1. Chris Shouse

    I worked Traffic Monsoon for months and then it just disappeared. Glad to know what happened to it. Remember the guy (Todd I think) that was the front face? I was surfing this morning and he is at it again promoting another company. I do not remember what it is.

    • Kyle

      This is typically the case. People involved in such schemes jump from one program to the next. When one program starts to receive “heat” or worse yet, the FTC is investigating it, then they quickly move on to the next program. The often times will bring their following with them and yes, subject them to another very similar scheme or scam.

      The best thing you can do is to avoid ANYONE that effectively has pushed programs in the past that have been taken out by the FTC. It is representative of how they operate in the business world and their unethical behaviour almost certain is going to continue.

  2. chandra dol

    Yes i have seen the ads for it but more than enough times but i never had any desire to try it out because i had already assumed it was a scam site and so i just avoided any of that kind of stuff all together. Also with my already limited time in the day I had no desire to waste any of my free time on anything mindless with no feeling of any self accomplishment no thanks pass. 😉

    • Kyle

      Some people definitely do have a better gauge as to what is a legitimate program versus something that is about to take advantage of them and it is very fortunate that you didn’t fall for this one as a lot of people have lost a lot of money through this program.

    • Kyle

      Security Exchange Commission. They regulate and enforce the US legal platform surrounding securities, trading and similar types of business. They are responsible for some of the biggest take downs of ponzi schemes over the years (including Madoff). The FTC is actively involved in programs that present themselves as pyramid schemes as well, they are both diligently working to protect the consumer as well as the investor.

  3. Aiden Adorable

    I love the concept of earning credits to earn traffic. Its brilliant. I have a question, will this work on a brand new website with little to no traffic at all? Just wondering for my WA because I just got it indexed and i am thinking about using this website to help with the traffic. Keep up the good work, I like the website a lot.

    • Kyle

      The concept in theory is cool, the only problem is the traffic you will get is totally disengaged and will not convert. It will be other people like yourself that is sitting there clicking on links in effort to earn credits themselves, they are not actually interested in the content in which they are clicking.

      There are ways to get REAL targeted traffic online. SEO is good starting point, PPC is a good starting point, Social traffic can also be a good starting point. Avoid paid to click sites though, they will waste a considerable amount of your time with little to no return.

  4. Ian

    Hey Kyle,

    What a great read. I have heard lots about Traffic Monsoon, but never really investigated it myself. So thanks for the detailed explanation. 🙂

    Any idea what the payout per ad click is? I know Clixsense’s maximum pay per click is 1 cent…and I haven’t found a single PTC company that pays any better.

    Thanks again,


    • Kyle

      The payout per click is $0 now, as they are in receivership. And the reason they are in receivership is the fact that they weren’t paying out owed money to people even though they were using rakes and shovels to stash away cash they were earning from the scheme.

      If you are going to create a business online, avoid PTC programs. If you want quality traffic, avoid PTC schemes altogether. It is a gaping rabbit hole.

  5. Jenna

    Hi Kyle,

    I have heard of Traffic Monsoon before, they are good at advertising how good their traffic exchange is and the PTC, however, I am not interested to know since I have found other free ways to get high quality traffic better. I also like what you teach to get traffics. Even if I were to choose to buy traffic, I would choose solo ads from reliable sellers. Thank you for warning us about Traffic Monsoon, I will stay further way from them now.

    • Kyle

      That is the thing, there are many ways to get high quality traffic online. Other than it being easy to click for clicks, there is very little benefit to doing this. The quality of traffic you are getting in return is essentially bogus and your efforts are simply adding to the “pool’ of ad packs that the founder was selling and it appears generating a ton of revenue doing so.

      If you want to create a long term and successful business, you should focus on building a business. Avoid joining schemes of this nature, they are temporary fixes and your income is not built of a solid foundation.

  6. Kenny Lee

    If a business model is flawed, it’s going to collapse eventually. It doesn’t matter whether it’s in the online or offline world. Same old principles still apply. We must always provide value in what we do.

    I believe Traffic Monsoon is not going the be the last of its kind.There are also sites where you actually can buy “likes” or “followers” for your social media account. I think these sites will follow the fate of Traffic Monsoon as well.

    • Kyle

      That is very sound logic, the word “eventually” could definitely mean anything though. Sometimes schemes and flawed business models take 10+ years to extinguish, other times it happens within a few years. It tends to happen much quicker when people are getting ripped off or losing large sums of money, or in the case of Traffic Monsoon, not getting paid out owed commissions as per many complaints online.

      It isn’t the last of it’s kind, there are many other spin offs out there already…some from past members of this scheme. There are also many other programs that are existing in this space that just haven’t gotten “caught” yet, but rest assure with time they WILL.

  7. Oren Leavitt

    Traffic Exchanges oh my… A relic from the Wild West internet marking days of the 1990s. We have come a long way! There were so many scams back then you could throw a rock over your shoulder and hit one. Anything for “traffic” at all costs. Thanks goodness we are (at least a little bit) smarter today. Thanks for posting!

    • Kyle

      Just when you think we have come a long ways in terms of an ethical internet and one that is not so wild west, we have the proliferation of traffic exchanges, of recycled solo ad platforms, and substance free MLM’s that are charging $10,000’s for the opportunity to promote the same program to others.

      I am not sure things are much better these days than when they were in the 90’s, but I do hold out hope. I hope we continue to evolve towards a much more ethical Internet, but as long as people continued to get suckered into schemes, there are going to be people building these schemes.

  8. JP

    Really interesting article – traffic monsoon, very interesting opportunity. i’ve never heard of it before. Thanks for the informative article because I see that there may some problems with this product when looking at the reviews. I’m a fan of the other platform you offer down at the bottom though!

    • Kyle

      Yeah, a lot of people haven’t heard of it but a lot of people have and they are quite interested in seeing how this rolls out. Lots of people are owed lots of money and those can only hope that the founder hasn’t squandered this money away and they will be able to recoup all of their Traffic Monsoon investments.

  9. gloriaplewis

    Hello Kyle:

    What and eye opener. I’ve seen Traffic Monsoon advertise a lot… I never came around to really check it out.

    I have seen some programs where you also have to click on different links to get credits for traffic. I don’t remember exactly the name, but it’s going around.

    It’s a shame that scrupulousness people take advantage of the majority of us trying to improve our lives by exploring the internet and the different options to Make Money Online.

    Thank you Kyle for writing such and extensive and deep review. I know it will save a lot of people, money, time and specially aggravation.

    Luckily we are part of WA where you two guys are so hones and really care bout our success.

    Thanks again,


    • Kyle

      There are many Paid To Click (PTC) sites out there and they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Unfortunately, they draw people in because people become so desperate for traffic and they are not knowledgeable enough or willing to put forth the time and effort it takes to get high quality traffic, so they throw money at what appears to be “cheap” traffic.

      The result more often than not. Wasted money. In the case of Traffic Monsoon though, people were getting drawn into the program, becoming click monkeys and in a lot of cases working tirelessly to recruit others into the program and ultimately bank on them upgrading to certain ad packages. The end result, them losing out on all of their revenues when the SEC seized all of Traffic Monsoon assets, a state in which the company still exists.

  10. Cheertopia

    This was a very interesting article. I have never heard of traffic monsoon although I have been looking for ways to generate more traffic to my site.

    I will definitely not be trying traffic monsoon as I do value quality traffic with engage visitors. It is definitely beneficial to just focus on content rather than try and purchase clicks/views.

    Thanks for the post!

    • Kyle

      You might never get the opportunity to try it out, in particular if they are convicted of being a pyramid/ponzi scheme by the SEC. I am sure there is going to be a lot more to the story as it continues to unfold but my hope at the end of the day is that all of the parties that were involved and lost money are compensated for their losses.

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