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  1. Mark

    Whats crazy is that I looked up if wealthy affiliate is a scam and read this exact article which convinced me to join the community. A few days later I purchased the premium membership and I’m on course 2, lesson 6 and I’m hooked! The information here is valuable and the community is very friendly and helpful! I would recommend Wealthy Affiliate 100%.

    • Kyle

      Thanks for your feedback and I am glad you decide to take the leap and join Wealthy Affiliate. I can absolutely appreciate the process of trying to find out what is legit online versus what is not as there are a lot of programs out there (and ones that are taking advantage of people).

      We pride ourselves at Wealthy Affiliate in the fact that we are different than everything else that is out there, we care about you and your success, and we lead by example. Sounds like you are making some great progress through the training thus far and I hope you enjoyed the WA live class that was on Friday (make sure you attend all of these awesome weekly training events).

  2. Adyns68

    Hi Kyle

    I’ve been active with wealthy affiliate for some weeks now and I understood that the community support is beyond a simple assistance but it contributes to your success.

    I think wealthy is the way for anyone willing to make sustainable online business. Because even when you don’t know which direction to take you will find all the tools to help and get you to the right track.

    Come join you won’t regret!

    • Kyle

      Thanks for your feedback and you are absolutely correct. Wealthy Affiliate is truly a community that cares and one that will offer help every step of the journey. With over a million active members now, there are a great number of experts that have “been there, done that” in every sort of circumstance relating to affiliate marketing and your business.

      Like you said, you can start off with no direction or no knowledge within the online business world and within just the first 4 lessons at Wealthy Affiliate (which is completely free by the way), you are going to have your very own website up and running online, in a niche of your choice.

  3. Jack Taylor

    Hi Kyle,

    I have a unique take on Wealthy Affiliates too! I’m one of your successful students. I want to thank you personally for everything you and our community has taught me. I will always be a lifetime member! My only regret is, I wish I joined sooner. My choice to join Wealthy Affiliates changed my life forever. Thanks again Kyle and of course Carson and the rest of the Wealthy Affiliate FAMILY.


    • Kyle

      Don’t have regrets, look forward to the bright future you have ahead of you. It is wonderful to see your ongoing success Jack and I look forward to seeing your year over year accomplishments moving forward. Wealthy Affiliate always has it’s members best interest in every decision, every update, and you are going to see some incredible things coming your way in through 2017.

      Thanks for being a big part of the WA fam!

  4. Kevin

    Hey Kyle!

    I’ve been a member since October 2016. I am yet to earn a dollar, but hey I need to keep going, and put more work in. I’ve written out my content goals for the next year, and so far I’m still on track. I hope to blog about my success at WA in the future to help show people anyone can succeed with a little effort.

    Kyle, I want to know the section of WA where I can soak up as much information as possible. Also do you have any personal tips you could share?

    • Kyle

      I would check out the Live Classes and work your way through the OEC training Kevin. It often times is very easy to dissect someones website and tell instantly why they are not achieving success. Google doesn’t like websites that become inactive, so if you lose “steam” in the early stages of your business and you stop producing content, Google will recognize your site as inactive and it will hurt you rankings and traffic. That is definitely something that you should consider here.

      If you want me to do an in depth website review, I highly recommend that you drop me a private message within Wealthy Affiliate and I will give you a hand.

  5. Carlos

    Hey there Kyle,
    Honestly the Wealthy Affiliate program has changed many aspects of my persona and belief. I’ve grown my mind in terms of entrepreneurship and good ambition. I am confident to say that I am building a good careers as an affiliate marketer that will help me accomplish achievements!

    • Kyle

      That is so wonderful to hear, heartwarming really. You can absolutely carve yourself out within the affiliate marketing space, within any niche. You can establish yourself as a brand/authority in any niche, it truly is a matter of time, effort and persistence.

      I look forward to seeing you progress moving forward Carlos and make sure that you connect inside of WA if you ever do need a hand with anything.

  6. Kenny Lee

    Wealthy Affiliate may not be perfect but with the continuous improvement that it provides to the members, it easily stands at the top with the rest of the legit programs out there. I’ve been with WA for more than a year and that saw my transformation from a total internet marketing newbie to making some sales online.

    • Kyle

      Wealthy Affiliate definitely is not perfect, that is what is exciting and that is what motivates us to continually improve the platform with every day that passes. The strive for perfect leads to incredible advances and I know you are going to love what we have in store through the remainder of 2017 into 2018.

      The transformation and innovation will continue, we actually have a SIGNIFICANT rollout that will be available to all members with week that is going to change the world for content marketers for the better. SiteContent, just a few days away now.

  7. Eric

    Hey Kyle, great review, of course! The best thing I can see about WA is the value for the price. We get so much training and guidance, and being premium is very worth it! I mean, if we do the training and work hard, be consistent, and have patience, it will work and there is money to be made.

    I always get fast responses when I ask questions(which is happening a lot lately, as I am making this more of a full time gig).

    The only negative for me, is that sometimes three people may have three opinions about something that are different. This can be confusing. But the community is always there to help, and I get good advice most of the time. WA is the best, and looking forward to more new and exciting things that will be rolling out as the year progresses on!

    • Kyle

      Great to hear your responses have been quick and if you ever do feel stuck and you don’t get a response, you can drop me a message at any time and I will help you personally. System wide though, the average response time to a question is less than 5 minutes, obviously if you use the live chat this is “seconds”.

      In respect to the differencing of opinions that can and will happen within any open community. When you have 100,000’s of people that are interacting (as they are within Wealthy Affiliate through any given day) you are going get a lot of different views, experience, and levels of expertise. Having a health range of answers can actually be a really good thing, a second opinion of sorts.

      The internet marketing and affiliate marketing spaces are constantly evolving and it is important to keep on top of things. Engaging regularly within WA will definitely help you do this.

  8. Mikael

    I must admit that I was quite sceptical before joining Wealthy Affiliate. I had been looking around and trying out quite a few different things.

    There are so many scams and that is also why it took me some time before I first heard about WA until I actually joined. And definitely glad I did. I have worked with websites and online marketing before, but not with affiliate marketing. And I needed some more and updated knowledge, and I am definitely now continously getting that.

    As you also mention, WA is not perfect and there are of course some things that can be improved. But one thing I really apprecaite is that both you and Carson are continously striving to improve the platform and give us better training and tools and keep us all updated about this and listen to the feedback you get. And love that the training focus on quality and honesty and not scamming people out of money, which is unfortunately almost rare in the online world today.

    I am definitely glad I have joined WA almost 6 months ago, and if people are willing to make an effort and learn, it is a great place to do this.


    • Kyle

      I am really glad you did your due diligence and as weird as it sounds, it is a very GOOD thing that people a skeptical when going into this industry/business. The reason is that people do not know how to determine good from bad these days, so many of the programs are being sold on “hype” and don’t even mention the product or service.

      That is why we offer the free Starter membership, if we can’t prove to you we are awesome within that, we have no reason to be in business at all. There isn’t another company in the industry that is offering a starter membership like we do, because they tend to “hide” the product so they have your money in hand before you see what they are offering.

      We are not perfect, but that is what excites us. It allows our team to keep incredibly busy behind the scenes. What you see at now is 12 years of constant evolution, innovation and improvements and as each day passes within Wealthy Affiliate you can expect more of the same. We have some incredible platforms coming in just the few months ahead that are going to allow you to be even MORE efficient in your online business.

      I am so glad you did make the decision to join and I really do look forward to see your progress in the upcoming 6 months.

      • Mikael

        Thanks Kyle.

        The free starter membership is definitely a great way to try it out, and also what convinced me to give it a try – and very glad I did:-)

        And great to hear about the upcoming updates.


  9. Israel

    Hi Kyle!

    It’s been 6 months now since I joined Wealthy Affiliate, and I couldn’t have ended up in a better place.

    They say the master shows up when the disciple is ready, well it turns out I was ready to live my life in my own terms and I came across WA.

    I just wanted to thank you guys for the amazing community you’ve put together. I can’t think of a better platform where you can learn so much and have that awesome support!

    This thorough review confirms what I already thought about WA.

    Thank you!

    • Kyle

      So glad to hear your WA experience has lived up to your expectations and it is our plan to continue to exceed your expectations moving forward.

  10. Deborah Smith

    This is the most complete review of WA I’ve ever seen and all of it is 100% true, I’m a major skeptic to anything that claims online wealth and have helped with posts about them on several different websites as well as social media.

    Yes I’m one of those people who searched the reviews before entering the community because it did sound way too good to be true, but I must admit it’s 100% legit and I’ve only been here a few days!! Thank-you and the community so much for making online business a dream come true–$49 is a drop in the bucket because here you get more than you pay for!!! Thanks again!!

    • Kyle

      I can appreciate anyone that is a skeptic in this online world, in fact I encourage people to be skeptical. It is much better than being completely naive as that will almost certainly get you caught up in a scam or a scheme eventually.

      I can also appreciate Wealthy Affiliate sounding too good to be true, that is why we offer our completely free Starter membership, which alone offers more than anything in the industry…and it is completely free. People can get a good taste and feel about what we offer before they have to spend a dime on the Premium membership.

      I thank you for stopping by and offering us your feedback Deborah. I am really glad you are enjoying your experience at Wealthy Affiliate and you can expect more of the same as you do move forward!

  11. Sandra

    Hello! I’m Sandra, I am interested … I know I should start with a niche I really do love… But! …that would be more than one. Hmmmm! Decisions Decisions… Thanks! so very much 🙂

    • Kyle

      Yeah, there are always going to be some decisions when you choose your starting point niche. Do know that EVERY niche can be successful online and your first niche does not need to be your last. As you progress within the online world it is very common to be involved in many different niches.

      The best thing to do is choose the one that interests you most and get rolling from there.

  12. Kenny

    I really like your full and complete review for Wealthy Affiliate. What do you think for the price of the premium membership? $49 doesn’t seem too much, but what about the poor guy, how in the world would he/she be able to afford this? Is there anyway to get the cost covered or reduced while you are part of Wealthy Affiliate?

    • Kyle

      $49 per month for Premium to operate a business of any level online is the most cost efficient platform in the world. This is just over $1 per day, the same people that cannot afford this level of service are often times the same people that buy a coffee every day or a case of beer every week.

      What costs $49 at Wealthy Affiliate and that is included in the membership would cost $1,000’s per month elsewhere. We continue to invest millions per year into our platform and our yearly membership of $359 per year (for premium) which is the same price when we started out in 2005 as just a “keyword list” website. (just to give you some perspective).

      The quality of the manage wordpress hosting alone is comparable to $250 per month hosting plans out there.

      And if someone simply does not have the budget, we have a completely free Starter membership at Wealthy Affiliate that they should be leveraging.

  13. Kristian

    Although not yet officially announced, there are strong rumours that Google has launched another algorithm update (Fred) this month. Do you know anything about this alleged update and will is have any impact on which websites are likely to succeed and which are likely to suffer at the hands of Google? Is this something that Wealthy Affiliate teaches?

    • Kyle

      Yeah, the thing is that Google is always launching algorithm updates and although not official, Fred is definitely something that has been talked about in recent weeks. I would not be concerned, the thing is the principles that we teach at Wealthy Affiliate lead to “growth” and new found traffic for members every time Google rolls out these so called DEVASTATING updates.

      If you focus on content, the quality of content, engagement and you help people, you are always going to be fine. At the end of the day that is what Google is chasing after with every single update they roll out. Wealthy Affiliate members have ALWAYS benefited from Google Penguin & Panda updates and the same will be the case as Fred rolls out and any other real time algo updates are rolled out.

  14. Simon

    Hi Kyle,
    Thought I’d drop in to thank you, Carson, Jay and all the Wealthy Affiliate members who help each other succeed in affiliate marketing.

    I was really stuck with ideas for making money before I came across your training program and became quite fed up churning through the amount of scams littering the web.

    I started on your free membership which gave me a thorough insight into the role of affiliate marketing and how legitimate this business is, it wasn’t long before I joined premium. I’ve found your interactive platform, training and support first class helping my business grow..

    I’m now approaching my second year, building my website out with quality content, slowly attracting visitors and becoming more established within my niche thanks to your training.

    Thanks again,

    • Kyle

      Wonderful to hear Simon, it sounds like your business is really starting to gain traction. For me, I really started to gain traction around the 6 month mark, by the year mark I was almost full time and then from there on out I never looked back in this “internet thing”.

      Thanks for your feedback regarding Wealthy Affiliate, I am really glad you are enjoying your experience.

  15. Anthony Little

    Hi, Kyle, Thanks for an outstanding opportunity with wealthy affiliate. I can say it’s truly a legit opportunity.

    I’ve going on 2 years now and it’s been a fun exciting learning how to grow my business with the great live training and support with you and the community.

    I’ve spent lots of money jumping from programs to programs looking for something to help me become successful in life. This has been the best investment ever, I glad to be apart of the community. Thanks again.

    • Kyle

      You like many have invested a lot before finding Wealthy Affiliate. The problem is there are so many programs out there to choose from, many seem very convincing by their sales pages and when you actually get the product, you are end up out of pocket money and have a weak product that won’t lead to the creation of business.

      This is why we offer a completely free Starter membership and nobody else in the industry can say the same. They can’t because if they ever attempted to offer their product on a freemium basis, nobody would ever upgrade to an overpriced, often times, rehashed “info product”…even scams.

      My recommendation to anyone that is a skeptic is that if a company lets you try something for free, do it. There is typically a reason behind this, it is because they believe in their service and are truly in business to help people. That is definitely the case with Wealthy Affiliate.

  16. Vitaliy

    Hi Kyle

    First time I got to know Wealthy Affiliate 2 years ago in 2015. Became a free member and…didn’t do anything about it. I wanted a quick solution without putting much of my work.

    One week ago I re-joined Wealthy Affiliate again, upgraded to a Premium and started my journey with completely different attitude.

    My first site is up and running with 6 pages and 3 blog posts full of low competition keywords 🙂

    Wealthy Affiliate is a great community!

    Things are rolling !

    Thank you Kyle.



    • Kyle

      Yeah, that happens quite frequently. People tend to want “instant” success and they seek that out within the online world. They then try a few other products online and realize that what they were getting for free within Wealthy Affiliate exceeds the quality of the products they were paying, often times $1,000’s for), elsewhere.

      I know you are going to truly have a bright future ahead of you in the affiliate marketing space and if you need a hand with any aspect of your business moving forward, please do let me know. 😉

  17. Fezho

    Great review, I’m already a member at WA so I confirm your review. There are so many things I have learned at WA, and there is so much more still to learn. I would have never known how to properly build my own website and make money out of it without WA.

  18. carlosdelzo

    This is such great and updated review of the Wealthy Affiliate program. My journey with WA has been amazing from the moment I started.

    I built my very first website with the tools and lessons WA provides, SiteRubix is an amazing platform and easy enough for any level of technical experience that one would have.

    Also, being part of the community is without doubt one of the best experiences one gets to have when joining the program. We all support each other and follow the same path to success!

    • Kyle

      So glad you are enjoying your experiences within WA and thanks for stopping by with your feedback. Building a website has truly never been this easy and that is an experience that we have been focused on offering folks, and here we are. What used to take a month, now takes 30 seconds when it comes to building a beautiful website that is live and ready to get indexed and ranked on the Internet.

      Wonderful to have you as part of the community and family Carlos.

  19. Juan

    It’s been 2 months since I joined Wealthy Affiliate. I was a total newbie to internet marketing before I joined. The training is truly world class, and I can’t believe how much I’ve learned in just a couple of months.

    Kyle, you are a great teacher. His tutorials are so detailed that you feel like an expert in no time. Also, everyone in the community is always looking to help one another. I think it starts with how Kyle and Carson approach things. They reward helpfulness and cooperation.

    I do have a family and a full time job that demand a lot of my time. I often have to work on my business at weird hours. The beauty of Wealthy Affiliate is that there is always someone available to answer any question (even at 12am).

    My goal is to eventually quit my job and go at it on my own. And Wealthy Affiliate is a big part of why I know I’ll achieve that goal. Thanks Kyle!!!

    • Kyle

      I think your story is like many when starting out, lots of things fighting for your “time”. That is the case when most of us start out within the online business world, we have other commitments and distractions.

      I remember back when I started out (was in 2002), I was in college full time with labs, projects and constant exams. I had a girlfriend (now wife), and I had a social life, plus I played basketball 3 times per week. It didn’t feel like there was time for this business stuff, but I started sacrificing some things that were a “waste” of time in my life and I was more efficient with my hours in a day.

      You are going to be just fine and like you said Juan, there is going to be help available 24 hours per day within Wealthy Affiliate, including from myself personally a good portion of that.

  20. richyrichie

    Great work and good summary of what wealthy affiliate is all about. Having been part of the family for less than a month, reading through the classroom et al, I believe there is much to our financial skills that we have tapped into.

    Putting so much effort in this and I really hope to achieve my financial goal soonest.

    • Kyle

      The key to success is as much about taking action on what you learn as the “reading” itself. Just make sure you don’t get stuck in a phase of reading and not doing as a great deal of the learning will take place when you actually implement what you have learned.

      Take action, work hard and if you ever need a hand you have an incredible support system around you at Wealthy Affiliate.

  21. michael

    Hello Kyle,

    I loved reading your review about Wealthy Affiliate since you are the owner.

    I have been part of your program for about 6 months now and am enjoying every minute of it. You really do explain things simple and to the point — leaving no questions left unanswered after we’ve gone through the training.

    I want to thank you for building such a great program and community and look forward to meeting you in person one day.

    • Kyle

      So glad you are enjoying your experience.

      Sometimes it is very difficult to portray a service that you are actually co-founder of and that is why it is nice to get feedback from active members like yourself. In fact, we have built WA based on the feedback we have gotten over the years and we have an incredible number of improvements and innovations coming to the platform at Wealthy Affiliate in 2017 based on user feedback.

  22. Dominic

    Before I hopped into this program, my definition of a business is “having enough startup capital, building years of work experience, and a product or service to sell”. The idea of running a long-term blog and learning affiliate marketing did not come to me early.

    Wealthy Affiliate helped expand my thinking, that it is actually possible to defy all these three criteria of a typical business. Right now, I’m pursuing a different path than normal, which I still believe is the right track, considering that 1,000’s of people have already traveled the same road.

    • Kyle

      Millions of people have actually travelled the same road and the thing is, there is room for many more millions of people to be full timers online. It is funny to think back when I started affiliate marketing just how much it was in its infancy (back in 2002). The thing is, it felt like there was a TON of opportunity at the time yet it was fractional compared to the opportunity that you have in front of you today.

      Wealthy Affiliate is going to help you leverage the affiliate marketing world to new heights in 2017, we have some incredible stuff planned for the community/platform and just through working with you thus far Dominic, I know that you are going to have a long and bright future ahead of you within the online world.

  23. Amar-V

    First of all I want to show my utmost respect and gratitude to both Kyle and Carson for their dedication towards helping others.

    For me, Wealthy Affiliate is head and shoulders above anything else when it comes to learning and succeeding in online business.

    It is unparalleled in the tools, and training provided, and it also has a strong dedicated community.
    (If you join countless other programs then you are basically left alone with nobody to talk to or connect with only making you fail in your online business)

    The WA platform has a fine balance and the learning curve is second to none. From the newbie to the expert everyone can succeed.

    Kyle this was your unique take on WA, well deservedly so as Wealthy Affiliate is truly unique.

    • Kyle

      Thanks for the reaffirmation here. I was hoping I wasn’t totally off base with my review, but one thing that I can tell you that is and will always remain a constant within WA is the fact that we are constantly evolving the platform based on the needs and demands of our users, NOT what can make us more money.

      At the root of every successful business there is a happy customer (and lots of them). That is what we want to be known for and that is where we are going to be heading with Wealthy Affiliate once again in 2017.

  24. Tony

    Hey Kyle

    Wow I have to say I’m so luck I ran into your website. First I would like to thank you for your amazing work at wealthy affiliate. In fact I was so surprised that you actually replied and commented on my profile when I was only a starter member.

    You do care a lot about all the people on your website and I really appreciate this. Second, to be honest your website taught me something my professor could never teach, and I value this a lot. Thank you so much for all you’ve done

    • Kyle

      We absolutely do care about people and we care about helping you achieving your goals online. That has been our mission since day one at Wealthy Affiliate way back in 2005 and you can expect more of the same in 2017. We just rolled out some significant training design updates today, with a bunch more updates coming in the coming weeks and throughout the year.

      I am so glad your are enjoying your experience and I wish you nothing but the utmost success in the year ahead.

  25. Simon

    Hi there Kyle,

    By the Lord’s grace I stumbled upon WA and have been enjoying my new enthusiasm for online marketing A LOT. The whole platform is top notch and the different tools like SiteComments, SiteFeedback, SiteSupport are awesome and I don’t think you can find them elsewhere.

    However, I’d like to include some constructive criticism and point it towards one of the initial stages of the program – choosing a niche.

    I believe there needs to be more insight on the most profitable niches in the online world, and then people can choose from these based on interests/hobbies. Creating a website for vanilla WoW would be very, very interesting (personally) but I believe It will be not be so lucrative as to turn it into a full time business.

    Cheers and gos bless,

    • Kyle

      I am really glad you found WA as well Simon and I do appreciate all of your feedback including the constructive feedback on niches. One thing that people often are concerned about is whether or not their niche they choose for their online business is going to be profitable, or “what is the most profitable niche”.

      The reality is though that EVERY niche is a lucrative one, even the most obscure ones. That is proven many times over with the significant businesses that folks are creating in these seemingly small pockets. One such examples of this is the footballsnackhelmets.com website that Jay created in a 4 week Live Class Case Study (which you have full access to as a Premium member), where he took a tiny little niche like snack helmets for NFL teams and it has turned into a $700-$2,000 per month income for the past 2 years and it is still going strong.

      With 3.75 billion people online, every niche has an incredible amount of opportunity and I find that most people that create big success online are those that don’t chase what they think is a profitable niche, rather it is those that go after a passion/interest of theirs and build a business around that knowing that their niche is absolutely going to have a lot of opportunity within it.

      Thanks for your personal review of Wealthy Affiliate and I wish you nothing but success and growth in 2017!

  26. Jagi

    I love the platform wealthy affiliate. Honestly I have no idea how I came to wealthy affiliate, but when I did come to the sign-up website and looked up the word free I was all for it. And I couldn’t be any happier then I am right now. For many years I’d been hearing about affiliate marketing, but I had no idea what it was or how to go about it. Of course I wanted to get in and get a piece of the pie, but most of my stuff was just limited. Thank you Kyle for the great platform you and Carson have created.

    • Kyle

      That is why we moved to the freemium model at WA back in 2013. We want as many people as possible to experience our service, because our service is what sells our business, not some smoke and mirrors sales pitch.

      Welcome to the affiliate marketing world and to the all-inclusive platform/community at Wealthy Affiliate Jagi, I know if you put forth the effort you are going to have a very bright and long term internet business ahead.

  27. Anand

    This is a great platform to learn affiliate marketing from scratch. I started it off as a free member but decided to accept the privilege of premium member and it was one of the best decision I had made so far. I am still learning but I am sure I will succeed with fantastic support from WA community

    • Kyle

      Awesome Anand, really glad you are enjoying your experience at Wealthy Affiliate and that you are enjoying all the training and support. Please keep me updated with your progress and success moving forward.

  28. carlosdelzo

    Hi Kyle!

    It’s awesome that you’re sharing this post about honestly telling how great Wealthy Affiliate works from your own perspective as the owner, ambassador, and mentor of the program.

    As a member of the Wealthy Affiliate program and community, I’m proud to say that my journey on becoming an online business entrepreneur has become finally real. I’m committed to work hard within the WA and achieve success.

    • Kyle

      Sometimes it is hard to “sell” something that you own, so rather than us focusing on selling it, it is easier just to explain everything that is offered within the Wealthy Affiliate community/platform.

      That is also why we trust in our service so much that we offer a completely free Starter membership, which is not a trial, rather gives people access to things they can expect to pay a good deal of money elsewhere (including the websites, the training, expert help, community access, tools, etc)

  29. Andres Santos

    Great review Kyle. I found Wealthy Affiliate little over a year ago. Since I’ve been scammed time and time again, I had my doubts about it.

    The way I looked at, any program that will give you a free trial run, is worth looking at. It was the best decision I ever made. After the first few lessons, It was clear to me this was the one for me.

    Not only are the courses great, but the community of members are what sold me. If you need help or just have a question, there are thousands of people ready to help.

    • Kyle

      You are definitely not alone, there are many people that are apprehensive of the entire affiliate marketing/make money/opportunity industry as a whole. The reason, there are honestly a lot of companies out there that are in the business to taking money from folks, not offering a quality service (as you state, SCAMMING people).

      Wealthy Affiliate truly separate ourselves in this respect. It is a platform built off of the idea of helping others, something that is not all that common these days, but it is the reason why we have been around for 12 years and now offer by far, the most advanced platform, the most helpful community and do so at the lowest price (including a free Starter membership).

      I appreciate your feedback here and I so thrilled to hear you are loving your experience at WA!

  30. Marlena

    I found this to be a fascinating review since you are one of the creators of Wealthy Affiliate. One thing you mentioned that I don’t think other people would consider is that being an owner, you are likely far more critical than anyone else about the site. That being said, I could tell it was hard to find negative aspects to the system and that you have worked very hard to make it a great place to learn and to succeed.

    While researching Wealthy Affiliate on other blog pages, the one negative thing I have found that people say is that sometimes members without knowledge provide help or advice too early, resulting in the help not being as useful. I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for a short period of time and have not run into this as a problem. Are there people who answer and try to be helpful who are newer? Yes, but there are also others who chime in and like anything else, one has to think critically of any response that is received.

    Last night I received a personal message from you reminding me that you are there to help if I need it since you noticed I was progressing through the course. I thought that was very nice. You mentioned on this blog post that you are often available to help others and this was an example that I can point out since it just happened to me. Even further though, I noticed you were in the live chat today asking members’ questions and interacting like one of the crowd. I like how approachable you are and that you have made it your mission to share your knowledge to help others succeed.

    It is funny, when I read your post I felt a little overwhelmed by how much Wealthy Affiliate has to offer. My thought was “how in the world will I ever learn all of that?” Yet, the real experience is that everything is learned step by step. It is organized so well that it does not feel overwhelming while you are going through the learning process. I think this is a tremendously impressive aspect of the site. I knew nothing about creating a blog but am going through it relatively easily, and having a fun time with it.

    I know this is getting long, but one other thought that I have that I have been describing to others is that WA has a bit of a “game” feel to it for me, which I really like. As you are active in the program, you earn rank or points. You earn these BY BEING HELPFUL! It is amazing. I look forward every day to seeing how my rank has improved. I also like the way that other things are measured, such as my statistics, comments on my blog, my affiliate standings, etc. It is very motivating to me to see myself improve and I enjoy this aspect quite a bit.

    I was just telling my husband that one of the things I have noticed since focusing more heavily on WA is that I generally feel good because I am helping and contributing to others.

    • Kyle

      Wow, wonderful feedback here and thanks for your insights. You are exactly correct when you state that we are the most critical of our own service/platform out of anyone. We always know that Wealthy Affiliate can be better and if we weren’t constantly in that state, we wouldn’t evolve and we surely wouldn’t be the platform and industry leader as we have become.

      It has been 12 years of constant effort to get WA to where it is today, but we are just getting started and 2017 is going to be one full of awesome change, a lot of updates (weekly), and naturally improvements on a lot of the weaknesses that we currently have. A few of these that will be changing in the next few months here are design and overall mobility of WA and how you can interact with it on mobile. We are doing a pretty good job of these, but not a great job. Cool changes coming.

      We also have some very significant and brand new platforms coming to Wealthy Affiliate in the coming months, things that haven’t been seen or done before in the industry and are truly going to integrate directly into your business processes, making your life a much better one as a user.

      Thanks so much more your Wealthy Affiliate review and I think your experiences are going to offer folks a lot of insight, not just into the service offered, but the altruistic approach and mentality of the community as a whole.

  31. Eric

    Hi Kyle, I am already a member, and love the community and the weekly webinars with Jay! Always learn a lot of important stuff there. I am now unemployed again, and slowly but surely attempting to make WA a full time gig! Thanks for all that you and Carson do!!

    • Kyle

      So glad you are enjoying your experience at WA and the weekly live classes are definitely always a hit! New training each and every week on a bleeding edge topic in the affiliate marketing/online business world. Can’t beat it!

  32. Hailey

    I love WA and everything to do with it. If not for the money, join for the experience, or join for the education. What you get from joining is not just a “make money fast” or “make money now” type site. It is a build upon yourself, your skills, and develop your own way of making money.

    My favorite part, and I was just telling my boyfriend this, is that stuff I wouldn’t normally be able to discuss with people in my friend group, I can post on my site. I run a blog that adheres to my personal likes and dislikes and getting a chance to type it all out and discuss it with people who are like-minded is really an amazing thing for me.

    Since joining I have learned so many immeasurable things that honestly are so invaluable. If I walked away today I would still be happy, and if I did not make a cent, I would still be happy. But I am confident in everything that they teach at Wealthy Affiliate that I know money is soon on the way.

    So thank you Kyle and Carson. You guys are really awesome for sharing your experiences and helping people.

    • Kyle

      Exactly the case. We teach people how to build real businesses and we are realistic about the process and what it takes to build an actual business online. There are far too many “make money fast” programs out there that are selling a whole lot of sizzle without having any “meat” behind their product and service. That is the unfortunate nature of the industry, anywhere there is opportunity there will be people that take advantage of others.

      Wealthy Affiliate operates in the same, helpful, cost efficient way we did when we started out in 2005. We have not raised our prices in 12 years, yet we continue to invest millions into our platform, our community and our members with every year that passes (and 2017 will not be any different).

  33. Tony

    Hi Kyle, I want to thank you for creating a legit business that offers the most comprehensive tools and training available anywhere on the web. The live video classes are worth the membership price alone. There is no better value than what is offered at wealthy affiliate.

    I signed up after reading Alex’s extra paycheck blog and quickly upgraded to an annual membership after seeing the amazing community at wa and all the support that is offered. I am now coming up on my 2nd year and am excited as ever to interact with the wa community and develop my business. Thanks again!

    • Kyle

      Thanks for your kind words and one focus of ours has always been “value”. This is also one of the reasons we started offering a free Starter membership back in 2013, knowing full well that the value we offer within our free offering supersedes anything in the industry that is paid. We want to give people an authentic experience in which that can get rolling with their business online, without the unknowns and the risk that most programs come with out there.

      Congrats on your one year anniversary within the online world, I honestly can’t wait to see what you are going to accomplish with your business in the year ahead.

  34. Simon

    Hi Kyle,
    I’ve been learning the affiliate marketing ropes with you for about 7 months now and thoroughly enjoying the process.
    To have a passion and build a business around it suits me down to the ground.

    I have found your training first class although I’m in my early days. I never thought website building would be so straightforward, it’s like a once shown you’re away process. I have also made my website secure and mobile friendly thanks to Jay’s seminars.

    The most difficult part for me in the beginning was to write naturally and come across without a sales approach as people do not like being sold to.

    It took me about 5 months to grasp a structure for my posts, one day everything sunk in where I wrote and displayed a very good post. Since then I am still publishing new posts weekly and requesting comments however I am going through all my older posts and updating to this new structure I have in place.

    Once I’m up to date, I’ll further my training. I have accomplished the odd conversions and had a few from the web commenting so my rankings are beginning.

    Thanks again for all your training, I’m determined to get there.

    • Kyle

      I can tell just by your comment here, you can write and you can write very well. Obviously content is a big part of any business, it is the way we communicate with our audience, but it is just that, communication.

      If you can write a friend or a family member an email explaining something or you can drop a 300 word comment as you have done here, you can absolutely create beautiful and useful content within any niche/category that you want to build a business within.

      The thing is, where most people get lost when it comes to building an online business, they feel that they are not great at writing, not great a sales, not great at marketing, not technically savvy. I personally wouldn’t consider myself an expert in any of these categories, sure I have gotten much better at them over the years by “doing”, but building a business online is much more about being able to help people. If you can do this, you are going to build a lot of trust and be in business for a long time online.

  35. Riaz Shah

    Hey Kyle!
    I just got a Private message for you this morning in WA so I decided to check out your site again, it’s the motivation from you that first got me in back then.

    Today its already 2 years since I’ve joined and there are so many features I’ve seen you develop, really love the updates especially the latest SSL. With the fast page load speed from WA’s hosting, the SEO elements I implement from your lessons, and the website upgrade, I’m finally seeing a boost in my conversion.

    Awesome community, awesome owners, awesome program. Highly recommended for those serious in kickstarting their Online Business the right way. Out of curiosity, do you have plans to add a newsletter to your site though? Would love to subscribe 😀

    • Kyle

      Instead of the newsletter approach, we take the “post” approach and we keep people up to date with what is taking place in the industry, within Wealthy Affiliate, right within Wealthy Affiliate. This connects with everyone that has ever been a member, so it does get good reach and the interaction within WA is comparable to some of the biggest news websites in the industry in terms of activity, the huffpost of the affiliate marketing space.

      We definitely do leverage email a great deal within our business, but the announcements are always made in the form of blog posts as they encourage engagement and interaction (and feedback) from the community, which is something that we are always after within our transparent platform. 🙂

      Thanks for your review and your feedback of your experiences here Riaz, much appreciated!

  36. Bob Brooks

    Hello Kyle, Thank you for Wealthy Affiliate. I started as a free member and quickly upgraded to the yearly membership and now am on my 2nd year. The training is exactly what I needed for my success. I had spent many years struggling and jumping around. Glad I found a home here. Thanks for all the hard work you do giving us the best training available

    • Kyle

      Your story is like many others Bob, lots of people end up jumping around from program to program. It can make building a business very difficult because each program has new ideas, many of which are no longer are relevant or are ideas just to get you into the door (and they actually don’t work at all).

      So glad you are enjoying your experience at Wealthy Affiliate and I do wish you a lot of success with your business in 2017.

  37. Paul

    Hey Kyle, just want to thank you and Carson for putting WA together for people like me who have been burned a few times over the years with scams. At this stage I am still a free member, only because of lack of funds, but will be a premium member in the not to distant future. My only regret is that I didn’t find WA sooner. Talk again soon in the WA community, got to get back to training.

    • Kyle

      Glad we can help Paul and no worries about staying on the Starter membership, you can absolutely upgrade at your own pace and what makes the most sense to you and your situation. You have found WA now, the only place you need to create, grow and manage your business online and we pride ourselves in the fact that we are the most advanced, yet cost efficient platform for building businesses online in the industry.

      If you ever need a hand or have any questions you know how to find me in WA! Bright days are ahead Paul.

  38. William

    I am here just to share with you on my experience as a free starter of WA. Personally I feel WA has taught me a lot even being a completely free member, and yes I am considering becoming premium. However with so much available to me within Starter, I want to get acquainted with WA first.

    I would like just to ask, for premium members for both the affiliate bootcamp and the online entrepreneur certification, how long does it takes to complete them? If i was to sign on as a premium member? I might not have the full time commitment to it and I really do hope to see results in 3 months for me to keep going.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    • Willam

      kyle~, forgot to ask you, is one page website still viable nowadays? example like i have a product i want to sell, i let visitors visit my website and than they subscribe to them after which i email them which is my list. is that considered negative to my website?

      i am asking because i saw what is needed for amazon associates. it does seem i need a lot more content for them to be able to mark my website as viable associate?

      • Kyle

        Yes, you can still leverage squeeze pages (as long as you have a source of traffic) with email marketing. This is absolutely a viable marketing technique. You will not be able to get an Amazon account with a site like this and I don’t recommend one page sites if you plan on creating a long term, sustainable and authoritative business online. It can be an aspect of your business, but it should be the first thing you do.

    • Kyle

      Glad you are enjoying Wealthy Affiliate and learning lots William. The OEC and the Affiliate Bootcamp courses are completely separate of one another and if you are interesting in build a business in your own niche (which is what I actually recommend), I highly suggest that you work through the training at your own pace.

      There is no “speed” in particular that will be the right fit for everyone, the key is that you make sure you take action on the training as it is the action aspect that is going to lead to your website and affiliate business being built out…not simply just reading.

  39. Jackson

    This is a very timely review for me, I have been researching a lot online lately since getting ripped off by past programs (too many to count).

    Not only have I found the approach in terms of how Wealthy Affiliate promotes itself very much refreshing, I find that the people promoting it out there (assuming it is other affiliates) are selling you on the service and what you get if you join WA, not some fake lifestyle BS hype propaganda.

    I am definitely going to take you up on your offer Kyle and I hope you are as genuine as you sound. I guess I will find out very quickly though won’t I?!

    • Kyle

      First off, I can absolutely understand where you are coming from in terms of products selling everything but the product. There are an incredible number of products/services in the affiliate marketing/internet marketing space that tell you how rich you will become, how awesome the lifestyle is, how successful others are…basically the drink on the beach sort of lifestyle. But there is one thing they forget, to tell you what their product is. That is a sure sign of a scheme or a scam and this is a good litmus test for anyone looking to get involved in an online business.

      We take a different approach, because well, we believe in our service and we have spent the last 11.5 years refining and constantly improving the platform at Wealthy Affiliate. We sell our service based on what our service is and give context as to how it will help you build a business online. And Wealthy Affiliate has a completely free starter membership so you can check it out for yourself, get rolling with the training, interact with others and get help, build websites, and take part in various forms of video training/discussions/networking events.

      The only thing that hasn’t changed at WA over past years is the price. In the 11.5 years we have been in business and the millions we invest into our platform every year, we have NOT changed the price. The alone should say a lot about our motives, it surely isn’t taking money from people, it is offering the most help possible and the most efficient price.

  40. Derek

    Thanks for the review Kyle. I’m already a WA member. Just re-visiting this page to see where my WA journey started for me.

    I’m thankful I came across this website. I’m looking forward to continued success with WA in 2017.


    • Kyle

      Awesome, thanks for making your way back here. It is always fun to reflect on your journey and I wish you nothing but the utmost success with your business in 2017.

  41. Igor

    Hi, Kyle!

    Thanks for the review! Because of the fact I am already WA Premium member since October 2016..

    I started to become pretty familiar with WA! My site is developing and I am going to build it up!

    I enjoy many lessons here at WA as well as the community!

    Glad to be part of WA!


    • Kyle

      Awesome Igor, so glad you are enjoying everything at Wealthy Affiliate. It sounds like you are making some really good progress with your website and of course if you ever need a hand with anything or Site Feedback moving forward, feel free to ask me for help inside of WA.

  42. James

    Wonderful experience here at WA. I was sidetracked by some family problems. Lost some time, but when I got back I was relieved that my training was where I left it. And there was no problem going back to refresh. Looking forward to smooth sailing and launch of my new website. Nice no one here is pushing me, just leading me down the right path. I am the one that has to push me.

  43. kay

    So far Wealthy Affiliate has provided me with so much value you guys have pulled out the stops and im happy to pay for my membership it has boosted my progress and confidence by 100%. Things are looking up I can finally see the blue clouds from all of the grey ones that reside out there in the internet marketing world.

    • Kyle

      This is so wonderful to hear and I am really glad you are enjoying your experience within Wealthy Affiliate. The “blue sky” is something that we hope we can allow anyone to see within the online business world. There is a proven path to creating a business online within any niche and that is what we teach at Wealthy Affiliate, regardless of your level of experience or if you are a completely newbie.

      I look forward to seeing your progress as you build out your business and of course if you ever need a hand I am readily available within Wealthy Affiliate.

  44. Duane Denver Payne

    Hello Kyle.Well I am on the edge of becoming a premium member at WA but just so afraid that I don’t succeed.I am not afraid of hard work or to put the work in,I just can’t fail or lose more money,because I have no job and all I have now is to start making money online to survive(so i am like on a ticking time bomb and need to get off fast)I jusr need good and real advice.Thank You

    • Kyle

      You won’t lose any money, you are paying for a service at Wealthy Affiliate. Unlike other schemes out there, you are not joining WA to take part in a scheme. You are going to be learning how to properly build a business online (in any niche) and we provide you with all of the tools, the training, services, live classes and support you need to create a business online.

      Making money fast is not a reality and is an idea that we are realistic about. It takes time and anyone that tells you otherwise is in the business of taking your money, nothing more. If you are willing to work at this, you are going to be in a very good position of creating a long term and very successful business online.

  45. Anthony

    Hey Kyle,
    Thank you for providing your wealth of information on website development and providing us with a site like Wealthy Affiliate. My only regret is I wasted two years researching about the site when I should have signed up immediately.

    I have accomplished more in two weeks then I have in the last 3 years going at it alone. Thanks to you and the Wealthy Affiliate community I see a light at the end of the tunnel.

    • Kyle

      Welcome to the family Anthony, you have a bright future ahead of you Anthony and I am glad you finally took the leap to join WA. Sometimes it takes time to find out what doesn’t work and even getting “burned” sometimes by one of the many schemes out there before you find a safe haven at Wealthy Affiliate.

      I look forward to working with you moving forward, you have a bright future ahead of you!

  46. Sanela

    Hi Kyle,
    I just wanted to say that joining the WA is one of the best decisions I have made in my life.
    Not only I’ve got a chance to pursue my dreams by making income here, but also I have many more benefits:

    I learned how to make a website, and I have had no previous experience,

    Met some very nice people (hope to meet all of them in Vegas 🙂 ), I always liked networking with people all around the world,

    I am getting so much positive energy through the support of the community,

    Discovered that I can actually write stories that people like reading and even more than that, writing them in English without feeling judged (in fact, very much supported in that part as well).

    I am progressively learning here so much about business, online business, focusing, success, managing and much much more.

    Thank you for making all of this possible!

    For being there to help whenever is needed!

    For sharing such a nice and straight to he point review of your business.

    Now, off to go, to build my own 🙂

    • Kyle

      Thanks for the feedback and kind words Sanela, so glad you are enjoying the Wealthy Affiliate experience! It is great to hear you are finding your passion and realizing how capable you are of creating a real, long term business online in your chosen niche.

      Passion leads to success and so does helping others. This is something that we absolutely embrace within Wealthy Affiliate.

  47. Stephen

    Hey Kyle it’s me again from earlier on in the year. Not sure if you remember me but I think that I’m on the verge of joining wealthy affiliate. My only question is, I have been looking at some YouTube videos about the program, and some people have stated that there is a lot of information being hidden from the users and that the only people who make a lot of money are those at the top and new members don’t make much of anything. I’ve never really believed their claims because I’m of the mindset that if you put in the work, then you can reach any level of success you want. Why are there people that make those claims, and secondly, if I join wealthy affiliate, will it truly be an investment that can change my life and be as good as advertised? I apologize for all of the questions it’s just I need to be 100% committed and set on this decision before I make the jump.

    • Kyle

      Well you are definitely of the right mindset Stephen and you are completely accurate, if you put in the work you can achieve whatever you set your mind to. At Wealthy Affiliate we provide you with the platform/training/tools/website/hosting/support/networking that will facilitate your success, but it will not create it. Only you can do that.

      There are an incredible number of people that are building business online within WA, in fact everyone that is taking action on the training and using the services available to them. These are businesses in pretty much every niche you can imagine, from football snack helmets, to dieting related sites, to entrepreneur related niches, to….well, there are 100,000’s of potential directions you can head.

      Whether or not someone builds a business is up to them. Not us, but if you are willing to work hard and take action on what we teach, you can absolutely have a bright future ahead of you.

      • Stephen

        Thank you for your reassurance. I feel like people who don’t do well bash this site and claim that it’s a scheme or scam when it reality they didn’t put in the work which resulted in disappointment for them. It kind of makes me angry that people claim it’s a rip off when you can have as much success as you put your mind to

        • Kyle

          There are over 50,000 positive reviews of Wealthy Affiliate online and we have been around 11 years, longer than any other company in the affiliate marketing industry for a reason. We care about our members, we are constantly evolving and improving our platform and service, and we are always moving forward with technology.

          Lots to look forward to for members of Wealthy Affiliate in the remainder of 2016 and moving to 2017. We don’t create success for folks, we simply can’t. We can only facilitate success, without someone working hard at their business, no success will every happen. If someone can bring hard work to the table, we provide them with EVERYTHING else they need. 🙂

    • Hi Stephen,
      I am the WA member, and I am truly very very happy with being here.

      I’ve just read your comment and wanted to tell you that since I’ve been in the WA I found all the answers on my questions since nothing is hidden 🙂 There can be only a chance that you get a different kind of answers from different experts and if you still can’t figure out how to manage some of the tasks you have, you can simply ask Kyle or Carson and you’ll get the answer within a couple of hours 🙂

      Also there is no ”top” or ”bottom” here, since is not some kind of MLM system, which actually gives you so much space. The fact is that you earn money promoting the WA and to the people that click on your link you become some kind of the connection with the platform, but you have no obligations to that person once he/she join.

      But also whoever joins will get a support from thousands of members and at the first place from the owners.

      I hope to see you there 🙂


  48. Cha

    Thank you Kyle! For visitors reading this post, the reason why this business, really “community”, is so successful is because you will find no lies. He is true to his word and there is a reason why people stay, and COME BACK. That says a lot. If all business had WA’s ethics and morals they would all be winners. Thank you so much for sharing what you know and for being very open and honest. And really, for truly caring for your people.

    • Kyle

      That is what Wealthy Affiliate is all about, we lead by example and the community is second to none in the industry. Every single we have made in our 11 years in business (whew, I can’t believe it has been 11 years now), has been based on what will help people more NOT what will make us more money. That is what our business was built off, the morals we instil within the community, and the principles our foundation was building off of.

      So glad you are enjoying your experience at WA.

  49. Marsh

    Hello Kyle, top-notch solutions with quite a number of reviews that support the extensive work being done at Wealthy Affiliate to help people get it done – definitely commendable.
    I have been trying to find out though, does SiteRubix support integration of ecommerce platforms like shopify, gumroad or paypal?

    • Kyle

      SiteRubix is based on the WordPress CMS (framework) and yes, you can absolutely create ecommerce websites through the state of the art SiteRubix platform. There are plugins that you can use to integrate paypal, gumroad, shopify, stripe, etc. along with your own payment process as there are entire platforms and themes dedicated to this as well such as WooCommerce. All this is very much available.

      If you want to learn about the SiteRubix website platform offered to members of Wealthy Affiliate, you can do so here:

      The Most Powerful Website Platform in the World

  50. Wil

    Wealthy Affiliate is awesome Kyle. Very cool platform. I wish there were a way to determine why Google may not be accepting for Adsense though. It seems like they’d accept right away. I can’t wait to continue the training and learn much more. This not only fun, but can potentially lead to an entirely new career. Great Platform to learn.

    • Kyle

      So glad you are enjoying WA Wil.

      In respect to your issues with Adsense, first off I don’t really recommend using Adsense on any site where you are getting quality traffic as it can be much better utilized and monetized with revenue strategies like affiliate marketing.

      Secondly, if your website is not established and is in the very early stages of development (has very little content), Google is going to be far less inclined to approve your Adsense application. You ideally want to wait until your site is somewhat established and is getting traffic before you apply.

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