1. Raul Nava

    Kyle – aside from complementary medicine, I also paint and my question is – do I need a new niche or could I use my old, original domain.
    Thanks – Raul

    • Kyle

      You can definitely use your existing domain. One thing I do suggest though is that if you have ever done things like get loads of backlinks, automate content, or done anything that could have impacted your rankings adversely in the past, that you might want to start fresh. But most of the time you can use your existing website and you absolutely will get all the help you need within Wealthy Affiliate if you want to get some exposure to your art and build your brand within the art world.

  2. David L

    I am wanting to do affiliate marketing. I have looked at many things online to help me learn, but keep seemingly, to hit dead ends when doing research. I do not have much money to give up for this. What or where do you recommend I find legit information?

    • Kyle

      I can give you a hand personally David. Head over to Wealthy Affiliate, create yourself a free Starter account, and you will immediately have access to everything you need to create and grow an affiliate marketing business. You can get more information about Wealthy Affiliate here.

      To be a successful affiliate, you need a niche, a website, you need to understand how to build content/traffic, and you need access to help when you need it. That is what you are going to get at WA. I look forward to working with you David.

  3. Alex Tennant

    Hi Kyle

    I love your web site and what you stand for. As for myself I have an arts web site up and running showcasing my art direct to the public. My work is purely digital only I have not made it available through art galleries. Your views regarding the success of following this format would be very helpful.
    I have taken note of your wealthly affiliate support profile programe and I will explore that as a means to improving my prospects of selling my artwork. Your reply would be greatly valued.

    Keep up the good work.

    All the best

    • Kyle

      We can definitely help you out Alex, there is so much opportunity to extend your reach globally and you will learn all about that at Wealthy Affiliate, but also realize other opportunities within the art niche (or even outside of it if you are interested). I am here to help if you ever have any questions, but the best thing you can do is to get a Starter account at WA as there is no cost associated to that.

  4. Such a great read, a little bit of humour makes the world of a difference when trying to learn more on online business. And I learnt a lot. Thank you 🙂


    • Kyle

      Glad you enjoyed it Karina, what is life without a bit of humour. Also, when you can create content (regardless of your niche of choice, art or otherwise), the more natural you write the more successful you will be. It is all about connecting with your audience.

  5. Sam Carlson

    As far as Selling prints of your work, there is etsy, cafepress, zazzle, and deviantart. Etsy for me is too much of a hassle b/c I need to actually handle the shipping and printing and everything. Personally I use SMugmug.com as a printer and shipper of my work. they give you a whole gallery option and pricing plans. They have their bare minimum prices, and you keep anything over that amount. Say it costs them $2.30 to print out and ship an 8×10 print. if you price it for $12, you get 10 bucks.

    Here is an example of my smugmug gallery.


    Hope this helps, and keep up the hard work!


    • Kyle

      Thanks for your insights Sam. I hadn’t heard of smug smug, but this will definitely help out my readers here whom are artists (give them another option). Nice prints BTW!

  6. Christina

    I love the idea of not just selling your art online, but engaging with the people who are buying it. Not only is it a great way to build relationships with your customers, but those customers are more likely to become repeat customers.

    Plus, you can still sell your art offline, but it’s more important than ever to also be found online.

  7. Teresa

    Looking at art online is a great idea. I myself have done this in the past. I also love the idea of more than 2 billion people online! I do have to say that I never bought art online but did buy it in an art gallery. That doesn’t mean that people don’t buy art online. I am sure many do but I prefer to buy it the old fashion way and engage with it in person. The energy of the piece then speaks to my soul.

    • Kyle

      For original art absolutely you have to see it in person. Often times people see a piece in person and they go online to purchase it and A LOT of people go online seeking out a particular type of art, particular colors, etc.

      If you are in the art business as an artist or buying and selling art and you don’t have an online presence, you are truly missing out and you should be considering it…starting TODAY!

  8. Chip Paulson

    The one thing that’s awesome about doing things online is scale-ability. You can reach people all over the world with your work which would take an exuberant amount of money by any other means.

    Plus, you get to exercise great control over the “face” you want to present to your prospective buyers. You can design your website however you want and the beauty of it is that the internet is so vast that you can easily find an audience to appeal to, and this goes for any “niche.”

  9. Mark

    2 Billion online WOW that’s a huge marketplace. Tap into even 0.01% and your business will take off like a rocket to the moon. It amazes me that any business can be helped with an online presence. There are so many ways to work the traffic to offer services, advice and get your brand name out there. Great advice for any artists looking to improve their networks.

    • Kyle

      Yeah, if you could tap into 0.00001% you are doing very well. To this day and 11 years later, I still find this very exciting about the Internet. Every day I wake up knowing there is endless opportunity online, whether you are an artist looking to sell your paintings online or whether you don’t have a product and you are looking to create a business selling others’ products through affiliate programs.

  10. You can definitely fit more people into a website than into a room!

    Any artist without a website is clearly missing out on opportunity. If your goal is to make money by selling your art, you need to take advantage of every possibility. I mean, you can even by fine art on Amazon, so obviously there’s a market for it.

    And with a bit of social media work on top of your main site, there’s bound to be a small group of people, somewhere in the world, that will pay some amount of money for your work.

    Just looking at the statistics, if .0001% of people you meet will like your art AND pay for it, then you need to meet more people to see more art. And the internet is an awesome way to get connected.

    • Kyle

      An artist with a website has a competitive advantage over one without a website and understanding how to leverage the internet to get traffic from all of the world to your “art” will break down all the local barriers that many struggling artists suffer from.

      Too many are stuck within the constraints and financials of their local economy when the art market is so vast and lucrative if you understand how to tap into the global art economy.

      Love your statement as well Nathaniell, “you can definitely fit more people into a website than into a room”. This should get any artist excited.

  11. Vitaliy

    As a former artist and current online marketer, I know how difficult it can be for artists to sell their work in the offline world. It’s a damn near dog eat dog business.

    Having said that, what is also true is that it’s significantly easier to do this online. If you have a website, a following and the knowledge to create a following, selling your art and making a name for yourself becomes exponentially easier. Great post Kyle.

    • Kyle

      Absolutely and perhaps if you knew more about the “online” world when you were an artist, you would be a thriving artist to this day. Like you said Vitaliy, all the artists that I have worked with over the years has viewed the offline world as a total dog eat dog world and as sounds as they found the online world, it was like a breath of fresh air.

      No more art shows, no more studio fees, and the ability to connect with people directly (and all over the world) that were looking for their specific type of art.

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