1. Fakhrul Alam

    Your article is right, these type of online training products come and go, there is not long term training product for newbie that I have found outside of Wealthy Affiliate.

    They have huge number of refund rate, those who have very low budget to start their business online will be overwhelmed within the back end up this program because most fot he marketing techniques discussed are paid. Those who are already doing paid advertising then I believe this is Ok for them and as they can learn from expects in mobile advertising.

  2. SeasonGirl

    Thx Kyle once again an informative delightful read.I thought that website was giving me a confusing headache at the time.It’s nice to know your not crazy.

    • Kyle

      Like most people, I think people are growing tired of the video only sales pitches. No substance, just a bunch of useless hype. One thing that I learned early on in the marketing world is that he best marketer is the one that offers value before they require you to spend a dime. That is NOT what is happening online and unfortunately most of the self proclaimed gurus probably could not offer much help, that is why they are hiding behind videos and hype driven sales pages.

  3. Rick Jantz

    Interesting post, I thought 70 out of 100 was generous. I, too, had alarm bells going off as I read and as a fairly new person online I think I might have been easily convinced that I needed the upsells to be truly successful.

    I have seen a few other “opportunities” out there for mobile marketing programs but have never been convinced that they could be successful; although phone apps are all the rage and I use a number of those myself. Thanks for another great review.

    • Kyle

      Yeah, the chances you one reaching success with this program is very limited, in particular if they don’t have an extensive experience in the marketing world…and if that is the case, they probably know most of the techniques taught anyways.

      The reason it did get a 70 rating is because the delivery of the information was pretty good, albeit it a little scattered. People need to understand that a phone is just another medium in which people are connecting to the Internet and you still need to understand how to market online in order to succeed. There is NO marketing training within Mobile Monopoly which is a significant flaw.

  4. I’m quite surprised this one ranked a 70/100. I heard the name, and immediately thought, “lame!”. I guess you can’t judge a book by it’s cover.

    To tell you the truth, most of my sites are not optimized for mobile, and though “mobile money” is something that seems to be hot right now, I really don’t have a clue about it. I guess I don’t really buy stuff from my smartphone and don’t own a tablet, so it’s not something I can relate to. But according the ‘the numbers’, it seems that a lot of people are doing it.

    I guess I can get the tablet thing – I can see people shopping on it.

    So the deal with this program – are they teaching you how to make a ‘squeeze page’ and get people to it via paid ads? Or was it just doing CPA & affiliate marketing for mobile?

    • Kyle

      The information they are teaching is by no means anything new nor will it be anything new to you Nathaniell. It actually does not teach about optimizing your site for mobile, rather it is more into the paid side of mobile using Ad Mob. As I said, the training is quite scattered and although it is solid, it doesn’t really give anyone a concise plan to earning money within the mobile world. It is missing the key element, marketing.

      • Stephen J Parkin

        Thanks Kyle, I have always wondered why they hype this stuff given that choosing a mobile compatible theme in WordPress gets you mobile sales anyway! Just check the splits in Google Analytics.

        I am seeing more and more hits from mobile devices but over 80% of sales still come from desktops/laptops rather than the tablets and phones.

        • Kyle

          Exactly Stephen, they were attempting to cash in around all the hype relating to mobile. Within the product they are even trying to push people to create apps..that is a huge undertaking and once you have an app, ALL of the work is still ahead of you. You have to get approved. You have to test and have a programmer hired to fix all the bugs as they come up and as the iOS platform evolves…and you have to market.

          As you said, most frameworks these days are supported on mobile (like many of the responsive WordPress themes), so marketing your websites marches on as per usual.

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