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  1. Thomas Burton

    I’m trying to get a refund from MOBE. So far no results so I’ve decided to start a progress report on my interactions with MOBE support. Started a refund request on 7/18 and received a ticket #. Followed up with daily calls to customer support (or should I say non support). Submitted a new request ask0ing for an update on my first request and got another request #. I understand that some people have actually got refunds and would love to know how they did it

  2. Thomas Burton

    After joining MOBE in June and going for the $2,300 silver/gold upsell I finally realized on around step 16 with the $10,000 upsell (this is the only way to start making real money!) and my “coaches” repeated efforts to find me a loan that I took a step back and started to do some real research. That’s when I contacted support requesting a refund. Well they gave me a ticket number and assured me that I would be contacted. Since then nothing even with call for action comments on a daily basis. The last one today was “Due to lack of response from Mobe support I’m now adding my comments to several online business blogs, on a daily basis, about my experience with Mobe support (or lack thereof) and my experience with Mobe in general and it has not been good, several people are already following my comments and the responses are growing daily. I would like to say something good, like “I had a response from Mobe support and the problem was resolved”. Your prompt action would be appreciated.

  3. Francisp

    Listen everybody be careful. It uses the same strategies Herbalife uses. I got to level 7 today then they want to upsell you to the silver package for $2495.00. Even before you will start the 21 steps you sign up for a webinar (after you paid $47). If you listen carefully he gives away every single step until step 7. I have stopped there. That is why according to them 33 percent only makes this far. I guess 67 percent smells it. 🙂

    • alfa

      yeah i agree. you know what, these “live webinars” are really NOT live. they are recorded. there are various ways to find out, those who have some computer skills can realise it. for example with some web browsers you can download a video that is currently playing. this way you can download the webinar before it has ended and that’s how you see it’s only recorded.

    • Thomas Burton

      I got suckered into the $2300 silver/gold purchase and I’m now in the frustrating process of trying to get a refund. Anyone out there actually get a refund? If so how did you do it?

    • Norman Sears

      I was lead a stray by Herbalife and two many other scams. It is hard to believe Mobe is another company that backs up what they promise. Please check them out before investing. Check out what else it will cost you to get involved. It is much much more!!! Money that I had to spend thousands.

  4. Lynn

    I attended a Free seminar for MOBE today and tried keeping an open mind and found the information they were spewing to make money total crap. $997 for a 3 day workshop. That’s where they’re making their money.

    After reading these posts, I find all the money you have to spend to get to next level like Scientology.

    When I was talking to a couple of people and telling them that this scheme is crap and do more research on other online business avenues, one of the seminar people was getting irritated over it, that’s when I walked out.

    • Kyle

      Thanks for your feedback and sorry to hear about your experience you had within the “free” seminar. You are definitely not the first to voice your complaints about this sort of activity.

      If you read some of my other posts, you will realize that this sort of promotional model/upsell is all too common these days. Here is a link to my latest post on “upsells” that I think that will offer a lot of clarity as to what was taking place.

      • Dennis

        Really guys cuz I actually listened to someone totally different and I only paid $49.99 and some “coach” was supposed to call me and they did e-mail me telling me that i need to call her back, but yeah, you know that nobody answered after the 1st, 2nd, 34d, and even 4th time I called. Now please, if this is so true, please email me back or call back. I really or I would bet that I won’t get anything this is all bs period.

    • Wayne

      Attended the 3 day workshop in HK having forked out $497. I realised something was fishy on the 1st day when the ‘trainer’ asked the audience to max out their credit cards as ‘homework’!

  5. Duncan

    Hi Kyle,
    I went to a MOBE workshop presentation and they now ask you to pay $997 (or $497 if you sign up there and then) to attend a 3 day workshop where they will teach you how to set up a business selling their products. Was not impressed and left before the end.

    • Kyle

      This is a common method these days to recruit people into such programs. You attend what are touted as “free” workshops, only to realize there are much higher costs. The $497 is just the start of the costs as well, there are many other upsells that take place in such programs like MOBE. The $497 is just to determine whether or not you are a “buyer”. Once you are, then the even higher ticket upsells come.

  6. Freddie

    Well I liked John Chow’s articles on IM so I bit on his MOBE pitch.

    I should have listened to my gut when he said he didn’t talk about MOBE with his family (somewhere in one of the early Steps).

    I should have listened to my gut when Matt gave his vacuous reason for deciding to set up in Malaysia.

    I should have listened to my gut when encountering the endless websites associated with MOBE.

    I should have listened to my gut when I looked over the Mobemarketplace selection of programs for sale.

    I should have listened to my gut when I sensed it was a scheme of all opportunity and little product.

    Didn’t listen to my gut when it heaved at the cost of the the Silver Master Class. Out over $2500.

  7. Biren

    I lost 60K with company name MOBE.COM. After attending one of the mastermind program I realized that this program didn’t offer any educational value that they promised and I paid for. Only thing they teach is showing people false lifestyle, and luring other people to join. I could not say that I was making lot of money or show other people posting false pics online or that I was having lifestyle so I can make 3k, 5k 10k commission.

    I also didn’t think they offered any value so I decided to cancel but they wouldn’t give me a refund. I only attended one of the programs out of three I paid for. Please don’t listen to what any of the MOBE members say. People will say anything to make commission and claim that they are making lot of money so you will join the MOBE Empire. Even if you were to make money it’s not the right way.

    I joined but didn’t use the program after realizing that I would be lying to others after I went through one of the live event. Please read the contract before you join. I was excited when I joined thinking this would be a good business opportunity and trusted Matt and his team but I was wrong. You only have three days after you sign the paper work if you are attending IM Freedom workshop to cancel out to get any of your money back.

    After all this they said if you still really want to try don’t join at the higher level, they will try to convince you that joining higher level is the best if you can get credit. They will even help to get credit. This company will suck as much as they can out of you. Even after you join the Diamond level they have other programs that guarantee your success in online marketing to get more money out of you.

    Does anyone have any suggestion, any way to recover my money ? I tried to contact credit card company but they aren’t much help.

    • Kirk

      Just relax and enjoy life!

      Money really isnt as important as we think it is. Theres no need to be so attached to it.

      If you made a bad investment, put it behind you and get on with your life!

    • paul

      Just tell the cc company it was an unauthorised payment. Instant cancellation while you are on the phone, no matter what it is.

  8. Dawn

    I’m really worried for my father after reading these comments.

    A couple of weeks ago he came for a visit and was telling all about this new company he is working on. He basically quoted the sales pitch verbatim. He was really excited. He talked about how he can afford to live his dream and make sure all of us kids and grandkids will be taken care of. When I asked him how it worked, he quoted the promotional video.

    My dad is not a sucker in the least. He is usually the one telling me not to believe the BS. He used to tell me as a child that there is no easy way to make money and that there is no substitute for hard work. I immediately had concerns when he couldn’t tell me what the products were he would be selling. He told me that he isn’t allowed to know what the products are until he buys the rights to that tier. That made no sense to me.

    He told me how he has already dropped almost 15 grand into the program, and has yet to “sell” anything. I immediately asked him if he did his research before signing up and he said he did. Clearly, he didn’t do enough research. My dad was never the type of person who follows another blindly. Everything he told me just threw up more red flags, so I decided to do my own research.

    I’m glad I did, because this morning I open my email and the first thing sitting right there in my inbox is a BS promotional flyer from Mobe trying to get me to sign up with them. The whole thing sounded like a Pyramid or Ponzi scheme to me from the beginning. But because my dad was so excited about it I started wondering if maybe this really was something good. I cannot believe that these products managed to swindle my father. That pisses me off to no end because my dad only joined Mobe to be able to make enough money to pay for a home health nurse to care for my grandmother so that I don’t have to give up school to be with her.

    They not only screwed my dad, but they screwed my entire family. I just hope my dad isn’t too far gone to listen to me and let me show him everything I have found on them before he spends the 30 grand he was talking about paying them next week.

    • Kyle

      When you purchase anything, be it online or offline, you need to ask yourself what you are getting in exchange for your money. If you are “unsure” then it wouldn’t typically make sense to spend your money on something.

      You wouldn’t walk into a grocery store and buy unmarked boxes not knowing what you are getting, the exact same logic should be used when buying into an opportunity online. If you can’t clearly get something explained to you and you don’t know what you are going to be selling before you invest, then it might be a little worrisome.

  9. Chene

    Hi Kyle, I appreciate the useful information in regards to starting my own online business. I was just wondering about the Traffic aspect that Matt is always talking about spending so much money on. Are there ways around that?

    • Kyle

      There are many ways that you can get traffic online without having to pay a dime (search rankings, many social mediums, viral elements). That is something that I have been a proponent of for years and it is a shame when you have to join programs, only to find out that there are additional traffic expenses (and sometimes ones that are very high) as well as many other upsells and “levelling up” types of costs. All to typical these days.

      What I can tell you is that you can start a business and build a business with a very minimal budget. $500 is the MAX that you need to operate a business for an entire year, anyone that is pushing higher costs of education/tools/websites/support/mentoring/resources is likely in the business of maximizing the money the earn off of people rather than maximizing the value they offer to people.

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