny now that a lot of people with EN are moving away from it already searching for other opportunities. It could be because the fact that over 99% of people within EN make less than $1,000 (with most of them spending much more than this on the products within the program). To me, this should set of the sensors.

    • Kyle

      Yeah, people tend to float from one scheme like this to the next. It sounds like you are doing the same thing unfortunately and I do hope that you do find a legitimate program you stick with. I truly believe that regardless of the path that you take, you need to give any REAL opportunity adequate time to achieve success.

      Too many of us are sold on the idea of INSTANT success. Not true, not a reality and I have yet to met someone that has created success in an instant. It will take hard work and effort and if you apply yourself, learn the right way to earn money online, and take consistent action, you can achieve success.

  113. mark

    I have people pushing this on facebook so i googled “empower network”
    How funny that this page comes up before the actual “empower network” site. Their page rank must be great….NOT

    • Kyle

      They sell their initial viral blogging system on the fact that they have a high Alexa ranking. The entire community there has been fooled into thinking Alexa has something to do with the SEO success or viability of a website and then try to sell others on their low grade blogging platform (basically a skin over a much superior WordPress blogging system).

      I think you conclusively have been able to determine the quality of the product by a simple “search” Mark.

  114. TheOmegaCommentator

    I’m thinking of buying it to see what they actually teach, so I can make a review as well. From what I’ve read, from people not promoting the product itself, they all say the same thing: the empower network sells products on how to promote its products! ha! What a product! But being that I always want to join or buy a product before I comment on it, I’ll pay the $25 starter fee.

    I was thinking that the empower network may be like amway in some sense. For example, one can make a business in amway in 3 different ways: selling amway products, selling your own products on how to sell amway products (something unethical)or recruiting others to sell amway products to others (which almost never happens because the end result is that they will instead recruit others who in turn will do the same without any products actually being sold). The last two options, as can be seen, are either unethical or just plain bad business structure. The first one is actually very good because you are actually selling products, and good quality products (well, not all but a good portion of them are good products). I was thinking that maybe the empower network may be the same way: instead of taking the information to promote EN, one will be able to use the information to promote their own blogs.

    • Kyle

      the empower network sells products on how to promote its products!

      That is exactly what is happening. The initial “blog” they give you for $25 per month is geared around promoting EN. It has Empower branding all over it and you would look like an absolutely schemer if you tried to promote anything ethical on these blogs. But in order to make money from that blog, you have to spend another $19.95 per month to even get paid. So there is some real foolery right from the get go.

      I was thinking that the empower network may be like amway in some sense.

      No, unlike Amway Empower Network does not have a product other than their “scheme”. As in, you cannot go out there and sell training to others without them being part of the scheme themselves. The products are overpriced, and frankly, if they tried to sell the products to people that were not in the scheme they would not be selling them at nearly as high of a rate. $3,500 for a video course? Not a chance someone outside of the PRESSURE COOKER scheme would buy into that.


      If you do head in there I don’t think you are going to like what you see if you have been part of other legitimate MLM companies before with tangible products that you are selling to customers (to earn profit), not just recruiting others into the program.

  115. Stephen

    You have lead people astray! Empower Network is a great company to be a part of and in fact is a great way to get started making money online for a beginner. It is always good to know the “upsells” that are going to be presented to you when you join something but I tell all my team that before they even join! The educational products are great and are all taught by people that have done very well online. I appreciate your article but it’s a bummer you lead people off the path of Empowering themselves. How do you know they wouldn’t have done great with Empower? A company that has paid out over $65 million in commissions in less than 2 years! It’s direct marketing combined with commissions from your downline worked in.

    • Kyle

      Quite the contrary Stephen, I am leading people in the path in which they can Empower themselves which happens to be following a path of ethics when creating a business and doing so in a way that makes the most “logical” and financial sense. . Just because people are earning money doing something does not make it (a) an ethical opportunity (b) something to be proud of. Look at ZeekRewards, it was paying much more than Empower Network was until the SEC shut them down for being a fraud company. Zeek also had a MUCH higher Alexa rank (I know this is the metric that you guys use over there).

      The thing is that from the very start you are selling people into a system that takes a smoke and mirrors approach.

      $25 per month for a blog, that is it? Seriously? Can you say that with a straight face?

      Didn’t think so. That is just the start of the foolery and that is the starting point of your pressure pitch for people to go “all in”, become a “badass” and not be a “wussy”…until they part with over $6,000 in products and are sending another $140 per month out the door. There are definitely ethical opportunities online, unfortunately this is not one of them.

      I absolutely do respect you if you are promoting something within EN that is not the product itself. If you are promoting the Empower scheme to everybody else you are no different than the rest of the brainwashed circle of lemmings.

  116. Charles Malabed

    For beginners like me who are aspiring to be a part of this so-called online business or Internet Industry, what is really out there for us to expect?

    A “quicksand”? Once you’re in there, it keeps pulling you
    in. I really wonder whom to trust in this system nowadays
    particularly when money is already involved.

    I actually sign up with EN; paid the $25 and $19.95. If these prices worth their honor and dignity by employing
    unfair tactics to gain advantage, I will let them to keep
    it. How I really hope to hear their side of the issue.

    Would it really make a difference for “those” who offers
    you their services and buy their products and/or
    guranteeing you to extend their support and guide you
    through BUT after taking your money, they do not do their
    part of the deal?

    • Kyle

      They will tell you that it is completely ethical. Things like “all companies are pyramids”, “you have to pay for education if you want to earn money”, or “you can promote anything you want on your EN blog”. These are all things that are leading prospective customers and people within the actual system in a dishonest direction.

  117. Susana Chavez

    I am SO glad I read this, Kyle! Actually, from the get go, the 2 Davids, especially the one w/the pony tail, kind of turned me off. What did turn me on was the possibility of making LOTS of money, and I’m sure that’s what turns many on! The word WUSSY used over and over at EN is, quite frankly, offensive. I had already signed up for this and today, after reading your post last night, CANCELLED MY MEMBERSHIP and YES!! I AM GETTING MY MONEY BACK! It is true as others say that initially all you hear, and all I was told by the ladies that got me to sign up, was that the fee is $25/mo — completely failing to mention that it is an additional $19.95 a month for ewallet — just to get paid! (This is silly, especially considering that there is a PER transaction fee on top of all this!) I thought $19.95 was for that! And, I was encouraged to sign up for the “Inner Circle” which was $100 — and I was under the impression that it was a ONE TIME fee — but then after I signed up, I saw that it was a RECURRING fee! So, all these people are doing is RECYCLING money from one person to the next! And for me personally, that is NOT ethical! (Let it be know that NONE of the people that I spoke to about EN ever pushed me into buying anything!)

    You are right Kyle, they are NOT selling you anything except SMOKE and MIRRORS! On the other hand Kyle, I have also been involved with companies that do sell you something — supplements — only to find out that those are OVERpriced — well of course, in order to maintain the business and pay out commissions, the MUST be!

    So, I ask you, WHAT is the solution? I DO believe in MLM and leverage to make lots of money, but once again this is not a good company to be associated with — at least not for me!
    Many years ago, I got involved with Beyond Freedom — I don’t know if they’re still around, but I remember I went $7,000 into debt and had to plead and beg for my money back — and only got $5000 back b/c the lady was honest. The other $2,000 is GONE!!! And, it was VERY similar to this company — they had NO product and ONLY sold calls, and the life of luxury and some cheap financial advice.

    So, what do you suggest for a business that is viable, and that I could leverage?


    • Kyle

      Well said Susana, it is the recycling of money. A new person comes into the system, that money is going to their “uppers” within the system and in a lot of cases, the person at the top of the scheme. This is pure displacement of money from one person to the next and the reason people are “hustling” so hard to get others into this program is because they are literally taking money out of YOUR bank account and putting THEIRS (if you sign-up under them)>

  118. Melissa Liles

    I can not believe I almost bought into this. Even more disappointing, another Beachbody Coach was actually the one promoting EN. I participated in her live google hookup for over an hour under the impression she was sharing her tactics for blogging. I definitely see her tactics now. I began my network marketing business with Beachbody because I believe in their product and their continuing effort to improve the lives of others. This Coach apparently forgot what our mission at TBB was. Network Marketing can be a profitable business but you have to believe in what your product and services and despite the message all these networking schemes try to convey, you have to work hard. It does take time. Anything or anyone saying you can make money by doing nothing, something is wrong and unethical with it. I think I will stick to improving my marketing skills through continuing self-education, practice, trial and error, and good old-fashion hard work and dedication.

    Thank you for your work to validate such businesses and services.

    • Kyle

      I would agree, anyone saying that you can earn money online without investing some time and energy is simply leading you astray. It will take work, but there truly is a lot of opportunity out there.

      The problem with EN and the folks that are promoting it is that they know one thing, they NEED to promote EN to others to make money. In order to earn an income they need to get people into the viral blogging system which is the $25 per month entrance point to many more products…this is followed by forceful upsells and being ridiculed into go “all in” which means buying over $6,000 worth of products and spending $140 per month on the programs. Not exactly what is sold to you on entry.

      There is a BIG difference between buying an education and buying into a scheme.

  119. James Bradley

    Thanks for posting this review about Empower Network.

    I am glad someone is seeing past the smoke and mirrors 🙂

    I almost signed up but stumbled upon this review, which I might add is ranked higher than Empower Network itself.

    Also, thanks for clearing up the “Alexa Rank”. I’ve seen a lot of affiliates promoting a picture of Empower Network Ranking high on Alexa.

    • Kyle

      Yeah, the Alexa rank continues to be flaunted as if it is some sort of “search engine” metric. The data within Alexa is meaningless and has not relation to search engine rankings and they do not even have a good grasp on traffic. Why? Because Alexa does not have this sort of data. It is one big hoax to sell the potential success of a website based on it’s Alexa ranking.

  120. Kyle this was a great article and what frustrates me the most is that people who have no internet experience or technical skills are the ones who are being brainwashed into Empower Network’s system. The people who promote Empower Network take advantage of those who have not ever made money online and have little to no experience which in my honest opinion is very unethical. Therefore, the inexperienced people end up losing their money when they don’t see any results. Furthermore, Empower Network claims 100% commissions yet you have to pay a hefty merchant fee and most of your money is held to a later date. AND you get a shitty blog that has a lot of bugs and a shit design, how COULD anyone possible be proud of blogging on that piece of s***? Furthermore, you DON’T even own the blog, Empower Network does. Why write unique articles for a company that charges you $50 and upwards to resell products that you can find the free equivalent elsewhere online!? Ignorance is bliss and only ignorant people will join Empower Network. If you are reading this and in Empower Network, you have been scammed and you should quit now. Just my two cents. How do you plan to be successful promoting an over saturated product that got shitted upon during the Google Penguin 2.0 update and by Facebook? If you are too stupid to realize that you are being scammed then you honestly don’t deserve to work online.

  121. Craig

    I’m basically sick after reading all the negative comments about EN… I got suckered for the $19.95 then then $25 per month.. I also paid another company $495 who is tied in with EN for them to build me a super duper traffic pulling Blog… What the heck was I thinking..I usually know better..just the past few days they called me again to upgrade to ultra super duper traffic getting blog..now they want me to pay another $2500 for that.. Dam what a sucker..

  122. Jeannine

    Thank you for your excellent and thorough review. I briefly joined EN because I love to write and was looking for an independent business opportunity that did not involve direct sales (frankly, I suck at recruitment). Well, you know what I learned, of course! The only way you can make money is to relentlessly recruit.

    The hype that you can make money with the $25 blogging product is completely false. You are constantly encouraged to “not be a wussy” and “go all in”, i.e. buy all the much higher priced products that are your “training”. I signed up to take a blogging class with a reputable content marketer and would not give out my EN link because it felt sleazy and spammy.

    Nonetheless, I actually considered that maybe I was just not doing something right and if I gave EN more focused effort then I could make it work for me just as others claim it has worked for them. Your review convinced me to walk away and not look back and that is exactly what I plan to do. By the way, I had an easy time canceling the blog product but have to contact support by online chat to cancel the ewallet payment collection system. Naturally support is never available when I am.

    Also, there is a whopping near $60 “reconnection” fee if I had changed my mind.

    For what exactly? And yes, it is locked down WordPress with ugly, tacky themes. For example, one theme features one of the Daves with his wife in a leather halter and a spiked dog collar. This is not exactly the image that I wanted on my blog since I am not covering adult or bondage themes. Your review and the comments have been very insightful and helpful to me. Thanks again.

    • Kyle

      I am glad you figured out what is actually going on. The $25 is just the start of it and although it is marketed as a product that you can make money with, you can’t. In order to get the REAL training and to have the ability to get paid (the e-wallet debacle you have gone through), you have to pay more and more money. Thankfully you came to your senses Jeannine before you invested the over $6,000 in upsells. Folks are literally missing their rent payments, losing jobs and getting pay day loans so they can lose money (sorry, buy into the opportunity) to EN.

      Thanks for your insights and feedback into your experience.

  123. prosperpursuit

    Viral Blogging System! I’m still waiting for it…….. oh wait my free software……Oh Wait my Ebook…… EN is scam of scams.

    I purchased for research. Spent $144.95 for junk. I have been in the business for a long long time and own some one of the most popular PTC sites on the net. It is junk. Maybe you should look into paypal booster instead! Just kidding. Mike.

  124. anonymous

    There’s one thing that really puts me off when I attend webinars and it is something that almost ALL Empower Network guys do. They LOVE to talk about themselves and how they made thousands of dollars in a month. They’ll talk for hours while at the same time repeatedly mentioning that well known over used internet marketing phrase, “I’m not saying this to impress you, but rather impress UPON you”

    I just made this up for everyone on EN, you should sing this song.

    Baa baa black sheep
    Have you any Bullshit?
    Yes sir, yes sir
    three bags full,
    one for my downline,
    one for myself
    and one for the little newbie who aint got a clue

  125. malcolm Hicks

    i signed up for the $25 blogg how do stop the monthy payment because visa debt wont let me stop it. if i email

  126. John Thomas


    Thanks for the “heads up”, it isn’t easy to sift thru all the B.S., so your efforts here are much appreciated!


  127. Mike

    Thanks for the post. I already joined EN, but listening to you gave me a change of heart. I’ve been looking for a legitimate company to make money online with for years and I thought that this was one of them, but I guess I was wrong. If I wasn’t so determine I would have given up a long time ago. It seems that you can’t trust anyone now-a-days. Thanks again!

    • Kyle

      It is difficult to trust anyone. I think as you dig into the program you are going to find that the “meat” of the scheme is that YOU are going to have to promote this to other folks in order to make any money. All of the training is centered around this and you are going to encounter many people pushing you to go “all in” and invest $1,000’s in other products within EN. Why? Because they earn money from you when you do.

      There are ethical opportunities and real ways to create a full time income online. If you ever need a hand I would be more than willing to help get moving in the right direction and if you personal business help, I would be happy to give you some direction.

  128. George Gomez

    All i have to say is that people are idiots if they gonna listen to a fool who saids he knows what hes talking about without even being involve in the empower network system, all of you cant see that hes trying to bash another system to promote hes system. thats what wussies do to get attention, 164,000 people who already join empower network cant be wrong and you who talks a mean game gonna find yourself one of this days promoting the same system you started to bash upon. you are a loser just like every other pathetic person that is not part of my scheme yet.

    • Kyle

      Perhaps you can tell us how the program works George. Perhaps you can tell me how 164,000 people falling for a scheme like this somehow makes it a sound choice for someone looking to create a REAL business online. You like others within this program, are saying how great it is but the only reason you say this is because you are trying to suck others into joining the program.

      What are you trying to get people to buy?

      (1) A $25 per month blogging system that not only people don’t own, they don’t rank in search engines and force people to promote EN.
      (2) Another $19 per month to be part of an affiliate program, the Empower one to be precise. There is not another affiliate program in the industry that does this. Completely unethical and the reason this has to be done is because no ethical merchant (like Paypal) would ever touch a program like EN with a 10 foot pole.
      (3) $100 per month for inner circle audios. Overpriced motivational audios.
      (4) Over $6,000 in other “one time” purchases for training that people apparently need.

      So you are selling people on the idea of $25 per month, when in reality they are PRESSURED into spending $6,000+ plus an additional $145 per month. If that is what you call an honest program, then you should continue doing what you are doing because you are in the right place.

      However, for those looking for an ethical opportunity I have created this site to help them out. I have helped 10,000s’ of people over the past 8 years within the online marketing/affiliate marketing world and I will continue to do so. People want real help and want to create a real business, something that you should not say you are offering them…because well, you are not.

  129. Tammy

    WOW, I was seriously one min away from hitting the button for EN to join at $25…plus the $19.95 and so forth…I saw after looking into this for the past few days that this was most likely a pyramid, was not 100% sure, but I needed work/$$ and wanted an online/work at home job and thought, well, I guess this is how to earn money online, and was about to join till my gut told me to Google EN and found this, thank you Kyle. I am a very honest person, and even if I did make more money than I put into EN, I do not believe in taking advantage of other people, dishonesty and so forth. I will have to get back out there and look for a real good honest job..I just wish I knew of an honest, good online/work at home job that wont take what little money I have left so that I could work from home and still be here for my kids. Any advise or help would be greatly appreciated!! 🙂

    Thanks again for this info and saving me time and money on ripping off good people.


    • Kyle

      Tammy, the thing about this is that you did not just save yourself $25 per month, you saved yourself from the MANY upsells that you would have been forcefully promoted within EN. $25 is just the start of it, there are over $6,000 that you would have been belittled into paying, so you have saved much more money than you can imagine.

      There are several legitimate opportunities online and within my side menu (to the right) you will see some of my top ranked ones that you should consider. Also, if you ever have any questions or need any personal help with your business, you can find me within WA.

      • John Favinger

        I want to thank you for letting me know what the product really is I was looking for a way to make more money and I kept trying to find out what the products were and really like you said there is no real product just learning skills on how to sucker people into the program.

        To be totally honest I cant believe they get away with this scam this reminds me of the chain letters and the people that started them made the big money, a person once told me if it sounds to good to true it probably is, also they have a new site called BIM big idea mastermind and they are partners with empower network BEWARE OF BOTH OF THESE SITES THANK YOU KYLE.

  130. Dave

    This Empower Network will turn into a major nightmare for many people. One major point that people need to realize is that a lot of people have to lose money for others to make money. It’s sort of common sense to realize in this scheme people HAVE to lose their hard earn money for the few to make money.

    So yes Dave and Dave need you for their paychecks. Let’s look at their awesome products that they have to offer. Did you know that the Word Press plat form that they use is unfortunately FREE and you can go to WordPress.com to down load your own.

    Now if you wanted to make an outstanding Word Press website you can purchase a domain name from Blue host, Go Daddy and others and make your own customized website with endless themes and plug-ins. As for their so called products on teaching the aspects of blogging you can find endless good information and hundreds of You Tube videos on the art of blogging and again it’s all free. Again if you love to blog there’s sites like Tumblr, Hub Pages and Squidoo that are totally free and are very highly ranked on Google. In fact if you feel energetic both Squidoo with their Lenses and Hub Pages with their Hubs you can promote products from both E-Bay and Amazon and receive commissions for real products. Again both sites help you out with free videos.

    Another point that people need to know about the Empower Network is that this network was deemed a scam by the National Fraud Center out of Washington DC. It is illegal to take part in this activity in the United States. So if you are making money from the Empower Network and you live in the states you can be fined and be jailed for fraud. You scam over a $1000.00 than you can get grand theft charges. I know this as I was contacted by an agent from the National Fraud Department. I don’t know how they found me but somehow they claimed some of my credit card transactions were fraudulent and would help me recover my E.N. money. I however recovered all my funds paid to the E.N weeks before by the E.N. so the National Fraud Department took me off their list. They however said that I could be contacted later.

    One reason I got a total 100% refund from the Empower Network was that my Sponsor or group leader was Robert Probst and he tried to scam me for thousands of dollars through his own eCommerce programs. He tried to sell me his own WordPress, Capture page, software that copies and rearranges existing blogs on the internet and a tool that sends phony traffic to your website. I know this because I caught him and his phony traffic sender on my Google Analytics. All his traffic came from 4 advertise agents for 1 page view each, 0 minutes spent and 100 percent bounce rate for all 240 visits! I called Robert up and immediately cancelled as he was destroying my website that I worked so hard on. One more point that Robert told me is that I needed to blog for the Empower Network at least 5 days a week to even everyday.

    Upon visiting my mentor’s website the last time he put out a blog was back in December of 2011. When you visit my Empower Networks sponsors website (robertprobst.com) he claims 7 years of internet marketing. I found that after I went to Google and down loaded the Page ranking and Alexa tool bar that my guru internet marketer had no Google page rank and a very low Alexa ranking and a very high 80% bounce rate. For somebody in this field of internet marketing this is very poor. Also all his internet marketing tools that are on his website are ones that Google is hitting hard on with all these new Google Penguin and Panda updates. Before I left the Empower Network I completely deleted all my blogs as I didn’t want their back links hurting my website.

    Good luck to all those trying to recoup money and for those few who are making money I think Costa Rico or a jail cell in the US is waiting for you.

    • Kyle

      I had no idea about the National Fraud Center catching on to the scheme at Empower Network Dave, but it does make sense. I personally have worked with many people that have been in the exact situation as you (feeling ripped off) by EN and they are coming en mass looking for either a refund for their purchase or a way to report this program to a higher authority.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your story, I think many folks that read this will benefit from it when making a decisions as to EN is a program that is right for them or not.

  131. Stephen Alexander

    I have met a nice guy name Aric Jackson, who is part of Empower Network. He is convincing and very nice, and I have been wanting to join, however this review does raise great doubt.

    • Kyle

      Of course he wants you to join under him Stephen, he gets paid directly from your investment. Once you are inside, he is going to encourage you to buy more and more of the programs as well, to the tune of $6,000 + $145 per month. Why? Because he will get paid when you spend more.

      And then how are you going to earn money? By doing the EXACT same thing to others. Convincing them to join the EN program and forcing them to buy the overpriced upgrades which allow you to get paid.

  132. Joe smith

    I worked for empower network. Not only is it a scam you have horrible employees and lies from day one. They pay decent for this reason alone. If you can handle unethical business Jerome Ballard might be a good boss. David sharpe pops in with his flip flops maybe 3 times a month he’s a part owner with David wood. They run money out of costs rica to save taxes hire incompetent employees that won’t question anything and me working there for a month they terminated me for asking to many questions. They deserve to be shut down. Oh all you people that need/want refund good luck the whole scheme is set up if you pay you are in essence screwed. They sell false hope and the only way you can be at the top is literally blog yourself as much as you can. It’s all a joke I wouldn’t be surprised if someone got indicted

    • Kyle

      Joe, Thanks for sharing with us. I have heard many other stories about people who “question” what is actually taking place within Empower getting shunned or ridiculed (or in your case, terminated). The world needs more people like you that don’t follow the herd and you question everything that is put in front of you, including the ethics of a company that yes, is make money, but how?

      That is the questions I have asked many of the EN folks within this thread and I tend to get comments like “all companies are pyramids” or “all education costs money, youn need to spend money to make money”…or the worst, “are you calling mcdonalds a scam then because it sells products”. You don’t a McDonalds Franchise so you can sell that same Franchise to others. They just don’t get it because they are so brainwashed into the hype of the program. If any sane individual involved in this program sat back (outside of the bubble) and really looked at what they were doing I think they would but upset with themselves.

  133. Mike C Smith

    Hi Kyle
    I came close to falling into this one, but since I’ve been sucked in before I thought I’d Google it and thank goodness I did, your site came up and after reading the first part of the article I quickly came to realise that I had a lucky escape.
    thank you very much, great service.

  134. Lynne Schlumpf

    I signed up for Empower Network as a mystery shopper because my book “The Little Website That Could” was coming out in a 2013 revision, much of the book discusses online offers.

    What I found was a nightmare of FTC violations. First, though I was not in but just about 4 days, I was so appalled by this company, I asked for a refund. (I normally never ask for refunds from products I review). These guys were so slimy, I had to. They will never give you a refund of any of your money. NOT EVER. So, imagine yourself out 5 grand!!! I only lost $145.00, but I’m going to get it back. I’ll explain why in a minute.

    Their blog system is basically just a locked down version of WordPress, which you can get FREE. The bad thing is you cannot make hardly any changes toit or even add a firewall plugin to protect it!

    Dave the hippie: He always acts likes he’s drunk or stoned in the so-called training videos, and he’s lousy at videos. For that kind of money, he could have hired a professional. He draws here really lousy flow charts On a whiteboard. he truly is the worst speaker I’ve ever seen on video. he talks in circles and seems to have no outline.

    I watched one webinar that had the two Daves plus other top earners. I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard Dave the hippie say “I’m so excited, I’ve got a boner right now.” Ewwwwww…every other word being a cuss word. It was like he was trying so hard to impress everyone.

    Every picture of Dave the hippie and his wife kind of grossed me out, too. It’s lik she was sticking her chest out so far, that it took up most of the picture. The not so subtle message being: “if you join us and get rich, you can have this!” (Someone like her) Hippie Dave also made some pretty sexist comments to shame people into joining he talked about how the man better get rich so the wife can go on shopping sprees, as if women have nothing better to do.

    They are braking a very important FTC ruling that says they can only show “typical” results.

    So, they’ve been reported to both the FTC, and their state’s Attorney General.

    That’s just what I found in 4 days.

    PS. Oh one more thing: they are basically banned from Facebook. You cannot even mention them in a comment or post. Some EN members found ways to run a Facebook page without saying who they are with, but that is deception. As a business owner who advertises on Facebook almost constantly, this didn’t sit well.

  135. Joe

    I think you are confused as to the core requirements for something to qualify as a pyramid. EN does not meet them. Please dig deeper and research the legal def. Also you said it yourself it takes a lot of work ok show me a way to make a lot of $ that doesn’t. As far as investment in a business of 140/mth. You think this is a lot to invest. Its a system that has been proven to work no not for everyone but no business is. I think that if you were a bit more involved you might understand. Not everyone has to love something to make it right. As soon as someone is not prepared to dedicate themselves to stick to something and work hard its a scam and everyone else is to blame. EN is not a scam nor a pyramid. I give your review a 0 out of 100 because you didn’t do your research, your just expressing an opinion that is ill-informed.

    • Kyle

      Joe, here is the definition of a Ponzi scheme:

      A Ponzi scheme is a fraudulent investment operation that pays returns to its investors from their own money or the money paid by subsequent investors, rather than from profit earned by the individual or organization running the operation

      Let’s break this thing down one piece at a time.

      Pays returns to its investors from their own money or the money paid by subsequent investors.

      When you sell EN to other folks, does the money go to the prior investors. Do you get paid directly from the people you recruit and every 5th sale goes to your upline. If so, then your investment is reliant on others coming into the program in order to be paid.

      …rather than from profit earned by the individual or organization running the operation

      The organization is not paying you and people “external” of the scheme are not paying. In order for you to get paid, you relentless recruit the program to others. You rely on earning back your investment (and likely more) on newcomers coming into the program. There is no way that everyone can earn money in this sort of operation, it will always rely on “new blood” coming in, in order to pay the higher ups within the scheme.

      That is how EN works and if you can refute this I would love to hear your explanation….

  136. Jake

    Hahaha this blog makes me laugh. I’m making well over 5k per month in Empower Network and here you guys are calling it a scam! If Empower Network is a scam, then my God there is no hope in the network marketing industry. LOL

    • Kyle

      Just because you are making money does that mean what you are doing is OK. This site is not about making money, it is about outlining the legitimacy of products.

      If you are earning money by promoting Empower to others, then you are no better than the next person. You are in essence taking money directly out of someone’s pocket and putting it into yours. It is a strategic way of robbing people out of their hard earned money.

      But your argument would probably be that you are offering them a product.

      I would say, does this product ALLOW them to create any type of business online or are they going to be naturally pushed into promote EN to others and building a downline (that you will in turn earn from as well).

      These blogs are available for FREE everywhere in the world, in fact, they are much more limited than most FREE WordPress platforms. But YOU are selling these to people for $25 per month. Then they are going to be required to spend another $19.95 per month in order to be part of the affiliate program, this is the only paid affiliate program I have ever heard of.

      But that is just the start of it right? You really want them to buy MORE…because when they do, you will get paid more. You are likely going to tell them they need to go “all in”, spend another $100 per month on the inner circle and spend $5,500 on the one time programs. So much for the $25 per month initial offer, now you have trapped people into spending their rent money, their kids education, their groceries to join this scheme…so they can do what with it? Do the exact same thing to others.

      If I am off base here, let me know. But when broken down, I hope you realize how unethical what you are doing to other people is.

    • Steve

      I’m making well over 5k per month in Empower Network and here you guys are calling it a scam!

      Bernie Madoff made millions, so I guess he wasn’t scamming people. Zeek Rewards wasn’t a scam either since a lot of people were making money.

      • Kyle

        Yeah Bernie Madoff was a scam. That is why he is in jail. Zeek Rewards made loads of money, but SEC shut them down. You will see the EN folks gloating about their product being legit because they are making money with it. Somehow that legitimizes the product.

        The reality of it is…

        Those that make money online are not always ethical. People robbing banks are not ethical, but yes, they make money. Those that steal old ladies purses make money, does that make them ethical? Nope. So it is the actual activities that you are doing to generate the money that defines whether that money was earned ethically and unfortunately joining a program so you can recruit others into a program, regardless of what it is called can be included in this crowd.

  137. Brandon

    Selling a dream is disrespectful, they sell it like your gonna be rich but these programs are not setup to make everyone rich, only those at the top. Selling a blog which you can get for free is the catalyst they use to bait people besides saying they have the best training. All anyone needs is ahrefs and opensiteexplorer, I’m sure that where the owners get their info.

    • Kyle

      It truly is a bait and switch situation in my opinion as well. They are selling you on the initial $25 viral blogging system giving you the assumption that you can create a business for $25 per month. Come to find out that your blog is not going to rank and that you are “forced” to promote EN to earn any money with these blogs as they are geared to promote Empower.

      Then if you want to actually get paid, you need your own merchant account. Another $19.95 per month. Then in order to get an ounce of help from your sponsor or within the system, you need to spend another $100 per month for the inner circle..and then you will be called a wussy until you spend $5,000 and go “all in”.

      That $25 per month is just the start…

  138. Casey

    Hey Kyle,

    I just recently stumbled upon your blog and I am glad I did. I too have been apart of Empower Network but I never really did anything because I could not afford to go “all in” ( not trying to make excuses but I am a broke college kid who does not have $5,000 to invest) and the more I thought about it, I am not sure I feel comfortable generating an income with something I completely don’t believe in. It honestly just seems to spammy, but I am not giving up on my dream of generating a honest income that I can feel good about on the internet. I am getting ready to graduate school here soon and I am really not sure I want the 9 to 5 job.

    The problem is all I have been exposed to on the Internet is network marketing ( not that there is anything wrong with network marketing) but I would like personally rather make an full time income online by not hounding my family and posting messages on facebook every hour on “join this certain business”. My dream is to generate a full time income with a golf (my passion) website.

    I am just lost on how to actually make a full time income with a golf website. I do now it is certainly possible as many have done it before me. I am eager to actually learn how to operate a sustainable- long term internet business because i do not want to end up in the 9-5 rat race that awaits me in December. Hope to hear your advice soon Kyle, and I really enjoyed reading your blog!

    • Kyle

      Casey, there are definitely ways you can earn money online without feeling like your need to sell your soul or shameless promote “schemes” to your family members. The term network marketing has become more and more a facade for “pyramid” style, hot air programs. Programs that have little substance, are expensive and require you to promote the very same program to others to earn money.

      I can tell you that there is a REAL way to earn money and you can do so with your golf website. It all starts with an understand of how to properly build a website out in a way that will get ranked in Google, get relevant traffic..and then how to monetize that traffic. That is something that I can help you out with and something that I have been teaching others for years. I would be more than happy to help you out with your campaigns and help you get out of the race.

      If you are willing to work hard and take action on the training, I can definitely help get your business turned around in the right direction (and I promise, you will never have to hound your parents and family members to join another scheme again).

      • Alan

        Kyle I have been looking to understand how to do this for years! I have been apart of a few pyramids and I have learned my lesson. I didn’t go for this scheme listed. But I have been caught into, Manatech, Primerica and another one that sells energy drinks. I am an artist and graphic designer. I want to market myself but I also want to make money from my marketing with a website! Please help! It would be greatly appreciated!

        • Kyle

          Well you are heading in the wrong direction if you are looking for “network marketing” programs versus getting an education on how to create a real business online. One which doesn’t rely on you recruiting new people into a program and them recruiting others into it. If you want to get a handle on how YOU can earn money online, I suggest you understand the process.

          You are going to continue bouncing from program to program if you seek out a pyramid style business structure. It involves a lot of hustle and frankly, some tasteless promotional strategies to make money.

  139. Tanya

    Thanks very much. I was very close to paying the initial $25 before I googled to check if it was a scam. Love that you’ve given so much information-you’ve obviously spent a bit of time looking into how they work. I’m from Australia and I haven’t heard of it before- it came up as a ‘suggested page’ on my facebook newsfeed. Just spent an hour watching their video- the blog they were selling sounded great for selling my products but glad I haven’t wasted further time.

    • Kyle

      Unfortunately Tanya, the blog that you would be getting is to sell “their” products, in other words, to sell other people into the exact same scheme. If you are looking to build a website and promote products within a specific niche, then I would suggest you check out the process to build a website (and I cover how to do so for free).

      This way you are getting a blog that you can actually get rankings with (the EN blogs also don’t rank, making them even less useful)…and to get rolling for not cost within any niche.

  140. Rodney Walker

    I don’t know about Empower Network, but what I do know, is that you people call everything a scam. What is not a scam? What is not a pyramid scheme? Working a 9 to 5? The hell with that? I’m in MCA. That’s a pyramid scheme to right? A company selling roadside assistance and dental benefits etc. huh? You people blame the world for everything. I been in MCA 1 year. The first half of the year I made $101,000. Scam huh? Pyramid scheme right? LOL. Thank God I wasn’t raised to bitch about everything.

    • Kyle

      I guess the best way to determine whether you are doing something legitimate is to determine whether the money you earn is from selling insurance or it is from generating an income from selling other people on the idea of selling insurance. If you are doing the later, then you are scheming your way to success. If you are selling insurance to other folks, then that is completely ethical and I have no issue with that.

      I haven’t said anything negative about MCA as it has not been reviewed, but it does sound like you have experience some negativity. I have absolutely seen the same sort of pressure sales tactics and “spamming” for this program all over the Internet though.

  141. Nelson

    Good Article Kyle.. I never had any experience with EN. But I have some experience with MLSP, which has taught me some things about internet and attraction marketing. I’m totally new to the field, so I’ll believe just about anything at this point 🙂 Would love to hear your thoughts on MLSP. Thanks.

    • Kyle

      You are still not going to get an “education” within MLSP, you are part of a greater scheme. This is not building a business, it is being “involved” within a program. I have a review coming on MLSP that I think is going to put a good deal of what is actually going on over there in perspective.

      • Nelson

        I’ll give you my perspective, which doesn’t hold much weight because I’ve only been there a little over a month. The monthly “Mastery” membership is $149/mos. $100 of that goes to your upline/sponsor every month. In exchange, you get an hour of “coaching” every month from your sponsor. This is assuming your Sponsor knows what they are doing and has had actual success in MLSP The Mastery membership gives you the “rights” to earn 100% commission on the various marketing system products. Those products focus on everything from marketing via blogs, FaceBook, YouTube, Twitter to other forms of attraction marketing. The whole point is to get leads and convert these leads into joining you primary network marketing business. On the surface, you do actually get leads if you put the work into it. There seems to be heavy emphasis in trying to get those leads to purchase the MLSP membership or one of the other product offerings which were created by some of the Mastery members themselves. So why would these members give up 100% commission on their own products? Because, your paying them $100 per month anyway for the rights, whether you sell any of those products or not.

        My gut feeling tells me that your sucked into a whirlwind of activity which “promotes the promotion” without a tangible product to sell in the end. Like you said Kyle, its being “involved” but there is no real business. You’re selling informational products when in fact, you’re the one that should be selling and teaching the info. That’s what you should be paid for.

        • Kyle

          A good outline and I agree with all of your sentiments. You are “promoting the promotion” which is very indicative of this program and EN. You join the program, so you can promote the program that will promote the program to others. Whew…

          And then the education and the sponsors that you get involved with are in the business of getting you to build up THEIR downline, but more products and essentially do everything you can to earn THEM more money. It doesn’t sound all that ethical (or in many cases legaL) and that is because it is sitting in one big ethical “gray” area.

  142. John

    Sounds a lot like Amway but at least Amway has an actual product. I am not sure how it can be called an business when you are required to “lure” other folks into EN in order to generate any income. There is no way to promote an actual product from Empower to the outside world without them having to become part of the scheme. That sets some big time red flags for me. That is far too ponzi-like for me to invest in.

    • Kyle

      I agree John, and then once you are inside the blog that you pay for and can apparently promote anything you want on actually FORCES (in a subtle and not so subtle way) you to promote EN. They say you can promote other stuff, but it is riddled with Empower branding. It would be like owning a hot dog stand and trying to sell furniture from it. It just doesn’t make sense nor will it work.

      • Kyle

        Amway is definitely one of the more credible network marketing companies, but it definitely has not been excluded from the controversies over the years.

  143. Hi Kyle, I wrote a similar post about Empower. I actually earn from the program before realizing that it is one big scam based on a product (blog) that we can get for free. It is selling a dream and one day it will all come crumbling down.

    to promote it, you have to be ruthless and unethical, which is why I have stopped promoting it. The only mention i make of Empower is this negative post that I wrote on my blog. I appreciate for your honesty.

    • Kyle

      Hey Brian,

      Thanks for stopping by and thank you for dedicating your time and energy (via your blog) to helping others. I am glad you came to your senses even though you were earning money within the program and realized that money is not money. There are ways you can earn it by helping people, and there are ways you can earn it by selling people on “hope” and taking advantage of their situations. That is why I am against these practices and types of companies and why so many others that have been burned by this program are.

      I know many people that were earning money within Empower (which is done by TAKING money from others, not other way to put it) that have followed the same path as you. They didn’t feel it was right and moved on.

      Again, I do wish you all the best and if you ever need help with your online business, I would be more than happy to help you out!

      • Brian G Elliott

        Thanks Kyle. I have signed up to Wealthy Affiliate as I like your honesty. Tonight I intend to go through the tutorials to see if it suits me. God Bless.

        • Kyle

          Wonderful Brian, I look forward to connecting with you within WA and I really do think you are going to enjoy the community.

  144. Barbara

    Hello, Kyle and thanks for saving me from a terrible mistake.

    After reading your comments and those of other “victims”, I am no longer interested in affiliating with EN. I was in the initial stages and did sign up for e-wallet, and paid the $19.95 to Empower but for some reason, my payment to the “sponsor” did not go through because he is in England and my bank declined the payment. Lucky for me, I get to save $25.

    I read all of the promo material and kept trying to figure out what products I would be promoting but never could discover anything other than the “program”. My mindset was to stay focused, work, and work hard to make the promises a reality. I’ve been in commission sales for the bulk of my life and will be 71 years old soon. I was looking for something to supplement my husband’s and my retirement income and thought I had found it.

    I am so glad to be spared the harsh reality of having spent additional time,effort, and money on this scheme to take me nowhere but to more money worries.

    I’m going to go now. Off to investigate your site and see about building a legitimate business. Thanks again.

    • Kyle

      Serendipity perhaps Barbara. I can tell you that there are some real, tangible opportunities online but I would definitely suggest you avoid anything that is “scheme” based and that requires you to recruit others into the program in order to make any money. That is not an education in business, that is a pure scheme.

      If you ever need a hand, you can find me within WA. I would be more than happy to help you get your business up and running online and help your husband supplement his retirement income.

    • pals0715

      OMG, the same thing happened to me. I’m ashamed I bought into the hype. I went to pay my $25, and they were having technical difficulties and were unable to process my card. Maybe it was my visa that has blocked EN. After reading this blog I feel so relieved. I,m retired Army veteran with lots of time on my hands. Do i need to be a pro with the internet or have something to sell to have a business on line?

  145. Ethan Vanderbuilt

    The Empower Network is a clear product based pyramid scheme. I put together some information and a video about this on my blog as well. I think as time goes forward more and more folks are going to come “clean” about the scam that this program really is.

    • Kyle

      Ethan, I agree. You like many others are coming clean on what EN really is and how their system really works. Unfortunately for many folks, they are still getting sucked into sales videos that sell people on “dreams” (big houses, cars, and wads of cash), but hot air is about all they are getting when they buy into the hype.

  146. Jay Carey


    In order to succeed online you don’t need to be a slimy rat forcefully convincing an old couple or single mother that their dreams can become a reality just by the simple application of intimidation and blatant robbery.

    I have done many programs in the past and still do some of them but nothing has really made me want to make a stand against their practices.

    Well not until i found EN.

    If you can sleep at night knowing you probably bankrupt an old man or a mother who can feed her kids or keep her electricity on then by all means join the Empower Network however if you have morals and ethics and want to make an honest living online then take a closer look at Kyles offering 🙂

  147. Jay Carey

    Very interesting points Kyle although you fail to mention the technique they use is something that was outlawed about 2 decades ago.

    The bait and switch scheme. They offer you something which at first looks like a mere $25 a month but one you are hooked in the price rockets.

    Case-in-point a similar business in the UK (Carpet Cleaners lol) that offered a full carpet clean for £35 then when they actually come round to clean the carpets you learn that a quick clean will actually make a carpet look worse because all the dirt is brought to the top.

    When you learn this, the carpet cleaner/salesman upsells you another package to remove infestation and clean the carpet properly for nearly 20 times the amount you were originally expecting to pay.

    The special £35 offer is the bait to get them in the door then the switch is the much higher price and the sales technique.

    This type of selling makes me sick and being in marketing for over 7 years it still amazes me how many people still buy into the Empower bait and switch scam.

    This is one of the reasons i will not allow members of my site to build a downline in EN because to me the whole idea is massively unethical.

    I really hope that sometime in the near future Dave and Dave and Empower get whats coming to them.

    Face it Empower is the online equivalent of Bait and Switch and whats even worse is the way it is sold.

    Really people haven’t we gotten past the schoolday bullying methods?

    • Kyle

      Very true Jay, I have however reference what a ponzi is (within the Wikipedia definition) and there are some really bold and striking similarities. Perhaps this is the reason that people have to take money directly from others using hodge podge merchant accounts (instead of reputable ones like Paypal, Beanstream, Stripe, and merchant bank accounts).

      You are not alone, this makes many people sick and for those reading this with the “hype” blinders on, wake up!

  148. David

    On a different blog promoting Empower, I just read a comment with a person claiming they’ve been with EN for about 2 months, have 66 blog posts through the EN blogging portal with SEO scores of 88.89 to 93.33 and they are not able to get any prospects to sign up through their lead capture page.

    This is concerning to me because the EN blog is the main product being pushed. Shouldn’t that person have at least one opt-in through their capture page in 2 months of blogging?

    I can see now why some EN promoters are advising prospects to start up a blog under their own domain and hosting apart from the EN blogging portal.

    The EN blog portal doesn’t seem to be living up to the hype.

    • Kyle

      That is because their blogs don’t rank in search engines, in fact, they people that are paying $25 per month for the blog don’t even own the content. This sort of service can and is being offered for free elsewhere and the “viral blogging system” is really a facade for the MASSIVE upsells that they are going to try to suck you in behind the scenes. Get ready to be pressured into buying into the $100 per month inner circle program and the $5,000 in other products.

      They also tout ALEXA as being some sort of metric determining how a site ranks. It shows how much the folks within EN are really learning, they are just regurgitation when their masters tell them.

  149. muh

    Great post kyle, just one thing to add.

    Based on statistics directly from their website, only 675 people in Empower Network are earning over $1,000 per month. That should be pretty telling considering there are over 130,000 (or have been) paying members. You have a 99.325% chance of failing within Empower, in fact, if you buy into their forced upsells you have a good chance of losing $6,000+ of your own hard earned money. Brutallllll!

    The low man on the totem pople is paying for these 675 people earning money, really there are only 8-10 people earning lots of money and they started the company with the Davids and had huge mailing lists to begin with. You are ridiculous if you think you are going to join this program and earn money, the odds are already against you to the tune of 99.325% chance.

    I will stick with roulette thanks.

  150. muh

    Statistically proven, only 0.6% of EN earn money. The rest are still look for other folks to join in their downline so they can earn money off of others, but it hasn’t quite happened yet.

    Here are some Empower Network Stats as of April, 2013 that I think folks will be very interested in.

    Of the 130,000 members that have joined and PAID EN, only 675 of these people are earning over $1,000 per month. Yes, that number is correct and I think many will find it very conclusive that the ONLY people making real money from this program are not the 1,000’s of folks attending events, it is the people that are “on stage” encouraging others that they can do it too, knowing full well that they can’t. In fact, 99.325% of people within Empower fail.

    So if you like these odds, then I would suggest that you may want to join this program. I can tell you though, that your odds of winning at a blackjack table are MUCH higher than taking a chance with EN.

    • Kyle

      Yeah, that odds are not in your favour. Like any pyramid style set-up, the early adopters are the ones that reap all the rewards. There has been a lot of mention about when EN launched, they sat their (now most successful affiliates in a room) and said they wanted to make them the most successful group within this program. 18 months forward, those same people are the most successful feasting on the monies generated from the newcomers…or as you said, the other 99.325 of folks.

      This is unfortunate and I think these numbers are going to really put the “opportunity” into perspective for a lot of folks.

  151. Dave Rea

    150,000+ EN members in over 150 countries (and growing daily), somewhere between $60-$80 million dollars in commissions paid to the active affiliates in the last 18 months, and all you wussified WUSSIES say Empower Network is a scam. Anyone that is not part of EN is a total loser. How about taking a good look in the mirror and accepting responsibility for where you’re at in life right now and stop blaming everything and everybody else.

    Kyle, I like how you piggy-back off the most popular and best internet marketing company in the industry only to put it down to promote your own BS. Btw, what’s Wealthy Affiliate’s alexa ranking at http://www.alexa.com compared to Empower Network’s?

    • Kyle

      There was a company called ZeekRewards a few years back that was “boasting” about how much money was being transferred within their system, in fact MUCH more than Empower Network. People with the same sort of outlook in business as you were avid promoters of this program stating that it could not doing anything wrong. It relied on many of the same principles of EN, in order to earn money you need to sign-up folks below you, in fact that is the only way you can earn money online.

      I don’t see folks from EN promoting other products or services. You are no different. Why? Because you will be shunned within the program by your sponsor/upline because if you don’t promote EN, you are not making the people above you. Did you know that only 0.675% of people are making more than $1,000 per month, yet many are spending $5,000 + $140 per month on the program? Think about those numbers for a second. If you don’t feel bad about promoting a program like this to others, you are turn a shoulder to what is going on and you are no better than people that are stealing purses from old ladies.

      I could care less if people join my program or not (even though we offer a heck of a lot for FREE), I just want people to be informed before they make any decision online. To be honest Dave, I have grown tired to folks coming to me with their horror stories within EN. Being treated like crap, called wussy and much worse (it seems like you have that down), losing their jobs, not being able to pay rent, being pressured into spending money on the program instead of their children. That is the sort of stuff I don’t support and if you do, it is really telling.

      By the way, Alexa has nothing to do with traffic or success of a company. If you had a clue about the Internet, you would know this and you would know that Alexa has NO real tangible traffic data to work with. This is a “foolish” metric that all the EN folks seem to be touting, yet none of them seem to really understand it. Perhaps you might want to check out this piece I wrote on this so you can get up to speed with things that you are talking up.

  152. Rob

    Thanks for a really fantastic and honest review Kyle – much appreciated. I just really bitterly regret not having seen this sooner.

    I’m currently an active member of EN due to a person whom I had been following for a few years. She’s been shouting from the roof tops that it is the best thing of her 20 odd years of marketing. Based on that trust (which is totally misplaced as I discovered), I joined EN about a month ago. I didn’t go “all in” but have bought the $1000 15k formula (much to my regret). Some of the elements in there may be useful but overall I consider it as being something that is overpriced and under-delivers on most levels, essentially a rip-off product.

    Ever since joining I have had my doubt about EN as I just couldn’t really see the value in all of their products. I have to admit that I was somehow brainwashed which is very unlike me as I normally consider myself to be astute with such things. Still, I have learned my lesson the hard way and will be looking at your site in much more detail. I may possibly sign up.

    Overall, even though I have had a bad experience with EN and would not recommend their system to anyone, I still strongly believe that internet marketing is the way to go for me.

    I’m currently in the process of cancelling my EN membership (basic plus Inner Circle) including the eWallet and my Autoresponder. All in all, a not so significant $170 per month. My sponsor has not really done anything other than welcome me to her facebook group. I’ll be removing myself from that group too.

    • Kyle

      Rob, your experience is all too typical…including the brainwashing aspect. The thing is when you join something and everyone is “told” they are to believe in what is being said or they need to get lost, you naturally have a group of believers of something, regardless of whether or not is it is the right thing to do.

      In addition, when you get a bunch of people in a room with limited knowledge as to what they are doing, then they are all immediately going to feel intelligent. Both of these are the working forces behind empower and unfortunately there is an ongoing push to sucker new people into the program…and then they become part of the entity that suckers new folks in and so and so forth.

      I think you have validated why you have made the decision that you do and I think others reading this may see the, what may initially seem hidden, “truths” behind how the system actually works.

      I can tell you that there are bright days ahead for you man…I would love to work with you and help you turn things around. You can find me within WA or you can drop me a note here or on my About Me page if you ever need a hand getting a REAL business up and running online and I will be more than happy to help you out.

  153. jerryk

    I didnt do EN i looked into instant pay day network and the two are connected. I didnt even go the full way i knew it was a scam. Once i posted my first add on craigslist like i was told to do . Craigslist flagged it as spam . So i did not do that required 3rd step in the program and i received spam for months with that you need to be in it to win speech. Face book has banned them , so much for a legit stay at home opportunity

  154. Rach

    I was a sucker for EN and a newbie on internet marketing I have been with EN for a couple of months and I still dont understand internet marketing and everytime I went to ask a question they want to send me back to the 10 steps which did not answer my questions and I started to think I was doing something wrong. I really wanted it to work and since I was not all EN my sponsor had no words for me basically said in one of the training calls if people are not all in she dont have time for that I felt like I am not asking you to hold my hand but give me better feedback and she would direct me to ask my questions to the facebook group which they make you feel like your questions are stupid.

    I still would like to know how make money online if possible but I really dont know who to trust.

    Please, please, please save your money. I read people went to there Denver event that didnt have the money to go drove hours and didnt even have a place to sleep but it was people that took most in but that is crazy.

    I wish something could just bring them down with the economy money is to hard to come by for people to take advantage

    • Kyle

      Rach, that is the unfortunate thing. People are buying into the “hot air” and travelling to these events spending their last money. I have had many folks contact me that have literally spent their last dime in hopes that one of these events is magically going to change their lives.

      It changes their lives, but for the worse. Now they have no money and they just attended the biggest “rah rah” buy more session of their lives. I had one lady (read comments below) that even wrote in worried about her friend that left her sick child at home to attend this and spent their money (they need to pay the bills).

      I am not OK with this and it sounds like you are not either. I am so sorry to hear that all this has happened to you and I do want to offer my help to you if you ever need it. You can get in touch with me via my About Me page here on my site, or you can connect personally and get help from me within the WA community.

    • sharon newbie

      OK, I was in Denver at the Life Vantage conference the same time as the Empower Network conference was going on in the back half of the convention center.

      I spoke to a few of the EN folks on my breaks. I DO know what a pyramid scheme is since I developed products for Fortune High Tech Marketing which the government shut down as a pyramid scheme back this February. Luckily, I had done my research 3 years or so prior and found WAY too much negative chatter online about FHTM so only got involved on the manufacturing side of it. Govm’t told FHTM the only product they sold was distributorships because the product we manufactured for FHTM was only being stockpiled by distributors who were forced to buy monthly allotments in order to get the pittance of compensation that they also complained about….

      SOoooo…. In Denver, I kept telling the Empower folks there.. “you have NO PRODUCT”!!! Their answer was the mantra “our product is education, just like you buy at any college….”

      OHHHH, that is just selling air… and getting others to sell air…. Danger Will Robinson!!!!

      On of the biggest reasons I chose Life Vantage is that for every distributor, there is an average of 9 customers and the compensation program encourages ALL distributors, regardless of rank, to add new product-buying true customers at least once a month. No selling air….

      Anyone interested in how the government views the sale of education via network marketing, Google on “Dare to Be Great Glen Turner”.

      Turner was selling educational tapes, Tony Robbins style, and selling distributorships to sell those tapes. Even though the tapes could have been considered the product, the tapes taught people how to sell distributorships.

      EN has very limited time. The government responds when they are overwhelmed by complaints from burned distributors. BEWARE.

      • Kyle

        Yeah, one thing you can never do with their audience is tell them that they are wrong and definitely don’t have a conversation about their actual business model. They have been told many different things like:

        (1) People pay $5,000 for education, it is OK to spend this on ours
        (2) All companies are pyramids
        (3) You have to spend more money to earn more money (go “all in”)
        (4) If you don’t join, you must be a wussy

        Programs like this are unfortunate because they prey on desperation and people that really should not be spending their rent money on overpriced programs just so they can do the same to others.

  155. Robert Williams

    I just watched their video, and as I clicked of the page, this is what I got

    Don’t be a wussy! Click ‘Stay on page’ to join now!

    Are you sure you want to leave this page?”

    WOW!!!!! Do they know what a wussy is?

    • Kyle

      That is just the start of it Robert. When you join and pay the initial $25 per month for a site you don’t own (and doesn’t rank), you will be forced to pay another $19.95 so that you can get paid. Then you will be called a wussy until you go all-in, which means paying $100 per month additionally for the “inner circle” and $5,000 for the other upsells.

  156. Jennifer

    Thank you for this. I almost signed up an hour ago, but had a strange feeling and decided to have dinner first. I was required to enter my email address to view the informational videos. Ironically, less than an hour after viewing the EN videos, and thankfully before I signed up, I received an email alert from Google that they had blocked someone in Cancun from using an application/device to attempt hacking into my email. Had to immediately change passwords. Also ironic, EN requires in their user agreement before you sign up that you will not defame them in any way, and breaking that agreement entitles them to $5000. Red flags everywhere.

  157. Lynn

    BEWARE – I saw online that at the Denver event they announced ENV2 Empower Network Version 2 the is supposed to launch this fall.

    This will probably keep people on the hook longer with this whole interface change.

    I saw a couple of YouTube videos that were recorded by people at the event and a couple EN blog posts from people.

    Odd, because I thought that they made attendees sign nondisclosure agreements at these events.

    Anyway, members are touting on FB, etc. that this is going to “change the internet”……

    • Kyle

      Very bold statement that an “iterative” update is going to change the Internet. Hopefully they do make an ethical move away from the current scheme they are currently offering folks.

      • Lynn

        Well, I’m pretty sure the pay structure/recruiting methods will stay just as it is…….updating the interface and adding technical capabilities will only serve to repackage the same scheme. People will still pay a lot of money and will lose a lot of money, except the 1% who continue to profit off of others. I will say that it is that 1% who are VERY excited to start promoting ENV2.

        That same 1% are the ones who actually go to these events and leave them even more mesmorized and ready to recruit more people. I see no end in sight in the near future. More people will part with their money and end up more broke and disillusioned than ever before….

        • Kyle

          You can forecast the future by looking at the past. In this case, people can expect the same line of ethics out of the EN program that they expect from the past. A business built on a structured scheme that people “buy into” just so they can promote it to the next person…and so on.

          You don’t see people within EN promoting anything other than EN and there is a reason for that, their only financial model is to sell overpriced, high ticket “all in” products to folks to directly displace money from their bank accounts and put it into theirs. It appears that many folks are waking up to what is going on so this is definitely a good sign.

  158. Dave

    I have been part of EN but only on the $25 dollar amount and I decided to get out. Did I do anything with the program the answer is no. I just could not get myself to take action in something I guess I never really believed in. I see the same leaders Tony Rush, Jon Mroz , Tracy Walker ,Kris Darty & the two Irish people(forgot their name). They all seem like good guys but it seems like they are making a killing at this. Maybe they just took massive action where the average person takes little if any. Is it us legitimately complaining about EN or is it just us being lazy? I did nothing so I guess I shouldn’t expect any results. Bottom line is I love online marketing I’m just looking for the right person to start working with.

  159. James

    When someone tells you something is worth $1000, but they’re selling it for $25to make it feel like you’re getting a good deal, the products is probably worth LESS than $25

    • Kyle

      I would agree with you that this is a typical rule of thumb. Many of the gurus and schemes online use “high value” bonuses to try to convince you that the product you are buying is at a rock bottom price.

      “Buy my product for $7 today and get $10,000 in bonuses!”.

      That sort of snake oil sales is going on everywhere these days it seems. Even worse though is when you say your product is worth $1,000, then you sell it for $25…and then you realize that it is actually worth $0. That is what is happening within EN as they are selling people inferior blogs to that are available online for free. Blogs that don’t force you to promote EN and blogs that can actually ranking in the search engines.

  160. Kelly K

    Your post makes me want to cry, I have religiously written blog posts for 5 months every single day and have been pulling my hair out wondering why I am failing when everyone else is out there looking like they are making tons of money… Often my kids sit on my lap as I struggle in front of the computer. So sad.

    Here we are busy Moms and huge suckers trying desperately to make a go of something, which is impossible to succeed at. I truly believed in it. I got up to the $500 mark and have been pushed to get the 15k, by the end of the month I feel like a gambler who goes to the casino and wastes all their money trying to get rich quick when all I really wanted was to give my family a better life and pay off all our debts.

    Kyle can you really teach someone who is not super techy how to get on Google? After over 100 blogs I have no list, no followers, no sign ups, no nothing. My up lines only advice was that I have no “niche” and I should stick to blogging only about Empower and blogging.

    I told them I love my topic, I know they are well written and I know nothing about Internet marketing and they told me to buy the 15k for $1000 I don’t have. I feel sick about the whole thing. And totally confused. :0( PS Is Ashley not the wife of David Wood??

    • Kyle

      So sorry to hear about the run around you have been going through Kelly.

      Let’s get a few things straightened out so you can move towards creating a REAL business online. First, you should not be using an Empower blog if you are trying to build success within a niche. These blogs are geared towards only the promotion of EN, they don’t rank, and they are inferior to every free blogging platform I have seen out there. In fact, I can offer you a superior to that within WA (in fact two) that you will be able to use to start a business within any niche.

      Next, your sponsor is pushing you to go up to the next “mark” because they are making MORE money off of you if spend more. It is a sick way of doing business, but that is exactly what is happening. You are being taken advantage of for your money, they could care less about you doing anything else other than spending money or promoting EN to others because that is the only way they are going to make money.

      You absolutely should follow your niche, follow your passion and follow your dreams. Don’t let anyone tell you other wise. The only problem now is that you have not been given proper training or a proper platform to build a business. You are within a scheme that could very well suck you dry if you continue down the path you are on. I do hope you consider either WA or one of the more established, “business building” products/services out there because it does sound like you have all the drive and work ethic necessary to create a good deal of success online.

      If you need anything else or have any further questions, do let me know.

    • Doug

      Kelly – if you really like to write you should look into writing “content” for others while you pursue learning about blogging. It will not make you rich, but you can make a bit each month. Oh, and let me also mention that writing or ghost writing is hard work.

  161. Etta

    Hey Kyle…just wanted to let you know that a couple of facebook Empower Network members are calling the Denver convention the “No Wussy” event…lol

    • Kyle

      No Wussy = Not Willing to Part with $5000.

      That is their marketing strategy and part of the way they operate over there. They need to belittle folks in order to get them to spend money on their high ticket, over priced programs.

  162. This is was posted on a Facebook wall of an ex-friend of mine (A scamming family for sure). It takes a little digging, but not much to reveal that some little big dreaming loser joins Empower Network, sets up a blog under some Pseudo-Mentor identity (“Business Plan”) only to refer to Empower Network. There is no product what so ever, but it looks better if you hint there are lots of products and ALL SOLD out, due to overwhelming demand. Please note that with this badass EN high roller – there is ONLY one “opportunity” to buy left. Massive pressure hype. There is nothing here, traffic accident lookers! only Empower Network and their sub-zero quality minions looking for you to be their next product – all skinned and re-packaged

    (below is copied from Empower Network Affiliate self proclaimed Top Dog (Homeless Bad Ass) Blog-boy wonder “Join a Mentor”

    I would love to upload the screen capture image instead, but the comment section here only allows text.

    My Products
    Sorry you can’t buy today!
    We already sold everything. SOLD

    That is really what you are looking for if you are a seller.
    The SOLD sign in front of the investment house.

    Its also the case when you want to buy.
    Think about it, when you buy you feel good, and its not rare.
    Everything you buy and every time you buy you feel good.
    The only time you don’t feel good is when you pay
    and you don’t have enough money, but you had to do it!

    Creating our own economy and making money online
    should be a must in ever person’s life
    The good news is today its going to feel good.

    We have one position available just for you.
    Go here now and buy the last position available Join Now

  163. Daniel

    Hey Kyle. Good work. I also sinked my money in EN and got nothing from it. So beware when thinking about joining EN. They are simply selling air, and you will notice it sooner or later. Cheers from Poland. Daniel

  164. Shawn

    UPDATE: I took a look at Kyle’s membership site WA and would like to retract my statement about not signing up with him in what he does.

    While I still don’t personally agree with bashing the competition, what Kyle offers seems solid and when I get some time I may even sign up for it myself to take a closer look at the training.

    I don’t usually post comments without due diligence as I don’t like to spread false info, but I didn’t do that tonight and felt I should followup with this to make it right.

    • Kyle

      Hey Shawn,

      Glad you did decide to join so you can see where I have been coming from. I have been within the online world for 11 years now and I am by no means in the business of bashing, I have simply had enough of people getting scammed and people taking part in schemes that they are told are completely legitimate when I know otherwise. You wouldn’t believe how many people have come to me asking for help that have spent $1,000’s on products (like the ones within EN) and have missed rent payments and end up with a sub par education and nothing to show for it.

      They are told they “didn’t try” or they “simply are not action takers”…and that is why they didn’t achieve success. I don’t agree with this and I have helped 10,000’s of people create REAL businesses online. This means create them from the ground up, from the initial phase of creating a website right through the content, seo, marketing, and long term business plans. That is what I teach, what we teach, and the ethical approach to creating a business online.

      I can appreciate where you were coming from. I defend things I purchase too. I used to have a Samsung phone (I hated it) but I would defend it at all costs compared to an iPhone even though I knew deep down inside the iPhone was better from my past experiences. Why? Because I made the purchasing decision to buy it and I would feel like an idiot saying that I make stupid decisions with my money. This goes for anything you buy.

      That is exactly what is happening within EN. People are spending $1,000’s on a scheme, only to try to push this same scheme (in order to earn money to others). When you tell them “something is wrong” with what they are doing, they will defend it. Unfortunately, there is no rebut to anything I have said because I am speaking from experience and I am speaking on behalf a massive audience of people that have come to me crying “scam”. It really bothers me because I could offer someone a 20 year education at WA for the price they are paying at EN with better training, better websites, better tools, better support and a much more helpful community. TWENTY YEARS!

      I am here to help man and I would love to work with you going forward and help you create a highly tangible business online. One that works when you are not there, one that can be within whatever niche you want, and one that is sustainable without having the “suck” other people into some sort of scheme. You have access to me now so make sure you hit me up if you ever need anything.

    • Kyle

      I care about people’s success, not earning MONEY off of people. A big difference. You should check out WA if you get a chance, the Starter membership is completely free and offers WAY more than what you are trying to lure people into EN with (a viral blog… you mean a branded WordPress blog you don’t own and that doesn’t rank?…for $25). C’mon man, how can you feel good about promoting that.

  165. Moody

    I just wanted to drop you a quick line to “Thanks” for saving me time, money and inevitable disappointment. I received an email from the “Coffee Shop Billionaire” (another piece of trash) that was touting the Empower Network in order to make $100 per day extra. I decided to take a step back do more research. I’m glad I did. My gut told me that something was not kosher – this whole thing wreaks of Thomas Bowdoin Jr.’s “Ad Surf Daily” or their second scam – “Golden Panda Ad Builder” The whole thing was a just an elaborate Ponzi scheme. At least that’s what the US States Attorney’s office declared (in the case of AdSurf & Golden Panda) when they sued, won and convicted the lot of them. I fell victim to that trap – lost 2k.

    I must be a total schmuck, do you know that the video link featuring one of the Dave’s actually got me teary eyed – especially when he got to talking about how he was homeless (I was able to relate to him on that one) and how he took his daughter to DC, bought his mom a new car (cash)..Etc, Etc. Mark my words…this company is going DOWN! You know why – the same reason why Ad Surf Daily went down. The product or service you’re “buying” is WORTHLESS. It’s all smoke and mirrors – just a facade to funnel money to your upline! These people get what they have coming to them. And don’t think for a moment that the US government won’t compel Costa Rica or any other Nation (Cuba, Venezuela & Sudan are some exceptions)to extradite them.

    Is there no decency?

    • Kyle

      Programs like this continue to thrive because people get suckered into them by people like the ones you mentioned. It is unfortunate and going forward, you should be more careful in the programs you choose to join Moody. Do your due diligence and if you want a hand getting up and running online, have a peak at my Getting Started page. I can definitely help you out (personally).

  166. Vinayak Bhat

    Hi Kyle,
    You have done a great job by writing this review about EN. You are gonna save many people’s hard earned money. EN does talk about SEO; their own site is ranked lower in Google’s first page for “Empower Network” keyword. What an Irony!!
    And your site is above EN site for “Empower Network” keyword search. 🙂

    • Kyle

      It is a little ironic, what is even more ironic is that the very same people that are promoting the “high ranking” SEO blogs and promoting EN are often times not using these blogs. They are not practicing what they preach because they know the blogs don’t rank and frankly superior websites to the ones people are paying $45 per month at EN are available for free online.

  167. Hi Kyle
    I have read with interest your blog here as well as the other comments from other people almost sucked into Empower network, which my wife and I were considering, but I am definitely not going to touch this now. Thanks

    I have spent a fair amount of money over the last 2 to 3 years trying different schemes out, and I just can’t find what I am looking for.

    I run a business in the health industry, which could be doing better, but as you know with the global recession we have been hit quite hard and had to downsize our premises to a single clinic. Now I have spent a small fortune on this traditional business, but I need a second income which I am hoping can replace the one I have now,without stock, employing staff and all the other costs of a traditional business.As well as the hours and huge committment it takes.

    So my question for you Kyle ( and I apologise for the long winded post ) is there there any way of doing an online business part time, and if you pardon the scammy terminology, and earn a significant amount of money and i’m talking in the region of £10k/$15k to £15k/$20k a month as starters and build up to more, and work from anywhere, at anytime with whom so ever you want, or is it just hype, and you need the full time committment, of 15 hour days, 6 – 7 days per week, and some money to invest?

    Please tell me the honest truth…

    • Kyle

      You will never “start” at $10K per month, you have to work towards that. Is that possible? Absolutely. Any amount is possible, there are people earning $100K’s per month and that is not all that uncommon. Before you build a skyscraper though, you must first plot your foundation and that is the approach I am a proponent of. If you think this is going to happen FAST, you are kidding yourself. This is a business and it will take hard work and dedication on your part (which is sounds like you do have a grasp of).

      It all comes down to getting proper education and having a support system that is there to help you out. Avoid joining a scheme, because in order to keep your revenue coming in you have to “suck” others into the scheme.

    • Kyle

      Perhaps you would like to disprove anything that I have said. I would love to hear a refute.

      Here are some of the things that you may want to cover:

      (1) Why are you selling people on a $25 per month blog that doesn’t rank?
      (2) Is that the only money they are going to have to pay or are you going to try to force them to go all in?
      (3) Do you make money promoting anything other than EN? If not, how come?
      (4) How many people in Empower have their own niche websites promoting products besides EN? Perhaps you could share a few
      (5) Are you pushing people in your downline to BUY stuff because you make money when they do? Is that the only reason?

      I would love to hear your responses to this when you get a chance Chris.

  168. steven

    I knew I should of come here first. I paid my 25 bucks THEN I saw the 100 dollar “special suckers circle” I decided after that to check them out. I know better and I am very frustrated myself. I just want to find away to start working towards income outside of my day job and I just need to know . DO i have to kill myself day in and day out to get there?

    • Kyle

      Thankfully you didn’t go for the $100 circle, because that was just the start of what you were going to be “bullied” into buying. There were over $5,000 in products and many conferences that you were going to be called a wussy until you invested in. I can help you get rolling in the right direction Steven, no slight of hand required.

  169. Lisa Gallu

    Hi Kyle, you had responded to another post of mine under the zeek scam. Well my friend leaves for Denver Thursday and I’m just beside myself. She actually posted in facebook tonight that she is high on life and knows this is going to be the answer to all her dreams. I’ve tried talking to her to no avail. She is helping me out by letting me stay with her family so I’m seeing firsthand all this garbage. I cannot even imagine how much money she has spent on all the convention events besides the actual convention ticket. She is so impressed that they have rented the entire Hard Rock Cafe one night that’s all I’m hearing. Funny money can buy s lot of things including renting out a restaurant for the night. Her and her family are having to look for new housing as we speak and I just know the money she needs for a move is going to be wasted on this BS. I thought she was an intelligent person, even has a background in legal from college but she will not listen to anyone that comments negatively on it. Her 2 yr old has been having various seizures in the past week that have had him hospitalized twuce with no answers yet but she still insists on going. I get the task of watching her son while she is gone and I’m terrified of something happening. Unfortunately its going to take her losing a lot of money before she realizes the stupidity of all this.

    • Kyle

      I am sorry to hear about your friend Lisa, but hopefully she will come to her senses. This is a cult like mentality and you probably won’t be able to say or do anything to help her snap out of it. The unfortunate part is that in order to realize any of the “opportunity” within Empower Network, your friend is going to have to sell this exact same “opportunity” to others. That is how the scheme works and the minute she is unable to convince new folks to come into this business and pressure them into buying expensive, low quality “info” products, is the minute that her so-called massive opportunity will fizzle.

      I do wish you and her all the best (and her son) and I hope that you both have a lot of success in the future. If you ever need a hand with anything going forward or need help getting a business of your own up and running online, just let me know.

      • Tracie

        I have just wasted a few days and several hours listening to someone try to “convince” me that this is the best thing since sliced bread. And how I can make an enormous amount of money. When I asked “what is the product?,” he couldn’t tell me. I also took the time to watch a 50 minute video of one owners describing how this BS works from his mansion in Costa Rica, I’m assuming. And after wasting almost an hour, I was still confused.

        I’m currently involved in a very respectful direct selling company and I don’t have to “convince” anyone to use my products or to join me in business. The products I sell are consumable and they actually do what they say they do. Plus, I don’t want to have to “push” anyone into anything.

        I live in Denver and this “friend” was trying to get me to sign up and attend this weekend’s hoopla. When I told him I was booked all weekend, he basically “shunned” me saying that if I was smart, I would cancel everything and jump on board. BIG RED FLAGS EVERYWHERE!!

        Thanks for this review. I’m happy I didn’t “drink the Kool-Aid!”

        • Kyle

          The convincing turns into bullying and pressuring you to go “all in”. That first $25 to get in the door turns quickly into you spending $5,000+…just so you so-called “friend” can earn money directly off of you. If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck…

      • Lisa Gallu

        Thanks Kyle….I do plan on getting something started online soon as I’m disabled due to two serious auto accidents. As for my friend, she is in Denver as we speak and her talking is very cult like. She has already started pressuring me that I have to spend $125 Wednesday. To appease her I said that I want to wait to see what kind of money she makes first. Her comeback was I have to do it now because they are coming out in 60 days with a social media site bigger then Facebook. I didn’t even respond back she just keeps pressuring me. She has already made plans to go to Dallas in October. I just found out today that the electric is being turned off tomorrow morning but she decided to still go to Denver when if she would have stayed here she could have paid the bill. We live in Houston and its as hot as can be so no power is going to really be fun. Thankfully her son is ok but I’m sure he’s going to be miserable in this heat too. She has posted so much on Facebook its sickening. She already has two of her friends wanting to hear more but my hunch is when they hear what it is they will not be so interested. Her husband wants to know all about this scam so I am going to show him all your comments, thanks for everything.

        • Kyle

          This is so sad to hear. The problem is that she is not going to be able to explain what she is selling to you. She is offering your the same dream she has been offered and in order for you to take part in this dream, you need to buy the koolaid from her (that way she makes money off of you). Then in order for you to make money, you need to do the same thing to unsuspecting folks and so on.

          I hope for her sake and the sake of you as her friend that she wakes up before you spends $1,000’s on the courses (that are required to go all-in and that here sponsors are going to want her to do). It is pretty shameful to choose an scheme like this over your own child and over paying your rent and that does prove the state of mind she must be in.

          All the best with your situation.

  170. Etta

    I just spent the last few hours reading your reviews of Empower Network. Glad I did. I had my card out, ready to join, then decided to do some digging. That is when I happened upon this. I saw a posting on face book and commented to the guy about it. Since then I have been approached by 3 different people on face book about EN trying to get me to join. Like most people, I have been trying to live paycheck to paycheck, even working not only full time, but also at a part time job. If I want to be insulted and called names, I will stay at my full time job. I am staying as far away from EN as possible. I am going to be doing good to pay my rent this week, so, I know I can’t afford to join.

    It’s really funny too, because the guy who first introduced me to EN, doesn’t put the usual comments on things on f/b, in the comment space he puts in the pre-written shpeel about working from home and making lots of money. And I am really getting sick of the phrase “badass”. Give me a break already. I am definitely going to check out WA and see what it is all about. I am a distributor for a childrens clothing co. in CA. but haven’t had the knowledge of how to start up my own website and blog. Since I don’t have the knowledge, I haven’t been able to connect with people to get them to go to them clothing website to possibly purchase clothing. I would also like to get the word to some big retail co. if at all possible.

    Thank you for your time and your reviews of EN.

    • Kyle

      The unfortunate part is that you would have gone from “badass” to “wussy’ really quick if you didn’t fork out the additional $100 per month for the inner circle and the $5,000 for the other products that you are required to buy if you want to be an “all in” customer (which is the only way to get real respect because you are basically giving money directly to your sponsor).

      I would love to work with you and I can definitely give you a hand with your existing business Etta (website, training, and support included).

      • Chuck

        Kyle, the way I saw the EN comp plan was that there were no predictability in income because of all the pass-ups. If I came in at $25 and I personally brought my friend in at $5,000, I wouldn’t make squat because I’m only at the $25 level!Also, when you pass-up HALF your people that ain’t a 100% commission! Plus, where are the retail customers?

        • Kyle

          Yeah, exactly. And it is by no means 100% commissions that is touted and sold to people when they join. It is 100% for certain commission, but overall it works out to be much less and you can only earn if you SPEND a good deal of my buying into those programs. That is where they get you on the “going all in” aspect, because to earn money selling the same fromage to others, you need to own it.

          And there are no retail customers. Without the sponsor-based “scheme” of it, nobody would spend $5,000 on the overpriced products. No way…

  171. This whole post and thread is pretty funny. Yes, I’m a current EN member, but I’m a very straightforward individual…meaning I won’t lie when it comes to explaining how EN works.

    Take the $25 blog for example:

    I used for a little while (like 40 blog posts), but I got annoyed with it because you can’t really customize it the way you like…and I’d rather promote my domain instead of someone elses company. I also noticed that it wasn’t ranking worth a damn in Google. I have a number of posts from my own blog that rank better than people using their EN blog…and I have gotten more leads from my own blog than EN’s.

    Most members won’t admit it, but ALOT of the top earners don’t even use their blogs…so why are they encouraging their downline to use theirs?

    Easy. They want your recurring payment of $25 bucks every month. Same goes for the Inner Circle. They know damn well paying $100 dollars a month for audio trainings (that you can get for free by just listening to the Monday night EN call) is not worth the money. It’s really just a bunch of “hoopla rah rah” sessions in my opinion. Stories are great, but living in a van or being a former drug addict has nothing to do with learning how to make an income online. You’re making good money now, so all of that “rags to riches” mess is irrelevant at the present moment.

    So why pay for the Inner Circle? Easy. They want your recurring payment of $100 as well. Let’s be real here…there’s no way most members would buy this stuff if it wasn’t required to in order to resell it to others.

    Just because people want to earn an income online doesn’t mean they have to go broke doing so…and that’s what EN encourages more or less. Think about it, if EN was really teaching you to build a “business”, you wouldn’t have to buy $5000 worth of products and be in the negative as soon as you get started. You would be basically operating at a loss.

    I remember I heard about the event in Austin, Tx. where David had everyone who had made a commission stand up in the audience and then went on to say how a high percentage of EN members at the event have made money.

    What he failed to do was ask how much money did they invest before they made a commission. So even if someone made a $25 sale, but went “all in” at $5,125…they are still $5,100 in the hole.

    I can go on and on, but this is just a glimpse into what goes on in EN. I’m pretty sure I’ll be back lol.

    P.S. I signed up as a free member of WA a few days ago…looks very good so far. Don’t worry, there’s no hypnotizing or sob stories within the training lol.

    • Kyle

      Mike, you are one of the smart ones…there is no doubt about that and I can tell that you have a bright future ahead of you. Most people in the system just assume the system is ethical and that is the right thing to do, because they are listening the “hoopla rah rah” (as you stated) within the training, the live webinars, and from their sponsored relentlessly telling them it is the right thing to do in attempt to bleed more money out of their pockets (and into their own coffers).

      I want to help you, but I want to do so in a way where at the end of the day you are going to feel good about what you created and where you are going to earn a consistent online revenue (and sustainable one), by helping people…regardless of the niche you choose.

    • Edward Walter

      The Empower blog is customizable (see mine legitpress.com). You need at least 60 well written blog post with the right keywords. strategically place throughout the blog post and you will get 5 to 10 leads every day. It works for me. Of course, if you have money, advertising goes a lot faster. I have also discovered that many of the big earners have started to blog now that many advertising systems have become watered down and too expensive.

      • Kyle

        60 well written blog posts? Whoever taught you that has no idea what they are talking about. Strategically placing keywords within the article? That will in no way lead to rankings. Perhaps you should get some REAL training online and get yourself a website that is hosted on your own domain, not a redirect.

        The irony of the “big earners” not using the blog system at EN is because they know it is not a good idea.

  172. Dawn

    I was a dumb dumb and believed the hype. Paid my $25 to find out that if I wanted to get anywhere I should really invest $3k! If I had that kind of money I wouldn’t be looking at something like this. I am so sick and tired of low-life leeches like these people trying to scam desperate, genuine people out of their precious money. Is there NO real opportunity out there?!

    • Kyle

      Your story sounds all too familiar. You join for the $25 Viral Blogging and then your sponsor immediately tries to get you to upgrade to the Inner Circle…and then belittles you until you part ways with up to $5,000 more for your “investments” into the program. This has to stop and by you exiting before it was too late (and you lost a bunch of money), you are helping put and end to the this cycle/scheme that preys on the vulnerable.

      And in respect to “getting real help”, I would love to invite you to check out how the process of making money online really works. Head over the the “How does it work” page on my site here and I will get you moving in the right direction Dawn.

  173. rich

    How should I trust an obvious amature? I’ll do my own research thank you. CHECK YOUR TYPOS fool. You look rediculous.

    • Kyle

      The irony in your comment is no different than the irony that the folks exude within EN (and it is very clear that you are an active member of Empower).

      And of course, you obviously have no rebut to any of the statements that I have mentioned or any of the feedback that others have had about Empower Network. The problem is that you cannot validate WHY you are charging people $25 per month for a blog that doesn’t rank or that they don’t own, $19 per month to get paid, another $100 per month for audios that should be free…and $5,000 for overpriced training packages. The reason. It is all about you making MONEY at the expense of others and that is what the entire scheme you are involved in is based upon.

      One day you will wake up and realize that you are selling hot air to people that are easily gullible.

      I wish you all the best.

  174. Michael Nakonecznyj

    These people like Ashley clearly don’t have a clue as to what they’ve really got involved with. It sounds like she is just another naive brainwashed participant in this scam.

    I’m so glad that I never took that fateful bait that I have been bullied into joining. I am going to file a complaint to the FTC to hopefully have this scheme/scam closed down and for the two Daves to face prosecution, as this is what they deserve AND all those so-called marketers who leveraged and harvested their lists for their own selfish greedy gain.

    Hopefully, this would result in a clawback from these unscrupulous marketers as with what I understand is happening with the Zeek scam last year.

    People visiting this page, take note of Kyle is saying as HE IS THE REAL DEAL as he is doing the right thing in providing a honest review in these online scams that plague the Internet.

    I echo what Kyle says and say STAY WELL AWAY FROM THE EMPOWER NETWORK, it WILL HURT YOU!

    I congratulate Kyle for the good advice he gives, well done man!

  175. Jerry

    Hi Kyle,

    Thanks for all the valuable input. It doesn’t matter what anybody say, you know what you are talking about.

    I am a member of Empower Network and have not actively started any blogging or marketing yet, I think deep down inside I knew that I can’t promote something that I do not believe in 100%. Now I know whay I didn’t start.

    I must admit that if one put all the hype aside, one will realise that you are actually branding Dave and Dave, and not your own dreams or opportunities.
    I definitely will not try and discredit and person or opportunity out there, but it is very important that people go into something with their eyes open. Take all the information out there and make an informed decision.

    It is also very important that one gives value to potential buyers first, before you try and sell them a product. I feel that with Empower you buy, and then you hope that you will get value out of products that are very expensive.

    I did however get value from the products in EN, whether it was value for money remains to be seen (I am still a newbie in Internet Marketing). I think I will only know once I join your programme
    What is very interesting is that most of the EN leaders own blogs/websites is ranking higher than EN – it must make one wonder: What is going on here? EN claims that their platform is ranking very high?

    What is very important for me is to be integral and honest in all dealings with people – you look to be one of the very few people that have that trait.
    Thanks again for all your valuable posts.

    • Kyle

      I agree Jerry, that should set off some immediate red flags. The “entrance” selling point for anyone promoting EN (which is all anyone within Empower actually promotes) is a blog for $25 per month and another $19.95 per month. You don’t own these things, they don’t rank, and the very sponsors that are trying to recruit you do not use them.

      Why would they do that to someone?

      First, they want to make money at any cost…which always means displacing money from someone else who likely needs it much more than they do. Secondly, they are told to do this. Everyone within Empower Network promotes Empower Network. I have yet to see someone come forward with a successful business in another niche as result of EN and I think that is very telling of what this program is.

  176. Totally Disenchanted Former All In Member

    Kyle, thanks for putting this information out there. I am a former “All In” member as of a few minutes ago who’s been feeling that something wasn’t right for awhile. I actually stopped all activity over a month ago, and your article is what put me over the top and made me immediately go clean out all my blog posts (don’t even want to be affiliated in any way)and cancel all my subscriptions. I’ve even started to unsubscribe to all the email lists and unfriend a few of the people on my FB friend list that really promote it hard.

    Here are my reasons and then I am going to paste something at the end (a excerpt from an email marketing message I just got a few minutes ago) that will blow your mind.

    1. First and foremost I am a Christian and I got really tired of all the cursing and anti-Christian views that are freely expressed throughout the video marketing, the calls, the training, and even the live event. To me that is totally inappropriate and unnecessary. I would be saying the same if it was any religion. I noticed at the last event that they have toned down the cussing somewhat because I think they started to realize that families are involved and people are getting fed up with it. However, I shouldn’t have to feel like I can’t freely share what I do with people in my social network because of the fear of exposing my church family (or anyone really) to the inappropriateness or the uncomfortable feeling of representing something that’s against what I stand for. I even tried to completely customize my “blog”, but that became a waste of time when EN forced the “badass” button on everyone. Its a button of a scull and the word badass on every page right at the top. To some people thats not a big deal, but to me and a lot of people it is.

    2. I got tired of all the hype and rehashing of the same stories over and over again. I stopped getting on the weekly call long ago because I felt it was a waste of time – the same message every week. Join and go all in. I felt like I was always searching for how people are really making this work. Sometimes I would get an answer depending on who the interview was with, but it usually involved high cost, or only part of the information needed to be successful.

    3. I went to the live event and there were some good speakers. I enjoyed myself for the most part, but at the end of the day it was a rah rah session for getting people excited and going all in. It is not a pitch fest for other products, but do they seem to pitch going all in all day! Also if you’re not into group hypnosis (which was a little creepy to me) then this is not the event for you! The most impressive part to me was the training I got from my team’s mastermind the Monday after it was all over, but at this point it doesn’t matter because the info was mostly geared toward promoting EN.

    4. The blog platform is horrible! The default theme had nothing but EN promotion all over it which was confusing for my topic of choice. For someone just wanting to blog its not a good idea. Once I switched over to the custom theme it seemed all of the features were disabled (specifically I remember being annoyed that I could use google analytics anymore – if you can’t track your visitors how can you optimize??). You can’t add your own plug-ins at all, and its very difficult to get the formatting right.

    5. Lastly I began to become disgusted with the general feel of the community where everyone is promoting to each other side systems and tools that supposedly give you automatic sign-ups. There are member sites that charge an arm and a leg to get you leads when if you just cut out the middle man and learn how to get leads yourself, the cost is much less! I experienced this first hand with my friend promoting one of these systems to me and it felt very sleezy. She asked me to join several times, along with a few other people, with the premise that she wanted to help me get on stage and so do the owners (thats what they all say), but I knew that she also would get a commission. The problem is people are leveraging small successes of signing up people that eventually quit not too long after. The leads are NOT very targeted. Plus its just another thing to promote which can be very confusing for unsuspecting people looking to cut corners. They only waste more money.

    Here is an example of someone promoting one of these systems and it is APPALLING the type of language that is used:

    This email is from an Independent Empower Network Affiliate and not directly from Empower Network LLC.


    I’m not sure if you’ve been paying any attention to what’s been going on. with me over the last few weeks…

    but if you check out the competition boards i’m up in the Top 80 of the company right now… and that’s huge being that there’s over 150k affiliates in the company right now…

    so how am i signing up folks daily ranking in the contest and getting members to come in an up grade.. well it’s because of what {Team Name} has

    allowed the rest of Empower to take advantage of..

    that’s thier client Aquisition program..!

    yes you can now purchase empower network paying members and also be able to gift them to your team.!

    so what does this mean for you ?
    well it means that if you act now and up grade to at least the 15k formula you’re going to get

    team members injected into your business for free.. and you’ll be shown exactly how to get members into your business by clicking your mouse and i’ll show you last but not lest how to get free

    sign ups with out ever picking up the phone or spending another dime on paid traffic!

    now keep in mind this is an income infusion and not ment to replace the 15k formular and the costa rica trainings…

    i’m sharing this with you because I want you to have some income success and actually make money here with Empower network…

    as we’ll be at the Event in Denver next week… and then we’re off to Costa rica

    you know how passionate I am about seeing you succeed! believe me you can do it!

    if you’ve already upgraded and I have told you that i’m gifting you free members not to worry your members are in the cue or will be shortly..

    keep in mind with the contest going on right now there’s up to a 30 day cue wait for your members!

    but not to worry I’m going to show you how to maximize and leverage these tools that are in place to put you in the best

    profit position!

    Me again…

    I called it appalling because the language is borderline that of buying slaves back in the day. I know that is dramatic, but he’s talking about buying paying members and gifting them to his team!! These are people for crying out loud. People who are totally clueless that they’ve been “bought”. If you notice he pushes for getting at least the 15K course in order to participate in this gifting (getting team members for free).

    Kyle I know you will be all over this. I think I will end it here, but for those of you on the fence… hear this from someone who was ALL IN and just got out… DON’T DO IT! SAVE YOUR MONEY please. I wish I had seen this months ago.

    • Kyle

      I think all of the issues with the program are completely valid and that you will find that these are some of the biggest concerns that other folks have that have been active members within EN.

      The cursing is not appropriate at all and to anyone that thinks it is “cool” when a business curses, I would argue the exact opposite. It is cool when a business does not need to use vulgar language and the fact that in order to become a “badass” within the program you need to spend your “rent money” (as many people have to do), that is pathetic. The bully tactics used within this program are definitely creating a lot of backlash and it sounds as though you have had your fair share of these experiences.

      I still can’t believe they are using a 12 year old boy to sell the program. It is the “story of success” that a 12 year old made $3,000 per month for 4 months in a row (like that is supposed to be outlandishly impressive to begin with). The unfortunate part of all of this is that he was promoting EN to others and from the very get go, he is learning methods of making money that are unethical. I can still remember back to when I was 13 and I worked 16 hour days (doing a real job) and made $3,000 per month the ethical way.

      As you said, the information and training materials are geared around promoting EN. I have yet to see someone come to me arguing that Empower Network has showed them how to make money within their own niche and with visible proof they knew what they are doing. Instead I heard the same old “you suck Kyle”, EN is the best…without a lick of quantifiable evidence other than you can make money by sucking other people into the very same scheme.

      You stated:

      The blog platform is horrible! The default theme had nothing but EN promotion all over it

      That is exactly what I have been trying to tell those that say “you can promote any niche you like”. Have you have ever walked into a bank and had them try to sell you a toaster oven? That is like promoting ANY product besides EN on an Empower blog. It just won’t work and there is a reason these blogs are overtly promotional towards the program itself…they DO NOT WANT PEOPLE PROMOTING ANYTHING BUT EMPOWER!

      I do thank you for stopping by and you I do think that your personal insights are going to help the folks that are on the fence as to whether or not this program is legitimate or not. It is clearly in the “gray area” of the business world and like you and MANY others, I share the opinion that this program is highly unethical.

    • Felt Like $&#!

      I am another victim of EN now Victor!! I joined in March this year. I did not go “ALL IN” but I spent still about two grand with EN and all the other scammers within EN promoting their traps.

      I really thought that EN was a blessing. I thought it would be a blessing for single mothers, and help stop government dependency. I take my responsibility in joining EN and it is my fault I got took. I should have looked at the income disclosure. I assumed that it stated that “these are not typical results. results depend on how hard you work” And did not look because I knew it was possible to make money online if you have the right tools.

      It was not until someone told me to look at it. At that moment I realized these people are straight scammers and thieves. They always put down college students and I am a college student and because I AM a college student,I automatically knew the game and everyone in its game. These people put down anything that is sound and pervert the truth to a lie.I felt like crap..please excuse me but that is how I felt.

      What was really sick the person who told me to read the income disclosure (ID)knew what it read and tried to tell me he was going to make money and be honest with people O.o he must thought since I’d been played a foul I was still a fool. That is impossible mathematically and can not be done with out deception,no matter how you try to dress it up or put sugar on it, it’s still a lie.

      I am also a Christian and this is where I made my other mistake. I didn’t find out what the bible said about “get rich schemes” this is what the bible says:
      Proverbs 13:11
      Wealth gained hastily will dwindle, but whoever gathers little by little will increase it.
      Proverbs 28:19-20 Whoever works his land will have plenty of bread, but he who follows worthless pursuits will have plenty of poverty. A faithful man will abound with blessings, but whoever hastens to be rich will not go unpunished.
      Proverbs 22:16 Whoever oppresses the poor to increase his own wealth, or gives to the rich, will only come to poverty.

      The guy who told me to look at the ID..stated that he was a christian (wolf in sheep clothing)also took money from me. Before he disclosed the income statement to me, he contacted me though fb and perfect timing (I had just spent $1000,$700 on that lead generation which they gave me 147 leads for $700 and my “sponsor” after I spent the money treated me like I was glunk on your shoe.)I was crying and in a mess. He told me that he would build a website for me for free. I thought that FINALLY someone who really cares about my success..he told me that to make money I needed to have my own website, which sound true. He made me a website I paid $65 for domain name and hosting…then he said that he is making money with EN and he’s been in internet marketing for 20 years and he is from Canada. He told me that he is an expert in SEO and he has a special program to put my website ranking top in google and yahoo. He stated that he usually charges $500 but for me he will only charge me $150. I told him what happen to me I guess he wanted his cut too. This all happen in a matter of a week. During that week he was promoting webinars, on how to market, when I went to his EN website, guess who’s website he was using??

      When I told him that he basically scammed me and still doing EN is against everything that God stands for, he stated “I don’t socialize with negative hurtful people. You lost a great friend. I deleted you from fb and now I’m am with twitter too. Just to let you know. You give God a bad name with you actions” I stated back “The truth always hurts.. I already unfriend you from fb. I forgot about twitter. I do not want want to be connected to someone(s) who are building wealth thru deception.. Your selling your soul. Dishonest money never last.” He said “My love for God is very big. Thou shalt not judge pharaseee.” I didn’t respond. Proverbs 26:4 Do not answer a fool according to his folly, or you yourself will be just like him. I kept the mean text messages he sent me to remind me how cruel people can be. I want to warn anyone out there about this guy and tell you his name but these are the kind of people who represent EN.

      I did the same thing I cancel my subscription and unfriend a bunch of people on fb. And probably 50 to 75 people unfriend me on their own (so grateful..lol).

      I’ve learned research everything, even if you believe someone verify. Never let anyone rush you in making any decisions. MLM, Network Marketing all are built on a the same concept with a over priced product…that requires a monthly out pocket expense to make a profit..
      I will stay in school 😀

      • Kyle

        Wow,it sounds like you have had quite the journey but an all to similar one that folks are experiencing within EN. The reason people make money within EN is because they are taking money from others. The only way the “others” can make money is by continuing this down the chain. The products are there as a facade for what is really going on here and those that are paying to go “all in” are being pressured (like yourself) to doing so.

        Sponsors are there to make money off of you. If you don’t buy all the overpriced packages and you act like a “wussy”, they don’t make money off of you. That is how the business works and that is how it is going to continue as long as people continue getting sucked into the doldrums of this “scheme” (not to be mistaken for an actual business opportunity because people ARE NOT creating businesses).

        Thanks for stopping by and I do wish you all the best in the future. There are legit programs out there and I hope you spend some time and do your due diligence before jumping into anything next time around.

        • Michael Taylor

          “The reason people make money within EN is because they are taking money from others.”

          Holy cow! This is EXACTLY what happens when I go to Wal-Mart or McDonald’s! They take my money…AND THAT’S HOW THEY MAKE MONEY! D:

          I’m SO glad you pointed out this nefarious scheme to me! It turns out EN isn’t the only ones who do this…big companies like Microsoft and Apple are ALSO making money by taking money from others! When will the madness end?!

          Thank you so much, Kyle. You’re surely a life saver.

          • Kyle

            You are not really comparing EN to McDonalds or Walmart are you? These are both companies that sell tangible products to customers. REAL companies.

            What you are doing is selling people on the idea of making money…and then in order for them to do the same thing, they have to sell the idea to others. Yes, there are products within EN but they are just a mechanism for you to “bully” people into going all in so you can make money directly from people.

            The $25 per month VIRAL (not sure how they are viral) blogs do not rank in Google, they cannot be used to promote any product other than EN, and you actually do not own the content. You can get MUCH better blogs for free.

            So right away you are TAKING money from others. Why wouldn’t you promote a free, superior blog to these people instead then…because YOU care about making money and that is it.

            Then $19.95 for the ability to be paid. This is the only affiliate program I have EVER seen to charge people money in order to get paid. The reason this is in place is because no REAL credit card company or reputable merchant would touch a scheme like Empower.

            Then people have to pay another $100 per month for some “audio” motivation.

            Then another $5,000 to go “all-in” (and be a badass).

            Then they have to attend conferences.

            A lot of money to dole…and in the end what do they have. The opportunity to promote this exact same crooked scheme to others. But you are OK with promoting this program to your downline because YOU are making money. That is it. This is greed and you are doing people a disservice.

            I do wish you all the best Michael and I hope one day you realize that what you are doing is not even close to operating a real company and you are way off base trying to compare this to a BUSINESS like Wal-mart of McDonalds. Those are real companies that sell tangible products to customers.