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  1. Mark Douglas

    Anthony Morrison and his promotions. Buy into his system and you get swamped with emails promoting more products. Plus you need to buy more and more “additional” services to make his program work.
    I was fortunate to get most all of my money back.

  2. bob

    When dealing with a business in another state are you able to call the Secretary of State and receive information whether that company is legitimate or not? Would you know if accelerated sales and marketing LLC in Atlanta Ga is legitimate?

    • Kyle

      I have never heard of this program, how were you solicited. If they fall under any of the categories listed within this article, chances are it is a scam and the red flags should go up. Tread carefully with “opportunity” type programs, there are lots of scams out there.

  3. David Crist

    Kyle, wish I had found WA before being scammed by MOBE. It was a learning experience although an expensive one. They insinuated that they had a suite of on line learning products but the farther in you went you discovered that their only product was MOBE. Their “coaches” turned out to be nothing but up sell stooges. They never even read any of your e-mails . Justice Dept. finally closed them down.

    • Kyle

      Sorry to hear you were taken by the MOBE scheme. You certainly are not alone and currently the receiver is in the process of recouping some of the money (as much as they can), to pay back to the customers. Be careful not to fall in this trap again, anything with a “phone coach” is more than likely a scam. These people, as you have figured out are not in fact coaches, rather they are high pressure sales people with the only goal of getting as much as they can get out of customers.

      I recommend that if you are interested in operating a legitimate business, that you consider Wealthy Affiliate.

  4. Monique

    Kyle, Thanks for information to identify a scammer. I have “ran to the hills” many times. The offers didn’t makes financial sense to me.
    Being aware is a powerful strategy.

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