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Have a scam to report?  Want me to do a review on a particular product that you have been “ripped off” by?  Simple leave a comment report-a-scam-herebelow and I will be more than happy to do a review for you.

If you want me to perform a particular review, please leave a comment below with the following details:

(1) Product name
(2) Price you paid for the product
(3) Why it was a scam
(4) Website URL

Upon leaving your comment below, I will go through these and personally email you when I have done a product review.   As always I thank you for providing me with your feedback and taking part in my venture to keep the Internet safe, scam free and to help others avoid the “vultures” out there!

Here are some of my latest product/service reviews…




  1. Dieter is a scam. the name I dealed with is Daniel Roarak. Over one year they wasted my money (50KUS$) Everything is fake. Please give a warning to Your readers and tell me if You have an idea how to bring them to justice??(they are international organized!!)

  2. John

    Hi Kyle,

    I joined Club Orenda/Mana TLC. ,based in Scottsdale Arizona, on the 31st March 2017. The initial membership was $650 USD. All was going well and initially I was paid my commissions earnt, until I asked for my unpaid commissions three months ago and I have been met with silence and no responses from the owners, Roberto Cantu Gonzalez and Georgie Louise Kirby. I have not been paid my outstanding commissions in 6 months after numerous requests to the company, and am owed over $9000 USD. On closer investigation approximately 150 other members from Finland, Germany, Kenya and Tanzania are yet to be paid commissions and now Australia. The business does not have a product nor service and all commissions are paid on membership sales. Have you investigated this company previously? Can you tell me what legal avenues I have to recover these outstanding commissions?

    Many thanks


    • Kyle

      I would suggest you contact your local state authorities if you feel as though you have been taken advantage of. When I get a chance, I will definitely investigate what is going on here. Sorry to hear about your situation.

  3. Donald

    Hello. I wonder if you have covered Marcus Campbell’s program called Simple Sites Big Profit. I recently signed up for that program and got a lot of junk for my trouble…including links to sites that don’t exist and video training that doesn’t exist. Don’t fall for his sales pitch!

  4. Mary Jo

    Hi Kyle,
    I have been scammed by RUNCPA ( a bitcoin affiliate network. It have proof with datas but they do not care! They can even change datas on their platform, I saw with my own eyes my commission vanishing from their platform and I have proof of that. Some leads never show up on their platform, but even with datas in front of them, nothing can change their mind. Only their words, which change every time count! Datas, they do not care!
    Can you investigate RUNCPA? Have you heard about it?

    • Kyle

      I have never heard of this program, but I will investigate when I have the opportunity to do so. Thank you for bringing this to my attention and sorry to hear that you feel you have been scammed by this program.

  5. Shirlee Steee

    Kyle is there a regulatory body in the States that regulates and monitors online programs. I would like to report a program that has recently surfaced to such a body. It isn’t a big purchase – only 50 cents (50centfreedom).

    I did sign up – paid for my membership and then did refer a number of people.

    Then yesterday I discovered that admin had allowed strangers to steal my referrals and when I called them on this they cancelled my membership without responding. Very unethical and concerning behaviour. Although the membership was only 50 cents – they have already earned 1.2 million dollars (25,000 members) during pre-launch.

    • Kyle

      As far as I am concerned, $0.50 or $50,000, if you are ripping someone off you are ripping someone off. There are many schemes and scams out there in all shapes and sizes and I do appreciate you bringing this program to my attention. I will definitely investigate it.

    • Kyle

      I haven’t heard of this program, but I will definitely investigate it. Thanks for letting me know Sierra.

  6. Robert Smith

    BIOSOLACE INTERNATIONAL ripped me and my friends off after soliciting a $500 dollar founder fee in which the founders promised us a global profit after one year..well the company has yet to launch, we never received anything for our money and we discovered that the company has no office, staff, support and has no allowed anyone to start making money off downline organization that they encouraged us to sign up. apparently this business is being run out of a hone in Los Angeles by two brothers one of which has been sued for hundreds of thousands of dollars for fraud. They recruit via facebook page and sell MSM product with actually nothing in it.. also female sanitary napkins.. Run from these guys and don’t get ripped off like we did!

  7. Elan

    I found this program called “2Day Profits” that I got a link to from being on the warrior forum e-mail list:

    It just sounds too good to be true. Make your first $1,000 in seven days? Ultimate get rich quick scheme if you ask me.

    • Kyle

      I would be weary of any program that claims quick income like this. Conventionally these sort of programs are playing on the emotions of their audience and often times desperation. There is a good chance if you are making $1,000 in your first 7 days online, you are either going to be spending more than this amount in advertising or you are subsequently going to be forced to rip others off.

  8. Hello. I am looking for information about the Wazzub and Perfect Internet scam, then I saw your post from two years ago saying that it is being investigated like Herbalife. I just can’t believe it is this hard to find information about this, such as headlines with their alleged founders being handcuffed and thrown to jail. If you know where to find it, can you point me in the right direction? How can a company serially lie for years about successive IPOs that never happen, but never get in trouble with the SEC? Do you have an update on this?

  9. Susan11

    Recently before I joined Wealthy [which by the way I know your not a scam, and I am totally happy with for the price], but I was told by this company Enterprise-Commerece University LLC. who teaches Training for $4,000.00 which I am now locked into paying $149.70 for each month out of my $735.00 SSI pension for.

    Yet, I am not able to do all of the postings of picture’s and up-pricing, because I just found out that I have Austio-Arthritis in my upper Shoulder Arm Socket that makes typing very painful. What I need to know is can you tell me if this Company out of Coral Springs, Fl 33075-8707 is a legit company. For I am having a hard time with the difference of what I have learned with them in three months for the price of what they are charging me out of my SSI.

    For what I am getting out of the program. There seemed to be something off when I started The WAHinstitute,net or program that I got signed with just three days before they called telling me that e-Commerce University LLC was connected with them, but was their Couching program, then they changed their minds, and said that they were not related to them. Yet every time I go to The WAHinstitute to talk with them about making a Website for free I get a call from Chase who is with e-Commerce University LLC or a Call from my Couch with the e-Commerce, and they tell me something different. Where do I go to get the truth, and how do I find how to get out of that eBay Program.

    I really don’t like it, for it is too much work with my muscles, and way too expensive for what I am getting out of it?

    • Kyle

      Although I have never heard of this program, based on your story it sounds like you are being taken advantage of here and potentially scammed Susan. If you don’t feel like you are getting value of the program, I would cut all ties with it and if you feel you have been taken advantage of or “fooled” into buying something, you may want to consider contacting your credit card company and letting them know what is going on. They may be able to recover some of your expenses.

      In addition to that, moving forward I am absolutely going to be able to help you within Wealthy Affiliate. I know you are going to really love your experience there and you have lots of help every step of the way, not to mention access to the most comprehensive and technologically advanced platform in the industry.

  10. Rut

    Hi Kyle.

    I’m always getting e-mail about become a millionaire in 30 days and they offer you money to start, don’t cost you a dime. But when you sign up you can’t get started unless you pay them 250$ and people that buy into this never get paid what they earn. How is it different from WA. How can I be sure that I will get paid from WA?

    • Kyle

      We don’t guarantee income. Any company that does, is a scam.

      If you are work hard and take action on what we teach, you will be building a business. That can lead to income and a sizeable one, but only you are in control of that. The thing that is unique about Wealthy Affiliate over other programs in the industry is that you can try it before you ever have to spend any money, in fact you can get a truly free Starter membership with NO obligation at all.

      If a company cannot show you what you are going to get before you have to make a purchase, chances are they have something to hide.

      • David Lumsden

        Web and are companies that appeared on my credit card report without any knowledge on my part. I did not know they existed. Between them they have stolen nearly $400.00 from my Credit Card.
        Thank you Kyle for running a good company with good service.

        • Kyle

          We will investigate. I haven’t heard of either and if you had charges that weren’t supposed to be there from those companies, I would contact your credit card company and let them know what is going on. They should have no problems getting you a refund if these are services that you didn’t actually join or that fraudulently put charges on your card.

  11. Yassir Ennazk

    I ordered FaceSniper from this guy called Yassir Ennazk. Turns out he was offering refund after his product went down just around few months. Surprisingly, he chose to announce on this on the forums, but not notifying buyers directly via their email – so i missed out. WHen I try to claim the refund from him, his excuse was the period to redeem refund has gone.

    Question is: what would you do if you are in my situation?

    • Kyle

      You could contact your credit card company and try to get a chargeback if you feel you were wrongly taken for a ride here. It is peculiar that a product would cease operations and then only offer a refund for a set period of time.

  12. WEG


    SCAM or Legit? I don’t know.

    The product name of a possible scam in InboxBlueprint, referred to by its leader, developer and founder Anik Singal as “Lurn Nation” at times. He is still trying to push a free book “Circle of Profit” which encompasses again the email marketing venture. What made me buy into this was the forward from Motivational speaker Les Brown and Robert Kiyosaki (Rich dad, Poor dad). What a disappointment.

    Crazy as this may seem. I thought it was legit but found out after paying $1,497.00 (None Refundable) that it was a start of many training video’s and modules about the industry. Although Anik promises to be one on one if after 60days of not being pleased with the program that will never happen. The selling point is that it’s easy to set up and generate income in no time. Realizing after you purchase that will you have to generate traffic to what is your OPT-IN page this becomes the first sticking point. There are all kinds of up-sell items “SendLane” email generator, Domain name purchases, and on and on. If you don’t have experience technically with working with applications you will be totally lost.

    I’ve reached out to the so called experts and got nothing.

    They allow for affiliate features, free white pages that is generated after folks fill in their email on a thank you page. All this created into several modules within the program. You pick a niche, create a funnel, select an OPT-IN page, select email generator/free report and then the ok you’re ready for traffic…guest blogging, forum commenting, blog commenting, twitter, email media, facebook or google advertising, SEO. So although there is much training…it’s overwhelming and makes you want to pay for the additional coaching package that Anik offers.

    Expensive, but you are already a hostage at this point …there is no back out plan. Somehow he tries to say because of the training and coaching there is no refund in the refund policy. That you never see until you spend the $1,497.00.

    • Kyle

      Thanks for sharing your experiences here WEG, I am unfamiliar with this program but I will add this to my list of potential future product reviews. Sorry to hear about your negative experience and I hope you can get your refund that you feel is warranted to you.

      • Shiconda

        I also checking into this company and before spending any money I wanted to get more information. I was wondering if you found out if this company legit or not?

  13. kavita

    Hi there,

    I am using a application which name is mazuma it is mazuma affiliate marketing app. It gives money for watching videos and I joined this a payment of 17,500. Now I’m confuse about this company pls help me and confirm to me whether or not it is a legit company or scam.

    It is Hong Kong based company. Thanks.

    • Kyle

      Thanks for letting me know. If you had to PAY them in order to watch videos to in essence, earn your money back…chances are you are dealing with a company that may be questionable here. I will investigate them when I get a chance.

  14. Helen

    How do you call a company which

    – has long outstanding debts (since January, 2016) to its distributors ?

    – has long outstanding debts (since January, 2016) to its employees ?

    – creates a tax avoidance scheme for individuals by using Payoneer system ?

    – manipulates with corporate taxes in Europe ?

    – includes in its CEO counsels former leaders of finance pyramid companies ?

    Do you call such a company Kyani SCAM, FRAUD, CRIME or LEGITIMATE OPPORTUNITY ?

    • Kyle

      That company definitely does sound suspect Helen and I have actually heard some things about Kyani form past communications/posts . Thanks for letting me know and I will investigate it within an upcoming release.

  15. Chris

    Reveiw Request: Tecademics and Internet Marketing College

    The Next Empower Network:

    all the same company, Tecademics

  16. TitusAstariko Ambuka

    Hello Kyle,

    I haven’t seen someone ask for a review on the HYIP thing that nowadays are emerging so fast. I have personally been caught up in those get rich quickly schemes.There are two companies that came up this year,to be precise last month, they are not 1 month old.How does someone pay you 150% to 440% in 1 day of your initial deposit.Anyway, sounds so good that anyone can easily get attracted to.i lost $30 in one and $42 in another, according to my little look into these two companies, am suspecting that they are run by one person or rather the same people.Have a look at them here and let me know,I wish there was a way to punish such people and stop them from ripping people’s hard earned money.

    Thanks and let me know once you check them out.

    • Kyle

      Thanks for letting me know, there are a lot of HYIP programs out there that are in the business of taking people’s money unfortunately (and often times running). I will research and review these when I get a chance.

  17. John

    Can you do a video on the “Kyani” pyramid scheme all they do is sell “vitamins” and “health products” but in all reality the only reason they are selling these “products” is through the “recruiting” of other members in the business opportunity, they also have a matrix compensation plan.

    • Kyle

      I have never heard of Kyani, but these sorts of programs are popping up everywhere John. I will consider this program for a future review that I do (when I get enough time to research it in thorough detail). Thanks for brining it to my attention.

  18. Caesar De Souza

    I would appreciate if you would give me your professional opinion about a company known as dubli. It really sounds fishy to me. Their website is if you need any more information.


    • Kyle

      Thanks for letting me know Caesar, I will definitely investigate this program. A quick glance indicates that there are MANY complaints in the industry about this program. I would recommend that you do your due diligence and research before joining any program online as there truly are a lot of scams out there that you need to look out for.

    • Kyle

      I actually have a review planned for that in the new future.

      I have a similar opinion piece that I wrote on “traffic exchanges” that I think you should check out. You can get read it here.

  19. Tori

    Hi Kyle,
    Are you familiar with Affilorama or the Affilo JetPack program that costs around a thousand dollars? They claim to teach affiliate marketing and give niche cheat sheets along with a years worth of autoresponder emails, leadpages, etc. I’m wondering if this would be a good route to take to start as an affiliate marketer?

    • Kyle

      Pre-fab businesses like this (boxed business) almost always lead to failure. The reason is that it is not YOU, your voice, or your experience that is behind the business…and often times you end up within a niche that you do not love or that you are not passionate about.

      I would always recommend that you build a business proper, that starts with a website and a foundation. Check my Getting Started page here to learn how to go about this properly, you should never have to spend $1,000’s on a program to get rolling online.

  20. John Thorpe

    Just have been scammed from a company called Digital Experts Academy / The Six Figure Mentors.

    Over 5K.

    Not impressed.

    • Kyle

      You are not the first to mention this, I have had many others complain about this program. I will consider this for a future product review.

  21. Deepak

    Hi Kyle,

    Have you heard about Digital Profit course which is luring people in India to enroll/ join thier course and earn quick money? They said its a 3 months course where they will teach you about making money online, teaching you the hidden secrets of World Wide Web. I almost got caught in there. However I came across your article about avoiding online scams and save my hard earn money.


    Deepak meetei

  22. Zbigniew

    Hi, Kyle. Can you tell me what to think about My Paying Ads? It’s one of the so called revenue sharing programs (I do not mean sites like Hubpages, where you get paid for writing articles), which promise to show you how to generate profit with little or no effort at all. I think these sites are scams in general (poor quality, poor support, misleading information, etc.) and I am building a site relating to these ‘revshare programs’ within WA affiliate bootcamp. I have some doubts, though. That’s why I’d really appreciate your opinon on MyPayingAds and also on Traffic Monsoon, which as far as I know is one of the most popular revshare program online.
    Here are the links:

    • Kyle

      I have heard a lot of things about both of these programs, but I haven’t actually investigate them. There are many complaints that are rolling in about in particular as people feel as though they have been “taken” by that program. I will offer my review when I get a chance, but since I have not reviewed either program I won’t be able to offer you any insightful or comprehensive info. My suggestion is to do your due diligence before joining anything online!

      • Zbigniew

        Thank you, Kyle. I don’t know what “being taken by the program” might exactly mean, but I already know what to write about these sites. I will offer my review soon.

  23. Tony Mcalpin

    Hi Kyle

    I would appreciate if you could check out the company The Six Figure Mentors & The Digital Experts Academy.

    My friend has just been ripped off thousands of dollars. The product is Grovo white labelled with a MLM affiliate programme attached.

    • Kyle

      I have heard of them and you are not the first to tell me that you have been scammed by them. I have definitely received other complaints about these programs Tony. I will definitely offer some insight into this program when I get the opportunity to do so.

  24. Johann H Ragnarsson

    Hi, Kyle and thank you for an important site.

    I´m curious because I´m not 100% sure myself, what is your opinion about

    Thanks again for a good website.

    • Kyle

      I haven’t seen this product yet, but the name of it sets of red flags and the initial look I gave it on it’s website. The problem with companies the promote the idea of “funnels” is that yeah, it is good in theory, but unless you understand (a) how to build traffic (b) how to work from a solid foundation/website (c) how to actively create and work with real people that will be on your “list”, then you don’t stand a chance creating a funnel.

      This information is almost always missing within these programs and there are always other associated costs within buying things like an autoresponder, leadpages, websites, hosting, etc. I would avoid this program.

    • Kyle

      Yes, this is a known scam Donnie. If you are interested in creating a business or a consistent revenue scheme, you should not be using this product…rather you should be learning how to properly create a business online using a platform like Wealthy Affiliate.

    • Kyle

      I will investigate it an let you know. My initial thoughts and with a quick review, I would suggest that you might want to stay away from this company Chandra.

  25. PiresPortugal, (Neo-Machiavelli in italian)

    What You think abour Herbalife, Wazzub, Regarding your membership, Anthony Morrison membership and Empower Network?

  26. George Falls

    I have just been scammed of nearly $5000 with a company called The Six Figure Mentors & Digital Experts Academy with Stuart Ross.

    Has anyone else had any issues with this company?

    • Kyle

      So sorry to hear about this George. I will definitely be doing a review on this program as I really hate to hear people getting taken for so much money. Can you elaborate on your experience with these programs? That would be very helpful for my readers and help others from being take by the The Six Figure Mentors scam.

  27. Lee

    I was wondering if you know anything about the “Affiliate App System”? It sounds good on the surface. I have read many good things about it and have as of yet to find any negative.

    • Kyle

      If you are planning on creating a REAL business online, this is definitely not the product. You are in essence sending people to this free system where they in turn have to “buy stuff” in order for you to make a commission. Nothing unique, revolutionary or exciting about this model as it has been around for years.

      It by no means is creating a business either and if you are looking to create something long term (and within any niche of your choice), I recommend that you check out the following Getting Started guide.

  28. Vinu

    Please Kyle, can you tell me if CB passive income is fake or not. I am interested in making money or please any genuine website that helps to make money.


    • Kyle

      Save your time and your money, I would avoid any program that ties itself to “passive income” or “clickbank”. I will also be doing a review on this program as well.

      If you want to get rolling online and do so in a way that will actually lead you to a tangible business, I will show you how to get started online for free Vinu. Head over here and you will be well on your way.

  29. J. Groover

    Watch out for the MLM millionaire apprentice, minds of millionaires moms&dads,Bryan Bradley. Also goes by Bryan the hair grower. He has several profiles on Facebook, twitter, he’s on Instagram, many YouTube videos and webinars. Very drcptive and quite frankly unoriginal. A friend is involved and I tried to warn her that it’s a scam. So many people are falling for the lies.I did quite a not of research on him (not that hard with google). Just wish people would do their due diligence.

    • Kyle

      Thanks for letting me know. The program name tends to give away the fact that it is either shady or they sell the sizzle and have little to no steak inside of the actual product. I will definitely be writing a full report on the MLM millionaire apprentice when I get a chance.

      • Rene Miller


        Have you looked at World Profit at all? They seem like they are truly a big biz helping many people?
        What do you think?

        Rene Miller

        • Kyle

          It is absolutely a scam. Any program that is advocating things like 500,000 advertising credits for free is a complete hoax. Safelists, traffic exchanges, and the likes are all some of the most commonplace scams and anyone that gets sucked into the FREE traffic offered by WorldProfit Associates can expect ZERO results from it.

      • J. Groover

        Thanks, that would be great. It is getting more and more deceptive! So thankful this website is available for others to read and be informed.


    HI Kyle
    Anthony Morrison is a scumbag, liar and a conman. I paid $64 and $47 expecting to receive 500 contacts. I received NOTHINg. I politely asked for my money back under his GUARANTEED MONEY BACK . I have asked for it 5 times but NO MONEY has come back.
    I suggest that it is a sCAM.


  31. Lenin Boro Could you please check and let all of us know if is this a genuine passive income site?

    Lenin Boro

    • Kyle

      Pat Flynn is definitely a legitimate marketer and he seems to have his heart in the right place from everything that I have seen thus far (as most people do when they are getting started).

      I do hope he remains this way, but all too often people that start our legitimate get influenced by those that are on the dark side and all of a sudden it is OK to rip people off. One thing that you will notice is that within the income reports, most of his earnings are always related to the affiliate marketing that takes place on his Smart Passive Income site, not from the actual projects that he is taking part in (which usually have minimal success). Just something to consider.

  32. Denise Stout

    Could you please look into the autorecruitingplatform and Don Glanville…. I paid 249.00 for a position in this scam and it was suppose to launch now for over a year and a half and Don keeps telling everyone he is still building and tweeking the software. I reported him to the Attorney General in Arizona but he still has people coming into the Quicklister sight and listening to his bull crap and selling this scam to others.. At 250.00 a pop this man has taken in quite a lot of money and delivered nothing..

    • Kyle

      I will definitely get around to doing a review when I get a chance. I haven’t heard of auto recruiting platform but as a rule of thumb, anything with “auto” in its product name is a scam and you should steer away from that Denise. Sorry to hear you have been scammed here!

  33. Tony McAlpin

    My girlfriend recently got scammed by The Six Figure Mentors ran by Stuart Ross.

    She invested over $10.000 into the company with limited marketing training.

    Has anyone else been scammed by this company?

    • Kyle

      Yes, many people have and I am going to be reviewing this program very shortly because I am getting LOTS of complaints from folks whom have been ripped off by this program. So sorry to hear about your girlfriend Tony, that is awful. I would be more than happy to help here out (or you) if you want to get a business rolling in the right direction online. You can find out more here (and it’s totally free).

      • Kyle

        Lots of people are in this situation. People are so desperate to create a business that they will mortgage their houses, skip out on rent, even use their children’s education income to fund their “opportunity”. So many scams out there are taking advantage of people and that is why I created this website Laura, to help prevent this insanity that is taking place.

      • Rene Miller

        It’s hard to understand for some people Laura but there are those of us out there that would really try to make a go of it and when you invest that much money you think of it in your head that there is no one out there who wouldn’t give what they said they would for that much money. Carbon Copy got me for over $5K, Empower Network got over $2K, MLSP got almost $1K and this all happened at one time. I was going to diversity and have several biz going at the same time. I’m not a stupid person either, just gullible I guess. Then someone said “if it’s too good to be true, then it is and there is no chance of it being any other way”. NO CHANCE. Then I got to thinking that if it is anything real, why would a company charge anyone to work for them? That’s really a backward stab at things. I just hope that many people find WA and Kyle instead of bouncing off every fraudulent wall there is. Thanks for your understanding though.

  34. Imad

    Hello Kyle,

    I wanted to know what do you think about the “High Traffic Academy” and Vick Strizheus methods on making money online? Is he just another scam artist?

    P.S. I already asked this question about two weeks ago but I didn’t get an answer!

    • Kyle

      I would do some research on this individual online. You may find very quickly that he has a criminal record for fraud. When going into business and when I am giving someone my hard earned money, I usually don’t like to know that they have been convicted of fraud in the past. I hope this answers your question.

    • Kyle

      Yes, they are for the most part. It is rare that you will actually get selected for a survey when you join these programs and when you did, you will be earning “pennies” for your time. You are much better off getting a minimum wage job than trying to make money through survey programs. They are a hoax.

  35. azlan

    Hi Kyle,

    There’s a programme called “Online Success Apprentice” by Simon Stanley. They claimed it’s no risk 60 days money back guarantee. But watch out , there’s no respond from the Support Ticket sent to them and no reply from the email.

    Any insight from you regarding this program?

    Thank You


    Azlan ( now…WA Premium)

    • Kyle

      Yes, definitely a scam. I will be doing a review on this program when I get a chance Azlan. Thanks for brining this to my attention and it has been really nice working with you inside of Wealthy Affiliate!).

  36. Imad

    Hello Kyle,

    I wanted to know if you have any information about a program called CB Passive Income. Is it really working and helping newbies to make some money or it is just another scam?

    Thank you!

    • Kyle

      This is a definitely scam. If you do some research online you are going to see many scam reports about this program. It is definitely on my list of planned reviews.

  37. Lela-leluka

    Hi Kyle.First of all I’d like to thank you for creating great online marketing university-WA.
    Today I found facebook fortune site by searching into online.Have you heard about it? Site URL-
    Will love to hear(read a review) from you about them.

  38. Jitendra YADAV

    hey kyle,

    can you tell us google sniper, which claim that by using this people can money in 6 figure, coz my friend has baught this and now he is not generting any money .

    • Kyle

      Save your money. There are many reviews on this product out there outlining that this product is in fact low quality (in some cases referred to as a scam). I will add it to my “to do” list for reviews.

  39. Dr. PJ Anderson web site claimed to be free and really isn’t. They will let you build the site but others won’t be able to view it unless you pay them. I wouldn’t recommend anyone using this site.

    • Kyle

      Thanks for dropping by and I will definitely research and offer my reviews and insights into webstarts. I haven’t heard much good about their “practices” and I will definitely be digging into what they are doing. Thanks for your recommendation.

  40. john einstein

    hey kyle, im from wealthyaffiliate, recently i received an email from a guy called bill mcknight claiming that he can help guys make millions using his system called eMobile code system, in his video he showed how he helped few guys made about $1000 in few hours as well as his affiliate account which makes him million of dollars a month. his system cost $49 to buy and he claimed that the system is orignally for free but that $49 is paying for technical staff. in his video he said the subscription link will be pulled down soon, and after few hours, i clicked the same link in my email, it couldnt load a page, but i can find the video and some review on warriorforum( which i found by googling. is it obviously a scam? if he really made a lot of money, why dont him just use his money to pay for the technical staff and give his system for free?

    • Kyle

      Complete scam. This is one of the more popular scams out there (eMobile Code System) and I have been receiving several complaints about this. I will be creating an upcoming review on this one because far too many people are getting ripped off by this. My suggestion to you John…STAY AWAY!

  41. Hart

    Hi Kyle
    I want to ask you opinion ablut this product: income Society by Adeel Chowdhry. We need to pay $47 for application, then the coach will call and offer a licence to buy as a franchisee start from $1K to $10K and they will sell the back end for you. Please review and advise. thanks!

    • Kyle

      Wow, $10k. I can tell you right now, stay away from this one. No program in this industry or in general should cost $10k and I will definitely be doing a review on this program with a future post. Thanks for bringing this to my attention Hart.

  42. Phillip Myers

    Opportunity: eMobileCode
    Promoted to start earning within 24 hours for free with a few clicks of a mouse. Ended up costing more than $500.
    I figured ‘in for a penny, in for a pound’. Anyway, when you get the program you are told to contact a “Startup Specialist”. After numerous attempts to do so, I was finally told that someone would get back in touch with me. I’ve finally got an appointment for this Tuesday, but the person I spoke to briefly said that the hype of the sales video is not how it really works.
    In Australia we have laws against deceptive advertising. If you claim to be the “best in the world” you have to be able to prove you are. If you promote something as ‘free’ then it should be free.
    I’d love a full review of these guys to see if it is worth pursuing or I cut my losses.

    • Kyle

      You have definitely been scammed here Phillip and I would highly recommend you get a refund. You are not the first to complain about eMobileCode’s unethical practices and their “upselling” that takes place once you have already purchase their product. I will definitely add this to my “to do” list and will be offering an insightful emobilecode review so others don’t get scammed by this program.

  43. Pet

    (1) Product name- Secret Money System
    (2) Price you paid for the product- $19 initially, but apparently many upsells that I couldn’t fall for. Convincing marketers and actors (in the fine print at the bottom of the page- it actually states that some of the testimonials are done by actors, portraying real people).
    (3) Why it was a scam- not sure, that’s why I want it investigated further- apparently a fairly new ‘product’ if you try to click away, they keep lowering the price to join, but with higher monthly commitments thereafter.
    They promote a handful of other ‘systems’ that claim many of their offers are ‘free’, until further along you may have to pay almost $90 for 6 mths of ‘hosting’
    (4) Website URL:

    • Kyle

      Thanks Pet, I will definitely do a review of this when I get a chance. You are definitely not the first person to complain about the Secret Money System product.

  44. Giorgio

    Deutsche Trading are SCAMMERS!!
    Warning! Do not open accounts with Deutsche Trading!
    Now I tell you my experience.
    I opened an account with this broker, I made ​​a deposit of 1500 USD.
    After some time I asked for a withdrawal, but they did not give me my money back!
    It is more than two weeks that I have asked money back, and when I ask for information they say me continuosly that they will send money back, but at today no news about this.

    • Kyle

      Thanks for reporting this scam Giorgio. I will definitely get a scam report going for Deutsche Trading when I get a chance here and let you know when it is published.

  45. Alex

    Hi Kyle,

    Will you be doing a review of Internet Lifestyle Network (ILN) created by Mark Hoverson and Vincent Ortega Jr? After 3 months on this program I cancelled. It is loaded with the usual overpriced crazy up-sales after the first payment. The initial Apprentice Level costs $37/month and the initial core of promoting ILN is all about “spamming” your links on your facebook wall, FB groups and facebook messaging. Along with emailing your contacts with their pre-written emails. For the facebook messaging they do sugar coat this with “introducing yourself” to strangers on facebook and building a relationship first and understanding network marketing. However, it is still spamming and I was not comfortable with this along with other unethical practices on facebook. Also not happy promoting when there is a load of up-sales and I didn’t think the training is worth the money.

    People whom believe in ILN feel that the training is priceless and wonderful value for the price but I say its due to their lack of knowledge and awareness. I signed up to both the Apprentice Level ($37/Month) and the Professional Level($95/Month) and I didn’t feel it was worth the money and just a waste of time with no real substance. You have to pay for $37 and $95 together per month for both levels. Then there is the more advanced levels (‘training’) above this for a one off price of $995 and higher. There was a 7 day free trail when signing up to the apprentice level but this trail promotion is now longer available.

    A lot of people I got to know on facebook with ILN experienced facebook ‘jail’ where they had some of their privileges suspended for a period of time. Due to the insane way of promoting ILN using their facebook strategies.

    The other section of the training for the initial Apprentice level is the “Viral 5 Formula” where this can be used for your own business they say and not just promoting ILN. This involves in part of setting up your blog which has two templates – one is the ILN blog for promoting and the other is a blank template. Both are customizable but I don’t recall any training on building content, finding your niche, traffic – apart from facebook mentioned above which by the way you can learn and do for free and FB graph search is no secret. In the professional there is the paid facebook traffic that they teach however.

    ILN is advertized where they guarantee you $100 if you don’t make any money in the first 30 days. However, this is very difficult to fulfill if you look at the terms and conditions. Also the ‘make $20 in your first 24 hours’ is unlikely unless you happen to have a friend also interested whom has the same interests as you.

    There are other reasons why I left…

    1. Vimeo shut their video account down so we were not able to view the training videos for a few days until they moved everything to another platform.

    2. Vincent lost his Youtube account and YT said his account has repeatedly violated their terms and conditions. So Vincent encouraging members of ILN to have a campaign of emailing YT to get his account reinstated with arguing of why it is important for the internet community to have ILN etc. Vincent’s account was reinstated I believe but a lot of the videos I think were missing. I’ll confess I was one of the sheeple sending out my emails. Of course now I know better.

    3. InfusionSoft shut their affiliate account down, believed to be the reasons of ILN being a ‘get rich quick’ scheme. Although Vincent said this was the results of ‘haters’ warning InfusionSoft that it was a ‘pyramid scheme’ – but this does not make sense as I am sure InfusionSoft would have investigated and not just made a decision based on ‘haters’ emails being sent to them. So for about a week people were not able to earn as their affiliate links were broken until they configured new links. Another email campaign – encouraging members to send emails to InfusionSoft to try to get the affiliate accounts opened up – unlike Youtube this failed. I didn’t send any email this time. What a shambles!

    4. All the hype and the over hyped sales video pages.

    Interesting, when I cancelled my membership they offered a special promotion of giving you access to the Apprenticeship level free for 30 days and at the end you can keep your membership and billing would start again. You had to reply to this email promotion, quoting the reference number in the first 24 hours of receiving it, which I did. At the time of writing (about a week now) they have still failed to honor that promotion. But it is probably a positive sign that I made the right decision of leaving ILN. Also considering support sucks it is no surprise.

    It is recommended by support to cancel in the reverse order that you signed up as the system gets confused so after cancelling you can still be billed!

    Sorry to go on for a bit but in a nut-shell there is no real product – you are – promoting ILN. And like Empower Network (I was with EN at the basic level for a short time) it is a classic scam and pyramid like system.

    I am with Wealthy Affiliate and very grateful to get real education. I was with WA before I investigated ILN but ended going on a diversion trip and ended up back where I started! Now I appreciate the value of Wealthy Affiliate and the training. Time for me to get focused.

    It was my first time with an MLM lets just say it is going to be my last. I am glad I had the experience with ILN however and at least I was not ripped off with 1000s like other people have with these MLM pyramid scheme systems.


    • Kyle

      Wow, very thorough information you have provided here Alex and I am sorry to hear about your experiences/situation. I am currently unfamiliar with the program though so I cannot offer any personal insights into it. There are many programs that are starting to get blocked Vimeo, Youtube, Infusionsoft, etc because of the high rate of promotion/spam. Thanks for dropping by.

  46. sharon

    Kyle We need a review on,which is founded by vick striezheus.I am former member of BIM but I did not earn a single penny.BIM was built to promote Empowernetwork review and rescue thousands of innocent people out there on the internet.

    • Kyle

      I have had a lot of negative feedback about this program and it is well known about Vick’s criminal and fraudulent track record. Too many people have come to me and stated that they have been scammed within this program and I will definitely get a review up when I get a chance.

  47. Michelle Kitchener

    Okay Everyone I love love love Wealthy Affiliate!

    But before I reached there I was taken in by a huge scam called Miley’s Money Method. I can hardly find anything negative or truthful reviews online about them online. The buttons on their website all lead to other ads promoting offers. For example the link that says “webinar sign-up” actually leads you to an video advertising pure leverage.

    The worst part is they say that you should follow their three steps or else they can’t guarantee your success but when you click on Step 1 – your directed to Pure Leverage, Step 2 – directs you to Easy 10 Machine Machines ad and Step 3 leads you to training that is already on the site. NOTHING is as presented on this site! It is all one big hoax created to make money for the owners by promoting their affiliate offers.

    • Kyle

      Thanks for sharing your experience about Miley’s Money Method Michelle, I will be sure to investigate this product and provide an upcoming review relating to it.

      I am so glad you are enjoying yourself at Wealthy Affiliate and look forward to helping you build your business. See you inside!

  48. Danno

    Hey Kyle, Considering a traditional MLM. I like what i
    see in Sozo global the coffeeberry company.How do you make these work online if like most network marketers you have burned out your family and friends in the past?Until you have become a confident networker I think you need a real system…. I like what Robert Blackman stands for, he does not sugar coat things. I am going to have to look into this… And order a bag or two of the coffee.

    What do you think.


    • Kyle

      That is the problem with “network” marketing. It should be called in many cases, shameless marketing and so many people end up losing their friends and families respect by treating them like their next potential downline. If you truly want to create a real business, joining the next “amazing” networking marketing company selling special coffeeberries (no idea what that is), consider creating a REAL, TANGIBLE business online.

      I can help you out with that and you can get started for free (and you will have your very own niche website up in the first 4 lessons). There is a right way to create a business online and a way that requires you to burn your wick at both ends…I hope you choose the right way.

  49. Marco Gonzalez

    Hello everyone, to find out how and to what extend the SFM leaders have misled and lied to a Member.

    During my initial investigation into SFM I watched a video by Stuart Ross that promised that if at the end of 12 months a person was not making $1000 per month, he would refund the person’s investment. I saw this video and a high-ranking Gold coach has told me he too has seen the video. All the people at the top, Jay Stuart, Mark etc. are not admitting knowledge of this video and today I received an email from Martyn Hickey stating there would be no refund. And of course like most people do they blamed me and my efforts on my results. Even though my Gold coach has attested that I have done everything asked of me.

    My name is Marco Gonzalez and I have decided to give you access to emails that have gone from me to all the so-called leaders of SFM over the past few months and have for the most part been ignored. Today I finally did get a response from Martyn, which has confirmed in my opinion that I have been lied to and wasted a lot of money on SFM. I encourage you all the request these emails from me and form your own opinion as to whether or not you are with a reputable organisation.
    Long story short I joined SFM in June 2013 as a black member and paid the $20,000 for positioning with a strict understanding that I did not have the time to do blogs or websites or videos etc. I made it clear to Mark Hayes that I only wanted to generate leads via solo ads for SFM to convert. He said this would be fine.
    To date I have not made a cent from SFM but spent thousands.

    I would like to share all the emails with you in the hope that you unlike me will not be burnt. I am sure SFM will cut me off soon to silence me. Connect with me and I will forward you the emails.

  50. Marty

    5 Minute Mogul
    $97/mo founding member – industrialist.
    No Product.

    Its been in ‘beta’ for over to two years and they’re still selling founding memberships that give you nothing in return for your membership dues, in and of themselves.

    You still have to buy the lead capture/email marketing system and traffic packages to push people to your sales/opt-in page.

    I will be asking for a refund tomorrow and if they refuse, well, I already filed a dispute for a charge-back but they said to give the seller an opportunity to process the refund up front first. So if they refuse, I will be following through on that.

    Furthermore, I will be filing a complaint with the FTC, as they tout several things in their sales pitches that are misleading and probably illegal.

    1. Guaranteed Income
    2. No prospecting required (supposedly) if you’re a paid member.
    3. Vaporware – the industrialist level is still empty, nothing there.

    I did get in contact with their customer support to see where things stand and in a nutshell, they seem to be dead in the water and sinking fast even though they continue to bring in new members, given all the rosy pictures that they paint.

    In closing I think its also important to point out that most if not all the members who post positive testimonials with it either had an existing email list in which to promote the program to or spent a good chunk of change in getting traffic to their opt-in page.

    I suppose I could do the same thing but there’s just one problem, I have a good reputation on the internet and I’d like to keep it that way.

  51. Lucy Webb IS A SCAM!!! (A Success With Anthony Product). I paid $67 and got NOTHING of what was advertised. SUCCESS WITH ANTHONY DID NOT TEACH ME OR SHOW ME WHAT WAS ADVERTISED “GETTING PAID TO ADVERTISE FOR OTHERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” THAT IS WHAT I EXPECTED TO BE TAUGHT OR SHOWN BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT I GOT FROM THEIR ADVERTISEMENT AND I WAS NOT TAUGHT THAT!!! SWA’s advertisement did not state “this is a 60 day training program that covers the major facets of affiliate marketing and how to use them to gain an edge in any market.” Nor did SWA’s state “sign up and join an online community of people that have all gotten their start in Affiliate marketing through Anthony and spend their free time helping each other out with what has worked for them and what has not”. These two responses were sent to me in an email “AFTER” I purchased SWA. Had it stated these things BEFORE I purchased SWA, I WOULD NEVER HAVE PURCHASED “SUCCESS WITH ANTHONY” BECAUSE THIS IS NOT SOMETHING I WOULD HAVE WANTED TO DO!

    I feel like I wasted my $67 and I WANT A REFUND!!!!! So far Success with Anthony has not given me a refund. I purchased SWA on 3/27/14. Today is 4/12/14 and so far no refund or reply as to whether or not I will be getting a refund.

    Lucy Webb

    • Kyle

      Hi Lucy,

      I am very sorry that you have been “taken” by Anthony Morrison. You are not the first nor will you be the last. He has a long track record of unethical practices online and I woudl suggest that you contact your credit card if you feel you are deserving of a refund.

      I would also be more than happy to help you get things turned around if you ever need help getting a business started online. Head over here if you want to learn the process and get personal access and support from me. 🙂

  52. Ashleigh

    Hey Kyle,

    I came to WA after researching the legitimacy of EN. That got me thinking, a few months back I almost signed up for Pure Leverage. Have you heard of them? My gut says Joel Therion and crew are just peddling another version of EN. I’d love to know your thoughts.

  53. Helen

    Hey Kyle,
    Ever think about doing a review on BBB (Better Business Bureau)? Until you enlightened me about them, I had no idea what they truly were like. I bet a lot of people think they are legit. I have actually seen members of WA create websites with the BBB logo on their website indicating they were rated A+.

    • Kyle

      I actually have done one.

      Is BBB Scamming Legitimate Companies Out of Money?

      They are a total scam and this is common knowledge if you do a bit of research on the Internet. It is unfortunate that people actually still trust BBB ratings. If they only knew what I have outlined within my recent “rant” on what is really going on behind the scenes, they definitely would think different before they go to to do research. Ratings are bought and those that don’t PAY, don’t get to respond.

    • Kyle

      Yes, I will definitely get to this when I get a chance. I know many folks that have had an unfavourable experience with this product.

  54. Stephen J Parkin

    Thanks for this service Kyle. I was wondering if you had any experience of D C Fawcett and his programs? Who Like Money is one. As far as I can see it is a stream of constant up-sells and has no real content at all. They offer things for free, but non of them ever appear. After some light research he appears to be connected with the Morrissons – enough said?

    • Kyle

      I recommend that you avoid these products Stephen. I have yet to hear anything good about these products from anyone that has been in touch with me.

  55. Oliver

    Hy kyle, I am really interested in getting in to online marketing, as i was searching stuff to promote clikbank seems to be the biggest platform you can choose from. But Lots of products in their market place seems doggy. What would be your wiev about that?

    • Kyle

      Clickbank is not the biggest platform and like you said, there are many dodgy products within their network. I wouldn’t worry so much about the network or affiliate program you are involved with, rather doing what is right for your audience. What products/services will benefit people within your niche. Some may be from Clickbank, some may be from, some may be from one of the many wonderful “independent” affiliate programs out there.

  56. Cheryl

    Purchased success with Anthony 2.0 and there were so many upsells that weren’t mentioned that I couldn’t afford it. Oh, and those “free” websites, they only cost $298.00. Trying to get a refund from them is impossible, they won’t even respond to my emails.
    The unfortunate thing is that I just can’t afford to through away money living pay check to paycheck.
    A lesson learned.
    Truly a scam! Stay away!

    • Kyle

      Worst case scenario, contact your credit card company Cheryl. You are not alone, just about everyone that has contacted me about any product related to either of the Morrison brothers has been appalled as to their treatment and were left feeling “ripped off”.

      You may also receive a phone call from their mentoring team trying to suck more money out of you through a high ticket coaching package. Avoid this as well!

      I would be more than happy to get you moving in the right direction within the online world, if you want to work with me you can get rolling for free within Wealthy Affiliate (I am co-founder). Check it out here.

        • Kyle

          Clickbank definitely has some good products within it and some bad products. You should do your due diligence when looking to promote products within your niche but this will come after you have your website in place. Cart before the horse.

          And definitely stay clear of ANY make money product on Clickbank. A very high percentage of these are scams!

  57. Adal

    WAH University (Work At Home) totally a Scam..

    They need $98 for sign up..Only and Need more for when you signed up for VPI…Just show you how to run as a ClickBank affiliate!

    No Personal Training at all!

  58. Karen Martin

    I paid my 37.00 to Coffee Shop Millionaires, to only find out more money was being requested. I informed Anthony, I could not afford the money being requested in order to boost a person own sells. The company called immediately to inform me I did not have to pay the 297.00 right now, that is for advance individuals whom have move to the next level. The company did not want to refund my 37.00. I was informed by the company to wait for another email, in which I received and to follow the
    directions to see the next video, only the video never showed. I contacted Coffee Shop Millionaires, but never received any response. I would like my refund.

    • Kyle

      I have no association with Coffee Shop Millionaires, you will have to contact their support to request your refund. I recommend if they don’t get back to you there, that you contact your credit card company and they should be able to help you out. You are not the first person to complain about the unethical practices going over at Coffee Shop Millionaire Karen, I hope you do get your issues sorted out!

  59. Joshua

    I personally think the biggest scam of the year is bigideamastermind (which I’ve bet you have heard off.). I want to keep this as short as possible as there’s simply to much to tell. I have been a member since the beginning and was drawn into the scam back in November 2012. From the very beginning there has been nothing but false promises and a hole heap of manipulation to go with it. I’ll leave it at that because there’s simply to much to expose, email me for the full story.

    • Kyle

      You are not alone. Many people have reported Big Idea Mastermind here and have also pointed out that the owner of the program is a convicted criminal. I have done a review of Empower Network here if you want to check it out Joshua.

  60. Mahendra Kumar

    Hi, I received a tweet a week ago with a link to stating some simple sharing of an affiliate link to earn $10 per click. I think its a scam site. All they want is traffic and some fake product promotion. Kindly let the others also know about this fake site and avoid wasting their time and peace.

  61. MM

    The biggest scam ever is Wellness International Network in Dallas.
    The top in the USA en the Netherlands are earning the money because there’s nothing left for the rest of the distributors!! It’s unbelieveble that this company still exists!! Every 2 or 3 years they have a couple of 100 new victums. They steel your money and you can go home.

    • Kyle

      Thanks for reporting Wellness International Network. I will definitely investigate. You are actually the 2nd person now that has reported this program so it is worth some further investigation.

  62. Fran

    Hi there, I found this page some days ago and in the “presentation” video It can be seen literally errors in the graphics bars regarding the amounts of money and how big should these bars be depending the quantity of money.

    website: Passive Profit Pitch

    Please review this scam for everyone Kyle. Thanks.

  63. Meggy

    He’s at it again! You can’t keep a good scam down these days…with a different website and blurb, Mr Anthony Morrison is on a really cool video telling everyone how rich he is and in 5 minutes how rich you can start becoming too. It just dropped into my email box without invitation. Check it out can you Kyle? And warn people! The new product is called Traffic With Anthony and it is bound to be another scam!

    • Kyle

      My motto is that once a scammer, always a scammer. There is no changing this guy and every program that he launches is going to implement the same ruthless marketing tactics. Thanks for warning folks about this Meggy and I will update my review to offer information about the Traffic With Anthony program.

  64. Tihomir Plemić

    Success with Anthony (SWA) is the worst program that I have seen. Besides videos are intermittent, and support e-mails listed in the sales video, no one responds. There is an e-mail address to receive a response, but you can reach it by accident.
    As for the refund on the basis of guarantees do not be sure that your money will be refunded.
    SWA team will do everything to make your money not returned.
    The same is true for fast traffic formula by Adrian Morrisson.

  65. Monique

    How I came to WA ? I was searching informations on Empower Network . Since long time I wanted to know more about internet. I saw an article speaking of EN then I red all.
    It is like this I entered in WA. Then I saw it was exactly was I searching since long time . In one week only i did like in more than years . And I am not in EN I am happy for that ! That is to show the importance of publicity and good information and the rest marching with …

  66. gordon

    kelly felix is now offering personal mentorship. He had someone call me after I expressed interest. I do not know the guy but I am afraid of being scamed again. anybody ever been mentored and have it work?

    • Kyle

      Save your money Gordon! Never fall for these mentoring scams. They are always high ticket and they are there to do one thing. Make guys like Kelly Felix money. If you want a real education online and want to get real mentoring (ant a a fraction of the price), I suggest you check out Wealthy Affiliate which I am involved with and I will be able to offer you personal help within. It is 100% free to get rolling (no catches) and I can assure you that the free aspect of our membership is better than ANYTHING that you will purchase online.

    • Kyle

      Absolutely, Wealthy Affiliate teaches Internet business regardless of the niche that you are within (whether this be your 5limx or otherwise).

  67. james bieberle

    paid the 37.00 dollars to Coffee Shop Millionaire by credit card. took money out of country and gave me nothing in return.

  68. David Roan

    ever heard about Teampany?

    They are recruiting in several countries but I have no idea what they actually do, it appears they have no clients… What do you think of this “teampany”?

    thanks in advance,

    • Kyle

      Appears to be another one of the “network marketing” opportunities that seem to pop up almost every day. Like almost all of these companies, it is going to require you to sell overpriced products and recruit people in your “downline” to do the same. If you want to create a real business online, I suggest you check out Wealthy Affiliate David (via my review page). You can get rolling for no cost and you are not tied to promoting any specific product, rather, you can do what you enjoy.

  69. elaine martilan

    Kyle,some days ago,someone told me about how i can build my business on a telecom company by name The World Global Mobile Network. The company’s website is and i wish you do a review on it for me. Is it another scam/ponzi? because i know for sure that it is referral/sponsership oriented else the person wouldn’t have told me about
    I appreciate your effort to help the newsters online!!

    • Kyle

      I will do a review on this product when I get a chance. In the meantime if you are looking for a legitimate opportunity online (a scam free one), check out my top ranked products on my website.

      Let me know if you have any further questions.

  70. paul eller

    I been scamed by Anthony Morrison too.
    How do we get his address so we can file a complaint with the attorney general?

    • Kyle

      Paul, you would likely have to look this up online if it is available. You are not the first person and won’t be the last to stop by with your scam story. Which product was it that you were taken for by Anthony Morrison?

  71. Steve Foley

    Hi Kyle, When I first started researching making money online, I started getting emails from people with links to websites citing very convincing promises. They would have videos with a guy driving a super nice car or swimming in the pool on his private island. They would always promise thousands of dollars a day with nothing more than a few clicks with their “secret system” that they were only giving away out of the goodness of their hearts. Mobile Money Code was one. Another was Cash Machines. I know these guys were linked with Empower Network. I can’t stop the phone from ringing 7 to 8 times a day from odd US numbers since I stupidly signed up for the membership page of one of them. Can you tell me what you know about them and what to avoid in the future?

    • Kyle

      Anything with a fancy car, a sob story video, or that people are promoting ruthlessly without willing to help you out before you pay anything ALL scream scam to me. If you want a proper education and want to become part of a supportive community of entrepreneurs, then I do suggest you check out Wealthy Affiliate. I know you will absolutely love it there. I will be able to help you out and get your rolling in the right direction online Steve.

  72. Ed Cronin

    Kyle I just got this in my email With no way to response back, the roll2success website is just hello dolly with nothing on it but in the email they look to be spamming EN. I am going to check to see if they put an virus on my PC–The email has bounced back as well. Not sure of their motive. May make a post at WA to warn others about it.

    • Kyle

      Thanks for reporting Ed. I will have a look into this, but there are many people complaining about not only email spam being sent to them from Empower Network, but also phone calls soliciting them. My word of recommendation, DO NOT give your name, email or phone number out to anyone that is associated with EN. If you do you are going to get some ruthless sales pitches and promotions.

  73. Rachaeil

    Don’t lose your time on the site Squidoo, they are a complete SCAM and not pay. After you’ve made maybe 7,8,9 excellent articles on the site squidoo..after some months that you worked in th squidoo site they will block your articles, so you will not receive money.

    • Kyle

      I am hearing this more and more these days from folks that have been long time Squidoo members. Perhaps it is time to do a review on Squidoo to bring all of their issues to the surface and to start a discussion on what is taking place. People are getting cut off and losing their content and full time revenues (without warning) which I do not think is right.

  74. Stewart

    Hi, I’d like to make a report:
    (1) Product name: FlexKom
    (2) Price you paid for the product: friend paid £1400 for a “franchise”
    (3) Why it was a scam:
    – Indicators of fraud / Ponzi scheme:
    – increasing “phased” costs of purchasing a franchise, 1st free, then £700, then £1400, then £2600
    – it’s in a pyramid structure
    – it claims accreditation in 2013 from EBCON (European Consumer Advisory Ltd.) but this Swiss organisation was actually dissolved in 2009. Compare these certificates:
    – Finally, in the UK the top dog is Ian Driscoll, or Banner Broker fame. (Banners Broker is known to be a Ponzi Scheme)
    (4) Website URL:
    – Actually there are many many many websites – each “franchise” holder seems to be creating their own in order to recruit people

    • Kyle

      Thanks for reporting this scam Stewart. I will definitely provide an in depth look into this program within a future program review.

  75. Mike

    Kyle have you looks into Shoe in Money System or Instant Payday? Instant Payday is supposed to start out for free.

    • Kyle

      I haven’t reviewed these programs yet, but anything that is “called” Instant, I would refrain from. Anyone that sells you on the idea of success happening REALLY fast, you should avoid those as well. Anything that claims this is not talking reality. Creating a business is hard work and will take dedication, but it can definitely be accomplished with the right training and right help.

  76. Brian

    Are you familiar with Lyoness? A shopping network started in 2003 in Austria and has expanded to most of Europe and the last 3 years is expanding in the USA. It appears to be some different twist on the “ponzi” scheme but attached to a shopping network. However, despite many Euro lawsuits and investigations ongoing, it seems to have survived since 2003. What’s up with this company and the fact that its still expanding?

    • Kyle

      I have never heard of it Brian, but there are definitely lots of these “ponzi” style websites popping up. I will investigate Lyoness and provide a review on it when I get a chance. Thanks for stopping by.

  77. What about SEO Omega by Alex Becker? I’ve been reading a lot of his free content on Source-Wave and reading a lot of their Facebook activity and everyone seems to have success with him. He seems to say a lot of the same things we talk about at WA, but has a slightly different angle on things.


    • Kyle

      There are some definitely complaints about the service out there, I am not sure how valid they are but one thing that initially set off red flags for me was the fact that he is trying to get you to join the low ticket to push you into a higher ticket product. I believe his initial product only costs $27, but within the back end there are instant upsells and you can read about some of them here via someone’s rip off report associated with this product:

      Also, he has a lot of emphasis on backlinking and leveraging PR sites. He is teaching strategies that have likely killed many of his clients ranking in the last few months, in particular with the most recent updates (Panda & Penguin). This is not good and if this is being taught, I imagine there are many other black hat and gray hat techniques that are being taught…which will ultimately get you in trouble in the short and long term with Google.

      There is a difference between getting rankings and getting long term rankings, so be careful. Lots of these types of programs feed off of old ideas and are well pitched, but they teach techniques that are simply “dirty” in Google’s eyes and often times quite dated.

    • Kyle

      You should avoid both of these. I will be providing reviews on these going forward, but absolutely these are both scams after doing some very rudimentary research. I suggest you check out the programs that I have ranked as “The Good” here Shelly, these will get you moving in the right direction.

  78. Yvonne Cousar

    I am not sure that this company is a scam. I have been with it for about 6 months and am beginning to have some misgivings… I will appreciate any information you can give me… thanks

    (1) Product name: Vi-Tel Wireless
    (2) Price you paid for the product: $49.95/mo, however they are pushing an additional $49.95/mo for their benefits network for a total of $100.00/mo
    (4) Website URL: The company website is

    • Kyle

      From briefly looking at the website and doing some initial research, it appears that it might be a program playing in the grey area of MLM. There are a lot of the “cell phone” type MLM programs popping up and based on their website and some of the reviews online, it appears that Vi-tel does not carry high regard. You definitely are not creating a sustainable business with this program and you may want to reconsider your decision and look at a more legitimate opportunity (check out my “The Good” section of the menu).

      I will also do a more elaborate review and some investigation into the Vitel program when I get some time Yvonne. Thanks for dropping by.

  79. Gary Brown

    I recently signed up for the EZ Money Method x2 I have followed all the instructions and even went out and paid three different email marketing companies to do campaigns, where they would email 2 to 3 million people and do very focused, top quality campaigns, for me for this program.
    As soon as I signed up this company set up a new websight Ez Money Network. For which my offer ( the motor club of america ) was not part of.
    I have not seen even one sale after many campigns, is it possible that someone else is getting my sales or did I just get ripped off my this group??/

    • Kyle

      I have never heard of this program (I will investigate what they are offering though), but what I can tell you that any program that is named “EZ MONEY METHOD” is a scam, without even having to see the product. No company should every sell the idea of easy money, if they are they definitely have unethical roots. Online business takes work and although it is much easier than an offline business (and more inexpensive), selling the idea that it is easy is a little “gray area” for my liking.

      Perhaps you are looking for an “easy” way and you are part of the problem, I am not sure here Gary. What I can say is that if you are looking to create a business and willing to work at it, I can absolutely help you out via WA. Take advantage of the Starter membership and get rolling in the RIGHT direction, you will not look back!

  80. paul eller

    i get a email from anthony on how to get rich on the internet. i pay 49 dollars.
    the next day i get a call from prosper offering me private coaching for 1,000. so i pay for that. every coaching session they ask for more money. after i spend 2,000 and run out of money the coaches stop calling me.. i did not make a single dime off the internet but i spent 2,000.

    • Kyle

      Anthony Morrison is a known scammer and I have received a ton of feedback from folks that have had a similar experience as you Paul. I have a review coming that will reveal this.

      This is one of the more common approaches that a lot of the “gurus” use to earn a considerable amount of revenue online (at your expense). They get you in at a low price and then they use your information to upsell you on all of their coaching (which is typically offered to you from a minimum wage employee). One coaching session is the equivalent to the amount you actually need to get a full supported business system for several years (ex. Wealthy Affiliate, everything included is only $359 per year!).

      Thanks for bringing this to everyones attention Paul, it is people like Anthony that give the Internet a bad name.

  81. Kent

    I purchased a business called “My Vegas Business” which sounded like a pretty decent opportunity until AFTER I bought it. It became a bait & switch situation and was misleading in it’s ad.

    They didn’t tell you until AFTER you purchased it that to get all of your commissions for the complete packages people bought for their Vegas trip, you had to pay $67 upfront and then $67 a month every month you stay in the program to receive them.

    I personally hate bait & switch marketing tactics! Just tell the truth up-front and let people make an informed decision whether their interested or not without all the games!

    I don’t know whether it is an actual scam or not, I just know that “bait & switch” marketing tactics aren’t the way to advertise and your probably going to piss-off people and give quite a few returns because of the deception.

    Give it a look Kyle.

    • Kyle

      Tactics like this are so scummy and are far to common on the Internet these days Kent. I will do some research on this product and provide an elaborate review when I get a chance. I am sorry that you ran into a product like this and hopefully I can help you turn around your faith in the Internet and the fact that there are legit business opportunities.

      If you want a “non” bait and switch program, you may want to check out Wealthy Affiliate. It doesn’t cost a dime to check out and you are going to get full Premium , along with your own website (you can use it within any niche you want), access to 100’s of training modules, etc. If you need a hand with anything going forward, do let me know. 🙂

  82. Colleen Tasa

    I feel like an idiot, if it sounds too good to be true, it is! I paid the $37 on my visa, now I will call visa to see if they can stop payment. I feel like such a looser! i’m embarrassed to call visa & see if I can get my money back. I am on disability & unable to work. I thought hey maybe I can surprise my husband with income earned from home!Someone just came to my front door with a “clipboard” trying to sell me a hot water heater! The cosmos must be out for me today! Sucker city! I really need to get that $37 back from visa. If coffee shop millinaires is a real scam, I hope you are ashamed of yourself for taking advantage of the underprivledged & deperate!

    • Kyle

      You can contact Clickbank (there are details with your transaction email) that tell you how to get a refund. To be honest with you Colleen, any product that “promises” the world should be avoided because this is simply a marketing technique. I always suggest to folks that you refrain from trying any product that does not offer a free trial. If they can’t show you what they offer before they try to sell you on it, something is up.

      I highly recommend you get a free Starter membership at Wealthy Affiliate ($0, no credit card required). Try that out and you will have a website up an running within the first few lessons of the Getting Started Course…which is also included.

  83. Dominique

    Kyle, please do a full review of Empower Network. I can tell you that I bought into this scam after repeatedly seeing people spam my Facebook with it. I am not sure how a company can even operate in this way because to me it seems like a huge pyramid.

    I mean seriously you have to pay $19/mth just to receive the money you earn. You have to pay $25 to get started, and there are about a gazillion different products they try to sell you like retreats and success getaways in the thousands of dollars.

    So if you are rich and you like to waste money on pyramids, avoid this. If you do an empower review please email me to let me know because I would love to read it and add my input.

    Keep up the great work with your site Kyle.

    • Kyle

      Thanks for your feedback Dominique. I will definitely be doing a review on Empower Network as you are not the first to contact me personally and complain about the “product” they offer. I will also let you know when this review has been added, thanks again for touching base with me.

      • Alta

        I am now in the process to join Empower network. But you have to give $25 p month, and $298 for a beginning, and then a minimum of $l998 p month for the first package. Is it a scam or can I get money out of it? And in what time? Will you please let me know, for I really dont know if I will loose my money or is there some out there who already make some money?

        • Kyle

          I think you answered your own questions. You are paying $25 per month for a blog that is useless, it won’t rank and you can get much better ones fro free elsewhere. And then you are paying $1,000’s for an education that is very weak in nature. You can get a much superior education than Empower could ever offer for $359 for an entire year, in fact the best education and community anywhere in the world.

          So yes, you are joining a scheme and yes you are wasting your money (and it will equate to $1,000’s). 91% of people that join empower never earn their money back and 99% of them never earn more than $4,900 (not exactly living the dream).

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