1. Thomas Burton

    I’m trying to get a refund from MOBE. So far no results so I’ve decided to start a progress report on my interactions with MOBE support. Started a refund request on 7/18 and received a ticket #. Followed up with daily calls to customer support (or should I say non support). Submitted a new request ask0ing for an update on my first request and got another request #. I understand that some people have actually got refunds and would love to know how they did it

  2. Thomas Burton

    After joining MOBE in June and going for the $2,300 silver/gold upsell I finally realized on around step 16 with the $10,000 upsell (this is the only way to start making real money!) and my “coaches” repeated efforts to find me a loan that I took a step back and started to do some real research. That’s when I contacted support requesting a refund. Well they gave me a ticket number and assured me that I would be contacted. Since then nothing even with call for action comments on a daily basis. The last one today was “Due to lack of response from Mobe support I’m now adding my comments to several online business blogs, on a daily basis, about my experience with Mobe support (or lack thereof) and my experience with Mobe in general and it has not been good, several people are already following my comments and the responses are growing daily. I would like to say something good, like “I had a response from Mobe support and the problem was resolved”. Your prompt action would be appreciated.

  3. Francisp

    Listen everybody be careful. It uses the same strategies Herbalife uses. I got to level 7 today then they want to upsell you to the silver package for $2495.00. Even before you will start the 21 steps you sign up for a webinar (after you paid $47). If you listen carefully he gives away every single step until step 7. I have stopped there. That is why according to them 33 percent only makes this far. I guess 67 percent smells it. 🙂

    • alfa

      yeah i agree. you know what, these “live webinars” are really NOT live. they are recorded. there are various ways to find out, those who have some computer skills can realise it. for example with some web browsers you can download a video that is currently playing. this way you can download the webinar before it has ended and that’s how you see it’s only recorded.

    • Thomas Burton

      I got suckered into the $2300 silver/gold purchase and I’m now in the frustrating process of trying to get a refund. Anyone out there actually get a refund? If so how did you do it?

    • Norman Sears

      I was lead a stray by Herbalife and two many other scams. It is hard to believe Mobe is another company that backs up what they promise. Please check them out before investing. Check out what else it will cost you to get involved. It is much much more!!! Money that I had to spend thousands.

  4. Lynn

    I attended a Free seminar for MOBE today and tried keeping an open mind and found the information they were spewing to make money total crap. $997 for a 3 day workshop. That’s where they’re making their money.

    After reading these posts, I find all the money you have to spend to get to next level like Scientology.

    When I was talking to a couple of people and telling them that this scheme is crap and do more research on other online business avenues, one of the seminar people was getting irritated over it, that’s when I walked out.

    • Kyle

      Thanks for your feedback and sorry to hear about your experience you had within the “free” seminar. You are definitely not the first to voice your complaints about this sort of activity.

      If you read some of my other posts, you will realize that this sort of promotional model/upsell is all too common these days. Here is a link to my latest post on “upsells” that I think that will offer a lot of clarity as to what was taking place.

      • Dennis

        Really guys cuz I actually listened to someone totally different and I only paid $49.99 and some “coach” was supposed to call me and they did e-mail me telling me that i need to call her back, but yeah, you know that nobody answered after the 1st, 2nd, 34d, and even 4th time I called. Now please, if this is so true, please email me back or call back. I really or I would bet that I won’t get anything this is all bs period.

    • Wayne

      Attended the 3 day workshop in HK having forked out $497. I realised something was fishy on the 1st day when the ‘trainer’ asked the audience to max out their credit cards as ‘homework’!

  5. Duncan

    Hi Kyle,
    I went to a MOBE workshop presentation and they now ask you to pay $997 (or $497 if you sign up there and then) to attend a 3 day workshop where they will teach you how to set up a business selling their products. Was not impressed and left before the end.

    • Kyle

      This is a common method these days to recruit people into such programs. You attend what are touted as “free” workshops, only to realize there are much higher costs. The $497 is just the start of the costs as well, there are many other upsells that take place in such programs like MOBE. The $497 is just to determine whether or not you are a “buyer”. Once you are, then the even higher ticket upsells come.

  6. Freddie

    Well I liked John Chow’s articles on IM so I bit on his MOBE pitch.

    I should have listened to my gut when he said he didn’t talk about MOBE with his family (somewhere in one of the early Steps).

    I should have listened to my gut when Matt gave his vacuous reason for deciding to set up in Malaysia.

    I should have listened to my gut when encountering the endless websites associated with MOBE.

    I should have listened to my gut when I looked over the Mobemarketplace selection of programs for sale.

    I should have listened to my gut when I sensed it was a scheme of all opportunity and little product.

    Didn’t listen to my gut when it heaved at the cost of the the Silver Master Class. Out over $2500.

  7. Biren

    I lost 60K with company name MOBE.COM. After attending one of the mastermind program I realized that this program didn’t offer any educational value that they promised and I paid for. Only thing they teach is showing people false lifestyle, and luring other people to join. I could not say that I was making lot of money or show other people posting false pics online or that I was having lifestyle so I can make 3k, 5k 10k commission.

    I also didn’t think they offered any value so I decided to cancel but they wouldn’t give me a refund. I only attended one of the programs out of three I paid for. Please don’t listen to what any of the MOBE members say. People will say anything to make commission and claim that they are making lot of money so you will join the MOBE Empire. Even if you were to make money it’s not the right way.

    I joined but didn’t use the program after realizing that I would be lying to others after I went through one of the live event. Please read the contract before you join. I was excited when I joined thinking this would be a good business opportunity and trusted Matt and his team but I was wrong. You only have three days after you sign the paper work if you are attending IM Freedom workshop to cancel out to get any of your money back.

    After all this they said if you still really want to try don’t join at the higher level, they will try to convince you that joining higher level is the best if you can get credit. They will even help to get credit. This company will suck as much as they can out of you. Even after you join the Diamond level they have other programs that guarantee your success in online marketing to get more money out of you.

    Does anyone have any suggestion, any way to recover my money ? I tried to contact credit card company but they aren’t much help.

    • Kirk

      Just relax and enjoy life!

      Money really isnt as important as we think it is. Theres no need to be so attached to it.

      If you made a bad investment, put it behind you and get on with your life!

    • paul

      Just tell the cc company it was an unauthorised payment. Instant cancellation while you are on the phone, no matter what it is.

  8. Dawn

    I’m really worried for my father after reading these comments.

    A couple of weeks ago he came for a visit and was telling all about this new company he is working on. He basically quoted the sales pitch verbatim. He was really excited. He talked about how he can afford to live his dream and make sure all of us kids and grandkids will be taken care of. When I asked him how it worked, he quoted the promotional video.

    My dad is not a sucker in the least. He is usually the one telling me not to believe the BS. He used to tell me as a child that there is no easy way to make money and that there is no substitute for hard work. I immediately had concerns when he couldn’t tell me what the products were he would be selling. He told me that he isn’t allowed to know what the products are until he buys the rights to that tier. That made no sense to me.

    He told me how he has already dropped almost 15 grand into the program, and has yet to “sell” anything. I immediately asked him if he did his research before signing up and he said he did. Clearly, he didn’t do enough research. My dad was never the type of person who follows another blindly. Everything he told me just threw up more red flags, so I decided to do my own research.

    I’m glad I did, because this morning I open my email and the first thing sitting right there in my inbox is a BS promotional flyer from Mobe trying to get me to sign up with them. The whole thing sounded like a Pyramid or Ponzi scheme to me from the beginning. But because my dad was so excited about it I started wondering if maybe this really was something good. I cannot believe that these products managed to swindle my father. That pisses me off to no end because my dad only joined Mobe to be able to make enough money to pay for a home health nurse to care for my grandmother so that I don’t have to give up school to be with her.

    They not only screwed my dad, but they screwed my entire family. I just hope my dad isn’t too far gone to listen to me and let me show him everything I have found on them before he spends the 30 grand he was talking about paying them next week.

    • Kyle

      When you purchase anything, be it online or offline, you need to ask yourself what you are getting in exchange for your money. If you are “unsure” then it wouldn’t typically make sense to spend your money on something.

      You wouldn’t walk into a grocery store and buy unmarked boxes not knowing what you are getting, the exact same logic should be used when buying into an opportunity online. If you can’t clearly get something explained to you and you don’t know what you are going to be selling before you invest, then it might be a little worrisome.

  9. Chene

    Hi Kyle, I appreciate the useful information in regards to starting my own online business. I was just wondering about the Traffic aspect that Matt is always talking about spending so much money on. Are there ways around that?

    • Kyle

      There are many ways that you can get traffic online without having to pay a dime (search rankings, many social mediums, viral elements). That is something that I have been a proponent of for years and it is a shame when you have to join programs, only to find out that there are additional traffic expenses (and sometimes ones that are very high) as well as many other upsells and “levelling up” types of costs. All to typical these days.

      What I can tell you is that you can start a business and build a business with a very minimal budget. $500 is the MAX that you need to operate a business for an entire year, anyone that is pushing higher costs of education/tools/websites/support/mentoring/resources is likely in the business of maximizing the money the earn off of people rather than maximizing the value they offer to people.

  10. Marleen

    Hi Kyle,

    As I read through some of these posts, I wish I had done so before getting caught up MOBE. So-o deceiving and unethical. Only after I spent 2500.00 did my coach tell me that I still had to spend upwards of 30,000 otherwise all of the hard work was up to me. I checked and could qualify for that amount of $ and also assume responsibility of 1500.00/monthly repayment.

    I told my #2 coach that wasn’t working for me. What a huge disappointment.

    My husband and I work a lot of hours and that 2500.00 was a good chunk of our savings. I demanded a full refund and that I would have no problem getting an Attorney (Bogin, Munns, Munns).

    So flippin’ Irate

    • Kyle

      That is really too bad Marleen, any company that sells you into such a high ticket program, should be clear that there may be additional costs involved in the program in advance to you spending this sort of money. $2,500 can go a LONG ways in the online business world and you could apply this money towards things that could drive your business for several years.

      I hope that you can find a resolve in your issue and get the refund you feel you deserve.

  11. Toni

    I have been promoted this program a few times now but usually by the name MTTB. When I join that for $49 application fee I thought that is all it costs but others are saying that it really isn’t and that they try to sell you other things.

    All I have is $100. Can I get started with this program for this much.

    • Kyle

      There are many other tiers of the MOBE membership that you will likely be encouraged to purchase if you want to earn the higher commissions. These include the ones touted on the MTTB sales page indicating how to get $3,000 and $5,000 commissions with no extra work.

      There different levels of membership are:

      MLR: $2,497 one time + $99 per month (inner circle)
      Titanium: $9,997 + $199 per month (inner circle)
      Platinum: $16,667 + $299 per month (inner circle)
      Diamond: $29,997 + $299 per month (inner circle)

      If you decide to upgrade to another level, your $100 definitely isn’t going to take you far. Within the training there might be additional costs as well to purchase traffic (ad buys), which can also extend far beyond the $100.

      Unfortunately many programs take a similar approach when trying to get people to join into their system/scheme. They attempt to sell you at a low ticket, with the anticipation that you will purchase much higher ticket items down the road (and become a much higher value customer). The affiliates promoting you into this program also anticipate and hope you will be far beyond a $49 MTTB customer as well, they don’t make the big bucks until you start spending more money on the pricier memberships and masterminds. This is how the MOBE program operates.

    • Valentino

      Hi Toni – If you have just 100$ and want to do something about it i would rather suggest you join Wealthy Affiliate , its one of the best community I have ever been with and its free to join and you get a chance to see and use some of the training and features in the free version , once you are accustomed to it – usually in 7 days you can upgrade to premium which is 47$/m . But if you take action and stay focussed this program can change your life and no one will force you to pay , do it at your convenience .

  12. Tim Bennett

    This is a great review.

    I also paid 47$ for their course and decided not to go ahead any further with it.

    However I also attempted to but their book “Limitless” about 3 weeks ago, but their system declined my 2 credit cards (1 which had never been used on line before or since) and then they called me to attempt to manually process the cards) so I made no purchase.

    Yesterday the bank called me to inform me that over 3000 pounds sterling had been charged to my credit cards from websites in England ( I am not in England) and that all these transactions were not authorized by me.

    I have not use 1 of the credit cards on any other website and this site was the only site where I used both cards so this fraud clearly came from their websites.

    I would not attempt to buy their book “limitless” at their website

    Their system seems very legit, but would appear from all the comments not to be.

    I am now in discussions to get the payments removed from my bank, but both my credit cards have been cancelled which is a real pain as I am traveling Asia!

    Please be cautious dealing with them.

    • Jason

      I got the book for $9 and it’s actually pretty good, in that it’s very logical and isn’t hiding the chance of failure I’m just not a fan of the hidden costs that I had to read reviews like this to find out about

    • Richard

      I also bought into it and did the first 6 steps and that’s when my coach told me I had to make a decision!!!! If it’s a 21 step program as you say then let me do those steps first and then decide!!!!! But then again this is how they make there money!!! RIGHT

  13. Carlos

    What’s wrong with making a lot of money by helping other people make a lot of money?

    Aren’t I helping people more by showing them how to make $1000+ per sale as opposed to $20-$200 per sale?

    What is going to transform a life more a $25-$200 sale or a $1000+ sale?

    It is about value, these programs are not over-priced because what they contain in them has the power to make you a multi-millionaire – it has happened to others, why can’t it happen to you?

    All I see reading through these comments is small minded, weak individuals that have no belief in themselves and what is possible for their lives.

    If I were you, I’d read, begin to work on my mindset and start to resonate more with people like Matt Lloyd and other super affiliates and reverse engineer what they have done, instead of bash their systems, because at the end of it all, who are you going to be when it’s all said and done?

    Matt Lloyd will still rake in millions while you complain like little weaklings with no hope for your futures.

    Real entrepreneurs know that in order to see large income, you need to invest large income.

    Try to get rich off those $10 products on clickbank.

    • Kyle

      There is nothing wrong at all helping other people make a lot of money, nothing at all. The problem within the high ticket sales world is that you are selling something that is often times “inferior” to MUCH more affordable and established products out there just so you can make more money. This is taking place everywhere you look in the MLM world to feed the compensation model. Unfortunately, this totally disregards that people that you are actually selling the product to, you are using them as instruments or a vehicle for YOU to make more money, not truly help them out.

      If your only focus is ‘making money’, then your logic make sense. If you are looking to create a long term and reputable brand, then you need to consider the fact that if you are overcharging people for the sake of earning higher commissions, that eventually people will wake up to this.

      You can absolutely build a full time and very lucrative business selling $25-200 per sale products, millions of people have done it. Far more than have made a lot of money simply by inflating product costs so THEY can earn more money. Not sure where you are heading with that. You have been drinking the kool-aid for far too long, there are millions of products (and very reputable ones) that you can promote within this range without ever having to spend a dime to join their affiliate program or to promote them.

      If you call people “small minded” and “weak” because they don’t enjoy paying $1,000’s for info products and selling the same thing to others to recoup their costs, then it says a lot about you and how you go about creating your business online. It’s not all about how much you can make off of someone, it is about how much value you can offer someone in return for you money. I hope one day you wake up to this one day, you will be much more fulfilled and much more successful in the long term.

      • Stanley Davidson

        Thank you, Kyle. I don’t think that I could’ve said it better myself. Just yesterday, I’d received an email with 2 links. This had a banner mentioning “membership”, and the sending d return address was s***@gmail.com , but when I’d replied, it was returned as “undeliverable”, so that was the initial clue of a scam. I’d spent a few hours doing research to be fair looking at both pros and cons. I’d even called their number, and when elected the, I think, option #5 for “more information”, I’d had a “click” (automatically hung up) which I find incredible as I’m just seeking direct information. With both of the email AND the hang up, in addition to reading the neutral findings on here, plus what most.people are saying, I won’t bother any further.

        As is, I’m already in a business that’s been around since 1959, does business in 215 countries and territories, and does about $12+ BILLION (USD) not to mention that it’s American based, American owned, is pro-family/pro-community plus does ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE ACTS OF PHILANTHROPY ALL OVER THE WORLD, even in places where we don’t currently do business in 2016, which prior to joining, I’d never known what philanthropy is or what it’s purpose is.

        As you’d mentioned, it’s more important to provide products/services at a reasonable price that most can afford and building relationships with returning clients/customers that are of value. Inflating prices just to earn a higher profit won’t last very long. MANY “like” MLMs similar to ours (we’d invented the MLM per various sources) have both come and gone because their stated compensation plan had failed, and were forced to shut down by the government from complaints received.

        Being open and very transparent is a key to success for any type of MLM, even if, like in the MOBE case, the costs are incredibly high to both join and to continue as whatever those in MOBE are called. Maybe some are happy to over-inflate products/services prices to become a millionaire very fast, but I’m sure that in time that will be a “bust” (failure).

        For those in the MOBE business, I wish them good luck. I hope that they DON’T quit their day jobs…

        I’m open to any FAIR rebuttal. I’m saying that how this business is both done and structured, it appears to be deceptive, and not really open in regard to fees/charges whether it’s an annual amount or monthly recurring.

        Kyle, again thank you! Great review. I’d found it to be: open, honest, fair, objective, truthful, thorough, and best of all, you did a very well done search for available information.

        • Kyle

          It is very common in the MLM industry that products/services have to inflate their product prices drastically to support a compensation model. As time goes on, we are seeing this more and more with “digital” based products/services/coaching/masterminds/conferences.

          I wouldn’t question whether or not there are “some” people that are happy in these types of programs and this is the result of them making money off of others. The problem is you are earning money directly off of people that are parting with their money to join the very same program. In most cases, to recoup these costs they have to do the same to others.

          When people are spending $1,000’s on information and products services that are built this way just to achieve a “high ticket commission” status, then you have to question what you are involved with. The best thing to do before selling anything online is to ask the following questions.

          (1) Are customers in my best interest, or is making money?
          (2) Am I promoting something that is inferior in quality to other products, yet more expensive?
          (3) Are people being sold on HOPE or the product/service quality itself?

          If you are promoting something where your customers best interest, where you are promoting the most cost efficient (and highest quality) product and if you are selling a product on the actual quality of the product itself, you are definitely part of a program you can be proud of.

          • Jimmy

            College does the same thing. Inferior knowledge and you pay $1,000 for one class. Learning skills is not cheap.

          • Kyle

            College should never be compared to anything online. You are attending a University, you are paying for your “degree” and the brand (of the school you are attending). The internet, by nature, should be FAR more cost efficient of a solution to educate yourself and to empower yourself in particular within the online business realm.

            Learning skills is cheap unless you get “convinced” out of that mentality. It should be FAR more cost efficient than formal offline education (ex. Kahn University). Having the proper tools to run your business can be a bit more expensive and a requirement (websites/hosting/autoresponders/templates), but they should not break the bank. A very successful business can be created, managed, and operated online for less than $500 per year.

  14. Miguel

    SCAM. This is not a professional or legitimate organization. They’re based out of Malaysia because they’re super shady. I signed up for one of their seminars. I asked for a refund before even completing the 3 day workshop because I detected the BS from a mile away. I’m pretty sure they also plant a mole in their workshops who says he’s thinking about signing up, only to encourage others to do the same. Anyway, a rep told me to submit a help ticket online. They take more than 12 hours to reply, contrary to what their website states, and they are giving me the run around; horrible customer service. It’s been a month and I still haven’t received a refund. I am so infuriated.

  15. Leot Roberts

    Yes 100% a scam beause I joined and everything he mentioned in his introdution video is a lie. Example: he said if you do not make money in one month he will take $500.00 from his own pocket and give it to you. After paying $1997.00 and finishing the 21 steps and buying over 2000 solo ads and had 171 opt-ins and never receive not even one cent. In the introduction video he also mentioned that it is gaurantee for one year and if no commission was made he will reimbursed your money 100% I tried requesting a refund and they refused although I did everything that was required. I spend over $4000.00 with no success of getting my refund. MOBE is a scam,

    • Kyle

      Thanks for your feedback and insights into your experiences. Sorry to hear that you are out $4,000, that is definitely a lot of money and money that absolutely could have gone a long ways towards creating, growing and maintaining your business for many years.

    • David Osborne

      I have been marketing a long time. I’m sorry to hear that you didn’t make any money, but one of my team members has made close to $30k from solo ads in 4 months. It really depends on who the solo ad provider is and the quality of people (buyers) on their list. There are many solo ad providers that are terrible. So it’s not the program but it could have been the provider of the traffic.

      • David Osborne

        Remember this is a franchise style business that has costs to make it run. They provide everything for you that would normally cost you over $100k to develop if you were to do it yourself. (Sales pages, professional videos, events, payment processing, customer support, coaches… and on and on!!!!! They also just got an award for online business educational company of the year. If they were such a terrible company, they wouldn’t have gotten that. I used to run a brick and mortar business, and it cost 10 times what this investment is. Please people, look at what it will do FOR YOU, not what just the costs are. If you can make your investment back and then some, then it’s a good investment.

        • Kyle

          A franchise allows you to purchase rights to a companies brand, processes, and allows you to sell that companies products and services to the general public. Franchises are not a company looking to resell other Franchises, which in turn resell Franchises. I have never heard of a legitimate Franchising company where you sell Franchises of the very same company.

          So there is a big difference between a Franchise like McDonalds that allows someone to build a business on their established framework (selling burgers and fries to people) and a company that claims to be selling franchises to people, where those people then recoup their costs by selling franchises to others. A Franchise sells products and services to the general public.

          You are comparing apples to oranges here.

          And no, it does not cost $100K to start a business online. It can be done for little to no start up costs. That is a fallacy and completely untrue. A business can be completely run online and grown to any level one wants for less than $500 per year. Quite easily done.

          There are also many, MANY well established products/services (MILLIONS in fact) that you can promote and sell online as an affiliate for no cost whatsoever. No franchise required, you simply register to their affiliate program which is completely free. These products range form digital (ebooks, memberships, courses, education) to tangible (smartphones, TV’s, jewellery, surfboards, etc).

          • jarrod

            Right on Kyle, shut him up! These guys always have an answer to justify selling overpriced garbage to people who just want and need a chance. They make their money off the poor people at the bottom. How they can sleep at night blows my mind.

    • J Mendenhall

      Of course one thing that is only brushed over is that it is a last touch affiliate program, what that means that if any of your opt ins googles mobe and went directly to the site, that is last touch and unless they go back through your email before signing up you don’t get the sale MOBE does. That’s also how Mr Lloyd makes more money, with affiliates he gets to buy solo ads that search him before signing up. So in reality you probably had a successful conversion of a percentage of your solo ads although the second they researched the company your commissions were toast… I had purchased but never promoted because of shady items like these I would rather not be associated with. Best of luck, don’t let it get you down though let it be the fuel that burns the fire bright in all your other endeavors! Education has a cost, if you learn from it it is still valuable.

  16. Teya

    Hi again. Just an update. I have been diligently trying to get a refund. I have written to them 4 times to both their email address and replying to the Invoice doc they MOBE sent me, as well as to their Help Desk, With no reply. I have also left them 3 Voicemail. Zero response. Before I began asking for a refund, they were answering my questions via the Help Desk. This feel horrible. Dirty business. Any advise on how to deal with them next? I have opened a Dispute with my Amex card. And how do I further warn others?

    • Teya

      UPDATE: I just received an email, after a number of days of the original request, that they are giving me a full refund.

      We will never know if it is because of typical business practice for them, or because I shared with them that I would be letting people know about my with them experience on prominent Online Business blogs…

  17. Greg

    So what would be a great program to get into for a reasonable cost to make 4k a month after a few months of work? I paid the $49 for mobe but am not happy with all the upsell. Please help!!!! I am on a fixed income and trying to improve my place in life.

    • Kyle

      It is unlikely that you will be making $4K/mth after a few months of work. That is simply not how building a business works and if anyone is telling you otherwise (I know many programs tout instant success), they are sending you in the wrong direction simply so they can get you to BUY INTO their program.

      If you want to build a successful business within the online space of the offline space, you have to be realistic about the process and you need to approach it in a way that doesn’t potentially encourage anything that could be unethical. People that usually want “instant riches” that usually end up doing suspect programs that charge extraordinary prices for programs/services so you can earn higher ticket prices. The problem is the consumer is the one that gets burned, so you are not doing anyone any service other than yourself (greed).

      If you are looking for $4K in a few months you will either end up doing something that might be on the fringes of your ethics. A real business after a few months simply doesn’t exist, before you can build your skyscraper, you must build a solid foundation first. That is what I believe in and that is the path that will lead you to long term success versus jumping around from program to program.

  18. Steve

    Hey Kyle, I really appreciated your thorough review of Mobe. Just recently it has come out that a top affiliate of MOBE claims Matt Lloyd stole $60,000 from him!

    It would be great if you could somehow team up with Bazi Hassan and help the world see the 2 videos he made describing how Mobe and Matt Lloyd have stolen over $60,000 in affiliate commissions from him.

    Anyway, keep up the great work Kyle, I’m a regular visitor to your site and I wanted to personally thank you for saving me my hard earned dollars. Here is the video on yt!


  19. teya

    Hi Kyle, I found you after getting sucked in to the $500 course from MOBE, borrowed money from my sister. I just asked for a refund. Let’s see if they accommodate me. I can keep your views posted.

    Beyond the deceptiveness, I was not simply not interested in promoting their products (or spending the thousands that they require of you). I am interested in this industry as it seems like such a win-win to be able to support the wonderful people and products out there and make money while doing so.

    I do fear however, being brand new to the industry, is the stat that says that 3% or less make any money doing Affiliate marketing, Or worse yet, simply end up digging themselves into a hole buying leads.

    It looks fab that you have a system for $0 to start and all the foundational stuff needed, I am happy to get set up and rolling with you, but I simply can not afford to spend more precious time and energy doing something that is going to lead nowhere. I do have the time and serious dedication needed to succeed, so I am wondering what an approximate $ and dedicated time expenditure (per day and for who many months) is called for to bring in about $2k a month. Thanks so much Kyle… I look forward to working with you.

    • Kyle

      Thanks for dropping by and I do appreciate your feedback and I know others will as well.

      What I can tell you is that affiliate marketing is not about “promoting one product”, it is about being able to have the flexibility to promote what you want in any niche. You should never have to promote a program to solely promote that program, to me that is something much different than affiliate marketing in particular if it has different levels involved.

      The key for you will be deciding exactly what you want to do, what niche you want to help people within, and from there, the key will be working hard. There is NO success stat that is accurate within the affiliate marketing space, 100% of people that I see that work at it and persist, achieve success. Those that get involved in programs that don’t give them the tools they need to achieve success or simply leave them promoting something in a way that they do find to be unethical is when people usually have a big fallout rate. There are many programs like that online.

      As for the money you have to spend to build a business online, it does not have to be much at all. For a quality hosting platform, you are usually looking at around $50 per month and this would include a website. A domain is around $15 per year. Outside of that, you would need access to an education, which would teach you free traffic techniques. There many services out there that can help you out with this.

      You can read about my personal journey within my About Me page, although mine will be completely different than yours, I think your expectations of getting a business up and running within a year could absolutely be realistic and $2k per month is possible and far beyond without much of an outlay of money.

  20. Gloria Rowe

    I bought into the Matt Lloyd program for $49 and never received anything other than more emails to sell me something else.

    • Kyle

      Sorry to hear about your experience Gloria. It is never a nice experiencing joining something thinking that you are getting everything you need for that purchase price only to be sold more within the back-end (that have price points that are significantly higher). This is very common within the industry and many programs are instituting the business model of getting people in at a low price (which makes them a “customer”) and then once a customer, they attempt to get as much money as possible out of that customer through subsequent products/purchases.

  21. Robert

    Hi there, some of my old MLM buddies and sadly a few friends have joined Matt in this scam. I am in direct sales myself and I hate the word pyramid but in this case, that’s all it is. Unlike other companies, Isagenix, Avon, Nu-skin, World Ventures etc Mobes product would not sell outside of Mobe. It’s simply a training system that teaches you how to get money from other people. None of the top training companies charge anywhere near this amount for a real product that you can buy, touch and feel.

    Matt spent a long time learning natural selling and NLP and on the outside he appears genuine but I have dealt with him in the pastand that is not the case. Funny how he attracts other “unethical” to the business including Jeremy Miner who promised many people in his former companies to help him and never did. In fact Jeremy conned many people out of money in the promise he would “coach them to success” but never answered their calls or emails…see a pattern here. Avoid Mobe. There are better and way cheaper companies out there that are ethical.

  22. Kerry

    I am not a member yet of mobe but was doing my research online and came across some good and some bad. My understanding by the person that is trying to sell me on mobe is that it is only $49 but it looks like this is not true. Is the wool being pooled over my eyes at first only to throw much more expensive stuff at me down the road? I can’t afford thousands.

    I have bought into programs like that before and I told my wife I wouldn’t get ripped again.

    • Kyle

      As you will see within the comments and the information above, there are much more expensive memberships that you can purchase once inside the MOBE system. The MLR program, which will be promoted to you within the first 7 steps MTTB training is $2,497 with monthly carrying costs tacked on top of this. The price points get much higher than this though, up to almost $30K for the Diamond (plus $299 per month).

    • Olaf Fischer

      I’ve been a member of MOBE and lost thousands. Its not only the initial investment but it’s a monthly fee to maintain your membership and of course the cost of doing the marketing and so on. Once they had my money customer service was non-existent. Worst and most expensive financial mistake I made in my life. MOBE and especially Matt Lloyd sucked money out of me big time.

      Kyle’s assessment is right on the mark. I strongly advise anybody who is considering joining in MOBE to run the other way as fast as you can unless you have money to burn on don’t mind being scammed.

      • Kyle

        I am sorry to hear you feel this way, based on the comments you will read on here about the MOBE products, you definitely are not alone. You would expect when you are spending $1,000’s on any program that you could at the very least expect a high level of customer service. I hope this doesn’t jade your entire perception of the Internet as there are real and legitimate ways to create a business online and you can do so on a limited budget (in some cases for completely free).

        It doesn’t take a ton of money to build something of substance in the online world these days and I think that is where people are misinformed. You don’t have to spend $1,000’s on information, masterminds, or mentoring…in fact, this money could be much better utilized within your actual website/business.

  23. Louis Hoolae

    Whoa… the advertisment just about got me convinced. Very slick and uninformative. Glad I checked out MOBE.

    But I did join BSA as it very clearly outlined the total program in the no-olbligation video. Great to know exactly what is involved to make an informed decision. Do not go into something blind…!!!

    • Kyle

      Yeah, it is nice when you are told from the outset what is involved in a program in a very clear way. Unfortunately with many programs online these days there is not this clarity in advance to making your initial purchase. The idea is to turn you into a “buyer” and once they know that you are willing to make a purchase, this creates an opportunity to turn you into high ticket buyer.

      In the case of the MOBE programs, this includes:

      MOBE License Rights (MLR): $2,497
      Titanium: $9,997
      Platinum: $16,667
      Diamond: $29,997

      In addition, there are monthly membership fees, ranging from $99/mth to $299/mth.

      When there are expensive upsells, as there is within MOBE and other similar schemes, it should be clearly indicated when you purchase the program. That is very least a customer should be able to expect.

  24. Lennie


    Thanks for your insight into MOBE. I attended a free seminar in London on Tuesday and I must say the guy presenting was good in striking people’s emotions. But for me, I’ve heard it all before. I signed up with someone selling his own system a few months ago, which, as it transpires, is now steering me towards the MOBE system. I’ve been stung for $500 but to be honest I’m not bothered because I’ve learned a thing or 2 about the industry.

    The types of people hosting these MOBE events are not the most desirable people I’d like to associate myself with. It always seems funny to me how they all tell the story of an illness in the family and how it was a turning point in their lives and that the government system we live under is bogus. People stick to this S#*t like glue. Needless to say everything they do say is correct in regards obtaining freedom, but freedom comes at a price!

    Thanks to you and my own due diligence I won’t be going near this stuff. I’ll be learning these processes my own way and will be signing up to Wealthy Affiliate as there seems to be a good community on board who have learned from being in the trenches. Lately I’ve been tuning into Pat Flynn too and he seems like a top bloke.

    My view is, MOBE is a programme for advanced Affiliates who really have deep pockets and can afford to cut their losses on the system. The downside of this system is it’s praying on the vulnerable and people with a real ambition to get ahead in life.

    To finish, I reckon MOBE signed up well over 70% out of about 100 who attended the seminar at roughly $430 ex Vat. There were 5 more sessions to be held over the next 2 days. As I was leaving the seminar an American guy with MOBE shouted in my ear “Winners take action”. I couldn’t believe it, I was absolutely disgusted. It made me extremely uncomfortable about the whole set up and this is just one example of how they were messing with peoples’ heads. I strongly agree that you have to invest in your own personal development, but, not at these ridiculous prices if you’re a novice.

    I’m only at research stage and have being doing a lot of reading into affiliate stuff and setting up a website etc. and like everyone else am looking for FREEDOM! I haven’t even begun the practical side of things yet. If you could suggest legitimate mentors and good people to follow I’d be grateful.

    Also, I’m sorry to read about some of the people who’ve had bad experiences. It’s all part of the learning process and I wish them the very best of luck moving forward.

    • Kyle

      The ‘winners take action’ approach is a common way for programs in the MLM industry to sell their programs. Although this may sound bad, I have heard much worse ways over the years within similar programs/schemes that they institute to make folks feel so bad about their decision not to join, it leads them down a path they don’t really want to go and often times they cannot afford. Thanks for your feedback.

    • Jay Hadley

      IF you want a refund from your credit card/debit you have to file a dispute. From there you explain that there was NO written contract (the non-disclosure is a feeble attempt to intimidate you) and that you paid $49 for 21 steps PLUS coaching. Then they turned on you and attempted to extort more money mid-stream. Be sure to CANCEL your card so you don’t get MOBE’d again! You can get a replacement right away.

    • TA

      I just finished one yesterday. The event held over the last weekend in London. Was first bought into their online marketing tips when I came across their stand in Olympia business show last Dec. (Shocked me, I think the exhibition organisers have to look into it. I know it is very confusing, and not easy to identify if they are MLM or Pyramid.) In the business show, they just said they will give more tips in the ‘workshop’. Mentioned how they guided a group of people in the workshop and a 11-year-old made $170 from selling soap online in 10 mins. I guess many visitors was misled by this.

      I purely thought that they were selling online marketing strategy. They did mention ‘I am freedom’ for 10 sec. No banner or sign written Mobe. I was late for the first day. Was wondering if I have went to the wrong place, because the Mobe banner appeared, it didn’t say online marketing workshop, it is written home business summit. In confirmation email, the word ‘workshop’ was there. Was really confused. No workshop as mentioned. No step by step guide which kind of showed in business show. They did give 1-2 clever tips in business show, so I didn’t think it is a trap. Although I was prepared that they will up-sell something, but haven’t thought that they spent 2 days in the 3 days talk for it.

      I can’t say I haven’t took anything away, but those what I see as useful content actually just cost 6 hours to finish talking about them. They spent most of the time talking about their programme, different levels, car, raise credit card limit to get enough money for joining their programme………. I did see lots of people called their banks for limit raise. 50% of people bought their programmes. God bless them.

      Not attracted to make big money anyway, and I purely just want to apply online marketing on the business I proud of, so their magic is not working on me. As small business owners, how much time we spent on business planning. How can we invest huge amount of money just because of a 3-day-talk suddenly. Wondered why they chose to exhibit in the business show which mainly target start ups. If we think carefully, the cost they required for those ‘products’ is enough to get ourselves/ kids to study marketing in decent schools!

      Personally, I really don’t like ‘talks’, I like action, but what I heard is cult-like advert. The speaker knew there would be people not buying, he said, ‘If you came for this talk only for online marketing, you would be disappointed.’ He said something like ‘of course we will sell you some other stuff… Now you see this is how system work, how we hook people up, those converted people will work like us and gain lots of profits’ He must be running out of lines…

      It is ok to charge a lot for the system, everyone value things differently. But I hate lies. A strong company does not need this kind of strategy to hook people up. Honesty wins people’s hearts.

    • jarrod

      Take action means take out your credit card and give me your money period. If I ever hear some young punk say that to me at a seminar , they would get an earful.

  25. sailesh

    I just joined MOBE recently. Have covered upto step 6. The mentor has missed two of my booked cals – stating he had booked me in for another day. I have to speak to him today.
    His name is Sam.

    I will speak to him very clearly about what he expects from me now.

    I was thinking of investing my earned $1997 to go to the next step, but want to make sure I am making the right decision.

    Thanks guys.

    sailesh – UK

    • Kyle

      Yeah, any sort of larger investment like that needs to be validated by:

      (a) what are you really buying into this for, is it the opportunity to sell this to others
      (b) is it a cost efficient solution to start a business online, perhaps no
      (c) is this going to be your last investment, or are there going to be purchased that you are either required to make or subtly pushed towards to continue advancing yourself.

      At the end of the day, we are all smart enough to make decisions if we utilize our “logic” senses versus our “hope” senses. Utilize these and I think you will come up with the right decision in terms of whether or not you should drop $1,997 or more. Remember, if someone is being “pushy” to sell something, chances are the product has not already done a good enough job to sell itself.

    • Gemma

      It’s funny when I told my ‘coach’ I didn’t have the start up money he advised he will have to stop me at step 6 and I can’t move forward!

      • Kyle

        That has been a common complaint amongst folks that state they don’t have money to upgrade to the MLR package (which is where your sponsor really starts earning the money from you). This seems to be more and more common practice these days, although I don’t feel it is appropriate or ethical, what companies are doing is getting people to join at a “lower” price and then once they become customers, then they try to exhaust their ability to buy (ie, how much do you have on your credit card sort of thing). Sorry to hear that you didn’t quite get what you bargained for Gemma.

  26. TruDru

    I was promoted over to MOBE through someone I have trusted for years in John Chow. I have followed his blog and generally speaking he gives some really good advice a lot of the time.

    What I can’t understand for the life of me is why he would promote this program when there are so many other good options out there and then it struck me, the reason he promotes it is purely because of the high commissions nothing else.

    To think it is part of life to have to spend 30k or more on masterminds seems crazy even to the crazy. I joined the 49 top tier program but wasn’t willing to spend thousands so I stopped pretty quickly. It seems like it is optional but you look around and anyone that has made success of the mobe program is spending $10,000’s on masterminds in most cases. I simply cannot afford that.

    I still like John but man why does he have to stoop so low and start promoting this guys program. i feel like he has sold me out and you definitely have a lot of trust even though I still think he puts up some funny stuff. Please recommend me quality stuff instead of this crap.

    • Kyle

      I agree, $30k to attend a mastermind does seem crazy but I suppose that there are some people willing to pay this or it wouldn’t exist. The fact of the matter is that there are much more cost efficient ways to start a business online, for 1/100th of the cost of a single mastermind. An idea, a passion, a website/hosting, and a platform in which you can get help and education should not cost this much (I say this, because most don’t).

      I agree with you, many of the marketers out there promoting similar programs to this are great people but have taken a turn at some point in their career to sell the most expensive stuff at the highest commissions instead of leaving their primary focus on helping people. That usually ends up leading to lost trust, which sounds like it may have happened in your case.

      I wish you all the best and if you ever need a hand getting something going in the online space, I would be more than willing to help you out.

  27. Anonymous

    Dear Kyle,

    I guess I need to share that I don’t think it is a SCAM, just not as full disclosure as there should be considering the amount of money being asked for. The only way to get any buy in sales, it seems, is to use their Paid Traffic system.

    You can get back your paid traffic investment, but only if you’re very, very lucky. I got one sale only after a $24,000 investment, I am ashamed to say.

    When I asked them to let me keep some of my commission to put back into paying for more traffic, because I still owed them for my Platinum membership, they basically said no. You owe us this money. How you continue to pay for your traffic is your problem.

    However, they were Johnny on the spot with ideas for getting loans to pay for the Level Memberships. I tried to explain to them that it would be benefiting them if I could get more sales and pay them back with more commissions.

    They didn’t care. All they wanted was their money. They didn’t care about my personal story. I was not a person to them. Only an income.
    I am really sorry to say that even though their training is extensive, you really need to be internet marketing savey to benefit from their trainings.

    Their customer support sucks. The only way to get decent customer support is to pay for it with a Coaching subscription. After the subscription is up. Good luck hearing from your coach ever again.

    This is okay and it works for people with big bucks who don’t mind dropping a few grand to make a few grand, but that should be stated up front.
    This program is not for a novice in the Internet Marketing Program.
    Wealthy Affiliates is.

    Thanks Kyle for the chance to get my experience out there.

    • Kyle

      Thank you for sharing your experience, I think it will offer a lot of insight for others that are considering spending $10,000’s on one of the higher tiers of the MOBE memberships. It is a shame that you invested so much money into this program and still experienced poor customer support. You would think that for the price of a University education, you would get the same sort of Johnny on the spot support that you got when they were recommending loans for you to get to pay for their scheme in the first place.

    • Jay Hadley

      I,too, fell for this devious operation. Wrote three e-mails in complaint~ NO response. Asked for a refund and got an INSTANT “so sorry~ you didn’t blow enough money on all the other nonsensical programs.” Let the buyer (SUCKER) BEWARE !!!

      • Wayne

        Same here customer support
        Stinks.i stopped at step 4 in the 21 step program of mobe my coach grant phoned me asking how much money can you afford to spend on the program.Thats when alarm bells went off . I’ve cancelled and asked for a refund no joy at all they’re just giving me the run around with their silly emails so my opinion keep away from mobe due to the fact if they are doing it to me how many more are they doing it to.

  28. Martin

    Matt LLoyd has turned up in Britain and is offering free workshops for his programme which has been renamed the ‘I.M. Freedom Workshop’

    I was thinking of going to his London workshop until I read his promo which mentioned that all those signing up for the programme would be supported by his team. The phrase ‘my team’ is a warning to avoid because it always means one thing: you will be treated like royalty until you hand over your money and after that you will be almost completely ignored. You will also find that ‘my team’ are absolute masters of fobbing people off who ask for a refund and stonewalling all requests to contact the boss.

    I also notice the legal requirement at the bottom of the promo says the average earnings of his customers are £350 to £1,500 a year which works out at £1 to £5 a day – hardly the ‘£3,500 to £6,500’ a month promised in the promo itself.

    He also says he will give everyone who signs up and attends his workshop ‘my System that has paid out over £23 million in commissions in the last year alone for FREE’ – and what is amazing is that for someone so successful I have never heard of him until his promo arrived.

    • Kyle

      One of the red flags that I discuss on my site here is when a program promotes their company solely based on the “success” you will achieve versus what the product/service actually is itself. It is reason enough to be skeptic of any program, it is a common trait of many of the scams/schemes in this industry and it has to make you wonder what is “inside” the walls if they cannot showcase it on the front end sales pitch.

  29. Richard Howe

    This is clearly yet another example of a Ponzi scheme (they’re illegal in most countries). “A Ponzi scheme is a fraudulent investment operation where the operator, an individual or organization, pays returns to its investors from new capital paid to the operators by new investors, rather than from profit earned by the operator. Operators of Ponzi schemes usually entice new investors by offering higher returns than other investments, in the form of short-term returns that are either abnormally high or unusually consistent.” Wiki
    Sound familiar???
    You should be IMMEDIATELY SUSPICIOUS of any sales pitch (EG video) that avoids directly telling you what you are selling.
    What you are “selling” is access to gullible people with large cash/credit reserves WHO ARE THEN convinced by unscrupulous sales staff to buy access TO MORE GULLIBLE PEOPLE with large cash reserves who will then be convinced to buy access to EVEN MORE GULLIBLE PEOPLE….etc etc etc.

  30. aru

    I am a platinum member of MOBE and I have lost money, simply because I totally under estimated the amount of money that I needed to spend on advertising. I never recouped my investment. You are better off without MOBE. Save your time and your money .


    • P kahn

      I have finished steps 1 to 6. My coach has confirmed that MOBE doesn’t require me to recruit or sell products to family of friends. All I have to do is drive traffic and promote products. She is now waiting for me to upgrade so I can buy my licensing rights for £1700(MLR). I was very optimistic. Now I’m pessimistic. What should I do? How comes there are people out there with success stories working for MOBE? Have they been paid to lie?

      • Ian

        The people who are making money with MOBE are probably not being paid to lie, unless you consider their commissions to be such payment.

        It’s possible to make money with MOBE if (like Shaqir Hussyin or John Chow) you already have a large list of gullible / desperate people who can be suckered into joining the program. It’s a numbers game — the people who won’t fall for it just walk away, while the people who don’t care how they make their money, or who don’t even realize it’s a pyramid scheme, continue to flow through the “done for you” funnels.

        These mega-marketers sell their sucker lists to each other (and buy sucker lists from each other), because fleecing the gullible is lucrative.

        You should walk away from MOBE. Not because you can’t make money (some people do), but because it’s a scummy way to make money.

    • Cindy Lim

      Aru…I fully sympathize with you. I attended the paying workshop and all we hear is a recruiting expensive program. Nothing they can offer except their multi tier expensive system. Felt very much deceived with cover up schemes. Wasted US$495 time and effort.

  31. Andy

    Obviously Matt Lloyd knows, that naive (mildly put) people grow on Earth like mushrooms. He counts on them and makes lots of money….

  32. Raymond Shepherd

    Thanks kyle and every one for their complaints about this fraud. I to believed it was a legit program and have lost more than $2000. How is it possible that a program can scam so many people and get away with it. At first I thought it was me, but I couldn’t get the program to work. I to was misled into this fraud. I didn’t asked for a refund because I was intended to go and try it again. I was trying to login but couldn’t find the login website. And then I thought to myself that it is the first time I bought into a program so confusing. They had a lot of websites where you had to login into. Very confusing and I must say that it hurts losing so much money to this fraud like Mobe. It is like I have given them more than 2k for free. Painful! Have anyone got a refund for the MLR level or higher?

    • Jay Hadley

      I, also, lost over $2500, the new going rate to join on the MLR level (scum in MOBE’s assessment).
      You would feel better giving the money to a homeless person~ at least they’re not driving a “MOBE motors.”

  33. judy robertson

    I just paid $49 to these people and it wasn’t until I paid the money I found out exactly what it was and have now asked for my money back.I know how these people work and they have been know buy other names.Someone needs to shut them down.I am so glad I found this page before going any further.

  34. Omar Jackson

    I´m a big believer in looking at an MLM system as a business opportunity to genereate you passive profits in the long run, so to me, the only real problem with this model is that it really does have a high barrier to entry to become truly successfull, so yes, people who are already well networked or have deep pockets, or big lists already would really benefit from this type of MLM.

    I think it makes more sense to invest in an MLM where more people can get involved at a lower price point and build that slowly but surely.

    • Kyle

      Yeah, there are definitely many different models in the MLM world. Some high ticket, some low ticket, some focus on selling of an actual product (to the outside world without having to join into the scheme itself), some focus purely on recruiting others in the program, some force you to buy products to sell them to others.

      All different types out there. I don’t agree with many of them, nor does the SEC and many other agencies that are commonly shutting what are deemed “MLM” programs down.

      If your focus of any program is solely to get people to buy into a program, get them to upgrade to “higher tiers” in order for them to be able to do they same to others, then you may want to question the very ethics of what you are doing.

  35. Sad

    I’m glad I found your site because I need to share my mind about these guys at my online business education. To say I am disappointed would be undershooting how I feel right now. I am so frustrated after spending money on the Titanium package and recently attending an event with fellow friends from mobe.

    It’s not even the people within the program, I really like lots of them. Matt Lloyd even seems like a nice guy. It is how the program works. I cannot stand there in front of my friend and tell them to pay ten grand on something that they actually don’t need to. They do not need to spend this sort of money. Sure I fell for it, but I don’t want to do the same to others. That is what makes this program so sickening to me. They view people as they would an animal herding people towards paying as much as they can. It worked on me and it keeps working on folks. Its disgusting behavior tho and no way to treat people.

    They mask what they are doing with all this training and hip hop hooray vacations that you will go on. They end up pulling you deep over your head and you get so caught up in the hype, the people holding the big checks and the pushy people constantly selling to you, that you spend money. For what though. That is where I am stuck and where I am lost within MOBE. I have to sell all of this stuff to either people that I buy through traffic or through people on social by selling the idea of fast cars in mobemotors and huge massive commissions; but they have to pay to earn those. I’m confused and shattered. I don’t know what to do here. Might talk to my bank tomorrow and see if I can get my wired money back. Don’t join, please people let me be the fool, not you. Wake up.

  36. Clare

    Interestingly, I had an email through about this MOBE nonsense from someone I was following who I thought talked sense. Needless to say I have deleted that person and unsubscribed from their list. Don’t get sucked into scams like this. Thanks Kyle 🙂

  37. Paul Whitaker

    Hey All,

    I signed up with MOBE back in January 2015. By the middle of February, it was the nicest possible thing to say “Up Yours!” to them.

    I wish I had seen Wealthy Affiliates First. I did find WA afterwards (Feb/March 2015??) and have been with them ever since.

    There is NOTHING GOOD I can say about Matt Lloyd and his “Gang of Thieves” other than I suspect why he moved from Australia to Thailand was (the way that company runs) it is only a matter of time before something happens that he will be glad he lives in a country with a non-extradition treaty to the USA, Canada and most of the world.

    You pay him over $ 1,900 (USD) so that you can sell his shit to other people and make a commission on it. Amway/Herbalife meets Affiliate garbage.

    To close: “My Trainer” <– f___ing idiot couldn't ever make an appointment and always had his camera blocked on Skype. Bugger likely didn't want me to know what he looked like.

    I would rather be affiliated with ISIS than these guys. ISIS would be more credible.

    I look forward to hearing when MOBE's officers are all arrested and charged with multiple counts of Criminal Fraud – for that is what they are doing.

    WA is just not like that.

    P Whitaker, Toronto, Ontario CANADA

    • Jay Hadley

      BRAVO…right on target. Couldn’t, and wouldn’t have said it better myself. My “coach” abandoned me when I refused to fork up 30 grand. Suck eggs Bucko !#$%^

  38. William John Thomas

    Matt Lloyd likes to tell people in his video’s how much money he has made with this scam.I think he has scammed Hundreds of thousands of people.

    He has made over $100,000,000 with this scam.

    I think we all know what sort of person Matt Lloyd is and it seems he has no trouble recruiting more of the same his coaches and those that are trying to sell his rubbish and try to justify themselves.

    I don’t think he should publish the amount of money he has made off people because it is the people within the system that are losing money to him.

    William John Thomas.

  39. Rick B

    I watch the youtube videos from John Chow and I really learn a lot, not just about internet marketing but about running a business in general. However, he is a heavy promoter of this MOBE thing, so I limit myself to being a video viewer only and never consider getting into this thing. I guess my message to all is: if you don’t have a product to sell on the internet, don’t sell someone else’s product, unless you really know that person.

    • Kyle

      John Chow is definitely one of the top affiliates for this program. He has had a popular blog for many years and does offer his readers a lot of value.

      I wouldn’t necessarily say that there is anything wrong with selling someone else’s products as there are 10,000’s of affiliate programs and millions of products you can promote as an affiliate. This ranges from a selling toaster ovens through the Amazon affiliate program to selling memberships/services/etc within pretty much every niche imaginable.

      So don’t wrap or confusing affiliate marketing with joining a program just so you can promote it. A big difference there.

  40. John

    Well I guess you can chalk me up as another imbecile that fell for the MOBE scam. To be honest, I thought these guys were legit heading into the program.

    I paid $1997 for the MLR and I tried to make it work, gave my full effort and to be honest, I couldn’t get a single person into this plan. It seemed fishy to me that I had to promote the same product to other people to make money as well, just thought I would mention that.

    When I asked for a refund, they came out and plainly told me no. They wanted me to show that I spent a bunch more money promoting the program, proof of spending more money on top of the $1997.

    This is ridick. Not only do I have to pay almost $2k for the product, they want me to spend $1,000’s more on traffic to promote their product. What a nice scheme they got going on here, making the person at the top rich and the rest of us the fools.

    Like others here, I feel this program needs to be shut down for good.

    • Kyle

      Make you pay for the product, then make you pay to promote the product to others. Seems like a perfect business model for the company/owner, not the people getting involved in it. Sorry to here you have be duped out of $2K+ and I hope you can sort out your refund John. What I can tell you is that either way, you should move forward and you cannot dwell on the MOBE program and what it has done to you. There are completely LEGITIMATE ways to build a business online and ways to do so where you can take any niche/passion you may have and turn it into a business.

      I explain the process within my Getting Started page, hopefully this can help you get turned around here.

    • nicholas

      I signed up yesterday, checked my on line banking statement, Instead of $49.00 taken from my account, three more payments of $49.00 were deducted from my account . Making it a total of $196.00. I contacted my bank and reported it a SCAM. Now I have to see what the bank will do.CAUTION DO NOT JOIN MOBE, IT IS A SCAM!

  41. Cynthia

    I wrote a post regarding MOBE but it didn’t like the CAPTCHA Code. Does anyone know the city and state MOBE in working in? I know what to do to stop them. Thank you

  42. johnny

    Did everything asked of me. Paid 1995.00 and $97 a month, I even paid $1100 in advertising according to their instructions and still n commission earned ….12 months later all I get is you owe us $$$ we will shut your account down if this is not paid. Wow you know what take it out of the 500 dollar guarantee you sucked us in on even though we did the full 21 days Matt.

  43. david lucas

    Please help me, i invested on Mobe 2500$
    i’m almost finish the 21 steps.
    I wont upgrade to Titanium or Platinum until i’ll earn my invested money back?
    What should i do? to contunue? to ask refund?

    And please tell me what is really the real way to make money online


    • Kyle

      That is up to you David. Think about your situation and what would be the logical thing to do. You have invested $2,500 already into the program. Have you seen any return on your investment. Do you have a business in place? If not, then this is a lot of money to not having a successful business in place. You can do A LOT these days with $2,500.

      It doesn’t make sense to continue investing in something that is not returning anything in return. Sure, give it a fair chance…but at the end of the day there is a right way to build a business and a wrong way. What you are learning is how to “scheme” money out of others versus creating a business within a respective niche that is based on helping others.

    • blugil

      You need get ur refund back on MLR an get outta there…I know I escaped before getting in too deep with the program and spending too much money!!

  44. William John Thomas.

    Matt Lloyd has been running this scam now for a minimum of three years he is very happy to show on his video’s that he has made more than $50,000,000 from it.

    I have complained to authorities about mobe and Matt Lloyd and I am sure plenty of other people have as well so why do authorities do nothing about this fraudster, if I were to try to commit a fraud the police would be down on me like a ton of bricks but this Matt Lloyd is allowed to carry on unhindered by any authority, it seems to be citizens of any country where Matt Lloyd operates do not matter, or the police just put it in the to hard basket.

    I have reported to my bank that I have been scammed by Mobe and Matt Loyd I am still waiting to hear from my bank.

    After asking for a refund from Mobe and being refused they sent me an email asking me to rate their service I think this was to rub my nose in it.

    William John Thomas.

    • Kyle

      Sorry to hear about your experience William and it is all to familiar to that of just about every other person that has invested in this scheme. There are too many programs online that are getting away with a program that is based on you promoting it to the next person, charging ridiculous amounts of money for low quality products, and offering very little support if you are stuck (and definitely NO support if you ask for a refund).

      I hope you can get somewhere with your refund request now that you have contacted your bank/authorities.

    • Jay Hadley

      Why do you think this guy is holed up mega-miles away from anyone who can get ahold of him. If you REALLY want to confront him go to one of their self-worshipping events. Hmmm,. not a bad idea.

  45. Denise Ward

    I went to Mobe.com and did the start up fee but after I read the review I changed my mind and decided to ask for a refund. Two weeks later I still hadn’t received my refund. I send an e-mail asking about it. I was told that my refund was sent. Called my bank and they said that it hadn’t posted.
    I may not have lost as much money as many of you have. But when you don’t have much $50.00 is a lot.

    • Kyle

      Unfortunately you will need to contact your bank and request a chargeback as it appears that MOBE doesn’t hold up to their guarantee as they require you to spend more money and prove that you were paying for traffic, etc. in order to get your money back. The best thing you can do here is contact your bank/credit card and request a refund that way because you are very unlikely to get one dealing with the MOBE support (as you can see from the many complaints here).

    • Jay Hadley

      You can get your bank or credit card to charge back the fees charged based on their track record and lack of performance.

  46. Jarrod

    Thank you for this post and all the comments. I joined MOBE about a year ago. After joining, I spoke with a few folks, including the guy who recruited me and asked them: Do you make any money selling the high-ticket items you bought the license rights to, or just by getting more people into the system? The answer was exclusively the latter. There is surely some exception to this somewhere, but as a general rule, those making money in MOBE are only making their money by getting others to join MOBE. There is a good reason why reviews for MOBE across the web are filled with terms like “ponzi” and “pyramid” and “MLM” and “scam”. They have very carefully and strategically put things in place to avoid the technical legal definition of some of these terms while embodying the essence of all of these in spirit.

    I was hopeful in giving MOBE an honest try, but in the end found it to be an unethical way to make money. They proved themselves to be more than a little deceitful which is how they managed to walk away with $2k of my money which they refused to refund. Full details on their refund refusal below –>


    My initial note to them requesting a refund was:

    I am sorry to have to do this, but I need to request a full refund for the MLR I purchased a month ago. I have spent hundreds of dollars and God knows how much time following the exact steps as presented and taught to me, and have had neither any results nor signs of possible results forthcoming. Furthermore, the system has not been what I was led to believe it was. It is not for me and I do not wish to continue. I have given it my best shot and followed the exact steps. Please refund my $1997. Thank you.


    Their response back was:

    The MOBE License Right’s program is refundable 12 months from the date we received your signed MLR contract, if you can provide proof that you have consistently (over the course of the year) implemented three of the proven traffic strategies in the MOBE License Right’s training area. Proof, as shown on the attached sales page and MLR contract includes: receipts from paid traffic, screenshots from your affiliate back office, etc.


    So in order to get a refund, you have to show that you continually threw more and more money into trying to get their systems to work over the course of a year. Which is not what I was told.

    My next note back to them was:

    Thank you for the reply. Here is my response.

    As I mentioned in my initial note, I was misled. That is putting it
    mildly. Truth is, I was lied to. Allow me to briefly recap how.

    1-The below is a direct quote from Matt Lloyd from the sales video:

    “Here’s what I’m going to offer you as far as the guarantee goes. I’m
    going to offer you my famous $500 cash back guarantee. Here’s how that
    works. I am so confident in MTTB and this system that I’m now offering you
    that I’m willing to back it up with a $500 cash back guarantee. So
    complete the application right now and take care of your fee today. If you
    aren’t accepted or you just decide later that this just isn’t for you then
    we’ll refund you your $49 investment. No questions asked. On top of that,
    if you go through the training and you don’t make a commission within 30
    days of completing those 21 steps, I will pay you $500 cash via paypal or
    by check. Plus, I guarantee that you will make a commission within 30 days
    of completing the initial 21 step training or I will pay you $500 cash out
    of my own pocket. So you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.”

    This is a flat-out lie. One cannot make a commission simply by completing
    the 21 steps, because all the 21 steps do is sell you on getting “fully
    positioned”. I bought into the lie, thus joining MOBE.

    2-I asked my sales rep flat out what the refund policy is when I signed
    up. I was told there was a 12 month refund policy. I inquired further,
    asking “so you are telling me that any time within the next 12 months I can
    simply request and receive a full refund, no questions asked?” He replied
    “yes, that’s right”. At the time I just thought MOBE was taking
    risk-reversal to the next level. Now I realize I was being flat-out lied
    to in order to close a sale.

    3-MOBE is not what I signed up for. I signed up to get the license rights
    to good quality products I could promote and sell. But it turns out, those
    making money from MOBE are not making money that way. They are making
    money by bringing others into the program.

    4-At one point when I was a bit confused as to how it worked, I inquired if
    it was MLM. I was assured it is not. After getting involved with it, it
    sure as heck is. “Multi-level marketing (MLM) is a marketing strategy in
    which the sales force is compensated not only for sales they personally
    generate, but also for the sales of the other salespeople that they

    I was lied to repeatedly. When not being flat out lied to, I was at the
    very least being misled.

    There is no way I would have EVER signed the contract and bought into this
    system had I been told the truth regarding these points. The fact that you
    guys duped me into signing a contract means NOTHING if you had to FLAT OUT
    LIE TO ME to get me to do it!

    I kindly request again that you refund my $1997 before I have to take
    further and more drastic measures. Let’s put this to bed, saving both of
    us the time, frustration, and $ it will cost to drag it out.

    I await your reply.




    Their next reply back was:

    For the guarantee to be in effect, you will need to show that you implemented what was taught in the traffic modules – so, we’ll need to see some screenshots of banner ads, solo ads, etc placed… also, if you can provide the email you used to register when/if you attended the live gotowebinar calls on the Daily Calls, we will need to check and verify these.

    These are all included in the 21 steps.

    Once you have these things, please let us know and we will be happy to forward to Matt for approval of the payment on the guarantee.


    My next reply back was:

    There are several issues I have with your reply, but the central one at
    stake here is this:

    The fact still stands that I was lied to, and would not have purchased MLR
    had I been told the truth when I inquired with the rep on Skype as to the
    return policy.

    I have worked in and managed teams within sales and customer service
    before. I know that the standard protocol is to enforce the terms of the
    agreement. However, I also know that there are certain situations where
    one needs to act based on principle, ethics, and in interest of doing the
    right thing. A situation where a customer was lied to falls under that

    I am unable to continue with the various forms of paid advertising that you
    called out as I do not have the funds available. That leads me to another
    issue here. When I signed up, I was asked a few questions as a part of the
    application/qualifying process. One of those questions was: How much money
    can you afford to invest in this business? My answer was: $2500. $2000
    for the MLR, and $500 for advertising. I have spent the $2000 on MLR and
    the $500 on advertising, but it has not been on three different methods,
    because I was advised to focus on one traffic method at a time. (Seems
    suspicious that I was specifically advised to do something that would force
    me to not be able to get a refund.)

    If it takes multiple sources of traffic and more than $500 in advertising
    to get this MOBE thing off the ground and profitable, then someone who says
    they have $2500 and no more to invest should not be sold the $2000 MLR. To
    take someone’s money under those conditions and then refuse a refund is to
    swindle them. It is shady and unethical at best. Downright scam at worst.

    I am asking you as a matter of principle and ethics to reconsider your
    decision and refund my $2000. If you refuse to do so, then I will begin
    the process of working with my bank to have the charges reversed, and as a
    matter of principle will feel obligated to do everything in my power to
    warn others against MOBE. I really do not want this to get ugly. I really
    do not want this to take up any more of your time or cost MOBE more money
    in customer service and lost sales.

    Please. I am pleading with you to reconsider and do the right thing, as I
    trust you will.

    Thank you,



    They ignored this one for a while, but after several follow-up attempts they came back with:

    Unfortunately, as stated before, you are not eligible for a refund at this stage.

    I would suggest talking with your coach further to see what else you can do to improve your marketing efforts.

    If you are still going to seek the funds, you will need to go through a mediation/arbitration as stated below:

    [pages of legal jargon]


    My final reply back to them:

    I see you guys have all your bases covered to successfully scam the max
    number of people possible. I am truly stunned by what I’ve experienced here. By far the worst refund policy of anything I’ve ever seen, and it is unethical and shameful to refuse a refund to a customer who has been flat out lied to. I really do not know how you can sleep at night ripping people off like this.

    • Kyle

      Wow, thanks for your thorough insight into your experiences with MOBE. You are in the same boat as pretty much everyone that has been in contact with this program and realized the reality of the scheme that it is (and subsequently requested a refund). There are far too many people getting ripped off by this program and I think your proof of communication with their “support” is going show the true colors of the type of program this really is. They take your money…then RUN.

      • Sarah

        Golly…I just paid my $49, and almost paid the extra $297 for the licensing rights, but decided to google it and found a lengthy review on Scam.com and Warriorforum.com. I suggest y’all check those out, lots of complaints in there. It is my understanding that they will refund you within 30 days with NO questions asked. I am so glad I came upon this feed…no upgrading for me and if it doesn’t work like they said they did will be asking for my $49 back!

        • Kyle

          I always recommend people give a program or service a fair shot. Unfortunately, the MOVE program sets you up for failure because in order to move on you are going to have to continue to give money to them to the tune of $1,000’s. If you don’t, then you don’t stand a chance of getting any level of support (reference all the feedback here within the comments).

          I do wish you all the best Sarah and if you do decide this program isn’t for you and you want to learn how to legitimately create a business within any passion/interest you have, check out my Getting Started page here (free).

        • Crystal

          Man.. i just paid the $49 start up fee 😕.. seemed legit.. feel very stupid right now. I hope they get what they deserve for lying to everyone.

          • Kyle

            Don’t feel stupid, that is the last thing you should feel.

            When someone recommends something to you and when there is a convincing sales process, it is easy to get cornered into paying for something. What you probably didn’t anticipate though is that your $49 for the top tier business 21 step program is going to turn into a much bigger sales process…to the tune of $1,000’s if you are interested in buying into the higher membership tiers, getting more products, and at the end of the day, being able to promote these higher ticket items to others.

    • Jay Hadley

      Hey gang these CROOKS are just that and have NO intentions of helping anyone but themselves. Your efforts are admirable but me thinks you have a better chance of turning the Statue of Liberty into 24 karat gold that to get them to do ANYTHING for you. Pray tell, the head clown says he’s frugal~ how about admitting that “He robs from the poor and gives to the rich !!!”

  47. janice

    This MOBE company is advertising on Rock 101radio to attend their seminar.

    Glad I saw this review and comments. I will not be going and I did some research on this company as I got the sense that they were just another run of the mill scam.

    Sorry to hear about all the people that have been ripped off…thats crazy!!

    • Kyle

      You don’t have to do much research out there to realize what is happening. Like many similar programs, MOBE will get you into these seminars where they will sell you on a low ticket membership (under $50) but to move on their training and to be able to promote the product to others you are going to need to invest $1,000’s…money in which will literally vanish unless you can find other people to rip off.

    • tim

      Matt Lloyd now operating in London with the I.M.FREEDOM WORKSHOP do we assume this is the same programme just a change of name.

      • Kyle

        These are workshops that are being run globally. They are used a profit center (as there are fees to attend them) and also a recruitment mechanism for the MOBE program. There are many companies doing something similar to this, they get you to come to their low ticket conferences and then riddle you with upsells. Internet Marketing Center is one of the more popular companies that are using these business practices, but I suppose others like Tony Robbins are doing the same thing.

        • rose

          When they sent me an email Matt Lloyd specifically stated that it was a free training program, but less than half way in after telling us very little about it, they asked for 997 USD…(this is in Australia)….and when I said I couldn’t do that on my credit card they said they would take the price down, but not to tell anyone else…needless to say I wasn’t convinced by any of this, and it wasn’t til I got home, and reread the email he sent, that I realised it SPECIFICALLY states that you would be shown for free during this evening…SO TIRED OF THESE SCAMS!

  48. Cata

    I signed to MOBE because Carolina Millan, one of the few ones who’s making money with this scam, convinced me too. I’m so ashamed!!!!

  49. Tony Quintela


    I bought in to the MOBE program and from the start they were interested in selling me the next biggest program. $49 up front, then MOBE license rights $1895 once in they where after me to join the bigger programs. When I told them I wasn’t buying anything else till I earned my money back, I never hear from those people again.

    I think too much time has passed to do anything about it for me, but I would gladly applied for my money back if I knew I would have had a chance to get it back.

    I still get emails from them. Here’s a website where you can ask Matt Lloyd any question you want: http://askmattlloyd.com


  50. Chappers

    Just looked up work at home scheme on wikipedia and it describes MOBE exactly as it is!
    Guess I won’t be getting the Mercedes they showed off then….
    Got to step 6 and I almost fell for it, thought I would check out some reviews as I twigged that I was the intended cash cow.
    Good review, I’m sure you have saved many folks lots of money.

  51. Mary Beth Shugart

    I too got taken by the Matt Lloyd Mobe scheme. I paid $49 three times on a debit card. I initially paid $49 plus some other charge on my credit card. How do I get my money back. I never received any steps or instructions. Only the coach, a Sam Pich, called me at unscheduled times and said basically just hi. He called at 9:30 p.m. last night. He asked if I had gotten through the steps sent to me. I told him that I have received no steps. I actually thought they were going to send me the steps in the mail. Never got a thing out of it neither via email or postal mail. I guess I will call my credit card co. and tell them the charges to mobe are fraudulent. I may be able to do the same with my bank debit card. There sure are a lot of dishonest people out there.

  52. Nicole

    I read how many got scammed from indirect marketing schemes related to MOBE or MOBE directly. I had also ventured into the MOBE web briefly but quickly realized this wasn’t a business I wanted anything to do with and was a scam to sell Matt Lloyd’s materials over and over again.

    Please go the FTC website and report a complaint. More that do will get the FTC attention for false advertising as these websites or videos are breaking the law. I at least got all of my money back but still have to unsubscribe to email traffic occasionally.

    • Kyle

      That is the problem with programs like this. You are forced to pay $1,000’s to take part in the program, which in essence is you selling the same overpriced stuff to others. You are being taught to act in a very unethical way just so you can make money off of people that you sponsor. I have a problem with any program that takes advantage of people like this and MOBE is definitely one of these (in fact there are many programs just like it popping up out there).

      If you ever want to create a real business online the PROPER way and to build a business by helping people (not ripping them off), I would be more than happy to help you out for no charge Nicole. You can get started here.

    • Chris Julian

      I have recently joined MOBE..paid half the MLR fee..how would I stop further payment? and get back what I paid? I, too, am on oscial secutiry..feel like a fool I did not check this out first!!

      • Kyle

        You would want to get in touch with your bank if you cannot get anywhere with the support. That is the typical protocol, first give the company a chance to deal with your situation through their support channels…if not, then take your payment issues directly to your CC/bank.

  53. Carol Browne-Hill

    I was told that I “had” to buy in to the MLR in order to continue!

    They took me for $2979.00 .

    That is not much compared to you all. However, when you have just become a widow (again) at 61 and you need to make up what you have lost from your loved one, Well, I lost all that money from my savings. Now I’m in red with having to sell personal things just to keep going! I owe it all to MOBE!!!!!!! SCAM IS RIGHT!

    Oh, and a friend of mine spent $30,000 with MOBE! She lost all that too!

    • Kyle

      So sorry to hear about you losing $3K to this program, consider yourself lucky I suppose that you didn’t get taken by $30K like your friend. This number is complete insanity to me and I can’t believe that someone can sleep at night knowing that they have just STOLEN $30K from someone to enter into their ponzi type scheme.

      If you ever want a proper start moving forward and want to learn how to create a real business online (versus become part of a shady MLM) I would be more than happy to help you out Carol and help you out for FREE. Just let me know, there is some good that can come of this.

  54. Terry Monear

    MOBE is telling you that your life can be different too by purchasing MOBE because of the high-end tickets and you see the trips and the cruise ship and you think well I want to go on trips like that MOBE has to offer they are there to help you reach your dreams, then you purchase this Company, just to find out you need to also spend $1000’s on top tier traffic and hope you get a sale, this is so frustrating. This was not even mentioned before the purchase anywhere in the videos. To a newbie they have no idea what top tier traffic is. It should be explained better before the purchase. And more help should be offered and provided to get them off to a good start not leave them hanging and frustrated and say well it’s their credit card debt oh well it’s not mine. And leave it up to us to figure things out when we really have no clue, because we are new.
    A franchise helps and trains their new franchisees and checks up on them to make sure they are following the procedure to keep the franchise on the same polices as all of them so they all keep running like they should and are making profit. More help and training is needed with MOBE especially when you put out that kind of money!!
    Now I have over $30,000 into this business including the traffic, top tier traffic I purchased. I am getting frustrated and upset because I am having no successes like the videos persuade you to believing anyone with no skills could do this. I worked as telemarketer for 8 years and I know the leads can get over worked and over worked and over worked again for less and less success. Like the old saying goes you can’t get blood from a turnip!
    I could have replaced my windows that need it so badly and got new flooring in my home or got a pretty nice New Vehicle with this amount of money I spent. I feel it is unethical to not let people know up front that this is very expensive for the traffic and it is set up for the extremely skilled marketers and Internet gurus. There is very few that are not skilled that make it in this business. That is what makes it so hard because after your all in they never mentioned anywhere that this traffic is so darn expensive and the leads would be worn out.
    I wanted to be in this business because of the things that were said in the videos that anyone can do this. My husband is going to retire at the end of this year and I wanted to have a nice income coming in for us before he fully retired. I want to go to the Masterminds but can’t spend money on air fare tickets to get there because I have been spending it on traffic, and now have too much credit card debt, so it seems like a catch-22.
    I have spent over $3000 in traffic which seems very ludicrous to me and not to have a sale yet. I wanted to go on nice trips once or twice a year and thought this business that would allow us to be able to do that. I have never put this amount of money on any of my credit cards. Now I am struggling to get the money to pay the payment on my card. I certainly could be making a payment that feels justified if I had new flooring and windows or a Nice New car but now I am making a payment of nothing while someone else is living a dream life style, it just makes me upset to think how persuasive these MOBE videos are. And to say if you made $1 profit from a sale you should be satisfied! Well most people wouldn’t be including Matt Lloyd or anyone else on the MOBE Team making Big Bucks.
    I just need more help on what to do different to make this work! I have to get this debt paid off. When you make less than $100 a year and have other bills that need to be paid and MOBE is telling you that your life can be different and then you purchase this Company, just to find out you need to also spend $1000’s on top tier traffic and hope you get a sale is frustrating.
    So I truly Need the more help and the right help to make this work right. Even if I made my money back that would be good enough for me I just don’t like being in this predicament not at this stage in my life. I want a better life style one that is more luxurious and that is what MOBE makes you think you are able to accomplish in these videos even if you are a newbie to the internet. But going through the videos and after you make the purchase the help is minimal. So is there someone there that can help me out here. What can I be doing different and can someone show me how to do something different to get me results so I can have the success with this.
    I would like a phone call from Matt Lloyd, I have been struggling with this business since I bought into this and do not have any sales. I noticed on my unique links have Shaqir Hussyin as an affiliate on my sign in page and it should be my name on all of them not blank or Shaqir Hussyin name on them. I am spending money on this top tier leads people I was recommended to do and have not had even one sale. I am not going to be spending another $25000 or $24999 to make a $1 profit, that would be a total of $50,0000 not ok. You wouldn’t except it, if it was your business and I am not getting any sales with my leads because they are going to someone else because it has their name on my stuff as Shaqir Hussyin being the affiliate. If it looks like fish, smells like fish it must be pretty fishy. I should be compensated for this mistake from the time I joined. This is not right or fare. My name should be on my own links as an affiliate not someone’s else’s name and not blank so someone else can put their name in my place. This seems very suspicious? I was talking to some other MOBE members because of my MTTB letter is different than what the others have and I am a Platinum and they are Titanium.

  55. John

    I feel sick writing this. In fact, I feel like a gambler that knew the odds of me losing were very high and I ended up taking a gamble anyways. I lost over $10,000 to MOBE and I couldn’t be more pissed off about the situation. Not just at myself, but at Matt Lloyd.

    Reading these comments I can feel the pain within others and I guess I came out lucky. Others lost much more than me. Poof into thin air. I am so angry.

    I have an idea, let’s team all team up and take down this sneaky scam that the MOBE team is running. I am in the process today contacting all my local authorities in the US and the authorities in both Australia and Singapore where this company is from and getting it shut down for good. My credit card company and bank are also hearing a mitt full. Maybe they will put this program on the no fly list.

    Please if you are reading this and you have been scammed by MOBE, do the same as me. To report it as a pyramid which it is (trust me, I looked up the definition and compared it to this program to a T), go to this link.


    I appreciate what you are doing here with your website giving people a place to speak up about getting scammed by these cowards. It takes a group of people standing up and using their voice to take down companies like this and I know that I will be doing my part.

    • Kyle

      $10,000 seems to be a very common amount that people are losing with MOBE. This is nothing to laugh at because I know that most businesses online, and a very successful one at that, can be operated at less than $30 per month (this includes the training, the tools, the resources, the support). Somehow it has become OK in the broken “opportunity” industry to charge people $10,000’s for inferior content, support from sponsors that don’t know what they are doing themselves, and pressure/negativity towards you if you don’t continue to spend money.

      I hope you can minimize your losses by contacting authorities/your bank and perhaps the company itself. It is a real shame this is happening online and it is time that people truly wake up to what is going on. Contributions and feedback like yours will really help John.

    • Ken

      We can create a Facebook MOBE suffer group to join all the people be scammed by MOBE and use the people power to shut down MOBE this scamming company.

      • John

        So glad I found this thread. After being jipped out of close to $2000 by mobe I am going to be filing a complaint to the FTC just as you guys are here. This program must be stopped and I am going to be spreading the word to all the other members I know many of which are really unhappy……how to get in touch with authorities.

        Matt Lloyd and company are the scum of all scum.

  56. Lebon

    All men who are giving negative comments to MOBE are not worthy to be men, a man who never take a risk is not a man, who among you has ever sold anything for MOBE and never got commissions? you just talk and talk!

    It’s been a year since I started with Mobe and I can tell you that even if I haven’t made much but the knowledge I have is big enough for me to start my own business, and that’s what I wanted first b’cause money flies but knowledge is always there when you need it, so stop all your thankyous!!!!!

    • Kyle

      I agree, before you create a business you need to always acquire the proper knowledge. If you would like to elaborate on your experiences as to what you are accomplishing thus far in the MOBE program and the levels of success you have achieved thus far in your business (not just monetary), we would love to hear all about it. Thanks for your feedback.

  57. Gary

    Hi Kyle,
    Thanks for the heads up on MOBE. I actually joined this afternoon as it was recommended by someone I trust. But for some reason I smelled a rat.

    So I thought I would check it out and came across your site. My $49 was still pending with my bank so I cancelled my card. Hopefully the money will stay in my account.

    I just got scammed for $550 USD ($720 AUD) by Heimir Finnson a solo ad provider too. He was recommended by Paul Prissick who I see has been mentioned here as promoting this product.

    Really wish Ilived near a few of these pathetic people.

  58. Barbara


    Thank you. I had become a MOBE MLR member a week ago. Of course this past week has been all about the Titanium and Platinum Masterminds. I’m permanently disabled and because of attorneys refusing to go after my previous employer’s disability. All I can expect to have to live on is Social Security Disability. It is not enough to make ends meet.

    I really wish MOBE’s claims were legit, but I am very grateful a friend sent me in search of the reviews today. From another website, I was able to bookmark your site, so I could learn how to properly build my website and get the attention I needed. I make jewelry.

    If possible, I would like to make money from affiliate programs. I believe your site said I can do that there. My goal is to pay off my mortgage and get more funds into my investment accounts. Because of everything that I have read today, I am going to send an email to support at MOBE asking for my $2,497. If I am unable to get it then I will notify my bank about the situation at MOBE and ask for their assistance. I used my debit card. I had to give the bank permission to process the payment because I had to assure them it wasn’t fraud.

    Look forward to speaking to you as I work through your website on developing my Jewelry website then work on another website that will hopefully, give me better earning prospects.

    • Kyle

      Yeah, that is so typical with programs like MOBE. They get you in at a low price, but that is all smoke and mirrors. Their intention is to get you to upgrade to much more expensive packages like the Titanium and the Platinum programs. If you don’t, your sponsor doesn’t get rich. Again, if you don’t become a sucker and spend $10,000+, your sponsor won’t reap the rewards from you losing your money.

      This is no different than any of the other ponzi’s that are going around, many of which have already succumb to the FTC/SEC and are no longer with us as a result. You can only rip off so many people before there are repercussions from the authorities.

      I wish you all the best with getting your money back Barbara and please do report back and let us know what happens here. Also if you ever need a hand getting rolling within the affiliate marketing world (and to do so for free) I would love to help you out. Head over to my Getting Started page to get rolling.

      • Martina Sebastian

        Just a little late I joined today and I guess lost $49 only so do you think that if I don’t go through all the steps will they be able to pull out money from my credit card since I read from all the reviews that they never reimbursed all these people that’s really sad and down right wrong to scam people like this.
        Can some one please answer my question

        • Kyle

          It should not be a recurring payment. Although you have your credit card on file, unless it is a “recurring” subscription to something you will not be rebilled unless you explicitly make payment for another aspect of the MOBE program. Hope this clarifies for you Martina.

    • Chris Julian

      Barbara, Thank you for your post..Since I just joined MOBE..and paid half the licensing program fee..approx 1300..I am wondering if you were able to get back your money..seems like legally they have things locked up tight as far as returning any money.
      Thank you, Chris

        • Kyle

          Have you spent your first chunk of several $1,000’s to move forward within the training? That is the point in which you are going to realize that this is a program that was created to take your money, versus off you a service in exchange for your hard earned money. If you are early within the initial steps, chances are you still may be a little naive to what is about to hit you when you complete these and are “forced” to pay a ridiculous amount of money to move forward.

        • mark

          I have spent $4999 into this company and keep getting the run around. How can I get in touch with Matt Lloyd to get my refund? No one has contacted me since I sent in the money. Please help!

          • Kyle

            Unfortunately this is the case with MOST people that get involved with this program and definitely anyone that is looking to get a refund. You will get support from your “sponsors” and MOBE leading up to when you pay, but if you ever have any problems or you request a refund it is going to be completely ignored. This is the biggest sign of a scam and if this is what is happening to you, you need to consider contacting your bank or appropriate authorities and let them know what is happening here.

  59. Hashmat Khan

    I have recently joined MOBE and I paid them the $49 fee for the 21 step program. I am on step 6 and am already feeling that this might be a scam.

    • Kyle

      Well just wait until you are required to spend $1,000 to move on within this course. That is the next step in the scheme…followed by a myriad of other upsells, to the tune of $10,000’s. Tread carefully.

      • Dwight Burchak

        I just started with the MOBE thing to the tune of $49. It did not feel right when I did that so I killed the card and got a new one so they can’t charge me more. In the initial selling by Matt Lloyd it specifically said that there was no pyramid or organization to maintain. Then when you listen to his 1 hour talk he mentions your down line organization. In addition he talks about a member of his down line who paid $50k for a Platinum coaching session for 1 year. If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck… you get the picture. Thanx for confirming my suspicions.

        • Kyle

          The $49 is merely to show them that you are willing to commit to spending much more money with the program. Then they throw you into their true upsell cycle, expecting you to spend $1,000’s more on the program. If you don’t, then you will not be able to continue within MOBE. A true smoke and mirrors program and you are one of the lucky ones that woke up before you were scammed out of much more money.

  60. Michael Copeland

    Thanks for the warning everyone.

    Got “sponsored” the $49 by my “coach” so it did not cost me to join, just wasted many hours with 21 steps…


  61. jim

    You just made my day brighter by not getting involved with MOBE. You just saved me a ton of money. I wasn’t even curious for the $49 entry fee. Note: MOBE has changed its name a bit, but still the same scam.

    MOBE (MY Online Business Education)

    Thanks again and have a great day.

    • Kyle

      MOBE used to go by My Online Business Empire but like many companies that start to gain a really bad reputation, they tend to spin out brand new “names” for their company to try to mask their lack of credibility. This appears to be what has happened here and has happened with many of the epic “churn and burn” schemes that continue to pop up within the online space.

  62. David

    Only got me for 49.00, and will try to get my money back fom my credit card company but if not I’ll chalk it up as lesson learned. Too good to be true. Thank you so much for the review and the everyone for their useful comments. I’ll not be going any further with Mobe.

  63. Vurne

    Good for Diane,

    I’m at my 16 step getting ready to d a 30,60.90 day goal setting financial plan. I want to get out because I’ve been doing so research on the company before investing any more money into MOBE. I wasn’t happy with what I found including online through many sites. I saw this coming but I just need more confirmation on what I was suspecting all along. I just regret paying a recent MLR of $2497 which has gone up since you inception Diane. I going to request a refund but I know this is going to get ugly. I wonder if I should get my bank involved right away or give them chance to respond to my refund request. Anyway, I looking into Wealthy Affiliate. I should have been doing this from the start but that is internet business! Thanks again for you review.

    P.S. Is it alright to get Diane to Skype me at vurnebobbs to suggest to pointer of requesting a successful refund?

  64. Ken

    Can any legal action to take to against this type of scamming company like MOBE?

    They are scamming people, we can’t just complaint and advice other people not to join these scamming company.

    We must take some legal action to against this type of scamming company make them to pay their price.

  65. Robert McDonell

    Interesting reading all the reviews on MOBE, just thought I would give a little positive here. I went to the Small Business Summit from MOBE and was not really sure of what I was going to get but I must say it was well worth the money. I received some valuable info that I used in my business and generated some really good profit by using some of the techniques taught in the summit. I also won $500 US dollars in a competition they had in the Summit so I must say thanks to MOBE for some really valuable knowledge. I don’t know about all the other stuff as yet and all the feedback here but I did enjoy the Summit and would recommend it. Robert.

    • Kyle

      Thank you for your feedback Robert, good to hear you got some good information from the Summit and you can’t beat winning $500 either. All the best.

  66. Diane

    TODAY WAS A VERY HAPPY DAY FOR ME! ……I GOT MY REFUND!!! $49, $1997, $99 – $2145 thank you!! Such a Big Weight has been lifted and I feel free……….Cant WAIT to burn all the crap I accumulated doing this sh*t. haha

    I want to tell you All that I got into this idiotic company back in January 2015 and after a month of doing all 21 Steps and promoting thereafter, day and night, and trying to get people like myself to buy into something that I didn’t believe in, it got tired of it. Even when I went on Skype to talk to Ashraf Ali (he sat sideways – couldn’t see him and didn’t understand my English conversation and Pierre Beaudoin (never showed his face on Skype – mustn’t be good looking).

    I even bought another monitor to Multi-task and bought lots of promotional website, and still didn’t get any sales. I wanted so bad to get my money back after they BLOCKED ME on FACEBOOK and the SUPPORT Team blocked me too on the MOBE website. Why do you think? cuz i was on to them for not giving me my $500!!?? probably. I didn’t want these Fools to take advantage of me and have me be another statistic.

    Why say when after u promote for 30 days with no sales, Matt Lloyd gives you $500 out of his own pocket??? Really? Where is it Matt??? I SURELY DIDNT GET IT. They said I wasn’t promoting it properly and I WAS. Idiots!! I sent them ALL KINDS of Proof that I was promoting their program and they still wouldn’t give me my $500 so I went to my bank and put a complaint in about the company for false advertising. After getting rejected once, I gave More Proof of MOBE’S OWN EMAILS regarding the $500 and BAMM, BOA was sold after they talked to the MOBE bank and I got all my money back. All I can do is laugh at the scammers at MOBE now, I got my refund and the last laugh.

    To all of those that have also been ripped off by Matt Lloyd, FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT like I did people, through your bank. Put in a complaint with the bank. They are false advertising saying you get $500 after 30 days of advertising when you absolutely will not get this in the end. IN YOUR FACE, MOBE, LOL. Do what I did and COMPLAIN TO YOUR BANK…….

    • Kyle

      Glad to hear you go things settled with this program. It is unfortunate that MOBE hangs a “fake” carrot to people joining their program stating that if you don’t make money within the first 21 steps you will get $500. This is nothing short of a lie and you are by no means the first person and I am sure you won’t be the last to complain about these unethical advertising practices. This is going to give a lot of folks insight into what is REALLY going on behind the scenes with the MOBE program. A wolf in sheeps clothing.

      • MOBE4LIFE

        You are an f’in idiot and so are the posters here. The guarantee is if you follow the traffic methods taught you will get the $500. Want to do things your own way? Guess what? NO $500. That is why there is a TOS and when dipshits like you idiots can’t READ, it is no one else’s fault but your OWN. Of course there is no real guarantee, how is Matt and affiliates like me supposed to make money off of newcomers if folks are coming into the scheme under me and paying money to Matt. It only make sense that refunds would be really hard to get, duh.

        I have spent $1,000’s on MOBE so I can promote it to others and it pisses me off when other people belittle it. Just because you are losers and you can’t make money by getting other people to join, not my fault.

        • Kyle

          It is obvious that you are deep into this scheme and still try to recoup the $1,000’s that you have spent on this program. Unfortunately like any ponzi style scheme, in order for you to make money you ultimately have to rip others off. It becomes frustrating when other folks are aware of what is taking place and it doesn’t take much research online to realize the sheer amount of people that are getting ripped off by MOBE, that have been taken for $1,000’s and in some cases can’t make rent or can feed their kids because they have been forcefed this program.

          At the end of the day, your language is very indicative of the type of program you are involved in. These sort of bullying tactics are the least bit ethical and I hope that anyone that reads this will get a true sense of the type of people they will be associating with inside of MOBE. Love you one minute (if they give you money right), but hate you the next if you question the ethics of the program itself or the ridiculously overpriced products that you are forced to buy to move on within the program.

        • Bea

          Okay Mr.MOBE4LIFE, I guess you’re too much of an asinine sub-specie organism to see you’ve been played for a fool just like they’ve done to so many others. It must make you feel a little better to remain in a delusional state of denial and say you’re an affiliate of Matt instead of one of his ponzi scheme puppets. It’s obvious you have an aberrant diminutive mind who can’t see that you’re the greatest colossal nitwit of them all just by the dumb comments you made in your post. Your witless quote states that anyone who joins and can’t get anyone else to join to make money is a loser. You admitted right there in your comments that getting newcomers to join is the only way to make money. You forgot to quote how much money you’ve made so far.

          You’ve obviously already come to the realization that it is a ponzi scheme selling inferior products, but you found it’s hard to get out of after you’ve invested all that money. I bet you’ve exhausted your efforts beyond the 30 day money back guarantee window of time and you’re still trying to earn back your investment and make lucrative profits. Since you’re such a brain dead ding bat, you don’t realize you’re demoting Matt’s name with your comments. And you do know there is technology that can detect who’s writing a post; and if your loyal business partner Matt is reading any of this and wanted to find out who MOBE4LIFE is, he probably can get people who have the technical skills to do that for him.

          From the nature of your post, looks like you haven’t made 6 figures yet, or even a few thousands to pay for your investment. I had to read your comments a couple of times to see if I was reading what I thought I was and your cerebral impairment really goes that far. Come back and tell everyone they’re idiots when you become a millionaire off the mobe system. I’m glad my mind is discerning and rational enough to know that their inferior, so called opportunity products must remain in rotation to earn large profits quickly. I guess that’s why I knew I had to make sure I learned exactly what this business what all about before I made any type of lofty investment. You can’t get any inside information about the so called profitable products they sell and how they do it until you pay a couple thousand to hold license rights. That was my cue right there that the company is not transparent and very deceitful. No wonder my, what do they call themselves, top tier coach seemed frustrated when he found out I wasn’t going to blindly make a large business investment with the company. These inane pointless opportunity products that are supposed to be intended to give people knowledge and personal gain in some way can only be promoted the same way it was promoted to you. How long can an online marketing model like that last?

    • Lee

      I have learned so much about my online business, I don’t envisage ever worrying about money again. As for pyramid. You have to understand what a pyramid is and if you did, you would realise that mobe is not pyramid. If you think about it, really, every conventional business in the world is a kind of pyramid business. Why ? U have the boss,top earner.You have top,middle and lower management, then you have the workers…..so it really depends on your perception of things ! People that post this stuff about Pyramid selling are people who do not understand this business and probably spent their $49 bucks and did nothing with it, so they are in for a quick rich scheme which mobe not about, This has helped me build my business using the tools and educational products. So any online business has a model and you just have to do your research and its either for on not for everyone,

      • Kyle

        I have never agreed with the argument that every company/job is a pyramid. That is not the case, when you work for a company you have a job in which you are paid for, rain or shine. Within a pyramid type program, you invest in it and in order to recoup your costs you have to get other people “below” you to invest in it.

        Some “companies” break even or lose money, they still pay their employees under these circumstances. Employees are paid in exchange for offering their services to the respective company. There is actually no parallel. Nonetheless, I wish you nothing but success moving forward Lee.

    • Hanadi

      Yesterday, I paid the $49 for the program. I usually never buy things online before reading reviews about what I’m about to pay for. I honestly don’t know why I did it this time. I feel like an idiot as it didn’t seem right at the time. Anyways, I just wanted to know how you got your $49 back?

    • Donna

      So glad I checked MOBE out before moving forward. I am on Step 5 and have spent about $700 or more. After my coaching call today, I was called by sales to upgrade to earn higher income, $2100 they would finance at 23%. Thanks so much for your comments, I won’t be being forward. My marketing budget is drained and I have other projects that at least I’m selling a product that will help people with their health and earn money too.

      • Kyle

        $2,100 and finance it at 23%, what a kind offer. For what?

        I am so glad you woke up to what was happening here Donna. I hate to see it when people are taken for a ride with programs like MOBE and consider yourself lucky as I have seen people taken for far more than this unethical company (to the tune of $10,000’s).

        There is hope though, not every program out there is a scam and I am also more than happy to help you get you up and running online. You should check out my Getting Started page to get rolling for FREE.

  67. jimlombare

    A solid review and I have to say that I’ve done my research about MOBE and Matt Lloyd and there are a lot of negative stories floating around out there. No support, tons of upsells, and the product its self is a mess because you have to keep buying more and more and more.

    Using Facebook as your “Community” and for people to get help is lame, pretty innovative there. So, I’m going to agree with your scam rating because, it’s pretty much the common rating that I’m seeing. Thanks for listing all the upsell tiers too because I was trying to figure that out when I originally searched for a MOBE review in Google and found your site.

    I’ve made my mind up and I’ll stay well clear of this. Thanks.


    • Kyle

      Jim, you have made some very valid points here. When you resort to creating a Facebook group to support your community, it is a tell tale time that not enough energy when into the development of the product. This is what most known schemes do with their paying users. You think if someone was paying $1,000’s they would at least have access to a proper platform to communicate with others and get help.

      It is sheer craziness and you don’t have to read to far down to realize all of the distrust and the unhappy customers that MOBE has created.

  68. dex

    It’s amazing to me that a “programme” like this can stay alive and unprocecuted for this long. It’s been a year and a half from January 2014 when this review was written and I got a MOBE pitch mail from a person called Paul Prissick just the other day. So, they are still alive and kicking. Amazing!

    Did I get interested? Yes, I did. It smelled like a rat, of course, but then again it was more like a smell of a rat burger – disgusting but if you were hungry enough it smelled edible.

    I was hungry for the money, but not that hungry to just rush blindly into something that sounded so perfectly fine and dandy.

    So I did a little research (googled it) and there I was, reading from an old acquaintance Kyle of WA what it was all about… And then all the other comments!! Scary stuff…and scarry.

    Yes, the smell of rat was the smell of …well exactly that. A RAT!

    Once upon a time I was a member of WA and once upon a time I made my first money online as a WA member. I think I might just try that free account once more.

    Thanx Kyle.

    • Kyle

      There is a finite lifespan of companies that take advantage of the vulnerable. People tend to wake up to programs like this and it wouldn’t be the first time or the last that a company that is overcharging people for a pure “scheme” operate for several years under the radar. Through time though, if you are not offering a quality service and the business is built off of “making money off of others” rather than providing a quality service to others, they follow a very similar path.

      Look no further than two of the latest breakdowns in the scheme industry, ZeekRewards and WakeUpNow, both of which were taken down by authorities for their unscrupulous promotional tactics. In other words, they were ripping people off and in essence running a loosely based pyramid scheme. If it walks like a rat and smells like a rat, it more often than not is a rat.

  69. Mervyn

    Kyle, somehow I received an email from Matt Lloyd stating the fantastic money I could easily make from his scheme. As it appeared too good to be true, Research lead me to your sight, luckily I have paid no money.
    What is your suggestion which would allow me to make some money, not necessarily big money.
    I am a pensioner with limited funds. Mervyn

    • Kyle

      I suggest that anything you try online should have a free option so you can see exactly what is offered before you have to spend a dime. The problem with programs like MOBE is that if they offered a “free trial”, nobody would ever end up paying for their actual service. Once inside and paid, that is when the payments to this company will really start and unless you are spending $1,000’s within this program you will be treated like a nobody.

      Here is the way I suggest you get started within the online business world and do so for free.

  70. Tim

    I would suggest for beginner not to fall into this type of business. If you want to earn extra income, you could do simple work such like in fiverr. But for me, the easiest would be promoting affiliate programs. You need to know step how to generate traffic and so on.

    There are many free training platforms out there, some better than others, but don’t expect to be simple 1,2,3 within a program like MOBE.

    • Kyle

      Exactly, you need proper training and a foundation to create a successful business online if you want to create anything that is longer term. Promoting a program that requires you to shamelessly promote the same program to others and try to “convince” them that they need to spend $1,000’s on their products, is not the way to any amount of long term success (like what MOBE is choosing).

  71. Jennifer

    Anyone and everyone who complained about MOBE being a complete rip off here was 100% accurate.

    I joined through an acquaintance in February thinking that it was only going to cost me $49 and I ended up sinking $2,600 into this program after all of the upsells.

    I told them that I really needed the money as I have a daughter that is in dance school and I have to pay for that. They assure me if I upgraded to the next level, bought this and that, I would earn my money back and then some really quick.

    Well they lied. You would be understating how I feel if you said I was pissed. I am so mad and I have asked for a refund for this and I have heard zero response from Matt Lloyd or his support team. Go figure.

    I will be contacting my state authority and also reporting this blatant scam on every single site that I can. Thanks for listening, I am done venting. Stay away from MOBE and unfriend anyone that is part of it, they are going to try to suck you into this scam.

    • Kyle

      I wish you all the best with your refund. It seems like everyone that is leaving feedback these days is seeking out a refund (the same as you) and they have been duped into spending $1,000’s with this program simply so they can have the same opportunity to ripoff others in the same way. It is unfortunate and to be honest, a friend wouldn’t every invite you into this program. It is no different than taking money directly out of your pocket and putting it into theirs.

      I would love to help you out if you ever want to create a REAL business online, I would be more than happy to help you get started for completely free (and this does include my personal support). I know you may be down and out and I am sorry to hear about how MOBE stole money from your daughters dance lessons, but I can say there are brighter days ahead if you do look forward and don’t continue to dwell upon the past.

  72. Andra

    Thanks, Kyle for your review, and thanks to the others for sharing. I was looking over MOBE, but don’t have the $49; so glad I thought to GOOGLE Matt Lloyd’s name… that’s how I go to you! I definitely won’t be joining. Plus, thanks to the person who mentioned Empower Network. I thought there was something wrong with me when I joined, paid out some money, earned no money, and quit. There are others still promoting it. SMH

    • Kyle

      There are a lot of schemes very similar to this online and they seem to continue to pop up after others are taken out by the FTC. The most recent one was WakeUpNow which was in heavy legal trouble because of the number of people that were ripped off by the program.

      Like MOBE, to earn money within this program you are required to promote the same program to others (build your downline) and get them to buy into very high ticket, overpriced products. People go broke from this sort of stuff and at the end of the day, the person that shamelessly hustles you into it is the guilt party. You have to become this person if you join into a scheme like this.

      If you want to get started online and build a real business, you might want to check out my Getting Started page Andra.

  73. aiga

    Kyle, you obviously know nothing about business. Imagine what would happen with brick and mortar business if they would buy a product and then wouldn’t sell it. It makes no sense at all whatsoever. If you buy a bread you still sell a bread. If you buy a product from MOBE then you obviously sell it! Daahhh! That’s not a rocket science. Isn’t it? Business is like a woman – more you invest, more you get out. You only need to master how to treat her and she will love you forever and more you invest in your business more you get out of it, just master how to market it. If you don’t know how to do it, learn from those products you bought from MOBE. You was crying about prices – some people know how to value their time and effort, some simply doesn’t. I believe you never listened to T. Harv Eker “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind”. I dare you to do just that and it might, just might change your mindset. In these days you have to work smarter, NOT harder.

    • Kyle

      This is a case of buying a $10,000 loaf of bread though that is actually worth $1, then in order to recoup your money from being ripped off you have to sell more $10,000 loafs to others. Then this vicious cycle continues.

      This is far easier to compare to a triangle shaped scheme than it is a brick and mortar business and I think that there will come a time when you realize that what you are doing may not be so ethical. You are selling people on the idea of selling the same idea to others.

    • Harley Quinn

      Aiga, you must be someone who works closely with Matt Lloyd and was able to earn something under his valueless system. You probably were just able to trick more people into the program which was probably easier to do much earlier in its implementation.

      Your narrow-minded perception of business is astounding. I’m going to use a euphemism.

      Do you know how ignorant you sound saying that if you buy a product, you can sell it? And you’re referring to selling bread, a source of food that most of the population buys. Of course there are goods, services and products that a large percentage of the population will always need or want.

      The MOBE promotional products is the opposite of that. Does anyone who won’t be participating in the mobe business need the intangible online marketing learning products that Matt Lloyd founded. Of course not. Let’s see him try to sell his opportunity products to people outside of those who have already showed interest by purchasing his training program. It would never happen.

      And you just parroted Matt’s quote about working smarter, not harder.

      You can work smart by becoming a master in marketing manipulation too. Yea you can have a business that runs long term when you’re selling products in high demand that a mass of consumers will always need or want. Matt doesn’t have any products that can be promoted outside of what his license investors need to continue making money, therefore his clientele base is extremely limited. I’m so surprised it’s still standing.

      This is the age of the internet though and the word will disperse widely enough soon enough.

  74. K

    please HELP…

    I was one of the dumb fools who bought into this ridiculous scam. Someone please let me know what I need to do to get out of this scheme. I don’t care if I don’t get my initial money back I just don’t want to spend anymore!

    • Kyle

      The best thing you can do is contact their support through their website. In an ideal world, the MOBE support will help you out. If you don’t get the support you need, then the next natural step will be contacting your credit card to let them know about your issues cancelled/etc. I hope you can get your issues sorted.

  75. Geri

    I wish I had done some research on MOBE before I dumped $20,000+ into this sham. I feel like such a sucker. I was led to believe that I could succeed at internet marketing with the MOBE system (that no one bothered to ever explain.). While I had serious doubts all along, I was assured that everything would be revealed once I had bought into the highest level of membership. Not true! The training- or coaching, as they called it, was a laugh! All I can do now is terminate the monthly subscription fees and move on, having lost money that I could not afford to waste!

  76. bill

    Matt Lloyd is currently heavily advertising his scheme on WBAP radio in Dallas. He starts that add off asking “if you want to make $19,000 to $15,000 per month. Radio stations these days could care less about their own reputation and freely accept Ponzi scheme ads on a regular basis.

    • Kyle

      All comes down to ad revenue. If they did their research online, they would quickly find out that how illegitimate this and many other programs are. There is a lot of open discussions outside of this one here where people explain their experiences within the MOBE program.

  77. Flo Tan

    I choose to post this not to spike anyone, nor out of anger, biterness or clamp for any form of attention to relate what exactly happen when I was a licencee with MOBE and how I was manulipated and deceived totally.

    Here is what EXACTLY happen :

    1. I joined MTTB sometime late Jan 2015 and started my first campagin on PPC.

    2. I was sold on the parameter that my goal and objective was to drive traffic and NOT knowing that I needed to have my Auto-Responder but to use MTTB sales funnel. I proceeded and had a 53 opt-ins showing at my back office and nothing happen. I then started to question support, “is there no one following up on this? How is it that there is 53 opt-ins, NOT one person had purchased into the $49 product at all ?”

    3. On 3rd March 2015, I went to my back office and there was a sale reflecting a commission of $44.10 and assuming that this person had gone through the 21 steps, would take it to be end of March 2015. Obviously, elated with this result, I shared it on my timeline and the closed groups that I belong, so as to encourage the newbies and new comers to this system.

    4. Now …. on 28th March 2015, again, I happen to go to my back office and to my greatest HORROR and SHOCK, that commission just vanished and disappeared.

    5.I wrote to support, questioning about this issue and as always there was a delay in replying and asking me to forward the sale that came in with the buyer’s name, email address for verficiation, which, I saved it at my end and forwarded it as requested.

    6. Support reverted back and stated in their final auditing, it now belongs to another afflilate.

    7. In their replies from support, one of the staff wrote : ” Please understand that MOBE is a professional organization”.

    8. I, had stress if that was the case, HOW can this happen, and this was total deception for sure, least alone did NOT inform me via email on this matter, but had to find out myself when I went into my back office of 28th March 2015.

    9. I persued the matter and told support, as well, as personal messages was sent to Matt Llyod on his FB messenger, asking for an explaination, giving them a deadline of 31st March 2015 and was gracious to extend it to 2nd April 2015, with a solution. NO ONE reverted back and thought that I would forget about this matter and not taken to be seriously.

    10. In my messages, I had clearly stated, if there was no solution or remedies taken, this would go virally and expose the truth.

    11. Going to the M.O.B.E. License Rights group, I posted a post in there and in less than ONE hour, it got pulled out and deleted and the next minuted was booted out of the group. Less than half and hour, I was given the option to join the group, of course, subject to admin approval.

    12. In my correspondances via email and personal message, I had written clearly, HOW can I begin a paid licence promote the system, where MOBE stresses on honesty and intergrity and having to make such grevious mistake. It is better NOT to have the commission sale reflecting on my back office to deceive me before the 21 days was up for the buyer to move to the MTTB programme. As the saying goes : ” Here, I will loan you the candy to savour it BUT ….. you must NOT eat it before the 21 days is up.and then ROB it back from you even without informing you.

    13. Life is already filled with so much negativism and do we need this to further add to it, when essentially, we do work to earn the money to try and make money online without begin scam, deceive, toyed around or maninuplated.

    Money is just a tool, which I believe can be earned back over time, but can honesty and intergrity be bought with a price, besides, having to “preached” that MOBE is honest and upholds intergrity and lastly, begin a professional organization.

    After much hassel,they finally decided to refund my license fees but it all still boils down, if I had not pushed them to it, they would avoid the issue of the refund, as I had evidences with me, of screen shots taken, and that screen shots can NEVER lie.

    Many that I have heard, did not get their refund back, and that is sad.

    Does MOBE embrace of what is begin promised on the internet, on YouTube and endless videos and other sources of traffic on honesty and intergrity, OR they want to eliminate those apples that question their mode of operation and the flaws resulting out of it.

    Does it shocked me, for the 53 opt-in that I had, they had used it for their own wilful purpose and reaping it at their own end, at my expense.

    This for you, ladies and gentlemen my FIRST hand experience, uncut, unedited that I had with MOBE.

    Thank you for reading this and be very very very wise is my advise. No doubt, they do have a system in place, but WHO is reaping it at the expense of others.

    • Kyle

      Wow, thanks for sharing your story about MOBE. Typically the biggest complaints within this program are people losing $1,000’s of dollars to the upsells only to be forced into selling the same program to others to recoup the cost. However, this is even worse. You have attempted to recoup the costs only to have your affiliate commissions stolen from you. That has to be very discouraging and I am really sorry to hear about your experience with MOBE.

      What I can tell you Flo is that not all programs operate in this sort of way and although there are lots of scams/schemes online, there are legitimate ways to create long term businesses online. I can definitely help you out and I would be more than happy to help you get rolling with a website (in any niche you like). Here is the process of getting started PROPERLY within the online world.

    • J Koopman

      Hi Ian, Just Wanted to let you know that I too was taken on the Mobe Train. I was new to Networkmarketing I was on the same trip as you. I was upsold to mlr while in my 21 steps & before I finished a month & a half later I bought into Titanium. My coaches?? didnt want me to go thru any other information while I was being coached because they didnt want me to “overload on Information”! Of course I have always been a good student. Then when I got to the traffic, 1st call was to set up a domain & buy about $2000 worth of traffic & a hope to get 4 MTTB, 2 MLR & a prayer for a titanium, I didnt like that so on the next call i ask coach if I could do facebook advertising cuz i had gone thru the traffic masters academy & thats what I felt comfortable with. Again he said that wasnt a good solution, he wanted me to buy soloads & n email list about another $2500. Nope said i didnt want to do it. Then to top it off the person that was supposed to be my upline somehow I was switched to someone else!! I have never heard from my upline EVER I dont even know who it is! after spending $12,000 dont you think he should have helped??? Nope I did get some more traffic coaching & come to find out that I was supposed to be using an email responder myself to track my leads??? This is supposed to be a turn key system?? also has very bad coaching or I can pay another $1000 for another “coach/Mentor”? I have had ads running but when I checked I have had no sales?? Need to have 1000 clicks to hopefully get 4 optins? what a system. I will work with my optins, I am learning everything & how the system works now to help my people with their business. I am affiliate with other companies & doing ok. Just thought you should now I was another & had to learn for myself using my other affiliate products how to run MOBE. If I could get my money back I would but I have to try for 12 months before I have that option.

    • dontwanttobenamed

      FLOTAN please can you tell us more how you pushed for a refund?
      MOBE is scamming LOTS of affiliates, swiping sales, not paying out, poor non existent support, links are always down
      Soon many of us will band together for a refund against this since support told me MLR refund is IMPOSSIBLE

      • Kyle

        If you cannot get help from support, you should definitely consider contacting your credit card company. Worst case scenario you may want to consider a chargeback if you cannot get through to billing support. No company should take your money and then not offer support when it comes time to answering to billing questions, but I am constantly hearing constant complaints about this happening within MOBE.

  78. Kitty

    Thank you for this review, and especially for all the comments from people who had actually gone through the system. I was looking at taking a job there, but after reading about what they do, I won’t have anything to do with them. Thanks for the heads up!

  79. Ian

    Thank you for the honest analysis. Seeing the product price list in one of the comments here has really opened my eyes.

    It’s pity I did not find this site 12 hours ago because I have just spent my $49 plus another $260 to step up a level.

    And I have just tried to stop the pending payments on my card but the money has gone already. Guess I will have to put it down to experience.

    The pity is that I was introduced to MOBE by another on line person whom I had begun to regard as decent and legitimate having bought a number of his products that were very good.

    And he espoused the need to gain the trust of his customers by providing good quality products at a minimum price so that they got excellent value. Which was in fact my experience.

    However he was always keen to promote his other line with their high priced back end products – namely MOBE by another name.

    Will try to get my card refunded but I do not like my chances 🙁

  80. Amanda Carder

    Thankyou so very much for publishing this info i have to admit while watching the video of this scumbag i was thinking yes i bet you bought that mansion and all your other properties from the money you stole from selling this scam it all seemed too good to be true. but what stuck out the most was the people who were supposed to be making all this magical money i was looking at their homes and they didn’t look like million dollar homes. These people who are promoting this scam should be ashamed of themselves. They say that they are exploiting an opportunity they are exploiting all right !!!! They say its legal, moral and ethical and they can sleep like a baby there is a special place in hell for people who can exploit people out of there hard earned cash. And the traffic they are talking about are usually people who are desperate due to there circumstances. This programme is distasteful, disgusting and disturbing. I didn’t fall for it but i had to look it up to see if it was being outed for what it is a criminal organization !!!!!

    • Kyle

      They are exploiting other people…because they have been exploited themselves. That is the problem with the pyramid style schemes that are becoming more and more prevalent online. They get you into their program by “tricking” you that it will only cost a nominal fee (in this case $47) and then once you are inside MOBE, you are presented with $1,000’s in fees if you want to continue on.

      The problem really resides in the fact that people defend their purchases, so when you see people flaming others online (that are part of the program) they are defending the fact that they made the decision to join a scheme. This usually passes quickly when they do realize they are not going to earn much money without forcefully and shamefully making people sell their furniture in their house to upgrade and buy into the hot air themselves.

      At the end of the day, most people are good people but when they get involved in schemes like MOBE they take a temporary break from their own morals and ethics. The entire thing is distasteful as you suggest.

  81. Donald Berens

    Glad someone finaly put up a post on matt I bought into his system little over a year ago and like you said once in then come the non stop upgrades to “(HELP YOU MAKE MORE”) yea matt what ever, i was doing the 21 step program and got to dont remember now but somewhere around step 13 maybe and then they tell ya that you have to buy into the buissnes for $1,500.00 to move on to the next step well thats where I had to stop because didnt have 1500 to give Matt. So in return you cant claim the 500 dollars for not making any money by time you finish the 21 step program….Matt Lloyd’s program is the biggest joke I’ve run into online……… Don

    • Kyle

      This is definitely shady marketing techniques at work here Donald and like many, you were frustrated by the smoke and mirrors laid by the MOBE program. They offer a $500 refund if you don’t make money by the 21st step, little do you know getting into it that you are still going to be out over $1,000 even with this rebate. Puts a bad taste on the entire industry unfortunately and please do not group this scheme with some of the much more legitimate (and ethical) programs out there.


      My God!I am lucky to see all the personal reviews. I will cancel the MOBE TOMORROW. I just finish the step 4. How cruely they are to treat all people like us. We are trying to get on our feet to support our family and earn honest money, help people in our same situation. MOBE-what a shame!

  82. Kodi

    I started in mobe for the 49 dollars, the deal sounded like you were going to learn how to make money on internet marketing marketing products find a niche and promote it, when I started the 21 steps I was a bit overwhelmed thought this was going to be a great training. after the 6 course it was constant rehashing drilling the license rights program Talking to the coach I said I do not have 2000 dollars what can mode do for me to help me he said that I could get commissions on the 49 dollars entrance fees and nothing more. I Saw this for what it was but I listened to 13 of the steps and then I looked up the compensation 9000 for one level and 15000 for the third level 26000 dollars to go “all in” as they say in the videos. I requested a refund immediately. Mobe uses a splash page that makes it seem like something else entirely, then cons you into buying an overpriced ridiculous program that is nothing more then a pyramid scheme at its best. I told them when I was getting started in the coach session, I am a disabled vet I have a very fixed income. I can not afford a whole lot I am trying to find a way to get a little extra money and maybe secure my future. I even asked him up front How much this all was going to cost he said just follow the steps all will be explained. When I saw what they were pushing I was furious. To say they are a scam is an understatement.

  83. Sally Smithy

    Well I found out to late and the hard way. Do they care
    hell no. If you don’t have the money to move on to the
    next step tough shit, and they speak to you like you live
    under the bridge. I am to old to have not seen what was
    coming, but I didn’t. There are so damn many hidden charges I don’t think you could keep tract of them. And
    the promise of $500. refund if you do not make $1,3,5,000. in three months, I have yet to see it or hear
    anything out it. A deaf ear is turned to you on any upsets you may ask for help on. Well God will get them one day on their hot sweaty island spending my money and yours. What am I going to do to get my money back, pray a lot that God takes me before friends and family fine out that I was not as smart as they thought I was.

  84. Jesse

    A fool and his money are soon parted…unfortunately I am that fool. I invested in this program. I was told that if I didn’t earn money within the first program that I would get $500. All for $49, seems like a good offer right?

    Wrong. Guess again folks. This is one of the shadiest sales pitches ever.

    To make it through the course, you have to invest an additional $1997. So wipe that idea out, that is a lot of smoke and a lot of mirrors and even if you did get your $500 back you would be out $1500.

    In a word, MOBE is a scam. Matt Lloyd is a scam and I am not the only one saying this. Wake up people and do some research there are so many reports out there about this program. Do your research before these crooks steal money from you.

    Thankfully they only got me for $49 which I am in the process of getting refunded from my credit card company.

    • Kyle

      Wise words. Unfortunately I would say that often times people are not being fools when they join programs like MOBE, they are honestly trying to seek out an opportunity for better future for themselves and their families. Programs like this really take advantage of the vulnerable and force sell them into buying stuff they don’t need just so they can promote the same overpriced, high ticket garbage to others.

      Spending $1997 on INFORMATION is ludicrous and I am glad you were able to see what was going on Jesse. If you ever do need some real help and want to create a REAL business online the proper way (and do so within absolutely any niche or with any interest), I would be more than happy to help you out for FREE (no joke).

      • Isabelle

        Hi Kyle;
        I was just about to invest in MOBE when I found this site.
        You said you can give some information on how to do the online business.
        I am a single mother and I need to generate extra cash.
        Would you share your info with me, please?.

        • Kyle

          Hey Isabelle,

          I have provided an outline of the process of creating a REAL business within the online world (which doesn’t require you to shamelessly recruit others into a scheme). I have covered this within my “How Does It Work” page. This will also give you instructions as to how to go about getting your own business and website rolling…free of charge.

  85. Thomas

    Wow..! Thank you sir! I was just about to invest my hard-earned $50 dollars in MOBE but had my suspicions. I’m soooo glad that I read some reviews online first!

    • Kyle

      Yeah, read no further than the what people are saying within the comments here to get a good gauge as to what you can come to expect when you join the MOBE scheme. People are getting taken for a ride unfortunately and the $49 is just to get you in the door. To do anything of substance within this course you would have been looking at spending $1,000’s more so consider yourself lucky.

  86. Matt

    Well here is my formal vent about the scam that exists inside of MOBE and the truth that is actually taking place there.

    Without suckers like myself, this bloody scheme would not existing. Matt Lloyd is a crooked businessman that has built his empire off of the failure and naivety of others.

    Simple dudes like me that have a dream that get crushed by high ticket programs and ruthless promotional tactics. Everywhere in My Online Business Empire you see mothers, daughters, guys like me, grandparents parting ways with their last money so they can join the scheme and promote the scheme to others.

    Sickening. Disgusting. Unethical.

    Today I am officially removed from this program, I cut ties to any sponsor or so called “friend” within the program and I am not going to let the door hit my on the ass on the way out. I am also filing a complaint with the FTC and from the sounds of it we should all group up and file complaints about this guy and take down this scam once and forall.


    If you read this and are even remotely thinking of joining, RUN. RUN FAR! This program was built of the vulnerable folks out there seeking to better their lives and will only end if we can all stop being such suckers for this crap.

    I lost over $5,000 to this program. Please don’t trace my footsteps.

    • Kyle

      So sorry to hear about your experiences Matt. If you read the comments below you will see that you are by no means alone. That does not make this any better, but by you reaching out and sharing your experience I know you are going to help save others from losing $1,000’s to this program.

    • MT

      I got taken for over $24,000, so don’t feel too bad on the $5000. Thanks for the link I placed a complaint just for grins – I know my money is gone, but I think if enough people come out it could help to put a stop to it. Matt’s very smart and has gotten much help on protecting himself from any harm from the authorities. This is why the headquarters is set up in Malaysia now. Plus he has patsies in the United Kingdom and in the United States that hold bank accounts for wire transfers. We will not beat him, but we could be a help in stopping him. Thanks for the link and the motivation to actually file a complaint.

  87. Laydee Dee

    Dear Kyle

    Thanks for the in depth review of MOBE/MTTB. I recently joined the scheme through a ‘friend’. I had seen some of the negative views but decided to try it myself anyway as the ‘application’ fee wasn’t much for me and my ‘friend’ was putting such a great spin on it.

    I made it to step 2 before I became annoyed. I was unable to progress as my ‘coach’ was unavailable to unlock the next steps. I emailed and left messages on Skype, so I contacted ‘support’ to unlock the steps. Support said only my coach was able to unlock the steps (so what would happen if my coach got ran over and couldn’t get online or something?.

    I asked support several times, eventually after 5 days my coach reappeared and unlocked the steps.

    The day before my coach reappeared I requested a refund as it was clear I would not complete the 21 steps within the guarantee period. I was promptly offered a refund that is yet to materialise. I will be contacting my credit card company.

    Still no mention about the $2,000 investment to become a MOBE licensee.

    I am disappointed in my friend for either a) lying about making money with MOBE or b) not having a conscience and being quite willing to dupe people into being part of the scheme.

    He was once an honest person but clearly something has changed, quite sad really as I think he has the talent to make a successful business based on his own products and experience.

    I am now with WA and it’s definitely a better place for new people like myself. Lots of encouragement and support.


    • Laydee Dee

      May I also add that the comments from MOBE affiliates below are amusing. The majority sound totally uneducated. If MOBE really is a good system then at least construct a good argument for it rather than looking childish and silly with comments not backed up with any facts or useful information.

    • Kyle

      It is amazing what money will do to some people. It will allow them to pull down their ethical guard for the sake of making money, even if it is from their own friends. That is the exact problem with lots of programs, in order to make money you have to take money from others by getting them to join in your downline…then for you to make money, you have to do the same things. The unethical behaviour then continues.

  88. Randy Grossman

    At least I only had to spend $49 to find out what NOT to do. Someone could really make a lot of money if they would REALLY teach an honest course in affiliate marketing.

    Randy Grossman

    • Kyle

      I would be more than happy to help you get rolling with an honest and ethical online business…teaching you the proper way to do it Randy. I would be more than happy to work with you personally and it is 100% free to get rolling inside of WA.

      • leigha cook

        Man my bubble just got pop”ed.!!!!
        I just spent the 49 bucks and that was all I had I seen where you said you could teach Randy Grossman with a online business can you teach me?? I live in the country and its really hard to commute!

        thanks sincerely leigha Cook

        • Kyle

          Yes, would be more than happy to help you out Leigha. The beauty about an online business is that it can be run from anywhere, being in the country or on a beach somewhere, it doesn’t matter. I suggest you head over here and get rolling for FREE.

  89. Rusty

    I Kept getting emails and sent them to the Spam folder but they will not stop coming. Just showing that they give a list of emails of people not even looking for a SCAM. So right there they are WASTING THEIR MONEY!! I did just to see what kind of scam it was and it starts out with a lie right off the bat. When you click on it,it says Congratulations you are 69 of 70 people chosen to see this program.

    Well I clicked out of it and did it again a week later and it said the same thing. WOW how can that be?? I wanted to fined out how was going this and looked up Matt Lloyd on facebook and Then looked up him + scam in Google and several websites came up saying the same thing. I did something similar to this call Trafficdesign 24 hour cash. I put out $2,000.00 and took a year top get it back but they wanted more and more but good thing I did not give them any more. What ot say thank you for being out there to warn people. How ever!! Is there any good online business at all?? They all seam to be a scam.

    • Kyle

      Not everything is a scam out there, it just so happens that there are many programs that are based around a structure similar to some of the most prolific pyramid schemes out there. They rely on newcomers into the program to feed people higher up in the chain and upon you joining, you are required to promote the program to others (often times shamefully) to recoup your costs and earn money.

      This program is overpriced and the principles of this program rely on inflating their prices so that you can earn higher commissions from your downline. At the end of the day it is an baseless exchange of money and as soon as the scheme stops getting fed but “fooled” customers, it will likely collapse.

  90. Jane

    Well they got me for the initial$49 but then I was going to do the 4 installment plan and then I started to see the light and found this website fortunately. I will be telling them, now that I ordered two books recommended) that I will not be continuing the course. Got through Step 6 before I started to wonder if I was being scammed. Thanks Kyle!

    • Kyle

      If one of your steps is making a 4 instalment purchase (spending $1,000’s) you have succumb to a scam. I don’t think there is anything more obvious than that and I am thankful you didn’t get sucked into the MOBE scheme Jane as many folks have.

  91. James

    Downloaded John Chow’s eBook and almost took the plunge. Luckily, my payment did not go through and they continued to pester me with emails on how to resolve this payment issue. After doing some research on the whole thing, I quickly unsubscribed from their email lists and want nothing to do with this.Its quite sad that we have such kind of people just out to reap guys off. Clearly there is no value offered to help people build an online business empire as they claim. I lost respect for John Chow. Am sorry to the many who have lost $1000s to this scam.

    • Kyle

      The people promoting programs like this are in it solely to earn money. There is no other reason, they are not doing it because it is a fair value for what you get. At the end of the day, anyone that promotes this scheme or any like it can be categorized and filtered into your spam bin. They definitely do not have you in their best interest, rather their own wallet.

  92. Dee J

    Complete scam that I signed up to for $50 with a guarantee of $500 or double my money back and no other investment needed.

    After step 6 the coach is telling me i need to buy the license rights, what a joker, he says “nineteen nighty five” who any normal person would think 19.95 luckily I asked him to email the details and then found out it was $1995.00!

    What a complete scam, trying to sell digital products that are at a ridiculous price by someone who doesn’t deserve any value apart from being a con man.

    The people giving good reviews are either new, work for the company or know they have been scammed and trying to make some money back.

    Its completely ridiculous and the people who say they are making money are probably lying as the only way they can is by selling digital junk to others by this digital joker.

  93. Mona

    Hello Kyle.

    I jumped into this page because I was searching if MOBE is a scam. Thank you for giving me the insight on that. I have been using the last two days reading q&a’s on at least three of your pages about WA. But I still have a couple of questions I cant see the answer to yet.

    I’ve learned the HARD way (loss of my car, $10000,and most of my family) that when something seems to good to be true, it usually is.. I am a single parent, disabeled because of a car accident, and have very low income. I am worried about how to afford the expenses when my boy grows up, and of course I am already thinking about my economy down the road when i get to the retirement age.

    I understand I can join your free WA account. But I’ve learned that Nothing is for free, so my first Q is: how much money do I have to spend to generate interaction, traffic, rankings etc to my website?

    Q2: do I have to test different products and review to make money online? If so, what is the price range for this?

    Q3: am I able to do this from an iPad? I dont have a laptop or computer at this time, I will need to earn some money before I can buy it.

    I don’t have any money to spend, but I do have all the time. I have about 6 hours a day, mon-fri, to use. Is there any chanse for me to be successful with your program? I would really like to get financially free, for my son and my self, so I can help the small part of the family I have left to do the same thing…

    I would really appretiate your reply on this. Thank you and have a great day 🙂

    • Kyle

      You are definitely correct, anything that seems too good to be true typically is. That is the case with most of this industry, there really are so many scams out there and “gurus” standing in line to take your money and run. I know you will find WA truly different and in response to your questions:

      Q1 is: how much money do I have to spend to generate interaction, traffic, rankings etc to my website?

      You don’t need to spend any money. We teach you free marketing techniques that you can use to get your content indexed and ranked in Google and other search engines. My approach is to always get a website ranked, getting traffic and converting…and then once you have some revenue coming in you can diversify into paid marketing techniques like PPC. This will all be taught to you.

      Q2: do I have to test different products and review to make money online? If so, what is the price range for this?

      No, you don’t. You will be creating a website in any niche you want, working to become an authority within that niche, and then earning revenue in the process.

      Q3: am I able to do this from an iPad? I dont have a laptop or computer at this time, I will need to earn some money before I can buy it.

      You can, but it will definitely be more difficult. Although iPads are great devices, it is difficult to be productive from them. If you have a wireless keyboard that can definitely help lead to more productivity, but I always recommend that folks use their ipads for consumption and their desktop/laptops for production. You can definitely make progress with your ipad, but it might be a little slower.

      Hope this helps you out here.

  94. BigToe

    I reviewed steps 1-8 of this Mode program, and I have learned three new things that I didn’t know before after spending the $50 or whatever the entry fee is.

    1) Google URL builder adds website tracking code
    2) That tracking code can be reviewed in Google Analyitics. Those were from the second video
    3) The rest of the time I spent watching these videos was wasted.

    The little Aussie prick was saying the same shit over and over. At one point i woke up because my head fell on the desk from boredom. I knew something was up when I first paid the $50 and got a welcome email…..followed directly by another email that said they did not receive my payment. I Immediately checked my card and sure enough it had processed. That is the instance I knew it was a scam, but I still wanted to watch some of the nonsense since I already paid and figured I wouldn’t be getting it back anyway.

  95. Skip

    Hi Kyle,
    I have purchased the “licence rights product” from Mobe, and have been trying to make sense of all the information. I am trying to study the products now to see if there is any value. The high priced back end sales don’t make sense to me. Eventually you run out of people to join up, so it has to fall apart eventually, just like any MLM system that doesn’t provide real value to the consumers. I’ll let you know if I find anything of value or lack thereof.


    • Kyle

      That is the case with any MLM, they are only as strong as their ability to chase more people into their schemes. Eventually the market will decide the fate of these programs and also the demise. You can only rip so many people off before people start to smarten up.

  96. Michael

    Thanks for article Kyle. I went to one of their ‘free seminars’ and after a long day signed up for the 3 day seminar (as price was reasonable). This was a few days ago, but it just sounded a bit ‘strange’. So did some research. From what I can see, they haven’t charged me for the seminar yet, so I’m going to cancel the card so I don’t have to deal with the guarantee of getting a refund.

    For those who don’t believe it’s a Ponzi scheme, all you need to do is look at their documents. Found this online, showing exactly how it is.

    The Compensation Plan

    • Kyle

      Yeah, the compensation speaks volumes as to what type of program it is. It doesn’t take a scientist to determine it is a scheme that is based on one person trying to fool the next into joining the party.

  97. Mack

    I got an email from Matt and his team telling me how great their program is. It was all fine and dandy until they told me how much their friggin program is.

    I can’t believe the Internet police have not taken out this scam yet. I did a good deal of research and you are about the 5th negative review I have come across and I have even spoken directly with some past members. They said the reason more people are not talking negative about this program is because you have to sign a disclaimer saying what happens in MOBE stays in MOBE.

    Seems shady to me. I know if I go to the store and buy a product I can let people know about it, why do they need to go through legal ropes to try to prevent people from talking about their program.

    Please distinguish these criminals from the online world, they belong in jail.

    • Kyle

      Yeah, this is a very common thing with these shady pyramid style programs out there. It is like the fight club, you can’t talk about it (unless you are promoting it) and the bind you to agreements saying you won’t say “bad”. The reason they do this is because they know a large percentage of the people involved in their program are going to realize that they are being ripped off and complain. These baseless contracts are to try to minimize these but as time goes on you will see more and more complaints about My Online Business Empire surfacing.

  98. Sean M


    I was looking at some John Chow stuff – and thought wow. But something just didn’t quite stack- they were not creating a product. If everyone is selling the same thing ie Mobe, how the heck are you going to make your money. After looking at all the upsells and reading how people have lost thousands – I am relieved I found this website. Its stopped me from making one of the biggest mistakes of my life. Thank you. It seems that you really cannot trust anyone these days- unless you do your full due diligence.

    • Kyle

      People make money through you buying into the program underneath them…and then you make money by doing the same to others. It is as simple as that and any success story you will ever hear about within MOBE is from those that are promoting the program (in the highest levels of the triangle). It is crooked and if it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, there is a very good chance it is a scam.

    • Kyle

      That is exactly it. Unfortunately in order to sell people into programs like this one, you have to check your ethics and morals at the door because you are in essence taking money directly from them and putting it into your pocket. The purpose? So that you can teach these folks to do the same injustice to others. It truly is a vicious cycle when you are taking part in schemes like mobe.

  99. STEVO

    stupid MOBE is a scam. l registered and found out that they want me to upgrade after the stupid 21 step training that make you look like a secondary school student. and l said l don’t want to continue l want my money back. But they haven’t given me back. it so ridiculous that a company like that has no customer service number that you can ring. they will tell you to send a ticket. it is a SCAM DONT APPLY MY FRIEDS

    • Kyle

      There have been many complaints about their customer service at My Online Business Empire and this is typically the case when you do ask for a refund (when you realize that you are actually involved in a spin cycle of upsells). Consider yourself lucky that you didn’t get sucked into the $10,000’s in potential upsells, people have lost a lot more money than you have to this program.

  100. Dennis Reyes

    Hi Kyle. I’m Dennis from California and I was surfing into my computer which I found MOBE. I took my time and saw their ad and I was convinced.
    I was convinced simply because of the 49 dollar purchase program. So I went and purchase it believing that it might work, even though I knew that I’m struggling financially. After the purchase, they e-mail me saying that I should get started on the 21-step process with the assigned “Top Tier Coach.” It was around 3 am when this is happening.

    An hour later…At first, I was having a lot of great assumptions, but then I had gut feeling there was something wrong. So I browse the web to check the reviews about “My Online Business” and here I am reading your article realizing I made a mistake.

    I had the great assumptions on making money to be “financial-free” but I realize that I need to revoke this program.

    I’m commenting to ask you if there’s a way in canceling this and getting the 49 dollars back? I tried going to their website to cancel it but I can’t find it. I even went to their support system and asked for refund… They don’t show anything.

    Or should I just accept the fact that I lost 50 bucks for my lack of critical thinking and realize that I made a mistake??

    (It’s January 20, 2015 around 4 am and I regret for my recent actions. I should’ve done my research first)

  101. Andrea

    I just received the email scam from mobe paid the $49 called the coach 4 times no answer I right then felt sceptical I emailed still no response so I contact the support help and asked to cancel it took me 3 times finally the coach named Jo called and we talked he was rather ride and short with me so I emailed him and told him I wanted to cancel and they refunded my money it says it will be back in my account in 2-4 businesses days hope so.. I asked him if he was a millionaire he said no he wouldn’t even let me know how much he had made he said he works from home but works all the time who wants to do that?

  102. Shaiful

    Just joined the MOBE system only a week ago. Have completed 6 steps. My coach asked me if I was ready to buy the license. I said no – I wanted to finish all the steps (21 of them). I also had the following comments
    — “Regarding becoming licensed: I would like to go through all the steps before I make the decision. So far I am not too impressed about the way people are making money. Income is not product based, rather it is based on potential participants like me, who would buy programs and the money paid for the licensing programs would be distributed as commission. The products are not well known and not sure who would pay $197 for just few CDs. Again, I really need to go through all the steps.”–

    He replied with the intention to downgrade my level and his reply was: — “if you cannot do MOBE license rights I will transfer you to a new coach different steps in our budget program called our yes program different company not MOBE. let me know” —

    I became suspicious and found your site. I am not going to continue of course. Though I feel sorry for the people who lost thousands, is there a way I can get my $97 back. I recently lost my job and that $97 is a lot of money to me. Shaiful

    • Kyle

      You would have to contact their support Shaiful and if you don’t hear from them, you would have to contact your credit card/bank to see if they can help you. Unfortunately many companies like MOBE are popping up where the way people within the program is by pushing you into high ticket items like this, they make money when you continue to buy these overpriced upgrades. $197 is just the start, many people are losing $1,000’s to this program.

  103. Andre Criswell

    I am so glad that I’ve done my own research into MOBE and that people have posted these comments before I got into MOBE. THANKS!

  104. Mickey

    I had a bad feeling about this in the beginning but then I got sucked into their pitch and got in with $1997, paying $99 per month for their circle, hoping this might be something I could actually make money like some others claimed. BUT once I finished my $49 21 steps and bought license program and decided not to buy into their higher program, I was basically dumped with NO communications from anyone. I feel completely stupid…:( I’d like to ask for a refund but am afraid it might be too late,( got in back in September of this year)… I still would like to try though like some people suggested here in the comments above. As many of them mention here, I just don’t feel comfortable selling them to friends and family knowing their “upsell” is really really high! I don’t even know where to ask for a refund. Their customer contact is very poor, in my opinion.

  105. MSS

    I am beside myself with worry after reading all of this!!! About 5 weeks ago my mother sent me a text asking if I would like to go on vacation with her. She said that she was the recipient of an all inclusive getaway for two and would pay my airfare. Of course I said yes. Three days later she sent me the plane ticket and I was dreaming of my tropical vacation with my mother (who is nearing 70 and lives on the other side of the country). It was about a week later when she began talking to me about MOBE and that we are attending a platinum master mind event. Having no idea what this is, I did a lot of research and am convinced my mother is being totally scammed. My huge problem is that she has spent the money on our plane tickets and invested an undisclosed amount in MOBE AND….I have no idea how to handle this situation!! Do I wait until the plane ride home to try to talk some sense into her? In the meantime I am worried that she will be investing even more money. Apparently there is the standard practice of purchasing phone lists for hundreds of dollars from MOBE associates and then turning them back over to MOBE for them to do the ‘calling’. I would appreciate any advice you have.

  106. valerie

    I looked up online for in home jobs. If they ask for money to work for them (MOBE) they are a ‘scam’. Go to AA airlines they are hiring for in home on line reservations. you can work in your home . Every once in a while you will have to go to there main office for training ITS A REAL JOB AND YOU DONT HAVE TO GIVE THEM ANY MONEY. peace 🙂

    • Kyle

      It is highly unusual for a company to charge you money to work for them. It is definitely more common in the MLM world, but I have never been involved with a company that charged you money to promote their products (ie, through the affiliate program). Very unusual indeed.

  107. David

    Hi Kyle,
    It is nice to read your review about Mobe which is indeed a SCAM.

    Please inform your readers who have paid Mobe to contact their credit card company to request for refund.

    Before they do that, they must first send in their request for order cancellation and refund. This is required by the credit card company, normally this must be done before the 45 days from the date they placed their orders. With Mobe reply they then send their dispute to their credit card company. There are many reasons your readers can dispute even though they have signed Mobe license agreement.

    Sometimes the credit card company may not look into your dispute if it is more than 45 days and no dispute was reported within the 45 days. But, I had a case in which I asked a company in Calgary to develop a website and after 6 months the website was still not completed. So it was after 6 months then I sent a cancellation but the web developer would not give me the refund. Nevertheless, I sent to the credit card company my dispute with the email exchanges I had with the web developer and within 2 months I received my refund. Your readers therefore must prepare a good case for the credit card company to send their dispute to the vendor’s credit card company so that they stand on good ground to receive their refund. Even though they have signed the Mobe license agreement which guaranteed refund after 12 months if the licensee did not make any money, they have many good reasons to back up their refund request.

    Please inform those of your readers who have such issue to quickly send in their order cancellation for refund and at the same time inform their credit card company of their dispute.

    I hope this is helpful.

    • Kyle

      Yeah, sometimes desperate measures require this sort of action. I always recommend to folks that if they cannot get anywhere with the initial lines of support or they are being ignored that they consider contacting their credit card for help. Sometimes this is the only solution and from the responses I have gotten from MANY folks that joined MOBE, you are going to have a tough time getting a refund through their protocols so this may be the only way.

  108. Maureen Meggers

    I have only paid the $47. I went through the training offered to Step 6 at this point you are stagniate until you pay $1997 into the program to be an an affiliate within the company. I did have a coach or mentor if you will call me everyday, but he started to get very pushy. I am a graduate with a Master’s degree in Business with a Advertising major. I do not understand why they would not tell you what you are selling and this made me curious. I started to write down all the names of the founders who are: Jeff Lerner, Matt Lloyd, Dave Nayavich, Darren Salkeld, Mike Antoni, John Neff, Michael Force, and Mike Williams. If you notice none of them live in the United States and all the travels done for the company is out of the United States for meetings for MOS. Each of these names came up with fishy items. This is a scam and I am so sorry for those who have been hurt by this. In my research I found 6 phone numbers and 5 different addresses. If this was a true blue company they would be with the BBB. THEY ARE NOT! My heart goes out to those scammed, but thank you for helping out the rest of us to make a decision. And remember Karma will come to them.

    • Kyle

      Wow, $30,000. To me that is pure insanity that someone could get sucked into a scheme for this sort of money. Your brother will have to go through the proper processes to get the refund and the worst case scenario, he should be contacting his financial institution/FTC to deal with this issue if they cannot get anywhere with the company support.

    • mark

      $30 000 – this is terrible to hear. Did he manage to get some money back? I understand the full cost for all levels was about $26 000.

  109. Natalie Forte

    Thank god I did my research before putting any money out there.First rule of doing or trying anything is do your research first before putting money out.Rule 2 know what your looking for make sure you know what you want. And rule 3 always check ☑ reviews to see what other people’s say about the product and information.

  110. Pamela


    I’ve researched and read for hours, about Mobe and it’s victims.
    All I can say is “Class-Action suit”.
    Anyone is invited to contact me.
    You only need 3 people who were ripped-off in some, same way.
    Obviously Mobe has deep pockets and has deceived numerous people.

    • Linda

      I am a retiree in my seventies. I was eager to find some way of making money that I could pass on to some struggling friends and family. I was even excited about entering this entirely new and youthful world of internet marketing. I was persuaded to buy into Mobe by an extremely charming retired doctor (I think)of about my own age. Through him I went $1997. The training was not good, in fact I was abandoned by my trainer, who decided he no longer wanted to train anyone. I found the hyped programme vastly more difficult and expensive than I had been led to believe. It can be learned of course. I found that anyone who did not ‘make it’ was called a loser, a procrastinator, even a fool. However, in the end I decided that if I felt uncomfortable promoting this to friends I could not promote to strangers either. I tried to get my money back but my emails were not answered. One lives and learns even at my advanced age, but it was a hard lesson. I suppose nothing can be done, but in my situation the loss is a considerable one.

      • Kyle

        They called you a loser for not succeeding with their pyramid scheme? That is very shameful. Just because you were not willing to promote the very same program to others that was overpriced and offered very little value in terms of creating an actual business.

        There are many schemes like this that are known to bully people if they don’t succeed making them feel as though it is their fault, not the programs. Empower Network is another on of these schemes that loosely uses the word “loser” & “wimp” if someone is unable to achieve success. This sort of belittling really says a lot about a company.

        So sorry to hear about your experience with My Online Business Empower Linda, but I do thank you for sharing your experiences. I know it will likely save many others from exposing themselves from this scam and prevent them from being talked down upon by those that are supposed to be helping them.

    • Soheil Mahanian

      I am a victim to the tune of about $2000.00 but I never did promote their business because I realized that most likely it was a scam but unfortunately I found out a bit too late for myself.

  111. janet

    I consider myself to be lucky after seeing how much money other people have lost. I did however pay the $49. I saw scam reports and realized I made a big mistake. When I cancelled I was told that the money would be refunded in 2-5 days.They have now told me that 3 times. I sent a hateful email yesterday and here is the response that I got last night.

    Hello Janet,

    While trying to process your refund, we are not seeing we received a payment for you under your name or this email, please provide us with a receipt and screenshot of your bank or credit card company statement showing the payment and we will investigate it for you right away.

    Looking forward to your response.

    Kind regards,

    You have got to be kidding me. Thank goodness I kept the receipt!

    • Kyle

      This is very typical. Companies that offer guarantees use them very loosely but when it comes time to actually give people their money back (that are unhappy), they make it so difficult to get. This is exactly what MOBE is doing to you and if it persists, I would go one level above to your credit card company. I wish you all the best here Janet.

      • Shayna Arnold

        Ha Kyle, I have signed up with mobe for the $1997.00 And due to unforseen situation i have asked for a refunded.. Beacuse i signed the agreement they will not refunded me.. Is there a way around this.. Or should i just give it a go.. get all the proof in need. You would think they would have a cooling off period. Like most online business do, if it does not suit you they do give a refund. I know this to be true.

        • Kyle

          Shayna, this sounds like a very common thread amongst people that are joining MOBE. They are having an impossible time getting a refund and they tie you into legal print to try to prevent you from getting a refund. I am sorry you are having such trouble with this and in a worst case scenario, you should consider contacting your bank or credit card to see if they can help you resolve this issue.

  112. Garth

    I got suckered into the license rights program at $1200 over several payments, based on the generous promises of a wannabe guru. Once I got in, it quickly became clear to me that the likelihood of selling Matt’s overpriced courses was slim, and that the real money was to be had in conning other people into the program, with it’s endless $3000, $5000 and $10,000 upsells. Sorry, I have ethical issues with that business model, I am familiar with it and it leaves a trail of destruction. I was looking for a real business that offered real value for fair compensation.

    Oh well, at least I had the 2 bonuses the aspiring guru promised, right? That’s why I joined in the first place. Well, it turns out, as well intentioned as he was, the ambitious young man had no follow through, he would start something and then change directions faster than I. I got nothing but promises.

    The only saving grace was, MOBE “forgot” to take my last payments so I was only out $600 – yippee.

    The scary thing is how many big name gurus are jumping on this. Every time I get a new solicitation from one of them, I completely lose confidence in them – either their judgement or ethics are demonstrated to be poor. Either one is bad.

    • Kyle

      Garth, you are going to find this with many of the big name GURUS. The reality of it is that they have made most of their money online by taking it from others…and doing so in a way that is not ethical by any means. Anyone pushing this in your direction does not have you in their best interest, rather they have their bank account in their best interest.

      In the last 13 years I have seen a lot within the online world and one thing that has persisted this entire time is that the most “trusted” gurus are some of the least trustworthy. Make your judgement based on actions, not how “awesome” someone tells you they are or how much money they say they are making.

  113. Phil de Fontenay

    I got sucked in for $1997.

    When I joined a month ago, I found their affiliate tracking system was broken and not even tracking all the traffic I was sending. It’s been a month and their support hasn’t even bothered to fix the issue.

    I put in for a refund but of course you have to try it for 12 months and show that you used at least 3 of their methods before they consider a refund.

    They really are a scam!!

    Phil de Fontenay

    • Kyle

      Thanks for dropping by Phil. I know your feedback of MOBE will help prevent others from going through what you are now dealing with. I wish you all the best and if you do need a hand (and trust the industry enough moving forward), I would love to help you get moving in the right direction to properly create an online business.

  114. Jen

    Thanks for letting the world know about Matt Lloyd and the scam that fool is running over at MOBE. He ripped me off and has my friend convinced that is OK to suck other friends into this scheme so they can earn money off of them.

    Just in the process of contacting my local authorities and also reporting this to the FTC. Anyone else that reads this and has been ripped off (so everyone that has ever joined this pyramid) please follow me in reporting this so others are not put out of their hard earned money from the ruthless team over at MOBE.

    Here is the link:


    I hope nobody else’s loses money to this company as I have and I am hoping I can recoup some of my losses here.

    My rant is done. Jen

    • Kyle

      Rants are OK sometimes and it sounds like this one is deserving Jen. So sorry to hear you feel this way and unfortunately it was your friend he “took” your money to get you into the MOBE scheme. The problem with all of these make money MLM schemes is that people join and then want to recoup their money they have sent and who better to make a sale off of than a friend or family member. Is it really worth a friendship?

      I do hope your journey moving forward is a much smoother one and I would be more than happy to help you out (for FREE) if you need a hand creating a business the PROPER way (in any niche you like) moving forward.

  115. Davies

    Allow me to share you my story. I was tempted by Alex Shelton last week to join this program for a one time payment of $49 with a promise that, we’d have access to Alex’s course as well and even if my application to join MOBE is rejected, apparently MOBE does quality control, I would be given a full refund and still keep my course with Alex. Now that was last week & there’s not a slightest ghostly whisper from Alex Shelton.

    Anyway, that very night, after payment, Matt emailed me and he had assigned a Top Tier Coach to monitor and assist me during the 21 steps I have to undergo. I’m in the 3rd now & after listening to it & watching all the other videos with all the testimonials, I became intrigued with all the different levels of membership and the commissions they were getting plus the huge Mercedez cars some top affiliates were getting.

    To make it brief, I managed to put the puzzles together and tonight it suddenly dawn on me that I’ll be promoting & selling the very same program. This was not mentioned in the 3 steps I’ve just finished but there were tell tale signs in the videos if you know how to read it.

    I decided to look up what MOBE is all about and came across your site. I shall be unsubscribing, put an end to our perhaps “profitable” partnership and then hang my head in shame. Thank goodness it was only $49. I won’t ask for a refund, not worth the hassle but his days are numbered now. I won’t forget him in each of my prayers. Oh, that goes for Alex Shelton too.

    Thank you Kyle for exposing this. I’m luckier than some of the people here who had spent more than $49.

    • Kyle

      Consider yourself lucky. You naturally came to the conclusion that something didn’t feel right. People are driving around in Mercedes because people like you are giving them the money to buy these Mercedes and the only way you can get there is by convincing (err…I mean fooling) enough people that this is their quickest way to success.

      It isn’t and like any MLM structure, the people at the top are the ones that are being fed by all the newcomers at the bottom. The fact that you join for $49 only to be pushed $1,000’s of products is unethical in itself and where it gets even worse is when you have to push other people into this exact same scheme…often times your friend and family.

  116. Mike

    I think you make some valid points Kyle and I have followed you for years now and I do think you are looking out for the good of others, plus I think your site offers a lot of value. I also have been following the MOBE system and Matt Lloyd. I want to add some additional facts to consider if you will allow me. I think you have to start with the customer “mindset” first then work your way to the company instead of the other way around. Most people want everything “done for them” you know and I know it, it’s just human nature right. Then you have the “go getters” massive action types. I think in your system the lazy person would fail pretty quickly. I think the MOBE system is attracting the types that want to put down the money push a button and make money. The “do for you” type of marketing and guess what there are a ton of these folks out there. The MOBE marketing knows how to hit those hot buttons and people buy into it. I think they call it “marketing”, because people are getting persuaded to purchase things all the time. It’s up to the customer to see the value. All MOBE is doing is feeding this hungry crowd bottom line. Do you follow me so far? Now the other issue is these folks DO NOT have a product to sell. Right? But they want in the game because why? The marketing has hit upon a basic need and that would be either “a need” or the ugly sister called “greed”. So what’s happening here is “greed” is feeding upon “greed”. The MOBE system teaches you strategies and it’s up to the person going thru the training to decide if it has provided them “value” and that they have learned from it. But getting back to may be why people sign with MOBE – Matt is providing everything that he says, and offers you to sell his training if you don’t have a product to promote yet. He also encourages you to create your own products in time and many do in time. It really comes down to the customer and what it is they want out of a system. As for it being a “Ponzi” scam I would say it falls short of the true definition of it in my opinion because “products” are being sold and there’s only one level to it. You can sell the products and people do buy them whether you think they are garbage or not. Again these are just my thoughts on it since I am familiar with both the systems. It comes down to the type of “customer” you are referring to. Your niche is not MOBE’s and MOBE’s is not yours. It’s comparing apples to oranges to each other. I honestly don’t think Matt Lloyd is trying to rip people off he loves marketing and he’s trying to create a product that would appeal to the right people as you are doing in your business. I know Matt is even trying to get out of the biz op area by changing the name of the company to My Online Business Education and to have a platform for the marketers that want to step up and create products that can be sold at MOBE. I think Matt sees that the “Biz Op” type customer is too high maintenance in the long run. I honestly think you will see a difference at MOBE in the near future, which I think is a smart move. I am not here to promote either side, but just to share a different side that really wasn’t addressed in the thread. It’s to easy to bash people online and sometimes we all need to view it from all sides. Buddy keep up the good work that you do I can see that your heart is in the right place.

  117. I’ve always wanted to pay well over $10k in training for information that I can get at Wealthy Affiliate for $47 per month! I mean, c’mon, people have to see right through this stuff. Everything I’ve seen from Matt Lloyd is 100% commission-oriented. I’ve seen people swear by his training but, after a little prodding and asking a few questions, it turns out that they really just love it because they’re making money letting the MOBE team sell to other people that they refer into the program. There are moral ways to make money in this industry and there are immoral ways. I’ll let people have a guess at which one “Referring people to a product just so I can make a lot of money at their expense” falls under.

    • Kyle

      People need to ask themselves:

      (1) Am I being promoted this program by someone who truly cares about me or are they driven by the fact they get money off of me if I join
      (2) Are they willing to help me if I don’t “upgrade”
      (3) Can I get much MORE for a lot less elsewhere

      Answering these 3 questions will lead to you making an obvious choice here. As you say Ian, there are moral ways to make money (by helping others) and immoral ways to make money (taking from others). This program unfortunately falls into the latter of these categories.

  118. Martin

    Matt claims right within his sales letter that I could make $1000…$3000…even $5000…without lifting a finger. I fell for it. I know, stupid move but when you are desperate and you have a push sponsor breathing buy, buy buy down your neck you make irrational decisions sometimes.

    He on a number of occasions has referred to people that are not succeeding within MOBE or who are complaining about the program as “whiny broke losers”. That is the owner Matt Lloyd himself showing his true colors!

    I personally invested or should I say was forcefully pushed into buying into the $1997 package. I asked for a refund, no dice. Their support was so friendly when I was willing to give them my money but they vanished when I asked for it back when I realized I was being scammed.

    I have reported this program to the FTC. I am so mad and I am going to be blogging everyone I can to get the news out about the false claims within this scam and I think it could even be illegal if it was looked at by someone in the legal industry.

    Don’t give the MOBE program any of your money. It is a one way vacuum machine.

    • Kyle

      Thanks for your feedback Martin, it is all too similar to what almost everyone is saying about this program (other than those that have been brainwashed and are trying to take money from others by promoting this program). I wish you all the success as you move forward and I hope you can get somewhere with the support team. If you ever need any help moving forward, do know that I would be more than happy to help you create a real business online…the proper way. Just let me know.

  119. Terry

    I also paid the $49 with the prospect of having lots of money flow into my bank account.
    I did it because my sponsor seemed a genuine bloke on the Warrior Forum.
    I have been given a Squeeze Page by my sponsor but told not to promote the products until I have purchased The MOBE license for $1997. His reason was that I would not get the commission.
    I started to get suspicious and found that in fact I would be part of his downline.
    My goal was to have my own downline which I could not have until I upgraded.
    I have been given a coach from MOBE who is putting the pressure on also to upgrade.
    They don’t want me to get away LOL

    So Thanks Kyle we need more people who tell the truth.
    Its very refreshing. Not many of you around.

    Wealthy affiliate is a great program.
    I was part of it many years ago when I first started.

    • Kyle

      The reason you were pushed the $1997 product is because your “sponsor” is going to earn money if you upgrade…that is the only reason they are interested in working with you with the idea that you might upgrade and earn them money. I can assure you that if you don’t hand over your money, your lines of support are going to diminish very quickly…the same things happens within all of these schemes.

      It sounds like you know what is going on here. There are much better things you can do with $2K than hand it over to your sponsor for overpriced, inflated fromage.

  120. Lela

    Thanks for info Kyle.

    As for me,the most trusted online platform to get all skills of computing industry,learn how to build profitable web/Blog with a luxury web design it is WA.

    Thanks for setting up WA-great online marketing university,community and an affiliate program. I can’t not to mention your great support 24 hours/7 days.

    Best regards Mrs.L.M.B

    • Kyle

      So glad you are enjoying your experience WA Lela and one thing I can assure you and anyone else that is part of the community. We are never done improving. With every day that passes we are continually updating, evolving and improving the community and WA and we have some major rollouts coming to members in late 2014 and through 2015…a lot more awesomeness coming!

  121. Lynda Mekalick

    VERY interesting comments here, Kyle. I totally agree with all the commenters – and you – who say that MOBE is a huge rip off and a scam.

    I’ve never joined MOBE, but I HAVE joined EN (Empower Network – Dave Wood), ILN (Internet Lifestyle Network – Vince Ortega), and IP (Internet Profits – Dean Holland).

    Fortunately, I was NOT “convinced” by their heavy “persuasion” tactics, and never paid more than a small joining fee for the first two programs.

    However, Dean Holland of Internet Profits came across with a much gentler and nicer approach, and VERY convincing! I won’t say that I was “sucked in”. That’s not fair! I’m a big girl and I take FULL responsibility for my own “mistakes”.

    I paid US$2,000 for just the first “platform” of Dean’s scheme, fully understanding that he has a “no refund” policy. Once “inside” the system I discovered that he offers all his training by way of videos featuring himself. The stuff he teaches is ALL stuff I already know; his presentation is NOT good – not presented in a smooth way – he stops and starts and says things like “you know” often throughout his presentations. I absolutely consider his “products” to be waaay over priced and stuff that you can learn elsewhere MUCH cheaper – like your program for example. (I’m a free member of your program – have been for years! SHAME on me, it’s high time I did something with it – lol).

    I’m NOT crying over spilt milk – as I said, I’m a big girl and I take full responsibility. I’ll never see the $2 grand again, but I own 4 successful off line businesses along with my husband, so I’m OK. I do soooo feel for the people who could ill afford to lose these large amounts of money in any of these schemes!

    I’m convinced that affiliate marketing – and SOME forms of DIRECT marketing – are the way to go if they’re done properly.

    So guess what? I’m about to go into my WA back office and start getting my ACT together. Lol!

    WHY am I doing this now? Well, Ross and I are getting older, our health’s not what it used to be, and we want to sell up and completely retire. I’ve always liked the idea of earning an HONEST living online (took a while to realize that these over priced MLM schemes are NOT honest!) So now is a good time for me to SERIOUSLY knuckle down and give this internet marketing stuff a good nudge.

    • Kyle

      Glad you are making the right decision and not joining another “scheme”. That is exactly what you would be doing if you joined MOBE, it is not $49…you are going to be heavily pushed a $2,000 product (that is just the start) once you are inside the program. That is how they make their money and how your “sponsors” get paid and keep the vicious cycle going.

      I am sorry to hear you have already wasted $2K on a program like this and I am glad that you are not going to let it happen again.

    • Loris

      Hi Lynda,

      Thanks for the feedback. I just paid the $ 49 the other day, then I waited to be paired up with a “mentor”. I emailed them because nobody got back to me within 24hrs, as they promised. Now I realize this is also a tactic to get you more sucked in. Make you wait and want more.
      I just watched Step 5 and 6 of the program today, and thank God I didn’t pay the $ 1997.00. Lost just $ 49 but oh well, lesson learned. I do intend to pursue internet marketing in an honest way though. What kind of internet marketing do you do?

    • Ian

      Lynda thanks for the comment about IP – I have just made the same mistake – paid my $2000 – and feel that the material is not particularly good.

      All text with a somewhat difficult tone to listen to.

      Oh well will have to look for something legitimate if it ever turns up. I have never tried it but maybe WA is the way to go.

  122. Yep, a scam it is indeed. This thing CANNOT work unless they have a continuous stream of new entrants. This system does not add value and all of their products can be bought elsewhere or are even available free.

    I also bought the $49 entry level package to see for myself where it was going to go.

    And my expectations were realized. No surprises there.

    The refund promise in the initial offer was so compelling that I had to see this for myself.

    The 21 Step “Training” is not training but 21 boring promotional videos that rehash the same stuff over and over.

    These folks are full of themselves that is for sure.

    But, everyone of us is entitled to an opinion I suppose.

  123. Jay

    I’m spent 2 grand with mobe. They make you feel stupid when your trying to get there so called coaching. It is the most confusing 3 websites I have ever dealt in my life. Please do not feel stupid people, they do that to intimidate you..I know i will never get my money back. They called me last week and said I am invited to Atlanta Ga. where I can get free training. I know nothing is free. I will go anyway just to inform you of what they say. Thanks Jay..

    • Kyle

      Sorry to hear about this Jay, but I can assure you that there is no free lunch. They are inviting you to Atlanta so they you can either be trained to “suck” other people into this program or you will be required to pay more money for the aspect of this program. There was a company called Stompernet that did this exact same thing back in the day….needless to say they are out of business now.

      All the best and if you ever need a hand building a business (a real one), I would love to help you out.

  124. Kahsoon

    Last year I took up their free one month trial. Didn’t find value in it. Cancelled it within the first month. I am now with Wealthy Affiliate as a Premium Account member. Loving every minute of it. The community feel is great. The lessons are fun. Kyle and Carson respond quickly and regularly. Most importantly, you know you are putting work into something you want to build and to share and to benefit other people’s lives.

    Keep up the good work WA.

  125. Bob berdine

    I thank you for your comments and insight. I have been looking for the last couple of months to get involved in a online business and it has been (after research) one scam after another. I don”t mind hard work but can”t afforded mistakes (scams).

    • Kyle

      There are a lot of them out there and they are all starting to look very similar in nature. You join a program at a low entrance fee (like MOBE), you are hit with upsells for much higher ticket items and in order to promote those items, you are forced to upgrade. Then you sell the same program to others and the scheme continues on. Nothing about this is creating a business as the requirement for you to “stay” in business relies on you sucking more people into a scheme like this one. It is unethical and I can honestly see no end to these programs popping up.

  126. Cody

    I wanted to share my side of the true story of how i first got involved with Matt.

    I first bought a product with Jonathan budd, promoted by Matt, and it was all very convincing buying from his link to get his “BOnuses”

    Well he kept his promises giving me a cashback, and all.. etc.

    Then as i followed him, I worked for him on some of his products as well, the funded proposal, email empire.. etc, i sort of edited alot of his webinar recordings…

    Most of what he teaches are rehashed info, things that he had little or sometimes no success with, but shares as his own programs.

    When he first started, he always tried to promote jonathan budd’s programs and wanted to be the top affiliate for his affiliate competitions, and he would go email everyone of his list and persuade to the point of begging us to buy from his link.

    I say beg , which is kinda’ strong because i got his messages and he would twist my arm, saying that i would get his entire program and would help promote my own products in the future to his list, using all his promises to entice me into buying the program.

    Even though i knew that his programs weren’t effective and all, and i sure couldn’t travel to the US to attend the seminar that Jonathan budd included into his product, i bought it from him because of all his promises and persuasion.

    This was when he was in the transition and mobe was not that well-known yet.

    He uses alot of leverage from Jonathan budd’s following and all of his followers to put him up there on the map that’s for sure.

    When i started contacting him later on to help me email to his list, he would give me plenty of excuses and avoided me after that.

    When i saw later on that he was making huge claims that he was making big money with this ponzi scheme, i thought wow, there are so my suckers who bought into his expensive program, and making lots of money out of his platinum license holders…

    He even sent personal emails, or maybe a very personal autoresponder mail to convince me to take up his platinum license course.. i kid you not!

    All i can say is, this guy’s wealth and fame is build up upon other people’s sweat and tears, while he continues to glorify his own success and wealth.

    Don’t waste your hard earned savings on his MLM pyramid styled scheme. Period.

    You may say i’m jealous, well i’m not, i have my own online success without his help and i’m glad i did it on my own. If you joined him, most likely you will end up promoting his product to somebody who already got his product.

    He has been leveraging on successful bloggers and internet marketers as well lately, why do they help promote MOBE? even though they know it doesn’t work, because it gives out a huge cut and they get more money from their zombie followers..

    • Kyle

      Thanks for sharing your experiences Cody and I am sorry to hear about what has happened to you within this program, many others have shared their exact same experiences. These shady programs encourage the “zombie” reaction because it is in essence “forcing” people to promote the very same program to their friends, family, and if they actually learn how to market, others outside the scope of the people they know. Problem is, they are taking money directly from these people and putting it into their pockets…they are by no means helping them and they are definitely not helping them create a business.

      There is a big difference between creating a business online and joining a scheme. Unfortunately My Online Business Empire is the latter.

  127. sania

    Hi Kyle,
    I was just going to pay for MOBE today, I am in a financial crisis and looking for financial support by making money on my own but with the right guidance. My life has been a mess and I cant afford another scam, My university fees is due in 4 months and I need to make money,please guide me.

    • Kyle

      Well MOBE is not going to be your way out Sania. If you want to create a real business online, you should check out my Getting Started guide. This will show you how to get rolling for absolutely free and within the first 4 lessons (which are also included), you are going to have your very own niche website.

  128. Jim Gartner

    I attended MOBE’s 2 hour introduction seminar yesterday & was tempted to sign up for their 3 day course scheduled for next week. When I could not get straight answers to my questions I became suspicious and started searching for information and found your blog. Thanks for saving me time, money and aggravation.

    • Kyle

      One of the biggest red flags is when you get no support or ‘waffling’ around the questions that you have about the product or service. If you are interested in creating a business online and to do so the PROPER way (and in any niche), I have instruction on the process here and it is completely free to get rolling Jim.

  129. Logan

    Wouldn’t a smarter business be to just make up my own training program that actually teaches useful information. Over price it as the best thing ever, sell it, then save monthly fees and 23k in buying crap?

    • Kyle

      Absolutely every decision you could make would be smarter than wasting your money on a program like MOBE, but unfortunately people succumb to this program because in order to earn money with My Online Business Empire, you have to promote it to others. This leads to the vicious pyramid like structure that exists today. In order to make money, you have to take money from the next person and convince them that “fluff” is “gold”.

  130. Chris

    I mean, to knock Mobe at the expense of Wealthy Affiliate borders on being schemey in itself. No on is braking people’s legs to join. Most people are effective marketers. You can google Wealthy Affiliate and there are just as many people saying it’s a scam.

    It’s easy to complain. Not so easy to build a $25 million a year business. Just sayin.

    • Kyle

      Actually, Zeek Rewards created a $400 million dollar company until they were taken out by the SEC for being a pyramid scheme. I would be surprised if many of the other “replicas” out there have the same fate.

      At the end of the day Chris, when I see people getting ripped off I have to let people know about it. It is my duty and that is the reason I have created the blog. Honestly, I don’t care if anyone reads this gives me a dime, I care about people and the value they get for what they spend. If you are promoting MOBE you are ripping people off. You are getting them to join the program so they can do exactly what you are doing, rip other unsuspecting folks off by getting them to buy the overpriced products within My Online Business Empire.

      If you Google Wealthy Affiliate you will get close to 40,000 positive reviews and the only complaints you will see are from those that get “cut off” within WA for spamming, for ripping folks off, and for abusing the system (which has only happened a handful of times out of several 100,000 members).

      Either way, I do wish anyone success in business including you, I just hope that it comes in an ethical way.

  131. Jess

    Joined this program with the intention of only spending the money they clearly stated on the website…but I ended up getting pushed heavily towards upgrading into other programs once inside. I did it and I ended up losing close to $2,500 to these scamsters as a result.

    Stay away from MOBE take my advice and don’t be fooled into this scheme because that is what it is. -JEss

    • Kyle

      Sorry to hear you lost money to the My Online Business Empire program, you are not alone as I have been getting MANY complaints about MOBE lately and their unethical business practices (and business model). $2,500 is no small chunk of change and if you just purchased the product, you may want to consider requesting getting your money back if you are not happy with your purchase.

  132. Sweater

    These type of pyramid schemes get many people who cannot afford much money and wanting a better life truly interested by glossy overworked pages on websites and through email. Many with fake testimonials of people doing so gloriously well that they think “we can do that easily” and they join up not knowing the full facts as they are hidden well from view amongst the pages of the website. You may as well just hand over your full bank details and let these scams take your money. Investigate fully folks before getting into this type of “business” if you could call it such – Many would not.

  133. Oh my god! you guys who posts comments here are all loosers! Not the owner of the site, which is probably making some good money with his affiliates system.

    People who get into MOBE and dont whant to do S*&* is going to get S*&*! Like everywhere!

    If you dont know S*&* about Internet Marketing.. well my friend you are not going to get serious money anywhere.

    • Kyle

      The problem lies in the fact that people that get involved only earn money by getting “other” people involved. MOBE is a scheme and not a way of creating a real business online, that is the problem here. People that get involved in any program may or may not actually do the work, but that is independent of the fact that their “work” within MOBE will be selling other people on the idea of the program itself.

      This in my books is unethical and is very similar to many of the other MLM masked pyramids that exist online.

  134. Danno

    Thanks Kyle, Always be wary of companies that cannot and won’t divulge all costs. Man I am happy I did not dive into that one. It amazes me people who get into these and
    go in the hole…Desperation I guess.

    Look for real companies with real products that tell the truth.


    • Kyle

      It absolutely is desperation, but not just that, people don’t know what they are getting into before hand. They see a little price tag and then when the invest, they are hit (and hit very hard) with high ticket upsells and in many cases, shamed into buying them. It really is too bad that honest folks fall into systems like MOBE.

  135. Linda

    Geesh, I don’t know what to say other than you have nailed the MOBE system to the post they deserve to be hanging off of. I was part of this program for 6 months and although I didn’t attend one of their events, I spoke to and communicated with lots of people involved. My best friend is also part of this program (not for much longer though).

    The My Online Business Empire is a system that is built to take money from one desperate person and put it into another desperate person’s pocket. This is not grapes we are talking about here either, I am talking $8,000-$10,000.

    Crazy, overpriced garbage. I heard someone that invested into Platinum actually ended up losing their house as a result. They couldn’t make payments. But when you are pressured into buying more and more stuff and sometimes belittled when you don’t, it can happen.

    Shame on MOBE, shame on anyone promoting MOBE, and shame on myself for ever joining this program. I will take your advice and I am going to be moving on to bigger and better things. Hopefully a program where the purpose of the program isn’t to promote the same crap to others.

    • Kyle

      Linda, your experience is all too familiar and I am sorry to hear about your situation. There are bright days ahead for you and you always need to look forward and realize that there are real ways to build a proper business online. I have created a little Getting Started guide that will help you out (if you are interested).

      I am in full favour of “bootstrapping” a business and investing into overpriced SCHEMES such as MOBE, absolutely make me feel sorry for those that unsuspectingly do join. If you (and your friend) every need a hand creating a business in ANY niche, feel free to ask me and I will be more than happy to give you a hand going forward.

  136. Me

    Great job on building Wealthy Affiliate platform. As an IT Engineer I can see you put alot of work and effort into it. So Congratulations. However, it is not for me. All of that stuff looks really easy to me and I don’t like your commission payout, it doesn’t look very attractive to me.

    Your review is 100% biased because you are promoting Wealthy Affiliate as founder. If you weren’t promoting your own gig then i’d be more inclined to really take into consideration what you are saying.

    Bashing MOBE and promoting your own program is just unethical in my opinion. It’s clear what you are trying to do here, railroad MOBE folks over to your gig.

    • Kyle

      Thanks Me (I am assuming you are hiding your first name, I would too if I was part of this program). We have actually invested well over $10 Million into the platform at Wealthy Affiliate since 2005, not to mention 10,000’s of man/woman hours into helping folks and improving our service. A lot of work and effort has gone into it and funny enough in 9 years, we haven’t raised our prices once. In fact, we have a completely FREE Starter membership now that includes 2 full WordPress websites.

      But I digress. My intention with this post (and others like it) is to steer people away from programs that take advantage of the vulnerable folks out there. People with big dreams yet have little direction and don’t know where to start. Unfortunately there are vultures like yourself that have been brainwashed somewhere along the way into thinking it is OK to take part in programs that are built off of downlines, uplines and taking money from one person and giving it to another…with the facade being overpriced products.

      Over $10,000 in upsells (quite a lot more actually)…for what. So you can promote the same thing to others. What I am recommending is FREE, with no obligations and I stand to gain NOTHING when someone joins for free. On top of that, the free membership is offering more than you are trying to beg people to buy into for $1,000’s within the My Online Business Empire. That to me is the definition of unethical.

      You said it very well, “I don’t like your commission payout”. I bet you don’t. Because you have no intention of helping people (which is what successful businesses are built off of), your only intention is to take money form others and fill your pockets. It is evident in your behaviour and the program that you have decided to associate yourself with.

      Nonetheless, all the best to you and I hope you come around one day and realize what you are doing is wrong.

  137. Jonathan

    This review is absolutely bang on! It’s disgusting that unethical creeps like Matt Lloyd are allowed to exploit newbies whom are unsuspecting but enthusiastic towards the promises made!

    There is no case whatsoever FOR MOBE – anyone with their head in the clouds needs to ask why don’t they provide you with all the eventual investments in the sales copy. In particular, the 1,997 cost which is the foundation of the so-called ‘Empire’. What a joke!

    The sales video even starts by telling us ‘you won’t pay a dime’ yet 20 (wasted) minutes letter, you’re expected to pay $49 to get started? This is a huge red flag and means you should run for the hills (& beyond!).

    People like Matt Lloyd and John Chow are unethical and will happily steal from others to fatten up their accounts.

    WARNING: Don’t go there people! Invest in your education and build a business which ADDS value to others whereby YOU are the expert; NOT some 3rd rate scammer.

    • Kyle

      It is unethical and there are far too many vultures like this popping up out there. People that get involved in My Online Business Empire are then required to “take” money from unsuspecting folks to earn money. It is a ponzi in it’s finest form and those involved at a higher level are the ones reaping the rewards. $49 as you said turns into $1,000’s that you have to invest before you know it.

  138. Bhermanto

    I found this website when i was googling how to refund my MOBE membership. and its all true what you said. the banner add say ‘free 21 step’ and then charge you $49. then after few videos, they offer me for bigger result with $1997.

    NO WAY.

    Hope i can get my money back.

    • Kyle

      I would contact their support, but good luck with that. Many have compared MOBE to a vaccuum machine. They suck up your money, but there is no way for you to get it back once it has left your hands. Worst case scenario you get in touch with your credit card company. It is fortunately that vultures like this are allowed to operate on the Internet and I believe it will be just a matter of time before more of these MLM masked pyramid schemes are taken down.

      Sorry to hear about your awful experience with My Online Business Empire Bhermanto. If there is anything I can give you a hand with to turn things around for you within the online world, let me know or check out my Getting Started page.

  139. Peter

    Mobe is just another scam sucking the hard work money people barly have. Everybody wants to make money and people like Matt found a way to do it. That’s scamming desperate people in desperate times. I’m a middle class earner and I learned by investing the 2000 and got nothing in return thank god I have a good job to replace the hit I took with this crap.. It makes me wonder if there is any way to make money legit online?

    • Kyle

      Sorry that your experiences thus far are jaded and I can respect that considering that it sounds like you have run into scams thus far (like MOBE). I can honestly tell you that there are legitimate ways to create a REAL business online, but in order to do this you have to stop buying into schemes. That is exactly what these programs are.

      Instead, you need to get yourself a proper education and support network. You will get this within Wealthy Affiliate and we run off of the principle that you can take ANY interest or passion and turn it into a successful online business.

      The process looks like this:

      (1) Choose Interest
      (2) Build Niche Website
      (3) Create Content (which leads to rankings/traffic)
      (4) Monetize that traffic (make money)

      This can be done within any niche and without any experience. The searching can stop today Peter.

  140. Ioane Fetu

    I just paid them $49.95 and they took out another $49.95 and I still did not get my login info.

    I would like to get some info on how to get my purchase refunded. Thanks for the help.

  141. Tyler

    Thank you very much Kyle for bashing MOBE like it deserves.
    It is one hell of a scam for sure. Some of the people who work for “Mr. Lloyd” I think are delusional creepos too. Some of them I noticed never change their profile pictures on facebook, which to me is a red flag. We can also be sure that these are not the real names of these gurus. “Mr. Lloyd” I heard moved overseas recently.. How shocking..Gee Lol probably got detected by the feds and had to scram.
    To answer your question Kary, J Budd and all the others? I could only say it takes one to be with one. So if there’s one cocaroach(quoted by scarface), there’s definitely others Lol I can’t wait til they all get busted. It’s only a matter of time.

  142. Kary

    Hey Kyle just to follow up on my last reply I wanted to ask if you think Jonathan Budd, Daegan Smith,Vince Reed and John Chow are scam artists?

    I ask this because they all have co signed on the MOBE platform and Matt Floyd. Why would these big name marketers risk their careers to earn a few extra bucks when they are already super wealthy and have helped thousands of others to do the same?

    To me it seems like you are using keywords and preying on the bad experiences people have had with these companies only to validate their negative mindset only to pitch your WA program. Misery loves company.

    I don’t understand why you would spend your time calling legitimate companies scams instead of pointing out that online business and entrepreneurship is not for everyone and using some of the space you have on this blog to remind people that you actually have to work the business to get results and if at first you don’t succeed try again.

    “If you fall down 7 times, stand up 8.” – Ancient Proverb

    One guy in your MOBE feed wrote in to say “he contacted MOBE support to get his $500 refund and had trouble getting in touch with someone to honor the request.” Something like that.

    My question… first off did he ever get his money back? second, if you go into just about any situation in life already thinking it’s a scam, your going to fail, or it’s too good to be true. You’re probably right.

    The day we realize how powerful our minds are and begin to accept responsibility for our decisions will be the day sites like this will cease to exist.

    In 2014 their our no more excuses. Way to many people have created success using the MOBE system. For me it has been a blessing and I have met some of the most amazing people in life here. I am no saint but I’ll tell you this. NO one is. I have a family and I have a lot of great friends. I treat people the way I want to be treated and would never affiliate myself with a company if I felt it was ripping people off.

    IF you truly want to be taking seriously, please share both sides of the story before you pitch your company and understand that you are fueling the fire my friend.


    • Kyle

      Yeah, that seems to be the logic which makes it OK for ponzi schemes like this one to exist these days. You are buying into the program so you can promote this program to others. That is the basis of the program.

      The upsells are ridiculous, the price points are absurd, and the only reason that people are in this program is to make money off of unsuspecting folks that are desperate to earn money, just like them. The problem is that in order for these “new” folks to earn money with MOBE, they are required to sell the MOBE program to others…and get them to upgrade to the high ticket training and tools so they can make even more money.

      There is nothing ethical about it nor is there anything ethical about those that are promoting it. I suppose that answers your question here.

      PS. Just so you know, it doesn’t make it OK to do something just because people are making money. That doesn’t make something ethical and it definitely does not mean it is the right thing to do.

      • Mark

        Your understanding of a ponzi scheme is wrong, Google it. So if somebody comes in and buys everything and then re-sells it and makes money, that’s unethical?

        How do you work that one out? It’s unethical purely because its high ticket?

        Clearly you are slating it to recommend your own Wealthy Affiliate creation which is 100% AVERAGE.

        • Kyle

          You are required to invest in the products so you can sell other folks on the very same products. If it didn’t work this way, there would be no money to be made here because it is vastly overpriced and you are working on the principles of a pyramid like structure. You are required to get others unknowingly into this scheme and get them to buy high ticket priced (overpriced) programs in order to make money.

          Then for them to make money, they have to do the same. Pretty unethical when you think about it.

          • Chris

            Over price is relative. Why does a Rolls Royce cost $200,000. Because someone will pay for it and cuz they can afford it. It’s a friggen car. Charging a high price does not make it wrong. He’s smart to sell his stuff high end if he can get it — and provides value. Apparently he is. Value is in the eye of the beholder.

          • Kyle

            Comparing this to a Rolls Royce is ludicrous.

            Unfortunately the beholder doesn’t understand what “value” is as they are new to the industry. I can tell you that the value is not there and that people are getting ripped off by these overpriced products…and those that are pushing others into doing this have one motive, filling their pockets just like all of the other similar schemes out there.

            The “product” layers are there with the intention of getting folks to upgrade so they can promote the products to others. Once someone comes in the door, their task becomes finding someone else to suck into the program. As this continues, more people succumb to the scheme and you end up with a bunch of people taking money from other people. It is a pyramid scheme, meaning it is completely reliant on newcomers into the program to drive the income to the “upper echelon”.

    • Will

      Excellent write up KY. Kyle’s review is more misleading than MOBE itself. He is taking advantage of people who already have biased minds about MLM. His review is so unbalanced and sounded so angry and vindictive that I decided to see for myself. Everything Kyle wrote about MOBE is completely false. He is hoodwinking all his readers to get them signed up in his program. Kyle should respect peoples effort and hard work. MOBE takes care of their members to the extent that they make all your calls and follow up for you and still you get paid when all is done. As a matter of fact I will join them based on what this poor review made me find out.+

      • Kyle

        You say that the review is inaccurate, but you fail to offer ONE instance where it is inaccurate. Are people not spending $1,000’s on this program? And of course they are making calls on your behalf, that is how they make their money. They suck more people into spending WAY too much for their products…and then the vicious cycle continues.

        It is obvious that you are a member of MOBE already Will and unfortunately when you are promoting the program yourself (which I suspect you are), you are adding to the problem. You are getting unsuspecting folks to join this scheme so you can make money, nothing else. Shame on you.

  143. Jerry

    Kyle, thanks for this review. Fortunately I know when I get these e-mails in my inbox to unsubscribe immediately. The sad thing is that over 90% of everything out there are scams, ripping desperate people from their hard earned money. I will definitely use your programme that is based on honesty and integrity. If anyone is reading this, please remember the following: If it sounds to good to be true, then it probably is. To build a sustainable business takes hard work combined with honesty and integrity, whether that business in online or offline.

    • Kyle

      I would agree with that percentage Jerry, unfortunately it is so high in the “opportunity” industry. This program is no different, it is luring people in with the idea of making money only to tell them they have to then push the exact same thing to others. If that is not a pyramid, I am not sure what is.

  144. Irving

    Thanks Kyle, I nearly gonna pay for the MOBE program already. Luckily I have read your review and a few others out there. Thanks a lot for saving me form this scam, it seemed like it was gonna be.

    • Kyle

      If it is too good to be true, it typically is. Anything that pushes the idea of it “being expensive” to start a business and that you need to invest a considerable amount of money if you ever want to make any is completely bogus.

  145. ren0vator

    Don’t get caught like I did.

    Yes I feel like a complete idiot, believing all the sales pitches and like able people behind the scenes.

    After I applied for the $500 money back guarantee I was given an answer that had nothing to do with the wording of the guarantee.The website is regularly down, the back office functions come and go. I was really disappointed with the quality of the resources.

    So unfortunately I agree with Kyle. MOBE is a scam that is making a lot of people rich, including Matt Lloyd whose word is worthless.

    • Kyle

      Couldn’t agree with you more and of all the programs I have reviewed, the My Online Business Empire is amongst the very top of the most unethical programs out there. Shameless upselling and like in your situation, it is impossible to get your “money back” based on their guarantee. Your experience will serve as a good warning for anyone considering this program.

  146. ROb

    Kyle, I agree with your detailed exposure of MOBE. A friend of mine asked me to look at it and I came to the same conclusion as you after combing the forums for feedback.

    Right out the gate the deception starts with the free entry which is really $49 and then the massive upsells before you get the real training.

    Like many of these ‘big ticket’, ‘make money fast’ deals, if you can drive massive traffic to them, well you may get sufficient conversions, but for the beginner wanting to build their own business and brand, such programs are useless when all the money is made by flogging the thing they just bought to others.

  147. Steve

    Hey Kyle,
    Just joined MOBE a week ago. Paid $49 and just finished the first 3 lessons out of 21. I am afraid I agree with your review about MOBE. Just another bad memory from my past failures with MLM pyramid schemes.Someone will become rich, not me though.My advice for financially desperate people like me: ” never make desperate decisions when you are desperate.it will bite you
    Thank you very much Kyle

    • Kyle

      Just don’t fall for the myriad of “upsells”. Out of any program I have investigated, it has by far the most ruthless upsell process and it is pure pyramid. To make money in the program, there is the requirement for newcomers to fund those above them.

  148. Lauri

    I almost bought into mobe and I decided to research it first for upsells and I see that is bad. kyle or anyone. what is a good work at home job with a pay check.

    • Kyle

      If you want to get help from me personally and learn how to create a REAL business online, I suggest you check out WA Lauri. It is completely free to get started within a Starter membership and I know you will absolutely love it.

    • Kyle

      Sorry to hear you have been taken by this program. Hopefully you can get everything sorted with your refund and if you ever need a hand with anything related to getting started online, let me know.

  149. Ben

    Firstly, congratulations on the website! Great idea to publicly bash your competition and put your company on a pedestal.

    You must get a lot of spill over??

    I do however, think you should put a bit more time into researching the companies you slate.. Would be nice to receive the true facts

    • Kyle

      Perhaps you could clarify the inaccuracies Ben. Are you not selling these products to people? Are you not required to buy into these products in order to be able to sell them? Is this not a multi-level “scheme?

      It is like buying anything, if you overpay for something and someone tells you that you have, it doesn’t feel good regardless of what it is. This is definitely the case here, and worse yet, in order for you to make money you are required to “suck” other people into the scheme. Pretty shameful actually.

      • rufat

        Thank you Kyle for this excellent review. Really shameful, as you exactly said, for those who still try to defent these ponzi schemes.

        Thank you Kyle

  150. Benito Semommung

    I liked your review of MOBE. One thing that is bad about this programme is the fact that it doesn’t allow people to try it FREE. I hate upsells and wouldn’t even try anything with a lot of upsells like this programme.

    • Kyle

      The reason most programs in this industry do not offer a free offer is because if they did, people would see the REAL quality of their programs and nobody would buy. This is a typical “I got ripped off now I need to rip you off” sort of scheme and it is a shame to see so many people getting sucked into it.

  151. Just another over priced system designed to lure you in at a low price point only to bombard you with up-sells and promises of a wealthy lifestyle. By the time you realize that you’ve been scammed into thinking you can get people to join you you’re out of a lot of money, you have a tarnished reputation, and your friends and family go into hiding when they see you coming.

    I can’t believe they have only one person to handle support issues, especially in light of the fact that this is a high ticket program. Imagine buying a Benz and not being able to get support…unacceptable!

    • Kyle

      Definitely doesn’t appear folks are getting the Benz support here and this is straight from the owner himself. The reason is that the “buy in” is just an instrument so that you can sell the same overpriced programs to others. And so it continues…

  152. Vitaliy

    Thanks for sharing this Kyle. I never though a company could top the Empower Network scam, but MOBE proved me wrong. VERY wrong.

  153. Thanks Kyle for the thorough review! I can’t review all the SCAMS out there so it’s nice to see that you’re taking a huge part in helping people make informed decisions when it comes time to joining online opportunities. I used to join crap on impulse without doing research. That’s why the stores put shiny stuff at the check out. Now I research stuff and I try to show people how easy it is to spot SCAMs and red flags and offer them legitimate alternatives.

    • Kyle

      No problem Roland. I do think people have a right to know what is really going on behind the scenes with programs like My Online Business Empire. People buy into the glamour, but get something completely different. They are treated as a mechanism for financial gain by these ruthless companies.

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