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  1. Don Lariviere

    Hi my name is Don, Dave Wood and his staff committed fraud by using my card and taking money for empower network I asked Tracy Walker to have him email me in which he did. He cried the blues so I let it be then he did this again used my card another time for empower net work so I contacted my lawyer and he said I needed to use the word cancel my account, and if he uses it again then he can be charged, this what I am doing now, Does anyone have his personal email? thanks

  2. Kimmy

    Guess what right before I found Wealthy Affiliate I had a guy tell me to join empower network which you reviewed in detail…I had no idea what the hour video I was watching was about there was no mention of anything just a bunch of people getting excited…

    After I got asked what I thought and how much I had to invest I said not much and was told its $3500 for all in? The more you invest apparently the more you make. Then I wasnt interested and didn’t reply back and was asked again what I thought and I said I don’t want to spend and was told join for $1.

    Oh and I was told when I asked what the product was that was being sold, that you don’t even need to know to make money. Yes actually, I do I need to know everything! One guy supposedly made $2,000,000 and had no clue what he was selling…. what a joke. Glad I didn’t fall for that one. it wasn’t half obvious that it is as dodgy as!

    • Kyle

      Yeah, that amount of money is a lot to invest into any program. The problem is that most people haven’t a clue about what really exists out there and the fact that a business online can be started for a fraction of this price, in fact, a TINY fraction of this process. You could operate a business for 10 years in the online space for $3500.

  3. Luis

    Hello Kyle,

    I’m glad I found your website. I’ve been talking to this guy on Facebook who posts rosy motivational videos about some his amazing life because of an amazing system that will allow one to earn a lot of money. He talks about finding the right ”mentor” some years ago and because of this earning in the hundreds of thousands per year. He also claims he has mentored over 2000 people. This sounds great and everything but after watching about 3 of the videos that he sent me in form of links to web pages I still can’t figure out what the product is and all seems very mysterious. The video itself is a bit irritating because it is all about how much money other people have made and the promoter of the video keeps repeating “click buy now” and “the most successful people are the ones that make a decision quickly”. So far I just know it has something to do with blogging and being ‘mentored’.



    • Kyle

      The best thing to do within any platform is to ask the people that are referring you into the platform how they go about their business and where a majority of their revenue comes from. If they all say the same thing, that they are making money by selling people into the same system, and nothing else then it could raise some alarms.

      Also, when a product is sold on the sheer idea of “making money” (ie, hope) versus what the service actually offers, the prices of the products, and some transparency on how how the program works…then there is also a need for some red flags.

  4. Miguel Torres

    This is Miguel Torres from Spain.

    Today, I have already cancelled my affiliation with EMPOWERNETWORK. Hoppefully, I was in less than a month and I was going to recover almost all that I invested. (Unless, they said that by email`s answer).

    This experience has waked up my interest in a new world for me, INTERNET MARKETING.

    I would like to find the way to work online that allowes me to manage my time and of course to earn money to live properlly. I prefer if it is possible not to show in the blog, web, my person. (Eh! I am not ugly and I do not have any problem, but I would like to manage appart what concerns to me and especially my family)

    Right now, I do not have any Product or Service to sell.

    Why I gave up EN was because I understand that it is to sell “smoke”. The people who introduced me in Spain is: CONECTA2ENLARED. The way that most of them promote to future clients to buy EN, it is showing theirs lifestyles in their blogs, and mailing to you once you ask for information a sequence of videos really well done to let you feel that they can drive you to live as you wish or dream, so buy EMPOWERNETWORK Products.

    I suppose that like many people I am afraid of what to find through internet…Since I have learnt how we can be managed playing with the proper techniques about our psicology,

    Finally, would you recommend me anything? Do you know any Spanish Business to coach me? Do you offer that coach free? (Is anything hidden behind? sorry about that question, i am afraid) Do you want me to help you to oppen your business to the Spanish Speakers?

    Thanks and regards,
    Miguel Torres

    • Kyle

      Sorry to hear about your experience Miguel. I personally don’t know of any Spanish coaches, but I would be more than happy to help you out in English if you need a hand getting your business up and running.

      A businesses foundation should NOT be based on “which group” you chose, rather the process in which you create it. Too many people are getting internet business confused with internet schemes these days and there is a big difference between the too. A business requires you to build a website in a specific niche (could be anything) and to build an expertise/brand within that niche.

      Any proper education platform will teach you this instead of teaching you to “sell the same stuff” in that you just bought into. If you want to get started and to do so for free, I recommend you check out this walkthrough here.

  5. Jeremy David Wilson

    Hello Kyle,

    First off I’d like to say that this is one of the most detailed reviews about Empower Network that I’ve ever seen…so thank you for bringing all of this to light!

    I am one of those that fell prey to Empower Network and all their hype!

    When I signed up with them, I ended up “UNDER-the-PYRAMID” with a guy who basically portrayed himself as the “main guy” or the Empower Guru…but I soon found out that he was under another Guru who was then under another Guru and several more on top of that!

    So I started their training (because I had just invested a ton of money with them and wanted to get as much training in as I could before their “money back guarantee” time period was over) and their system was so confusing that I immediately had an entire three pages of questions written down.

    When I contacted my “Upline Sponsor” via email/his contact form and submitted all my questions to him in hopes he would answer them, I got a nasty email back saying something like this,

    “Well Jeremy, you obviously haven’t followed the steps within our training courses and you need to go back through them, so I’m not going to answer your questions because the course will answer most of these for you!”


    I was blown away and so mad at this guy!

    But I did what he said and went back through the material only to find CONTINUOUS UP-SALES that I would have to buy into to actually get the answers that a was seeking…can you believe that! And I’m talking about Up-Sales in the amounts of $2000, $5000 and $10,000 USD dollars!!!! So I would have to spend this just to get some answers???


    So then I cancelled my membership within the “money back guarantee” period and guess what???



    So their so-called “money back guarantee” is truly a SCAM!!! DOUBLE SCAM!!! TRIPLE SCAM!!!

    That all took place a few years ago and I had been searching for another “LEGITIMATE” course/school/university/program that would ACTUALLY teach me all that I needed to know about “Online Marketing” or Online Affiliate Marketing because I really had a passion to learn more about (and implement) this type of business model and then turn it into a full-time income for myself.

    Then earlier this year (in 2015…July I believe it was), I found a course called: “The Six Figure Mentors Digital Experts Academy”

    ..and I was drawn in by the authentic personalities of the owners and I bought it (at a high level) right away.

    Now I will say that they offer a great course with all the information one would need to start a business, however, to gain “access” to ALL the training modules and to the “higher levels of support” I was going to have to spend thousands more of which I was going to do, but then I found (by mistake) an article (from a gentleman who is also a member at both The Six Figure Mentors as well as Wealthy Affiliate) where he talked about how a person could get the same exact training but for pennies on the dollar with Wealthy Affiliate compared to The Six Figure Mentors.

    I was skeptical at first, but since WA had a free membership, I went ahead and signed up to see what all would be made available…and I started the courses right away.

    It didn’t take me but two or three weeks of going through the material offered on the Free Membership to realize that this was an amazing affiliate marketing course and in all reality, the thing that sealed the deal for me the most about Wealthy Affiliate was the “Support Community!”

    I was so impressed that, even as a free member, I could ask the community a question and within just minutes (sometimes even within just seconds) I would have several people answering me back…and not just cheesy answers either, I mean true, detailed and informative answers along with action steps I should take and everything!

    That’s when I said to myself, “I’m all in!” …and I then upgraded to a Premium Membership and then not long after that, I upgraded to the Annual Premium Membership.

    Wow, I just realized that I’ve written a small book here…LOL! I better cut this short and ask you the question I have, which is…

    “Do you have a review that you have written on The Six Figure Mentors – Digital Experts Academy and if so, where can I find it?

    If not, would you mind emailing me back (or commenting back on this thread and emailing me to let me know that you’ve replied) and provide your honest feedback about them?

    Thank you in advance and I hope my “novel” here actually helps somebody to stay away from Empower Network…because they are truly a SCAM!!!

    Jeremy David Wilson

    • Kyle

      Thanks for your feedback Jeremy, I know your personal experience is definitely going to offer a lot of insight into this program for others. It is sad to hear that people are still being “taken” by this program and the sort of treatment that customers get when they do decide that the program/service is not for them. Quite typical these days to be honest within an industry that is riddled with scams and schemes (and is all too unfortunate).

      I am not familiar with the other program that you mentioned either. You may want to seek out other reviews and if they are charging several $1,000 for their program (which it sounds as though they are), they are no different than the next scheme that is looking to fill its pocketbooks off of your loss.

  6. Hank

    I got a very nasty email from one of their top pyramid inhabitants, Russian Polina Klyukach from alphaleadership777.com. It was a confirmation that she isn’t the ‘feel good, free spirit’ person she promotes herself with. It’s just a greedy lie. I’m feeling pretty sad for all the poor folks who are pouring money in her scam, making a few even richer by emptying their wallets for nothing. Her Facebook is filled with the nice and rich life she has. Misleading it is.

    Those EN people don’t have any conscience. But… this pyramid will crumble.

  7. Kenneth Lierz

    I know what you mean about not getting any help from Empower Network. I joined when it first started and unless I kept buying more of their systems, they would forget about you.

    • Kyle

      I think a lot of the time it is going to depend on who your “sponsor” is within programs like this. If you have an engaged sponsor, you are more likely to get quality support. However, there are many cases within MLM programs where your sponsor views you as nothing more than a “transaction” in which case if you are not willing to pay more money (go all in), you are going to get little to no support.

  8. Jay Brown

    This is not a scam just a total BS program with no product. Also all the pass ups and stuff really do suck. I went in at the 1600 level and made one sale at 1600 and got my money back and quit. I make a full time living online with out this BS program.

    I hate it when they get newbie people to believe that one must spend thousands of dollars to make money online that is such a lie.

  9. Kevin Verlinden

    I like this post very much and I think it is helpful to many people. I was involved in Empower Network for 6 months.

    The site got no rankings and like you say it is not your own. It is owned by the “masters” and if you don’t obey the rules of their game they kick you out. OOOOOOOOOOw that hurts, all the slavery work you did hoping it will make you a millionaire in no time (claims made by most of the Ponzi schemes) goes up in smoke.

    There is no real product of any value involved. The only thing you do is selling your soul for money. Like you say you are the product (slave).

    A good product is something that improves your life, something valuable, so valuable that it sells itself. For example Google and Facebook tools, are useful and valuable to support your online business. My Empower Network site got no rankings in a period of 6 months while my Blogger site got ranked almost instant on certain subjects. Support was nowhere around.

    Because the product does not have any intrinsic value, all work is only focused on marketing and persuasion. This is what happens in many MLM programs. It is not value oriented, but only money oriented.

    Most of these companies like you say uses slimy techniques to bring the masses in some kind of dead men walking state where you don’t need to think for yourself anymore. “We will do all the selling for you” (All the hard work). The only requirement is to obey our system. “Tell our (not your good news) good news and recruit as hard as you can, we will do the rest for you” (Spam your links all over the internet. We will do the phone calls and close the deal).

    They try to brainwash you using hypnosis techniques that are focused on lack instead of empowerment and self-realization. “If you don’t listen to us you will stay poor”.

    I was involved in My Advertising Pays which in my opinion is a real scam because I was locked out of their program because of coding errors they had with their program while they were blaming me for hacking their system. Do you want to become involved in such a program? Think twice.

    The real definition of empowerment you can read here http://www.businessdictionary.com/definition/empowerment.html.

    The reason these schemes are still popular is because of the fact that most people live in a state of lack and as you understand it is very easy to take advantage out of these people. False promises and attractive compensation plans is all that is needed to get people signed up. Once you have enough people in your downline you have residual income month after month until it collapses what already happened with many schemes like PlanB4you, Profitable Sunrise, Banners Broker etc…Once the leaders have enough money the become less responsive because why should I give longer support if I already have earned enough money myself. The tragedy is that most of the people make nothing and like you say work for the “fake leaders with fake money not earned in an ethical way”

    They make use of network marketing and duplication which is a good thing if it is used for valuable products.

    I would not say that all MLM companies are a scam but I think it is recommended to do your research and make sure it is of value for YOUR business.

    Do you know if this kind of attractive compensation plans and forms of duplication are also available in affiliate Marketing?

    • Kyle

      Thanks for your feedback and insights Kevin.

      IN response to your question, yes there are many attractive compensation plans within the affiliate marketing world. Unlike MLM or network marketing, the focus of your promotions is selling a product/service to an end user, not selling them on a “system” you are involved in. It is truly a B2C move in the space and you can literally promote MILLIONS of products and services as an affiliate.

      When a program focuses on recruitment as the main form of income versus selling products to a particular audience, then it is a questionable product/service. That is the case for MANY MLM’s and the reason many of them have gotten shut down (WakeUpNow, ZeekRewards, BannersBroker, etc).

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