1. Rick Jantz

    Surprised there aren’t more folks venting here 🙂 I find it really interesting how many of us are working jobs that take up a third of our day and we’re not truly happy. For myself, I’ve found that I enjoy work more when I’m being myself with my colleagues while still maintaining my professionalism with my clients. We hear of work/life balance a lot these days (and need to) but I also believe in work/authentic balance, if that makes sense. Being who you are and bringing those values and ethics into the workplace.

    This is definitively a topic that will continue to be discussed as we all want to like going to work. One day I plan to be going to work in my home office to work on my online business. Thanks, Kyle.

    • Kyle

      And I definitely think you will get there Rick. Most people tend to cut themselves short and over time, a job that they don’t enjoy will wear them don’t and make them believe they won’t amount to anything more than that. We all need to get our “inner kid” back in us where we believe anything is possible, because it is. We can achieve whatever we want to aspire to achieve, but we first need to believe in ourselves.

      And some people do love their jobs, just a high percentage of people get “stuck” in positions that don’t challenge them. If you are learning every day, you aren’t in the right job.

  2. Craig

    I can relate to so much of what you are saying. My last employer hired me as a salaried employee so that they didn’t need to pay overtime. Now, I don’t mind putting in a few unpaid hours in most cases. After 3 mos of 70 hour weeks and paid for 40 I really felt that I was being taken advantage of.

    The same thing has happened with my spouse. The hospital says no more overtime then don’t make the necessary personnel changes so that their employees can actually work normal hours. So effectively, they all got a pay cut.

    I do have to appreciate that she has a job as my income from IM is not regular yet but I am quite focused on making this work so that I’m not a subject of the “Standard” employment practices these days.

    That isn’t to say that I’m working any less, just doing it for myself.

    • Kyle

      More hours + same pay = lower wage. Unfortunately many companies think they are tricking people when they do this or put them on a salaried wage. Employees get tired out and their performance starts to reflect that. If one applies the same amount of effort within the online space, the can achieve a lot of wonderful things. They can choose their “niche”, they can choose their direction, and they can have fun earning money.

      Plus the fact that you have the ability to connect with 2 billion people is pretty cool and makes the mind go crazy when you think about it!

  3. David

    Kyle, another awesome Article. I have to say you could not be speaking more of the truth about the state of the World. The days of job security are gone. As it is I know a couple folks, that are in the boat right now of not knowing what is happening with in the companies they work for. They feel stressed daily as they see downsizing and retooling daily. I myself have pass on the Benefits of Wealthy Affiliate… And I will continue to do so. Why??? Because it is the One Place I know you learn the Right way to go from Step One to well the steps don’t stop but they are always addressed. Also the WA community is open honest and everyone is willing to help you along the way. Cheers for now look forward to Reading more.. DD

    • Kyle

      What people learn at Wealthy Affiliate are skills that are not only practical for their online businesses, but they are skills that are sought after in the employment world. In fact, I feel confident that anyone that was a member of WA for any amount of time would have no problem getting a job in the real world with their newly acquired skills, whether it be in web design, SEO, local marketing, campaign management, social media management. That on top of the opportunity that only continues to evolve and grow within the online world.

      Although at times like this your friends may think that hope is lost, there are a lot of opportunities and are ways that they can acquire the knowledge they need to become an asset to themselves and an asset to the workforce.

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