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  1. Cynthia Brockman

    Just happy to be here another. Can’t wait to actually get moving on making the website. Right now I’m working on Sharing and i am looking forward to promoting WA. I feel this is the Best program out here. I have tried others and honestly i think the way you make us leave comments is the best idea for training. Thank you guys, for being Awesome.

  2. Shey

    I’ve tried to sign up for the newsletter several times today and it just seems to be stuck trying to connect to aweber so the signup button never appears. Task bar says “Connecting….” and Chrome is just spinning. I tried opening it again and the taskbar says “waiting for forms.aweber.com…”

    Anyone else try today?

    • wildwill

      I already agree with everything everybody is saying about wa,so in conclusion badass man,truth,honesty and legitimate help.Thank you GOD for everything and please keep raining your blessings down here on wa and associates!!!

  3. Andre Stevne

    I just started and I am confident that if I get into trouble on my part — I have all the right people in Wealthy Affiliate to rescue me. I hope to promote this program as best as can for it will always be with me as best as they can. The benefits seem to expand as it expands as noted from the testimonies of its present and past partners.

    • Kyle

      You are going to love the bootcamp training. It is going to walk you through the entire process from the absolutely beginner stage, to creating your very own business within this niche.

  4. Garth

    I know I am going to enjoy promoting WA because everywhere you go on the net people speak only praise for WA. In a world where there are so many scams it is a breath of fresh air to be able to bring others together knowing that you are marketing one of the best and most honest systems available.

  5. Robert Anderson

    I am looking forward to promoting WA as I have full confidence in WA that is surely going to reflect in my promotions. Its only the beginning but I love it.

  6. Fred Wilson

    When joining I did not see a button for joining. So I am posting this message hoping that this will sign me up for the newsletter.

    Did I miss something… is there a button to sign up for the Newsletter without posting a message like this?

    • Kyle

      Simply sign-up to the form above and you will be on the Affiliate Bootcamp newsletter and get updates and corresponding information.

  7. John Keller

    Hi, Kyle. Since joining Bootcamp–indeed, since last November–I have been flying back and forth from my home here in CO to my daughter’s home in IL to take care of her and her children. She developed breast cancer, gave birth to a healthy baby girl, underwent chemo and a double mastectomy, radiation, etc. Since November I’ve only had only odd moments here and there to devote to WA, so I’ve accomplished very little. In fact, I can’t even remember where I left off! Anyway, I’m now back home for a couple of weeks–I hope–and intend to get back to WA. See you around the campus!

    • Kyle

      Sounds like you have had a bit of a rough stretch John and I do wish you and your family all the health in the world. I know everything is going to work out, stay strong!

      As for the bootcamp, just jump back in when you are ready and you can start over if you like. It is not a race, but just remember to take action on all of the steps within it to see maximal results. If you ever need a hand with anything, there is lots of help and quite the community within the bootcamp so just ask! 🙂

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